Found one thing you suck at…

Dear Rob,
Not sure how I missed this, but I found this vid of you attempting to play Rock Band before your interview with Ryan Seacrest. You’re aren’t so good, sorry.[youtube=]

I get this impression that you were deprived from toys and video games as a child. It’s kinda endearing. I think maybe your older sisters just made you play ‘dress-up’ with them and stuff.

Anyway, we didn’t get Rock Band yet here at the UnintendedChoice household, but I do kick ass at the singing and drums. I’m thinking, come over and bring a buddy to play drums (maybe Kellan?) and I’ll teach you to play the bass (we can practice on my body- ‘sex in the city” style) I’ll jump on the vox and we’ll invite themoonisdown to play guitar. It’ll rock- we’ll take it on the road.. we could tour with your buddy Sam Bradley
See ya soon!

PS: How was your Christmas? What did your sisters get you? No, I didn’t get my twi-calendar 🙁 I was bummed…

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  1. woooow i totally feel his pain, i played about as well as he did up until thanksgiving when i finally had a guitar hero breakthrough! now i can play decently but on EASY! 😀

    we should all form a sad little fake band.

    it’s still my theory that if you can play a real instrument in life than you aren’t very good at guitar hero. now that may be totally a cover for my crappiness but im sticking to it!

    ps he is too cute in that video, he looks tired and not out of it and those girls are flipping. HAHA

  2. I agree.. most musician I know SUCK at musical video games. I guess that’s okay then.. we wouldn’t want Rob to stop being a musician…

  3. christapie says:

    I too feel his pain. I played one night (for hours!). I couldn’t even tell you how many times I got boo’d off stage. I rocked Heart Shaped Box though!

    I’d totally come over for moral support if Rob comes over for Guitar Hero. Every band needs a groupie, right?

  4. kdgrimmer22 says:

    oh Rob! I will GLADLY give you lessons…I am very good! all you need to do is hop on a plane and fly your cute butt to Alaska! I will show you ALL my tricks! (are we still talking about guitar hero? i think not.) see you soon! =D

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