Pass this letter along to Sam Bradley

Dear Rob,

For whatever reason, Sam is trying to say that his song “Too Far Gone” is the same as your song “Never Think” from the Twi-soundtrack. Now, I believe the both of you when you say you wrote the song(s) together, but what I don’t understand is why you both seem to think (or Sam thinks) that the songs are the same song.

I kinda consider myself an expert on music.  I am quite musical (just rocked “Bella’s lullaby on the keyboard, btw) and I majored in music business in college. So.. here’s the thing: when a song played by Sam has a different tune than the song YOU play, and when Sam’s lyrics are different than yours and when the tempo is different for both versions (not the mention the titles of the songs) THEY AREN’T THE SAME SONG. I will give you this- they are both in the key of C- congratulations (but Beethoven’s symphony No. 1 opus 21 is as well- oh! did you guys write that with him?) Update 1/7: Sam Bradley informed me that his song is in D and Rob’s is in C.  Whoops, my bad, Sam. I failed you with my ‘expertise’ this time around. I promise to never do that again. xo

Sorry for the sarcasm, but I’m just wondering why you guys keep saying that the song is the same when it’s so clearly NOT the same. In fact, I actually remember some of my copyright law (snore) from college and learning about the derivative work, so I’m 98.7% sure you could actually file those copyright claims separately- as TWO songs.

I’m all for Sam saying he wrote it with you- he seems like a nice guy and not trying to ride your fame wagon or anything, but just admit it already- you guys were probably drunk and you wrote two songs… both in the key of C… just like Beethoven..then you got confused and said you wrote the same song and everyone was all hyped and excited. Then Sam got a copy of the soundtrack and called you in a panic saying “dude.. that’s not the song I’ve been saying we wrote together.” 

Listen for yourself

Sam’s version:


Your version:



Rob lovers sound off- does anyone agree with  me? or am I crazy and just missing something? 

36 Responses to “Pass this letter along to Sam Bradley”

  1. vickyb says:

    I agree with you. I was starting to think that maybe I was drunk when I listened to them, possible, but not probable, because I could have sworn that they were NOTHING alike. Well, maybe for the fact that you can actually understand what Sam is actually saying in his version….I’m gonna go get drunk and listen again!

    • I’m so glad someone agrees! And I haven’t TRIED listening while I’m drunk! Maybe that’s the key.. when you’re drunk they sound the same…. I’ll try tonight too… 🙂 ps, you’re great. glad you’re our friend

  2. vickyb says:

    No! You girls are great. This website idea is the best. I had to tell some TW friends of mine and now Mrs. P is here too! Yay!

  3. Mrs.P. says:

    You know what ladies…I think they probably did write the same song…It’s just that Sam is Drunk…He even says he messed up the lyrics. He doesn’t even know his own Stuff!! Don’t worry…it’s not you. IT’s definitely HIM!!Although a cocktail sounds nice about now….

  4. Sam Bradley says:

    Thanks I just realized!

    Hello….. I’ll start by saying I do not say its the same song! I co-wrote Never Think and Rob co-wrote Too Far Gone. The songs though do have a lot of lyrical similarities. No not the first line and no not the second verse. The rest of the song which is 1’st verse and chorus is almost the same. Rob could sing it different every time. So…. the root of the song is in fact the same! They have been adapted and interpreted for different circumstances. Your letter is valid and i hope that my response is too.

    One more thing expert… Never Think is in the key of D and Too Far Gone is in the Key of C

    Thank you for your comparisons

    Sam Bradley

    • To the “real” Sam Bradley who reads our blog and left us a comment,

      Thanks for your interest in our blog about you and your friend rob pattinson.
      I will apologize to you for this: you are RIGHT– Your songs are in different keys. I have two excuses for failing in my music expertise:

      1) my husband had the guitar in his hands and told me the keys b/c I wasn’t at the keyboard- and he hates Twilight and all things Rob, so he wanted to make me look stupid.
      2) i was drunk (wanna get drunk together?)

      So, real Sam Bradley who read our blog and left us a comment, thanks for your thoughts. Would you like to be friends? I promise I don’t want to be your friend just b/c you’re friends with RPatts.. I promise. I swear it on Nikki Reed’s life…

  5. Mrs.P. says:

    Wow…This is getting serious…the REAL Sam Bradley has graced us with his presence….*Swoon* Rob is so close to us now ladies….I can feel it!! (I won’t tell you where, because that’s just personal)

  6. HA this is hilar! welcome to critical listening class 101

    the songs are defs in two diff keys

    the strumming patterns seem different

    by root, what are you meaning? like the basis, the reasoning behind writing? the emotion?

    I almost feel like we all need to get the in same room and do a ‘wizard of oz/pink floyd’ like comparison where we play them at the same time. we’ll provide the cocktails, you bring your own hallucinogenics.

    won’t you join us sam?

  7. great song by the way, come to LA!

  8. vickyb says:

    OME! The Real Sam Bradley??? I am in awe that you girls have these kinds of celeb connections *I am bowing at your awesomeness right now* One more thing if you are in fact the REAL SAM BRADLEY…please give us the lyrics to the songs…because sober or drunk i can’t understand a f@$*!#g thing Rob says! I love him though…seriously!

  9. Mrs.P. says:

    HA HA…LUV U VICKY!! I think that every time I hear it!!

  10. vickyb says:

    Thanks anyways Sam but Bobby and Marcus posted the lyrics online, I found them at Spunk I have to be honest, I don’t think that is what Rob is saying but whatevs.

  11. Mrs. P. says:

    What do you girls think happened to the “real” Sam Bradley…hmmm? Do you think we scared him off?

  12. vickyb says:

    I don’t know. Oh wait, let me go look in my purse he might be in there keeping Rob company. Nope. But I did find a teeny tiny paper bra in there….I think my Camilla Belle paper doll was trying to get some play.

  13. tell that biatch to back off!

    ps irony or coinsidence that the guys are pictured in front of “bella italia?”

  14. well, when i watched the live web cam the day of the london premiere (i started 2 hours early and right before the red carpet (it’s black in london) started it got all jammed.. i was pissed) i saw bella italia.. i think it’s just a coincidence that the rest. is there!

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  17. Lizzy says:

    The comments are hilarious!

    just wanted to put my two cents in…if you dont mind…

    Sam was basically saying that they both wrote the song together and then took the original idea and made it their own…which may not be the legal representation of the same song…but in all fairness, they are very similiar…especially the wording and concept.

    that is all…I enjoy your blog very much! You should check out ours! its dedicated to Sam and his two friends Bobby Long and Marcus Foster.

    • @lizzy THANKS for commenting! and telling us about your site- i’m checking it out RIGHT NOW.. and man.. one of those guys..(bobby or marcus) is hot stuff- maybe i’ll think of a letter to write to one of them….:):)

  18. Christa says:

    I forgot all about this thread. I finally watched the Sam vid. I think the lyrics (from what I can understand from each of the songs) are very similar, but the artists have put their own spins on them. It’s like they are now covering a song they wrote together.

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  23. newkindofunicorn says:

    def like robs never think better than sams too far gone. even though you can understand the words much better (not taking into account the poor sound quality) i also like the key never think is in better too. sorry sam.

  24. Lambiejams says:

    I really love both versions. They are lyrically very similar and i think melodically are both cool in their own ways. I have listened to both over and over and never get tired of them. I was sad to have missed Sam in Nashville. I have become a fan already. I would definitely pay to see Sam, Bobby, Marcus and Rob all play together at some point. But i understand for Rob, that would be kinda hard. Maybe one day 😉

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  27. MariaCecilia says:

    The only similarity is they seem to have used part of the same lyrics. And Sam Bradley is out of his friggin’ mind if he says he plays the song in D major, I tried it out on my guitar while listening to the video and it is definitely C! Myself, I’d take the Let me sign-version anytime. Oh, if Rob could maybe just enunciate the lyrics sometime, so you got an idea of what the song is about.. 😉 Mumbling hasn’t been cool since Bob Dylan did it.

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  29. whiteflower723 says:

    This is great! LMAO!

  30. the good ol’ days, when Sam responded to the post…

  31. robsfuturemate says:

    Hey UC! I’m just reading some of the archives and noticed you posted TODAY!! Didn’t think you would! BTW, the Never Think vid has been removed but I think I’ve heard that song before! They don’t sound the same to me! Does Sam even say too far gone in his lyrics?! Hilarious that “the real Sam Bradley” commented!!

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