Stuff my guy says about Rob: Julie-style!

Dear Rob,

Julie has to be the luckiest girl around. (Of course, she’d be even luckier if she actually had YOU, but her husband seems really great.) I don’t think you guys met- he did sound mixing for Twilight, and the day you went in to re-do your lines, he wasn’t working.  And you also seemed to miss out on meeting him (and Julie!) at the cast & crew wrap party AND the cast and crew screening! (Um, how did you miss both of those events?)

So, bummer that you and Julie’s hubby didn’t become BFFs because Julie could’ve introduced you to me and theMoonisDown and everyone else, but I still think her husband seems really great. I mean, he took this picture for her!

Julie's sweet husband, holding up the sign!

Julie's sweet husband, holding up the sign!

Okay so Julie said he actually QUOTES Edward’s lines to her, plus does an impression of YOU singing! *Swoon*! I think I’m gonna start a “letterstojulieshusband” blog soon!

Read more about what Julie’s guy says about you after the jump!

Julie told me that “one benefit of having a husband who worked on Twilight is that he quotes Edwards lines to me all the time.” SO SWEET. She also said that he’s “probably one of the few guys who could get away with knowing Edward’s lines so well without rooting for the other side!” HAHA! (you too- believe me, NO ONE would think you were “rooting for the other side” if you whispered those lines you delivered so well into my ear…)

We were e-mailing back and forth and she told me more, “Having worked on the movie, he’s seen it hundreds of times, so he actually knows it better than I do.  (I’ve only seen it 5 times)  Which is why he knows the lines and music so well.  He also does a hilarious Rob-singing impression that he puts on whenever I’m playing the soundtrack (which is every day) though he actually can sing along!!” Julie- we gotta get some audio of that!

He took this picture right around election time and told her he was trying to show his “bi-partisanship.”  Julie definitely DID NOT endorse that message (and we don’t either- NO WAY!)

Not funny, Julie's husband!

Not funny, Julie's husband!

As if he needs to get any more amazing- he went to the mall the other night and ended up in Hot Topic and got some Twilight trading cards for Julie and bought HIMSELF a Twilight manly shirt! Julie- hang ON to that guy (plus with Julie out of the picture, there’s less girls I have to trample on to get to YOU, Rob!)

Just wanted to share the news about Julie’s hubby- you INSPIRE men, Rob!

Thanks for the great info, Jules! (Julie blogs at Journey to Family)

UnintendedChoice xo

36 Responses to “Stuff my guy says about Rob: Julie-style!”

  1. Lori says:

    Well, my friend Julie is beyond awesome! We love her dearly in our little community and her man is so wonderful too! That first picture has been my wallpaper on my monitor for months! I love it!

    Your blog is so funny girls – I just recently found it (thanks to julie) and was crying my flippin eyes out the first time I read your posts less than a week ago! Seriously, you two are brilliant and so funny!

    And congrats on meeting someone very special, Julie! I look forward to more laughs!

  2. Whit (Jonette Cullen) says:

    OMG how cute! I love that he went in Hot Topic and got all stuff. When I’m at the mall with my boyfriend, he squeezes my hand tighter as we pass HT so I won’t go in and look at the same stuff over and over! (I’m not obsessed, I just keep telling myself that…) 🙂

  3. I love the write up! I’ll have to go show this to my Edward-impersonating hubby!


  4. Lori says:

    I need to clarify… I don’t know Julie in “real life”. But I’ve been a blog reader of hers for a very long time and I call her my friend as we’ve reached that point! 🙂

    Sorry for making it seem otherwise – Lori

  5. Valerie says:

    Love this post! Julie and her husband are great! I don’t know them in real life but have been reading her blog for a few months now.
    Before I had found it I thought I was the only obsessed “older” women of all things Twilight and Rob. I just am good at hiding it. He he he…

  6. NatalieCastle says:

    Screw Romeo! I want my (non-existent) boyfriend to quote Edward too!!

  7. Sass says:

    Julie, your husband sounds like he is made of win. He needs to write a book or something!

  8. Sass says:

    So what exactly are we classifying as an “older” woman…30’s, 40’s, 50’s…?

  9. Laura says:

    @ Lori, don’t be so unassuming … It’s the three L’s and a J. Some would say our friendships aren’t real but as Edward would say, “it is in my world.”

    xoxo to you the other L and our now-famous J.

  10. Wow Julie – you really lucked out there!

  11. the captain says:

    o.m.g! the first pic is incredible! and beyond sweet. what a guy.
    “Julie- hang ON to that guy (plus with Julie out of the picture, there’s less girls I have to trample on to get to YOU, Rob!)” rofl – ditto double.
    so julie, more than most when you “hear’ edward talking in your head, yours may actually be real. lucky you…!

  12. YEAA this was one of my favorite emails!! three cheers for mr. julie! if your company gets new moon business i may come camp out outside your studio. FYI.

    any man who can rep for team edward and jacob is alright in our book! any single men work with you mr julie?

  13. LOL, Julie is about the luckiest girl I know but I think those pictures with the signs take the cake. Got to love a man who’s manly enough to quote Twilight. Excellent work!!

  14. christapie says:


  15. christapie says:

    Yea! My new avatar finally appeared!

  16. Thanks Valerie for putting me in the “older women” category. I’m only 34!!! Though, I guess to the tweenie Twilight-heads that would be considered old.

  17. Sass says:

    Oh my…if the tweenie Twi’s think 34 is old, crap, I am pretty much prehistoric.


  18. vickybonnett says:

    @Sass, look on the bright side Rob has mentioned more than a few times he likes older women!
    Cougars: 1 Tweenies: 0

    • @vickybonnett: this is my favorite- Cougars: 1 Tweenies: 0… i think the odds are in the cougars favor.. but i’m only 25.. not quite a cougar yet and definitely not a tween.. i feel left out… what can we call me?

  19. sidhevicious says:

    @Julie, you’ve got yourself a “keeper” for sure. Good for you girl! 🙂

    LOL, I too can be counted in the Cougar category. I am 37, single, no kids, and seem to attract younger men a lot. *grin* (not a hardship, ha ha)

  20. Mrs. P. says:

    @ UC,
    Perhaps something smaller, how about a FOX, they are quick and sedutive, not old enough to have to pounce, but they still have to use their wiles 😉

  21. NatalieCastle says:

    Hey there, wait a sec! He has also asked us 15-years-old girls to throw ourselves at him!!! Don’t disillusion me!!

    30-something isn’t old!! Not in Hollywood, at least! Ask Demi and Ashton!

  22. sam says:

    okay so where do 18 year olds fall?!
    well all know he goes for 18 year olds!! 🙂

  23. Sass says:

    Okay, I don’t want to be a cougar, I want to be young and firm again!! Where the hell is one of those Harry Potter time turners when you need one??

  24. vickybonnett says:

    @Sass, Let me know if you get your hand on one of those…me next!
    @Sam I think 18 definitely qualifies you as a Fox! Talk to the other Fox(es) and get Kstew kicked out!
    I keep thinking I need a grammar lesson, is it Fox or Foxes??? Anyhoo….

    Mrs. P, FOX, very clever!

    The Scoreboard is getting crowded!

    Cougars:1 Foxes: 1 Tweens:0

  25. sam says:

    Oh, we’ll definitely get KStew outta there… that b*tch wont know what hit her!
    The foxes (i think your right with that) are on the prowl!!! 🙂

  26. Christa says:

    I’m 38 but keep getting told I look more like 23. Let me at him!

    Nope, it’s not Foxes, it’s Kittens. It’s always Cougars vs. Kittens.

    That’s right, girls, I’m a Kitten with a Cougar’s experience!

  27. Sass says:

    @Christa…okay, I officially hate you now… 😉

  28. sam says:

    @christa. Ha.. I got told I look 23 once… and im 18. I got told that when it was my 18th birthday too.. cuz I went and bought cigarettes for my mom just cuz i could! 🙂 The guy didnt ID me, and then when I said it was my birthday he guessed 23. Ha.. i was like no, you idiot, i just turned 18 and you didnt even card me. lol

  29. vickybonnett says:

    I think we should get tshirts…..Cougars vs. Kittens

    or Cougars vs. Werewolves!!!

    When it comes to Edward Cougars always win!

  30. Ashley says:

    yeah….my husband thinks Edward and all sparkly vampires are gay…too bad. things would be so much easier if i didn’t have to go undercover with my obsession…sigh.

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