Robert Pattinson…my brother?

Dear Rob,
Why do you look like my brother? Now I have to stop having a crush on Book Edward and pretend like I think the resemblance hilarious. Ha. Very funny.
I would implore you to get plastic surgery soon and very soon. Preferably before the filming of Eclipse. I know, I know, my brother is younger than you, so shouldn’t HE be getting the plastic surgery? The answer (of course) is no. I have here compiled a list of very good reasons for getting plastic surgery:
1) You are ruining my life
“Hey aren’t you that guy who looks like Edward’s sister?????”
2) It would help the fan girl situation
3) 😀 because you love me.
Much love,
I'm totally getting a Cedric Diggory-era-Rob vibe right now. (I think it might be his cute blushed cheeks)

I'm totally getting a Cedric Diggory-era-Rob vibe right now. (I think it might be his cute blushed cheeks)


So, what do we all think?

Fake Rob

Fake Rob

Real Rob

Real Rob

41 Responses to “Robert Pattinson…my brother?”

  1. Angie says:

    Wow really close. Tell him to flat iron the hair and tweeze the brows a bit and he could be his clone. However he doesn’t have the jaw line as our perfect RPATZ does.

  2. Valerie says:

    @Angie I don’t think anyone will ever have that jawline.
    But wow, Cedric and Fake Rob really close!

  3. JBell says:

    hahaha I definitely see a resemblance, especially in the side-by-side pics. That is really unfortunate for you KG… really, really unfortunate.

  4. Natasha says:

    Ha unfortunate for KG but good for all her friends!LOL. If he was a smart lad he would work on styling that hair more like RPatz so he can work that angle with the local girls!!

  5. mrs. kat cullen (: says:

    @KG: Do I get you right? You have a crush on book Edward (as all smart ladies have…of course) and since Rob played his part in Twilight the movie you’ve a huge problem b/c he looks like your brother!? And another question which follows the last…You mean you don’t have a crush on Rob Pattinson??? Are you serious? You must be one of a million *lol*

  6. Java says:

    Very close indeed! I have a similar problem except that in certain pictures Rpattz looks like my 20 year old nephew.

  7. Amber says:

    I can see some resemblance as well. Hmmm…now we can’t mess the perfection that is Rob’s face. I think your bro should be taking total advantage of the situation. Here’s an idea:

    1. Try and get lil bro to look MORE like Rob. (Check out my coupons, those may help.)

    2. Get to LA stat and walk around till you have paparazzi taking pics of bro and publishing them as Rob.

    3. Rob’s people call, thinking “WTF? You are not Rob.”

    4. You propose bro becomes Rob’s double.

    5. You accompany lil bro to New Moon set to meet real Rob, and….well, I can only get you there. You know what to do from here (just make sure you jump the real Rob and not your bro….ewwwwwww!).

  8. Leigh Anne says:

    He’s way better than pocket Edward. Taller. And stuff. Awesomeness.

  9. lovepatty says:

    Sorry, but am I the only one who thinks that these two look absolutely NOTHING alike!?!?!?!?!

  10. Steph says:

    I’m so glad my brother doesn’t resemble Rob in the slightest! The horror and agony over crushing, but not crushing, on your brother! And really, I gotta say, I would be majorly opposed to our Spunky Spunkster getting any plastic surgery. I can hear the funeral derge (sp?) playing as he goes under the knife. NO! That simply would not do at all!

    And I’m with Amber on this one. He should be taking advantage of this situation to the max. Just think of all the chicks. Chicks, man.

  11. Rufa says:

    I can see the resemblance – tell your brother to straighten his hair and work out a bit and get rid of the Playstation (really, not cool) and whooohoo he’ll have tons and tons of estrogen brigades!
    I have a similar problem with my brother who looks like Josh Harnett, no really, he does. Weird!

  12. Melissa says:

    I definitely see a resemblance!

  13. Leah says:

    Um. . . i guess they are a tad similar in appearence, but that dude doesnt have a strong, prominent jaw like our Rob.

    Rob is sexier. Much sexier. His features are a lot sharper and. . . SEXY.

    Just vamptastically SEXY!

  14. Leah:) says:

    BTW, i so agree with Amber:) Nice one!


  15. bikechick says:

    Wow, that’s a tough one! Maybe if you’re lucky you might find out that your brother is actually NOT your real brother, some kind of mixup-at-the-hospital-years-ago type of thing, and then it would not be so wierd.
    Because, for the sake of the rest of us, the Real Rob should not alter anything ….

  16. themoonisdown says:

    wow that side by side… nose, eyebrows… CREEPY.

  17. lovesbcmc says:

    @lovepatty…thank you. It’s not just me, then.

  18. BRUMMIELOVER says:

    Hmmmm, nope not seeing it..he is very handsome though 🙂

  19. '86 Rabbit says:

    I can see where people might think they are related, but not how they could confuse them. Bro could definitely try cultivating the look though. If he did that his looks might be used for evil rather than good. Perhaps to lure KStew away. We can’t have that with filming starting next month.

  20. KG says:

    AHAHAH. wow. I agree with themoonisdown. It is creepy.

    And I LOVE Amber’s suggestion. Actually, I was forming an idea in my head of sending pictures of my brother doing random stuff (good camera angles provided of course) and sending them into a gossip rag!… haahah. Maybe incriminating things……..

  21. TeamPattinson says:

    lol i say go with amber’s plan, it’s genius! tell your bro to learn how to do the pout and sort out his hair!

  22. Amber says:

    @TeamPattinson – You could say I’m an evil genius. Muwahwahwah!!

    My lil bro can totally pass for one of the basketball players at OU, but that won’t get me near Rob anytime soon.

  23. robzilla says:

    I can see the resemblance a little.
    I had my own experience with a Rob look-a-like and when I compared pictures they weren’t all THAT similar, but in person – wow. That’s probably how this is too. Pictures never do a person justice unless they are pics of ROB. Even then pictures probably don’t do him justice…

  24. KP says:

    I would have to agree with you lovepatty. Not seeing it at all and does not even compare….

  25. That is GREAT, how funny!!! Close, but no cigar!

  26. Vogue says:

    @Amber – LOL! You’re too funny girl!

    He does have the cute pink cheeks like Rob gets.

    I’d be totally bummed if my brother resembled Rob. That would totally kill my Spunk-buzz.

  27. Vogue says:

    @Rhonika – I know!!! *dies* I just saw that too!

    OMG, OMG……what shall I wear? LOL!

    I’ll be GLUED to the tv that night! Damn! I don’t have that stupid thing to record the show!! WHAAA!! I’ll pray that some Rob fan puts it on YouTube.

    Hey, if you read this English girl, can you get me a link to that fanfic Redline??

  28. Jen says:

    Oh man. That’s pretty close. Good thing the hair is different. But he does pretty much have the facial structure down. Now does he sparkle? Can he drink a 6 pack in 2 hours? Does he have an affinity for hot pockets? You might be about to mass market him, may a buck for your pain and suffering at the similarities.

  29. Rhonika says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG!
    Rob will be at the Oscars!!!!

    I can’t wait!!!

  30. JBell says:

    Oh it is so unbelievably sad that I just squeeled like a little fangirl… but seriously, EEEEEEEE!!! TiVo is set, schedule is clear! LOL

  31. NatalieCastle says:

    OMG!! KG, can I have his number??!?!?

  32. NatalieCastle says:

    @Rhonika YOUVE GOTTA BE KIDDIN. Like, I’m in LA right now, and I’m leaving tomorrow, and yesterday I was at the Kodak Theatre and they were getting ready for the Oscars. Like, I SHOULD TOTALLY STAY THERE AND CAMP FOR THESE 4 DAYS!!!!

    DAMN MY TIMING!!!!!!! GOSHHH!!!!!

  33. Ginger Swan says:

    Oh KG, that has GOT to be rough! So sorry!

  34. brummielover says:

    ok so wait let me get this straight..Hugh Jackman and Rob Pattinson in one night….smelling salts quick…!!

  35. sherin says:

    ROB AT THE OSCARS !!!!! * dies* oh,wait, i cant die right now,i gotta make it to oscar night!!!! rob,i can be your date!!!! *digs out LBD* i bet the screaming when he goes out on stage will be LOUDDDDDD. *prays that the kodak theater will still be standing after that*

  36. JGroIsMyEdward says:

    Rob at Oscars?! Yes! Darn! I have to work…they should’ve announced it sooner so I could ask for it off…maybe I’ll stay outside in the cold weather and get sick…

    @KG – go with Amber’s suggestions…can he do a Brit accent? that would be super sexy…like Rob…

  37. Amber says:

    Finally, a reasons to watch the Oscars! Actually, I think I’ll just DVR and fast forward to the good parts (anywhere I can see Rob)!

  38. MoonlightMonata says:

    very close resemblance….

  39. Dimplez says:

    he’s not rob but i can see the implications. kinda got the hot dorky thing going on…

  40. gabby says:

    oh shut up peoples stop talking about hin hes nice and hes going out with my sister stop being mean bitches

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