Robsten: A Twilight DESTINY!

Dear Robsten,

Moon & I were catching up on an episode of “the Soup” last night and did a DOUBLE TAKE when we were fast-forwarding a commercial for an E! special airing TONIGHT. We rewound it right away, hoping what we thought we saw was true and thankfully, we were NOT disappointed. Tonight, on E! at 8 pm, they are airing A Twilight Destiny where ALL the secrets of your forbidden love affair will be revealed and it will be confirmed that ROBSTEN ARE OFFICIALLY ON!!!!!!! Apparently people STILL care (other than me & Moon- who care the most)

We are really looking forward to finding out ALL the juicy details of your love affair. We assume you confess to Ryan Seacrest? That’s what we always knew you’d do. You act all private & secretive, but when it comes down to it, you just want to tell a cheesy, short celebrity all about how you make each other feel. We hope you get really detailed- Do you do it on a brown bear skin rug or do you prefer a black bear rug? CHRISTMAS IDEA ALERT: Rob you should get Kristen a polar bear rug! I hear the soft white skin is gentle on the ass.

And what about type of log you use on the fire you make love in front of? Do you use one of those duraflame starter logs to get going or do you wait for the newspaper to catch on fire after striking a match?  Were you the British equivalent of a boy scout, Rob, and do you prefer the tee pee or cross to start your fires? Or do YOU start the fire, Kristen? You seem the boy scout type. What do you guys do on California’s no burn days? Do you just find a nice channel on TV that shows a fire burning or do you guys use candles? What’s your favorite scent? Pine to remind you of the pacific Northwest & where it all started?

Speaking of where it started: we’re excited to find out the exact details you share with Ryan Seacrest and all the wonderful people at E! Online. How exactly did it happen? Are the rumors true, Rob, and at first you were just screwing around with Nikki Reed (until you discovered the itchy, red spots?) and you got super jealous, Kristen? When exactly did you break it off with Oregano? What was it exactly that drew you to Rob versus Oregano? You have seen the pictures right? Your ex is kinda a carbon copy of your current flame. How DID you discover how fun it was to make love in front of the burning embers of a fire? Did your dad tell you when he brought you up a stash of weed one weekend, Kristen? Was that how he & your mom conceived you?

We’ve always thought it was the moment when you guys were reading Breaking Dawn together in one of your hotel rooms, to better understand your characters, that you locked eyes after reading the phrases:

“Inside me, something had yanked the opposite direction. Ripping. Breaking. Agony….. Pieces of me shattering, snapping, slicing apart …. “The placenta must have detached!”

and realized, “This is our story- this is the story about us” We can one day have our own Renesemee.

Yes, the magicness began that night. Your Twilight destiny was sealed once you realized what your love could create- a baby with the looks of Rob Pattinson & the scowl of Kristen Stewart.  A baby who likes both cats AND hot pockets. A baby you can pawn off on it’s Godfather, Taylor Lautner, on those nights when you want to strike a match, light a duraflame log and make love on your brand new panda bear-skin rug. (A gift from us, of course, congratulating you on BECOMING OFFICIAL!!!)

UC & Moon

SOOOOO are you excited for E! to share absolutely nothing new with us tonight on their Twilight Destiny special? Are you excited for them to show the same old pictures & tell the same old stories that everyone has already heard and for the believers to consider it MORE proof, the haters to say “THEY HAVEN’T ADMITTED IT SO SHUT THE EFF UP” in caps lock on twitter and for the rest of us to have a great laugh & a major eye-roll!? WE ARE! We will, of course, be out on an EPIC evening of dinner at the Kogi truck, plus a Sam Bradley show, plus the midnight showing of Eclipse, but you KNOW we’ll be up till 5 am watching all the “proof” E! has created to get sukers like us to watch their special! We can’t wait!!!

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175 Responses to “Robsten: A Twilight DESTINY!”

  1. robgirl86 says:

    I think I’ll watch it….. when the sun will become black! 🙂

    Wish you both great fun listening to Sam and watching Eclipse!!!!

    • che says:

      …when the sun will become black!
      i’ll pretend he really meant that 😀

      • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

        Is confused – so there’s a solar eclipse today? Didn’t we just have one the other night when UC met Jackson?

        Tweed seriously I wish them well. And I love Kristen’s new redhead look even though that interview was weird.

    • Especially listening to Sam and watching the audience! Have fun tonight!!!

      But OMG, you mean you won’t watch it when it airs? And you’re not preparing a room full of voodoo Robsten posters for the event? ANd you call yourselves fans?!?!

      I hope at least people everywhere around the world will gather and start drinking early PM like for football games and then they would hold candles/lighters like they used to do for cheesy love songs in the 90s and then we will see girls cry and faint…and…and a unicorn’s face ravaged by tears and make-up…You mean you won’t watch History on TV? Pffft!!!

      • robgirl86 says:


        1. I’m not a fan, I’m RG
        2. I am out of candles, I used them all in church to pray that Rob would not fall asleep during the 5 million Eclipse interviews
        3. Saw Kristen on Letterman and somehow the audience didn’t lighten anything…..?????
        4. That E! thing will show the same crap as usual, I have no time for that, I’m knitting a new beanie for Rob, because he “lost” it again!

        • Jules says:

          1 – I did not watch Letterman

          2 – I’ll find (on the interwebs) and send you a knitting pattern.
          3 – I love you, HARD

          • Jules says:

            4- What is with the giant space between my numbers? Weird.
            Dear UC and Moon- I still can’t get use to this new comment thingy.

        • melronin says:

          <3 😀

          • Jules says:

            MEL! Mwah!
            Win. Win. All around.
            I hope you don’t have to work this weekend, I’m looking forward to our date with RG.

          • melronin says:

            I’ll be there honey!!! trust…wouldn’t miss it for anything.
            Love you!!

            Have to work now though… so have a great afternoon guys!!!

        • Rob's beanie says:

          >>I’m knitting a new beanie for Rob, because he “lost” it again!

          awww, that’s so sweet!


        • pumagirlsf says:

          RG you are full of all sorts of perfect.

          Leave it to E! to fill their already awful television schedule with another hour of useless, rumor-based BS. Have they finally run out of “E True Hollywood Story” episodes to air and decided to create a spin-off called “E We Have No Real Proof But TedC Wanted Us To Make This Hollywood Story”?

          E! = your official Robsten Network.

          • Jules says:

            Puma, there is nothing suspect about the timing of this program. Nothing at all. So what if Eclipse midnight premiere is tonight. E is NOT looking for ratings.
            EPIC LOVE IS EPIC LOVE! heh

          • pumagirlsf says:

            Yes, Jules…. the timing is PURE COINCIDENCE.

            Those folks over at E! just happened to have an hour they needed to fill. There are only so many times you can re-air The Soup or Chelsea Lately. Or that Kardashian show. Or the one with the Playboy chicks.

            E! really brings us the upper tier in quality programming.

          • Amanda says:

            I know. I just refuse to read Ted C anymore. He’s got his head so far up Robsten’s ass, The Shrew’s ass too (notice he won’t say one bad word about her…and when saying something bad about some other Twilight fool, has to add something positive about The Shrew…boggles the mind), I’m convinced he’s on Summit’s payroll. Convinced.

  2. libby says:

    bwahahahahahaha amazing girls! as usual! you dont dissapoint on bringing us something to laugh.

    have a great day everyone!

  3. Oh my those manips! Uggh
    Btw, do you think it’s a good idea to make Taylor godfather of a Robsten kid, considering what happens in BD?

  4. Cazza says:

    “A baby who likes both cats AND hot pockets” WIN!

    Happy Eclipse day everyone. I’m off to the Midnight showing with a few others (read 40) tonight. We have 3 teams and I’m laughing that Team “I don’t Give A Shit” has more members than Team Jacob.


    • Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

      WOW! 40 others!? I don’t even think
      I know 40 peeps 🙁
      I’m going on my ownsome this Saturday praying to the stealth ninja gods I don’t see anyone I recognise when trying to crawl out of the carpark and into my seat.
      I will however be sporting my BIJ tee!

      • whyamidoingthis says:

        Sounds like me for New Moon! Head down, no eye contact with anyone, uneasy until I was in my seat and the lights dimmed.

        For Eclispe, though, I’m actually considering asking my sister (very indifferently) if she’d like to see it with me while I am back home visiting (far, far away) in a couple of weeks. Trying to decide if cracking the closet door will really be worth it.

      • Amanda says:

        I’m going to the 11:30am show tomorrow with my PARENTS. no bullshit. my mom LOVES twilight…the movie. No, she hasn’t read the books. Why do you even ask? Of course she hasn’t read the books. Who, who has EVER read the book, could POSSIBLY prefer the movie? And…and…she thinks Twilight…THE MOVIE…was better than New Moon. As if. But yeah, she insists on seeing the first showing on Wednesday and since our Dad will be with us, we’re dragging him along. I made him watch New Moon last night to prep him for the experience. His only comment, “I don’t understand why the Italian vampires didn’t kill her. Or at least drink her blood. That didn’t make sense.” Right, because the rest of the movie did. Ha.

  5. chochang says:

    whatever happened to ignoring the mullephant in the room??

  6. che says:

    “rest of us to have a great laugh & a major eye-roll”

    yeah i’m ready

  7. melronin says:

    To all girls that will watch eclipse tonight: Have a wonderful time ladies and enjoy your Rob…gasm(s)!!!

    • misty says:

      @melronin:: thanks! I will, you can defs believe it.

    • MariaCecilia says:

      Yup, there were some definite Rob-gasps in this movie, to be sure. Had me squirming in my seat for a whole new set of reasons compared with New Moon, in spite of the still too-white make-up and magenta lipstick. This time, they just couldn’t kill the magic with the weird contacts…

  8. Dionrenee says:

    R u serious? You mean E isn’t going to have anything NEW?? They are such a reliable celebrity new source! NOT!

    I can’t wait until midnight tonight..Miami..Eclipse Premiere Party…and Im sure my husbnd is so excited as, Im dragging him along..

    • misty says:

      They are such a reliable celebrity new source! NOT!

      I watch them make fun of the “creepy flesh coloured beard man” it’s sooo funny 🙂

    • MariaCecilia says:

      What’s new will be the story of how Kristen ran squealing from the room after Rob let on that the furs they’d been making out on were NOT BEARS but actually made from a mixture of rat, rabbit and coyote. (SO much more economical. This from a lad who has a dad in the used car business, mind you.)

      Good luck on getting your husband to Eclipse! There were a sprinkling of boyfriends, husbands and geeks in the audience tonight, but none of the men in my life came with me, I may reveal… I have Star Wars BFF:s and LOTR BFF:s, but no Twilight BFF:s, at least in this country. Sad story.

  9. che says:

    btw ok she is the mullephant in the room but she looked gorgeous on Letterman

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  11. Jules says:

    hahaha! Oh dear god.
    So E will reveal details that will prove the epic love that is robsten, tonight? That’s precious.

  12. Rob's flaming dashboard says:

    We interrupt the squeeing for another LTR educational moment: Boy Scouts started in Britain, in 1907, by Lord Baden-Powell. Just like with the Office, and Simon Cowell’s talent shows, the Americans thought it was a jolly good idea and pinched it!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Thanks RFD!!! I love everything British, so I was wondering about that part! I was excited the other day when I learned what a buck’s fizz is!!

    • so Rob DOES light the fire!!!

      • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

        Somewhere there must be a manip of Rob in scout uniform or maybe even an actual genuine real photo of Rob and I’m a wee bit disappointed it wasn’t featured in this blog! I bet Rob dropped out because he hated wearing the shorts. Dib dib dob!

  13. Athena says:

    Oh dear, hahahahaa!!! Robsten-Nonsten-nonsense… I’ll watch it anyway, haha and have that eye-roll and the good laugh, I’m sure.


  14. misty says:

    OKAY I have to confess yet another sin here on LTR::

    I was creeping on fb (b/c that’s what we all secretly do on fb) and I decided to search Lizzy Pattinson. I found an ‘official sight’ and she added me last night. I went through her pics, there were intimate pics of her and Rob that I haven’t seen before, some from Twilight Premiere some from the Ellen show….but I got so excitied when she added me (yes I’m that dumb)

  15. LR says:

    “Hold on a second. I think I’m having an epiphany here…”

    Ryan Seacrest is Ted C. source!!! that’s why they’re revealing soooooooooooooooo many secrets!

  16. I may or may not have asked one or two or more tres stupid embarassing questions at about 2 AM on the RS site when someone here told me she did it and then woke up next morning (well, not really, remembered a lot later) the embarassement of the whole thing. Cheers!

  17. Stacey says:

    I am definitely watching tonight and creating a new drinking game for the occasion. Since, I can’t actually drink because of nursing, I will make my husband be the guinea pig. I don’t think he’ll mind or make too many annoying comments about Rob’s hair, due to the vodka shots I’ll be making him drink. For instance, anytime Ted Casablanca comes on an mentions an unnamed source, honestly my husband will be passed out before the first commercial break.

    I then can watch my dvds of Twilight and New Moon in peace.

    BTW, the picture of Rob, Kristen and the baby is creping me out. You girls are so funny!

  18. robsfuturemate says:

    This reminds me of the MTV one where they had “exculsive” videos of how Robsten first started! Defs good for an eyeroll or two!

    • Jules says:

      RFM, I remember that. They were supposed to show the audition tape for Cathy’s bed. Didn’t happen.

      • mountainlion says:

        I watched that and I saw CH bouncing on the bed…it was so weird.


        Still can’t thank CH enough for choosing Rob.


      • robsfuturemate says:

        Totally forgot about CH on the bed! Yeah, she was creepy! It was even more creepy actually watching her do it as opposed to just listening to her rant about thePretty on the comm!

  19. undecidedsten says:

    that is all.

  20. blackgirlltwihard says:

    Ok My Little Twilight Yum Yums let me sprinkle a little melanin magic on this heah ROBSTEN-thing for ya….I have been wanting to express this somewhere and here at LTT is the most perfect place and opportunity. THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER!!! As in, IN THE REAL WORLD, THERE IS NO ROBSTEN!!! Wait. Lemme first say that I AM VERY TEAM ROBSTEN (NONSTEN-ers, you can hate me if you want, but I’m bout to make your FN day.) I mean I WOULD love for them to be together because of their obvious off screen chemistry (or good thespian –ness whatever it is that they do with the fake handholding and the KOL concerts) And I was all sure that they were, BUT HERE IS HOW I AM 88.9%SURE THEY ARE NOT: Remember on the Oprah interview (the one where I called into work in order to watch because my DVR was broke uh yeah…ok yeah that one) Rob was saying how much he LOVED Jack Nicholson and Kristen goes “Oh, I’ve met him before…” And Rob goes “WHAT? You never told me that…” Ok stop right here, kiddies: Ladies, if that is your boo and YOU know he likes old men who played in Batman 1 who still looks like the character he actually portrayed in Batman 1, would you or would you not tell him like ASAP? * (I mean Hell, half of yall ate a hot pocket for breakfast this morning and had the urge to call Rob… ok maybe that’s just me, but still…) Like, it would sooo be your number one thing to do after/during the run in with the “old man who played in Batman 1” For example, If that was your boo, you would have broken out the cellphone right then and there, hit him up on the jitter and been like: “BAAAAAA-BY guess who I’m talking to.” Or let’s say that the whole run in with “old man who played in Batman 1”occurred prior to the Twi-saga hook up. While you are sharing all the things you like/love during the pillowtalk sessions, wouldn’t that have come out???? I’m sorry yall…Hate to be the Goddess Grinch on Eclipse Eve, but I’m going with “NO” Sorry, Yum Yums;0( (sniff, sniff, tear!! ) All in All: Summit was probably like “Look yall gone have to slut it up little bit for the next 4 years, so we can get his money. Krissy baby, you gonna have to ice Oregano for a hot minute, and Rob whoever you messing with, TomStu, the big thick blond chick you were running around with, or whoever, is gonna have to sit down somewhere as well. It’s all about how much moo-lah we can make.” Now I could be wrong, but I’m highly analytical and known to be a love profiler…)


    P.S. there is still hope for you UC..get’ em girl!

    P.P.S. Speaking of the Oprah interview, do we have any updates on the little Caribbean girl that K-stew gave the ring to, I mean, ‘cause I was getting a “Sméagol” vibe from those sorority girls and the Twi-moms… (RUUUUUUNNNN, little Caribbean girl)…. I’m just sayin’

    • pumagirlsf says:

      Hey @blackgirtwihard… If there were comment of the day awards, I’d totally nominate you. J/s.

    • Jules says:

      What the fuck?!?!?

    • Jules says:

      Sorry to swear, but this comment took me by surprise. Where was in all morning? In LTR purgatory? Looking for paragraphs? Dunno.
      BGTH – you make a good point on the sharing, I’ve wondered a few things myself. *shrugs

      • blackgirlltwihard says:

        OOOHHHh OK gotcha Jules yeah it was “awaiting moderation” for a hot minute (sup wit that? ) yeah note “comment blogger self”: paragraph returns are not bad things. wrote it in word …;o)

    • undecidedsten says:

      wait a minute does that there’s a 11.1% chance they are together????
      Is this what E has based their expose on??!!

    • snowwhitedrifted says:

      TomStu would’ve texted during Nicholson meeting, jus’ sayin’.

      • robgirl86 says:

        so true…and more..TomStu would sooooo have stolen the ORIGINAL BEANIE right from the head of J.Nicholson….just for Rob!

      • Jules says:

        TomStu would have also told him when he found out BD was going to be 2 movies, whilst presenting him with the beanie he got from Nicholson.
        This is fun.

        • pumagirlsf says:

          Jules, when TomStu gifted Rob with Nicholson’s original beanie, would Rob then gift him in return with an ugly necklace and a ring with weird hieroglyphics on it that ‘shippers would swear spelled out R O B?

          • Jules says:

            wait, what? are you saying that ring does NOT say R O B? But I really thought he put a tag on her, like a farmer would on a heifer. You’re not allowed to debunk this, Puma. Stop it.

          • pumagirlsf says:

            Oh Jules… I can’t help it! I have to debunk this ONE THING. OK, so I’ll buy the pic in Elle was him holding her cat. I’ll buy that they’re secretly living together in a guest house and he leaves his clothes all over the floor and she gets mad. I’ll buy that they were at a 2nd after party with their hands intertwined all night and making goo-goo eyes at each other and he left at 3 a.m. for a 5 a.m. call time. I’ll buy that they NEVER TALK ABOUT ANYTHING to each other, just because they don’t have to… it’s all silently understood between them… words aren’t necessary for a love such as theirs. But the ring? That I can’t buy….

            And if y’all believe that load of garbage… then I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you!! SPLADOW!

          • undecidedsten says:

            I’m so glad I googled spladow.

      • misty says:

        TomStu would have texted b/c that’s Tweed Seious Love right there…*sighhh

    • robgirl86 says:

      I get your point and there are quite a few other examples that showed that at least they are not really exchanging informations……..weird…

    • melronin says:

      omg…I was working my ass off and you girls had all the fun!!! Life is soooo unfair…lol…

      @blackgirlltwihard…I love your analysis…I love your theory…I love your mind…I love you…the end!!!

      and Smeagol???? I JUST LOVE YOU!!!(my elfsoul just woke up…preeeeciouuuuusssssss)

    • pumagirlsf says:

      Hi BGTH – I have a question for you. A serious inquiring minds want to know question: What IS it about them that R’stens go nuts over? What is the fascination and desire over two people? This is an honest question – I really am curious what r’stens get out of this? Is it an E & B thing? The fantasy being reality? Or what? What’s the r’sten angle?

      • Amanda says:

        No fucking clue. No for reals. I think people who don’t pay much attention to what she says and does think that she’s cool. (Yeah, I said it. And?) She’s not a sullen, anti-social, spoiled brat. To them, she’s a REBEL (without a cause…yeah, I said it. What?) And we all know Rob is cool. So there’s that desire to put two cool people who are working on a movie they love together. So yeah, part E & B fantasy. I wish all those people would watch how BAD she does our boy, then that fantasy would come to a brutal end.

    • Amanda says:

      Right. That shit was lovely. How could you possibly be Robsten with that gorgeous brain? Think on this, love. Chemistry? She treats him like dog shit. There’s still time to come to the other side. Your like Carol Ann in Poltergeist. Move toward the light.

      • blackgirlltwihard says:

        That is an excellent question!!! And honestly I do not have an answer…jk:

        RE: Life imitates art: yeah kinda, for me, I have three kids, going through a divorce, and used to really fn believe in true love, but I don’t anymore, and so sometimes this TWi-life is like therapy for me, but that is just my personal take. I actually think that people bring there own reasoning to the table and that’s pretty much mine. I mean SM (my literary deity) wrote these amazing books about love and we kinda want it to translate over into the real world in order to believe that “yeah you have these issues, but in the end Love does prevail.” It’s kind of like Cinderella in a “vampirey” sort of way. I think that some girls can actually see a little of Bella in themselves. (Dayum that is was soooo textbook, but js)

        RE: Edward/Rob and Bella/Kristen: Here you have these two people who are young and beautiful and single (I guess…?Oregano?) and you kinda want them to be all in love to kinda show that they fell in love while making a story about love so that would kinda solidify the whole “true love does still exist” theory, in a sense… That’s my take. Realistically, Robsten for me is them all in the interviews laughing and smiling and I can feel the camaraderie between them and for me, it feels right and REAL! And either they’re acting or just have a genuine friendship or “getting in it.” but I will admit she does “play” him a little I think… to practice 20-year old self preservation..I mean the hottest man in the world could be into you? that is the epitome of being insecure!

        Also, I think because we have fallen so hard for Eddie- poo and her falling for him validates us because really ….seriously…. the scariest thing ever: if she has NOT fell for him, then something *gasp* could be wrong with…..( dare I say it?).. Him. Simmer down LTRers, I know that’s blasphemy, but it is a theory…(smile)
        *promise not to be so long next time8 but who else can I bounce this off of…my girlfriends always say I’m too into Twilight…SMH!!!

        • pumagirlsf says:

          BGTH, I appreciate the insight. I can appreciate where you are coming from in the romanticized idealism that E & B are real and that ‘True Love Conquers All’. But Shrek also proved that…. so… I’m just sayin’…. there are other couples out there you can also look positively toward. 😀 But honestly, the Robstens are something that makes me scratch my head and go ‘hmmmm’. Those that are very zealous, fanatical r’stens are what really confuse me; I wonder just how far their die-hard devotion goes to the idea of a real-life E & B. I know that most (all) of us that are 100% about Rob tend to daydream about him (and night dream, obvs but I digress..) yet you can’t really *do* that when it’s a couple… or you shouldn’t anyway. I dunno; it’s all just a bit odd for me to contemplate fantasizing about two people being a couple. Kinda like the real life fanfic that is written about Rob and her. Don’t get that either. *shrug* Thanks for the honesty. I do appreciate it and think you’re a bit of all right. Thumbs up for you, for real.

          • Aro says:

            Get out of my head. Cause dude, I read a fan write she wanted them to do it in her (the fan’s) bed. And that just…*head scratch*


          • pumagirlsf says:

            Hi Aro 🙂

            Yup, see – THAT is what I don’t get. WHY? What is that girl gonna do? Watch? Gads. That’s not Little Ashes hot, that’s just wrong.

            There’s a sick Single White Female vibe that tends to hover over at least part of the Robsten universe.

          • Aro says:

            Hi puma honey! *waves* 🙂

            SWF lol! For serious, I can stomach the actual Robsten more than I can stomach some of the Robstens. They…unsettle me. Terribly. I can understand an, “Aww cute” if you like, or even really really like them together. But taking it beyond that into fantasy material is…eesh. *shivers*

            But hey, people might not appreciate the “vile disgusting thoughts” (said Edward) I often have about him so, t’ each her own I spose!

        • undecidedsten says:

          I kind if get it I do, I saw the MTV news videos from back in the day and how cute his crush was, and i loved that Ryan gosling and Rachel mc Adams were real life allie and noah, but I was like sadface for 2 seconds when I read they broke up again not rabid badshit crazy
          but I honestly think robsteners project fanatically on to Robert and Kristen.

          • blackgirltwihard says:

            First let me say that that E! special was 30 minutes of my life I can’t get back! But no I am not a crazy Robsten…I’m kinda just a Twilight fan that got sucked into the hype and looked on youtube to see for myself if they really “were together.” From what I saw, “I like them together,” but if you ladies see otherwise, BRING IT …My opinion is subject to change…because I have only seen the “good” videos but, I did see the one where she kinda played him on the MTV kiss last year…I just like what seems like a great friendship but it could be an act and I do think sometimes she catches it hard bc we covet him. (personally, I would play her role for free Summit holla @ me!) Plus I’m kinda new to all this and I am not crazy enough to wanna timeshare my bed with anybody…my undergrad freshman year roommate can attest to that! Had fun today…;o)

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I had a hot pocket for lunch today and so wanted to call Rob!! Totes normal.

  21. niahid says:

    I’m watching E! extreme close up Robert Pattinson for the 4th times now.
    It’s quite good, although the reporters are a bit annoying

  22. Xylem108 says:

    I can see Robsten watching this special… rob while wearing the biggest smile and sten while wearing the foulest bitchface. I love those crazy kids.

  23. operarose says:

    I’ve never said “ew” so many times when reading a LTR post as I did just now.

  24. southernbelle says:

    I’ve never watched E but now I’m slighty curious. Do I want to see it?

    • applepie says:

      NOOO dont see it!! thats exactly what they want is for you to be curious and watch! trust wont miss anything u dont already know.

    • misty says:

      ***Watch it if you need a laugh. For example:: pics that have been over analyzed and/or if you like fairy tales and distorted truths.

      ***Don’t watch it if you don’t give a crapsten. like me.

  25. eliebelle says:

    I don’t get it. The show is for who exactly? Folks waiting for Top Chef or In Plain Sight to come on? Robsten fans stuck at home ’cause they couldn’t see the show tonight?
    I would have watched it yesterday, maybe, but tonight I’m waaay too busy getting ready to get out and see the movie. The superfans are already waiting in line somewhere.

    Break it down for us if we miss anything vital.

  26. blackgirlltwihard says:

    @Jules: Yeah I am kinda a virgin poster… coulda sworn I posted here before, no wait that was LTT where I posted once…it all runs together for me at times (my high school years, Twilight, my first love, my second love, Edward, Jake, Bella, me…you get it) …

    @robgirl86 Oh yeah so are you saying that maybe they’re just “fug buddies” where they don’t share info, just bodily fluids… Ok I can see that (and I like it;o)

    @undecidedsten: Yeah it is def based on the 11.1% but I will hold on to that with both hands!

    @snowwhitedrifted: TomStu would have had that ish on lock!!!!! Totally woulda had Jack holla @Rob via jitter.

    Yeah this is hella funs!!

  27. kandnandb says:

    OK, I’m totally Nonsten but even if I did belive this Robsten nonsense-a SHOW ABOUT IT? OMG. Did they even do this for Brad & Angelina when he was still married? I’m seriously asking b/c I can’t imagine people actually caring enough to watch a show about it, no matter what they believe. I love Rob as hard as the next girl (and I’d really like to love him hard, kwim?) but this is another reason to be embarrassed about being a Twilight fan.
    A whole show??! I can’t even…what? How can you…No! NO!

    No wonder I gave up watching TV.

    • undecidedsten says:

      ” but this is another reason to be embarrassed about being a Twilight fan.”

      big time
      haven’t watched any if eclipse hoo ha other than rob on leno and I loved all that at the start
      *sigh* when did I get so cynical!!

  28. Aro says:

    What’s cool about this? Is that I don’t care anymore. The supreme fuckery of it all finally wore me down. Being numb is good (like green).

  29. Melissa says:

    no one should watch watch it on principal.

    1. don’t let E news suck you in
    2. Rob and Kristen would hate the very idea of it

    • Amanda says:

      Kristen hating that we watch it is a reason to NOT watch? Cuz I wasn’t gonna watch, but if it might cause Volde irritation…well… 🙂

  30. robsfuturemate says:

    Ok, so I’m gonna watch this. But, I am managing my expectations, UC! Cause unfortunately I wasn’t cool enough to know that Sam was playing in the area and I’m trying to keep my Eclipse excitement to a minium in RL! I’m patiently waiting for Friday, cause I’m totes normal in RL!!!

    Have fun tonight Ladies!

  31. MariaCecilia says:

    Hm, I just came back from a Twilight night – 8 hours in a movie theater which was filled with – mostly legal – and beautiful young women and girls in short summer skirts, and I couldn’t help thinking: “Hey, Rob, don’t give up on your chances of getting a real date some day, with all this fish in the sea it seems more likely that vampires will start living off carrot blood than that you’ll manage to fight your way through and AVOID getting laid.”
    Just saying.
    And nother thing: pleeease ask Charlie to have that sex talk with you too, before you go making any Renewhatshernames with his best girl, ok?

  32. blackgirltwihard says:

    according to the interwebs: Wyck Godfrey just outted them oh well…11.1 in the house!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!

  33. Amanda says:

    Breaking news…W. Godfrey, producer on the Twilight movies confirmed in an interview with Time that Rob and Kristen are, in fact, a romantic couple. Google it. He’s quoted as praying that they stay together because they’ll be playing a couple in the next two movies and it would be bad if they broke up now. Plus, remember when Catherine Hardwicke threw them under the bus in her Time interview and outted Kristen as having said on the second movie that she needed to try to be w/Rob? ‘Member? And recently, some politician in England outted them at a restaurant on Twitter, describing them as sitting near him and spending their meal kissing? So, they are together. However, as blackgirltwihard so eloquently pointed out, they don’t talk. Not even about the most basic shit. You’re both actors and you’ve never discussed who inspired you to get in the business. That’s like, “What’s your fave color?” basic. Pathetic. So, they’re intimate without growing more intimate. Which is a good sign. Can’t wait til he dumps her for someone who treats him the way he deserves. I’ll say it here, there and everywhere (and thumbs down me, I kind of like it…spank me), the boy is too good for her.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Wow! Thanks, Amanda! I can’t believe he was so open about his comments. And since it is Time, it’s a little more reliable! And there have def been a lot more people on the side of “they’re together” lately.

      “Can’t wait til he dumps her for someone who treats him the way he deserves.” And I’ll be here waiting for him!!

      Dear Dick,
      I’m a refined lady who only uses appropriate gestures!


    • Pumagirlsf says:

      Amanda, take it with a grain of salt. The movie’s opening is quite coincidentally timed to this story. Ted C and Gossipcop are nowhere to be seen to confirm this; having constant erections for Robsten, they’d jump all over this shit. Just saying. Cause it’s in print doesn’t make it true. Even in Time. The New York Times – that bastion of journalistic integrity – has had its share of inaccurate reporting in its day. Think this producer has nothing to gain from this bombshell 12 hrs befor the movie opens? *shrug

    • sepi says:

      i read it and i found it very odd and highly suspect that the producer would comment on 2 movie stars private lives on the opening night of one of the biggest franchises…Summit is making big bucks and the “amazing chemistry” between rob and kristen is a big part of that.
      lets say they are together…they seem more like brother and sister. she is frequently annoyed with him, eye rolling, flipping him off in public. There is no epic love but that doesnt necessarily mean they arent together. Rob crushed on her for a long time… I do agree with the earlier comment…maybe he likes the “hard to get” types and kristen is stubborn and difficult so she will definitely make him work hard 🙂
      does anyone else think it is condescending of the producer to also imply that they couldnt do their jobs if they broke up? My god they are actors they dont have to be in love to act like they are in love…they are getting paid big money to be Bella and Edward.

      • Amanda says:

        I’m not in love with her “gift.” I’d be worried. And he probably has way more experience seeing how they navigate their “relationship” on set. If he says he’s worried, I don’t feel qualified to question it. It’s like when boys tell you you’re too good for them. Believe it.

        • Amanda says:

          What I mean to say is that I think Kristen acts like Kristen, in every movie she’s been in. Kristen doesn’t get into character. The character becomes Kristen. Like the screaming at Edward in the truck scene in Twilight. The real Bella (hahaha, the real Bella…go with it) didn’t tell anyone she was hanging with Rob over the weekend just in case he killed her, so he wouldn’t get in trouble (yeah, re-read that part of the book…the girl has a little death wish). The real Bella would never break him off like that. But Kristen did, cuz she’s Kristen. So if the real-life Kristen can’t stand being in the same room with the real-life Rob, especially at the point where Bella is supposed to be most committed to their life, I think Wyckey thinks that spells trouble for the “acting” of the uber-talented Shrew. And I would have to agree.

  34. robsfuturemate says:

    Thank God this was not all about Robsten! It was actually a cute little summary of the whole cast with emphasis on the Three. It just mentioned the “are they/aren’t they” hype and didn’t comment on it. No new Rob clips (possibly one) so that was sad and not really worth it if you’re not into the whole Twi-thing.

  35. twiprof says:

    okay…so I am home tonight…I have three small kids at home, so no midnight showing for me, but I will go tommorrow afternoon…I have my tickets ready to go.
    I have never held back my thoughts as a Robstener….
    I honestly believe that this has nothing to do with Bella and Edward, and everything to do with two actors leaning on each other….comfortably.
    call me foolish….I am happy happy happy to believe. and I dont need a silly E special to tell me one way or another…..

    • Amanda says:

      Just cuz I’m deeply curious–why do you want to believe? What makes people want to see them as a couple? There are some people I want to see Rob with. She ain’t one of them. The thought of them together makes me cringe and sigh, from a deep sadness that his own hopes for love are wrapped around a chick that mistreats him. What about them is so romantic, it instills hope? Cuz I’ve yet to be afflicted with that illness. For reals.

  36. Dionrenee says:

    So Im sure no one is on at this time, but I just got home from the Midnight show, the movie was soooo, amazingly..good, Rob, finally looking less pasty..cant wait until tomorrow morning to discuss his hotness..and TAYLOR…there are no words..omg…my hubby was laughing at me..ay least he wasn’t snoring like in New

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