Vanity Fair Outtakes…

Dear Rob-

Last night I spent an hour watching the Vanity Fair outtakes video while discussing with my co-hort in twi-crime. Yes, we are adults, with real jobs, real lives, car payments, college degrees and rad fucking shoes but we’ll still break down a 10 second clip of you and Kristen holding hands on that rope swing thing like we’re discussing philosophy or the cure for cancer.

Just thought you should know.


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  1. […] Last night after watching the Vanity Fair outtakes video, I decided I hadn’t wasted enough time so why not read all TWELVE interviews? Then I got to yours. And I read that your favorite book is “The Purpose Driven Life” so that got me to thinking you chose this for two reasons: a. you’ve never read a book in your life and this is the first thing that came up on a search for ‘NY Times best sellers’ or b. you really did read it and that leads me to ask, ‘can we be accountability partners?’ […]

  2. Mrs.P. says:

    oh my goodness, I watched this too…and I was all…I wonder if they even realize they’re still holding hands? Does he HAVE TO run his hands down her arms so slowly? Umm..why is he holding her butt like that? Hmm Wonder if Mikey “whatshisface” is enjoying this about as much as I am????

  3. Mrs.P. says:

    Does she even have any idea how awesome that moment was…I’d give just about ANYTHING to have him put his hands on me like that….*DoubleSigh*

  4. vickyb says:

    I love at minute 26:35 he starts boppin’ his head to “I’m coming up. I want the world to know. I got to let it show..” Too cute. I still want to push Sour Puss off that tire swing and smack her with MY black high top converse! Is that wrong?

  5. sam says:

    UGH. i just watched this for my SECOND time.. the whole hour! and i am agreeing with you all… i just tormented myself with watching the way those two are… of course, if i cant have him, i want kristen to… but yes, seeing him with his hands all over her ass… and holding hands.. and caressing each other… ugh… i just scream to my empty bedroom NOT FAIR! i want him. he’s mine. 🙁

    • it’s painful isn’t it!? and WHOA.. you’re committed.. watched it a 2nd time through! Craziness.. I’m glad… that video is the reason theMoonisDown and I started the blog. We just KNEW there were others out there that would watch the entire 1 hour video! aNd to think.. there are those out there that have watched it TWICE! Rob would be proud 🙂

  6. Mrs. P. says:

    OK..Confession time ladies! How many times have you watched the video…the whole thing…from start to finish(rewinds don’t count in the total) My total would be :”> 4…and I had to rewind that ass part, and swing part a few times too. (just to fully analyze it mind you)… was really five times, its just that Rob is so hoooot and I couldn’t help myself…aaand there’s no one here to stop me during the day aaaand….

  7. freya says:

    hey rob admirers!

    i just want to let everyone know how much i feel this amazing persons pain. my parents split 7 years ago n when ever i’m sad people ask me if i’m ok, n if it’s about my parents. i know it’s kind of a random thing to say n may not sound that relevant but what i’m trying to say is that i know what it’s like to get a lot of attention to things that are sometimes really hard to deal with.

    althought i’m only on my 15th year of being alive a think i’ve gathered my fare share of wisdom n hope i’ve just helped to pass some on.

    i really love the twilight movie n love the books even more. would be extatic if i ever got the chance to talk to rob to see how he’s coping.

    wishing rob all the best with any way over enthusiastic fans in the near future.

    happy valentine’s day to anyone in the world who needs it.

    love Austalia xoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. Emily W says:

    The camera man shooting that is definately a guy- he focuses way in on kristens legs/ass/etc sooo many times, especially about 15-20 mins in when she’s supposed to be kicking rob and her dress goes waaaay up.

    Camera guy has total ADD too. Did you see him randomly be all ‘Dude, where are they goign with that ladder?’ and just pivot the camera towards 3 guys walking off with a ladder? Its funny.

    I love how they’re all tickling Taylor and doing silly things to eachother between shots.

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  10. Mrs McSparkle says:


    I do not have tiome to watch it all, which are the best bits? the top 5 maybe?

  11. […] these memories was SO MUCH FUN! Don’t forget to go back and read the post that started it all! These past 4 months have been a blast. I heart you, Moon! <3, UC Possibly related posts: […]

  12. pamela+rob=love says:

    rob is totally looking up KStews skirt at one point and then she flips him off when she cachtes him
    just to make it seem unusual that he’s looking at her that way!~!~`

  13. Debbie says:

    Ugh! Does anyone know the name of the song that starts playing 42 minutes into the video. I have heard it so many times and I want to try and find it, but I am drawing a complete blank on the name!! Thanks.

  14. Donna says:

    Breathe Me by Sia

  15. JellybeanRainbow says:

    Kris and Rob are soooo gravitating towards each other

    And I suspect Rachelle has a thing for Taylor… not just becuse of this video…I’ve seen several interwievs where she was so droooling over him

  16. […] was like the good ol days when we would watch the hour long Vanity Fair video and break it down just us two and then figure out we needed to blog to the world about our obsession. Only this time she was […]

  17. Audrey says:

    I’m posting in really late but what the heck! I watched it too…but had to pause it over and over again because my 1.5 yr old daughter kept pestering me! LOL. But yeah I don’t know, Kristen seems like a tease. I’m so jealous! Like when she jumped on him? Oh…wish that was me. And how he was holding her butt like that, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I wanted to scream! I was literally biting my nails! Those two were totally lusting for each other in this video.

    My hubby thinks I’m crazy but hey I gotta listen to him talk about Natalie Portman and all the other women he thinks are hot.

  18. woah says:

    kirsten and nikki, way to ignore every1!!!!

    feel free to contact me… lol

  19. Andi says:

    Kristen knows she looks beautiful. And Rob. Poor Robert. He must have been out the night before because he looks like he’s going to blow away with the next strong gust. I feel sorry for him in this; it’s a real torture-tease; first Kristen in the dress that screams “come, hither!, then Kristen with the legs splayed open, with one firmly planted on R’s body; followed by the lingering shot where she’s in his arms and he’s enjoying the, uh, tactile sensations, and finally, the seductive last scene (I think) where their hands and arms are in sliding together like a perfectly choreographed ballet. Did those two just do that naturally, or was it part of the shoot? (stupid ques but I just gotta know!)

  20. Ashley says:

    j/k, this must the first post, i need to start here!

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  24. Kim Pfenning says:

    Hello could I reference some of the insight from this entry if I reference you with a link back to your site?

  25. […] so we began. We began with a joke. We began from the beginning making fun of ourselves and this “Not Normal” obsession. […]

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