South Barnes Police Dept. to the rescue- FOUND ROB

Dear Rob,

I see you were spotted by this girl:


Also, I apologize on behalf of the chick in this picture. I know you just wanted to be all in the pub, drinking, smoking, and wishing you were with cool people- like me, theMoonisDown & Leigh Anne from Lulaville who gets the biggest XOXO from me for taking me away from all the hot tub marketing I was involved in and bringing this to my attention. (also, I want you to know I was lonely here on the east coast- the only one in the WORLD working on MLK’s bday- usually by now theMoonisDown is up and talking to me on IM while at work- but she’s off today πŸ™ boo… HOWEVER… I texted her the news that you were found and that got her ass out of bed! So yay! Thanks for being found b/c now I have a friend to chat with online!)

Glad you’re safe! Party it up!

Me (UnintendedChoice)

Source (as if it wasn’t obvious from the tag ruining the bottom half of Rob’s face- thanks Perez)

UPDATE: Mrs. P was SO kind as to crop out that girl for us so we could better envision ourselves next to him!


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  1. Leigh Anne says:

    I can always count on Perez to alert me to any Rob-related news. As Perez is in love with Rob, too. I can also count on Perez to keep me up-to-date with the comings and goings of Lindsay Ho-han. Because, you know, I care about her and all.

  2. Amber says:

    Yeah, Rob is no longer lost!!

    @uc – I’m at work too! I feel your pain!

    • @amber- glad i’m not alone!
      Plus it’s SNOWING… so @wendy, i want to make that snowman you think is on rob’s shirt in REALITY.. with ROB.. then make SNOW angels.. then lay naked by the fire… and drink hot chocolate.. and stare in each other’s eyes and stuff……lots and lots of ‘stuff’…

  3. Wendy says:

    Yay! Finally! My day is complete.

    What is on his shirt? Looks like a snowman.

  4. Wendy says:

    @unintendedchoice oh my, your description of what you wanted to do with Rob warmed me right up! haha

  5. vickybonnett says:

    @unintended choice, I had always heard MLK Day was the biggest day for Hot Tub sales. Hot Tubs and Mattresses!

    I am so glad Rob is okay but I am a little sad that no one in his family thought to buy him some new clothes for Christmas. I mean really, not even a new ugly Christmas sweater so he can stop wearing this t-shirt. It looks like it has a bleach stain on the other side. He needs someone to take care of him,cook for him, dress him, and love him! Line starts to the left!

  6. @UC – yes this is very true and i don’t know whether to be proud of a bit ashamed, this text was the ONLY thing that got me outta bed and online almost as fast as if Rob himself as been delivering the news.

    whew rob at my front door. oh my…

    wow, he looks WAY enthused to have been found by this girl. and yea he needs some new shirts. i volunteer vickyb to help him out, i LOVE dressing boys.

  7. PS HALLELUJAH! he’s been found! now if only we can get him back to the states and safely into our arms

    thank you jesus!

  8. Sass says:

    !!! Okay, I feel soooo much better now.

    I just got back from the bookstore with my son…he had to tear me away from Breaking Dawn, I accidently opened it to the part where Bella spies Edward in the moonlight, in the ocean, on Isle Esme.

  9. vickybonnett says:

    Yes. He needs to get to the states ASAP. Shouldn’t he but up in Oregon/Canada or wherever they’re filming by now? He should be working out, and practicing his Edward expressions and taking turns playing his guitar for us, I mean his fellow cast mates.

  10. sam says:

    thank god!!! hes found and okay!!!!! woo hoo!!!! but i agree, he does not look happy at all to be found by that girl… im sure his expression would be much different if it had been one of us that found him! πŸ™‚

  11. Amber says:

    @vickyb – It just seems our Rob is a very dirty boy! πŸ™‚

  12. 244RobP says:

    thank goodness. Amazing how he’s managed to keep himself hidden all this time.

    By the way, love love love your letters!

  13. @24rRobP THANKS! we love love love YOU!

  14. Mrs. P. says:

    OME ladies…I think I just wet my pants!! I’m so excited that Rob ws found!! I can’t even say!!

    when I saw this on my phone, I ran—pushed my husband aside and jumped on the computer to start drooling, so I don’t think you need to be ashamed, just OWN IT GIRL!! We LOVE Rob, and we are NOT ASHAMED TO SAY IT!!

    Go for it GIRL!! GET THE WORKS!! The fire, hot cocoa, the couch…Semi naked Rob, EVERYTHING! —try stardolls, it worked for me…I’m still thinking about that incredible afternoon πŸ˜‰

    @ Vickyb,
    Ohhhh I know how to dress a boy….but I’d much better undress him πŸ˜‰ –LOL– and I’m also glad that his fam didn’t get him any new clothes (that leaves us with an “IN”)

    He would have a Sh*t eating grin on his face if one of us had found him, because he would def. know what was in store for him!!

    A VERY DIRTY BOY!!–Just the way I like ’em πŸ˜‰

  15. vickybonnett says:

    Mrs. P…I’m going to the movie you want to meet me there?? 8p.m

  16. Mrs. P. says:

    WHat! Where? at the base?!

  17. Mrs. P. says:

    I’m in..let me just cajole Mr. R. into letting me go….hmmm…too early for ice cream….

  18. Valerie says:

    I’m so glad he was found, could the girl not be photoshopped out?
    Oh well, I see his hair is growing out.

  19. Mrs. P. says:

    good point, someone needs to PS that girl right out of the pic, even the -PEREZHILTON- Brand across Rob’s face is less annoying than her πŸ˜‰

  20. the captain says:

    Dear South Barnes Police,

    Thank you for your speedy work in recovering our lost Sex God. We are very grateful that you found him in good health.

    Was your officer undercover? She has awfully swooshy hair.

    Is it normal procedure for Officers to attain happy snaps prior to completing a job? And then sell them to Perez Hilton?

    I realise she is merely doing her job but she seems very close to the SG.

    You may wish to look into this. Start by asking her if she knows what the expression ‘an acute fondness’ means.


    Millions of Happy / Jealous Women

  21. samantha says:

    yay rob has been found! sadly it was by some girl with swooshy hair and not by one of us. ohhh this so made my day! thanks unintendedchoice! πŸ™‚

  22. sam says:

    THANK YOU MRS. P! πŸ™‚ now i can FULLY enjoy him being found without that hussy next to him!

  23. Mrs. P. says:


  24. @ the captain – i’m bestowing this girl with the title of honorary LTR operative. i mean WHO else would be this tireless in their pursuit of our rob? she must be one of US!!!

  25. sambammer says:

    hmm i keep swooning.
    but hes still in london πŸ™
    and at least his hair is growing back out, but it has a way to go for New Moon!

    and woo hoo i got my new avatar to work…
    only now i have to go under the alias ‘sambammer’… blah. i liked keeping it simple.. oh well.

  26. the captain says:

    what a marvellous idea. yes, i may make her a special badge to go with her new position – oh heavens – perish the thought! i mean her new title.

  27. Sarah.(: says:

    Yay! YAY! YYAAYY!!
    Me and my cousin were starting to think he got kidnapped…We were disappointed that we still haven’t gotten to meet him.
    The girl in the pic makes me jelly, mostly because she was first to find Rob, and secondly because she got a picture with him. πŸ˜›

    • @Sarah.(: don’t be ‘jelly’ … we just think that girl is the undercover cop… and she’s happily married with 3 kids… and isn’t’ attracted to gorgeous British guys πŸ™‚

  28. Whit (Jonette Cullen) says:

    He looks HOT. Can you imagine going out for another boring night on the town, minding your own business and then running into him? (I mean really, physically running into him. I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself!!) I would be seriously freaked out. What to do? Walk up and make sure he KNOWS he’s got fans his age? Yes, I think that would be it…

  29. yes Captain, get it right! TITLE. πŸ˜€

    @whit – no i cannot imagine it, because i would go GD crazy! silently of course. while i figured out how to casually start a convo and not seem like a freaky person who talks to people at the bar that you dont know.

  30. sidhevicious says:

    Le SIGH……….. he’s finally been found! And he’s just as gorgeous as ever. There are also a couple more pics on Perez Hilton of Robert playing at an open mike night in London

    @moon – I would probably lose my mind a thousand times silently if I actually saw him in a bar, lol. Nt that I’d ever let it show! I’m with you on that hun. πŸ™‚

  31. sidhevicious says:

    Crap, I saw a couple more pics somewhere, supposedly from around New Years Eve, and I can’t find the damn post to share with you… AARRGGHH!!! Sorry ladies. πŸ™

  32. Sass says:


    @sidhevicious…thanks for the pics…he looks friggin gorgeous. Can you even imagine????

  33. I love you guys. I can’t bring myself to read Perez but I’m glad someone does.

    And who is that icky girl with him???

    • @Deconstructing Jen: i can’t stand perez either and i hate that he’s getting all the “credit” for “finding rob!” we think the icky girl is the undercover cop who found him:)

  34. sam says:

    oh my god thank you sidhevicious… he is so flippin hot when hes playing his music.. what i wouldnt give to be there when he performs!! agh!!

  35. vickybonnett says:

    @sid the pics from New Year’s are posted on The Spunk Ransom website:

    Not the best pics of Rob but at this point I’ll take what I can get!!!

  36. vickybonnett says:

    @UC I was thinking the same thing??? Little young and he looks smashed, I mean the small child, and Rob too!

  37. mama2bella says:

    its prob. his cousin or something…I mean, they both have weird expressions, so this looks like it might have been in a family album. don’t you think?

  38. NatalieCastle says:

    Who would need a fire and hot chocolate with Rob next to you?? I would need a fan and a bag full of dry ice in order to keep my temperature below 198 degrees if I was near him, even if we were at the top of Mount Everest…

  39. christapie says:

    Do you think his hair will be back to Edward length in time?

  40. Bec says:

    Ooo, the hair is starting to grow. I like like like the brushed back look. It’s almost long enough to really run your fingers through…

    Must start hanging about in random pubs more…

  41. Sass says:

    @ christapie…while it looks like his hair is growing quickly, I am not sure it will be back to full Edward length by this spring/summer. It might be close…they will have to use some super styling mousse to get it up.

    Heh, I said get it up/12.

  42. mama2bella says:

    Rob did say he liked to “Play his own horn” to keep up the sexual tension on the set. If that’s the case, he should have plenty of that super dooper “there’s Something About Mary” Hair Sh*t, so….NO WORRIES!! He’s gonna look FAB!
    {Ladies…can we discuss Rob and his self “Horn” playing!…is there some way we could possibly help him out in this dept. surely there are enough of us, that he should never have to do this himself…Just wondering…} πŸ˜‰

  43. vickybonnett says:

    @Mama2bella I’ll sign up for that committee!

  44. sam says:

    I second that!! πŸ™‚

  45. Christa says:

    @mama2bella – Wow. Play his own horn, you say? I did not hear this, but it’s good to know!

    New plan! I say we scrap the London idea and plan on meeting in Vancouver and/or Italy. You never know when Rob is going to need help on the set. Imagine what we could do for the tension of the movie. Who cares that Edward really shouldn’t be around all that much.

  46. sidhevicious says:

    @mama2bella – sign me the hell up! LOL What a great idea. Can you imagine the line-up of women waiting to get their turn? The poor man wouldn’t be able to walk anymore, and he’d really have a legitimate claim of chaffing… Bwa ha ha ha ;D

  47. Mrs. P. says:

    @vickybonnett, sam, UC, Christa, sidhevicious:
    I am so Glad you all are with me on this!! I was starting to think that maybe I was just a tad PERVy!! but I guess I’m just normal(for here at least) So…Anyone up for a round “ROB”in?!?!! I’m making a really great excel spreadsheet so everything is “Fair & Balanced”
    *don’t be surprised to find my name
    in the line-up frequently–Just
    saying..I did come up with the idea
    after all…I deserve something for
    “and he’d really have a legitimate claim of chaffing”
    My main goal in life now is to provide “legitimacy” to all of Rob’s claims!
    *well maybe not all of them, maybe
    just this one :)*

  48. Sass says:

    What you, pervy, Mrs. P? Nah…

  49. Stacey says:

    Play his own horn? Good God is he insane?! All these comments are proof that man never has to play his own horn again. I think every single person here would line up and not give a damn about sloppy seconds just to get a turn at that man.

  50. sam says:

    @stacey… no… no we really would not give a damn!! hell, i’d sign up for sloppy hundredths! πŸ™‚

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