Memoirs of a Geisha

Dear Robert and Taylor-

We just wanted to write you boys a letter while you’re in Tokyo to say we really hope you’re out living it up, eating sushi, buying sneakers out of a vending machine, teaching Taylor how to do Sake bombs and buying ridiculous electronics. After that, I can just imagine the two of you stumbling into a karaoke bar and drunkenly singing “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with your arms around a couple of Japanese businessmen. Then you guys’ll make friends for life with these gents. I can tell, that’s the type of boys you are. Then said Japanese business men will take you to meet with some Geisha’s, and you all can teach young Taylor a thing or two about women (but not TOO much, robbie, he has to come home to Wolfgirl). Let him find out what those gals REALLY wear under those Kimono’s.

Oh and don’t worry about Kristen, she’s too busy back at the hotel crying and commenting about how mean we are to her over at LTT. Oh and Reba McEntire showed up, WTF!?

Have fun and bring me back some Hello Kitty shiz that i don’t have!



After the jump, JBell has done it again with all the best Japan coverage. Thanks girl! XO

Keep checking Twilight Singapore for their coverage!!
Maybe Rob and the gang should just move to Japan… they’re ALL (and yes, even Sourpuss too!) are looking so happy!

Is that a… a… a smile on Sourpuss’s face!?

Exclusive fan photos from Pattinson Online! Luck gals!

The media in the states has been anxious for news too!

Best coverage (picture-wise) of Twilight In Japan:

486 Responses to “Memoirs of a Geisha”

  1. betony says:

    there is something about this picture which does bad things to my mind!

  2. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    Rob does Karaoke. He really is my soul mate. He just gets better and better. I sure am going to miss blogging about him today. Its probably for the best. I am having trouble trying to keep my thoughts PG-13 today.

  3. soccermom says:

    Hey all, just checking in. JBell – thanks for all the Rob pics and info. I no longer have to go surfing all over for the best Rob stuff – its all right here. To all you married with kids Robaholics – my dh is completely aware of my Robsession and just says “You have a problem”. Wonder if he would continue to make fun of me if he knew Rob was actually helping him get laid more often? It was a relief to me when I found this site and other gals neglecting their families just ot get their Rob fix. All I can say about Rob at the premiere is DAMN. The man can wear a suit – i dont care what color it is. Also soooo relieved to find out Rob at karaoke with Hugh and not VD girl.

  4. Ceri says:

    @betony – You know he’s thinking about sexy time with the LTR ladies. ‘hmm, oh what was the question again, my mind keeps drifting’

  5. Ceri says:

    I was digging the Kstew leather dress, she looked kinda naughty next to Rob and actually smiled. But then I see that it has giant ecru straps. Um, the girl doesn’t have that much going on up top, wouldn’t it have been better for the dress to be strapless?

  6. betony says:


    all my insides have turned to goo!

  7. Ceri says:

    Pucker up, baby! Ladies get ready to kiss/lick your screens!

    Hubby’s getting some sexy time tonight!

  8. soccermom says:

    Just watched that 3rd singapore video of premiere and had to laugh at commentary by the people recording it:
    Guy:(referring to SP) She looks happy (sarcasm)
    Girl: she never looks happy.
    Guy: She looks pissed off.
    Girl: She always looks pissed off.

    Side note: Has anyone else ever noticed that cute freckle Rob has on his neck right next to his hairline? SIGH

    • Just a Girl says:

      He has a neck…I can’t seem to get below the face or above the waist when I look at him. mmmm

      • Byrdie says:

        ditto on the english commentary on that video. Love it when people don’t know they are being recorded. You can get the best, most honest stuff.

  9. Just a Girl says:


    Oh the pictures are killing me today!

  10. Sass says:

    @soccermom…that freckle is the reason I created this:

    aka slow motion double freckle neck porn

  11. Ceri says:

    @soccermom : Gah, that freckle. Then again, as JAG said, how do you get past his face or crotch. But I do find little things like that freckle incredibly sexy.

  12. therealrobzilla says:

    I’ve been a fan of the freckle for a while. I remember when Sass created the awesome slow-mo freckle porn. *sigh*

    He also has a matching freckle on his chest. Right above the start of his happy trail. Yum

  13. Kristin says:

    I can’t handle it. Does he even know what he is doing when he makes those faces? Probably not, that is half the reason its so SEXY!

    Ladies, I just turned down lunch with my husband because I “had a lot of laundry to do” AKA: I want to sit on LTR (or Rob’s Face) all afternoon and I can’t do that if I am at Applebees…..

  14. soccermom says:

    Sass I love you

  15. soccermom says:

    Dear God, Why does this man do this to me? Thank you for creating such a gorgeous specimen of mankind. AMEN

  16. Emily W says:

    Haha! Turning down lunch with your husband for LTR? Wow. You know you have a problem when… Actually, I just told my cousin we’d have to have lunch another day because, well, here I am! 🙂

    I want to get ahold of clips of them doing kareoke. That would be hilarious!

  17. Emily W says:

    And of course Kristen’s smiling. She’s had some R&R and hasn’t been doing dozens of interviews and being screamed at everyday.

  18. Jena says:

    I have so much to catch up on, I don’t know where to start! Thanks for all the links I’ve opened them all up in other windows now so I can get a thuddin! Rob looks FANTASTIC! Love the suit! And when I opened the pictures Akon’s “Beautiful” was playing on my itunes. Extremely fitting! 🙂 YUM! YUM! YUM!

  19. soccermom says:

    Sweet Jesus! How does he make that look? Swoon

  20. Ceri says:

    @Jena: LOL you opened them all up in separate windows. You are going to go on overload. Do you have any bubble wrap there?

  21. English Girl says:

    So, is that Rob’s natural hair colour, or have the hair stylists been experimenting with some Eddie colour on him in the last week or so?

    PS it took a whole heap of concentration to type that serious sentence. Just want to prove that when I want to I CAN be a rational, intelligent, businesslike 40something woman.

    For about 3 seconds.


  22. Genevieve says:

    @JENA! Welcome back- we missed u last night!

  23. Kristin says:

    @englishgirl – I wondered the same thing. Unless that is just how it looks when he washes it. It looks dyed though.

    @Jena – Welcome back fellow Nebraskan. I swear to god, I wander around this city wondering if there are any more “like us”…all the time! haha!

    I think I am going to have my husband come home for lunch….late…like after I put the 2 year old down for a nap. We need some alone time.

  24. JBell says:

    Dear Kristen,
    You did not get invited to the Oscars – nor did you present – therefore, there is no need WHATSOEVER for you to do THREE clothing changes during a 4 hour span of time.

    That’s all I have to say about that,

    P.S. I see that Summit and your management has started damage control and has told you to greet the fans with a warm smile from now on…


    Dear Rob,
    You have my heart and we’ll never be worlds apart. May be in magazines, but you’ll still be my star. Now that it’s raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other; you can stand under my umbrella, you can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh. These fancy things, will never come in between. You’re part of my entity, here for infinity. You can run into my arms, it’s OK don’t be alarmed; come here to me. I’ll be all you need and more.

    Waiting with your umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh,


    Dear Taylor,
    You milk mustache is so cutesy wutsey!

    Love Forever,
    JBell Lautner<3! T+J=4Ever!

  25. Ceri says:

    @English Girl – I think his natural hair color is light brown with some blonde. In the pucker picture (see above) you can see how light it is as with his stubble. In the pic he doesn’t look like he has much gel in there, not like at the Oscars.

  26. Emily W says:

    Heh. Anyone else think its funny that even though the general reaction to Rob is to scream at him, in some of the countries the screams seem to have an accent?

  27. Genevieve says:

    @Kristin- So far (during my discreet inquiries) amongst my aquaintances/friends I have not discovered any Robsession. However, these people could be suffering in silence!

  28. Jena says:

    I missed you gals last night to, wondering what I was missing out on. I was at the Celine concert and got home late, got to bed late, and have been in bed most of the morning, LOL! But now I’m ready to dig in!

    @Kristen, that’s too funny! I wonder to. And it’s fricken cold here right now!

  29. Jena says:

    I’m diggin’ how his hair matches his suit shirt! RAWR!

  30. Jena says:

    His nails even look nicely manicured!

  31. pishposh71 says:

    I really need to get a life outside of visiting this site, I’m on the verge of being a LTR cyber stalker along side my already busy schedule of Robasizing.

  32. JBell says:

    Dear Rob,
    When we meet at seat 27A on your flight back to the states, I’d love for you to touch me and hold me as delicately as you always hold the microphone.

    You already know,

  33. Sass says:

    @English Girl…I thought his hair was back toEdward color too, but now I think it is just the lighting in some of those shots, because in most other pictures, his hair looks his normal color.

    • malia says:

      Ah So naughty! So you FINALLY think Summit is attempting some damage control? Her smiles look a little contrived if you ask me…

    • betony says:

      he is so pink and lovely in this pic. i love the little bit of blonde at his right temple, his lips, his scruff, i don’t think i need to go on…

      • English Girl says:

        He does have a bit of a post bonk flush going on there doesn’t he?

        Ooh, did I really say that? I have a one track mind today.

        I’m going to go off and find some chocolate, maybe that will calm me down.

  34. JBell says:

    RE: O-face – subdued, quiet and shy; but shows all of the pleasure in his eyes.

  35. pishposh71 says:

    Heah Crazy women of LTR
    Do you realize that theres a contest to win a trip to new moon????? Im nuts to tell you this but all is far in love and war (or stalking and obsessive behavior as our case may be)
    UC and Moon you should get this.

  36. therealrobzilla says:

    I don’t know where to find the Happy Trail Freckle. It’s in a picture of the Twilight Movie Companion. If I get a minute, I will scan it but I don’t know how to link.

  37. Ceri says:

    @JBell – I think this is more like his O face. Or, his jizz in his pants(parents).

  38. JBell says:

    HA! Or that one too! Mmmmmmmmm…

  39. Ayden says:

    “P.S. I see that Summit and your management has started damage control and has told you to greet the fans with a warm smile from now on…”

    It looked more like a “God, this is so NOT what I want to be doing right now. I’m way too cool, don’t these fools know that yet?!” grimace.

    And on another note, you ladies make packing damned difficult. WOOHOO!!!

  40. Genevieve says:

    Dear Rob,

    You have reduced a number of intelligent women into a puddle of mush with your stunning magnetism! Bring it!


    Love (yoao)

  41. soccermom says:

    @RealRobzilla – Wait!! I HAVE that book. Why, oh, why have I not noticed that freckle before?? Is it the shirt open shot??

  42. Sass says:

    @robzilla…which page, I might be able to get it up.

    *get it up, snicker*

  43. Sass says:

    GAH! Never mind, I just found it, give me a sec…

  44. Jena says:

    Ok, I’m catching up on comments from last night and just wanted to add to all the great comments on his personality completing the package. I wholeheartedly agree. His charm, wit, laugh, sense of humor is what sealed the deal. And what I love is that he can be so incredibly sexy and then switch it to adorable dork (I mean that in a good way) the next second. You curl your toes and get turned on all at the same time, LOL! One of my fave interviews is when he randomly announces to the MTV blogger (I’m sorry I don’t remember her name. Laura?) that he bought four pairs of underpants, LOL! I wish he had a bunch of dopplegangers around here so I could have one! LOL! When I first joined the Rob fandom I stayed up late watching youtube after youtube of interviews and just adore how honest and talkative he is. He says he’s self concious and shy but you’d never guess it, he’s so damn funny and will answer anything and I love that! And such an adorable infectious laugh that warms your heart! Plus I love the fact that he’s so humble and there’s no ego. He said on Access Hollywood once “they don’t want me, they want the character” and I thought if only all men see themselves that way we’d have a more compassionate male society, LOL!

    • soccermom says:


    • Genevieve says:

      ‘compassionate male society’, I was just thinking about that the other day! Men, take pointers from Rob in HOW TO SNARE A WOMEN.

      • Byrdie says:

        Jena – I absolutely know that entire interview about the underpants (and the cutting toenails). Actually, there is another one with that MTV blogger that is very cute as well about cutting off dead wood. Anyway, got me to thinking about what my favorite interview is, and you know what – there are so many amazingly sweet and hilariously clever things that he says, I just can’t pick one. I could sit and rattle off probably 50 different moments that touched me (in more ways than one – if you know what I mean ;o). I’m not gonna lie – I fell in love with Edward in the book and initally transferred that lust to the actor that portrayed that character, but it only took me about two seconds to fall in love with that little 22 years old brit.

    • EyeC says:

      I love that interview with Laura! You can tell he’s having such a fun time with her. He does have the whole package—sweet, charming, always ready with a laugh, introspective when he talks about his work. Plus the music—and those looong fingers.

  45. JBell says:

    Awwww! He basically just started putting an “R” on everything so that he can get to as many people as possible. *grin*

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