UC and Moon's excellent adventure – Los Angeles

Dear Rob,

We feel like you need a lil’ background on us since we’ve been so intimate lately. We met in college during the fall of 2002 when we were at an off-campus program with 30 students. We were not friends. It’s a long story but basically UC was a bitch and Moon seemed like a rock star (moon note: and was a bitch too). And we forgot to introduce ourselves on the first day and so just decided it’d be easier to ignore each other all semester. Flash forward to 2004- UC has the worst job on planet earth & Moon is bored at home. We talk online, a lot.. and our friendship begins. We see each other for a day and 1/2 in 2008, so our visit together for five days a few weeks back was a big deal- our first extended time together in 6 and 1/2 years and our first time as friends! We were super excited to see each other, to say the least!

There’s so much to recap- we did so much! We ate so much food- we drank a lot of champagne! We watched a lot of Twilight and stayed up late every night writing kickin’ blog posts! We can’t possible tell you all we did (but come over tonight and we promise we’ll try…) So, we thought we’d recap our trip for you and the LTR girls in little snippets!

Hugs & LA-love,
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Our breakdown of this momentous trip…


  • Moon live Tweets picking up UC and Hubs at the airport. Sample “Driving like edward in la. being as safe as possible while planning slumber party with ashley in head
  • then we zoom over to the Hot Topic DVD release party to meet up with our BFF, Ashley Greene. Live Tweet: “we are at the gates of hell! twihards screaming and tv cameras filming. no ash sighting” Instead we are tres embarrassed by the other fans who showed up… see this video:


*girl screams bloody murder* (at least like eleventy billion times that night. seriously)
UC: god
Moon: Wow, unnecessary!
UC: I’m videoing
Moon: 1st hand embarrassing!
UC: Oh, I’m gonna fall. Ok I’m gonna stop it… helloooo… how do I stop it…
*cuts camera*

See people this is what it’s like out with your ol pals UC and Moon… a laugh a minute. This is why we chose the WRITTEN word!

More Moon and UC shenanigans after the cut!


  • We pick up the LTT poet in residence and zoom over to Santa Monica to embarrass him and UC’s hub by taking pictures of Lil E on the pier.
Step right up... carnie Eddie at your service

Step right up... carnie Eddie at your service

brothers don't shake, brothers gotta hug!

brothers don't shake, brothers gotta hug!

  • Much to our surprise the guys agree to watch the Twilight DVD with us Sat. evening- with one stipulation: they had to be drunk. We robbed ran over to the liquor store, Moon bought a pair of knock-off Ray-bans (aw!) and then we headed home, arms full of “Saturday night delights.” Watching the movie together was awesome. Except for the times when the boys made us laugh because the bff looks like James and when they kept asking if we had “Rob-boners” at the intimate parts when, in fact, we did have Rob-boners.


  • First time In-n-out experience for the east coasters. We went late at night and sat alone in the dark in our car at a gas station next to someone gettin’ a beej.
  • A life’s dream is realized when Moon takes UC to the mothership, otherwise known at SPRINKLES!! What is Sprinkles you ask? Oh, only the best Cupcake-ery ever. That’s all. PS even little Edward was impressed
Oh nom nom nom nom!

Oh nom nom nom nom!

  • Bev Hills – We reenacted the moment when Rob was first seen before the Oscars on Rodeo Drive outside of Omega with Lil Edward it was almost exactly like being there… minus a mini manager Nick Frenkel


  • Then cause we’d rather spend 75$ on shoes or say Cupcakes than a hoodie and another opportunity to hang out with screaming 14 yr olds/Kellan/Ashley/Rachelle we run over to Kitson and steal a shot with the HUGE Edward/Rob head in the window because no one can resist getting their pic taken in front of a huge Edward (that’s what she said), even when it’s on Robertson and could potentially be caught on paparazzi film- it’s cool. no one got embarrassed
my what a big... head... you have (thats what she said!)

my what a big... head... you have (thats what she said!)


  • And because we’re either lunatics or will do ANYTHING for these blogs and you gals we headed to Griffith Park, found what we thought to be Edwards Meadow, aka wasn’t too far from the parking lot, and within plain view of the playground and golf course, we made you this OSCAR quality video for you. Please note the beautiful musical stylings of Ms UC. Be scared Carter Burwell, be VERY scared.


And so the Little Edward fell in love with the Little Edward. What a stupid Edward… what a sick masochistic Edward…. They lay in the meadow. We sing a song. We get embarrassed.”

  • Later that evening… Moon was fixing her hair and I was reading her LTR comments. The following is our conversation:
    UC: OMG! Some girl commented and said she met Rob
    Moon: No way, lucky biatch
    UC: Oh and these sites have GOT to stop with these lame rumors about Rob’s hair
    Moon: What rumors? The ones about him not washing his hair? (Turns to stare at UC)
    UC: OMG- this girl says Rob STARED AT HER CHEST- Le sigh… lucky, big-breasted girl.
    Moon: (still staring) What’s the big deal about that? (frowns)
    UC: Um, why are you mad?
    Moon: That’s not a big deal! THAT’S NORMAL!!!
    UC: Um…it is?
    Moon: Yes, I don’t wash my hair every day!
    UC: (laughing hysterically and almost falling off bed) I was talking about Rob (gasp) staring at some (gasp) girl’s chest! and you said THAT’S NORMAL
    In Unison: That’s Normal! (dying of laughter and for the rest of our trip, constantly saying That’s Normal to the most absurb, abnormal things)

Tuesday –

  • At one point I looked around Moon’s bedroom and said, “wow, there’s a lot of Twilight stuff in here.” So when Moon was taking a shower, I decorated the bed with all the Twi/Rob stuff I could find. Then when Moon walked back in the room she about died laughing rolling on the floor because she saw this…

We have a little bit of Twilight related stuffThen we had a photoshoot. Should we be embarrassed about this? Nope, that’s normal!

  • Because we hadn’t had enough Twilight and KNEW we’d be on the hook for a commentary about the commentary we turned that on and proceeded to laugh our faces off while taking NOTES in our special Twilight/LTT/LTR idea notebooks. True story, they exist. Oh and we swear we will be ‘breaking down’ the commentary vanity fair style soon! PS hAHmburgAHs!


  • UC leaves me for the greener pastures of San Diego and more In N Out with our very own Vicky B and Mrs P. And I cry into my Edward pillow. Then I make out with it.

familyportraitWe’ll always have ‘Edward’s Meadow’

The End.

761 Responses to “UC and Moon's excellent adventure – Los Angeles”

  1. therealrobzilla says:

    Ok, since Twitter is Twatting again I’ll explain here.
    Jena suggested a Facebook LTR group. I made one but made it secret so I (and others) could stay on the DL. It’s not really secret or private but you won’t find it if you search for it.
    I called it LTR Ladies. The website address links back to here.
    If you want to be a part of it just tell me your facebook name at biltmorehouse1@yahoo.com. I will send you a friend request and when you accept me I can send an invite to the group.
    After you join the group I will set you up as an admin. That means that you can send out invites to people too.
    This is in no way a competition with this awesome blog. It’s just a place to post your pics or really dirty thoughts that only group members can see. Helps me hide my Robsession from friends and family.
    No one on FB can see the group unless they are a member. So your friends and family can’t see anything.
    Carter, Jena, Monica, and Wasting the Morning can also send out invite so you can contact them or me.

    Whoo, that was a lot of eggsplainin’ Join if you want to. Hope to see you there!

  2. Meg says:

    hahaha- sooo funny! I love you ladies!
    the recreation of the meadow scene wow i almost died laughing! loved this post

  3. Melissa says:

    “UC was a bitch and Moon seemed like a rock star”..ahhh sounds alot like my best friend and I when we first met each other..except it was in an american eagle..good times, good times..

  4. carter.hearts.rob says:

    Dammit! New chap of the Dominant out and I have to wait until home to read it. Life is so cruel sometimes…

  5. snmlamb says:

    @Carrie, I just moved from Atl last year, lived there for 7 years in Kennesaw…now I’m 2 hours south in Columbus.

    Where you at?

    • Carrie says:

      @snmlamb I live in the city. Really close to Piedmont Park. I love it!!!

      • snmlamb says:

        I have lots of friends that live in midtown, we were more “ITP” people, hence the house in Kennesaw. I only miss a few things, Marietta Diner’s cheesecake, the Italian Kitchen in Marietta, and the abundance of malls…we have 2 here.

        • Carrie says:

          I am totes “ITP”. Don’t like to go “OTP”. If you have a phone number outside the 404 I feel like I am calling long distance.

          I don’t think I could live anywhere but the city. I have become so spoiled.

          • snmlamb says:

            LOL, I have lived here now for 1.5 years…my cell phone number is still 404! I refuse to change it:)

          • snmlamb says:

            Oh, and I just read that were were “ITP” but I meant we were “OTP” – I just don’t get how every street can be named peachtree, and how I’m supposed to get around on all those one way streets!

          • Carrie says:

            I figured u meant “OTP” LOL!!!
            Never give up the 404. Once u get it u may never have a chance to get it back. πŸ™‚

            I get lost enough that I finally figured out how to get around downtown. It’s quite the adventure.

  6. JBell says:

    Just wanted to point out that Saturday I was out by the pool sweating my ass off tanning… and now it’s 40 degrees and 30mph winds.

    Feels nice though. Jusy sayin… expecially after RCtm

  7. Jenna says:

    for any of you worried about facebook overload of information (ie…you don’t want us to know too much!) – I think you can add as a friend, join the group and then “un-friend” and then you are part of the group but your status updates, etc..won’t get posted to the people you have unfriended.
    Not to be UN friendly of course….but just to keep an air of mystery about us all πŸ˜‰

  8. JBell says:

    OH! Damn, I forgot!

    I just got back from lunch and saw a mom reading Eclipse. I almost broke my neck when I did a double-take because then I saw that her daughter was reading NM!! Then I started reliving my first time… and I got sad for the daughter because I already know the emotions that she is feeling going through the book.

    I’m reading Twilight again right now and will continue through the rest but I almost can’t wait to get to NM again. Only a couple hundred more pages in Twi left. Bella & Edward just left the meadow and she’s about to meet the fam.

    Sigh. I’ve never read a book – much less a SERIES – more than once in my life. And can I just say that after seeing the movie millions of times, I can only picture Rob in my head as Edward. I don’t even remember what he looked like in my head BEFORE I knew he was Rob. I’m NOT complaining though, trust. Good thing is – I don’t picture Bella as KStew, which is weird because I totes thought I would… but I don’t.

    Okay. That’s my long rambling post of the day lol Moral of the story – BOOKS ARE SO MUCH BETTER THE 2ND TIME AROUND!! *squeeee!!*

    /end scene.

    • limeslice says:

      Will this be your 2nd time reading NM? The first time I read it I couldn’t help rushing through as I got impatient for Edward – but the second time I actually didn’t find it as aggravating. Let me know what you think!

      • JBell says:

        Yep, only my second time going through them. I was late to the series (didn’t start reading it until Thanksgiving) and by that time I had seen the movie and started my *ehem* acute fondness with all things Twi. (I’ve known and kinf of followed Rob since HP) I needed to give myself a break, mentally, from them. New Moon really hit me hard on a personal level. I kept flipping forward and would see where it was saying ‘Edward’ and then would have the quotation marks, so I knew he was back in the end, but once I got to those points I figured it out that it was only in her head and I kept getting anxious again.

        I’m taking notes lol
        I’m gonna do a Twilosophy thing like Moon & UC did over at LTT back in the day.

        (Damn. Again, long-winded comment lol)

        • Jena says:

          I did the same thing with New Moon.
          The instant Edward left I quick flipped
          through the book until I saw his name.
          And I can’t stand Jacob Black so that
          book drove me nutz.
          I think it’s beautifully written and shows
          the phases of depression really well but
          I hated that Edward was NOWHERE for
          400 pages. Right now I’m at the
          part where Bella meets
          Renesmee after her first hunt
          in Breaking Dawn.
          Then I’ll reread Twilight.

          Has anyone read The Host?
          I bought but haven’t read it yet.

          I’m developing the Twilight syndrome.
          Every book I pick up now I get sad
          because it’s NOT Twilight.

          • Genevieve says:

            I have. Liked it too- good book!

          • Jenna says:

            I read the Host. I really liked it. It doesn’t grab you at the beginning like Twilight – but if you can hold on for the first few chapters, it gets really good and I was unable to put it down. I have to go re-read that one too, because I was so darn confused in the beginning.

            It’s funny though – The Host is supposed to be her ‘adult’ novel and I’m letting my 12 year old read it, and Twilight series is supposed to be young adult and I won’t let her read the last 2 books yet! The Host is romantic, but not sexual really – not in the same way the Twi books are. I don’t know. Read it and let me know what you think. I really liked it a lot.

    • Myria says:

      I saw a lady reading Breaking Dawn on the way into work. I wanted to say “oooh what part are you at?!”, but I was too embarassed to say anything. I just smiled and kept walking. I’m so glad I found you guys to be able to say things like that to.

      Also, I just started reading NM to the hubband last night. (he lets me read to him b/c he knows how much I swoon over it and he’s a little intersted in knowing what the heck I’m talking about)


  9. English Girl says:

    OK, some of you may remember I was a little “fevered” last night. So sorry for my stroppy mood … I was feeling very frustrated that I am not 20 something and installed in the hotel room of Mr RP in Vancouver, awaiting his return from set to give him … well, whatever he wants really.

    So what I really needed was some tender Rob loving …. and I had none, and no DVD, no GQ, no bloody anything to soothe my frustration (not even that good old standby my own husband who is always away during the week). I just had the lovely ladies at LTR and some new exceedingly hot Rob pics featuring those well known sexual turn ons of leather jackets and robcrotch. (Very frustrating).

    I am now sitting here with my DVD. Got it at HMV in the end – I think it has everything extra’s wise on it that you could wish for including the piano concert and vampire kisses. Only time will tell. I will examine it very fully to make sure …

    I am unwrapping the cellaphane now …. peeling it down over the body of the DVD, and …. it’s off …. I chuck the wrapper over my shoulders …… (in my mind I am removing a certain someone’s clothing …) In the box are …….gasp …….. 2 DVDs.

    No postcards or other such crap for us down to earth Brits – we don’t need marketing ploys, just good hard ….. ooops better not type that. But def. good and hard.

    Rob’s “Domward” face is on the front of the first DVD ….. go on Rob, put your collar on me, have your evil way with me …. oh, hang on, drifting off into the realms of fanfic … get a grip woman, you have teenagers downstairs who will def notice if you start moaning in a sexual manner and know what you are up too, and run upstairs and laugh at you and then be horrified at you and then probably ring up social services.

    So … how to get said teenagers off of TV downstairs – they are watching a film on box office. Bugger. I’ll have to watch it somewhere else then which means I will get to watch it on the big screen later tonight when hopefully teenage children are in bed with ipods plugged into ears, or playing xbox online, or tired because they had to help unload the dishwasher once today, and feed the cats twice (diddums dear daughter – such a hard life).

    Ooooooohhhhhhh sooooooo ‘cited.

  10. Jena says:

    Totally random but what’s up with the new tennis shoe craze with neon colors? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for the technicolor dream, but KStew and Nikki seemed to start it, now in my (can’t remember which rag mag) magazine I got in the mail Megan Fox is doing it (who was with Brian in the photo, they are back together). I’m not dissin it’, I mean, I wear flashing colored flip flops, but I just think it’s weird….especially paired with skinny jeans and flannel shirts. WTF?!

    • JBell says:

      I almost spit out my Coke, Jena!! “Don’t get me wrong I’m all for the technicolor dream” rotflmao bahahahahahaaaa

      • Jena says:

        πŸ™‚ Maybe we can all wear these to the premiere.
        (I do, however comma like the ones that
        Nikki has on next to the BMW that misses it’s owner.
        Those are fun!)
        But when I see these shoes I break out in Kermit
        the Frog:
        “Why are there so many songs about rainbows.
        What’s on the oooother side?……
        Someday we’ll find it. The tainbow connection.
        The lovers, the dreamers and meeeeee.”

    • limeslice says:

      I like some crazy kicks! I guess it’s just my style. I only dislike it when they all start to look the same, and I do see that happening a bit.

    • Melissa says:

      omg im so guilty..i love my skinny jeans and flannel shirts..also the bright shoes, yup, guilty.

  11. vickyb says:

    @Moon and UC. Love the recap and I am not even gonna brag that I got all the details/sneak peeks first hand from UC over nachos in San Diggy…nope not me!

    As for whoever posted the Huge RobCrotch pics…Damn you!!! I swore to myself (and my poor kids) that I would not sit at this computer all day…again! But srsly…thanks πŸ˜‰

    • therealrobzilla says:

      I hear ya Vicky! That Robcrotch will always keep me on the puter. I feel bad for my kids, sorta

      • vickyb says:

        Yeah sorta. Then I just look at the Crotch again and the bad feelings are replaced by….good….tingly feelings. πŸ™‚

  12. dazzled says:

    You two are brilliant, fun, and incredibly entertaining! Thanks for making my day brighter!

  13. snmlamb says:


    I’m bored, and not working today…should I:

    – do laundry and clean dishes
    – stay on here talking to you guys and re-reading Wide Awake(on chap 18 again)
    – pay bills online (which will lead to me being on here)
    – get a pillow and a blankie and watch Twilight again?

    • JBell says:

      lol Definitely pay the bills (Yes, I know – RL stuff, but they gotta get paid) which will enable you to be here.

      Laundry can be thrown in and then you can come back here while waiting. Then you can fold inbetween refreshing this page, or while reading FF.

      Dishes can wait, right? Yep. And you can always watch Twilight, it will always be waiting for you… soooo… that’s my vote!

      • snmlamb says:

        Ok, I should have added that DH is out of town till Sat…so there is no one to comment on things I’m not doing if they don’t get done. Everyone has clean clothes still, and there are still clean dishes, so maybe I’ll pay the bills and watch Twilight πŸ™‚

        I did cave and put a load of towels in!

    • JBell says:

      PS – This is lunchtime/slow time on here, so I usually get my RL stuff done around this time. East coasters always get lunch and then when we get back, we have to wait a couple more hours for conversation to pick back up again. lol

      • therealrobzilla says:

        Add organizer aficianado to JBell’s many titles!

        • JBell says:


          1. Head of FBR
          2. Head of MIB
          3. Journalist
          4. Columnist
          4. Travel Agent
          5. Organizer Officianado

          …yep. I’ve been actually keep the list updated since you guys started suggesting stuff.

  14. snmlamb says:

    Another link to the D pics of Rob…if you click them they go BIG.


    • therealrobzilla says:

      Do we have any idea when this pic was taken? He has longer hair, but the jeans are his jeans from GQ right?

  15. JBell says:

    @Jena – I love that you’re STILL reading BD. LOL Holding on to it by the tips of your fingers; you don’t want it to end.

    My IRL BFF that got me into Twilight started reading The Host and said she couldn’t get into it. She said it was good, but ‘it wasn’t Twilight’. She stopped reading it 1/4 of the way through because she couldn’t do it. I read the back of it and was like, “What the heck…” so I’m a little skeptical of it.

    She also wants me to start reading “House of Night” because they’re “vampyre” books. I told her I didn’t think I could read them just because of the fact that they spell vampire with a ‘y’ LOL I asked on Twitter and the girls said that they’re more steamy/hot/sexual than Twilight, which could always be a good thing… πŸ™‚

    • therealrobzilla says:

      @JBell – Reading House of Night now and I’m not really impressed. They seem VERY teenish to me. You may like them though. My neighbor is pushing them on me, so I must read them. They’re alright…

      • JBell says:

        Yeah, the day we went to B&N she wanted me to buy the first one and I wouldn’t do it. I don’t think I can read any other vampire-related books/series because I’ll always compare them to Twilight.

      • snmlamb says:

        I bought the first Immortals After Dark book about 2 weeks ago, and it’s still sitting on the shelf. I figured I’d start it when I run out of FF to read…which by the looks of my bookmarks will be in 2015.

  16. Jena says:

    Yum….all good things are checked!

    Hair to grab while yelling “OH YES!” – Check
    Clean ears – Check (very impressed with this btw)
    Freckle porn – Check
    Gorgeous profile w/ yummy plumped lips – Check
    Long eyelashes that send Jena over the edge – Check
    Just the right amount of stubble to smooth all over my skin – OH CHECK!


    • snmlamb says:

      I love the clean ears…i totally checked that out. I love his “i’m half drunk and you could easily seduce me” eyes.

  17. Janetrigs says:

    @JBell I have been reading the series that TrueBlood from HBO is based off of. All the titles of the books, have the word “Dead” in them, i.e. “Dead as a Doornail, Dead until Dawn”. They are not bad. Def more hot. But they are not cracky, like Twilight. But, good.

  18. sam says:

    Yayy!!! I was hoping you two would share your time together with us! πŸ™‚
    I freakin loved the bed photoshoot…
    But what I most loved were your videos! Too funny! The first one, becuz, well, UC couldn’t figure out how to turn the camera off right away, AND she was gonna fall!?!! πŸ™‚
    And then the next one was just VERY lovely.. UC your music was amazing.. coming out with any CDs soon?? I’ll totally buy one! hehe.

    Awesome post!! xoxo

  19. snmlamb says:

    This pic makes me feel like a dirty old woman…how old is he in this pic? I don’t wanna feel guilty for scrutinizing his “area.”


    • Jenna says:

      This looks like Harry Potter days…which means he was older than 18…so you’re safe scrutinizing all you want!

  20. snmlamb says:


    Rob is mad at you, because I decided to be all RL and grown up and pay bills and clean the house. He is giving you the evil eye for not telling me to watch Twilight.


  21. JBell says:

    So apparently Rolling Stone shoot was late last year. I can’t find an exact date for the shoot, but the RS article was published online at the beginning of December. Seeing as how he was all over the world from late October through December, the shoot had to be Aug/Sept. No earlier because his hair is too long.

    The FBR rests.

  22. EyeC says:

    Shout out to EP–you made in today’s post for meeting HHH for real and how he checked out your chest!! You should be so proud.

  23. snmlamb says:

    Ok, so now I’m just dying laughing picking random photos to come up with my own caption:

    Here he’s sayin’…”and then Catherine said I had bite her like this and then suck the venom out”


  24. Natsu says:

    UC ~ I think you’re ready for the recording studio! You can make a record of you humming the score to Twilight and with the $$ you make off it, you can buy Rob a new wardrobe!!

    I had to get my inhaler out I was laughing so hard at that!!

  25. Jena says:

    @JBell, I’m going to bawl my eyes out when finishing BD, I just know it. I’m dragging it out but at the same time want to know how this ends.

    And for Christmas I got the 1st two books of the “True Blood” Sookie Stackhouse Series and I just can’t bring myself to read them. Because…..they’re not Twilight. I love the show on HBO, got really addicted, but from here on out anything I read I think I will get royally upset when I don’t see Edward anywhere in it, LMAO!

    • JBell says:

      You know how BD ends though right?? There’s no way you haven’t heard/read/seen. No way on God’s green earth that you don’t know! lol

      And about the other books and Edward being nowhere in them – PRECISELY!

      Also been meaning to ask you – have you checked to see if you get the IFC channel that HTB will be on?? Just wondering because you are so amazing and awesome at recording things and putting them online for us… cough. cough. :]

      • therealrobzilla says:

        I have checked and I can get IFC but I don’t see IFC on demand. Is there a difference? I hope Jena can coughget it and record itcough for us too.

      • Jena says:

        @JBell, yeah, I know how it ends.
        Knew about most of the huge key plots.
        The inbetweens I didn’t know.
        And I actually did tear up when Edward finally
        got to read Bella’s mind in the end. WEEE!

        I get the IFC Channel and so far nothing
        has been shown.
        I also checked the IFC On Demand
        channel and nothing yet,
        but don’t worry, I’m on it.

        @TRR, IFC On Demand is on the same channel as the
        On Demand channel.
        When you scroll through, for
        example it says “Movies A-Z, Extras,
        Indie, Action, etc”
        there’s one that says “IFC” so I
        believe it’ll be on that one
        On the On Demand movie channel. T
        here isn’t
        a separate IFC On Demand
        channel like I thought there was.

        • Jena says:

          Ok, I don’t think I’m making sense.
          If you have Time Warner,
          IFC On Demand is IN the On Demand channel.
          For example it’s 123 for me.
          The IFC part is in the scroll on the On Demand
          Movie Channel. There’s a section for IFC.
          I think H2B will be included in that.
          I’m hoping.

      • Janetrigs says:

        I love love love the HBO TrueBlood, series better than the books, but I have had to read them for for Book Group I am in, and the C Harris books have at least held my attention, but you are right,…the lack of Edward is disheartening.

        Oh well,….

    • Carrie says:

      @Jena BD is pretty awesome. I can’t believe you haven’t finished. How can you stand it. I read it in about 2 days.

      I think I’ve read Twilight Series 3x.
      NM is prob my fav book. Got BFF to read series and we were discussing NM the other day. Both agreed it was very heartbreaking. First Love is the hardest love b/c you have never had you heart broken before so you don’t know how bad it is going to feel when it ends. You just fall in love. Think it is going to last forever and go out your merry way. Then BAM!!! It ends. I could totally relate to Bella. I remember feeling like I had a big hole in my chest and it would never be filled again.

      Wow! I think I am getting all weepy thinking about this… Need to look at the RobCrotch

      • limeslice says:

        I agree that NM is so good because of the reality of the pain – as much as we love Rob, don’t you agree that the movie should not put bits of him in every few minutes just because Rob=$$? I think it would make the end so much more powerful if they stuck to the book and made us miss.him. Just my thoughts.

  26. limeslice says:

    This rolling stone article is really interesting, I can’t believe I hadn’t read it before. He’s so incredibly honest about how he approached Twilight and the parts he disagreed with and didn’t understand. Ugh I love his honesty! Makes me feel bad that he was trying so hard to make it exactly the opposite of what it sort of turned out to be.

  27. Calliope says:

    i blazed through the books the first time around (finished all 4 in a week) then i immediately went and reread them nice and slow. I actually enjoyed New Moon much more the second time around. Knowing the ultimate outcome of the book (and the entire series) i was able to appreciate what Jacob did for Bella, and, surprisingly, i found the Edward presence to be much stronger when i read it again.

    The biggest gripe i had about Jacob throughout all the novels was how he would refer to Bella as HONEY (i think that’s what it was…someone correct me if i’m wrong). For some reason that annoyed the SH*T out of me. I don’t think it was that he had a pet name (for lack of a better word) but that it just didn’t fit… what 16yo goes around calling someone honey in the way he did… it just didn’t make sense. sorry for the side rant. haha.

    • carter.hearts.rob says:

      Um can I just say how annoyed I was that Edward starting saying “love” every time he talked to Bella in Breaking Dawn? It was SO FREAKING ANNOYING. I get it that he loves her, I do… but SMeyer, do you think you could have switched up the saluations? There are so many to choose from:



      I mean, ROB is English… Edward was born in Chicago, you doofus. So please quit it with the whole “blah blah blah, LOVE” because I’m going to hurl something fierce.

      • JBell says:

        I loved that he called her ‘love’… only because I picture Rob though and that totes makes it okay.

        • carter.hearts.rob says:

          I guess the constant “love” saluations just reminded me of Twilight and how SMeyer kept using the same damn adjectives in every sentence… it’s a pet peeve of mine. Pay no attention!

          • JBell says:

            I never realized it until the fakers on Twitter started saying it – and now that I’m reading Twi again – but she really DOES use ‘chagrin’ on almost EVERY DAMN PAGE! lmao

        • Jena says:

          Bella drove me nutz in Eclipse.
          It was driving me nutz how she always wanted
          to spend her time with Jacob instead of Edward.
          And when Edward bought that motorcycle and
          she looked at him like “this is just something I do with
          Jacob” it nearly broke my heart for Edward.
          TEAM EDWARD!

      • Calliope says:

        see carter, i didn’t mind him calling her “love” so much… probably bc it had time to develop… i just thought it was like poof* jacob calls bella honey* … it just seems like something that is more suitable for people who are actually IN a relationship. haha.

        and yes, the over-usage of chagrin killed me. i actually looked it up to see if it had several different definitions i was unaware of bc it popped up so often. haha. You’d think webster’s had paid SM to start using overlooked words to boost dictionary sales and website hits.

    • Janetrigs says:

      Toadly agree about the “Honey” issue. I don’t really like that said in any situation unless it is referring to “Bit-o…

      Calliope, did you see my earlier request, Re: LTT?

      • Calliope says:

        no let me go look now… every person in my office decided to have a problem only i could fix at the same time. then they each stood around waiting. they clearly don’t know that work is NOT my first priority!

  28. judy says:

    I look like a weirdo trying to stifle my giggles while im sitting at work reading this post.
    Had to pretend I was coughing when I saw the bedroom display pic! lol
    mmmm in-n-out…. double double….

  29. JBell says:

    “…won’t you please come around cause I wanna share forever with you babyyyy…”

    Why is it that I ONLY hear the parts of the damn songs in the office that remind me of Rob/Twi?? Seriously.

    @TRR – I get IFC, but they recently took IFC Festival onDemand OFF of my line-up. (Because yes, they are different things/channels) HTB will only be on IFC Festival onDemand.
    I think my cable company knew what was happening. I emailed and asked them to explain why all of a sudden I couldn’t find it where I had before and they said it was part of a new package that I would have to sign up for. F*CK THAT.
    Also considered signing up for it on April 20 or so, and then cancelling it after I recorded the movie… lol

    • limeslice says:

      I would seriously help you out with the bill on that if you were to record it haha. PayPal. Just sayin’.

      • JBell says:

        I thought of that! Starting a fund so I could pay for the subscription & DVDs so I could mail them to you guys who wanted one! That’s funny… seriously. Will have to look into it more and see. If everyone chipped in even like, $1 it would probably cover it.

        Project for tonight! lol I’m so amused…

  30. Marta says:

    Hey all!

    So UC suggested I post this question here since no one’s prolly visiting yesterday’s post.

    Where can I find the fanfic you mention, like WA and The Submissive? And a list of top fanfic I should read would be great! TIA!

  31. WastingTheMorning says:

    I HATED New Moon the first time I read it. It was too painful for me and I just wanted to continue the love affair. When I finished the series, I tried to read The Host. I got about 100 pages into it (it’s not bad) and couldn’t do it. I had to re-read the series again. When I read New Moon the second time, I LOVED IT! It’s my favorite of the series (well, maybe Eclipse – depends on my hormonal status). I’ve now re-read all the books 2x except for Breaking Dawn. For some reason I get to the point where it’s JPOV and I lose interest.
    So now I’m done with my second round of the series and all my books are loaned out to friends. I picked up The Host again today but I too have a really hard time reading again after Twilight.

    • Jena says:

      I had a hard time getting through the long Eclipse
      chapters about Jasper and the Quilette Legends.
      I thought those were rather boring imo.

      • limeslice says:

        Same. I’ll admit I’ve never really had the patience for Jacob, even on round two. Better than round one, but still not enough for chapter after chapter in his POV.

        • Jena says:

          I nearly shit my pants when I saw “Book Jacob” and then
          counted the pages on him and got really peeved, LOL!
          But they were good chapters and Edward was there
          so I calmed myself, LOL!

  32. Carrie says:

    @limeslice Agree don’t want more Rob in NM just for the sake of having him there.

  33. Jena says:

    Jacob pissed me off so bad the way he was disrespectful to the Cullens. I can’t believe the patience Edward had to keep driving Bella to meet Jacob. One reason I love Edward so much because seriously, what boyfriend would be okay with doing that? Good guy good guy!

  34. JBell says:

    RE: Eclipse. – I totes skipped over the Quileute legend re-telling or whatever. It was SO drawn out and long, plus I couldn’t pronounce half of the words. I read into it a little bit, but gave up and said “Fuck it. It’s not important to the story anyway.”

    RE: BD – I had NO clue whatsoever that the book went the way it did, with Jacob’s perspective smack dab in the middle. It took me a really long time to change my train of thought to read it from his POV. Plus the whole impregnation thing threw me COMPLETELY off track. I didn’t see it coming. At all.

    • limeslice says:

      Same. I was actually a little alienated at the complete sci-fi turn it had taken and had to vent to someone about it before finishing.

    • Jena says:

      I did the same thing with the words. It was almost comical
      trying to read over the words that I finally just dubbed them all
      “blah” as I read over them, LOL!

  35. Jena says:

    So now I’m wondering if IFC On Demand is different from IFC Festival. If that’s the case then I’m screwed.

    • JBell says:

      Yep. It is on here in Florida on Brighthouse anyway. We used to have a channel just dedicated to IFC onDemand. It had IFC Festival onDemand and IFC Theater onDemand, then they got rid of it. No we only have IFC Channel which shows movies and the IFC onDemand under the Movies on Demand like you have.

      • Jena says:

        So does that mean we won’t get H2B?
        I might have to go take a xanax if I think
        your answer is what I think it’s going to be, LOL!

  36. Jena says:

    Oh my gosh when Edward asked Jacob to father a child with Bella I flipped a tit! LOL!

    • limeslice says:

      Ugh. Yea I think I sort of repressed all my issues with that book just because it was the end and I wouldn’t allow myself to be happy with it as long as they had lots of vampire sex. But yea, if I’m honest with myself, I was truly disgusted with that and did not think that was necessary and/or in line with the character, but then again I’m not writing it. Rawr.

  37. JBell says:

    @Jena RE: The words – lmao What I did was made up my own words/names. If a name started with B, it became “Bill” or “Becky” and so-on. Or if it was a word I couldn’t pronounce, I just tried saying it the way I thought it should have been spelled. Like, Quilleute was “Quil-ut” for the longest time until I saw the movie.

  38. limeslice says:

    @Jena how far along in BD are you? I don’t want to talk about anything you haven’t read

    • Jena says:

      I’m just to the chapter where Bella meets Renesmee.
      You can talk about anything because 99% of it already know, LOL!
      I’m a spoiler ho and made my friends tell me.
      And I’ve already read the “Surprise” chapter
      because I heard there was a hot sex, well undetailed sex, LOL!

  39. JBell says:

    I hardly remember BD for some reason. I mean, I remember the main points, but I think it’s because I sped through it so fast and was so taken aback by the whole thing. It was going along so smoothly then BAM!! Bella’s pregnant and Edward’s wiggin and Jacob is telling the story and Bella’s dying and Edward is ripping the baby from the womb then BAM!! Bella’s a vamp and Jacob imprinted on this half vamp/half human THING called (what!?) Renesmee!? SERIOUSLY!? It’s like, “Whoaaaaa. Wait a minute… What in the HELL is going on!?

    • Jena says:

      OK, the whole Jacob imprints on Renesmee is sick imo!
      That bothers me (and no you didn’t spoil it for me, I already knew.)

    • limeslice says:

      Yea – no matter how many times Smeyer claims that this ending was how she always intended it (and was practically written after the first book came out or something), I will always feel like BD was rushed to publication.

    • snmlamb says:


      LMAO – man maybe she shoulda have let you write BD ’cause your summary would have saved me 2 sleepless nights! You totally got all the main points and saved me the bs of reading it.

    • carter.hearts.rob says:

      JBell I totes imagined Emeril when you said “BAM!”

    • Calliope says:

      LMAO JBell!

      i chalk bella’s name choice (of Renesmee) up to some freaky human/vampire crazy hormonal sh*t going on that totally screwed with her sense of logic and some serious doping meds carlisle was giving her but SM didn’t mention so as to not get too druggy/sexy in BD. i just picture the convo they all had after she said what she wanted to name the baby:
      (bella’s sleeping)
      Everyone’s sorta staring around looking at nothing in particular…
      Alice: so, i never knew bella to be so creative
      Jacob: what are you talking about?
      Rose: Stupid DOG… the names she picked for the baby.
      Emmett: (snorts) names?
      Edward: Emmett shut up
      Jacob: no he’s got a point though… like SERIOUSLY? they are f*ing weird.
      Edward: they are beautiful
      Rose: (laughing hysterically) oh be serious edward… you know you were thinking what all of us were thinking when she said them
      Edward: please rosalie i just want bella to be alright and be able to see the baby she names.
      (awkward silence since edward has clearly dampened the mood)
      Edward: okay … so maybe they are a little odd. i’m hoping it was just the morphine talking…
      Emmett: might as well name the damned kid Ursula. At least think of it this way Eddie, you won’t have to worry about anyone wanting to do your kid with a name like Renesmee.

      *my apologies to anyone who is their self or has a mother/aunt/sister/friend/cousin/manicurist/etc named Ursula.

  40. Fine says:

    So great and funny as always! So the lion Edward felt in love with the lamb Edward… really crazy! YouΒ΄ve asked me about my blog… IΒ΄m still practising πŸ™‚ and yeah.. my English… oh.. but ok.. I try..
    Here is the link

  41. snmlamb says:

    Ok, that sexytimewithrobpattinson blog is hilarious. Here’s what she says about his armpit hair/pheromores:

    “I think Rob needs to keep his pheromones, especially with all these douchebag paparazzi and loser reporters chasing him around, dissing on him!! Maybe his pheromones will help him go all Sean Pean on one of these wankers and they’ll think twice about getting all up in his face with their cameras.”

    And on her obsession with FF:

    “Confession time – I am becoming…..strike that….I AM addicted to FanFic, namely steamy, dreamy, computer humping, crotch throbbing stories about Rob and or Edward (same damn thing really, Edward IS Rob, although Rob is not Edward, know what I mean??).
    I would rather read these stories than watch some oiled-up muscle dude plow some skanky chick in her doo-doo hole on a video. These stories are so much hotter, and some are quite good as far as the plotline goes.”

  42. Kristin says:

    @jbell – I did the same thing..I didn’t read the whole quileute legend either! LMAO! I Was like…meh, BORING.

    Hi Girls πŸ™‚

    Just lurking around, trying to get caught up!

  43. JBell says:

    Speaking of Vogue, where has she been? I miss her so much… and Ayden! Aydennnnn is doing RL school stuff and being all studious and shizz. I’m so proud of her! lol

    • snmlamb says:

      FYI – I decided to be all grown up and shizzz today and I’ve done laundry, paid bills, and dishes all whilst being on LTR today.

      I figured since DH is gone I will go to bed when I put the kiddos down and watch Twilight in my bed, in my room, all by my lonesome, so I can think dirty thoughts and enjoy them alone with no interruption:)

      • JBell says:

        See! You’re so responsible! …and you didn’t miss anything too earth-shattering. Just my breakdown of BD, which you saw LOL;)

    • Kristin says:

      I miss Ayden too and Vogue, and V, Vanessaj, etc, etc…RL sucks! LOL

  44. carter.hearts.rob says:


    I entered Vogue’s poetry contest so i’m hoping that will get her back over to LTR haha, or at least i’ll hear from her adn we’ll know she’s okay!

    I’m guessing that she buried herself in a pile of Twiporn… haha

    • JBell says:

      lmao I was totes thinking that about the FF. But um… I also am thinking that she may have packed up and headed to Robcouver to END(!) AnnoyingStalkerMusicChick (still refusing to say her name) because that was the last time we really heard anything from Vogue. She was so riled up over that girl; not that I blame her in the LEAST. Just wish she would let us know so that I could have gone too.

  45. Just a Girl says:

    I have given up trying to catch up, you’ve all been very busy.

    I am the only person in the universe who is not on facebook or myspace. *hangs head in shame*

    • JBell says:

      Honestly, MySpace was my sh*t before I found this and Twitter. I hardly am ever on MySpace anymore and I haven’t used FB in over a year. I only used it lately to stalk the Dreamboat Records page so that I could get the info on HTB Soundtrack

      Moral of the story – don’t be ashamed! lol

    • limeslice says:

      Don’t be ashamed! It’s good to live in the real world – says the girl who now spends all of her work day online talking about rob – heh

    • therealrobzilla says:

      Nothing shameful about it JAG. I never used Myspace. Only joined FB to chat up with old friends that I moved away from. There ain’t no shame in yo game!

  46. therealrobzilla says:

    @JBell and Jena-I just chatted with Charter Cable. They said I only have IFC. No Direct or on demand. But Charter was one of the companies that was going to show H2B. I’m so cornfoosed. I guess I will have to wait and see closer to 4/29.

    • JBell says:

      I love that you took the initiative and actually called them lol “no shame in yo game!”

      • Jena says:

        I hope this is hope for the rest of us! I think I’ll call Time Warner
        when it gets closer.

      • therealrobzilla says:

        LOL! I actually just chatted online live. No phone calls.

        • Jena says:

          I have just realized something unfortunate.
          I’ll be in CO helping my sister move on the 29th!
          I plan on assigning a family member to record this, so
          heart attacks should not be happening, LOL!

  47. Ceri says:

    @Jena: You have to get into the Dead series. I read them before I knew about Twilight, they are a much more ‘adult’ read, seeing as how everyone is out of high school.

    Even though there is no Edward in the Dead series, there is Bill who is like Edward in the tortured soul, thinks he’s monster way. Just not as swoon worthy like Edward is.

    But then there is Eric and he is very le sigh. Very naughty vampire who likes the main girl but can’t help being a bastard at times too. Total bad boy and you can’t help but love him.

    You’ll just have to give it a try and keep Twilight out of your mind, since the series is nothing like Twilight.

    • Janetrigs says:

      Thanks for some back up! Like I said I am reading them for a Book Club I am in (yes, am old=book club, but I like fantasy stuff).

      I am a sucker for Bill in the series, but in the book, while they are in Jackson, I love Alcide. He is my Edward for the series so far…But there is also something about Eric.

      Some of the lines in the Dead series creep me out sometimes though, becuase they are almost directly taken from Twilight, or vice versa. I think that Bella and Sookie should have a convo about vampire sex.

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