Hello there darlings!

Dear UC-

Well this is quite a turn of events isn’t it? I’m usually the one being written to and here I am writing you on Moon’s behalf since there’s been SO much speculation on where she could possibly be after last night… so i’m here to tell you she is uh, ‘out of commission’ for right now. Apparently all her muscles gave out from such intense use last night even her typing/texting fingers were incapacitated that she asked me to send you a message:

She is more than alright.

She is spectacular if I do say so myself.

As you can see from the pictures today I made her stay home and recoup while I ran around LA. Last minute errands you know, fittings, picking up dry cleaning (my two shirts), pink berry runs for moon, etc.

Also she says to stay tuned to tomorrow morning’s post so that she can fully express what she’s feeling through someone else’s video. You’ll see.

Until then… all her love. And mine!
(on behalf of Moon)

PS she says this is her “music message” for you…


58 Responses to “Hello there darlings!”

  1. JBell says:

    I think I’m gonna die from anticipation.
    I just got home and haven’t read anymore on the last blog yet…

  2. Pamela says:

    Hmmmm? So cryptic yet so juicy! Now how the hell am I supposed to sleep tonight!

  3. JBell says:

    Exactly Pamela! EXACTLY.

  4. Robbie,
    I was worried.
    Did she lose her phone? she coulda sent me some pictures…
    Thank her for my music message.
    (Ps: are you open to threesomes?)

  5. Rhonika says:

    You guys are too much!!! I love this!
    BTW I love you Rob!!!

  6. Pamela says:

    I had just spent 20 minutes reading all the comments that you ladies worked so hard on all day and now and I am in limbo. DYING HERE IN INDIANA

  7. JBell says:

    I’d like to know when I can expect tomorrow’s post so I can set my alarm [not that I won’t be checking the site every 30 minutes for the rest of the night and all day tomorrow, but you know…]

  8. brummielover says:

    Dear Spectacular Moon,

    I was just wandering if you might need any ummm “help” keeping Rob entertained whilst you are recovering. No, no really I don’t mind at all. I mean come on we are well “blog posting” buddies! It is the least I can do for you now in your time of need. I insist..you just relax and recover and leave Rob in my more than capable hands 🙂

  9. Pamela says:

    Yeah, can we get like a wake-up call or something?

  10. Leigh Anne says:

    I love how he left out the deets.

    And I love how Moon is totally going to give them to us. With a soundtrack. Awesome.

  11. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    Dear Rob,
    Are you open to 120somes???

  12. vogue says:

    (I was back at the older thread, didn’t catch on that we were over here, duh!)
    Hi Girls! I’m back! I see you heard about me falling off the bar stool last night! Ooopsy! Rob snorted Heineken out his nose on that one. He was a sweetie though….took me back to his hotel room and rubbed icy hot on my bruised bum

    Jus kiddin. Jeez, I missed a lot of fun today! Thats what I get for actually doing some work for change.

    LOVIN’ the new Rob pics!! I wonder if the trip to the eye doc has any relationship to him having to wear those dreaded contacts for playing Edward. Maybe they’re helping him learn to put them in or perhaps? I hope somebody helps the poor guy, he hates those lenses!

    OK, does anybody else’s “kitty cat” starting purring at the site of those nips on him?? Puuuurrrrr!!! Meeeoooww!! And W-O-W…Baby’s got Biceps!! They have definitely grown!!

    Alright, fess up – who else viewed the HQ pics that Jena shared, and took a good long look at the crotchal region?? ME!! ME!! ME!!! Always looking for a little tent action down there 🙂

    @Nessa- while you were writing that post, I was over at fanfic reading a very juicy Edward/Bella story *dies* It’s got 5 chapters, so you have to look for the little drop down box to change chapters. It’s very well written but for adults ONLY.

  13. JBell says:

    @UC – Seriously?? lmfao I was just kidding, honestly.

  14. vickyb says:

    I.Am. So. Excited!

  15. vogue says:

    Holy Hell, 16 chapters of Edward lust:

    I love these because it’s Rob’s face I see. Even though Rob and Edward are not the same person, and Edward’s not real, Rob brought life to E, so by proxy, the fanfics are kinda about Rob. heh-heh-heh.

  16. Valerie says:

    @FMP no kidding, include me in there too.

    I can’t wait to hear/read the rundown on the where abouts and happenings of the moon and rob

  17. Nessa says:

    Hm…I was at Amazon twilighting, reading twilight/rob related posts of couse, and someone told me to have a look at this, wasn’t what I expected! but thought of you girls might enjoy it!! hee hee….


    I wonder if anyone else has read this? *wink* It’s too early in the afternoon (4pm) to be thinking this much about Rob….*sigh*…..in that way too….

  18. lovesbcmc says:

    Dear Rob,
    Please write to us everyday so we can change it to Letters FROM Rob. and tell Moon we love her.

    <3 loves bcmc

  19. lovesbcmc says:

    Dear Rob,

    Please write to us everyday so we can change it to Letters FROM Rob. and tell Moon we love her.

    <3 loves bcmc

  20. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    OMG! If this turned into Letters FROM Rob, It would be like girls gone wild in here. WOO-HOO!

  21. the captain says:

    anticipation overload. hoping bruises and feathers will be the least of it! what a pre-oscar treat!!

  22. Nessa says:

    I’ll have a look at it after this post! I forgot to put the adult only warning…oops! LOL! Does this mean this site should have some warning too?? *giggles*

    When everyone else have been complaining about won’t be able to go to bed, I didn’t go to bed…(5pm in New Zealand now) I’ve been catching up on Rob/Twilight related stuff for the last 2 days, and when I was just about to finish, UC posted – Moon’s been Missing!! and then I was like everyone else……refreshing…….here and there…. this obsession clearly is getting out of control!

    ((Now…going to read more Rob/Edward related fanwriting before we hear from most anticipated person of the site ~Moon))

    *stalking this site today*

  23. Natsu says:

    @Nessa – It’s never too early/late to think about our precious Rob! He’s on my mind 24/7!

    Dear Moon,

    Go get ’em girl! I hope you made us LTR fans proud! Little Eddie the action figure must be so jealous! 🙂


  24. Nessa says:

    I only just ordered my little edward yesterday! I’ve been so jealoused of people with the little edward, and finally decided to give in to this obsession, and now….this possibility~oh….I’m so jeoloused!! but I’m sure I’d be made better if she tells us all the details!! This OMG can it be? can’t be?! really is killing me !! LOL!! and I don’t mind thinking about him 24/7…not having a bf at the moment to worry about it at all (well, to be honest, even that probably wouldn’t have stopped this obsession)), but I’ve actually been awake for more than twenty hours now…..should be in bed really @.@ I wonder when I’ll just doze off.

  25. pamelahasord says:

    I read a ton of fan fic! Some of them are just awesome and really well written. I especially enjoy the missing honeymoons scenes from BD. If you want any suggestions I have a few.

  26. JBell says:

    You know, I really would LOVE to know what award Rob is presenting. Do you think it will be something big?? Like Best Actress or Supporting Actress?? Because I really can’t see him doing one like that… maybe either Music (Score) or Music (Song) from a movie. OMG! If they make him do Best Animated Feature Film I will f[ ]ing RIOT. I really just bugged out and my fingers stopped working for a second and I couldn’t type correctly.

  27. Natsu says:

    @Nessa – I puchased my Eddie yesterday and have already taken over 100 pictures of him! But only about 20 have made it to my FaceBook album. LOL. I took him to my son’s school today to show him around (I’m also a PTA mom!) and meet the faculty and students. I also let him drive my car! lol Tomorrow, I think I’ll take him to the zoo with my 6 year old son, who refers to him as “The Apple Guy.” I’ve already sent a few pictures to LTR. 🙂 I have a feeling we’ll be seeing “Where in the world is Edward the action figure?” alot more soon!

    Also, I’m married! I think a bunch of gals are, so as you can see, it doesn’t stop us from thinking about Rob! And I don’t consider myself obsessed. I like to think of myself as visciously devoted. 🙂

  28. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    @vogue-My”kitty cat” has definitely been purring all day.

  29. Ayden says:

    Rob in a white t-shirt next to the words “out of comission” should be criminal. Good gawd! My heart just stopped (and in a totally dirtified kinda way!) rawr. Just rawr.

    And on an unrelated note… that first Britney outfit is rather whoretastic. Wonder how many additional hours of Robsession games I can get out of DH if I slap one on and do that chair number?!

  30. JBell says:

    Maybe, just maybe, he’ll do Actor In a Supporting Role since Heath Ledger will most likely get the posthumous Oscar since he defended Heath’s memory with TomStu that one night at that comedy ass hole’s show…

  31. Nessa says:

    It seems like I’ve read the 1st one you mentioned in Bella’s version on Amazon? hm…. how confusing….

  32. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    I am not going to be able to sleep tonight. I am going crazy with anticipation now.

  33. Nessa says:

    hee hee… even without a bf I felt embarassed to want to put Rob’s poster (the one came with True Love Never Dies) on the ceiling above my bed… So for the moment it’s on the wall… so that I wouldn’t have to explain my behaviour to anyone else! LOL! I’m still waiting for my little Edward to ship all the way from U.S. to New Zealand….*Sigh* and I’m sure I’ll put some batteries in my long forgotten camera and update my two-year forgotten flickr account 😀 Maybe I’ll take pictures of him holding flowers, I’m sure him being such a romantic wouldn’t mind joining me at work doing flowers! ((Making a list already:
    1. Charging batteries for camera…
    2. Finding the camera…
    3. What kind of flowers would suit little Rob/Edward…))

    I’ll still have to figure out how to watch Oscar being in New Zealand. I wonder if any NZ TV channels will be doing a live… didn’t see anything on their websites when I checked last week, and also still have to figure out the time difference between Oscar US time and NZ time @.@

  34. Nessa says:

    *Hi five*
    me too…me too….

  35. JBell says:

    @Nessa – It’s already 6:30pm on Saturday in NZ right?

  36. Nessa says:


  37. Natsu says:

    @Nessa – Really? It’s 630pm Saturday? You’re 18 hours ahead of me!

  38. JBell says:

    Soooo ummmm lol in L.A. right now it is… 9:30pm on Friday. You’re 21 hours ahead of L.A. Holy wow. I’ve never done, or had a need, to do that math before. Wow!
    Sorry lmao so the Oscars come on at 5:30pm Sunday, so that’s 2:30pm on Monday for you.

  39. Nessa says:

    Yes…I’m in the country that’s suppose to be 1st in the world to see New Year’s Dawn, and I’ve never done that..LOL!

    *sigh*… I wish I was in the U.S. though… it was first hard to get the books, when most bookshops didn’t think there will be a huge demand, sold out everywhere! Only just starting to see more in the last two weeks…(yes…I’m looking at twilight section everytime I go to the mall, I’ve been going to bookshops a lot recently and I wonder why!LOL!) and last month only one bookshop had one or two Rob related books…and still….no signs of any twilight merchandise or cute little Edward! So yesterday was the day I gave in and spent more shipping fee than Little Edward himself! not that I haven’t already been ordering books from Amazon, but they don’t ship toys…>O< I ended up buying it from the place Jena metioned yesterday(?) the Edward/Bella dolls… but no… I didn’t get the cool version of Edward! Didn’t really want a Bella doll you see… unleashing my obsesson was one thing, and jealousy and evil is another!! *grin*

  40. Nessa says:

    wow…..21 hours??!!
    *note to self*
    2.30pm Monday is the TIME!

    Thanks!! I’ve always been hopless with working the time difference out…. with daylight saving and all!

  41. Nessa says:

    My cat just got her head stuck in a food paperbag!! She’s been deprieved from food and loving today due to me stalking the site! LOL!!

    I wonder if Moon will turn up today?!…. *fingers crossed*

  42. Genevieve says:

    @JBell- you’re back! You crack me up! ‘comedy ass hole’s show’- PS (love the new pic!)
    Better yet- WHO WILL HE BE BRINGING AS A DATE? Moon? Hmmmm or maybe his publicisit Stephenie.


    The suspense is killing me!- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Need to know, need to know NOW!

  43. Genevieve says:


  44. Nessa says:

    oh… there’s a countdown on Oscar.com… easier to work from that 😀

  45. Genevieve says:

    or it’s his agent (Stephanie Ritz).

  46. JBell says:

    I don’t know if it’s breaking news to you guys, but Summit announced that Eclipse is going to be released (in the states) on June 30, 2010. That worries me a lot. Not only for the sake of the movie, but for Rob and everyone else involved. He is going to be so burnt out and there’s no doubt in my mind that Summit will work them to the bone promoting these films again… This is going to be their life for the next THREE, if not more, years! Nonstop chaos and fangirl screaming and crying.

    Dear God,
    Please take special care of Rob and keep a close watch over him for the next few years; they will be very trying times for him I’m sure. He’s a good guy and a lot of people – especially Moon & UC and us ladies at LTR – care immensely for him, his well being and his safe keeping.

    Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart,

  47. JBell says:

    @Gen – That girl looks like she could be his sister. Does the site say that’s his publicist or agent? There’s too many people I have to keep up with in his life! LOL Lizzie, Victoria, Clare, TomStu, Bobby, Marcus, Nick Fenkel, Publicist Girl, Agent Lady, Horrible Prostitutes Who Wear Horrible Fur Coats, Really Tall Girl From Harry Potter, Mystery Brunette…

    I can’t believe I just listed all of them lol I really need to get to bed!

  48. JBell says:

    Thanks for posting that link Gen. I’m commenting from my phone right now and can’t copy and paste things or I would have. 🙂 Although my source was actually the MTV Movie Blogs which doesn’t say Chris is definitely not directing it… fingers crossed everything turns out okay though.

  49. robluveh says:

    so is this actually true? that something atchallly hapened with moon and rob? im not following at all ..

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