World Premiere of a new Rob video

Dear Rob,

My grandmother wrote on my Facebook wall (yes, I said that) and said, “Hi UC, I read where “hunk” Robert Pattinson doesn’t shower and is stinking up the set.- thought you’d like to hear that.” Yes. She said that.

I go by a fake name on LTR & LTT and that isn’t because I am afraid to tell our readers my real name, but I’m afraid that people like my grandmother, my dad and my great aunt Ruth will visit this site and send me letters about how they’re “disappointed in me.” I keep my mouth shut when people say inaccurate things about Twilight or judge it unfairly in public (it kills me), and I never EVER talk about you, Robert Pattinson, in public in any way other than to say “That actor Rob-something who is a vampire in some movie and a wizard in another.” I do this because I know that my knowledge about you and Twilight makes me look crazy. So I stay quiet. HOW DID MY GRANDMOTHER KNOW ENOUGH TO SEND ME THAT FACEBOOK MESSAGE (and who is teaching the old people how to use facebook!? STOP!)?

I went on that rant because the video I am about to share made me feel extremely, extremely dirty. Yet that has not stopped me from watching it 3 times in a row or posting it online, despite the fear that my grandmother may or may not know about this site. Some might call me crazy, I just call me awesome.

Premiering: The Rob Crotch Volume 2

Love, UnintendedChoice
(It’s on days like these that I’m glad I have a fake name)


Much love to the magical and talented Carrie who has provided the amazing video for today! See volume 1 here

PS: If one of you is really my grandmother going by a name like “I want to do Rob” or “UCsGma” please fess up so I can be prepared for the next time I see you. Leigh Anne? Is that really you? Or are you my “Mimi?”

*Moon note: i gave my dad facebook “lessons” over t’giving and christmas. he now posts videos of his jeeping trips with his facebook bff’s. even i haven’t gone that far. it is quite humbling. Oh and if Rob’s crotch has spoken to you this morning (you might wanna get that checked out!) you should show your appreciation and reverence by voting for us at the Dazzle Awards! Scroll down to Best Rob Fansite and vote like you mean it!*

616 Responses to “World Premiere of a new Rob video”

  1. ErPattz says:

    Ok off to do more productive real life stuff, see you in the wee hours.

  2. Mrs.P. says:

    Love the video…I’ll watch it several *mumbles unintelligibly* times before the hubs gets home…thx Carrie!!

    I totally understand keeping things on the DL, my hubby has no idea how robsessed I am, and I want to keep it that way. I also had to stop linking my responses here to my blog, cuz things were getting too close for comfort u know!!

    Also, my Grandma is now on facebook, thanks to my sister, and no joke, she told my sister not to put a picture of her as the profile pic because she didn’t want anyone to turn it into PORNSHE IS ALMOST 80 YEARS OLD!!!! We tried to assure her that no one was interested in making 80yr old Granny Porn, but she was NOT convinced!!! TRUE STORY!!

  3. French_Nugget says:

    @MJ Oh-my-word. Adaline is a FREAK! lol

  4. kdgrimmer says:

    “who is teaching the old people how to use facebook!? STOP!”

    LMFAO! hilarious! I just said the same thing to my husband yesterday…this past week my friends and I have had moms and grandmas join FB, and we are all “WTF?! now I have to watch what I post!” haha

    Love you ladies!!

  5. SpunkMe says:


    *trying to form words/swallowing back bile*

    Watching Rob video over and over helps eyes some.

    All I can say is if KStew seriously passes up HHH and his Robnana for Oregano, there is something truly wrong with her! WRONG WRONG WRONG!

    She has just gone back down many notches.

    I am writing her name down in my FKL black book!

    !#!@%$#%%%^ So hating KStew in the worst way right now and NR–don’t even get me started agin on that doo-doo hole sucking leach!!!!

  6. SpunkMe says:

    *busy making KStew and NReed voo doo dolls to stick pins in while humming ring around the rosalie*

    *eyes darting side to side*

    • French_Nugget says:

      ROFL!! SpunkMe you crack my up. “doo-doo hole sucking leach” priceless. I’m still laughing at that.

      • M.J. says:

        Spunk’s a funny gal!

        You live in N.C. right Spunk? Hey neighbor! I’m in the big VA.

        • SpunkMe says:

          N.C. Yes, Howdy VA. neighbor!

          Grab your pitchfork and join me, won’t you?

          My inner bitch is raring it’s pretty head!!!!

          • M.J. says:

            indeed I’d like to! You know , I was thinking of women I’d like to see Rob with, sadly if it can’t be one of us and I honestly think he shouldn’t date actresses or anyone famous…he should try the women back home who knew him before all this fame and publicity hit…I don’t know. I just hate the thought of women using him for their own agendas and not caring about him for who he really is ..

    • junsikat says:

      SpunkMe, I have to ask…Do you really want KStew to be with Rob? Or do I get s/t wong here?

      • SpunkMe says:


        Want KStew with Rob?!

        Why on earth would you think that?!

        *while printing instructions off the internet on how to make pipe bombs to send to celebrities*

        • Genevieve says:

          Hahahaha! You’re cracking me up! LOL

        • junsikat says:

          Cause it seems you don’t like her still being with Oregano!?
          She’s too lame for HHH so I’m fine with her obvious decision to stay with that spice dude…LOL

          • SpunkMe says:


            see why I feel that way below in response to MJ

            She is so not worthy of HHH!

            But seriously why would she want to stay with that short rotten spice who’s wanker is probably the size of a midget pickle! It boggles my mind! WHY???!!! WTF???!!!! I don’t get it!

          • junsikat says:

            I read in a rag mag over here in Germany that she envies him his fame and the way he gets more attention for the movie than her! Maybe she really is that sourpussy and that’s why she “doesn’t like him anymore”…At least it really looks as if she’s giving him the cold shoulder!? That behaviour would be understandable when he was the one rejecting her but as it seems it’s the other way round so she might just be an envious biatch! Who knows?

  7. RexaLexa says:

    I thought I was the only one to pull the “Oh Rob whatever his name is, isn’t he in that vampire movie?”! My roommate has no idea that every time a twilight commercial comes on i actually am dancing on the inside and imaging Rob’s “O” face.

    Also, i just wanted to tell you how amazing this blog is. Really, i found it the other day and i think i looked at it for three hours.

  8. Genevieve says:

    Girls- will be back later- have to run some errands. Will miss you most terribly!

  9. SpunkMe says:


    “he should try the women back home who knew him before all this fame and publicity hit…”

    I hope you are not talking about that Nina-shallow-as-hell-want-to-make-me-some-money-off-Rob-skank ex of his do you?

    Seriously, if Rob knocked on my door, my DH should be totally worried. I’d be so tempted!

    Seriously?!!! What the hell is wrong with her (KStew)? Like I said I only likeD her for him cause it’s who he wanted. Breakin’ our man’s heart is not cool! That’s the crux of what bothers me about it. And as you girls know–we LTR girls don’t like the beeyotchs that mess with our man’s head. I hope he finds serious love from one of us 😉

    • M.J. says:

      NOOOO, I meant just people he hung with ex’s (they’re an ex for a reason) just women he knew in general..maybe even liked enough to consider dating..

      If Rob knocked on my door, my O/H wouldn’t have time to worry….tempted schmempted! I’d be POOF.GONE!

      Kstew apparently has poked too much smot..If I were her I’d be on it! Lit’rally!

    • junsikat says:

      Ok, now I totally get what you mean, Spunk! Sorry for srsly asking…
      And I’m with you on that! But nevertheless I’m glad, KStew is off the market, she’s just not what he deserves, especially when she rejects Rob for that spice dude!

  10. SpunkMe says:

    Starting to calm down a little…borrowed a Xanex from Vogue’s med cabinet.

    Yes, KStew must be a weed head fo sho!

    What woman on Rob’s Green Earth could tell her VaJJ to stop meowing and purringi if it was in the same room as Rob??!!!

    He’s like the hottest thing to hit the planet and she is like ambivalent to his pheromones?? WTF??!!!

    She’s an alien! She’ll regret it one day. Mark my words.

    Still praying on hands and knees that Rob is not lowering himself to have to dip his disco stick anywhere near that NReed’s rode-hard-and-hung-up-wet-flies-buzzing-around-it-nasty-manngy-rabies-infested-kitty-of hers!

  11. SpunkMe says:


    Pipe bombs complete and boxed up ready to go…

    One addressed to KStew

    and the other to


    Don’t worry everything will be fine. I’m completely ok…no worries really

    *mixing cyanide with cherry kool-aid in 2 containers marked KS and NR to deliver to New Moon set today*

    Fine, really.

    • French_Nugget says:

      LMAO! Good to know. I was just concerned that you may have gotten a bad set of instructions and had an accident.

      Cyanide w/ cherry Kool-Aid…make sure you use splenda. They might not drink it if it’s real sugar.

    • M.J. says:

      I didn’t know there were so many smutty hookup sites on the web, or that many depraved poeple!
      Be back later when I can get a better one..I’m still thinking about AFF, just can’t list as living outside of the US. I’ll figure out something..not like I haven’t done it before,

    • JBell says:

      I’m slightly worried about you right now… lmfao

      • SpunkMe says:




        I’m just having a moment.

        I need to get past it though or it will totes ruin the fanfic for me…then I’d have to stop finding you guys hot crotch flaming stories! Ok, making up lie to self to prevent that from happening…Lainey gossip article did not happen…yuck pictures were not taken…Rob/Kris/Edward/Bella all happy sexy lovey hot together…ok I am good now I think it’s all out of my system…going to try out a fanfic to see if it right back…

  12. SpunkMe says:

    “I read in a rag mag over here in Germany that she envies him his fame and the way he gets more attention for the movie than her! Maybe she really is that sourpussy and that’s why she “doesn’t like him anymore”…At least it really looks as if she’s giving him the cold shoulder!? That behaviour would be understandable when he was the one rejecting her but as it seems it’s the other way round so she might just be an envious biatch! Who knows?”

    If she envied his fame, why does she hate doing press, etc? Unless it’s all about the money to her. I don’t know. Maybe he waited as long as he could….and so I present again Rob’s take on it…

    • French_Nugget says:

      I’m just not decided enough about Rob/KStew to let myself watch that whole video. I can’t do it. I love/hate it all at the same time.

      I have to run some errands. I’ll be back. (*whining* I hate RL!!!!)

      @SpunkMe everything’ll be okay.

      @MJ good luck on your search.

      @everyone else talk to you in a bit.

  13. SpunkMe says:

    If you feel like runnin today
    You know I’d understand
    You don’t but you long

    It’s easier to get away
    When on the other hand
    You know I’m not much better without you
    I’m like your victim and all that you need is an alibi
    It’s one thing about you
    I don’t wanna make you cry

    Damn girl
    Dry your eyes
    You stole my heart and then you kicked it aside
    No girl, you can’t see
    When he’s inside you know there’s no room for me

    If you can take a chance
    Find you that better man
    A life seize from your quick disease
    You’re givin’ all my lovin away
    Tell me to understand
    ‘Cuz you know
    I’m not much better without you
    I’ll press your lips and I taste everyone that you’ve had tonight
    It’s one thing about you
    I don’t wanna taste tonight

    Damn girl
    Dry your eyes
    You stole me heart and then you kicked it aside
    No girl you can’t see
    When he’s inside you know there’s no room for me

    And I used to think that I was all you would need
    There you go again
    Oooh you think that you could just push me around
    Yeah there you go again
    You lift me up and then you throw me back down

    Damn girl
    Dry your eyes
    You stole my heart and then you kicked it aside
    No girl you can’t see
    When he’s inside you know there’s no room for me

    Damn girl
    Dry your eyes
    You stole me heart and then you kicked it aside
    No girl you can’t see
    When he’s inside you know there’s no room for me
    And I used to think that I was all you would need

    If you feel like running today you know I’d understand

  14. JBell says:

    @Ayden – Hi Ayden!! We totes missed you this weekend. I saw your tweet Saturday(?) night about the ventilator. I’m so glad that didn’t turn into a disaster! It sounds like it was a great weekend for you and the kids:)

    @soccermom – We missed you too!! Damn soccer tournaments, interfering with LTR time. At least you didn’t miss anything earth shattering though, right? And IfOnly would have filled you in ASAP I’m sure!

    @MJ – I am DYING laughing at you and making that profile thing on that coughwebsitecough. All of the information you filled out is probably gone though because they probably sent her an email to confirm that she wanted to sign up and she was like “What the heck?? No! …but maybe I should because that seems to be some kind of sign from the cosmic universe…”

    NOW! 😀

    Let’s all watch JAG’s video again and revel in the lovelyness of it all, shall we??

    We shall –

  15. Ceri says:

    Okay, so am I the only one who started hearing “Rob, Rob, never stop!” instead of “rock, rock, never stop”?

    Ah, the way my mind works when thinking about Rob.

    I really like the urban cowboy slowmo too. *Sigh*

  16. SpunkMe says:


    Thanks that is just what I needed…and how about one more for good measure….

    Feelin’ so good already…purrrrrr….

  17. Sass says:

    @UC…your grandmother is the perfect secret weapon to infiltrate the New Moon set…innocent enough to not raise any suspicions, yet savvy enough to get us the goods.

    I say we use her to our full advantage!

  18. Brandy says:

    Ok, I totally tried to pretend I had never heard of Twilight when I was in Hot Topic with my daughter last week. The little boy (well teen I suppose but he looked like a little boy) asked if I had pre-ordered my movie (DUH!) and I said “Twi-who? I never heard of it.” It might have worked if my daughter hadn’t called me out in front of the little boy and I also didn’t have my Edward poster and TW bracelets in my hands ready to purchase.

    ps, I thought it was only me who cringed a little on the inside everytime I heard “hang on little spider monkey”.

  19. beesue says:

    UC – they just don’t understand. My friends think I need intervention! My kids just shake their heads! So I also just lay low! Watchin the blogs!

    @spunk me – you keep me laughin’ and totally feelin “alright” about my Robobsession!

    @Gen – thankyou, thankyou for all the gossip and youtubes!

    • SpunkMe says:


      well I try…eerrr…well..sometimes not intentionally…it just happens that way..

      glad I amuse some people.


  20. JBell says:

    I LOVE ETSY!!!!
    This = MINE! It’s okay to be jealous… I completely understand. lmfao;)

  21. English Girl says:

    Oh SpunkMe, I just popped on to have a read and like JBell, boy am I worried about you. Sending soothing and calming thoughts your way and maybe stay off the fanfic and Lainey’s site for a few hours until all is well again.

    But I have laughed so hard my daughter came in to see what was going on …. and then earlier today, when I was reading the new I Love LA chapter my son, unbeknown to me, was reading over my shoulder (yes that is how engrossed I was – I didn’t realise immediately, what a terrible mother). Yikes. Thank goodness he is nearly 14 and not 10 – I hope he only managed to read a sentence or so, it was an “about to be! naughty bit. Well isn’t it all naughty really that one? (Forgive me father for I have sinned and allowed my young teen to access twiporn on my own computer). And know he knows it is bookmarked … I’ll have to delete all the fanfic bookmarks and hide the links somewhere. Darn.

    This is dangerous stuff being robsessed.

    Oh, and forgive me Rob for reading a fanfic which uses your image and name for purely gratuitous pleasurable reading … I really am very sorry, I know it’s bad and fangirly and I feel really really guilty, and it is totally out of character for me.

    PS Rob – if you need to practice any of those “talents” which the I Love LA writer attributes to you because you are getting, like “performance anxiety” because in your fanfics you are sooooo masterful and maybe in real life it’s been a while, or you are not quite so “slick” …. well come on over – I’ll give you an appraisal. I’m sure my husband won’t mind if he doesn’t know ….

    • SpunkMe says:


      Hi yes calming down now thanks…had some Rob vids esp. that Babylon one *fanning self* . Have decided Rob is better off w/o her, more for me….I mean us….but at the same time will continue the lie for self preservation on fanfic….here’s my lie ONLY to benefit fanfic addiction!!!:

      Summit exec: Kristen, we know you are totes gettin’ it on with Rob all these months when you’ve been broken up with Oregano Midget Pickle D*ck, but we need you to call him up…we have a job for him…he’ll be paid…he’s a lame lowname actor who needs a job in the Robconomy and we are prepared to give him a temp. job…and of course we’ll be putting a bonus in your check to do this…we need him to hold hands with you in public walking down the street to get pix and throw off Paparazzi trail of you and Rob, they are getting suspicious since you all have been secluded up here.

      Kristen: What if he won’t do it? We are not together, ya know. He like totally hates me for dumpin’ his shrimp a$$ for my hot lover, Rob.

      Summit: I don’t care if you have to blow him in our back alley as a bonus, get the f*cker up here and put on the show like a good little girl. We can always re-cast your ass!

      Kristen: Fine.

      Summit: Fine.

      Kristen: *mumbling on way out door* sick motherf*cking Summit, Rob’s going to totally kick their money making machine ass from here to the North Pole for this.

      Summit: We can still here you, Ms. Stewart. Shut It!

      And then snap snap pix taken, money paid out, everyone’s happy in fanfic land…

      I’m sick, I know. *sigh*

    • SpunkMe says:


      Oh got carried away there, forgot to tel you I was lmfao at your son gettin’ the sneaky peeky at our hot Rob fanfic. Yes, def. hide it. I laugh all the time on here at funny stuff all you LTR gals say and my daughter is always asking what’s so funny? Nothing nothing.

      I think I need some Domward….or maybe I need to get my stress out and be Domward…Carrie? Vogue? Where are you subs? I need some service!

      Love ya, EG!

  22. soccermom says:

    @SpunkMe – Oh, you are killin’ me girl! I feel your pain. Of all the casting mistakes, I STILL cannot see NR as Rosalie. I’m not a big K Stew fan either – I kinda run hot and cold with her depending on the interview. But, if SHE is what Rob wants, then it’s OK with me.
    Now, there has got to be another explaination for NR and Rob to be spending time together:
    – she is cleaning his place? doing his laundry?
    – he is giving her guitar lessons?
    – she is rolling cigarettes?
    – sharing hair care tips?
    – he needs microwave lessons?

    Well, IF they are doin’ the nasty, I’m glad to hear she was there a couple of hours – our boy’s got some stamina!

  23. missymoo says:

    That vid just made my morning! I was innocently sitting here clutching my cuppa t when bam there it was ‘the hot crotch’. Bloody awesome. Lucky the husband has gone to work. He would’ve been a bit disturbed at my drooling!!

  24. AJ says:

    Excuse my Parisism…but that video was fucking HAWT! Not to mention just listening to DL made me want to drink like I was back in high school!!!

  25. SpunkMe says:

    Found this while’s dated January, but I never have seen it before…looks like Rob nom nom noming on some Whopper at 1:50! Wish he’d nom nom nom on my whopper….

  26. French_Nugget says:

    SpunkMe I see you’re feeling better. I read your message to EG and it cracked me up! You are on a roll today!!

  27. SpunkMe says:

    Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
    Im a womans man: no time to talk.
    Music loud and women warm, Ive been kicked around
    Since I was born.
    And now its all right. its ok.
    And you may look the other way.
    We can try to understand
    The new york times effect on man.

    Whether youre a brother or whether youre a mother,
    Youre stayin alive, stayin alive.
    Feel the city breakin and everybody shakin,
    And were stayin alive, stayin alive.
    Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive.
    Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive.

    • soccermom says:

      LOVE that nip shot. Did you ever notice that is the shirt he is wearing in the second Biology class scene and you can see his nip when he and Bella are walking down the hallway together. I never noticed til I caught it on BluRay.

  28. Genevieve says:

    Don’t know if someone has posted this today but I found it amusing-

    • EyeC says:

      Gen, there were new bits of information in that article I had never read before. It always helps to add to the Robknowledge.

  29. Kristin says:

    hey everyone! Jeez…..feelsl like years since I have commented last. Lots going on in real life and its sucky stuff….

    anyway, wanted to pop in and try to keep up with all your lovelies!

    LOVES the vid, Carrie 🙂 You are my hero!

    I’ll be back tonight to talk to you all after kids and dh are in bed. I need my LTR fix…I miss you all 🙂 I’m on twitter sporadically but leaving soon.


  30. Carrie says:

    Ah, Robcrotch. The only reason I get up in the morning. (and when I say get up, I mean get out of bed. Not like “get up”. Cos I’m totally a girl. But I’ve seen some trailers for Little Ashes that really make me wish I was guy. Specifically that actor guy that plays along side Rob. Can’t remember his name. If I tried to remember his name I would probably forget something really, really important, like the exact shape of Rob’s lips. Which is very important, one of the only things that keeps me motivated during the day. Anyway, the point being, that Rob’s crotch is my main reason for getting out of bed every day, but if I was a guy, I would totally be getting up to it every morning.)

  31. SpunkMe says:


    Moving on down…

    “I am going to hell I think” ~ EG

    Well, you know what they say…

    might as well do it thoroughly!×611.jpg

    • English Girl says:

      Ooh if I get to go to hell with Rob ….. no problemo.

      But leave KStew out of it purleeeese.

      (Can’t see the second link though sob sob)

      I really should go to bed now – it is 1.15am in the UK. Don’t have to work tomorrow so I’ll have to have a lie in.

  32. Carrie says:

    And just as a follow up (who me, obsessive? Pffft…) It is so cool that the genius who makes Robcrotch videos shares my name. It is, I will be the first to admit, a seriously cool name.

  33. SpunkMe says:


    ok, while looking up a picture for a response to EnglishGirl on net, I typed in Rob Pattinson Porno picture and like the first listing/link goes directly to this site!! LMFAO!! Then, I narrowed it into pictures only and still got this picture coming up…

    You better hope Grandma isn’t typing in the same thing in her search engine! She might figure it out even with the ribbon over your eyes. LOL!!

    Hopefully, Rob is looking this up about himself and has already found us.

    • JBell says:

      LOL! I wonder if he actually HAS Googled that?? “Rob Pattinson Porn” because yes, he would have most def been here… and bookmarked and come back everyday since then of course.

    • oh jeez… i didn’t even think about search engine stuff….. AMAZING that that came up- that’s from Aja- good job Aja!

  34. soccermom says:

    WTF? Mr. soccermom asking to watch Twilight! He must WANT something! Anyway, who am I to deny THIS request?

    • Sass says:

      Hmmm, could a unicorn be in your future tonight… 😉

    • SpunkMe says:

      Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn

      Yeah Mr. Soccermom!

      My DH still holding out with a resounding NO!

      • Sass says:

        I don’t ever want to watch Twilight with my dh, he would just make fun of it and ruin it for me. I much prefer to watch it in the privacy and depravity of my own company. 🙂

        Or with some other equally depraved fangirl!

        • SpunkMe says:

          Yes, this is true! That’s probably the better option or else I think mine would get suspicious with how many Robgasms I have throughout the movie. I’d be like:

          *Edward’s entrance into cafeteria*

          Me: Ungh! Oh God, Rob!
          DH: *blinks wide eyed looking at me like I’m an alien*
          Me: Oh that was good! Sorry. *in head–not really sorry*

          • soccermom says:

            How many times have I seen this movie and my heart still races when he enters the cafeteria! Mr. soccermom is a total enabler. I think he’s figured out that it really is to his benefit to allow me to Robsess! Plus, I think he likes to hear me groan while I’m watching the movie! LOL!!

  35. HOT4ROB says:

    Hi guys.
    Have you noticed “Robert Pattinson” was on Yahoo’s Today’s Top Searches this morning? (I think 4th place) It’s odd its not there anymore.
    But it was nice to see his name….

  36. French_Nugget says:

    Ladies, we’re not doing so hot in the Dazzle award voting 🙁

  37. soccermom says:

    @Sass – Hi! I’ve missed you! We keep crossing paths. Yes, throw in a good Twiporn before bedtime and I’ll be ready to go!!

  38. OMG. i just read all the comments! Can I get some sort of fake prize? Maybe Nikki Reed’s key to Rob’s place in Vancouver for 2 hours?
    Yes, I think I deserve that. (Especially b/c I took a red eye last night and am currently back in PA.. sad sad sad to be away from Cali)

  39. JBell says:

    Seriously. Let’s imagine the comments on the day that Rob is finally photographed…

    It’s gonna be like feeding time at the zoo in this biatch.

  40. English Girl says:


    now what lie is that?

    (I’m still awake by the way, you’ll have to contribute to the expensive eye balm I’m going to have to buy to ensure that I still look my best after so little sleep. I’m not bloody 20 anymore after all girls!)

    • English Girl says:

      Duh! I’m with you now – your Kirstin/Oregano story.

      I think I am off to sleepy peepy now. Just remembered that though one child is now home for the holidays, the other still has school in the morning and I have to drive her. Is it fair to make a child walk 5 miles so that you can have a longer lie in?

  41. vogue18 says:

    Wow, what a day LTR has had here!!

    Grandmothers on facebook – Oh Dear!! Noooo!! Give granny some yarn and some knitting needles and put Golden Girls on the tv, quick! I think Grandma is a closet Rob-o-holic or Twihard.

    More Robcrotch – Carrie – we’re not worthy!! we’re not worthy!! Yummy for my tummy 😀

    Voodoo Dolls……

    Pipe Bombs…….

    Flies buzzing around Nikki Reed’s crotch……

    Spunk, you’ve been busy here today! LOL!

    Now, don’t be trying to steal my Xanax. I AM tightly wound, and need all the help I can get in relaxing!!

  42. Carrie says:

    This might be a big post. Internet was down all day at work. I stayed until 6 waiting for F*cking AT&T to come and fix. F*ckers never showed up. So that means no internet again tomorrow at work. AT&T ,
    I am going to end you.
    F*ck Off you c*ck suckers,

    @Jbell. U know I lurve u too. “Rob’s thang IS a rock star around these parts.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Maybe it will get it’s own star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. 🙂

    Re: Other chick who saw Rob in Vancouver. Even though I want to see new pics of him I hope she doesn’t post her pics. I’m glad she didn’t post the bar she saw him at.

    @junsikat I did try to work pics of his face in the video a few times.

    Re: Dude who was chosen to be Cauis. I like him. I think he will do a great job.

    “1:01, 1:18, 2:01, 2:21, 2:43, 3:01 *swoon*
    Yes i took notes.
    I bow down to you Carrie. Love the big finish, slow pan YUM!
    The song is perfect & I love how in some pix there’s no shot of his head and all…all RobCrotch”
    You are too kind. I am just trying to keep with you and all your video making greatness.
    Thanks, I couldn’t resit the AssCandy shot. I know we all love it.

    @Robzilla Thanks I did put a lot time into this one. It’s not easy looking at the RobCrotch.

    “I knew I collared you for a reason!” And don’t forget it. 😉
    “You know you and I are Twinners so that ending was totes goin’ over the edge release right there! If you get Rob Urban Cowboy made into a big poster, I want one too, let me know and I’ll send you some $$.”
    Didn’t have time to go today. Was waiting on At&T to show up. Am going at lunch tomorrow to see if I get poster made. Will totes get one for u too.

    @vickyb “I have decided that Rob should always wear tuxedo pants/slacks because they accentuate his crotch the best.” Agree. We should start writing letters to Manger Nick and Agent Stephenie.

    Big THANKS to everyone who gave me kudos on the new video.
    Moon and UC you rock for posting it. 🙂

    • SpunkMe says:


      Sorry about all your problems with AT &T

      AT & T= FKL!!!

      Thanks about the poster….did you catch that Babylon vid I posted???? HOLY DOMWARD! That was smokin’ hot, kitty calling goodness!

      smooch about the poster!

      The Dominant chpt 7 is up today and The Office chpt 8 posted last night!

      Just for you…Domward can’t believe you ate his Snickers Bar…

  43. vogue18 says:

    Attention Smut Sluts,

    just making sure everybody is aware of the latest updates to our fav stories:

    The Dominant updated today:

    The Office updated yesterday:

    AND…..there’s a guest author who’s written a “Rosalies Point of View” for The Office’s Chapter 7 –

  44. soccermom says:

    UH OH! I think Mr. soccermom developing mancrush on Rob. Asking things like: “Are those contacts?” “What color ARE is eyes?” “Is that one of his songs?” Maybe he’s just acting a bit more interested for my benefit!

    • EyeC says:

      Yes, it starts out very innocently and creeps up on you! Can you say U N I C O R N ?

    • vogue18 says:

      Look, we don’t need any more competition as it is!! Mr. Soccermom, go get your own hot vampire!! Tell him that Emmett is available.

      • soccermom says:

        It’s OK, Vogue. Don’t think we have to worry too much. He is still OOHING and AHHING over Ashley and Rachelle! Caught him googling ‘naked pics of Ashley Greene’ the other day.

      • SpunkMe says:


        I went to your blog this AM and read your new post. That Ashton Kutcher video was soooo funny! LMFAO!!! And I kept thinkin’ the whole time about you and your cooter cloths! HA HA!

        Yes, sorry I had to borrow a Xanex today! I think I caught whatever hysteria you had.

        I see you put on your blog entry that KStew went up a few notches, well she went down for me today. FKL’d!

        The Dominant chpt 7 is up and posted and chpt 8 of The Office is also posted!

        <3 you

        • vogue18 says:

          COOTER CLOTHS!! LOL!! Yeah, I deal with those on a daily basis. Keepin’ the world a more beautiful place, one Va-JJ at a time.

          Yeah, Ashton was too stinkin’ funny in that!

          Hey man, I need my Zannys! (xanax) I’m an uptight bitch!

          @Soccermom – ok then. Well, now I’m jealous about Rachelle too. She is GORGEOUS!! Rob should hook up with her. They’d look great together and she just seems so low key, so….NOT Hollywood. She strikes me as the kind of girl I’d like to hang with and have a drink with.

    • French_Nugget says:

      Either way I think you’re so lucky!

    • Just a Girl says:

      Aww that’s cool. My DH watched it, thought it was okay. That’s about it *sigh*

  45. French_Nugget says:

    Hey EyeC!

  46. EyeC says:

    @Vogue, in honor of all the fanfic posts:

    From the Magical Land of LTR


    Purveyor of Finer Fan Fiction
    for the Slippery Slopes
    of PattinPervs Everywhere

    Guaranteed to provide that
    certain glow of satisfaction


    • vogue18 says:

      Wow….*wipes a tear* I don’t know who to thank first for this prestigeous award!

      Get yer’ glow on, girls!!

      • EyeC says:

        I’m way into The Arrangement now. It’s getting hard to remember which version of Edward I’m reading I’ve got so many going! You just keep ’em rolling in…

        • vogue18 says:

          No need to keep track of all the different Edwards. They all meld into one magically delicious man who drives us WILD.
          I know what you mean though. LOL!

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