What? Rob’s fan’s aren’t cool!?

A short & sweet letter today since we’ve discovered that me blogging on vacation is a dangerous combination as evidenced by the disastrous letter on Wednesday- I forgot links, the image didn’t enlarge correctly, I forgot to schedule it and CLEARLY I was on rum punch #1200 when I attempted to post that. SO SORRY to the authors Cath, drsaka, and tupelohoney!!!

Dear Rob,

People think Twilight fans are not hip at all.  I’m not sure who thinks this exactly, but somebody must because I carry around some guilt and shame for being one.  But lately I was thinking about how utterly cool I have become lately and realized it is precisely because I’m a Twilight/RPattz fan and not in spite of it.  Let me share with you an example.

For instance, Rob, I read a blog where people write letters to you.  Not sure if you are aware of it.  This one post the writer mentioned a Leonard Cohen song she liked.  Of course just casually dropping Leonard Cohen’s name into any conversation earns you a free hipster card.  But this letter had a link to a youtube video of a cover of the Cohen song, “Dance Me to the End of Love” by
some band called the Civil Wars. Never heard of them.  But I fell in love with the song and searched for it on the web, iTunes, etc.  Couldn’t find it, but I did find some original songs by this band, the Civil Wars.  They had an EP out. Anyway, comes around a few months later they release a full album, including said cover, and then they hit it big time and all the hipster people love them,
even Adele and all.  Of course I had heard of them AGES ago, knew all their best songs.  All because of Twilight.

So there you go.  We’re not a bunch of scary trolls.  We’re cool, hip people. Even a few days ago a bunch of friends were sitting around talking about how the new thing is these concerts that are in somebody’s living room, man!  A revival of the West Bank salon and all that.  Uh, yeah.  I know a little something about that.  Heard about it a long time ago!!


Sigh… as much as I hate to admit it… I fear Munkee is right, Rob’s fans do not have the “cool” stigma surrounding them (err us) Might have something to do with all the hours we spend in the rain/hail/sleet/snow just for a chance to look at his ass being ushered into a doorway… BUT… I have discovered some pretty cool stuff from Rob TOO- like Laura Marling. He mentioned her (well Rachelle LaFevre did) YEARS ago and since then I’ve bought everything she’s put out, seen her live (and cried terribly hard- so beautiful) and am now anxiously anticipating her September album- aka the break-up album with Marcus Mumford.
Her pain is my joy. Watch this:

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