And the Oscar goes to…

doesn't know whether to laugh or cry after he saw those things behind him

doesn't know whether to laugh or cry after he saw those things behind him

Dear LTR gals-

I present you with the official LTR Oscars post hosted by none other than Rob and the creepy London premier vamps over there!

This is the place for us to comment to our hearts delight about all things Oscars, pics, videos, if he actually hits the red carpet, fumbles his lines, etc. This is the place!

We’ll be in and out all day trying to keep things updated. Also check out our Twitter if you’re not already following us we’ll be live tweeting any exciting events from both our east and west coast Oscar parties.

Letters to Twilight Twitter!

Now onto the show!

More suit-y goodness and general Oscar gossip after the cut!

how YOU doin?

how YOU doin?

So let’s start taking bets… fiver on
-whether he fumbles his lines while presenting
– touches his non-existent longer hair. It’s like a phantom limb! He still feels it
– makes a joke about biting someone
– someone faints

ZOMG! i just saw hugh jackman! crrrrAzzzZZYYYyyy

ZOMG! i just saw hugh jackman! crrrrAzzzZZYYYyyy

What we know…

Leaks from inside the rehearsals yesterday from an IMDB board member which really lends lots of credibility to this news! Ha! – Sources: IMDB Girl / Spunk Ransom

He is not clean shaven yet!!!! he kinda looked like a homeless guy today.. but i’m sure tomorrow he will look great !!!!

they showd clips of twilight!!!! several…rob said “i had to become a vampire to find my perfect girl” hahahahahaha..sooooooo cute!!!!!

no kristen……clips from HS3 …every romance movie from 2008

He did not kiss amanda….she seemed in awe of him though… I got to give Rob a hug..and he autographed my 2 81st ACADEM AWARD REHEARSAL wristbands.. i’m gonna have a contest to give them away.. “Linda will you help with that?” they took all cameras and cell phones w/ cams.. I hid my in a well $!!??#$# secret spot so i can update you guys.. i recorded a bunch of audio on my cell phone i’m gonna try and put it up…

I met him b4 but this is the first I hugged. him.. i felt for him and was so proud!!!!! cuz it’s a big deal for him he was genuinly nervous
they said Star of Twilight (Note: This is how he will be announced)

More to come…

843 Responses to “And the Oscar goes to…”

  1. Rhonika says:

    Wow Prince’s party is open to public. I wish I was in LA.

  2. JBell says:

    Jimmy Kimmel just started to say “Robin Thicke” and all I heard was Rob… and I got eye-whiplash to look up at the screen cause I thought he was going to say Robert Pattinson. Sad.

    @Rhonika – $100 per person to get in I believe though

  3. Tigerlily says:

    @Rhonika, an open Oscar party scares me. But then, I guess I am a sort of “never join a club that would have me as a member.” 😉
    Am I the only one glad that, despite all the HSM stuff, we had no KStew?

  4. JBell says:

    I would have rather had KStew than Efron. Honestly.

  5. HOT4ROB says:

    on what channel is :Jimmy Kimell” ? I’m on Pacific time…

  6. Rhonika says:

    I give up. I’m heading to bed. I’m pretty sure if Rob is spotted anywhere it will be all over youtube tomorrow.
    You girls have a good night!
    *kisses*……….. 🙂

  7. JBell says:

    Kimmel is on ABC but Pacific Time I’m not sure… probably normal time 11:30p


    According to Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch Twitter feed, Rob’ favorite nominated movie is The Wrestler. He also said of the Oscars: “It’s more organized. At Twilight premieres, you think you’re going to die.”

    Awwww! They won’t kill you Rob, promise!

  8. JBell says:

    I’m off to bed too, gals! Thanks again for the fun and thanks again to Moon & UC! Let’s do it again next year!

  9. Tigerlily says:

    @JBell, it depends whether we get competent young professional actor KStew, who I have seen in interviews, or, I’m so disaffected and beyond this–where’s my bong? KStew.

    Someone knows are dirty hearts:
    “Robert Pattinson didn’t take his shirt off while presenting a romance montage? What gives? “

  10. JBell says:

    LMFAO! HAVE to leave you with this!!

    Defamer posted this picture with the following caption –
    “Ohhhh the vampire! Eat me Robert Pattinson! Eat meeee!!”

  11. HOT4ROB says:

    thank you JBell – barbara wolters is on ABC right now.

  12. Tigerlily says:

    @JBell, yeah, his contract requirement to stay out of the sun is starting to look like a Vitamin D emergency. A very HOT Vit D emergency.

    And that would be OUR dirty hearts.
    Oh, do eat me, vampire, and save me from my late-night typo embarrassment.

  13. HOT4ROB says:

    I’m leaving you…with saying:




  14. Tigerlily says:

    I know you’re all gone, but still wanted to say thanks, everyone. It was nice to do the Oscars with an understanding (and fun) crowd. 😉

  15. elementsofblindness says:

    he looked cuuute….very very very VERY cute….erugh at Ryan Seacrest though for saying (before) Rob has no personality cuz that’s all I could think of watching him interviewing Rob…..eek … ANYHOO

    I couldn’t take me eyes off darling Rob … he looked/seemed nervous – poor baby…

    And my favorite part - LOL first off – the title kills me ”Rob behind Mickey Rourke’… hehe its all bout Rob tonight…and second, look at him clapping … he seems to be concentrating really hard on something …I would give anything to know whats going through that lovely mind of his… LOVE the half-smile at 0.52 and 0.55 seconds…ROB DARLING…wut can I say..You’ve stolen me heart all over again….SIGH
    Note: I have two exams in the morning…I have not studied…but I can now sleep happy…*grin*

  16. themoonisdown says:

    OMG holy nuts you guys! Over 800 comments! I’m sorry i couldn’t be in here tonite but hope you were following our funnies over on the twitter.

    of course Rob looked fan-damn-tabulous!

    also everyone who hasn’t please see slumdog millionaire. LOVES.

  17. Jena says:

    Oh my gosh 821 comments! WOW! I wish I had a laptop otherwise I would have commented while watching. Unfortunately the computer is not in a room with tv. 🙁 I squealed with delight when I saw him in the red carpet on E! And then my cell phone went mad with texts, LOL! He looked so adorable and sexy all at the same time. I found it cute how you could see him behind Mickey Rourke when Mickey’s award was up and Rob knew the camera was on it, he looked like he was trying to refrain from laughing. I haven’t read through comments yet so not sure if anything has been posted, but I’m uploading clips now and will post links as I go. Right now it’s 2am and I just got them all converted to dvd to rip. I’ll see how long they take, I may do some now and some later on in the day.

  18. Jena says:

    Here’s a clip of Rob from the TV Guide channel. This is clip 1 of 7:

    They didn’t talk to him, just showed him on the carpet. Also, I watched the post coverage/after party stuff on E! and they never showed or talked to Rob.

    What I did was uploaded these clips to a website called media fire where you can download and save the wmv to your computer. If I upload them to youtube it takes twice as long, so this way you can just download them and save them so you’ll always have them. Just click on “click here to download” and it will ask if you want to save or run on your computer. Easy peasy.

  19. Jena says:

    OK, how pathetic am I for only wanting Mickey Rourke to win so we could get more camera time with Rob because he was sitting behind him, LOL!

  20. Jena says:

    Clip 2 of 7: Rob arriving on red carpet on E!

  21. Jena says:

    Clip 3 of 7:

    From E!. This one’s a bit long so it might take a while to download. While Ryan’s talking to Amanda Segfried and Amy Adams you can see Rob to Ryan’s left. So I included that, then it’s Rob’s interview. Adorable and sexy all at the same time! Rob comes back in at 1:57 (I think it’s sweet how he gives that blonde a kind smile as he squeezes past her). Rob’s interview starts at 3:06

  22. Jena says:

    Sorry, I had the volume on the dvd ripping program set too loud, so it made it a bit staticy, my bad.

  23. Jena says:

    Clip 4 of 7:
    Rob presenting and then there’s a few Twilight clips in the montage (I love that Coldplay song btw)

    (this is the clip that I meant it was set a bit loud)

  24. Jena says:

    Clip 5 of 7:
    Here you’ll see Rob behind Marisa Tomei when Ben Stiller was pretending to be Joaquin Phoenix.

  25. Jena says:

    Clip 6 of 7:
    This is a great shot of Rob while Mickey Rourke is being introduced.

    What was so funny was that a friend of mine texted me at this moment and she jokingly texted “stop looking at Rob” LOL LOL!

  26. Jena says:

    Clip 7 of 7:
    Rob behind Marisa Tomei when Hugh is talking to Mickey.

    Alright, that’s all folks, I’m off to bed.

  27. betony says:

    833 comments???? WTF? gonna take me all day to get through this…

  28. Angie says:

    In the MTV interview link above 2nd video in he confirms about wanting to do Breaking Dawn even though there is not even a signed contract to do it yet. That is so exciting!!!!

  29. Sass says:

    @Jena…thanks for all of your hard work in ripping Rob’s clips!

    And I love that Coldplay song too!

  30. Sass says:

    @Angie…I was very excited to hear Rob mention BD!!

  31. JBell says:

    @Jena – We missed you at the Rob-Is-At-The-Oscars-Everybody-Try-Not-To-Hyperventilate-And-Pass-Out-Party! But seriously, thanks for all the hard work on that! Holy crap I know that took some time to do. See you on today’s blog’s comments! lol

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  33. '86 Rabbit says:

    840 comments! *faints*

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