Where in the world is the Edward action figure?

Sing us a song you're the piano man... sing us a song tonight

Sing us a song you're the piano man... sing us a song tonight

Dear Rob-

With you being out of town in Japan and all I had to show Lilcrazycow (my visiting cousin) the sights of LA. And since you weren’t available the trusty pocket sized version of you had to suffice. Come back soon Roberto!

Location: Capitol Records- Hollywood, California. Who knew little Eddy could sing like a bird? Piano sure, but this kid’s got a future in the recording business. Be on the lookout for “The Very Best of Edward Vol. 1” coming out never.

Much love and we’ll bring you more from this weekend of mini Edward and Robert fun!

PS See where else little Edward has been

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  1. V says:

    Good morning! I thought you were camping out at LAX… who will welcome Rob now?
    Have a great Sunday with lots of Robtastic moments!

  2. sherin says:

    Do we have pics of rob arriving back to the states? Help,I’m getting rob-drawals already.I need my daily rob fix!!!!

  3. V says:

    I heard that he went to London, but no confirmation yet.
    I’m having the rob-drawals, too, and heavy symptoms as well. Even finished a whole bar of chocolate, but no relief there.

  4. pishposh71 says:

    Ya gotta love little Rob for seeing us through the rough times. Hes so realiable for a mere $29.99 Canadian

  5. V says:

    Anyone know what a “headcount office” is supposed to be?

  6. Angie says:

    Even if he heads either to London or the US, when is he reported to be on set filming? Are they filming in Italy first or in the US?

    • Emily W says:

      Initially they said they were oging to start filming end of Feb. Then they said early march. So I would assume they’re going to be up there ASAP.

  7. Angie says:

    Here is another question. How do I change my stupid avatar thingy?

  8. Angie says:

    One more post….

    I really like my Rob with dark black hair


    …he looks so ~ steamy HOT ~

  9. JBell says:

    As Edward says to Bella –
    “Do you want me to sing to you? I’ll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.”
    Um – YES PLEASE. I will have some of that and I just ordered a piano for my room. kthx!

    Nope, no Rob sightings. Maybe he did go back to London for a while. That would be nice for him to actually turn into a hermit again and catch up on his sleep since God only knows how jet-lagged/exhausted he is.

    I wonder if he already did his photoshoot for the cover of GQ while he was in LA… hmmm. Then he wouldn’t have to come back to LA at all before filming started…

    @Angie – They don’t start filming in Vancouver until March 23; that’s the first day of production per Chris Weitz. They shoot in Italy for the first 2 weeks in May.

    • Angie says:

      Yea I was wondering about the GQ issue to. It’s for the April issue, right?

    • brummielover says:

      well word is TomStu is back in London so it could very well be RPatz is going there too…ugh. Shall I ring my hubby and ask him to pop down to Heathrow for a look around..I am shua he won’t mind…hahaha yeeeaaaa that will happen…and Kristen will start smiling too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Robin522 says:

    Good morning all! Just finished catching up on the “cream of Cullen” posts… ROFL… ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was just wondering if any of you had the long versoin of THe Isle of Esme (the 60 page version), and if so, could you email it to me?

    • Robin522 says:

      @ Angie.. I am with you about wanting to change my avatar thingie to. Mine is a crab for god’s sake!…. can anyone say skanky Hilton reminder (sorry can’t remember her official name that you LTR girls have for her) ๐Ÿ™‚

      • soccermom says:

        LOL – yes I look like a green booger. one of the other girls knows of a website to fix those, I’m just not very competent at this computer thing. Maybe we can put out a distress signal for one of them to re-post that website.

        @felicia – if your out there, i am resending the Isle Esme document. Is it possible that your computer is blocking attachments?

        @ Robin – your is on the way too. (fingers crossed)

    • soccermom says:

      @Robin – I’ll try to send it, but felicia had trouble opening it last night . Just be sure you are opening tha word document because vanessa inclusing a website also, but you won’t be able to find it there.

  11. soccermom says:

    @Robin Sorry -included not inclusing. I can’t type this morning.

    • Robin522 says:

      Ha ha! I understand! I was up until 3 this morning reading Edward’s Eclipse… but I am jittering from the coffee buzz that I need to take care of my four kids.

      • soccermom says:

        WOW! Four? I’ve got three, but my poison is sweet tea. I ahven’t read Edward’s Eclipse. Where do I find that?

        • Robin522 says:

          @Soccermom…Thank you a thousand times over!!! (Got the email, can you tell?!)
          Here is the link to the Edward’s Eclipse…
          So far it’s pretty good. You see his struggle and his “wampiric” nature ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Robin522 says:

            “vampiric” ๐Ÿ™‚

          • soccermom says:

            Thanks Robin. I went to fanfiction again last night and it was requiring me to register before I could access stories. It had never done that before. Has anyone else had this problem? Yeah, Isn’t it amazing how Bella views Edward as confident and always in control, when in reality everything he does is a struggle for him?

        • Robin522 says:

          After it hits noon, I jug the sweet tea back! Southern girl that I am and all!

  12. V says:

    I read they will shoot in Italy for two weeks in May, but they didnt’ mention which two weeks. In the official rules for the twilight contest it says: “…must be ready, willing and able to travel to the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada area (the โ€œLocationโ€) to visit the set of the Picture (the โ€œSetโ€) on or about May 5-8, 2009…” This means they can’t be shotting in Italy around that date. I’m afraid they will be shooting in Italy later in May.

    • Emily W says:

      K I could be wrong… but have I heard last 2 weeks in may somewhere? Probably from Ashley Green? I’ve actually had dreams about freakin interviews so who knows if I imagined it. I’m thinking I heard March 4th is start date of filming or them going up there too…but again, could’ve been a dream thing heh. Although, Rob may not have to go for the start of filming because hes not in it as much as Taylor and Kristen… So it’d make sense if hes in London

  13. Valerie says:

    I finally got me a PE yesterday. He had a fun filled evening including eating fries and ice cream. My 6yo was cracking up. He then took PE from me and was making him bite my hand saying nom nom nom nom nom!

    • Emily W says:

      Hahaha! I’m supposed to get one later this week. He & my Pocket Spike (from Buffy) will have all sorts of fun… If they can get along.

      • soccermom says:

        LOL at PE biting your hand. All the while you were wishing real Edward/Rob biting somewhere else?

    • brummielover says:

      too funny nom nom nom…yes my son talks/teases me about Edward also..except he is 17 and is usually taking the mickey lol

  14. Angie says:

    So @UnintendedChoice how do we change our avatar things?

    • Robin522 says:

      Yeah, Angie is a blue ball, I am reminder of the infinite amopunt of crabs that Paris Hilton has climbing up and dowm her legs, and Soccermom is a green booger. We need a makeover!

    • JBell says:

      Set up an account with wordpress.com and you have the option to change what they call your ‘gravatar’

      • Robin522 says:

        @ JBell: Thank you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • JBell says:

        No prob! We’ve all been in the same boat with our little monster/ameoba/creature problem lol

        • soccermom says:

          You can always count on JBell for the info! She works for Secret Service. I just know it, but she won’t admit it since she is undercover.

        • JBell says:

          Shhhhhh! Don’t tell my secrets! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰
          Seriously though, as much as I love you girls, if I did work for the SS and had those capabilities, I wouldn’t be here TALKING about Rob. (ifyouknowwhatimsayinandithinkyoudo)

  15. Robin522 says:

    Soccermom, I put the link to Edward’s Eclipse up in our little conversation a few comments up ๐Ÿ™‚

    • soccermom says:

      Thanks Robin. I had trouble getting to stories on that site last night. They wanted me to register and I had never had to do that before.

  16. JBell says:

    RE: changing you gravatar – If the picture you chose doesn’t show up right away, it doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. For some reason it takes up to a week for it to be seen by everyone, depending on the computer/device people are using. Some people may see your picture while others still see your monster, but it will fix itself. Not to worry! lol

    • robin522 says:

      Now I am just stuck on what to use! I lost all of my pictures on my computer (damn Geek Squad) so maybe a pic of Rob?… hmmm

      • soccermom says:

        ALWAYS a good choice!

        • IfOnly says:

          And you can always change your picture. I played around with changing mine yesterday. Just make sure you pick a good nickname on that site. It sticks with the picture. You are able to change your screen name here but I think on some other sites, it says what nickname you choose on that site. and I don’t think you can change it.

  17. Sass says:

    Edward, I see you are looking as handsome and as dazzling as ever…looking very much forward to when your album drops. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. JBell says:

    @robin – A lot of the ladies have done that! Go for it! No harm in having Rob’s beautiful face around…

  19. IfOnly says:

    Here is the link to create your gravatar (change your picture).

    Morning ladies!

    • IfOnly says:

      Also it says it could take 5 – 10 minutes to show up. And if other people can see it and you can’t, go to the tools on your internet bar and delete your old cookies and browsing history. Or clear your cache mode. That is what I had to do.

    • IfOnly says:

      @soccermom – if you call me, I will talk you through how to change your pic. Or just call me and give me your preferred nickname and password and I will do it for you.

  20. Felicia says:

    soccermom,good morning. i got your new email, thanks, it works. maybe i had too much cream of rob last night and couldn’t figure it out!

  21. Sass says:

    I like my little green monster, he is all frazzled looking, just like me, lol.

  22. therealrobzilla says:

    Good morning ladies.

    LMAO at the Cream of Rob jokes. Jbell and her comparison of texture, color, and salty taste. haha.

    DH is home today so i won’t be able to play. ๐Ÿ™

    Regarding the avitar pics: I have to keep a pic of Rob and not a pic of my face. I have friends who read this page and don’t know that TRR is really me. They would be shocked at my undercover dirty minded self.

    I’m incognito.

    Love to you ladies and of course


    • soccermom says:

      LOL – ‘In cognito’ Isn’t that why we are all here? No one else but you girls understand. Your identity is safe with us – unless Secret Service JBell rats you out!!

    • JBell says:

      I would never! If anybody in my ‘real life’ knew how deep this ran, I’d be posting with y’all from a padded room with a really nice friend named Larry who watches over me. He’s quite a big man – strong too… doesn’t let me play with the others too often…

      • soccermom says:

        LOL! JBell you are so funny

      • Emily W says:

        Ha! And being watched through one way see through glass… and being banned from Shoe Laces

        I’m starting to wonder if we shouldn’t start our first post of the day as: “Hi, I’m Emily (substitute you’re name), and I’m a Robaholic/Twiliholic. I’ve been sober…5 minutes…”

  23. soccermom says:

    Good Morning, or I guess good afternoon everyone. Just went back and read ‘Cream of Cullen’ conversation you guys had after I went to bed. Too funny. Sorry I missed it, but that was 330am for me.
    @Felicia – I’m glad the e-mail finally worked. It’s ok to blame it on the Cream of Cullen. It has that effect on everyone.
    @IfOnly – I’m ok with the green booger for now. Will just wait til next time we are together. Computer still running slow today and takes forever to load anything. Thanks though. What are you doing next weekend?

  24. robin522 says:

    okay, did a picture of Rob for now. Couldn’t find one of him biting his lip or tongue (sorry ladies). Thanks for all the info to change it though!

  25. soccermom says:

    Well ladies, wish I could stay and play too, but DH mumbling something about taxes? Huh? Real world is calling. I will check in later. Have fun!

  26. Robin522 says:

    I’m with you soccermom! My kids are mumbling something about lunch?! Whhaaa? Can’t they just feed off of my Robsession like I do?

  27. Genevieve says:

    Hi girls- We had some good times last night! Had to force myself to go to bed! I’ll be back later. Can’t live w/o LTR anymore!

    @JBell- I was wondering if you knew when that Teen Vogue shoot was (which issue)? Tried to find that info yesterday but had no luck.

  28. JBell says:

    @Gen – October 2008 issue, photoshoot was done in July. Zac Efron is on the cover that month and the cast just that fashion spread in there and then the video that was online.

    You know, sometimes I scare myself with knowing/finding out these things…

  29. therealrobzilla says:

    Jbell is really blonde Stephanie.
    I really loved that blue dress you wore to the Oscars Jbell.

    She know waaaaayyyy too much!

    • soccermom says:

      Hmm.. TRR you might be right about JBell. LOL I really liked that dress too. Could you give us more details on Rob please? What did he have for breakfast? What did he smell like? Did he have a manicure? What was he REALLY wearing under that tux??
      Hey BTW – has anyone heard from the girls who went to HTB screening? Are they missing?
      Yes, I know I am suppossed to be working on taxes, but all those numbers make me dizzy and for some reason I keep hearing this sexy voice saying 1.54773….

  30. V says:

    Does anyone know if the guy in the blue shirt is Andy? (second pic in the middle) He doesn’t really look like him here, but who else could it be?
    Hope the link works…


    • V says:

      It doesn’t show the first link. I’m trying to post another one:
      Hopefully this works:


      Who is the guy in the blue shirt?

    • JBell says:

      The guy in the first picture is Andrew, the guy in the second picture is not… I don’t know who he is. He’s cute though and he’s trying to help out our sloppy drunk Robbie, so he gets a gold star for being a great friend.

    • JBell says:

      RE: How To Be soundtrack.

      I don’t have much time, but Dreamboat Records has been added to the FKL. I don’t know what they are doing, but they are definitely NOT delivering today. The website, Facebook and MySpace hasn’t been updated since February 21. CD is slated to be released on April 12, but the pre-ordering really needs to get started. I’ve emailed them already but I’m not expecting a response, seeing as how they can’t even deliver on a promise for pre-orders to start today… I’ll keep ya posted.

      • Amber says:

        @JBell – My blog to do is a letter to Dreamboat letting them know I am not happy with them. They could have at least given an explanation why they bumped the preorder date back. Grrrr!!

  31. V says:

    why doesn’t it show my post?

  32. I KNEW that gossip about Rob not doing anymore music was false- he’s been at capitol records while in LA! WHOO HOO!!!!!

    I can’t wait to see more from the weekend of crazy cousin/eddy fun!

  33. brummielover says:

    Yes and how great he is just doing it because he wants to put his music out there and he is really looking foward to “jamming” with other talented artists. I am really looking forward to it..I suppose it helps I am a big John Lee Hooker fan and love the Kings of Leon…this kind of music is just I dunno ….HOT!

  34. IfOnly says:

    What I love about his music is that it isn’t all “studio’d” up. Most of what we can hear online now is just something that someone probably recorded with a phone or something at the bar. I love live music. God what I wouldn’t give to hear him sing live in a small bar. I hope if he records with a label that they keep the sound raw.

  35. Angie says:

    I just finished watching “The Departed” (have already seen it before) since the weather outside here is frightful! I live in Boston and we are expecting a bad storm this weekend.

    Rob so looks like Leonardo with the cropped hair when he cut it earlier last year.

    If Rob can do an American accent I wonder what his Boston accent would be like?

    • soccermom says:

      @Angie – just had a ‘Leo’ weekend last weekend watching both The Departed and Blood Diamond. I was thinking the same thing. Envisioned Rob in either one of those roles (not that Leo wasn’t fantastic. Love him too). Give him that cropped haircut, a gun and he could sooo play the tough guy/bad guy/hot guy (a given). I am sure Rob could totally pull off the Boston accent.

  36. Emily W says:

    Duuude- Twilight Singapore just put up their vids from the Tokyo press conference… Somehow those girls always get better angles and capture more emotion from the stars than the other people.

    I meant to ask sooner, Anybody know who the guy is that came with Kristen to Tokyo? It’s his heads not big enough to be her bf and its not the one bro I have seen… Just curious :). http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ssSucj5s0mM/SaU_i6qSMcI/AAAAAAAAH18/qMluhGFWDOI/s1600-h/kristen+narita+arrival.jpg

    And…hottest pic of Rob EVER. I will wrap my legs around his waist and totally violate him. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ssSucj5s0mM/SafbnWye9bI/AAAAAAAAH5Q/vPFlbOythwM/s1600-h/robertPattinsonouttake.bmp

    • V says:

      I. can’t. breathe. *thud*
      He’s even sitting in the right position, you’d just have to unzip his pants and … *thud*

      • Felicia says:


        • soccermom says:


          • Emily W says:

            Twicrack heh. I found it a few days ago but I was sure someone HAD to have posted it on here already… It’s an outtake from one of the shoots. It totally hypnotized me…

    • Emily W says:

      Heh, did you see Rob and Kristen making fun of each other while the interpreters were talking? And in the 4th one I at about 2:45 Kristen sniffs Taylor and they both start giggling… and a little before that he gets a really funny look on his face so I have a feeling he farted haha!

      • V says:

        Absolutely! lol I had to watch it several times before being able to actually see Jacob’s or Kristen’s face, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Rob, as always. I’m a helpless case ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Emily W says:

          I had to watch several parts several times heh. I have training in analyzing peoples nonverbal communication so I always find interviews amusing. I love the very end of that one where they’re told to wave for the tv cameras and Kristen does the miss america wave ha!

  37. IfOnly says:

    Okay, I’ve sunken to a new level. I’m online looking for a new job. Need one with more Rob online access……I would cry for help, but I really don’t want any. No help, just more Rob time.

  38. Felicia says:


  39. Felicia says:

    has anyone been able to order the HTB soundtrack yet?

    • Robin522 says:

      I think you can pre order them starting today… JBell has an earlier post up towards the middle or top with info

      • Robin522 says:

        I take that back, it may have been on yesterdays comments, but I know she posted something in refernece to it ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Felicia says:

    i just went to that site and its not there

  41. JBell says:

    **Accidently posted this in the wrong spot…

    RE: How To Be soundtrack.

    I donโ€™t have much time, but Dreamboat Records has been added to the FKL. I donโ€™t know what they are doing, but they are definitely NOT delivering today. The website, Facebook and MySpace hasnโ€™t been updated since February 21. CD is slated to be released on April 12, but the pre-ordering really needs to get started. Iโ€™ve emailed them already but Iโ€™m not expecting a response, seeing as how they canโ€™t even deliver on a promise for pre-orders to start todayโ€ฆ Iโ€™ll keep ya posted.

  42. JBell says:

    @Gen – I was wrong (GASP! WHAT!?) Yes, I was wrong about the Teen Vogue spread. Pattinson Online had said back last year that it would be in the October issue, but it never made it.

    “…the photos have surfaced, but not in the magazine – Zac Efron was featured for the October issue. Seems that the photos taken last summer never made it to print.”

  43. Angie says:

    On another blog that I am sure you all visit as well, ROBsessed.com they talk about the multiple different DVD packages coming out for the movie.

    I commented saying:
    You know I am just going to download the movie from iTunes so I can watch it either on my computer or iPhone and any extra’s there are on these special edition DVD’s will end up on YouTube and I will watch them there.

    I will only buy the DVD’s to the Twilight Saga once all four films are completed and packaged as one unit.


    What are your plans?

    • Emily W says:

      I was going to make my friend get me the 3 disk one in Canada when he goes home to visit his family because I drove him around all summer but then yesterday I saw that Target is having its own 3 disk version with the same or better features soooo I’m going to get that one :).

  44. Felicia says:

    i just bought a new DVD player in anticipation of twilight coming out on dvd…how sad am i?

  45. Jena says:

    Thanks for the info on the Teen Vogue, I wondered why it never made it to ebay, now I know why. It’s a shame, they’re good photos.

    I swear, all I’ve done for the past three days is youtube Rob, go to bed, get up, youtube Rob. I’m starting to retain fluid! LOL!

    And I just read that Target is selling the Twilight dvd with a 3 minute piano feature with Rob. How many times am I going to own this movie on dvd? LOL! I’ve already ordered the one from Hastings, Hot Topic and Borders. Geez! LOL! I need help!

  46. Jena says:

    I’ve even contimplated on getting a Bluray player just for Twilight purposes. LOL! I have HDTV but I don’t have Bluray yet. I’m going to go into my own persion recession because of this man, LOL!

  47. Felicia says:

    is there any way that these are all the same versions just packaged differently?

  48. Robin522 says:

    If I pre-order the movie, would I have it by March 21, or should I just risk the throngs of women at the stores and buy it there? Advice? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • JBell says:

      If you pre-order from anywhere, they still have to ship it which is going to be 3-5 business days. I pre-ordered it on iTunes so that I will have it on release day and that will get me through until I get the actual DVD in the mail.

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