Robert Pattinson an American idiot?

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Dear Rob,

I am very disturbed at the idea of you being considered for the starring role in the made for film version of American Idiot. Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight, why else would I be here? Something I ‘crazy fan’ over even more than Twilight stuff are all things Green day. I’m pretty certain that Billie Joe Armstrong was being sarcastic when he said “maybe that kid in Twilight. He’s a good actor.” could fill the starring role in the movie adaptation of American Idiot. Kid? Good actor? Wouldn’t that be Taylor Lautner anyway? I’m quite certain that we have plenty of idiots right here in America to choose from for the role. We, lit-trally don’t need to cross the pond. My best friend is a Brit and everytime she says lit-trally, I smile, thinking of LTT. (Thanks for that, by the way.)

If you’re not familiar, Green Day released the Album American Idiot in 2004. It’s filled with chart toppers but the songs are also telling a story. The main character is a guitar playing slacker, who is American, and goes in search of something better. I realize this wouldn’t be much of a stretch for you, Rob, but it just can’t happen. Knowing that Green Day fans are hardcore crazy, I would seriously doubt they (we)(me) would let this happen without trying to be heard. The only thing is that I’m not sure how many Green day fans even know who Rob P. is?

I won’t be surprised if Billie Joe gets on Twitter and tells the masses to relax. He did that recently regarding what his role would be in the movie. I was fortunate enough to see the broadway show while Billie Joe played a supporting character…the best character….St. Jimmy. He is the alter ego of the main character ( Jesus of Suburbia), he loves drugs, sex and all things reckless. I hope Billie Joe does reprise the role for the movie, but I can’t by any stretch of my imagination think that you, Rob, should be involved at all. Sorry.

Thanks for listening,


Thanks Lisa! I don’t have much of an opinion on this one since I’m not a Green Day, fan, but I’ll take your word for it! I do, however, always enjoy the conversation of “What should Rob do next.” And I have to agree that this would NOT be the smartest move. Rob needs to steer CLEAR of controversial roles, even if the controversy is from the crazy fans. My hope is that he takes an awesome supporting role to a big shot like … Matt (Damon), Leo, Brad, Ryan (yes Gosling. I’d DIE. Both of them? On screen at the SAME TIME?) I think before he’s taken seriously by the majority of Hollywood, he needs to work with respected Hollywood stars (which he IS doing with Cosmopolis) but as a supporting cast member.

So.. what do YOU think!? What type of role should Rob play next?

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27 Responses to “Robert Pattinson an American idiot?”

  1. anti says:

    go for it rob i hope its true and i don think green day was joking at alll

  2. Nelle says:

    Personally, I’d like to see Rob play, and this might be a bit of a stretch, a normal young Brit. I’d love for him to be able to do his British accent!

    • natteringyeahrobber says:

      Maybe they can just change the plot around? Call it Not Another British Idiot. It could be about a British actor who falls deeply in love/lust with a fan while filming a movie about an American idiot in her home town? But the fan is married so that creates a conflict so he acts like a proper British gentleman and only hooks up with her 4 times a year?

      • ladyofthemeadow says:

        I am an actress. Hint. Hint.

      • maggie says:

        That’s a great idea for a plot line, nat. But, I think the fan should also be a much, much older woman. That would really spice up the storyline…………especially for the much, much older woman…..

        • natteringyeahrobber says:

          That’s what sequels are for. It can be called Still Not a British Idiot: Fancy Me Some More Cougar Affair

          I’m thinking Chris Weitz can direct the original, maybe we can get Cath Coug to do the sequel?

        • maggie says:

          Okay. I can go for that. I like the idea of Crazy Cathy directing the sequel, since I think I may have a pretty good chance at playing the female lead and then CH can go viral on the internet talking about how much chemistry the stars of her latest movie – a hot May/December (or May/December-of-the-next-year) romance – have with each other. Oh yes, it will be epic….

        • 40sumthin says:

          Married cougar with children…hot, hot, hot love affair! I volunteer!

  3. natteringyeahrobber says:

    I don’t know much about Green Day. They were big when I was living in Berkeley and their music was being promoted all over the place, but their brand of rock-punk just isn’t my style. However, I do know that that Billie Joe just purchased a house in my little neck of the woods. Nowhere near my little 2 bedroom rental – his is more like a mansion in the frou-frou part of town. Where the brain surgeons and Pixar execs live. I’m in the riff-raffy scrim-scram part of town. But still.

    So basically, I’m all for Rob taking this role if it means two things: 1- he wants it and 2- he ends up in my city, or at least the SF Bay Area to shoot. Yes, I’m being selfish. Rob really should consider roles that require being near my house. After a long day of shooting, he can unwind in my living room. Win-win for both of us. Billie Joe can also come over, why not, husband will need someone to talk to as well.

    • The Old One says:

      I seem to remember inviting myself over to your house for some other Rob-event, so I’m just giving you fair warning that I’m issuing myself a standing invitation to all your dates with Rob from now on.

      • natteringyeahrobber says:

        Of course. And should he show up at your door, I would expect the same courtesy. I’ll of course keep him busy until you and every other LTRer in a 100 mile radius shows up (you and KBV will receive the first notifications).

  4. Mikey Lynn says:

    I think that’s an excellent idea for Rob to take on a supporting role. For one thing, he has said before that he is looked at now as bankable and is expected to not only act but also bring in the big bucks. I think he could continue to learn his craft (and I do think he is so underrated, it’s ridiculous! I mean, come on; if you’ve ever seen Rob in interviews, he’s a hoot! And then he has to play “dark, brooding” Edward. That’s called ACTING!) by being in a great movie with an experienced actor, maybe play someone psychotic (that always seems to get Oscar nods). He would still draw us all in. I will see ANY movie Rob is in, and I’m two generations away from my teens!

  5. The Old One says:

    Maybe Billie Joe was joking, or maybe he’s like Paul Giamatti and all the other people who haven’t been obsessing over Rob since Twilight came out, they don’t know he’s British. Did you see that hilarious interview with Giamatti on Jimmy Fallon where Giamatti thought Rob was putting on a fake accent all evening, and was like, “oh, come on, get over yourself,” until he realized Rob wasn’t actually American?

  6. The Old One says:

    Just have to add that I’m sorry your expenses have gone up and all, but those ads cause the site to load very slowly and commenting … here … is … jerky … and … each … word … takes … way too long to type and I spend too much time commenting anyway and this may be the straw that breaks … the camel’s back–

  7. robsslave says:

    Let me just say… I am a Rob fan. I wil support all of his choices (many, many times over). I would pay to watch him breathe. He is so talented!!! and beautiful!!! and sexy!!

  8. Lay At Home Mom says:

    Actually Rob has been on Billie Joe’s radar for quite a while – he did an interview with Spinner magazine in April 17, 2009 saying that he’d like Ellen Page for Gloria and Rob for Christian. I don’t think that Billie will be backpeddling on his choice. I believe that Billie also mentioned that Rob was hilarious in the Twilight DVD commentary in another interview that I am trying to find (clearly I am that robsessed and I have that kind of time – sad, I know). And we all know how funny that commentary was – I think Billie has to be a true Rob fan to sit through that (other than when Rob was talking, of course). Either way, I think this would be a great opportunity for Rob – I have every confidence that he can pull it off.

    • jlbUK says:

      I really, REALLY hope that Rob gets involved with an American Idiot film. I’m a huge fan of Green Day (went with the hubs and 2 teenage daughters to see them at Wembley Stadium last year, and they were AWESOME!) and of course of Rob. The thought of Rob in a Green Day movie would absolutely blow my mind. It took me weeks to come down from the high of seeing Green Day live, so the combination of Rob and Green Day would probably mean I’d never come back down to earth and be able to resume a ‘normal’ life!

  9. ladyofthemeadow says:

    More acting, more singing, maybe a stint of working out and a tasteful photoshoot in Men’s Health… of course.

    *soapbox warning*

    But I’d also like to see him do some work supporting a charity that is important to him. His little blip at the awards ceremony (blood cancer or something?) doesn’t count.

    He has such an opportunity to influence and I hope he uses it to some worthwhile charity’s advantage. Not just through endless repetitive tweets like “Save the animals”, “Adopt a dog”, etc.

    *hops off soap box*

  10. ItsJustMe says:

    Being a much bigger Green Day than Twilight fan, and I am unquestionably a Twilight fan, I would love to see Rob in American Idiot. My first choice would be for John Gallagher Jr reprise the role, but Rob is not a bad second choice. And I won’t even get on my soapbox about Christian (and Gloria) being the character from 21CB, not American Idiot so technically it’s not even the same role that BJA was talking about. I need to dig up he original interview for my own reassurance on my statement.

  11. nettie says:

    Anything…anything but this, please! It would be a shame for him to lower his classy self to the level of Green Day.
    I would love to see him play the role of Edw–Christian Grey, in the Showtime series “Fifty Shades of Grey”, which SO needs to be commissioned!

  12. Pattygirl says:

    Please all those actors mentioned above are boring and Rob is anything but, he is a risk taker!

  13. Kaybvee says:

    ACK, I would LOVE this and Nat we would SO be American Idiot set warriors.

    But with our luck they would film it in Vancover or something. Boo Fu**ing hoo.

    Call me if Billy shows up at your local trusty bar. I am so there.

  14. Rob's Bitch says:

    Whatever role in my bedroom he chooses…

  15. I would love to see Rob do a comedy. I watch all of his interviews and he always makes me smile and laugh. Not only is he absolutely gorgeous but he has a super personality. He is purrrrrfect as he is and I hope he stays true to himself. I have seen all of his movies and find him to be a really wonderful actor. On the other hand, I love to hear him sing and would buy his music in a heartbeat. I am 35 years older, but would give anything to sit down with him and chat. I love his accent. Luv u Rob…

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