Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure? The Gates of Hell

Dear Ashley-

It was little Edwards dream to meet you, besides being a HUGE fan he knew how much UC and I loved you. I mean we’re going to be BFF’s after all. So when the news came down the wire that you were going to be at Hollywood and Highland’s Hot Topic he knew he had to be there to see you. I busted her arse to get to Hot Topic to secure tickets then drove like Edward down to LAX to pick up UC and back up to Hollywood again all the while dreaming of the perfect slumber party she would someday host after you all met and knew you must be BFF’s for life.

Needless to say it was absolute pandemonium with hundreds upon hundreds of fans (and friends and boyfriends and husbands who got dragged along) lined up for just a chance to see you.

Entering “the gates of hell” as Rob would say… screaming tweens and angels of death greet us as we settle in for the wait

At first Edward was a bit scared to come out and play cause it was so crazy…

turns out he was a HUGE hit… with girls wanting to take pictures with him and asking where to get their own mini Edward. Seriously girls? Who doesn’t know that?

Then being the good bloggers that we are we decided to update the followers on Twitter as to what was going on. Mini Edward being the crafty guy he is decided to get in on the action by live tweeting some of the news and professing his undying love to all the insane LTR gals and twitter followers who endured the 2 hr wait with us (regardless of time zone)… and a special thanks and ‘hitch of the leg’ to JBell our personal savior and direct feed to all things TWI while driving all over LA and standing in line trying not to get eaten by rabid fans and general Hollywood dbags. You will get your reward in heaven and “fake prize” TBD.

with hundreds of screaming (yes SCREAMING, read: ANNOYING) fans clambering to see you the tv crews were swirling like vultures with their cameras waiting to catch the perfect twihard freak out and rip off her “Edward is Mine, back off Biotch!” tshirt at the mere site of a cardboard cut out. We saw Access Hollywood, E! news, Reelz Channel, the Local Fox affilate and MTV. Loving Larry Carrol like we do Edward decided to show himself  for the MTV cameras and as luck would have it…

Moon happens to get into the shot featured on MTV.com!

And then FINALLY!! You show up and I have to hold on tight to little Edward because it started getting crazy. Pushing, shoving, screaming, demons being exercised from the bodies of 14yrs olds… you know just your average Twilight event

Finally after we’re peeled off of the floor and our hearts resuscitated by electric shock we run to get in line to meet you because Little Edward simply can’t pass by this opportunity… as we wait in line we meet other twi-fans to pass the time while we  inch closer and closer to meeting you. AND THEN… the clouds (tutu’s, bat wings, twilight body glitter) part and Edward sees you!

All that craziness and screaming and lines and it was worth it. Little Edward, I and UC up close and personal with Ashley Greene at the Hollywood and Highland DVD release party and we couldn’t have been more psyched to meet our new BFF. PSSSTTT check out her earrings!

It was nearing 2AM and we simply had to get out of Hollywood but not without getting a picture with our newest BFF fellow M.A.C., Hello Kitty and Twilight Fan (Amazing Race contestant) Kynt whom we met while waiting in line. Check out Kynt’s awesome sites.

Ashley we heart you and Edward’s life is now (almost) complete!

Kisses, hugs and rainbows,

Check out our rundown of the Midnight “Party” over at Letters to Twilight!

Where else has the Edward Action Figure been?

686 Responses to “Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure? The Gates of Hell”

  1. […] new Twi-friends (and made fun of and took pictures of some way weirdo Twi-fans) and got to be with Mini-Edward for his first MTV experience.  It was so fun being with all the hyped-up fans (minus the one girl who seriously needs to be […]

    • Kimbalina says:

      Glad you guys had so many good pics to share of your weekend! And Ashley Greene is incredible! Rachelle (Victoria) was a couple of hours from me here in Idaho, she was at the Walmart in Riverton Utah and my BFF’s niece met her and got lots of pics with her and said she was super nice and GORGEOUS!!! Told my friends niece how having braces must be hard right now but to keep her eye on the prize and how important it was to take care of her teeth, my friends niece is 14, so it made her millenium and made her feel better in this akward stage of teen-ness. Props to all the Twilight cast for keeping it real and being good to the people who loves y’all!!!

  2. English Girl says:

    Wow you guys are up early to post this! Can’t stay for long as I have to go out so will have to read all later when I’m back.

    Pretty bummed this weekend in the UK … no DVD, no RobQ, no parties to go to at videostores or bookshops, no mention of Rob anywhere in the UK press EVER (well, hardly ever).

    I need a cuddle to cheer me up!! (ooh I can think of who could give me that cuddle *sigh*). But I did laugh heartily at JBell’s long comment summary at the end of yesterday’s blog which I did manage to read – you so crack me up! That did bring a smile to my face.

    OK, off to the real world again, sulking. Feeling very Robdeprived over here. Don’t like to admit this but PAPS or fans – I need a new photo of this weekend NOW!!!!! Do not disappoint me, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

    Good morning all when you all wake up.

    • brummielover says:

      Well don’t feel too bad English Girl…I gotsno DVD yet either..Melissa and I just kind walked around bumping into walls waiting on the posty to deliver ours..Monday pleeeeeeease. I did get the GQ and that had me over the moon 🙂 Oh and our Twilight party is this Friday..you are of course invited.. 🙂

      • English Girl says:

        I decided in the end to wait and order a UK DVD so that it works on the TV downstairs which is a nice big screen, rather than on the computer. So not long now, and I’ve watched most of the extras courtesy of utube etc.

        Not sure about how successful I will be in finding the GQ mag … was looking over the last week, not for the Rob issue because knew there was no way that would be here in the UK yet, but for the JT issue. But bloody newsagents keep putting GQ up on the top shelf with all the men’s porn mags … not that it is that type of mag of course, they just do it. I am only 5’2″ so it is really hard to have a good look at the top shelf without getting an eyeful of some wommanly bits which I do not wish to look at and without seeming like a pervert. So have not yet established whether it is even possible to buy US GQ yet outside of a major city … need to go to a decent bookstore I think … where there is no porn on show preferably.

        • brummielover says:

          I can drop you one in the post if you like..just let me know. 🙂

          • English Girl says:

            Ooh very very tempting … I’m going to try one more store tomorrow in a town I am visiting and then if they don’t stock it (I am sure I have seen US Vanity Fair there for example) I’ll come begging to you and we can sort out how to make payment etc.

            Is your other half over here presently?

          • brummielover says:

            Yes…he was here for nearly 5 years..then had to return..long sad story. Anyways, I move there in summer 2010 gulp! lol

  3. junsikat says:

    Same here in Germany…No Rob AT ALL 🙁

  4. Lizzie says:

    No real DVD here in Oz for another month, having to make do with “special” copy from China. Love the description on the back, not my typos theirs:
    – Bella noves to the small town of Forks; and
    – Edward Cullen a boy who’s hiding a donk secret!
    LOL at least the DVD is right, well so far anyway!

  5. Leigh Anne says:

    Good times. Precious, tender memories…

  6. brummielover says:

    @Moon and UC…I lived vicariously through you both Friday night! I pretended I was hip and cool like “yenz” and it helped me whilst passing the time waiting on my DVDs. You both are gorgeous btw…no I am not a fake lesbian sorry…Ashley is beautiful. I have ALWAYS said I thought she was the prettiest girl on the Twilight cast..reminds me of Audrey Hepburn..classic beauty. Ok wait maybe I am a fake lesbian ahahahaha…ouch 2 glasses of wine and I get a residual headache shhhhhhh. Enjoy your visit together..you will always remember these times 🙂

  7. vogue says:

    Wow Ladies! You’ve outdone yourselves!! That was a great photo-diary of an exciting night!
    Little Edward rocks!! Wish we could have all been there together! And mad props, AS USUAL to JBell!!

    I LOVE Ashley!!! Alice was my favorite female character in the Twilight movie, and Ashley is just FAB. I hope her career really skyrockets. She seems like such a sweet girl, and those are the people you want to be rewarded. What a great girl to make that appearance, and she always seems to be smiling and upbeat. People like that who seem grateful for their newfound fame are the ones I hope “make it”.
    Not like the brooding, pouty, moody, unappreciative poop-heads like KStew seem to be (sorry if I’m wrong, but that’s the vibe she gives).

  8. vogue says:

    OK!! I”m baaaaack!! I missed my LTR friends!
    I actually had a very nice weekend with DH, and guess what we did last night??? OMG!!

    (my DH is one of those ones who has been very bitchy and jealous of my Twilight lust, and heaven forbid if he knew even an iceberg’s tip of info on my Robsession.)

    We ended up watching Twilight! It’s on Pay-Per-View already!!

    We were surfing for a movie to watch, and when he saw that, he said “oh, let’s watch Twilight! I want to see it.” I said “uh……hmmm….I ….I don’t know. It’s a very special movie and I’m not sure I want to share it with you.” Then I laughed and we watched it.
    I had to explain a lot of the dynamics to DH in advance about Edward’s reactions, his real age, his virgin status, the werewolves, etc…

    Of course I was swooning. During the restaurant scene when Edward says “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore” I screamed at t.v. “Then DON’T, EDWARD!! DON’T STAY AWAY FROM ME!! AAAAAHHHH!” and then I feigned fainting, with my tongue hanging out, to be dramatic.

    DH chuckled and said “He’s a good looking guy?” I said “Oh YES. Very. Very good looking. He makes women crazy.” He was like “oh.” He is changing his tune, and not being such a dick about Twilight now. We had a good weekend, a lot better than I expected. But now that he’s flown off for 3 weeks, I’m right back on the porn wagon this morning. LOL!!!

    SO, I wanted to make sure those of you who are following the fanfic “The Office” were aware that there were 2 new chapters added since I last checked it! The last time I looked, it ended with Bella telling Edward to tell Esme she’d come to dinner, and for him to get the f**k out of her car. Now there’s 2 more chapters!!

    Oh, I added a new entry to my blog. Ode to Hot Pockets.

  9. vogue says:

    Oh, and then after we watched Twilight, I pulled up YouTube and made him watch Twilight Farts, the Twilight version of I Jizzed in My Pants, and the apple scene outtake. He like those.

    When he gets back he wants to listen to the commentary by Rob, Kristen, and Catherine. (my DVD has shipped from Target and Borders; should have them this week).

    Wow, we might have a Unicorn in the making; he’s considering reading the books!

  10. soccermom says:

    @Vogue – Congratulations on bringing the hubby around! I told you – baby steps! Oh, and welcome back! we sure did miss you!

  11. vertigo says:

    That post was pure poetry Ladies and mini Edward. Thankyou so much for the updates throughout the weekend, it feels like I was there. And oh how I love me some Ashley/Alice, she’s the epitome of the Sister I always wanted.

  12. Genevieve says:

    @UC & Moon- Ahhh, a dream come true for you and PE! Did you bring ear plugs for PE? (b/c of screaming tweens) Pretty sure he has sensitive ears! lol! Thanks for the updates Friday night- that was totes great, was like we were there with you! Hope you gals are having the best time ever together!

    @Lizzie- those typos are hilarious! ‘noves’ and ‘donk secret’! LOL! Conclusion- whoever wrote that must have been inebriated fo’ sho!

    @English Girl- Don’t feel bad- still no ROBQ here either. Hang in there.

  13. Wendy says:

    @UC and Moon – thank you for putting up with all of the screaming crazies for us! You gals rock and we love you!

  14. Spank Ransom says:

    Headline: Little Edward steals Ashley Greene’s thunder at Twilight Release party! 😉

  15. soccermom says:

    I wasn’t around much yesterday (watching every extra on multiple Twilgiht DVD’s), so these may have been posted already. But, who cares right? I never complain about having to look at Rob over and over again!

  16. Awesome Letter Moon and UC. Looks like Little Eddie had a great time.

    @Jbell read ur comments from yesterday.

    *Waves* Hello to everyone.

  17. soccermom says:

    @ Genevieve – LOL!! Great Rob minds think alike!

  18. Genevieve says:

    OK Soccermom- now that’s just scary *puts hands on hips*! Same time linking and on a Sunday!?! LOL! TWINNERS!


  19. emmmes says:

    Thanks , Moon and UC (and all the other LTT/LTR Twitters)!!!

    Even though I´m all the way down here (chillin´in da tropics) I totally had an adrenaline rush following the “Moon and UC meet their BFF” adventures on friday night. It was fun times, friends were made, beer was drunk, hearts were stopped as u raced through LA,bets were made, shots were slammed which ensued to drunk typing…

    Anyway, it was a blast… 🙂

  20. soccermom says:

    @Genevieve – THAT was totes scary!! LOL!! What are the odds?? Haven’t had much sleep past two nights! IfOnly and I have the Borders special edition and the Target special edition. We were up til 4am Saturday morning just watching all the extra stuff! We didn’t actually get around to watching the movie until LAST NIGHT!! Might I jsut say, that after listening to commentary along with movie, I kinda warmed up to K Stew *ducks*. She explained ‘OUT LOUD’ why she played some of the scenes the way she did (she was directed to do so). And Rob was completely adorable making fun of himself in every scene.

    • Genevieve says:

      @Soccermom- I KNOW! Woooooooo! Haha! Like I said ‘twinners’!
      I got my 3 disc version yesterday and just ended up watching the Special Features DVD. Still have to watch the movie again and the Bonus Features. Got lots of time for that! Yay! OKay looking forward to hearing the commentary!
      ps picked up the DH book yesterday too (thought it would be an interesting read)

  21. Kristin says:

    G’ mornin!!

    @vogue – YAY! DH coming around and you got have a twilight weekend like the rest of us! 🙂 Can we still be lovers though? I did invite some others to participate! (I was drunk and they were hot, LOL)

    @soccermom and Gen – TWINNERS!!!! thank you for the hotness.

    Hello to everyone else! More dance and a bridal shower today. ugh. real life. booo!! Thanks for your nice comments yesterday ( can’t remember who left them) about my daughter doing so well.

    My DH surprised me this morning by letting me sleep in until 10am! WHAT?! It was so nice, and today it was totally better than getting up for church. Even though…I probably should have gone to church….because I am sure I break a bunch of commandments by what I say and do here on this site! LOL!

    Have a great day ladies, I’ll be in and out!

  22. V says:

    moon&UC – thanks so much for the wonderful photo-diary, I was so excited for you and PE! You are really gorgeous!

    It was so nice of Ashley to show up at the party and sign DVDs, I wish I would have been there. Do we know if any other cast members made any appearances?

    English Girl – we are in the same boat. No DVD. No RobQ. No Rob in the media. No one is interested in him over here. Almost 🙂

    Gen – You’re killing me, as always! *thud*

    Ladies, I’m off to the movies, watching Marley and me. Have a great, Robtastic Sunday!

  23. soccermom says:

    Making up for lost time: Anyone interested in this? It might be old news. Sorry if it is.


  24. sherin says:

    Hello ladies from the league of extraordinary LRT’rs -slash- twitterers // I missed the last parts of last nite thanks UC and moon for d update wow u gals n micro eddie had a lot of fun!!! I’m glad we didn’t have to bail you out of the pen, what are we gonna do without you two and little eddie?

  25. vickyb says:

    Okay. At one point yesterday I had 3 unopened copies of the Twilight DVD in my possession. The Border’s copy came in the mail “early”, I stopped at Wal-Mart on my way home from TW party on Friday and bought the Double Disc and then on Saturday morning I went to Target and got the 3-Disc with I-tunes download (by far the best deal). Soooooo last night at around 10:30 p.m. I FINALLY get to sit down (everyones asleep) I pop in the DVD to watch with the commentary. All’s good, Rob is funny, Catherine is a excited, and Kstew is…well you know. Bella and Edward arrive at the Cullen house and……my F@#%&*G DVD starts to freeze and skip…NOOOOO! I moved to the DVD player downstairs and…..SAME THING. The bedroom, tree climbing, and piano playing…missed it! I am so pissed!!!! Now I have to go to Target again b/c like an idiot I returned my other copies 🙁

    • Genevieve says:

      Oh no vickyb- HORRIFYING! Same thing happened to Kariannethefanpire (posted yesterday @12:02) Uh oh, I see a revolt occuring!

    • themoonisdown says:

      mine had one too. not huge but still noticeable. they didnt think we’d overanaylze every second of the dvd? come on people you underestimate us.

      • vickyb says:

        Noticeable indeed! They better not give me any crap when I go try to exchange it. I don’t wanna have to go Nomad Vampire on the checkout girl at Target! 🙂

  26. soccermom says:

    Hi and Bye Kristin and V. Have a great day!

    • Genevieve says:

      What are you up to today Soccermom?

      @Kristin- Have fun and the dance & bridal shower!

      @V- Hope you enjoy the movie.

  27. soccermom says:

    Gotta run girlies. Have to play catch-up at home after Twilighting ALL DAY yesterday. Will pop back in later!

  28. sherin says:

    @ V….. Oh that’s wonderful DH is coming over to the dark side!!! baby steps, baby steps, he’ll come around!!!! btw,did u gals see that pics from the japanese mag??? *dies* although I’m still pissed no one from the land of the rising sun got a vid/ pic of the hugh- rob karaoke moment.

    • Genevieve says:

      @Sherin- The pics that are posted (above)? Yes, they are most Swoonworthy!
      Would liked to have seen a video of the karaoke too! That would have been something to behold indeed! LOL!

  29. French_Nugget says:

    Hey ladies!! I was going to try to catch up on what I missed this weekend, but over 1,000 comments on Friday! Can anyone give me a condensed version of the weekend? Please 🙂

  30. Genevieve says:

    I just watched this piece about ‘Becoming Edward’ and I gotta say that I got ‘the chills’ when Rob started singing ‘Let me Sign’! Otherworldly!


  31. SpunkMe says:


    I missed you all terribly!!!!!!

    I went with a couple of my Twilight girlfriends to a hotel last night to watch DVD! They liked it and had fun, but it was not anywhere near the level that I feel for Rob and the whole DVD experience, so it was so hard holding back–wishing I’d been watching with you guys instead who would understand.

    I slept from 5:30-8:30 this AM and then packed up to come home and check in with you gals!

    I’m so glad I have you all!

    @Vouge…I missed you lots on here!

    @Gene and @SM LOVE the pix you posted today of Rob–extra yummy!

    @UC and Moon and PE…so jealous of your time with Ashley! But so happy for you at the same time!

    @JBell….loved your commentary you wrote yesterday! You rock as usual!

  32. Melissa says:

    still without a DVD here..blah.

  33. SpunkMe says:

    Ok, so some comments about the DVD….

    Did anyone notice in Wicke’s Bella’s lullaby remix the extra footage mixed in of Rob and KStew making out?…footage I’ve never seen anywhere. She has on a camisole strap type shirt. Rob looks like he is licking her neck in one shot. I WAS SO JEALOUS! Totally wantin’ some of that action with our hot Rob! And then a sec later another shot where KStew totally grabs his face like this…


    And actually starts kissing him with an open mouth–GASP!–so different from straight line cold fish KSTew previous kisses. Of course this is all stuff cut from the film for being too hot….

    And what is the verdict from you all on the boob grab? yes or no? this was a big debate between us last night at our viewing party. One said no he didn’t and the other said yes.

  34. IfOnly says:

    Hey girls! Sorry I didn’t get on at all yesterday, looks like I need to go back and read JBell’s comment. Only one thing can keep me away from LTR – Rob extra outtakes, deleted scenes and commentary. Soccermom and I surprised ourselves too. We watched all the extras and commentary before watching the movie again and we feel alot different about KStew now. I know – we were surprised too. It sounds like some of it was the way she was directed and she also gave some insight on why she did some of the things she did. I’m glad though, because it gives us good hope for the next movie. I thought we’d be the last ones to become KStew fans, but KStew may just get a thumbs up from us. (I’m still holding out to see NM before I become a full fledged fan though). Hope everyone gets their DVD soon.

    @Moon & UC – great pic of PE and Ashley

    @Vogue – Yeah!! So glad hubby is coming around.

  35. French_Nugget says:

    I love that judging by the number of comments yesterday, it’s obvious that everyone was watching and re-watching their DVDs. lol

    • Genevieve says:

      HI FN- glad to see you’re back. Friday was crazy, yesterday was slow. I’m trying to catch up on Fridays comments too.

  36. vogue says:

    Hey, can somebody please tell me what the hell that pic is about, over at Robsessed?

    They have some gifs of the kiss in slow mo, and then under that, is a pic of Edward totally molesting Bella in biology class! Where did that come from??
    I don’t have my DVD’s yet, so maybe one of you who HAS watched the DVDs knows?? It’s HOT!!!
    Must be a dream sequence that got cut?

  37. SpunkMe says:


    It’s near the end of this


    • vogue says:


      That is the HOTTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. I think I need to excuse myself. Seriously. I don’t even have the words…..

      Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be Edward biting Bella, but it looks like something totally different to me.

      That was serious fertilizer for the Rob sex garden that I’ve been cultivating in my brain……

      • Melissa says:

        haaaaa…”rob sex garden” omg i just LOLed

      • SpunkMe says:


        That was serious fertilizer for the Rob sex garden that I’ve been cultivating in my brain……


        I figured we would be on the same wave length with this one! Totally hot feel and grab! And you know that was all Rob on Kristen and not EdwardBella. And even if it was Midnight Sun scene, Edward did not want Bella THAT WAY at that point of his story.

        And you know with Wicke already warning Rob to stay away from Kristen to begin with due Wicke being friends with Oregano, I find it hard to believe that Wicke would direct Rob to actually go up her shirt and totally massage the sh*t out of one of Kristen’s girls.

        No honey, that was pure Rob on Kristen lust if you ask me. That was Rob saying pffft to Oregano!

  38. French_Nugget says:

    @SpunkMe about the boob grab, I can’t tell! I swear I need new glasses! I’m going to go with no, b/c that makes me feel better 🙂 lol

    • SpunkMe says:


      I’m going with a yes on the boob grab cause it gives more fuel to my fantasies.

      As for KStew reapin’ the actual benefits there…I hope she realizes what a lucky b*tch she is to get that with him. If she has a lick of sense in her head, she’d snap Rob up off the market before it’s too late and dump Oregano. Seriously, that dude is such a LOSER compared to our fine LEADER, Robert Thomas Pattinson!

      But whoever gets him eventually is one lucky woman!

  39. SpunkMe says:

    For anyone that wants to watch Rob in

    Edward’s piano concert



    Words do not go deep enough to describe this man!

    He is so brilliant in every way! I so am in love with him!

    • soccermom says:

      @SpunkMe – I agree. Just Rob and a piano but still sooooo HOT! I could watch that over and over again!

      • IfOnly says:

        You did watch it over and over and over again.

      • SpunkMe says:

        Yes, makes me think many naughty things…keep thinking about a scene in fanfic of The Submissive that happens at his piano WHILE he is playing the piano….that is SOOOOOOO HOT! Have you read that?? I wish I knew which scene/chapter it was actually in, I’d link it…

        • soccermom says:

          No, I started that one, but had a difficult time visualizing Edward and Bella and the S&M stuff. Maybe I’ll try it again though. Working on Midnight Desire right now.

          • SpunkMe says:

            Yeah, give it another try…I was the same way…infact I started and stopped at the beginning of it like twice for the exact same reason before I decided to push through and check it out. I figured it had won some award for like best hot fanfic or something…and I guess 3rd times a charm, cause it was HOT! Try to read it next and let me know what you think.

    • vogue says:

      What a talent he is. *sigh* Rob, you’re a gem.

      Love the pursed lips as he concentrates while playing. You can hear the jazz influence in his style.

  40. Genevieve says:

    Girls I’ve been spammed. Just sent two different links (to pics) and NOTHING is showing up. WAH!

    • soccermom says:

      @Gen – happened to me earlier. Tried to post links (twice) on some news at Celebuzz and they never showed up!??

      • Genevieve says:

        @Soccermom- Yeah I saw that. Your’s is posted twice now. Mine are still in hiding. Was the shot of Edward & Bella at the bio table and 2 new Japan shots. Pooh!

  41. Genevieve says:

    @JAG- are you out there?

    • Just a Girl says:

      I’m here! *waves arms frantically* Actually catching up on some work today. I’ve only been able to watch disc one so far.

      Everyone has been so quiet, obviously in their Twilight Bubbles

      • Genevieve says:

        JAG- its picking up now. Just wanted to let you know that I could not watch your ‘bump & grind’ video on DailyMotion. No idea why! Is it on youtube?
        Another question- is fakerpattz following you on twitter? Just wondering. Someone deleted a comment of mine last night on Twitter. Is that weird or what?

      • Genevieve says:

        @JAG- me too! (One disc so far) I watched the Special Features one last night. Good stuff!

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