To Rob's ex-girlfriend: I hate you a lot but also want to be your friend…

Actor Robert Pattinson arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Sex Drive" at the Mann Village Theater on October 15, 2008 in Westwood, California.

Dear Rob’s “great love story for 3 years,”

Hi. My name is UnintendedChoice and I run a blog obsessing about your ex-boyf, Rob Pattinson, with my friend theMoonisDown.

I read an interview done with Rob today and in it he mentions being in love two times (he’s also said before he has never been in love, so I’m confused and assume it ended pretty badly with you- but we’ll get to that) He says this about you: 

Yes. I fell in love only two times in my life. I had a great love story for 3 years. (source)

Wow. You were a great love story, huh? I’m really really interested in getting to know you, and I know the LTR (letters to Rob) fanbase will be as well.  Can I ask you a few questions? I think it will help us become better friends (or mortal enemies- we’ll see how it goes)

  1. Explain (in detail please) what it was like to kiss Robert. Please provide pictures, if you can, and crop yourself out. 
  2. Were you the one to take Robert’s flower? Please explain, in detail, what it was like (maybe not the first time, but after a month or so) Please provide pictures, if you can, and crop yourself out.
  3. What does his hair feel like?I want to touch Rob Pattinson's hair
  4. Are you a “girl of character” and did he write you love letters? (I hear that’s what he likes and likes to do) Could I read some of those letters, if you still have them? 
  5. Now, on to your break-up.  What happened? Who dumped who? If you were the culprit, I bet you feel really bad now that he’s the hottest thing around, huh? Or did he break up with you because you screamed at him a lot in your relationship? Do you sleep with a picture of the two of you under your pillow? I do. I would if I were you. 
  6. Do you guys still talk? If so, can you tell him “hey” for me and ask where the freak he’s been since 12/22? Thanks, girl, I feel us connecting already.
  7. What do you look like? Let me guess (I’m pretty sure I know his type) You’re about 5’5″, 115lbs (on a good day) with short brownish/reddish hair that’s cut into a cute 20’s bob. You’re probably in your early-mid 20’s with deep brown eyes. I bet you’re American too, right? Did you guys meet when you studied abroad or something? Or did you randomly meet up when you were traveling in London? Tell me exactly what bar you  met at and where you loved hanging out with him and his mates. (What? No, I don’t have a trip to London planned..yet)
  8. Can you clarify the confusion for us? We’ve heard Rob say he’s never been in love, but then we just read this interview about his ‘great love story for 3 years.’ Did you hurt him so badly that he doesn’t admit to the press that you even existed? And he just slipped up or was caught in a vunerable moment when he mentioned you? Please provide us with some clarity.

Well, I have a ton more questions, but I think these are enough to  get us started.  Let me know about those pics- they would help alot in, um, trying to understand your relationship with Rob better.  

I really feel like we’re gonna connect well. I’m excited about our budding friendship.  Maybe you could fly out to LA and I’ll meet you and theMoonisDown there and we can shop! Oh, one other thing, can I have Rob’s cell #? I, uh, just wanna text him, um, congrats on,  uh, New Moon starting soon and tell him that the rumor about Vanessa Hudgens joining the cast as Leah is not true. I know he’s been worried. Thanks, love!

UnintendedChoice xo

95 Responses to “To Rob's ex-girlfriend: I hate you a lot but also want to be your friend…”

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  2. Ashley Cullen says:

    Actually, want to hear something funny?? I’m going to London for 19 days, but I doubt I’ll see Robert. That would just put the cherry, whipcream,sprinkles,and chocolater syrup on top!
    Unfortunately, I have to wait till this July. I know you are all jealous. :] I might have to persuade some people to let me go and find [stalk!] him.

  3. domisgone says:

    I giggled so much reading this blog and the responses… My husband peaked over to see what the heck I was doing, and read ‘Letters to Rob’. I then proceeded to argue in a fit of giggles trying to explain to him that I was NOT writing a letter to Rob. I nearly peed my pants!!

  4. vegalady says:

    This is soo good!! I just can believe a blog like this one exists!! Who’s going to London?? I have family there and was planning to go on my next vacations, maybe we could hangout all the ones that are going.
    That would be really nice!
    Hope to hear from anyone of you 🙂
    Take all care, and hopefully be a new friend for you girls 🙂

  5. nika lily says:

    “when your skin touches mine, i burn up and wish there’s no more daylight to wipe out the mist on the glass that is my heart. in your hands, i am that- just a thin sheet of breakable material. you have me…completely.”

    – think. =) cheers ladies

  6. nika lily says:

    and he likes parchment then ordinary paper. he is every bit of your edward cullen. except that he is very shy more than he is persistent. his heart is gentle more than it is cold.

    there are two reasons he listens to vanessa carlton:
    1. piano
    2. white houses

    – again, think. =)

  7. amandalynette says:

    what ?????????????????? omg. im having gooseeebuummppsss!! since you already started with it anyway, would you mind posting EVERYTHING now?!?!?

    i’m so feeling you right now!

  8. dylan chloe says:

    you are HEERRRRR?????
    you are freaking me out because that sounds so much like rob!!!

    white houses, v.carlton: on a cloudy day, it’s more common than you think… BULLOCKS! im so jealous!

    : we we’re all inlove and we all got hurt…. =( crap!

  9. padfootblack says:

    hey guys! Just wanted to tell you that I started reading your blog today and I love it! I think it’s awesome tht you got robs ex to comment! I’d love to keep in touch with your blogs so you should send out a newsletter when you have a new blog! xxx email me @ thanks! xxx

  10. Mrs McSparkle says:

    You guys kill me. I always spit tea all over my computer screen. Next time I log on here, I will remember not to drink anything whilst reading.

    Funny, funny, funny!

  11. Alysha Brown says:

    Hey rob! just came accross this page, dont know if this response will even go through.. or that you even know this whole sight even exists. – actually 99.9% sure you dont. Just wanted to say that i love all the movies you’re in. You’re songs! I dont know you personally but you seem great – as Rob not as any of you’re characters. If you ever come to Australia to a little city called Adelaide i’ll show you around.. was just looking up you’re music and this came up.. and though what the heck may aswell leave something.
    Alysha Brown. 19. Adelaide, Australia.
    seeya xox

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  13. lola says:

    oooooooooohhhhhhhhh you’re so good on twilight and i want to no if it gonna have 4 twilight… tanks rob


  14. Rosecath says:

    Hi Moon and UC! (and everyone else)
    I’m new here, but I have to say; I already LOVE your site with a great passion. No really, you guys are doing one hell of a job. Love your sense of humour! It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only nut around, if you don’t mind me saying that.
    The Letters To Rob idea is such an original concept. Wished I’d thought of it! 😉 But nobody does it better, as Carly Simon once sang. (when I heard that song recently it totally made me think of Rob, I’m ashamed to admit.)

    Talking about an ex of Rob. I just saw a link to an interview with an ex gf of his; Nina Schubert, at Robsessed. Here’s the link:

    I’ve read the interview with her and I’ve come to a shocking conclusion. Vampires ARE real after all. They wander among us indeed. Because Rob’s ex is allegedly a model, a painter of abstract art, a thriatlete and wants to be a million other things as we speak. She used to live in London, but now lives in New Zealand, working at a slaughterhouse. Yes, a slaughterhouse… Which doesn’t reassure me AT ALL. LOL. Could be quite convenient for a vegetarian vampire…Just saying. 😉 (there’s also plenty of wildlife in New Zealand…)

    I guess we all know now the real reason why Rob wanted to star in Twilight, though being somewhat ambivalent about it. He could relate to the story totally, only from Bella’s point of view. The poor dear. And so there’s the reason why he’s being so mysterious about his past love life as well. Maybe he’s pissed and refuses to acknowledges her because she didn’t want to change him. Thank you Nina! I prefer my Rob human.

    Girls, keep up the great work. You make my day!

  15. Claudia says:

    I live in London

  16. Claudia says:

    I am soo cool

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  18. Nadia(wishing i were bella) says:

    I am irrevocably and definitely irrationally head over heels for a (THE hottest) guy in the world,(whom I’ve never actually met!)

  19. Kat says:

    I am sorry, but, i am confused on all of this. if someone can give me a heads up on what this is about i would appreciate it. i want to be his friends, but, sadly, i can not find his cell number to text him. all i want is a friend because, i am stuck, sick and the doctors do not know what is wrong with me. i have always wanted to be his friend and i would be the happiest girl alive if i was. but, for the meantime, e-mail me at and fill me in on this blog. thank you!

  20. Shelleyy says:

    i love ou só much!
    You are a fucking Yummie!!
    And the film is súper cool!

    x Shelleyy.. <33

  21. guadalupe says:

    hello girls my name is guadalupe and i am so excited about your coments it sounds to me like we all going to have a trip i hope is fun cause i am so boring in the house

  22. guadalupe says:

    thank you for loving me so much i love youll so much to from reading this coments i love youll too well look i have a problem this is the problem i want to see robert pattison but i parents wont let me and i am older to go see him but they think i am their little child but i am not i am18 years old so i dont know what to do can youll help me to go to see robert pattison and bella that what i call her when i dont want to say her whole name

  23. guadalupe says:

    i want to know if theres going to be 4 twilights rob

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  25. LoveHigh says:

    I’m second hand embarrassed by some of these comments. =[

  26. JunglexForts says:

    hahahaha, that was so effin hilarious! “please crop yourself out” thats genius! I just saw a vid on youtube about some girl thats so obsessed with rob that she has a blow up doll of him. it’s hilarious! and you guys are awesome <3

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