Where in the world is the Edward action figure?

You thought you could hide!

You thought you could hide!

Dear Rob-

So looks like your Edward action figure came out even sooner than we thought. Cause I found it today at Borders by accident. BTW, this action figure is quite lame. It’s too bad you probably don’t have final sign off on ANY of the crap your face is on.

My dear Robby this is going to be the beginning of something beautiful 😀

Me (themoonisdown)

So of course this leads me to post our latest “Where is the world…” installment:

Borders, Hollywood!

PS Everyone read all about the Eddy doll at LTT

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  1. sam says:

    That’s just shitty… everything that is wrong with the doll. I mean, one leg shorter than the other?! Ugh. But whatever, still your own little personal Rob.. er… I mean Edward. Ha.

  2. vickyb says:

    Apparently the Edward doll is right beside the Twilight Pencil Case (I want one!) at Hot topic and right above the frilly pink playboy bustier. Thank Goodness I can get everything on my list in one stop now 🙂

    • @vickyb: omg.. you kill me.. all the time… are you a teacher? b/c the best picture (and i promise we’d post it) would be you, in your classroom, in the bustier with the pencil case, talking to the edward doll

  3. vickyb says:

    As a matter of fact I am a teacher although I am not teaching now…I swear it’s not b/c I wore my bustier to school! I swear!

  4. sam says:

    @vickyb Hm… too bad! 🙁 haha.

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