This day in Rob in 2010

Rob, one year ago

Dear Rob,

Yep. It’s me again. You’ve got to be SO tired of me- especially after all the weeks we “had” together when Moon was gone. But today Moon is covering LTT (<—I can’t promise she posted yet today! She may have gone home with Big Daddy!) cuz she was at the Abduction premiere last night & has MANY stories to tell, so I’m DOING ROB again (you remember how that’s our favorite joke that hasn’t gotten old yet, even 2.5+ years in, right?).

And I got thinking “What was going on in “This day in Rob” one year ago? Cause I bet it was more interested than THIS DAY in Rob, today!” And it turns out that September 16, 2010 was one of our “off” days because we had switched to every other day posting by then. So I guess it was more boring. BUT on September 14, 2010 we had one of my favorite letters ever: What if Rob wasn’t Famous: The American Trucker Edition, where, inspired by your roadtrip with your “boys” to Lubbock, TX and a guitar & your fluffy beard, I decided you’d most likely be a trucker if you weren’t famous. And what does a trucker need? A profile on Trucker Passions, you know.. the social networking site for horny professional truckers. So I created one. A real one that was left live for approximately 2 days until the site owners, surprised by the sudden increase in web traffic, did some research & found their latest, bad-spelling trucker looking for love resembled that “vampire” from the Twilight movie. Sad for Rob the Trucker, who just wanted to “driv on da rode”

Try not to laugh at this, again (click to make bigger)

My rig is Big

Um “My Rig is Big!?”  I think that was the best thing I ever wrote. (I just read that out loud to Mr. Choice and he said “those were the glory days” True. They were)

And in case you’re feeling REALLY nostalgic, here is what Rob was up to in 2009. Apparently us begging you to come & do something interesting or “Bring back that lovin’ feeling” started way back even 2 years ago!


Yep. That’s ALL I got. Sorry, but when I researched a year ago, I laughed SO hard re-reading “What if Rob was an American Trucker” That I just HAD to re-post. We could ALL use some laughs at Rob’s expense again!!!

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18 Responses to “This day in Rob in 2010”

  1. dazzledtodeath says:

    Ah, Rob’s trucker profile-a classic. Those were the days (sniff).

    Come on, Rob, give us something to chat about-more pictures of you clearly sporting a boner, white stains on your pants, maybe a pic of you bent over showing a little crack? Anything?

  2. Yep, good ole days!!! That post is so full of win, UC! I just hope that beard doesn’t make an appearance any time soon. Like next week. (Bobby Long again, yay!)

  3. VC says:

    That post was just inspired. A classic. How many “hits” did he get?

  4. LatersBaby says:

    Best Post Ever. So glad to see it again.

  5. The Old One says:

    Recycling LTRs is so green. And what is green? Green is good! (Tie-in to Mr. Molina at LTT today). The trucker thing was the best thing ever. It probably broke the site for the two days it was up.

  6. The Snuggler says:

    So funny. So you spotted he was a mothatrucker before Reese did! Result!

  7. lovethesefries says:

    One of the best! I honestly can’t believe that was a year ago; it feels like yesterday! It still cracks me up. I wonder what would happen if you tried to repost it?

  8. natteringyeahrobber says:

    On this day, last year, I still had not watched Twilight. Believe it or not. On this day, last year, I was not infatuated with Rob. On this day, last year, I was probably more productive at work during the day and I probably was on Facebook at night.

    All that has changed. Rob obsession – back in full effect. Productivity at work – shot (between Twitter, LTT, LTR, and sites related to Rob). Facebook – haven’t posted in maybe 2 months; have converted my thoughts over to Twitter, where people can appreciate Rob and Twi thoughts. My new “hobby” is pretty damn fun.

    Too bad I missed the epic Trucker entry, though. I do remember looking back through the archives of LTR before I posted here and I laughed my ass off. I knew here is where I needed to be. I’m not sure if my Rob crush would have survived this long without LTR…probably yes…but it would not have been quite as entertaining.

  9. 40sumthin says:

    Another great one!

  10. JellyBeanRainbow says:

    ” Those were the glory days ” indeed. Trucker Profile was win, but if I never ever see his beard or bloated face, I’m a happy person.

  11. Katycougar says:

    I so wish I had been here then, but here I am now. The fun I missed…………..

    The profile is beyond perfection. I have never wanted a truck driver so bad in my life. In fact I have never wanted one before. So let me play with this one today.

    I am thinking he must haul band equipment for the reunion tours of Motorhead.


    I have searched the world over looking for a man with hobbies the same as mine.
    I love to hunt: I am a Cougar that has been on the hunt for a trucker like you.
    Yeah I have bagged a few Deer and plenty of Squirrels and Gophers. I used to date a guy called “The Great White Hunter.” Do you know him? His motto was “Hunt to Kill, Kill to Hunt.” He is pretty famous, been on “Mark and Brian” a few times. I had to leave him because of the said pet store incident.

    I am a pretty good Pole dancer myself and nothing turns me on like a man that can master the Pole. So tell me are you a dancer with a Pole or a Pole Dancer? I just need some clarification on this. The thing is I dated this guy. He was a dancing fool. It kind of got out of hand, so I had to leave him.

    I hear you like target practice. Tell me what heat you are packin. I pack a Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum with a 4” barrel and an 8 round capacity. She has a pretty good kick but I have built up my arms carrying keggers at a bar I work for down the street part time. My Dad and I go to a local gun range. I have been known to yell out “Do you feel lucky, well do Yah.” And “Go ahead, and Make my day.”
    Speaking of that, you would really make my day if you would contact me. Just send me an email, drop me a Letter, call………… Do you know how to text? I will meet you anywhere on the road. I drive the Chevy 4X with the LEMMY License Plate.

  12. Pattygirl says:

    Dear UC be less boring and break down the bel ami stills…… me

  13. niahid says:

    After 2,5 years obsessing/lusting/oogling Rob Pattinson, i’ve concluded that he is truly phenomenon. No other actor could cause so many mature independent women lost their cool and go back to being ridiculous teenager/ causes so many intense discussion on his sex life/sexual orientation/ got people went ape shit crazy merely by seeing glimpse of him.
    5 years from now,i may or may not be still fancy Rob. But one thing for sure, being his fan has brought me new friends, new energy in life, valuable lesson that Modesty really gets you everywhere.
    Dear UC and Moon, here’s to another 2 years. Salut!

    • Maggie says:

      @niahid: I couldn’t agree with you more. Rob is a true phenomenon, whether he sees it or not. Although I’d love to jump his bones and spend a huge amount of my time moping around because I know it will never happen, in reality, I adore him mostly for, as you said, “bringing me new friends and a new energy in life”. I wish he knew…

      Amen, sista!!

  14. LadyN says:

    Unless desperate, I probably wouldn’t ‘poke’ him or that profile.

    Well…he presumes to have a ‘big rig’. I can poke that. Hm.

    Nah. I wouldn’t.

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