You, on my bed

eyes have been obscured to protect the innocent/slightly embarrassed

eyes have been obscured to protect the innocent/slightly embarrassed

Dear Rob-

You’ll never guess who I got mail from today… ALICE CULLEN. Seriously, I know, I was surprised too, who knew a fictional character could send mail to me and who knew said character was also miraculously living in the same town as ‘unintendedchoice!’ Crazy coincidences I know, but that is neither here nor there, what really matters is what precious jewel ‘alice’ sent me.

YES, it is a pillow with your face on it. and YES, it is totally creepy. AND YES I’ve already stuffed it with a pillow from my parents house and taken pictures with it. No, you should not be alarmed. Just mildly wigged out and freaked that your face has been licensed for use on home goods such as PILLOWS. You might want to re-read over that portion of your contract. Just FYI.

Can you imagine waking up to this thing? I mean you’re not going to be doing a ton of sleeping on this thing as it’s fabric is about the consistency of a stiff parachute. 180 thread count the packaging reads… uh not something to be proud of Twilight merch makers! It makes me feel a little weird… I can’t look at it in the eyes too long before I either get freaked out or start laughing uncontrollably. I am now the owner an Edward pillow and I am an adult.

Also this leads me to the introduction of a new reoccurring post here on ‘Letters to Rob’ which shall henceforth be named “Where in the world is the Edward pillow?” Sung, of course, to the tune of “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego.”

This week… PHOENIX, ARIZONA… where it all began (Twilight that is)!

XO and scratchy dreams!

22 Responses to “You, on my bed”

  1. Yes, you might be an adult and the owner of an Edward Cullen pillow, but I was the adult that took this said pillow to the check out counter in Hot Topic (giggling all the way) to pay for it with my adult credit card.

    you’re looking hot today, by the way.. Edward is so lucky to have you by his scratchy face!

  2. christapie says:

    I’d bite that.

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  4. his one and only says:


  5. Allegra says:

    Oh, yes, the creeping Edward. I have that poster on my wall opposite to my bed.. It creeps on my constantly, as the same as dazzles me. Constantly.

  6. Mrs. P. says:

    Hey, Where is the pillow now??

  7. Sass says:

    Between my legs.

    You know, for support, like a body pillow.

    Uh, huh…

  8. Mrs. P. says:

    OOOooo…Sass….U NASTY GIRL!!

  9. Mrs. P. says:

    What kind of “Support” u need down there??!! LOL

  10. Sass says:

    There are a few things I could say right now, but I won’t… since I am new, I don’t want you all to think I am a complete perv, lol.

  11. Mrs. P. says:

    Well Sass…as the saying goes…I takes one to know one 😉

  12. ajaye says:

    omg u people are so lucky i live in australia and i cant get ny of the stuff im gettin a doll of ebay so thats one good thing but i cant find the pillow cases nywhere
    im sooooo smitten wit rob

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  14. Emma says:

    Fully Jealous! Bit like Ajaye over here… Im in NZ and we have had next to no twilight promo… I have seen the books, posters and CD thats IT! Not even the special edition CD. It sucks!

    I want that pillowcase, in fact I want a whole duvet set, so that I can wrap Rob around me 😀

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  16. Emma says:

    tehehe my hubby would kill me, its bad enough that we have a playboy one, and that my naughty copy of twilight is permanently in the dvd player… im not to sure he would want to sleep under Rob

  17. Emily W says:

    Heh, I’m an adult too and I’m fighting the urge to get an Edward action figure at Hot Topic. I walked in last itme I was at the mall but then I realized that I was the oldest person (other than those that worked there) in there and did one lap around the store before scurrying out. Perhaps one day I’ll go when all the teens are in school so it wont feel as weird. I’m about to move into the spare room at my best guy friends house and hes already giving me hell about various aspects of my decor…

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  19. southernbelle says:

    That’s awesome but I agree it’s a little creepy! Don’t they have one w/ him looking normal, not looking like he’s about to bite me?

  20. Ashley says:

    Ha! That is so funny, my husband would never allow that pillow in my house, though. Too bad!

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