We can't say good-bye to the Oscars quite yet

Dear Rob,

I know you were gagging while complimenting Zac & Vanessa on their performance in HSM3 (good job pretending you’ve even heard of it- and props to the quick thinking on behalf of your manager, Nick, for giving you a heads up)

We all know you were really just wanting to wanting to tell Vanessa “Fabulous performance tonight, but you’re still no Leah…”

And instead of joking with Zac about your matching bow ties, we know you just wanted to give him some pointers on having sex with a co-star. “Dude, I just hit it and ran…why you hitting it and sticking around?”

'Hit it and run. That's how I roll'

'Hit it and run. That's how I roll'

Speaking of co-stars you’ve hit and run from, was it awkward seeing PapaStew (Kristen’s dad) at all? You guys seemed pretty casual.

JStew: "Then you're gonna say 'This is Hollywood, got it?" Rob: "Got it" JStew: "Now Rob, did you fool around with my daughter while shooting Twilight?" Rob: "Uh, what? I mean, ye- no, what did you hear? huh? did Michael say somet... did she like it? I mean, did she say something? Does she want a round 2? Wait, what's the question?" AND ACTION Rob: "This is Hollywood"


We keep thinking we’re retiring the Oscars. Then we remember how damn hot you looked and decide to bring it out of retirement.

In other news, happy 26th birthday to one of our first blog readers and UC’s in-real-life friend MushroomMexLover. In honor of your birthday, Mex, I am sharing with the world my favorite quotes you have ever said about Rob or Twilight.

At the end of an e-mail to me about a party we were attending. p.s.  please bring rob.  i’m planning on wearing my blue blouse that clings to my frame.

um so today i was telling the guy I started dating how i sometimes have a hard time reading him…. it went something like this:
“i’m usually very good at reading people…with just one exception.”

i met my future in-laws today.  still didn’t meet alice…i mean trish (his sister).  his father is so compassionate and his mother incredibly loving.  just like another couple i know….

he also has a brother that can alter the moods of others.

Love you MushroomMexlover. Happy Birthday!

We got a whole slew of Oscar-related letters sent to us after Sunday and decided to post the highlights after the jump.

Love you Dirty

Dear Rob,

Let me guess, you got sick of standing alone, awkwardly in the corner fidgeting with your hair and trying to look like you belong.

Yeah, we know we already posted this pic today. We make up our own rules.

So, you decided to get blasted on champagne to make yourself feel more interesting. I assure you, going up to people you would never hang out with in real life and telling them the story about how you and Sam pissed on your ex girlfriend’s doorstep one night will not give you any street cred at the Oscars.

I know it was hilarious, and yes, of course you had to be there, and it may appear that Zac and Vanessa are completely engrossed in your tale, but they are being polite honey. It’s okay – Efron is just jealous that you stole his fan girls, and Vanessa probably secretly wants to send you naked pictures of herself.


"Yes, I loved playing a vampire too, giggle giggle giggle"

Oh, and what the hell is Kate Beckinsale doing here? Homegirl needs to ease up on the eyeliner, and how big are those earrings anyways? Why haven’t hear earlobes fallen off? ugh. You need to walk away from that situation immediately. I don’t know who that guy is, but I assume he’s with Kate since his facial expression reads “wow, look at this douchebag.” He’s probably repeatedly interrupting your story with witty remarks that make you look stupid. What an ass. Don’t feel bad, he’s obviously just insecure.

You cannot possibly be having a good time, and I have to say, this is what I love about you… you are dirty and awkward and real. So tell all those fake snobby actors to piss off and come home to mama. I’ve got cheap beer and hot pockets ready and waiting.


We have YouTube in Australia

Dearest Rob,

First of all congratulations on the Oscars you were great! I saw you on YouTube, yes YouTube.. Why didn’t I see you on the national telecast you ask?

Well here is the story..
As you are probably well aware Australia is in a different timezone then the United States so our Oscars telecast was live during the middle of a working day and replayed at 9.30pm on Monday night. I knew you were somewhere near the start (was googling all day during work) and I thought I would stay up to watch. Yes Hugh Jackman did well blah, blah who cares because you know what?!?! YOU WERE EDITED OUT! I watched and watched til I couldn’t watch any longer and I did not see any glimpse of Rpattz, Spunk Ransom or Robert Pattinson! Can you imagine how shattered I was? Can you imagine the tweens around Australia who got permission to stay up and watch the Oscars only to see nothing of remote interest (ok they probably like Zefron too but whatev) the point is Australia was robbed of their Rpattz opportunity and there is only one way to make this up to us……

A visit to our fine land of course! I know couple of lovely ladies in the Melbourne area who would be most willing to show an English gent a good time.. You would however be expected to re-enact the Oscars bit. You know, I’ll be Amanda Seyfried (oh look I already share that name), you’ll be you, bow tie a must, shirt optional! It will be great fun!
Call me!

Oh and p.s. As there is only one of you and you’ll be rather busy dealing
with me, please bring Jackson Rathbone for my friend Megan…

Australian Amanda xx

Mickey gets an Oscar from me

Dear Mickey:

What can I say? You were robbed last night in more ways than one. You pulled out the best performance of your life in a dirty little indy that wrestled its way to the Oscars, only to have that golden statue stolen by Sean Penn. But to add insult to injury, some greedy marketing exec cleverly placed Rob Pattison right behind you so that your one minute of Oscar face time would forever been burned into the audiences memory as 60 glorious seconds of uninterrupted gazing time at Rob, unscripted and unaware. It was as if I was holding the camera and stealing a chance to stare to my heart’s content while Rob’s long fingers stroked his lips and chin. Even that shiny silver tooth of yours couldn’t distract me.

So, this letter is to thank you for being such a good sport and taking one for the team – Team Rob, that is. I suppose the Golden Globe and BAFTA awards that now sit on your mantle will make up for the fact that not one of us heard a single word that Ben Kingsley said about your incredible performance.

I’d also like to thank the Academy for perfect product placement in your show last night!



And just because we are retiring the Oscars, we decided, what the hell, one last look:


543 Responses to “We can't say good-bye to the Oscars quite yet”

  1. soccermom says:

    @Vogue18 don’t worry, just one look at Rob’s sweet face and you’ll be hooked all over again. We’ll miss you.

  2. Amber says:

    @Vogue18 – Oh, you are such a sweetie!! What are we going to do without you the next 4 days?

  3. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    @Vogue- I really like your blog, Its was so funny cause I had just written my post out for the today with the RHBG video and there she was again on yours. I was like, glad I’m not the only one feeling like ending peps.It just seems like the appropriate saying for the way I have felt about these skanks lately

  4. Lacey says:

    hey i have a question! how do i make my name show up as a link to my blog?? is it showing up already? im so confused?

  5. Lacey says:

    success! thank you!

  6. soccermom says:

    @Vogue how many other women attending that workshop are thinking the same thing?? Should I bring my Pocket Edward? I’ll bet you could find a couple other Robsessed women there and form your own min support group for the next 4 days. We need some kind of secret signal to identify ourselves as Robsessed so we don’t completely embarrass ourselves searching out others.

  7. Amber says:

    @Vogue – How cool would Pocket Edward be?!? Although I guess he really can’t assume any meditation positions. Still, just picturing him next to you while trying to mediate is kinda funny.

    Oh course, unless you have to concentrate on the object for long periods of time, then I think the Rob pic is the way to go. Specifically, go for an Oscar one. And print it as an 8×10, just for good measure.

  8. soccermom says:

    @songirl Yes. I am so tired of seeing Nick tagging after Rob. It’s really getting kinda creepy. I mean I’m glad they are looking out for him, but he IS 22. Geez. Do they even let him use the bathroom by himself? Nick, Back off. You’re annoying.

  9. Nataliae says:

    HA!!! Byrdie’s letter had me laughing so loudly I scared the hell out of my pets, and probably a few neighbors to boot. My dog is still staring at me trying to figure out what is wrong with me…

    I <3 all the commenters on this blog all most as much as Rob…almost. :-*

    • Emily W says:

      Hehe my dog is getting wary of me when I have the laptop out from me bursting out laughing at things on here or the weird noises coming from interveiws on you tube

  10. Genevieve says:

    @Jena- you killed me with that comment about what Randy said last night LMAO! Great stuff!

    @Vanessaj- Thx for the mail! Read it last night and couldn’t stop reading. I thought it was great!

  11. Nataliae says:

    I could not even believe that they took up the 2 seats right next to him…and she was literally leaning over to be in the camera’s line of site, wtf?!

    And I’ve noticed the angling to be caught in paps vids/shots, too…it’s freaking WEIRD…stop it!

  12. soccermom says:

    @Genevieve Ditto on the mail from Vanessa. Thanks Vanessa. You were right – once I started reading i couldn’t go to bed. so another night up at 1 am lost in my Edward fantasy.

    • Genevieve says:

      @soccermom- Me too! DH got irate! I found it quite tasteful and wel written BTW.

      • soccermom says:

        @Genevieve – I agree, well written. I’ve read some of that other fanfic, but most is trashy, silly and porn-like. Did you read Isle Esme also?

        • Genevieve says:

          @Soccermom- That’s the one I read last night. Did she write more then?

          • soccermom says:

            @Genevieve – Oh, One of the other girls – Vanessa I think- has another good one saved to her word documents because the author had to remove it from the site for some reason. It is longer and takes you to the scene in the blue bedroom after the cleaning crew leaves. (There’s an awful lot of headboard left). The author is going to write more and re-post when she is done. Give me your email and i will forward it to you. Better warn DH you won’t be to bed tonight either!

  13. Genevieve says:

    Regarding that ‘Rob behind Mickey Rourke’- Pssst, Hey Rob- that’s Tina Fey behind you! That must have made your night!

    Quote from Rob- ‘I don’t really have a type, but I like smart people. You know, I really like Tina Fey. She is, like, the sexiest woman’.

  14. Amber says:

    @Natalie- We <3 you too! Thanks for twittering with me on Oscar’s night. I know there was a moment when we first caught sight of Rob that we were both swooning!!

  15. Ayden says:

    I totally have to share this… my glasses are finally in! As soon as I pick them up, I can see unfuzzy Rob for the first time in WEEKS!

    It should be criminal to be this excited lol!

  16. Kristin says:

    @vogue18 – haha, I don’t care one bit…and I’m sure Rob doesn’t either!

    I think its cute that he totes his little publicist and manager around. However, I don’t like Nick. I don’t know why but I get a slimy vibe from him kind of. The Stephanie chick looks normal though. Hopefully he proves to be trustworthy to Rob and they don’t turn him into a publicity magnet and change him. I almost wish no one knew about him so he could still have some privacy…and so my chances of getting with him could be higher! See if he didn’t have such a huge following and so many girls lusting after him, he could focus on just us LTR girls! LOL!

  17. Amber says:

    @Vogue18 – Thanks for assisting Genevieve for me! Appreciate it!!

    And I laughed out loud about your naked, self-tanner moment you are having. It’s only funny because I have done that more than a time or two myself!

  18. Genevieve says:

    @UC & Moon- ‘Hit it and run. That’s how I roll’. LOL!

    @Byrdie- Great letter! LOL! ‘not one of us heard a single word’ (you got that right!) haha!

  19. Vanessaj says:

    @Soccermom & Genevieve ~ Glad you guys like it! I keep checking the Twilight Saga site and as soon I as see she’s posted the entire thing I’ll link it. She’ll have it available as a Word Doc download there.

    It’s my favorite fanfic!

    • soccermom says:

      @Vanessaj – I checked there last night and she had a statement about why it was removed and that she would repost when done, but nothing new there yet.

      • Vanessaj says:

        Yeah, she wants to finish writing the entire honeymoon part before she posts it. I’m anxious to see what she does from EPOV with the pregnancy part….what he was thinking.

        I think she’s really captured the characters in her writing.

        • Genevieve says:

          @Vanessaj- Ditto! Like I said, I thought it was wel written and I didn’t find it hardcore- it was more like filling in the blanks. (Wonder what SM would think of it?)

          • soccermom says:

            @Genevieve – Did Vanessa send you the other fanfic she has saved? (Not Isle Esme). A different one? Just checking. Wouldn’t want you to miss out.

  20. soccermom says:

    My sis says that Nick reminds her of that Adnan photog guy Britny Spears used to date.

  21. soccermom says:

    Yeah, I dont mind the publicist/agent lady too much. I barely notice she’s around, but Nick is giving me the creeper vibe.

  22. mmaru says:

    hahahahahahahhaha, waht you wrote on the picture of rob and kristen’s father is very hilarious, i’m still laughing ! hahaha, you girls are great !

  23. therealrobzilla says:

    Thanks Nessie, uuummm, I mean Vanessa. I got your email. I will start reading asap.

    @vogue – I hope you have a great time meditating on what it would feel like to have Rob balls deep inside.

    That is all for now. I know I’ll be back in 10

  24. soccermom says:

    @Lacey – Yes your name is already showing up in red.

  25. therealrobzilla says:

    Sorry, OT. I still love you Rob!!!

    Since I know you guys are into fan fic now, you might want to try this story. It’s called Wide Awake. It only uses the Twilight character names. The story is completely different. Edward is a human, but this is a GREAT story. Unfortunately, it’s not finished yet. I hope the author changes the names and gets it published.


  26. Genevieve says:

    For those who are interested-


    • soccermom says:

      OOO Yeah. I had read that interview somewhere before. Summit will have alot of disappointed fans if Breaking Dawn is not made. I mean, what’s the point of making the other ones of your not going to finish the story. Hopefully they don’t keep the honeymoon PG13.

      • Genevieve says:

        @Soccermom- I’m sure it’ll be made- that’s not an issue I think. I remember reading on SM’s site that she thought that it’ll be really hard to make b/c of Renesmee. I’m positive they’ll steam it up (just like they did in Twilight with the bed throwing) Ha ha!

  27. vogue18 says:

    @TheRealRobzilla – girl, you achieved the almost unachievable – you made my jaw drop, mouth hanging agape, and a think I felt a blush creep into my cheeks, with that comment!! ZOWIE!!

    “vogue – I hope you have a great time meditating on what it would feel like to have Rob balls deep inside.”


    @Genevieve – I saw that interview too, and thought to myself “uh, oh, I don’t like the sound of that comment *I’ll be all Twilighted out”. Him saying that comes as absolutely no shocker at all. He will be a prisoner of the Twilight Saga for a while now, and I’m sure he’s eager to work on other projects that showcase his acting chops in ways we can’t begin to imagine.

    Problem is, without Robert Pattinson, THERE IS NO BREAKING DAWN. PERIOD. Can you imagine trying to replace Edward at that point in the game? Just doesn’t work!
    And Rob strikes me as the kind of artist who would not be tempted by any amount of money, if he wasn’t interested in continuing with the project. My selfish side thinks “Bunch of dumbasses at the Studio should have made it a 4-movie contract”, but my sympathetic side wants Rob to be able to move on so he doesn’t feel pigeon holed as Edward Cullen.

  28. Lauren says:

    @ Lacey – “I’ve got cheap beer and hot pockets ready and waiting.” <—that was brilliant. love it!

    I am kinda hurting inside that Oscar Rob will be retired 🙁 I will be strong.

    Vanessa is soooo sending Rob some special pics. I mean, just yesteday I saw a comment on a blog from probably an 8 year old saying, “Robbert and Vanessa forever!” It had to be true.

    • themoonisdown says:

      @lauren – gabrielle and edward for life! haha sick!

      PS EVERYONE- retire talking about the oscars, im sure we’ll pull these pics out from time to time, but we’re gonna throw in some new subjects for a while

  29. V says:

    (stands up, clears throat)
    Hi everyone! My name is V and I’m a Robaholic….

    You guys are unbelievable…may I join in on the fun?

  30. Lacey says:

    @lauren, haha thank you!

    Im sure if that 8 year old knew about Vanessas web cam fetish that she would be saying otherwise! besides…i think rob would definitely rather eat hot pockets with me than see vanessa hudgins naked. that’s what i tell myself anyways.

  31. Carrie says:

    Oh My!!!
    U ladies are posting like crazy. I am super slammed at work and this is first moment I have to check in today. Hopefully I can up with the conversation later.

    <3 Carrie

  32. Genevieve says:

    @Soccermom- I didn’t receive any other part other than ‘Isle Esme’. There’s more? Can you send it to me @frankgen75@hotmail.com THX!

    • Vanessaj says:

      She’s talking about the one I sent you last night (I think). There is another Isle Esme posted online but it only talks about the midnight swim and their ‘first time’. The Isle Esme I emailed you, the 60 pager, is the one by New Twilight Fan. I think both authors called it ‘Isle Esme’ because that’s the chapter title in Breaking Dawn. 🙂

  33. Amber says:

    @Genevieve – I did see the interview mentioning Breaking Dawn. I remember too SM saying she was concerned with how Renesmee would be portrayed, but if Summit actually throws down a decent budget, I think the special effects exist to make her pretty realistic.

    The thing is, they need to get moving on it fast keep everyone from aging too much. Of course, with Eclipse coming out so fast after New Moon, maybe they are thinking they could get BD out about a year after that.

  34. Genevieve says:

    @Amber- Yeah, they’d have to do it quick to make it realistic! SM mentioned that by the time they do BD that by then the CGI would be more advanced for Renesmee.
    If you think about it- the schedules for the cast and crew are going to pretty gruelling with almost back-to-back filming. Wonder is Chris Weitz will be directing Eclipse too?

  35. Jena says:

    Here’s Tuesday night’s Extra with Rob in Tokyo, leaving an Oscar party and talking about New Moon on the Oscar red carpet.


    • Genevieve says:

      @Jena- Thx! BTW- don’t know if u read it last night but I went out and bought the KOL cd!
      Did you get your door sized poster? They only have locker sized here.

  36. therealrobzilla says:

    LMAO of Vogue!! I feel so honored to have made your jaw drop (insert dirty-minded thought here too). Feel free to coin the phrase.

    I love that you guys are using my Four Kicks List title too. FKL’ed = WIN

  37. therealrobzilla says:

    I love Rob as Edward too, but I wan’t him to be happy. I think Rob will be around a long time and will play many great rolls!

  38. Genevieve says:

    @Vogue- I agree with you. Especially knowing how crazy things (fans) can get. There is no BD w/o Rob- that would be unimaginable! Hopefully he’ll be able to film s/t else in between twi-films. Love to see him in s/t else too! Love to see him (period)!

    When are you leaving? Hurry back and have fun!

  39. Amber says:

    @Vogue – I don’t think Rob will leave the series. He may be exhausted of it when it’s all over, but I think he gets it. I’m sure he has a support group with the HP cast, and I can’t imagine how burned out they may be! Plus, with Twilight it has to be done fast, while HP has been dragged out for how many years now?

    @Genevieve – Summit announced the release date, but I don’t think they have secured any director.

  40. therealrobzilla says:

    I’ve seen a small portion of this interview, but here is the whole thing.

    It’s fun


  41. Jena says:

    @Genevieve, YAY! let us know what you think of KOL! Yes, I got my poster and I got two, LOL! I haven’t hung mine up yet, but mine rolls out 5 feet so what is the diff with the locker one? Is it just a smaller version or something?

    Welcome, V! 🙂

    OK, I totally read that as “Forks” Kicks List, LOL!

  42. Ceri says:

    @therealrobzilla – I took a page from you and started my own FKL. Please feel free to add any other people you think should be on there. Of course, I gave you props in it since you came up with the title. =)

    @Gen – Yay! You’ll love KOL. I’m looking at seeing them this May, Yippee! I know it’ll be a great concert.

  43. Ceri says:

    Okay, I don’t know why it didn’t make my name red so you can click on the link, but its


    It’s my first attempt at blogging and I thought this was a great subject to start with. Tee Hee Hee

  44. V says:

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Rob said in the mtv red carpet interview:
    interviewer: “you have a lot of work coming up”
    Rob: “and breaking dawn is gonna be at some point as well”
    That doesn’t sound like he is planning on not doing BD.
    I really hope, though, he will find some time to do some other projects, maybe even music.

  45. Jena says:

    @Ceri, ROTFLMAO! I especially love how you refer to Courtney Love as “aka F*cking mess” LOL!

  46. therealrobzilla says:

    @Ceri – Lurve it chica!! Awesome job on the FKL. You totally don’t have to give me credit though. It’s not my list, it’s ALL the LTR gals list. We Rob lovahs gotta stick together

  47. Ceri says:

    @Jena – Courtney Love is totally a F*cking mess. I think I got everyone who we’ve listed on LTR so far. I love that Andy – I WILL END YOU!! Good stuff.

  48. therealrobzilla says:

    Oh yeah, I really loved the fact that Carrie’s laptop thief and her PC made the list. See, it’s that attention to detail that makes you LTR ladies so special.

    Now if Rob would just read UC and Moon’s awesome blog he would know that we would give him that kind of good lovin’ and all would be perfect.

  49. Ceri says:

    @therealrobzilla – well I had to give Andy props for the ‘end you’ list but you came up with Four Kicks list so I had to post that. =)

    I wanted to give credit to everyone, but that would take too long, we’ve all contributed to it, so that’s why I posted all the ladies at LTR.

    I’ll have to move the people in ranking order as they piss us off.

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