Rob, you like Eminem?

Dear Rob,

eminem-headshot-greyI read something today that said you told BBC that you admired Eminem as one of your “heroes” when you were a youngster.



This does not fit with the image I have in my mind of you:

image in my mind of you, the hot grown-up you

This article also said you liked Jay Kay from Jamiroquia and I have no idea who that is. So I assume that site is a British site (they said some words I didn’t understand) Maybe it’s a non-legit news site, like The National Enquirer is here in the states.  

[I have no context. The only life-experience I have of your home is stopping through on my way to Italy for an post-college rendezvous with my college roomies. But we were so sleepy from the long-ass plane ride, so we slipped into our PJ’s and took a walk down the street only to decide we wanted to go bed despite being able to hear this from where we were staying. I didn’t know I needed to research smutty gossip magazines from your homeland.  I regret it now, I really do.]

Anyway, back to YOU and EMINEM. Um, stop, k? Slim Shady just isn’t cool to like (it was cool for like a second, but not “he’s my hero” cool!)

Also, if you’d like to help me with my UK context I’m willing to forego the Florida trip I have planned this weekend to see the in-laws. And I’d really like to meet your mom… What do you think?


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  1. vickyb says:

    I know Rob has mentioned just saying whatever during interviews most of which he doesn’t even remember saying but I really hope he was kidding about this….Eminem comment! There is NOTHING cool about the Real Slim Shady. I’m all for having an eclectic taste in music (and I think even my husband has ONE Eminem CD) but to call this guy a “hero”…we need to get Rob to listen to something other than Van Morrison and Jamaircrap Stat!

  2. mama2bella says:

    Eminem?? Eminem?? WTF were you thinking?!! I Really, Really hope this is a joke. As far as White Rappers go, I have to say he is one of the best, but, ummm, no one really admits to liking him. I mean didn’t he like beat up his wife/girlfriend/ex-wife/wife/babymama, then make up an ugly song about her. He does not sound like a very nice person from what I’ve heard, and I HOPE you don’t really look up to him! You should look up to someone noble, like Ghandi, Nelson Mandela or Winston Churchill (for goodness sakes,I’d even settle for Jack Nicholson whom you love, crazy loony that he is) NOT the Real “SLIM SHADY”!!!<>

    *I’m really sad that we had to have this little chat…I’m sorry if I hurt you, don’t make me do it again Robert *

  3. mama2bella says:

    PS. I’m Mrs. P but I’m too special to figure out how to use my account with a pic and my nickname instead of my login ;} I’ll keep trying

  4. Mrs. P. says:

    Ok. I figured it out.

  5. Rhonika says:

    Okay people he said when he was a BOY!!!
    Also, I’m pretty sure he talking with respect to talent than personal life. Unfortunately, horrible people can be talented as well. Well, I shouldn’t use the word horrible. Eminem is the way he is because of his experiences. Don’t judge unless you’re in his shoes.

  6. Rhonika says:

    Oh! I love the pic of Rob so…so….so….YUM:)

  7. Mrs. P. says:

    Rhonika…I hope you know that my comments, and letters are all in fun. I’m here strictly as a Rob lover, not a slim hater!

  8. JellybeanRainbow says:

    Not that anyone cares 3 months later, but Jamiroquai is funk British band from the 90’s and Jay Kay is the frontman.

    • mountainlion says:

      I care, Jellybean, because I’m going back to the beginning to read all of these posts. Thanks for Jay Kay info. I like Jamiroquai.

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