This is Rob

This is Rob

Dear Rob,

Yesterday I spent time with a girl that you’ll want to marry RIGHT NOW. She was a real-live human being who knows nothing about Twilight except that “it’s about vampires.” I KNOW- apparently females like that DO exist.

Picture the following scenario: yesterday I leave Moon in LA (and sob) and drive to Orange County to spend some time with my first roommate in college, who I affectionately call Roomalufugus.  She asks me what I’ve been up to since I saw her last year. I tell her nothing much- I spend all my free time in the outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and purging myself from the dangers of technology and all this “social networking” hype that I have no interest in getting caught up in.  Actually, I really broke down and went all fangirl crazy on her and blurted out my love for all things Twi & Rob-related and gushed about LTR & LTT and our readers like I was a proud Twi-mom, to which she responded, “are you seriously obsessed with a book about VAMPIRES?” A BOOK ABOUT VAMPIRES? Roomalufugus needed to be set straight:

Me: Rooms, it’s SO much more than a VAMPIRE story. It’s a LOVE story- and the guy just happens to be a vamp. It’s about the dynamics in the relationship between a human & a vamp- a vamp that abstains from drinking human blood!
Roomalufugus: But.. it’s vampires, right? Like, they do vampire stuff.
Me: (Feeling slightly awkward b/c it’s like I’ve been away at youth group camp aka “how to share your faith camp” all summer and suddenly I’m home & faced with a “non-believer” and I forget everything I learned all summer long) Well, kinda. It’s not weird. I wouldn’t read it if it was weird. I PROMISE. It’s so great and SEXUAL but without sex. There’s this tension because they can’t get super physical because he would kill her.
Roomalufugus: (blank stare) So… how do you become a vampire?
We’ll skip this part but I basically gave her a quick rundown of Carlisle, the Cullen family, etc. etc. and this is the only important part:
Me: Well, back in 1918, Carlisle was working in a hospital in Chicago and Rob was dying from the spanish influenza. Carlisle was really lonely and wanted a companion so he… OH MY GOSH (almost fall off bed because of my intense laughter)
Roomalufugus: Why are you being a crazy person?
Me: I just called him ROB! I called Edward ROB!

True story. I did this. I was ashamed. I am ashamed. This letter is my confession.

This is Edward

This is Edward

I loved Edward before I loved you. When I read Twilight and found out it was going to be made into a movie, I didn’t care that you were going to play Edward because I didn’t care about you. Plus I figured the movie was going to suck compared to the book. It did, but since I expected that I was happy. And I was even happier because you made me love Edward more because you were so effing hot.

After I realized your greatness I jumped on the Google to find out more about you. I started watching videos, reading interviews, looking at pictures, perusing blogs etc. etc. etc., and I haven’t stopped yet. I’ve been telling myself that I crush on you because: 1) you’re incredibly attractive  2) you’re a great actor 3) you’re a great musician 4) you’re extremely humble 5) you just don’t give a damn 6) what else is there to do in the ‘burbs 7) you have a HOT British accent 8 ) you’re hilarious &  sarcastic 9) you have an “I don’t give a sh*t about Hollywood” attitude and 10) you’re so freakin’ hot it’s unbelievable. But it turns out the only reason I actually like you is because you played Edward. You’re my Robward- my subconscious doesn’t lie.


PS: I would like to remind you all that behind every little teeny tiny thing we write on this blog is sarcasm. So don’t start hatin’ on me for not being a ‘legit’ Rob fan. Believe me, I love Rob for legit reasons. I mean, have you seen his sex hair?

678 Responses to “Robward”

  1. Sass says:

    I started out very much the same. Couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t! Once again, UC, you have done it, let’s dance!

    *twirls UC around*

    • let’s dance… put on your red shoes and dance…

    • themoonisdown says:

      ok i wanted to post this last night after i read uc’s post (we do this to each others on the secret so we can get a sneak peek) and i this was my comment:

      so by this comment “Yesterday I spent time with a girl that you’ll want to marry RIGHT NOW.” I’m just going to assume you meant ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 cause it could really be no other way. the roomalufugus just doesnt understand robward like i do.


  2. Valerie(momof3crazykids) says:

    Oh UC. What I’m worried about is that your friend doesn’t get it! What is wrong with these people? lol
    I just brought another over to the Twi-side, on twitter. Finally got her to watch the movie & then she has started reading “the book”.
    I have to admit also, I loved Edward before Rob, but it was only a few days. After reading Twilight last June it was all I could do to find out who was playing him in the movie. All during my vacation I read the books & surfed the web for anything Rob. I have been “mesmerized” ever since!

  3. junsikat says:

    Exactly the same for me!
    BTW, love your sarcasm 🙂

  4. Spank Ransom says:

    This is so strange b/c we were talking about this last night. We weren’t starting blogs and being all OMG it’s ROB! when he was Cedric Diggory. No, then he was just the unfortunate bloke who came up against Lord Voldemort. No, no… it was when he became our Edward. Thanks to Twilight we can now love 1 through 10 (and then some) about Rob but in the end, he brought us Edward Cullen.

    He’s also super-hot with great sex hair.

    Perfect letter, UC. You nailed it (though I know you’d much rather nail Rob, er Edward, um… Robward. 😉

    • Emmmes says:

      Exactly! I wouldn’t give Rob the light of day when he was Cedric.

      I srsly thought, what’s the deal with this guy?…so he’s supposed to be the popular boy at Hogwarts, the one all the girls have crushes on…could’t they cast someone cuter??

      But I get it now…Rob’s never been a cute “BOY” , Rob’s a MAN…his looks are all man and no boy, cue the sex hair! It’s like Bella said to Jessica:”He’s even more incredible BEHIND the face”. That doesn’t only apply to Edward it applies to Rob too (and all the 10…is it really just 10…reasons to love Rob).

      When I started my journey into Robsession I dusted off the Harry Potter DVDs and set out to take another look at Cedric….W.O.W…..Why didn’t I see it clearly the first time around, Cedric rules the school! I get it now.

    • how did you know i’d much rather nail Robward!? Is it THAT obvious!?

  5. sherin says:

    hiya y’all !!!

    sorry i missed out on the fun yesterday! am still trying to read all your post.whew,its like another full time job at LTR.seriously.i twitch and squirm coz i was at the airport yesterday and i couldnt log in to LTR,w/c inturn made me rant and rave that the airport should have an access to wifi yad..yada..yada…

    @UC..i love how u call ur roomie roomalufugus…sounds so HP!LOL! and i crush on rob for exactly the same 10 reasons you gave,well,maybe except for no. 6 coz im out here in the desert.and just like everyone here,i totes googled him too,it seems like when you read or watch an interview w rob in it,you cant help but fall for his charms,his endearing smile and wit and then you go and gooogle him some more,and find more youtube vids of him,as if you cant stop until you are sure you watched every single thing there is of him.

    whew.only rob would make me post something as long as this.

  6. sherin says:

    and btw,i have never in my life been this obsessed w a celebrity before,never felt the need to check up for latest info on him,join a blog site to talk about him,spend sleepless nights blogging about him,stare/zoom on ALL of his pics, basically devote a lot of time to a celebrity before.

    im pretty sure a lot of us feel the same way.but yah know what,im HAPPY!i found my way to u great gals of LTR! you girls rock!!thank u rob!

    • iheartedward says:

      Oh I hear ya, I am in the same boat. When I was in high school I really liked the Smashing Pumpkins and I was a wee bit obsessed with Billy Corgan. But Billy is no Rob. And back then the internets weren’t around, so I couldn’t profess my love to Billy to an anonymous group of women like I can about Rob here on LTR and Twitter.

  7. JustGotWicked says:

    @UC you described my exact experience on how I stumbled upon the glory that is Rob Pattinson.

    I will admit that I was skeptical at first because it seemed no one could be as perfect as Edward.
    After seeing the movie, he really did bring the Edward I had envisioned to life.

    I noticed after watching the movie again however, that I am in love with two men (aside from DH) I love Edward because hes…. Edward. And then theres my love/robsession.
    I love him for the exact same 10 reasons you listed above. But they are two totally different kinds of love.

  8. JanetOC says:

    Who doesn’t love Rob for the 10 reasons above? You nailed it on the head, UC!

    What was the end result with your friend though? Did she see the light, or rather the Twilight-Robwardness?

    • she, sadly, did NOT see the light. i believe she one day will…

      • Mrs. P. says:

        oh man…I can’t believe she didn’t get it…the only thing u can do with people like that is leave the book “accidentally” lying around for them. Everyone I’ve done this to, and there have been a few, will pick it up, read it, and be hooked…then you will start to have your own coven {muahahaha}

  9. charlee says:

    UC you are a great writer! I just fell in love with Rob all over again.

    I have a friend who loved the movie but refuses to read the book. It drives me nuts. She read every other book to movie ever made. She asked me to explain all the books to her! Wow, I had a hard time explaining new moon to her and gave up when I got towards the end of the book. One of the ladies doing our pedicures that day said, “oh those are such great books! You should read them.” haha

  10. ZephyerSky says:

    UC that was perfect. Like everyone else I fell in love with him after Edward too. And now that I have Edward is even that much better because he has Rob’s face. Great letter.

  11. LabTwerd says:

    This is perfection.

    And hopefully we have another convert to come play with us.

  12. Topaz Intoxication says:

    OME! I love this site and I love you guys. You all totally make my days. I don’t always comment, but I always read. I’m going to have to start joining in on the fun!

    I used to think I was going crazy and was about to commit myself over my robsession, but then I found you ladies.

    I have to agree 100%. You’ve all described my robsession perfectly. I loved Edward first, but Rob totally brought him to life. All 10 reasons are why I never get anything done any more.

    PS: Thanks for turning me on to some awesome fanfic – woo hoo!

    “Rob Pattinson – Helping husbands get laid since 2008!”

  13. Here, here. I would say I’m the same. I saw Order of the Phoenix and that scrawny kid playing Cedric wasn’t even a blip on the radar until he became Edward. But lets just say that now I think the Rob part of Robward shines a little brighter than the “ward” part.

    LOVE the top 10 list. Spot ON, I tell you. Oh my that hair.

  14. Topaz Intoxication says:

    I remember buying my daughter a poster of “The Goblet of Fire” and telling her the guy that played Cedric was kinda cute.

    She said he looked like a “troll” (she is Daniel Radcliffe all the way). She’s taken it all back since Edward though.

    So I give myself props – I called it way back then. So glad he’s.. umm.. grown up so well. ; )

  15. sherin says:

    i gave PDF copies of the books to friends of mine,around 10 of ten and they are now twi-converted.woohoo!!!! yay for me! more `peeps to robsess with!

  16. sherin says:

    * ten of them.

  17. Jena says:

    UC, I <3 U! I absolutely loved today’s letter!

    “I just called him ROB! I called Edward ROB!”
    LOL! It reminds me of that youtube where Rob is outside signing autographs outside a NY radio station (I have the link at home but since tech nazis here at work are evil I can’t access it right now) and a girl calls him Edward and says “Oh my gosh, I just called you Edward!” He, like the adorable person that he is, laughed it off.

    I love your Top 10! Bravo! Agreed! And Amen!

  18. Janet says:

    Oh. My. Word. You are hilarious. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

  19. Steph says:

    UC, that was a rockin’ great post! None of us could say it any better.

    I hate trying to convert people to Twilight. I’m so thrilled when I’m able to finally do it, but it’s exactly the way UC put it: “Feeling slightly awkward b/c it’s like I’ve been away at youth group camp aka ‘how to share your faith camp’ all summer and suddenly I’m home & faced with a ‘non-believer’ and I forget everything I learned all summer long” I turn into a complete turd when I try to explain why I love the books and Robward. Why is it that we always fudge it when trying to explain the things that are the most important to us?

  20. VeilsofLight says:

    I, too, ‘jumped on the Google’ 🙂 after seeing Twilight and it was all downhill from there. However, I prefer the short-haired, scruffy, smiley, cardboard-box-buying in LA Rob and the soulful, rockin’ out open-mike Rob any day over Edward. Sorry! P.S. Just lent my copy of Twilight to a complete Twi-virgin at my workplace, with a simple disclaimer: ” Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” 🙂 Poor girl has no idea what’s in store, almost makes me feel a little guilty. Almost. 😉

  21. Giseli says:

    Well, well, well, UC… I don’t hate you. In fact, I think I’m loving YOU right now. You pretty much know everything about feelings for Robward and… Your sarcasm is HOT – LOL
    So, what about some fake-lesbian-stuff with a Brazilian girl? *justasking*

  22. I think MOST of his fans probably started out in much the same way…..

  23. Karyn says:

    Too bad you had to visit your unenlightend ex roomate yesterday. I live in OC and you could have visited me instead. We could have stared longingly at my Edward poster from Blockbuster and sighed heavily and discussed the many reasons we like the both of them – Rob and Edward. Maybe next time…

  24. Kristin says:

    LOVE this post, your top ten was EXACTLY MY BRAND OF HEROIN! lol!

    Here is my discovery of Rob story.
    I didn’t know anything of the twilight/Rob hype until around Christmas. I got twilight and new moon for a christmas gift, read them in like 2 days and went to Stephanie Meyers website. When I discovered there was a movie and 2 more books I was so excited. When I saw the dude that was playing Edward I was INSTANTLY smitten..before even seeing his acting. I bought and read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and started looking up stuff on Rob online. The more I found the more I fell in love with him. Mind you, I STILL hadn’t seen the movie yet, and wouldn’t let myself watch trailers of the actual movie. Him and I had so much in common it was uncanny, especially music. and cereal, etc, etc….
    Then I saw the movie and it was decided that I was not only a “fan” I was ROBSESSED!

    So that is my little story! Hope you all are having a great friday so far! I am exhausted, my right hamstring hurts (not sure what happened there) and I feel like a garbage truck backed over my head a few times. I had a fun night out with my RL friends, but damn..when you start singing David Bowie AND Queen in the DJ booth and its NOT karaoke night….just sayin’..LOL

    • Jena says:

      I think it’s so cute you mentioned cereal! LOL!
      I love Golden Grahams as well and was excited to hear him mention that
      in a youtube interview. Also Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which I’ve never had
      but I love Golden Grahams.
      I also smile everytime I pass the Hot Pockets at the grocery store.
      It’s the little things like that about him that I love.

      • Kristin says:

        I love Cinnamon toast crunch with a passion. and golden grahams aren’t bad either! In high school I had a box of CTC in my backpack at all times. We used to eat it for lunch every day. LOL!
        You are so right, its the little things. Its just HIM…there isn’t one thing that is phenomenal, its everything. *sigh*

  25. iheartedward says:

    And this is the genious of LTR, a post that isn’t all gushy about Rob, yet is gushy about Rob, all at the same time. Well played.

  26. Cathie says:

    It is hard to separate Rob and Edward. I love them both equally. Well not really, I want to get Robert in my bed.

  27. Ayden says:

    Morning ladies!

    I did it backwards. I saw the movie and fell in interest with Rob (I then proceeded to pinpoint why with the interest and fell in lust in the process.. rest is history and for all the reasons you named) before I reluctantly broke down and read the books. I’d had a friend tell me the books were lighter and fluffy and I hate me some light and fluffy. I’ve since decided she was off of her rocker on the light and fluffy bit, but the Roblust definitely came first for me.

    • iheartedward says:

      Why did “I did it backwards” sound dirty? Haha because this is LTR. Too funny. Anyway, so when you were reading the books Edward was Rob and Bella was Kstew? I re-read Twi after seeing the movie and it was 100x better because I pictured Rob as Edward.

      Although, come to think of it, it was still just as good the first time, because I had an Edward in my head. The Edward in my head was perfect but Rob blew him out of the water.

      • Ayden says:

        Edward was Rob but I’m not sure I’d say Bella was KStew. She looked like KStew in my head, but she didn’t act like KStew’s Bella. Which is why I have KStew issues. Even seeing the movie before reading the books, I can’t picture her in the full sense of the word as Bella. It just doesn’t mesh.

  28. spamwarrior says:

    … i haven’t seen the movie yet…

  29. Monica says:

    Morning everyone
    I sort of disappeared yesterday…got trapped into Real Life and Real Work.
    I know, that sucks.

    Now…UC, of course I dont hate you.
    You are our inspirational genius. I totally second the Top 10 list. Can you read minds, actually? It seems you took a good peep at mine!

    Thought I might as well “enable” the morning with some more LegPorn:

    Smooches everyone

  30. Dawn says:

    UC, I love you. I love you too death. I wish I could make a male version of you! You make me laugh.. I adore you. With that being said….

    I understand how you feel. I have a *Robward* thing.. but I loved Rob before I knew he was Edward. Since *gasp* HP days.. loved his smile. I know im so going to jail for that.. but who gives a damn! Then when I saw him as Edward…chaching! *insert illicit movie music here..ryhmes with corn*

  31. Jena says:

    There’s a Little Ashes review up at

  32. vickyb says:

    @ UC you my friend are a genius and I am not just saying that because we shared Nachos yesterday. That top ten list is PERFECT!

    I read the books first, had an image in my head of Edward and when I found out who was playing him in the movie I have to admit my version was pretty close. I love Rob more now though a) b/c he has an English accent and b)the SEX HAIR!!!

  33. jess says:

    my story it’s also very similiar to yours, rob is hypnotic, hard to stop robsessing… 😛

  34. Shalan says:

    Yet again I sit here disrupting my co-workers with my uncontrollable laughter! You ladies really are one of a kind! Tomorrow I must remember to close my office door before coming over here!!!

    I fully agree, while I love love Rob for all his amazing awesomeness …he plays my Edward and for that he is a god!!

    btw ..I loved the term ‘roomalufugus’!!

  35. Twitchlet says:

    I have to admit that I like Rob…kinda in spite of Twilight. *ducks*

    The first time I watched the movie was at three in the morning on the internet (I know, I know…very bad and illegal. I’ve seen it in theaters since.) And I was strangely fascinated…so I read all four books and remained…unsatisfied. *gasp* (I liked them, sure…but they just weren’t what I was looking for.)

    Then I started watching Rob interviews and discovered that my fascination came from Rob, rather than Twilight. I mean, the boy would pick Ulysses to read on a desert island, for goodness sakes! *swoon* Since then I’ve been feeding my obsession more effectively. ;P

    Side Note: I bought a copy of RobQ at my run down grocery store yesterday (they had nearly ten copies left!) and the older guy that rung me up gave me this *look* that made me feel like I was buying porn.

    • JanetOC says:

      I got my RobQ yesterday at the corporate surrounded Rite Aid that is in the under breezeway thing where my office building is located and the cashier guy did the same to me! Dirty porn buyer look. I asked for a bag, to conceal my purchase, I felt so ashamed. I am sorry Robward! I am ashamed of my samefulness.

      • Twitchlet says:

        You are not alone- I folded mine in half while I was walking to my car. Folded it!! Who are these cashiers to judge anyway?

        We should stand strong in the face of misunderstanding….wait, considering the number of posts devoted to RobPorn on this blog, I guess it’s more like understanding…But, regardless, we should not be ashamed!

      • pishposh71 says:

        When I picked up my RobQ at Walmart the lady at the counter asked me who the guy on the cover was. I let out a gasp of frustration and my BBF burst out laughing. I explained he was the lead actor from the movie Twilight (she didnt know what that was either)
        Walmart clearly needs to hire/train their people alittle better. *shakes head in disappointment*

    • Karyn says:

      My son has a subscription to GQ and I took the magazine (since I get the mail) and finally, begrudgingly, let him “borrow” his magazine two days later. I even yelled (literally) at him that he had better not mess it up. I finally had to take it back. I’m not even sure if he finished reading it.

  36. sherin says:

    9) you have an “I don’t give a sh*t about Hollywood” attitude

    i love this part of rob so much.he doesnt care about what he wears,as long as he’s comfortable it in,it seems.doesnt go around w a whole bunch of entourage(so,far).i really hope he doesnt change.i love that he is honest in his interviews, such probably more in love with his great sense of humor than anything else.guy has a way of making us laugh

    • EyeC says:

      Agree, agree. I find it hilarious that he’s setting fashion trends! Now his “skinny jeans” (not) and his beanies and thrift store T-shirts are being copied by all the other Hollywood types. He is an original!!!

  37. Kristin says:

    I’ll be in and out today ladies. As much as it kills me. I have a bunch of crap to do around my house and for our business. I’ll be thinking of you the whole time…oh who am I kidding..I’ll be thinking of ROB the whole time. LOL!

  38. JBell says:

    Oh em gosh! lol Sorry. It’s FRIDAY. Thank ROB! So um, the top 10 list, UC – it’s win.

    I had been following Rob since the HP days, but nothing to the extent that I am now. I knew who he was and what his name was and through the past couple of years I followed up on what he was doing every so often.
    I knew that he was going to be doing this movie called “Twilight”, but it never really held any interest for me. My RL BFF was reading the books last summer and told me I needed to read them; that they were better than Harry Potter. I thought ‘How could she say that!? BLASPHEMY!’ and refused to read them because nothing could ever be better than HP to me.
    That’s when my other RL BFF started reading them and told me – in these exact words – “They’re like crack, Jessica.” I didn’t talk to her the whole time she was home from college for Thanksgiving break because she was still reading them. Then another friend told me I needed to read them.
    I still refused. I didn’t want anything to take the place of my wonderful HP. I didn’t think anything could even come close to my love for those books.
    I went to NYC for Thanksgiving and wound up buying the first book at the airport for the flight home. I decided I would give it a shot.
    That’s when my world turned upside down. I fell in love with these books and couldn’t even see how people compared them to HP because they’re completely different genres.
    After reading the books I obviously had to go see the movie. I still had this love for ‘Cedric’ and wanted to see how he would do in a lead role. That day, 12/7/08 is the day that I completely fell for Robert Pattinson – not Cedric, not Art (which I knew about through the years of following him), and not Edward – but Rob. That’s when “this sort of frenzy” began.

    Damn that was long. lol But I thoroughly enjoyed reliving that just now. So that’s my story.

    I’m done. :]

    • Mrs. P. says:

      JBELL, that is so funny–I tell all my friends” “They’re like crack,…” because they are, and I also did not think ANYTHING could trump my Harry Potter love, but I can tell u I’v read the twilight saga many more times than the harry potter books.

  39. niahid says:

    Hi, lovelies. Love Twilight b/c Rob’s portrayal of Edward. Never heard of the book till i saw the movie. And after that I experienced exactly the same as you, UC. Read all the books. Crave for every tiny bit news of him. His big in Indonesia too. I live in Jakarta. He’s becoming the worldwide heartthrob.

  40. Genevieve says:

    @UC- ‘you Rock’! Seriously!

    One question- Edward who? LOL!

    • sherin says:

      lol!oh yeah! edward who?

    • Mrs. P. says:

      OMG, this is so how i feeel now…Rob Brought Edward to life, but now my robsession has so overwhelmed my Twisession that I don’t even think of him as Edward any more…even when I’m watching the movie…he’s just Rob! 😉

  41. M.J. says:

    I finally had a Rob dream last night, wish I could say it was white hot sexy but it wasn’t..fact be told, it was pretty vivid, sad and guilted me to no end.

    when it started out I was just sitting around (in the dream) daydreaming about him..then all of a sudden there he was sitting across from me. He said “Hey M.J.” I was wondering how he knew my name of course but then he starts talking to me..heart to heart kind of thing.

    “You know M.J, I don’t know if I’m cut out for this, I’m not sure if I can hang, you ever felt like that?”
    I asked him what he meant, and he said the saddest thing EVER..”Well, it’s like this, I don’t understand why people are so interested in me, I’m not special, I’m nobody really.You know there are the ones who can’t get enough of me, everyone wants a part of me, then there are the ones of course who talk about me like I don’t have feelings”
    “Oh, I hear he doesn’t bathe, he smells just God Awful “and then they speculate whether I brush my teeth even!”

    I told him he shouldn’t worry about what people said, because most of it was just people wanting to have something to say to get attention and the others were jealous that they couldn’t be him.And when people stop talking was when he should worry…
    Then he says” That could be the best thing that could happen to me perhaps, I wish I could make it all go away, I just want to be normal again”
    The worst part of it was that he was crying…and I couldn’t help him , because I’m one of *those * people.

    The dream ended there basically and now I feel horrible..yeah, like any other hot blooded female I would love to get in his pants, and yeah now I feel guilty.
    I wish I had a can of Guilt-Be-Gone, because I’d give myself a thorough spray.

    So, anyway, that was my Rob dream..sorry it was is what it is.

    • EyeC says:

      That kind of breaks my heart MJ. It sounds so authentic as if he were saying those exact words. It’s a dilemma…

    • pishposh71 says:

      so what do we watch it on? PPV? MTV? you need to find the answers girl! lol

      • Genevieve says:

        I just report the news (don’t research it)! Hahaha!

        • Jena says:

          I think this is IFC On Demand Channel.
          I have Time Warner and get the IFC Channel
          but not sure it’s the same as IFC Festival
          Direct (but I think that’s the same as IFC On Demand and with
          Time Warner there’s an IFC On Demand channel and I think
          that’s the channel it’ll be aired on). Check your guide or
          subscriber but I believe that’s what it is.

    • JBell says:

      Yep. I knew that at the beginning of February and searched through my 982374 channels and actually FOUND the channel. I looked again the other night for the channel since I didn’t write it down and guess what!? Brighthouse Networks took it OFF their line-up.

      I emailed them and asked what the deal was since I had it a month ago and now I don’t. They told me with the upgrading of their system recently that that channel is only available through a new package deal.

      They’re conspiring against me. I know they are. ASS HOLES.

      At least I get to go to the screening in April!! 😀

  42. JBell says:

    @PishPosh – IFC Festival Direct is an OnDemand channel where I live. It is it’s own channel somewhere around the movie channels. has more information – I’ll try to get you the link. :]

  43. Genevieve says:

    New ‘Little Ashes’ screening-

    California Theatre Release Date:
    5/08/09 Encino, Laemmle Town Center, 17200 Ventura Blvd.

  44. pishposh71 says:

    Rob is on my homepage (sympatico) and it is talking about his bad smell, what a bunch of dicks.

  45. Carolina says:

    hehehe… Don’t worry… that’s the same reason about the 80% of Rob Fans started to like him…
    But something had to introduce us to him anyway… :p

  46. Ayden says:

    @Gen & JBell- The IFC Festival Direct website is: and the How to Be portion of the site is at:

  47. JanetOC says:

    BRAGGING TIME – I already saw “How to Be” at the DC Ind Movie Festival. Rob is awesome and can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD. The director of the movie said that during one scene, all the actors, including Rob, were drunk. LOVE TO SEE THAT!

  48. pishposh71 says:

    I will have to ask my friend about this. They download all tv shows of the web maybe that may work? I refuse to miss out on it.

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