Distracted by Rob

Dear Rob,

Speaker at training

Yes, I captured this shot while he was looking right at me. I'm sneaky like that

At management training yesterday, instead of listening to this man speak:


I did this:

my monogram with Robert Pattinson







Doesn’t our monogram look great?  It’s so symmetrical since our names start with the same letter.  I’m glad I have this design out of the way for when you join Mr. D and I in our marriage as my 2nd husband (ya know, Big Love style). Weddings can be so monstrous to plan, so it’s great to have this out of the way.

Me (UnintendedChoice) xo

No Responses to “Distracted by Rob”

  1. sam says:

    You know.. that might be a problem, since Rob was just in my bed last night. I know, not exactly what you wanted to hear. But, trust me,
    I’ll send the picture to prove it! 🙂

  2. Amber says:

    Too bad the management guy didn’t talk about “managing” your obsession. 🙂 Not that you’d want to anyway, this wouldn’t be any fun without you!!

  3. vickyb says:

    I too am continually distracted by Rob at inopportune times!

  4. Laura says:

    I’m with Vicky and now I am distracted by your absolutely hilarious blog! I am bookmarking it and you will be among my daily RPattz must reads!

  5. @laura – YEA!! hi and welcome!

    @UC – your calligraphy is quite beautiful… very impressed, can i hire you to do the invites for me and rob’s wedding?

    • @moon re: you wanting me to do the calligraphy- are you joining in our marriage too? going to be a 4 way with Mr D., you me and Rob? I get Rob on M-F nights and Sun am’s. (you can have him Saturday night- just SEE if he even has enough energy… i doubt it)

  6. Whit says:

    So I just found this site by accident today, and I love it! You guys are hilarious and I will be checking back every day!

    P.S- Sorry guys, but Rob is mine. 🙂

  7. Valerie says:

    My blogging friend Julie pointed me to this site today. How have I lived in the world of RPattz and not have seen this? I totally added this to my reader and will be stalking you guys daily.
    Love this!!

  8. @UC – a 4-way marriage huh, sounds like we’re going to have to start some big poligamous (SP?) ranch like those ‘yearning for zion’ freaks so we can all have conjugal rights.

    and you’re challenging me to a “sex-off?” HAHAHA

    @valerie- HI!! welcome and so glad you’ve commented! please stalk us!

  9. Mrs. P. says:

    I am really enjoying the musical theme you’ve got going on there. Very representative of both yours and Rob’s interests (apparently he can’t live without music, and I ask myself…who can???…show me someone who doesn’t like some kind of music, and I’ll show you someone who is dead inside! Rob is definitely very much ALIVE inside, I should know…I am Dr……………
    Doctor of LUUUURRRVE <3 )

    PS. I am so joining this "Sect"…wait…
    is Rob everyone’s DADDY???
    Never mind, Who am I kidding, I’m still joining!

  10. ashely says:

    I wrote his name all over my Calculus textbook.. 😀

  11. ashely says:

    love you gals 🙂

  12. HILARIOUS. The post, the comments — everything.

  13. Genevieve says:

    I’ve got a huge smile on my face from these comments! You guys have made my day! My sister just introduced me to this site. Kids are watching tv and I’m trying not to laugh! Thx.

  14. @genevieve – your sisters are smartys! 😀 welcome to the club!

  15. Sass says:

    @UC…your calligraphy is lovely! Do you monogram towels as well?

  16. aubrey says:

    you do know rpatzz is now another nickname!!!!srry can’t tell you cuzz idk it yet!!!!’ will tell you when i find out!!!!!it would be a weird name if it wasn’t for it being his!!!!!!!!!!!!!did you see him in twilight!!!!!!!!!


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