Enter the Wu… and the Rob

Dear Rob,

Vancouver just continues to keep providing the gems… besides just giving us actual updates on what’s happening and the random paparazzi picture you continue to keep taking the most amazing fan  photos. First, we got this hum dinger (yes, hum dinger) with the most amazing creep eyes in the background and now we have THIS jewel to add to the crown…

Yes, this is you english boy Robert Pattinson in a….. WU TANG hoodie. Yes, WU TANG as in Wu Tang Clan as in Ol Dirty Bastard, RZA, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and Method Man among others, that Wu Tang clan.

After some very fond memories about High School and the Wu’s music, I got to thinking what could the acronym  C.R.E.A.M. stand for besides one of their most popular songs Cash Rules Everything Around Me which seems pretty appropriate for the bizzznaaass you’re in. Regardless here’s my list…


  • Carnivore Rob Enjoys All Meat
  • Carrying Rabies Everywhere Airlines Meander
  • Classy Rob Enjoys All Men
  • Complacent Rob Envies  Alex Meraz
  • Cruddy Rob Emaciated and Mangey
  • Cullen Rosealie Edward and Meyers (their accident law firm in Forks, WA)
  • Casting Rob Endangered All Men

Then I thought what if that C was really a K…. and this happened:

  • Kristen Rules Everything Around Me

Heeeeeyyyyoooo! Up top! Preach?! Anyone? No? no…? Ok. So yea I could go on all day (or maybe like 20 minutes) about Wu Tang and how you should protect yo neck and about how after laughter comes tearzzz but I’m sure most of your audience probably don’t have that many fond Wu memories but I’ll go ahead and say this makes my Monday and is now in my folder of best fan photos to some day be posted in some sort of fan photo hall of fame.

Dolla Dolla Billz Yall!

Rob takes the bestest fan pictures ever right? What are your faves and what would you do if ever given the opp to pose with the Robster yourself?

Source: BreakingDawnMovie.org

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85 Responses to “Enter the Wu… and the Rob”

  1. minuit_passe says:

    Speaking of highschool, I suppose that’s where the hoodie comes from, via pitstop under the pile under the dust under TomStu’s bed. Though it would be funnier if it came from the closet (=touring car) of one of the folky Britpack.

  2. guitargirl says:

    Cloning Rob Ends All Marriages:)

  3. natteringyeahrobber says:

    Usually the cream I think of when I think of Rob (which is damn near most of the work day) is Prince’s Cream as in:

    You’re so good, baby, there ain’t nobody better
    So you should never ever go by the letter
    (Never ever)
    You’re so cool, everything you do is success
    Make the rules, then break them all ’cause you are the best

    Not to mention:

    You’re so fine, you’re filthy cute and baby you know it.

    Constant Robsessing Equals Altered Reality?

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Not the cream I thought you were gonna go with ;)

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Well, I counsulted our trusty CleverBot again (figuring things might be different on Monday) and was told:

        Me: Will RFM meet Rob soon.
        CB: I do not know, do you like the bass?
        Me: RFM loves the bass.
        CB: Heavy on the bass?

        So there you have it, RFM. All you need to do is like the bass.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        LOL. Well, I’m pretty sure Prince was insinuating THAT kind of cream. Video makes no reference to milk product, anyhow. :)

  4. Katie S says:

    Stop. This is the best fan photo of him EVER. I just… you can’t… *blink* *blinkblinkblink*

  5. robgirl86 says:

    Love Wu Tan!!!!

    Come over
    Eat me
    Me eats YOU!

  6. robsfuturemate says:

    If I ever get a chance to pose with thePretty I’m gonna need someone to move the stone statue (me) away afterward. IF this opportunity comes with a side of K, I soo want to stand between them and throw my arms around her with a huge smile. you know, show some contrast or something.

    • roslynselene says:

      LMAO! Doooo it. If I had the balls (which I don’t) I’d tell them: “If you guys end up bitchfacing in my photo, I swear to god we’re gonna be here all day!” And then, they’d have the biggest and cheesiest fake smile in fan photo history.

    • LatersBaby says:

      That would be the best pic EVAR. Especially if, for a moment, she realizes she needs a hug and gets a warm look on her face. F-it…THAT should be the goal of any fan photo.

  7. melronin says:

    Any pic where I can see Rob(live) is great and if he smiles on top of it…then me is done and my world is complete!

    Rob smiling=check
    Rob in beanie=check
    Rob being THE C.R.E.A.M=check
    Mel in a very…dirty mood…licking CREAM=check

    Cause Rob exists around me!!!


  8. Blackgirl Twihard says:

    *OFFICIALLY BROKENDOWN* Meth & Rob on a Monday!
    I love it!

    While everybody else wants to do him…I just wanna sit him down and chitchat about music… he likes all the ish from my era! WTF he had to be like in grade school…That interview had the 2nd “bump-n-grind” reference I’ve heard him make!

    I swear he KNOWS how to rope us in !!!SMH!!

  9. Janetrigs says:

    Bless you

  10. robsfuturemate says:

    Cause Rob Encounters Are Magical!

    So Please Rob, make it happen for me! <3

  11. kt says:

    Seriously… I don’t know what he could do to make me want him any more than I already do. But I’m sure he will find a way. Such a tease.

  12. roslynselene says:

    Hmmm, if I had a chance to pose with Rob (and I was pissed drunk), I’d leg hitch him and give him bunny ears with my fingers. Random, yes.:)

  13. roslynselene says:

    Oh and I was a little second hand embarrassed when I saw Rob wearing the Wutang hoodie. LMAO What a fanboy. You don’t see me walking around with his name (or face) on my shirt. Lol

  14. Maggie says:

    Canoodling Rob Evokes Angelical Moment.

  15. Maggie says:

    If I had a chance to take a picture with Rob, my main objective would be to remain on my feet and try not to drool.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      We better have somebody with us who is at least mobile!! hehe

      • Maggie says:

        We need to bring a totally disinterested 4th party. Preferably someone strong who can lift 3 drooling women off the floor at one time. Oh wait. Make that 2 drooling women. Ros is going to be busy leg-hitching Rob. :)

        • robsfuturemate says:

          I’m bringing an able-bodied friend who will help drag us out…as long as J. Rathbone isn’t there. If he shows up we’re gonna have a problem. I don’t think Ros’s little sis will be able to handle all of us!

          • roslynselene says:

            LMAO, I think I can manage not collapsing on the floor. Lol My sister, though, she’s one to be careful with. When we watched the Leno interview last week, she was losing her shit which was odd considering she’s not like that. I had to tell her to calm down and that if we ever met Rob, I was gonna have to tie her up and throw her in the backseat of the car. So now RFM’s friend and I are going to have to take care of two paralyzed women and one crazy teenage girl. Lol! This will be fun regardless of what happens. Let’s just not end up in prison.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            “Let’s just not end up in my prison.”

            Let me tell you about the time I went to a little place called the WFE set. I accidentally drove a little too far onto a dirt road. It was really dark people! And had to sweet talk our way out of trespassing! The guard was super nice to us all day, not nice enough to get Rob to come out even when we were they only 3 out there! But whatev, the moral is…I think we’ll be okay!

          • roslynselene says:

            Haha! But are you sure you’re gonna be able to sweet talk our way out of getting restraining orders against us? Lol, I don’t think it’ll be necessary but who knows. Just practice your puppy eyes and I think we’ll be okay at convincing the police we are not crazy and that Rob is the crazy one for getting restraining orders against us. ;)