And the winner is…

caption-contest1Dearest LTR Commenters (is that a word?)-

We had SOOO many awesome, funny, hilarious, dirrrrty, lol-worthy comments on this lovely picture of Rob for our first Caption Contest. UnintendedChoice and I fought for our favorites and then ended up mud wrestling to decide the winner. Halfway through Rob’s video camera broke, so we declared it a tie and picked two.

And without further adieu…. drumroll please… our favorites:

“This is the face he made after he was handed the bar tab left for him by Action Figure Edward and Moon.


“Is that Jackson’s band playing?”

Congratulations Laura and Lovesbcmc! For your totally fake rad prize… you win a threesome with Rob as Art from How to Be!

this is his 'o' face

this is his 'o' face

Just imagine that’s you guys on either side of him… oh and he can’t take that jacket off. It’s that and no pants.

Enjoy girls!!!

23 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Christa says:

    OOh Laura and Loves, congrats! Those were great entries!

    @UC and Moon – how will you ever top that prize?

  2. lovesbcmc says:

    Laura – can I be the one on his right? He is a righty, yes?

  3. sam says:

    yay! those were my favorites, too!!!
    and i agree, how will you EVER top this prize… lucky, lucky girls!!

  4. vickybonnett says:

    Congratulations! That is the best prize ever…I am so jealous. Now you know when I go see How To Be in a few weeks I am going to be picturing Laura and Loves the whole time during the scene. 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    Congratulations to the winners! That’s awesome!!! @Laura’s was my favorite response.

  6. sidhevicious says:

    Congrats ladies! *throws confetti* 😀

  7. the captain says:

    omigod had i known the prize i’d have tried a whole lot harder! 😉

  8. Laura says:

    @ Lovesbcmc — sure take the right; after all, I’m a lefty, so…

    @ UC and Moon: thank you SO much for giving me a night of Art. I’ll have him back in time to film New Moon. Maybe.

  9. the captain says:

    Laura we’re counting on you to make sure the hair is bed sexy.

  10. JustGotWicked says:

    @UC and Moon- Can we give you a prize for being the best prize givers? I will absolutely make an attempt at being creative for your next contest.

  11. Congrats to lovesbcmc and Laura! and thanks to everyone who gave us hilarious captions:) Next time maybe we’ll hint at the prize so you ‘try harder!’

    It was a real shame that Rob’s camera broke during our mud wrestling, Moon. That would’ve been good footage to share with everyone.

    @JustGotWicked: (ps, love the truck pic!) YES.. we would love the prize for being the best prize givers!


  12. Lauren says:

    Those were my two favs, so I feel like I won. So I will imagine myself as two people…having a threesome with Rob.

    With the jacket of course.

  13. Awesome job winners!!! What a great post and awesome responses!!!

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂 I just love the captions on the pics on LTR. They’re so amusing and naughty… LOL

  15. Hahah, I actually love Jackson’s band!

  16. Amber says:

    That is the most unbelievable “fake” prize ever!! Dang, I should have tried harder!

    One of the Photoshop wizards should take photos of our 2 caption winners and put them in the bed so they will have a memento to remind them of this moment forever!

  17. NatalieCastle says:

    Hahahaha!! Great picks! Those two quotes were my favorites, too! hahahaah

  18. Sass says:

    Congrats to you Laura and lovesbcmc…I have no doubt you will enjoy your “prize”, hee!!!

  19. newtwilightlover says:

    I thought those were the best ones! and by the way, u had me rolling at “Halfway through Rob’s video camera broke” lol

  20. […] in each catagory. And guess what! This time we’re going to have ACTUAL prizes… REAL not fake orgies! UC and I will be figuring those out in the next few days and announce them here but they’ll […]

  21. […] in each catagory. And guess what! This time we’re going to have ACTUAL prizes… REAL not fake orgies! UC and I will be figuring those out in the next few days and announce them here but they’ll […]

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