Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Spider Monkey Edition

Dear Lil Edward-

As you know UC and I were together last weekend and part of this week which gave us plenty of opportunities to take you out and show you other areas of LA that you haven’t already seen and that’s saying something cause you get around a lot in my bag! The other great thing about UC visiting was that she brought her Lil Edward and you two go to meet!! Long lost brothers together at last! We were having so much fun together you two decided to take us to Griffith Park the real like site of Edward’s Meadow and indulge our fantasies a little by acting a few crucial scenes out for us… you boys are too good to us!

Stay tuned for more scenes from our radical weekend together!

On to the show…

Friends are friends forever… if the Lord’s the lord of them… oh wait scenes from the movie, not CCM songs from the early 90s

Then you guys acted out one of our least favorite lines in the whole movie… “You better hold on tight Spider Monkey…”

Then it got intense when you started in on the big reveal sequence… “I’m the world’s most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell. As if I would need any of that. As if you could outrun me. As if you could fight me off. I’m designed to kill.”

and a tender moment… “What a stupid lamb… What a sick, masochistic lion”

“And so the Lion feel in love with the Lamb…” in Edward’s Meadow, aka Griffith Park between the screaming kids on the playground and the old dudes on the golf course. But sshhhh we won’t tell!

Then you guys REALLY got into it and we felt a bit awkward… “Hold still… I wanna try one thing…”

After we pried you two apart it was time for a family portrait in the meadow.

Coming soon… sprinkles… robertson blvd… santa monica pier… THE WORLD! Oh and our very first video. EVER!

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719 Responses to “Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Spider Monkey Edition”

  1. Carrie says:

    “Carrie thinks Iโ€™m too fake lezbo flirty. Rawwrr. ”
    I don’t think. I know!!!!

    I’m back from getting my drink on. I am so building up the tolerance. When I finllay meet Rob he is going down. I am so drinking his azz under the table. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lizzie says:

    Give a girl some warning when you unleash the power of the Rob, seriously, the first one literally took my breath away as my computer did a slow reveal.

  3. Jena says:

    Getting caught up on comments.

    @UC & Moon, gorgeous photo of you both! Moon, I want your hair!

    @Gen, those hot topic photos are absolutely gorgeous!

    @JAG, you’re the queen of hot vid making!

    @Vogue, LMAO at the video that has Rob saying “wanker”. I’m actually shocked that Rob didn’t jump right in with the
    witty sarcasm. Maybe he was too tired. He doesn’t like cake?!

    Regarding the blogger chick at JUNO, I’m thinking it’s totally made up. I mean the whole “he then embraced me”.
    Her whole dialogue thing was like cheesy fiction fantasy to me. Not sure I’m buyin’ it.
    “You’re welcome. We’re the same”. COME ON! Also, as much as I’m sure Rob just wants to be left alone for once,
    I can’t see him saying ‘I can’t do that. I can’t do that’ to a fan wanting a photo. She sounds like a manipulative user. Not cool.
    She needs to be on the FKL list for sure and on definate hot pocket restrictions!

    • Valerie(momof3crazykids) says:

      “She needs to be on the FKL list for sure and on definate hot pocket restrictions!’
      -Love that!

    • Genevieve says:

      @Jena- Hey girl, Good to see you! How was your weekend?
      I saw those this morning (Hot Topic) and tried to get them on LTR as fast as possible! Very very NICE! LOL!

  4. IfOnly says:

    Okay, I am so fickle when it comes to KStew…..I watch her in some video clips and think she is okay, then I watch her in another and I feel the opposite. I just finished watching the Rome Q&A thing that Angie posted earlier….. I thought she was kinda rude……. (don’t throw stuff at me. I think there are more KStew lovers than haters on here right now….I’m so brave, LOL) She answered questions with a *like duh* kinda attitude…like she was annoyed they were even asking her stuff.

    • tara says:

      I agree with you IfOnly (ducks head) sometimes she seems so down to earth and grounded and other times she seems like a biotch..

      • IfOnly says:

        Totally. And you have to remember that they are in another country. So the way they ask questions, what they ask, ect is going to come across differently. I thought the host did a good job though. In the beginning when she came on stage he said hello and tried to greet her and she walked right by him. WTF?

    • Valerie(momof3crazykids) says:

      I think the same thing. I just don’t think she knows how to deal with all this craziness yet.

    • French_Nugget says:

      I’m fickle too. I haven’t made up my mind completely yet. She is really young, but she’s done several movies, she should be getting the hang of the whole process soon.

      • IfOnly says:

        I keep telling myself to cut her some slack because she is young (I try to think of how it was for me at 17/18 and I would’ve been able to handle this). And then I see “gates of hell” video clips and think that is enough to drive anyone crazy. Plus, she has probably answered the same questions a million times and is so tired of it (however, she is an actress – she should be able to fake it). And on and on…. I’m completely fickle about it……

    • Angie says:

      I also think that is the same time frame of when they appeared arriving outside of Rome when we all had a discussion regarding the break up with Kristen’s boyfriend too. When Michael exited the vehicle really fast and their was some talk between Kristen and the Director that she broke up with him. Someone on here mentioned it because she could read lips in the video. And she looked very shaken by it all. And Rob was showing some difficulty too in the video.

  5. M.J. says:

    hey guys! Got here late but read previous posts..funny as hell! You sooo crack me up..

    About this Adaline chick. I think she’s desperate. and desperate times call for desperate measures, don’tcha think? I’ve got one suggestion for her…


    So, if anyone agrees , Say it.Out Loud.

  6. Genevieve says:

    3rd pic (main dish) of RobQ is getting spammed. Will continue with dessert. 3 pic will appear (whenever).

  7. French_Nugget says:

    @SpunkMe how far are you into The Arrangement now? What are your feelings about the whole Jasper/Bella situation? I’m kinda rooting for him but idk it seems sacreligious.

    • SpunkMe says:

      I’m just about tostart chpt 6.

      Are you ahead of me?

      I don’t know…I’m ready for Alice to come along and take him in a differnt direction…I’m ready for Bella and Edward to confess they love each other so much and then also ready for them to deal with the fallout of Jasper, but I don’t know if the story is or will go this way.. the whole 3some thing is interesting for a bit, but needs to downsize.

      What are your thoughts?

      • French_Nugget says:

        I’m about to start Ch. 13. Idk which way I’d like to see it go. I hate knowing she’s not done writing it yet. I like this take on the story though. It’s so different from anything else I’ve read.

  8. M.J. says:

    @ FN , I finished “The Arangement,” that’s 2 fanfics I’m left hangin on…I wish she would hurry up and post more and my God, I wish Wide Awake had some new chapters!

    • SpunkMe says:

      What is up with Wide Awake Angstgodess? Where is she? Why hasn’t she posted a chapter? It’s like all I see is Forgive me? and some fanfic suggestions! Could she be more vague about why we are waiting! It’s killing me already!!!!!!!!

      • M.J. says:

        I know! I’ve done the whole reading suggestion thing now without checking to see if it was finished or a WIP still…just my luck both that I liked the most were WIP’s..boo!

    • French_Nugget says:

      I know! I was going to check on it today, but it sounds like you already have ๐Ÿ™ I hate waiting!!!

    • French_Nugget says:

      What do you think about Jasper/Bella MJ?

      • M.J. says:

        the last chapter with her Jas and Edward? Eeeeee..I dunno..I kinda feel sorry for all of them really, but I can totally see where she’s torn…I’ve felt that way before myself….not from a 3some mind you..just loving two different people in totally different ways though…and I’m still not sure today if I made the right choice, because I picked a Jasper and not an Edward..you know what I mean?

        • French_Nugget says:

          I know!! It’s so hard. I kinda just want them all to find someone else. That way no one gets hurt. Maybe one of them’ll die. Horrible thought? Probably.

  9. SpunkMe says:

    Where’s Vogue when we need her? She was wound tighter than a spring today about this. I guess she’s mellowed out on her Xanex by now, but I could see her goin’ in on this with you MJ with a vengance!

    That ho needs to be brought down!

    • M.J. says:

      It’ll probably take me a while to finish all of it, at least til tomorrow so if she comes back around, let her know I’m open to suggestions about Adaline’s likes/dislikes…if she has any dislikes, right about now, I’m thinkin she likes EVERYTHING!

  10. M.J. says:

    Oh and I guess I better go and work on my project…first by stealing myspace pics, then finding some naughties, you know, for catching some d*ck purposes…see ya’ll when I’m done!

  11. IfOnly says:

    @Gen – BTW did you notice Rob’s eye booger in the apetizer pics. LOL. (I pay way too much attention to this man)

  12. IfOnly says:

    @wastingthemorningaway – here is a link to my story you were asking SM about the other day. And for anyone else who wants to read it, it’s about me becoming enlightened to Twilight & Rob – it was a topic the other day and I wasn’t on. I put it as a word doc link because it was so long, I didn’t want to post it all on the blog. I also did it as a cliff notes version to help make is shorter (however, I’m still a wind bag. LOL). Hope it makes enough sense.


  13. SpunkMe says:


    *ducking now and saying from my hiding place*

    moving my reply down here…re: KStew:

    I think she genuinely answered questions at the beginning of all the Twilight stuff, then she just faked it for a while, but then she is just over it…who can blame her, think about how many times people have asked what it’s like to kiss a vampire/Rob? Enough already, redundant questions.

    I think the strong personality/Bitch in her is what draws Rob to her. Well that and he is so attracted to her..he said in that interview posted several days ago…he loved her eyes, her skin, her scent, her everything…and he’s already said he loves her hair. I think he’s so adorkable and although he can act strong and hot and sexy, his true self is adorkable and humble and that type of guy is always going to be attracted to/need a strong woman/bitch type personality.

    I read in my Cosmo recently, that most guys are STRONGLY attracted to that Bitchy strong personality in women like Kristen.

    I like her because I’m used to them being together, their chemistry is undeniable and the way they look at each other all the time is like love sickness x 1000. And 2nd, because Rob’s so honest with everything that comes out of his mouth and he genuinely wants her. So, if he can’t have me (since he doesn’t know I even exist on this planet–yes sad isn’t it when it comes down to it, he doesn’t know I even exist) I wish for him to be happy with who he wants to be with–which imo he wants Kristen.

    Sorry to be so PRO=RobKris *ducks again*

    • French_Nugget says:

      SpunkMe you should not be sorry for having an opinion. We still luv ya!

    • IfOnly says:

      That’s okay, I won’t throw anything at you (I’ll just make Vogue punish you tomorrow – LOL). I knew I was lighting the fire when I posted that earlier. And I really can see both sides to it. And I actually wished I did like her more (surprisingly I do want to like her more – especially since Rob thinks so much of her). But it must be the mean girl/bitch in me that just can’t get past her attitude sometimes.

      Dear Rob,
      I know you like stong/bitchy woman. And I’m a complete bitch. I would eff you on my schedule with no cuddling aloud. Call me ASAP – I may answer your call if you’re lucky.
      (no love even)

      *see if my bitch bate works* LOL

      (and <3 SpM – you know I love ya!)

    • Carrie says:

      Note to self: Become bitchier. Men like it.

      • SpunkMe says:

        I like it!

        Fake Lezzy Licks!

        • Carrie says:

          You better!!!!!

          See that’s me be bitchier. Did it work???

          • SpunkMe says:

            I left you a note down below…

            But Yeah, bitch –but only when we are playin’ role reversal

            Since we’re switchin’ for the moment…I love you…you are a godess that shall be worshiped!

            Oh crap this is makin’ me want to go read it again! That sh*t is so f*ckin’ hot!!!!

  14. tara says:

    okay girlies…
    im out to take a shower! i may or may not be back on. if not have a good one and see you tomorrow!

  15. ErPattz says:

    I knew I could count on you Gen for gorgeous Rob pics, I needed that. This homework is no more than an exercise in frustration.

    Also, did someone mention eye boogers?

  16. SpunkMe says:


    โ€œCarrie thinks Iโ€™m too fake lezbo flirty. Rawwrr. โ€
    I donโ€™t think. I know!!!!”

    Miss Carrie
    You will report to the bedroom, page 5 paragraph 2, I’ll be there in 10 minutes…be ready! Just know I’m planning on 5 times tonight!

  17. French_Nugget says:

    SpunkMe, I just finished Ch. 13 and no one is dead yet ๐Ÿ™

    Just thought I’d letcha know.

  18. EyeC says:

    Hey, Peeps,
    I’ve just started The Arrangement. Holy Crow!

  19. vogue18 says:


    New Chapter of THE OFFICE is UP!!!!!

    run!! run!!! read it!!!

    @SpunkMe – “Whereโ€™s Vogue when we need her? She was wound tighter than a spring today about this. I guess sheโ€™s mellowed out on her Xanex by now, but I could see her goinโ€™ in on this with you MJ with a vengance!

    That ho needs to be brought down!”

    What did I miss?? Who’s ass do I need to kick?? I’ve been in the Robward zone all night!! FINALLY watching my Twilight DVDs with all the yummy extra footage!! I’ve had candles lit, eating some good dark chocolate, and rewinding Rob OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I swear to God, I’m going to have heart failure from his beautiful face!!!!

  20. EyeC says:

    Yay! The Office!

  21. French_Nugget says:

    @Vogue “cause of death, excessive orgasms induced by overdose of fanfic” sounds like a good way to go.

    @EyeC I never realize how good for the body it could be ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Carrie says:

    Headed to bed.
    Goodnight Ladies.

  23. SpunkMe says:

    Need a new fan fic check this one out..I’ve been away reading it…

    Title: Sex on Fire


    Good story and hot!

    • vogue18 says:

      Oh goodie! thanks sweetness!! I already finished the latest chapter of The Office, so now I have to wait prolly another week for more of that story! booo!

      good night!! sleep tight!

      • EyeC says:

        Night Vogue. That should send you off in a good mood. I haven’t finished yet so hope it ends better than it started.

    • ErPattz says:

      That reminds me, I ran into the chick that introduced me to Twilight today, she asked if I’d watched it on DVD yet (I hide this better than I thought) I, of course, had and she mentioned the commentary. I asked what she thought and she said that Rob is a “dork” and so much better as Edward. I stood there in shock. I should mention she had a medieval wedding and her husband carried a sword, I thought she liked dork.

      *No offense to anyone who may have gone to/ had a medieval wedding

  24. French_Nugget says:

    ARGH! This story is going to be the death of me!

  25. Dany says:

    Hello, hello!!! How aer you?? I’m posting before going to bed. I had so many things to say after reading ALL the post from today, and now I can’t remember a single one of them. Too much! lol

    I’m just going to summarize it: I love Rob. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tomorrow I go back to my normal life, so I won’t be able to be here until after 7 pm (right now it’s 2.19 here). I will miss my daily chats with you all! And I highly doubt that I’ll be able to catch up LOL


  26. Genevieve says:

    Good Night Girls! See you tomorrow! <3

  27. ErPattz says:

    Night Gen and Dany, sweet dreams.

  28. ErPattz says:

    Whoa, just looked at the clock and its an early day in the ErPattz household tomorrow. Night night.

  29. French_Nugget says:

    G’Night EP!

  30. RexaLexa says:

    I think that spider monkey shot could also be them acting out little ashes….just saying

  31. […] “And so the Little Edward fell in love with the Little Edward. What a stupid Edward… what a sic……. They lay in the meadow. We sing a song. We get embarrassed.” […]

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