Back together at last

Dear Rob-

I hear you’re back in LA now (we were at LAX on the same day, we shoulda carpooled!)… just so you know don’t be alarmed if you hear any kind of scratching noises outside your window… that’s just me trying to break through the screen.

Sleep tight!

PS wanna go with me to laugh at Jackson‘s band play the 24k on Tuesday?

pics at Just Jared

5 Responses to “Back together at last”

  1. unintendedchoice says:

    He seems like he’s pretty green-conscious.. I think he’d be ALL OVER that car pool idea. (especially since it’s includes sex afterwords!)

  2. themoonisdown says:

    moohahahaha i’m glad we can make each other laugh with these sites. even if no one else ever reads these at least we’ve written some really awesome shiiiit.

    ps we may not make it home and have to pull over on the freeway… that may not be pretty. hope you have bail money for when we get hauled in for indecent exposure.

  3. unintendedchoice says:

    at least make sure to alert the paparazzi so we get some pics for the site!

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  5. It makes me sad that you two were the only commenters.. so here I am!! Wow, these letters were sooo short.

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