Where in the world is the Edward action figure? Zero to Eddie

hang on! I've got this...

hang on! I've got this...

Dear Rob –

With you back in Los Angeles, and being spotted all over town mini Edward decided to be a dear and drive me to find you… too bad we got stuck in traffic. You escaped this time but not for long… Edward’s driving skills are second to none and from what we’ve heard of yours it’s shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with you.

Never drive faster than your guardian Edward can fly…

Location: Los Angeles, driving down the 101 south. in traffic. ALWAYS in traffic.

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Where in the world is the Edward action figure? Seattle edition

Dear Edward,

It was so awesome that you could travel with me this week to Seattle, what with you being an expert in the area and all it was super nice to have you along for the trip… next time we’ll have to add in a few days to hit up Forks so you can introduce me to my future in-laws.

we flew virgin america… but it wasn’t named that for long ifyouknowwhatimsayin

once there we hit the ground running to squeeze in a little sightseeing since i would be busy most of the week. this is you on pine st

this was a little embarrassing, but you were a good sport about it.

then we hit pike’s market. you can tell by your face in this one, you were STOKED!

while i was getting coffee the next day, i saw a silver volvo circling multiple times. it’s so sweet that you worry while i’m out and you feel the need to check up on me, but really you should just come in next time… you’re quite the charmer and i’m sure the ladies would love to meet you.

walking by every bookstore we couldn’t help but notice all the twilight books. it’s a pretty big deal up there. you should be proud!

then it was time to go home because it was snowing and themoonisdown just doesnt do snow. we laughed when the flight attendant asked you to buckle your seat belt. if she only knew.

We’ll be back to see you soon Seattle!

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Where in the world is the Edward Cullen doll? Oh, just hanging out with some cute bunnies

Dear Rob,

My guess is that when you signed that part of your Twilight contract that said “will allow likeness to be made into small plastic doll with ‘ming reading‘ abilities” you didn’t actually believe your likeness would be made into a small plastic doll causing 2 blogger-friends to buy said small plastic doll, set-up photoshoots for this doll and post pictures that they and their blogger friends take for the world’s viewing pleasure. Hey, I never thought in a million years I’d walk into Hot Topic and now I have a filled frequent buyer card, so I get it.


"Hey, 'sup?"


"What? You think I'm gonna bite?"


"Don't you dare touch my peacoat"


Pictures & bunnies courtesy of Julie (yep- the same Julie with the best husband ever). PS: I want to kiss your bunnies and feed them carrots. 

Twi-alentine’s Day Contest. Do it. 

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Rob has been found. And I don't like where he is!

We received this letter from one of our first readers, Sam.  Sam, I’m warning you… the girls aren’t gonna like this… !


Rob in my bedDear Rob,
I had a great time last night! I hope you don’t mind that I share this secret with the girls, I promise they won’t say anything! I just have to set the record straight with them! They’ll be crushed, but at least they have a new sighting of you! Where in the world is Rob Pattinson? WISCONSIN! 🙂

Thank goodness we also had that copy of Cosmo with us- so kind of you to bring it!005 You really do think way too much for me and not enough of yourself!

Anyway, I hope you come back soon! There will always be a spot in my bed for you! I’ll keep it warm! 🙂

Hugs and kisses just for you,

P.S. please have fun filming New Moon, but I’ll be making sure Kristen keeps her paws off of you!! I know, you told me not to worry about her anymore, but old habits die hard, hun. Love you!


Sam, while you and Rob were together, did you guys create an entry for our Twi-alentine’s Day Contest?

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Where in the world is the Edward action figure?

del scorcho!

del scorcho!

Dearest Edward –

You’re such a doll (heh) for making a Del Taco run for me… I’d like an original chicken taco and a fish taco. And yes, I do think they named their Del Scorcho sauce after you, cause you’re muy caliente.

Me (themoonisdown)

Location: Del Taco – Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California

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