A.R.T.- A Robert Tribute

Dear Rob:


Byrdie hoping to see Robbie!

It is true – I just traveled 1000 miles in some wild hope that you would turn up to the San Jose Cinequest Festival’s screening of How To Be.  How very clever I thought I was by calculating the exact dates of your west coast travel:  Feb 22 – Hollywood California – Oscars.  Feb 28 – San Jose California -Cinequest.  March 3 – Vancouver Canada – pre-production for New Moon.  Made perfect timing, perfect sense, and something you would certainly do to help a fellow brit director out, right?  You are just that kind of classy guy.  Even when you unexpectantly zipped off to Japan for a Feb 27 Twilight Premiere hooha, I knew the International Date Line was working in my favor and you would catch that Narita-SFO nonstop flight touching down at almost the same time my little plane from Seattle did on the 28th.  Of course, we would bump into each other at the international terminal where I would promptly bum a ciggie from you outside baggage claim, but that is another story…

htb-marqueeCut.  Exterior scene.  Crowded line queing beneath a flashing marquee.  Inside, I pick the perfect location by the exit door where certainly you and the director would be entering for the Q&A after the screening.  Just like Austin.  Lights dim, film rolling, music starts and there you are:  A.R.T.

I say A.R.T. because this movie was a tribute to all things Robert (A. Robert. Tribute.) – all those quirky things we absolutely adore about you – your alter ego:  shy, awkward, messy, clumsy, bumbling, giggling and just looking to be loved.  All of my favorite scenes reinforced this very fact:  when your girlfriend dumps you a second time in the bathroom, when you crawl in bed with your parents, when you get an erection (yes, ladies, it was in there) and those girls walk away, or when you give yourself a pep talk in the mirror.  You just wanna be loved, and I’m totally up for the job.



Cut.  Enter director.  Lots of screaming.  No Rob.  More screaming.  Hushed silence.  Director speaks.  Audience asks questions.  Nobody dares to ask the one question we all want to know  – WHAT WAS IT LIKE WORKING WITH ROB PATTINSON?  Final call for last question.  Brave woman asks the question – WHAT WAS IT LIKE WORKING WITH ROB PATTINSON?  Crowd goes wild.  Director speaks:  After searching for Art for more than a year, we knew Rob was right for the role because of his uncontrollable giggling. Of course you were.  Who the hell wouldn’t fall madly in love with you the second you started giggling?!? This is what makes you real, Rob, a real piece of A.R.T.

So, let’s see, next trip heading east this time:  May 7 – Vancouver Canada – close local set for New Moon.  May 8 – New York – US Premiere of Little Ashes.  May 10 – Volterra Italy – New Moon European shoot begins.  I’m banking on a 3000 mile trip this time, and I’ll bring the ciggies.

Forever smitten – Byrdie

Um, he gets an ERECTION? That’s a Saturday am Delight right THERE!
But seriously, it wouldn’t be Saturday without an unbelievably hot vid of Rob, so we thought we’d share one Robsessed posted this week. We’ve been loving the girls at Robsessed from afar for awhile and after flirting with them on Twitter this past week, we decided to take the plunge and solidify our friendship yesterday. Rob brings people together y’all (and if he pays any interest to any of you and not me? Well, let’s just forget what I just said about being brought together- you’re going DOWN)


110 Responses to “A.R.T.- A Robert Tribute”

  1. vogue18 says:

    FANTASTIC letter Byrdie! Wow, your words are ART. Just loved it, plain and simple.

    (can’t wait to see the erection, thanks for the heads up! LOL!)

    And that video? I actually got teary eyed watching Rob. He literally brings me to tears with his beautiful smile, his glowing aura, and spirit that shines through those eyes. That’s what makes him so gorgeous on the outside; his insides are even more glorious than we can imagine. *sigh* *thud*

  2. vogue18 says:

    Oh, and awesome move joining forces with Robsessed! Those girls ROCK!! Fan-f**king-tastic site they have other there!!

  3. vogue18 says:

    OK, this is rediculous…..where is everybody?? I’ve been gone from here for 10 minutes, I’m back again, and I’m STILL the only one here? WTF? You girls get your asses out of bed! LOL!

    Anywhoo, just wanted to share something I just read on Perez, then I gotta go to work. Maybe this is old news to some of you, but it’s new to me, and I’m psyched:

    “Twilight Four is SO HAPPENING, says KStew” :

    She may not be into it, but it’s paying her bills!

    In a new interview, Kristen ‘Bella’ Stewart says some things that will delight Twilight fangirls.

    She said she’d be shocked if a fourth installment of the popular vampire saga doesn’t get the green light:

    “We all really hope there is going to be a number four. I’m pretty confident that the fans aren’t going to all of a sudden lose interest. The only case that a fourth one wouldn’t be made is if all of a sudden people stopped caring, and I really don’t think that’s going to happen.”

    We’re with Kristen on this. If it can make some money, why wouldn’t the studio do a fourth?

  4. Nataliae says:

    LOVED this letter/post.

    Great way to start off a Saturday 🙂

  5. Sass says:

    Morning all!

    I am so sorry I missed the fun last night, I was exhausted and crashed early.

    And now my house looks like a tornado hit it and have to clean up…boo!!

  6. soccermom says:

    I’m her too ladies, but only for a sec. My girls have soccer practice this morning.
    @ Byrdie – Thanks for sharing you Rob/ART experience with us. I’m sorry you didn’t bump into Rob, but it certainly wasn’t for lack of effort. LOL! Don’t we all find Rob’s giggle incredibly sexy?
    @ Sass – I hadn’t seen much of anything about the studio making BD, other than Rob’s comment in an interview, and I was starting to worry. I don’t see how they could make the first three and then just leave it.
    Anyway – I’m off and running. Looking forward to reading all the comments later. Have a good day.

  7. junsikat says:

    Hey girls, I’m here, too…Love your letter byrdie! They will be shooting the fourth book as well? Praise the Lord *yahoo*

  8. Steph says:

    Top o’ the morning to you all!

    @Byrdie – Thanks for that and your amazing dedication. I thought it was great that the director knew Rob was perfect for the part because of his uncontrollable giggling. This does NOTHING to cure my Robsession.

    @Vogue – Thanks for the BD update. Really don’t see how they could stop at Eclipse anyway.

    Must go. Have too much to do today. Including scrubbing cat urine on the floor of my car. Oh, yes. Fun, fun, fun.

  9. Robin522 says:

    Mornin’ all! 🙂
    @Byrdie: Your letter was exquisite! Sorry you didn’t meet Rob in San Jose, but now we get to plan a world wide Robcat Roadtrip! Yay! The only problem is when our Dhs and kiddies wake up one morning and we are all…gone. They will have been thinking that perhaps the rapture has taken place (Rob rapture or Robture if you will). Poor things. But that ‘s okay. We will eventually come back or at least send for the kids anyway!

  10. Angie says:

    OMG I just listened to the commentary with Kristin, Rob and Catherine last night that a site uploaded. It was so funny!

    Rob was so complaining about his flat face features during the kissing scene. Even saying at the end of the film that he was beginning to look like an anime character with Asian features. During the piano scene he was complaining about his hands once again. HA! He called them “flappers”

    …and then he was talking about his eyebrows of all things and how he hated getting them groomed. I was laughing so much. Especially where you all have videos uploaded about rob eyebrow p0rN.

    • therealrobzilla says:

      Where is this?!?!?! I must see.

      • Angie says:

        twitter @RobPattzNews “DVD Audio commentary w/Rob. Spoiler Alert: Download at your own risk. http://tiny.cc/xPCat (You could just wait until the DVD comes out).”

        This is where I got it from. Entire movie run commentary! I stayed up till 2AM listening to it while watching parts of the movie that are on youtube.

        • soccermom says:

          Don’t have time to listen to this right now, but I can only imagine. Ahh, Rob, and his self depricating humor. Does he not realize that all those flaws he finds in himself are the exact things we all find soooo sexy about him? Then the fact that he makes fun of himself makes him that much more desirable!

  11. labtwerd says:

    Morning ladies!

    Mmmmm….the weekend just doesn’t start out right w/out a saturday delight video, does it?

  12. Robin522 says:

    JBell posted last night that there is now confirmation of Dakota Fanning joining New Moon cast to play Jane.

  13. malia says:

    we’re on a mission to make all words ROB related.

    we can do it.


  14. therealrobzilla says:

    Byrdie – I give you an A for the effort. What a wonderful fan you are. To travel all that way and plan out a schedule. Brava!

    Now, where is this site that you speak of? I need to see this.

    Also, I had a dream last night that a large group of the LTR women met up at the New Moon premier. We were all out at an English-like Pub having a great time with all of our bawdy talk about Rob when he suddenly walked up behind me and said, “Ladies, are you talking about me?”

    We all got very quiet. Then the giggling started. I told him, “Why yes we were, who do you want to ravish first?”

    He just smiled and said, “Why, you, of course.”


    Then I woke up.

  15. Amber says:

    Love the video…PERFECT song!

    “He makes the panties drop”
    “Makes my cherry pop”
    “With the real big c—”


    Plus, did you say erection? Please let this movie show SOMEWHERE near me!!

    • Mrs. P. says:

      I was hoping someone would point out these exact lines…thank you AMBER

      “He makes the panties drop
      “Makes my cherry pop
      “With the real big co**” –(oh a girls gotta have dreams right???!!!)

      –Byrdie, so sad we missed u at the screening, it would have been fun to meet another ROBSESSED woman!
      –and yes ladies, HE does say ERECTION in HOW TO BE>>>sadly though we don’t actually get to see it :”( It’s ok ladies…let it out….I cried too…

    • themoonisdown says:

      i just came in here to write the same thing. i LOVE this video, best song choice! amen!

      and i need to see how to be right MEOW!

  16. Wendy says:

    A great letter Brydie, so sorry you couldn’t meet Rob, how sad! Now I’m really jonesing to see How to Be. You just had to mention an erection, huh?! I signed up for the email list for the movie so I can get all the details of where to see it – hopefully somewhere near me!

  17. Kristin says:

    Byrdie! LOVED the letter! Girl, you are my hero!! 🙂 I think I would seriously love to take some time (a few months, LOL) off my real life and stalk Rob around the world! Can not wait to see HTB!! AN ERECTION? Holy Sh*t!

    The video was perfect, put me in a good mood for the rest of the day!

    @Vogue18 – I was up, had to take the girls to dance, now its time to run errands! I’m sorry you were all by your lonesome. Trust me when I say that I want to hop on this site every free moment I have.

    @angie – can’t wait for the DVD…seriously. I’m doing everything in my power not to watch this extra stuff before I get it. Its like I am a virgin saving myself for Rob. LOL!

    @TRR – wow, love that dream. You can have him first hunny, just as long as you share 🙂 Rob dreams are the best!

    Have a good day ladies! See you all later this afternoon!

  18. Genevieve says:

    @Byrdie- You rock! Just sayin’
    (loved your letter too!) How’s Portland?

  19. Leigh Anne says:

    I love Christina Augilera.

  20. soccermom says:

    Thanks Genevieve! Can always count on you to post the best pictures!

  21. English Girl says:

    @Byrdie – I loved the way you put everything in your letter. It made me feel quite sad for you that Rob wasn’t able to be at that showing … hope you get to meet him some other time. So jealous you have seen the film – I can’t wait to see it.

    And the video : OMFG I have died and gone to heaven. Love love love that song, my mouth was literally watering watching it.

    This could also have something to do with the fact that someone on LTR recommended we read the “I love LA” story on Twilighted fan fiction’s site. Well I started it yesterday evening, stayed up til 4.15am (yes am … my husband came downstairs 3 times to ask why I wasn’t in bed – didn’t have the heart to tell him or the energy afterwards to take advantage of it as I could barely keep my eyes open!!!), and have just finished what has been written so far. I almost feel bereft I loved the story so much. I thought at first I wouldn’t like reading a fan fiction about a “Rob” rather than Edward/Bella etc because I almost felt it was a bit disrespectful but hey, we have all let the cat out of the bag with our banter on LTR anyway so who cares? I got used to it real quick!!! Good grief if Rob or his friends ever read these fan fictions … well I hope they have a good laugh and then some good … youknowwhat

  22. jonettecullen says:

    Love this vid. Lots of panties dropping over here at my house when I watched this. Can’t wait for the erection scene! I’m gonna freeze that shiz and have it framed!

  23. Byrdie says:

    To all the lovely ladies who got out of bed and/or pried themselves away from Saturday AM chaos known as motherly homelife:

    Thank you for indulging me with all the amazing comments! As you know, I just “outted” myself only two short weeks ago on LTR, and now I can’t stop writing about my Robsession. Just spent most of my Friday night hanging with the craziest chicks and loving every minute of it (and when I say crazy, I mean that as the loveliest comment you can imagine – you know who you are).

    I want to reply to each and every one of you, but I’m off to Portland this morning and if I don’t feed my kids before we leave, I’m not sure we will make it. One side comment on Portland – this is actually where New Moon SHOULD be filming since I would be set side in three hours. I mean, really, my daughter can’t even see me in the crowds of people at her gymnastics meet – she would never miss me, right?

    Anyway, just one little note of clarification (Which Mrs. P so beautifully pointed out (heehee – pointed) – The ERECTION was implied, ie. Art (Rob in my mind) says he has an ERECTION after sitting on this couch with two skanky chicks that I think were supposed to be hot but were in fact skanks. Now, call me crazy, but I actually visualized the ERECTION so as far as I’m concerned, it really happened. I knew it was a bit of a tease by leaving it somewhat vague in my letter, but I have to say, I loved your response and knew that is where all of you would go (HA – it worked!) All I have to say is that I would have been all over the “thang”, and it was as close to Rob porn as I got that night. Well worth it!

    BTW, I’m ALWAYS looking for crazy company on these wild roadtrips, so if you want to join me in my 2009 manifestation of meeting Rob, jump on in. Vancouver in April, New York and Italy in May, Hollywood in November. Why not?

    Ok, I”m off. I’ll try to sneak on later tonight in my hotel room after DH starts snoring. SMOOCHES to all of you!

  24. Kristin says:

    @english girl – OH yes, I posted that link a few days ago. It is soooo good. She put a new chapter up this week, I was so excited!

    @Byrdie – wow! you really are jet set huh? I wish I could do that! I would join you in a heartbeat! Implied or not, Rob with an erection is something I drool over daily. ROWR. CREAM OF CULLEN! LOL!

    I’m off to take a nap, then getting kids ready to go to my parents, hubby and I are going to party it up for our best friends birthday! It will be a fun night, but not as fun as if I was at a pub with Rob! LOL! PATHETIC I KNOW! LMAO!

    Have a good day ladies! Not sure when I will be back!

    • English Girl says:

      Oh, thanks then Kristin for that. How do you know when a new chapter comes up? I’m not really au fait with these forums and fanfiction sites and not so technically minded (hence my monster avatar is still there … but never mind, it makes finding me easy!). Let me know when there is a new chapter. It had better have a happy ending though – I can’t take any angst on top of the obsession. It really is so so wierd reading a fan fiction based on a real person, in fact persons as other cast members are in a bit too. I told my hubbie this evening about what I had been reading last night (he still is in blissful ignorance about the robsession though … thinks I just quite like Twilight, which I do, but not as an obsession … oh no, only one person responsible for the obsession *sigh*) I think he wants me to read some of it to him tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gawd ….. hope he is prepared. ha ha ha

      Gosh, I really should act my age (or maybe not!).

      Anyway, thanks again for the recommendation!

  25. vickyb says:

    Byrdie…count me in on those roadtrips. I wish we would have bumped into you at the film fest. Here I thought I was the only one being clever and mapping out Robs whereabouts (I so checked the time change for Japan too!)

  26. V says:

    Byride!!! Loved your letter, it gave a really great picture of everything, too bad Rob didn’t show up, but you know…never stop hoping and don’t let anybody ever cut your wings! Have a safe trip to portland and a great stay!
    I’d love to do some Rob stalking around the world with you! But I guess my BF would kill me. Seriously. He’s already threatening.

    English Girl- I just read what you posted yesterday about Rob and Nikki … I couldn’t agree more. I don’t see him with one of those hollywood gilrs. And I also think that she would have to fit in with his friends. I read in a German magazine today that Rob said about Natalie Portman that her beauty is incredible and that she is fantastic or sg like this. She allegedly invited him to Hawaii to RELAX! (ha, who is she fooling?!)

    Kristin – when you get the Rob blues again, remember you are not alone. We’re all in the same boat and we’re here to comfort each other when it hits again! I had it this morning (I even wrapped my arms around my body like Bella…it does help a bit).
    Have fun at the party, you can still pretend Rob is there and only you see him. lol

    Have to go cook dinner for BF. See you later girls.

    • English Girl says:

      So V, I think you said you were in Austria, are you Austrian? Your english is great. My German is pretty good (hubbie is German and we have lived there, though not presently) but my written german is nowhere near as good as your english.

      Interesting don’t you think (seeing as you and I like to analyse a bit I think!) that the only woman in Rob’s life who seems to have been with him for a longer period, and is generally accepted as having definitely been a girlfriend is the German model Nina Schubert. Wonder how he met her? (if it’s true). Tells you something about him I think …

      Well enough blatent speculation – what do I know? I do love a gossip though! I’ll gossip about Camilla another day!

  27. sherin says:

    hello y’all LTR gals!!!

    @ brydie!!! great letter!! too bad rob didnt show up!!!i really would like like to see that movie and rob’s erection..figuratively speaking,of course.eh,who am i kidding?physically,of course!!!!LOL

    @ the rest of the regs here…where the heck is everybody????!!!!!!!

  28. therealrobzilla says:

    Sherin, I’m here. Getting ready to go out tonight though. My friend and I are taking that 5 ft poster out to have a good goofy time. I’m sure we will get plenty of looks, but who cares.

    I guess I’ll be back Monday. Unless I can sneak some time in tomorrow without DH hanging around.

    Have a fabulous Rob-filled weekend UC, Moon, and all the other lovely ladies.


    • English Girl says:

      You are taking the poster out?

      Better take photos sister!

      Compromising ones please!

      (Gah, this man is driving us all insane)

    • themoonisdown says:

      pictures of you on the town with an almost lifesize poster!!?? send these in! NOW! 😀

  29. Ayden says:

    @Byrdie- Great letter! So sorry you didn’t get to meet Rob, but hey, keep the dream alive! Have fun in Portland.

    @V- lol at wrapping your arms around you like Bella. Good one!

    @robzilla- Have fun!

    I’m off to pack (never going to finish that!). Took the night off last night for the ani. (Seeing Rob on giant theater screen again after getting used to the sickly green tint from the craptastic online version… let’s just say I shouldn’t be allowed to view images of Rob in any way shape or form while in a public venue. The growling… bad. So bad.)

    Have a wonderful Saturday ladies!

  30. V says:

    TRR – Have fun with 5 ft edward! where do you take him? lol

  31. JBell says:

    Popping in with a pic 🙂

    How cute does Dev Patel look?? I need not mention Rob… they should be BFF. I can’t stop grinning at what a cute picture it is lol


    • soccermom says:

      If rob is 6’2”, how tall is this Dev guy?!!

      • English Girl says:

        I don’t know how tall he is but he is sooo skinny. He was on a talk show here in the UK just before the oscars I think and they showed a clip of him in a TV series he was in (Skins – about very risque teenage life in Britain) and he was, most embarassingly for him, butt naked as the day he was born (back view only thank god). He was so skinny it was painful to watch. But for a young man – I think he’s only 18, he is very very confident in himself. I’m sure he and Rob had a good laugh together.

  32. Felicia says:

    LTR Ladies: Thank you…For making me feel like I’m not crazy. Like Kristen, I too have been feeling so sad about Rob. It’s so hard to put into words. I just want to be his friend (well, actually, his wife) but I just want him to know that I’m not just one of those crazy women that love him cuz he’s in a movie. I respect him as an actor and a musician and a gentle soul in that crazy world of Hollywood with whores like paris Hilton throwing herself at him just cuz he’s the flavor of the month. I want to love him and be there for him when everything gets so crazy that he just needs someplace to come to get away and just be Rob. But…….the odds of that happening are as good as me playing Bella in New Moon, so here I sit, lost in my head… It’s a good thing dreams are free cuz I’d be broke…

    • English Girl says:

      You’d better go read that fanfiction I mentioned above! It was a nice substitute for the real thing. Not totally authentic, but still… very er, well … HOT

      • Felicia says:

        can you post me the link?

        • English Girl says:



          then you need to register and look in the “Other” category for the I Love L.A. story (it’s one of the first 5 or so in the list at the moment).

          Just to confirm … it is an “adult” fanfiction – don’t want to shock anyone else although I think we are all cool with that on this blog?

          I can’t wait to read some more fanfiction now … but first must join the real world for real life a bit I fear!

  33. Gozde says:

    Thanks for the shout out! May 10th in Italy? I’ll meet you behind the clock tower 🙂

  34. English Girl says:

    Right I’m off again, hubs has just made me a coffee and I was in the middle of a sloppy Keanu / Sandra Bullock film (The Lake House) when I just had to pop here to take a look.

    Keanu is very yummy too I must say, and more my age …. I always had a soft spot for him, don’t care if he can’t 100% act, he’s very easy on the eye.

  35. Angie says:


    We have a new unicorn amongst us, JIMMY FALLON!

    @jimmyfallonOkay – I’m doing Twilight (I don’t think I’ll like it but who knows?) and I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Thanks.

    @jimmyfallonOkay – What book should I download on muh Kindle? Anything fun right now?

  36. vogue18 says:

    Booo! I want to download and listen to that commentary at Spunk Ransom, but my virus protection won’t let me open it. Says it’s an “undesireable page”.

    Is this going to be on our DVDs? I’m dying to hear Rob’s self-commentary.

    • Robin522 says:

      I am pretty sure that it is supposed to be on the Target DVD, but the other’s I’m not sure about 🙂

  37. pishposh71 says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Crazy day as per usual but it wounldnt be complete without a visit to my fav site in the world. All have a great nite!

  38. Spank Ransom says:

    Every once in a while I wonder — will the obsession ever fade and then I watch that video and I’m like oh wow look at him at 1.04… and 1.07… and 1.10 and then I realize it’s only going to get worse. Way worse… and I’m alright with that.

  39. vogue18 says:

    Dammit JBell! You just gave me a heart attack! I thought the GQ mag was out, and here I was panicking that it’s 10:29 PM here and I’ll have to wait till tomorrow for B&N to open so I can get it!

    I’ve been watching the ComicCon panel interviews for Twilight. I found someone with a decent vid on YouTube where you can actually hear them over the screaming idiots.

    Rob is SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!! What a clown! He was really soaking up the love and having so much fun that day. Really sweet to watch him.

    Now I’m off to read more of “I Love L.A.” RobPorn. *gasp* *drool*

  40. Jena says:

    Byrdie, so great to see your smiling face! I bet you were SO excited!!! Thanks for the recap! Loved it! You pointed out the characteristics that I love about Rob.

    Thanks to Angie for the commentary link! I’m so excited! OME! I’m downloading it now!

    I went shopping today with a friend and bought $43 worth of Twilight merchandise at Hot Topic today, I couldn’t help it. Aren’t you proud of me? LOL! They have way cool magnets! I bought the whole pack. I have completely lost my mind!

  41. JBell says:

    “His gaze speaks volumes: Robert is seducing the camera with his eyes, indicating he’s confident with his sexuality. He has one hand in his pocket which is usually a sign of insecurity, but the rest of his pose — his relaxed arm and shoulders in particular — indicate he’s getting some on a regular basis. The right hand gesturing to his package implies he’s secure with his hookup skills.”


  42. JBell says:

    MY STOMACH IS DOING FLIP FLOPS! skdfhasidufniuneifnuxeirufxniuerfniaejsd!!


  43. JBell says:

    DAMN IT! LMFAO The link CLEARLY says Cosmopolitan Magazine and I got WAYYYY too excited and only saw the part that said “April 2009 article”


  44. JBell says:

    Sorry Vogue! lmfao I just posted this on Twitter –

    “Just about had an annurism thinking this article was from April GQ & not April Cosmo – AMAZING little excerpt though! http://tinyurl.com/at7y2y

    So I completely understand what you just went through! I actually jumped to the phone and called my B&N to ask if they got it yet… then I was trying to time out how I could get there before they closed at 11 tonight! LOL!

  45. vogue18 says:

    I see it as a GOOD THING that some women don’t know who he is! Great! More Rob for us!! Less people we have to fight with to get the copies of GQ, etc…

  46. steelewind says:


    I am so jealous. Was supposed to go today to see How to Be at the Durango Film Festival. S.O. got called into work. Said somthing about responsibility and children…? (Sigh…) I think he is starting to realize the love is not for a movie caracter, it is for the actual actor. He is not liking it! I, too, went on the HTB website today once I realized I would not be seeing the movie tonight, requesting they let me know when it comes around again, hopefully closer? To add insult to injury, while stalking Robert this afternoon I found out the New Moon picture of him with his shirt open is fanmade. Aaah…lovely visual, but not real. People are so clever…and I am so gullible. It’s okay though, because like the rest of you, I think Rob looks better as himself. Oooh, and the video, too yummy for words! Thanks again! I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now:(

  47. soccermom says:

    @JBell – Do we know what picture they are analyzing? Did I miss that part?

  48. JBell says:

    @soccermom – No, the spunk-ransom website only had that article, we/they are still awaiting the picture lol Will post ASAP. Someone will have it by tomorrow though because that issue is already on news stands ;]

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