This is kinda creepy but mostly awesome!

Dear Rob,

picture-72I dressed you today. Wish I could do that everyday. I’m loving the sweatshirt look- and the green henley is quite dashing as well.


Where have you been? Are you hiding in a hole in London? It’s been so long since I’ve seen actual pictures of you from paparazzi-stalkers that I’m resorting to cartoon-ish characters of you to get my fix.

me (xo)

Dress your own Rob here. (Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous for the tip!)

Leave us a comment with a linky to YOUR handsomely dressed Rob!

myrobdollPS- *Edit* this is my (themoonisdown) rob doll! Mesh shirt and boxer briefs. SO? I’ve seen him hanging out in West Hollywood, it wouldnt surprise me to see him go-go-ing at the abbey in this get up 😀

11 Responses to “This is kinda creepy but mostly awesome!”

  1. christapie says:

    This is hilarious!

  2. vickyb says:

    I’m gonna have to go with mostly awesome because since Rob has been in London…I am bored! No good pics of his awesome new haircut or anything! 🙁

  3. Mrs.P. says:

    I have to agree with you Vickyb, It is awesome…you know what’s awesomer( is that even a word?) I just made myself on that stupid site, and set up a log cabin with a low crackling fire and a comfy plush couch…and I’m gonna invite “Rob” over for well…you know….a “Chat”

  4. i just choked on my pizza.. Mrs. P that was an amazing comment!

  5. Mrs.P. says:

    *(quickly administers Heimlich)*…I hope I’m not too late, Rob and I got kinda carried away… the fire dept had to come and put out the fire, and I just found out I don’t have enough Starpoints to replace my couch * I know, Bummer, Right!?* Anyway I just got a chance to read your comment, and I hope I’m in time to save U!!

  6. […] but don’t forget your sisters used to dress you up like a girl and stuff!  At least when I dress you on-line (and undress you in my mind) I make sure you are wearing something […]

  7. Sarah.(: says:

    AHAHA, I love the one with the mesh shirt! xD
    Dude, did you know his stubble thing he has going on comes off? I thought his whole head came off, but I was wrong, and its just his stubble thing.(:
    He looks weird without the stubble though…

  8. marialw says:

    ya know – I thought I was seriously sick-in-da-head, but, now I realize….It aint just me!!!!

  9. Obstina Reed says:

    There’s one MUCH better (and sicker)… got the link from a friend. In case u haven’t seen it (which I very much doubt):
    :’D I LMAOed when I first saw this.

  10. […] so we began. We began with a joke. We began from the beginning making fun of ourselves and this “Not Normal” obsession. We began in that very first week making fun of you. […]

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