This really never happens you can take my word…

Dear Rob-

Everytime I see you do this face in the movie I get a little uncomfortable and I have to excuse myself for a second… apparently someone else understands…


Stop making me jizz in my pants!

Check out the original Jizz in my Pants

8 Responses to “This really never happens you can take my word…”

  1. […] out the original Jizz in my Pants PS this is a double post from ‘Letters to Rob’ but I couldn’t resist, you simply MUST see this […]

  2. christapie says:

    Funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  3. christapie says:

    Also, so glad I couldn’t watch that at work!

  4. Leigh says:

    I almost woke my daughter up I was laughing so hard at this. Seriously? LMAO.

  5. […] Bella’s scent blew toward him was priceless. As they say on the LTR,  it looks like he… But let’s be serious now. Edward wanted to kill her and hated her on sight. My favorite […]

  6. […] ignored my attempts to have you listen to it before)do all people jizz in pants- Nope Only Edward Cullen in Biology class. And you apparently since you googled it. You might want to get that checked out….dirty […]

  7. Carissa says:

    this is hillarious

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