*clears throat, grabs bullhorn, steps up on soapbox*

Dear Crazy Rob Fans (the bad ones)-

We’ve all now officially seen “THE TUCK” picture and now 5 minutes later I’m already reading complete nonsense about how this picture is ruining Rob’s image and how he’s fat and has back-acne and his pubes are trimmed. I’ve got news for you psychos…


And can we all say a collective “AMEN?” He is NOT Edward with a marble chest, he is Rob, pasty white, somewhat soft in this picture… THAT’S NORMAL! and ya know what? That makes me feel a heck of a lot better about myself cause god knows I don’t look like Megan Fox or have her body and God knows 90% of the Twi-dom doesn’t either! So calm down!

XO, loving you like you are…

*bullhorn screeches, steps off soapbox, goes back to spinning records and making out with rob*

PS dont make me pull out those rings of nibelungs pics again!
PPS if you’ve been living under a rock or caught under some heavy furniture check out the pic at our pals Robsessed


  1. WastingTheMorningAway says:

    My hubby has “tucked” a few times just to make me laugh. Still love him for who he is not how he looks. Makes me howl with laughter each and every time. At least this picture will weed out the real Rob fans from the superficial Rob fans. I’m proud of him for having the cahones to tuck in a movie just to play the character better.

    Besides, he’s not working very hard at tucking it with his legs — that’s gotta say something about size right? Justsayin.

    • Mrs.P. says:

      GAH….I didn’t even think about the fact that he can’t tuck very well in relation to size!!!! *if I’m not back in ten minutes send the paramedics*

    • Sherin says:

      Our boy Is packin’ it down there,that at least we’ re sure.spunkme estimates about the ” goods” would be just about right, although the popular foreskin question still remains unanswered

    • themoonisdown says:

      thats EXACTLY what we were saying!

  2. JBell says:

    Third reaction to picture –
    “Bravo! Bravo! Superb!”

    lmao You won’t get it unless you’ve seen the YouTube clip of Rob as Dali. Go search it if you haven’t… it’s hilariously funny and ghhhaay!

  3. SoWasRed says:

    Caption of the Tucked Pic…
    “Hay girl hayyy!”

    • soccermom says:

      @Gen – LOL! NOW they’re trying to hook K Stew up with Tay-Tay. Must be trying to build some chemistry for the movie.

  4. Angie says:

    Are you telling me there is no higher-res of this photo yet?

  5. Sherin says:

    Wow oh wow.I lurve zooming !!! LOL ! If that was taken a year n a half ago and rob has since worked out for his role in twilight,I bet what we r seeing is just the tip of the iceberg ladies!!!! even c. Hardwicke commented that rob is PG -18 below the waist. that’s tellin’ ain’t it?

    • JBell says:

      Lmao you said ‘tip of the iceberg’ hahahahaa.

      Never considered that was what CH was implying but it all makes PERFECT sense now!!

      • sherin says:

        oh yes catherine hardwicke was secretly lusting after THE ROB. the “tip of the iceberg” is “just a tool,a big HARD TOOL”,after all. i dont blame her one bit!!

  6. Calliope says:

    “…apparently in the movie, we DO get to see those buns” -UC

    i’d like to take this moment to formally thank Mr. Dali for all his eccentric tendencies and clear comfort with nudity. i’d also like to thank the person who put the script of “Little Ashes” in front of Rob.


    • sherin says:

      ok, i really need screen caps of those come we get to see the front but not the butt?on the other hand,i hope they reserved that for tomorrow coz i cant handle all the nekkid pics we are getting today.i might just instantaneously combust already

    • Just a Girl says:

      You lost me at buns….

      • sherin says:

        all i’m gonna say about this one is forget the mirror… why couldn’t they have panned the camera a little further back to get a nice shot of those buns. i wanna see what i’d be grabbing onto… (i just said that… outloud.)

        By: Calliope on March 31, 2009
        at 6:00 pm


        hahaha.. yes you did! apparently in the movie, we DO get to see those buns xo

  7. Sass says:

    I’d still do him.

  8. Sass says:

    Hee! Rob and I have matching love handles!

  9. Twitchlet says:

    This is off topic (kind of), but someone just sent this to my college’s forum:

    Someone could be writing “scholarly” articles about our obsession with Rob’s manly bits. Hell yeah, academia.

    • sherin says:

      imagine if someone made a thesis of rob’s manly bits and then defending it,omg, i would pay to see a vid of that!!!!

      • Twitchlet says:


        “And I think this is culturally significant– guys? guys? Are you even listening to me? Hey- stop drooling on my thesis!”

        I think you would need to defend to 80 year old men if you wanted anyone to pay attention to you at all.

  10. Fran says:

    Hello lovely ladies. You must know that everyday I read your blog, I always have a good laugh, and this is my first comment ever.

    Ok, so really, what’s the big deal about it?
    I think that the important in here is that that must be a scene full of character. All of us who have read about Dalí must know that he was an intense character and I think there’s nothing particular on him to be tucked and talking to himself in front of a mirror. Of course there will be haters saying all kind of nonesense, but really, who gives a damn. For me, it’s actually envy. Rob’s a talented artist, sexy as hell, and with something known as charisma, a thing that not everyone in la la land has it. And of course the balls to do it. Kudos for him and for dare not to be your typical “star”.

    And like you said before, it’s all in the personality.


  11. steelewind says:

    About the trim…you know what they say, trimming the bushes makes the deck look bigger. Not that I think Rob needs it. He is exactly the same height and build as my SO (same color hair and eyes too) and there ain’t no complaining coming from me!

  12. Angie says:

    OMG!!!! UC and MOON check it out. They’ve stolen your idea!!!!

    “Popsugar discovers Pocket Edward A little creepy. He does have twitter. Can’t find it today. twitter is stressing out.”

  13. Summer Girl says:

    I agree that most of us love Rob because he seems to unaware of how amazing he is.

    He is very self-depracating (or self-depreciating as he said in an interview, bless).

    He seems to have a lovely personality, and usually he looks pretty hot too.

    This is a funny scene in the movie, not a romantic one or a sexy one.

    And talking of funny, I laughed out loud a few times, Rob certainly has great comic gestures and timing — who knew?

  14. Christy says:

    His personality is totally what was first attractive to me. I don’t give a shizz if he doesn’t have a 6 pack or isn’t addicted to bronzer.

  15. sherin says:

    im kinda sad about the nreed/rob thing going on. she supposedly stayed overnight at his place? i mean,do the razzi stay up all night watching rob’s place? *sad robface*

    • Just a Girl says:

      There were no pix, someone is leaking this to the press.

    • English Girl says:

      Aw Sherin, I can think of girls other than Nikki R who I’d like to see Rob with. But Rob is in a very stressful place right now with all the media attention and I’d rather see anyone (not just Rob) in that situation with a special (even if casual) someone to share the burden with, or gain a bit of support with. Someone to share a bit of emotion with, to give him a big hug .. or … well you get the picture. He may well be a bit of a loner (well he obviously is, he has said it enough times) but I still think people like him need an emotional outlet.

      Let’s face it, Nikki has had a fair few experiences in life by the sound of it – well haven’t we all really – I know I have (no one would guess though to meet me). I do find her a bit annoying at times, but I get the impression she is a tough cookie, but also a softy inside. That she would keep an eye out for Rob and be a good person to bring him back up if he’s a little down about everything. So, if she’s the one to take care of him for the time being, so be it.

      Now maybe he is all tickety boo about all the media intrusion, the internet gossip, the examination of his every off the cuff comment in the most minute detail etc etc, but a photo and report of him at a club with his hoody up all night doesn’t shout hugely happy camper when out in public to me (not that you can blame him). So at the end of an evening out spent responding politely to absolute strangers who all come up to him for a photo, or just to say “hi” or just to assure him they aren’t bonkers, or wanting to stick their arms around him, or their boobs in his face (skanky club girl I mean you!) he can go back to his hotel room, grab his girl and have a moan about it and then … forget all about it for a while ….

      • ZephyerSky says:

        I so agree with you. I have thought that since I heard the reports. And really Rob’s a big boy and he can decide for himself who he can be friends or more with.

        Oh and Rob – I would be so much more understanding and comforting than Nikki.

  16. Ginger Swan says:

    I LOVE that picture. Cracking me up! I think I’m gonna have to have Mr. Ginger use that in one of his photoshop pictures.

  17. Shalan says:

    Well said, as usual, Moon!! I love the fact that Rob is so *normal* and unsensored!

    I can’t wait to see more of this movie and his little buns!! The movie actually comes out on my Birthday …so Happy Birthday to me!!!

  18. English Girl says:

    Was it Leigh Ann earlier up the page who said

    ” I appreciate real actors. Who really act. And act well.

    I don’t get all the fuss. I think he’s beautiful. As is. The end.”

    Absolutely agree. Perfectly humanly beautiful, flaws and eccenticities and all. No need to change a thing. A very real person. No wonder we are all so drawn to him.

    I do hope he isn’t taking the negative comments and trashy grasp at anything gossip stories on the wider internet world (not LTR of course) to heart because they’ve made me feel very sad today. (Resolves to stay away from garbage gossip sites and other danger zones for a while until all this tripe has died down.)

    I say …. roll on some awsome piccies of Robward filming New Moon soon purleeeese Summit.

    • Just a Girl says:

      Hi EG – I’m a little worried about Rob taking the trash talk too seriously too. He sounds like a pretty sensitive shy guy.

      Seriously, I wonder why Summit isn’t taking any steps to send some positivie stuff out in the media…like you said promo pix or something. A diversion for the haters would be nice.

      • Mrs.P. says:

        If you are a HATER..then you’re stoopid…and I ain’t got time to worry about “stoopid peeple”!!

        Also, the more haters the better!! MORE FOR US!! {{muahahaha}}

        • English Girl says:

          Yeah, of course the haters are stupid. That is a given.

          But on a more serious note it’s not nice for Rob to have negative press, either personally or professionally – even if it is garbage, it’s still damaging. I don’t believe that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

          I have a “public” persona in my own small way because my work is performance related and I care very much what people say about me and absolutely hate the idea that I might be criticised for my work or thought of badly by my clientele/those that participate. I’ve grown a tougher skin over the years, but overhearing a criticism or having one reported back to you (someone once spoke to my sister about me, not realising she was my sister and my sister was then daft enough to pass on the unflattering comments to me) makes you feel mighty sick inside. It’s hard to shake it off completely and quickly – I remember the first time I had some negative feedback – I was a mess for a week. I can’t begin to imagine how bad it is when you are an actor with a huge public profile.

          • Mrs.P. says:

            of course no one WANTS to hear negative comments about themselves, and I don’t know if anyone ever GETS OVER hearing bad things, I’m just saying that anyone who complains about this picture is stupid…I can’t imagine that their disappointment stems from seeing Rob this way, but from seeing “EDWARD” this way….see what I’m saying…STooPID!

    • Leigh Anne says:

      @English Girl–YES! That was me. In all my glory. I meant it, too. I still don’t get why the intrawebs are all in a frenzy over this. Hello…it’s called ACTING. And hello, he is beautiful. End of discussion. 🙂

  19. SpunkMe says:


    I am in total fake lesbian love (Don’t tell Carrie and Vogue–they know I’m a flirt) with you right now for posting this letter and the link to that super fine picture of Mr. Robert T. Pattinson in all his beautiful naked glory! It’s like Christmas Day and that is the best gift EVER!!!!!

    smooch <3 <3 <3

    Total greatness that you defended his body! I hope everyone rallies to his side (and what a sweeeeet side it is!) I think that is the closest to a layout in Playgirl we will get at this time. I’ll take it!

    Dear Rob,

    You don’t need a six pack to make me happy! If you stand next to Tayter Tot with his six pack, I wouldn’t even notice him. I want to run my hands down your happy trail to your glorious Promised Land and rejoice! And your carpet looks like a nice place for a good lay to me…give me some rug burn, babe!


  20. Jena says:

    Not sure if you all got the Twilight soundtrack deluxe edition but I received it today in the mail and there are extra songs on it. But this one, this one I absolutely love and it should have been in the film and on the original soundtrack imo.
    It’s by O.A.R. and it’s called “Love is Worth the Fall”. Go here to download the mp3 provided by me.

  21. SpunkMe says:



    Haven’t had time to catch up on posts yet…please tell me Rob is NOT having sex with NReed! I had a migraine this morning from all that crap yesterday! PLEASE tell me that is so not true! Otherwise I may be violently sick.

    • English Girl says:

      Just Lainey crap SMe … the imdb people seem to think it is just that, ie, crap. But I am coming around to it … see my post above.

      Oh well, …. honestly, the sooner Rob goes public with a girlfriend the better if you ask me. We’ll have to negotiate one night a week off for duty with the LTR ladies so we don’t feel left out.

      Mind you as soon as a g/f is announced (if/when it happens) then there will be a huge dollop of further trash talk. He can’t win really can he. It makes me feel quite bad for him actually.

      • brummielover says:

        I couldn’t agree more EG…I know it is not the popular train of thought..but I hope he has someone special in his life…and if it is Nikki well than good for her. It would be sad to go home alone everyday and not have someone to talk over all the craziness he is going through. Just my opinion 🙂

        • English Girl says:

          We are very magnificent in our benevolence to her aren’t we brummielover?!!!!!

          I must stress it has taken me some weeks to come round to this train of thought …. apologies if it offends others!

          • brummielover says:

            lol yes well I think everyone deserves to be loved, madly, passionately and with their whole heart. Rob cannot love a million girls so I hope he finds that one..

  22. Jena says:

    I’ve looked at this picture a bazzillion times in the hope that something would make that mirror move, but nope! LOL!

    • JBell says:

      lmfao me too Jena, ME TOO.

      Haven’t talked to you in forever lady! How are you? Yesterday was pretty dicey huh? I hope today was better!

  23. roughwater says:

    It’s a good thing I was by myself when that picture came up on the screen- or I would have gotten punched in the arm for trying to be a “ball-gazer”.
    p.s.-love you guys, you make my day with beautiful pictures of Rob

  24. WastingTheMorningAway says:

    Are we sure this is actually him and not a body double? I mean where is his chest hair? He’s a hairy man right? I don’t see the hair! Granted it’s a blurry picture in a mirror but still — it’s dark and very hairy on his chest. I think you’d see SOME hair..

    • brummielover says:

      It’s all his interviews he talks about how they couldn’t pay for anything extra..ugh was thinking of how he said it wasn’t even a “closed” set and all the electricians where standing around giggling…Well Rob you are a true artist! you suffered well for your craft… enduring all that and we thank you!

  25. therealrobzilla says:

    I know, me too. My Jedi mind skills are not strong enough.

  26. SpunkMe says:


    Trying to read today’s posts…on other thread just got to your post about picture and warning to me not to look…well stupid me looked! WAAAAA!!! I SERIOUSLY just cried for 5 minutes. I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster! Up Up Up the hill Rob hot alone or with KStew….down down down KStew Oregano fiasco….up up up the nakey nakey pic of our man…down down down NReed with our man! OMG!! I want off! Stop the ride, I feel sick.

  27. TigerTwiHard says:

    I’m fairly new to this blog, but I had to comment. I’ve seen the pic and love him even more for having the guts to do it. And while it’s very artistic and feminine in nature, I can hear the cry of outrage coming from a mile away.

    I’m personally grateful that the whole ‘Teen Heart Throb’ thing seems (hopefully) to be on its way out. There’s no way that Rob and Summit are not going to hear about it. And Rob can either say “Yeah, it was part of the character. I did it before I was cast and at least I don’t have to worry about the teen thing anymore.’ Or *panic* ‘ WTF?! Why did this have to come out now?’

    And who knows, maybe New Moon will be rated R? We can only hope! Either way, Rob – you might wanna get on that publicist thing right…about…now. Just sayin’.

  28. Sarafina says:

    HAHAH OMG I just heart the garage door open and hid this tish like it was freaking porno. ROFLMAO

  29. TigerTwiHard says:

    Oh – forgot to ask… Does the pic go under ‘RobPorn?’ Please?! Thx. Love the blog!

  30. Dany says:

    Good night, ladies!!

    Ok, I studied all day, just got home to RELAX, and what do I find? An incredible picture of Rob…naked? That is NOT relaxin people!! My heart is still beating incredibly fast!

    I know you’ve all talked about his perfect imperfection, but to me, I swear, THAT is my perfect guy. And this is terrible for me cuz I’ve never never never liked guys with perfect bodies, and the only thing that was keeping me relatively sane was the fact that he had this perfect body so maybe, maybe, in real life I wouldn’t like him.

    AND NOW?? What do I do with this??

    Oh, crap….this is really bad.

  31. soccermom says:

    Sorry to ask again, but does anyone have the link to that really HOT Little Ashes video? Did someone here make that? I can’t seem to find it and ya’ll know I am techno-challenged.

  32. English Girl says:

    @ Brummielover

    we are obviously on the same page tonight! Love your comment about a million girls – so true. I think I have managed to talk myself into a depression tonight. I need some retail therapy tomorrow to snap out of it. Am taking daughter out to see TomStu’s new film tomorrow evening, DH is away as ever and son has deserted us for the grandparents for a few days. Gosh it is soooo quiet without him (probs something to do with the drumkit not pounding out Green Day all day ….) Oh well, when he is a rockstar one day I will know that all my musical encouragement was worth it. I suppse it is my fault for buying the drumkit in the first place several years ago.

    OK it is ridikkilous-illy late (again). I barely made it out of bed this morning for the school run for my daughter. I had to go out the house with no make up on. (Horrors …. I do not do no make up ever if I can help it, even if I am just sitting in my car – have to keep up the yummy mummy image). I have bags under my eyes the size of Texas because I had such a busy weekend and have spent too long on LTR.

    • brummielover says:

      @English Girl

      First, I “dabble” on the drums lol and I love GreenDay so excellent son by the sounds of it..hahaha I was noticing the time and thinking you should be in bed…my DH was sleeping LONG ago..I know you guys just sprung forward with your time change last Saturday. Enjoy the movie…or I believe you would call it FILM 🙂
      tea bags on the eyes dear..after you have made a proper cuppa of course! milky tea for me please lol

      • English Girl says:

        Oh that time change was a killer because I had a big event at the weekend and I had to be there really early anyway, so it was the worst possible weekend to lose an hour. I am totally exhausted, but I’ve got a bit of a breather now, nothing major on for a few weeks. We Brits don’t like to get up early like you guys (I am sure you have realised this with your Brummie man?). It always used to shock me how early everyone starts in the US. My DH’s US boss who lives in europe now gets up at 4.30 to do a run before his day starts – eeek, that is like the middle of the night for me. Their first meeting of the day when they worked in the same country used to be at 6.30am. That is unheard of over here in the UK.

        Very jealous that you dabble on the drums – I am a musician (it’s my job) but try as I may I just can’t drum. My son just sat down at the age of about 8 and could do it.

        Have made you a nice cup of PG tips … but me I am a coffee girl through and through – rarely drink tea.

        • BRUMMIELOVER says:

          lol yes I usually have the PG tips when I am there 🙂 I am laughing as I wake at 4:30 all the time lol..and when I am there..England…I have to sneak out of bed and tiptoe downstairs and wait for hubby to wake..I usually read TWILIGHT whilst waiting hahaha…I get up a bit early so I can bike into work here..lurrrrrve my bike!

  33. SpunkMe says:


    “@SMom I saw that. SpunkMe is so crazy.

    Ooops. Hope she doesn’t see that. I might get in trouble. 😉 ”

    Oh no you din’t!

    Where’s my riding crop?!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Giseli says:

    Hey girls…
    help me with this one, please?
    Nikki -> loves -> Robert -> loves -> KStew -> loves -> Oregano (whatever) AND Nikki, etc.
    (And with ‘loves’ I could mean ‘fucking’. It’s up to you, girls LOL)
    Well, well, well…
    Maybe, just maybe, we’re not the only one pervs around the neighborhood. It’s a good thing?!?
    – Things can be turning very HOT at Rob’s place right now! –
    ‘Just saying

    • Dany says:

      LOL!!! You’re right, what a mess!

    • soccermom says:

      @Giseli – Yes, I have presented the threesome theory (Rob, Nikki, Kristen) here before, however you just made it more interesting by throwing Oregano in there!!

      • Giseli says:

        Hey soccermom,
        I didn’t saw you theory before… I regret that! LOL
        This came to me today after I read the Lainey’s stuff… and I reaaaally think you’re right, girl.

        I think Oregano is involved, b/c, well, what more could he do with all the extra time? Play cards or what? Is it possible? hahahahaha

        Oregano in the middle of this… eek
        But I respect. It’s not my business LOL


        • soccermom says:

          @Giseli – Not a problem. It was days ago. Something that just popped into my head while I was mopping! I’m glad someone else here shares my perverted theory! Maybe too much Twiporn?! Meh, who cares? They could all be havin’ one giant orgy (sp?) for all we know!

          LOL! Yeah, what else does Oregano have to do?

      • steelewind says:

        Or more disgusting. He doesn’t do anything for me at all.

  35. soccermom says:

    @Jena – (from WAAYY back up the page) – Is the Radiohead song that plays dduring the closing credits on the delux edition?

  36. JBell says:

    @SM – Did you need the link??

  37. Angie says:

    Is this a real twitter page put up by his PR people?

  38. Angie says:

    You know Robert looks like Jared Leto in this photo!

    Damn I was in lust with Jared back with “My So Called Life”

  39. Angie says:

    Wow Rob has his own language! Sweeeet!

    I lurve:
    FBR – Federal Bureau of Robstigation- shout out to Monica for this classic one <3 you

    Robsterbation – you know we’re all doing it, sometimes alone, sometimes with our significant others but it’s all about Rob & you need to do it several times a day (& you won’t go blind trust me ;P) Shout out to Vogue for this one <3 u!

    Stay-at-Home-Rob-Stalker – stay at home RobStalker

    Roberexia – unintentional weightloss triggered by lack of food due to refusal to leave PC and stop RobStalking (refer to Robism 1 for def)

    • Angie says:

      Ha Ha Ha LOL

      …add to this…
      Robwhore – if you’re on my website, then YOU ARE ONE! Own it, A’int no Shame in the Game!

    • JBell says:

      @Angie – We all (the regulars) know about that site and everything on it because that’s one of our girl’s site. @JustAGirl

    • Monica says:

      @Angie: thanks for the shoutout….I hit another creation yesterday…RobHood…I hope JAG noted that down for Robisms Part 3… :))

      @Regulars: *waves* to everyone. Real Life is really stabbing me in the back these days. But I did emigrate to Forks last night…SAY IT. OUT LOUD…


      Re THE Picture (think there’s no arguing on the fact that this is the RobPic ever): I have a few things to say:
      1) I.AM.DIED.
      2) I lllluurrrrrrve the fact that he’s human (not venomous..) and normal…just makes him a little less “out of league”, doesnt’it?

      @TRR re yesterdays’ Hot Topic THE FLY Picture: once again, I bow… *not worthy, not worthy*…to your superior knowledge…I looked at the pic twice and, sadly, it’s really only the zipper…YOU ROCK!

      Back to work, will check in later ladies


  40. JBell says:

    @SM – That link was just for JAG’s blog for the LA porn:)

  41. mmaru says:

    yeey, you rock, i completely agree with u !

  42. vogue18 says:

    Oh MY!!! *fanning myself like a woman from the Victorian Era*

    This would be a great shot for the next RobCrotch!!

  43. Scooter says:

    Okay, it’s time to leave poor Rob alone! Little Ashes is meant to be more of an ‘artsy’ film…and was definitely not made for the same audience as Twilight was…Go to see the movie for the movie, not just because you have a ‘robsession’.

    Yes, I love Twilight and I enjoy Rob as much as anyone, but at the same time, he is a real person.

    I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just sayin’, leave the poor boy alone!

  44. vogue18 says:

    This just in at Perez Hilton: A(who the hell is whitney port??)

    Whitney Port should expect a pack of fuming teenage girls outside her front door any day now!

    The Hills & The City star had a few choice words regarding the Twilight hype.

    She says, “I haven’t read the books, but I saw the movie… I thought the movie was really bad.”


    Although she trashed the film itself, Port can’t get enough of Twilight hunk extraordinaire, R-Patz!

    “I love whatever his name is … Robert. I think he’s so good-looking and handsome,” Whitney gushed.

    Although Port this R-Patz is “good-looking and handsome”, she has no love for his Twilight co-star, Kristen StewTWAT. “She’s OK. She seems so serious, like she’s so one-dimensional,” says Whitney. “I think [StewTWAT and Pattinson] have good chemistry … I just didn’t think the acting was so good.”

    Waiting for the backlash in 3, 2, 1…

    • JBell says:

      lol We saw that late last night or the night before I think? It may have been on Twitter though… I dunno. But yeah, that same question “Who the hell is she?” BUT. Gotta love the honesty about Kristen right??

      *hangs head*
      I know who she is… sad, I know.

  45. BeCullen says:

    I agree totally. Rob looks great. I can’t even imagine the guts it took to do that scene. Now he has to know that a lot more people are going to see it now that Twilight has made him more popular. I think he is good looking and has a wonderful personality to match. I hope that he never changes and is very happy with his life. Those of you that want to criticize him should stand in front of a mirror and take a good look. We love you Rob and I hope you know that.

  46. JBell says:

    “Speaking of biting, who you’d like to bite? —
    I don’t think I’d like to bite anyone. I don’t like biting.”

    How about some light nibbling then, huh? I’m down. Let me know;)

  47. Genevieve says:

    @Dany- you still out there? *waves*
    Was wondering what time it was in Brazil right now? Thx.

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