Just another note for Sam Bradley

Skinny jeans and shitty shoes, that's def. Rob

Skinny jeans and shitty shoes, that's def. Rob hiding in the back

Dear Rob,

Peek-a-boo. I see you behind the curtains at Sam Bradley’s show. Can you pass along this message to your buddy for me? Thanks xo.


I’m giving you mad props for riding your new-found fame the right way.  85% of the girls at your shows are there because you’re Rob’s bud, and they hope to see Rob. I think you know that, but you’re not bitter.

You’re not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself that your boy is the big hot star and you are riding in his shadow. No- you’re taking ADVANTAGE of your friend’s fame and using it to help YOUR career. And I respect that. I shouldn’t- I should tell you it’s selling out and it’s using Rob and it’s lame because you and Rob have no real connection other than your friendship and a song you wrote together (that is actually two separate songs but you got confused and/or drunk) that made it on a hit soundtrack. But I’m not going to tell you that because I think you’re a legit guy, and I hope that someday you and I become bff’s. And I don’t just hope that because I want to meet Rob at your next birthday party (well, 15% of me doesn’t hope for that reason).

I say keep running with what you got. Play tons of shows, hint that Rob might show up, and sell LOTS of CDs and merch to the suckas who come just to hear Rob. But as a gal with a music business degree who was a kickin’ artist management intern in ’04, I have to offer this advice: find yourself an audience other than Rob Pattinson fans.  Because the minute you and Robbie fight over something lame like who put a hole in Rob’s shiteous blue sweater from his HP days, or who was the first to kiss Shelly Smith during spin the bottle in 9th grade or you rag on Rob for actually getting down and dirty with KStew last year and your friendship ends, there goes 85% of your fanbase.

Looking forward to seeing you when you play Philly (I promise only 72% of me will be hoping Rob decides to show),


(Um, did I just write a post that was mostly nice and barely snarky?  I feel weird. I’m sorry… let me fix that: Uh, your music isn’t that great. That’s not really true. I kinda like it. Damn, I got nothing. Enjoy this moment.. it rarely happens.)

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First letter we wrote to Sam (and Sam left us a comment- Sorry I was kinda mean in response… uh.. i’ll be nicer this time, promise)

We usually keep Rob letters on just LTR, but today LTT has some Rob-related shizz

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162 Responses to “Just another note for Sam Bradley”

  1. soccermom says:

    @JAG – Your post on previous page regarding Rob and NR. SpunkMe had a major meltdown over that yesterday. She was building pipebombs and stirring cyanide into koolaid! (for K Stew and NR)

  2. Jena says:

    @Carter, oh my gosh, if anyone ever checked my internet history I’d be fired on the flash, LOL!
    I sometimes wonder if the big wigs in Omaha look in on us but don’t think so.

  3. Jena says:

    Welcome to newbie Jenna!
    I like your name! 😉

  4. Jena says:

    Ok, just saw the photo of him looking in the mirror! OH MY GADS! But damnit, so close to the nob! Will we ever get the popular question answered?

  5. soccermom says:

    @Gen – I’ve missed you! We haven’t seen much of each other lately. How have you been?

    • Genevieve says:

      @Soccermom *waves* missed you too! I’ve been in/out lately. Trying to keep up with everything. I did think about you at the soccer tournament last weekend.

  6. soccermom says:

    Has anyone checked out the latest post from UC and Moon about the ‘tuck’ pic? Go up to right under todays ‘note to Sam’ and click ‘Gasp, Rob Pattinson is human!’

  7. Amari says:

    I love Sammy and Robbie too! I hope he laughs his cute little ass off all the way to the bank when the Robsessors buy all his shiz and go to all of his gigs. Strong work young man!

  8. Lynn says:

    I love reading your letters most of them crack me up. Hmmm well let me just say that I think many people found Sam, Bobby and Marcus via Rob and Twilight, but I don’t think he’s taking advantage of his friendship with Rob as this letter makes it sound. You say they have no real connection other than friendship….what more connection do they need they’ve been friends since they were like 12 or 14 I’ve read. In the photo you show above Rob through off an obligation to the kids choice awards to go out and support Sam so I think he is obviously there for his friends. Make no mistake I agree with you the door has been opened to the guys by Rob and Twilight but I think they are certainly showing that they have their own talent to walk through it…they are each amazing artist!!! I think we will see great things from each of them and I really hope we see more singing from Rob i’d be happy if he left Hollywood and took up singing full time, but that’s just me! Keep up your good work and don’t quit being snarky it’s what you do, but do cut the guys some slack, they are great guys!!

    • Thanks for commenting Lynn! Hopefully since you’ve read some of our other letters you can tell that MOST of what we write on LTT/LTR shouldn’t be taken seriously at all… We <3 Sam (& the other guys.. although I don’t really know their stuff) and when i said ‘taking advantage of his friendship with rob’ i meant that in a positive way- he’s running with this rob pattinson connection all the way- and like i said in the ‘letter’ GOOD for him! i think there’s a HUGE # of “real” sam/bobby/marcus fans out there.. but also a HUGE # of fans who just go to their shows to feel “connected” to Rob and/or hope that he shows! this letters was just a lighthearted suggestion for sam to…. keep reeling in those REAL fans.. and not just the becauseofRob fans.. ya know? Sounds like you’re a REAL fan and I’m glad you thought to write!

  9. 72 people viewed this post today. ODD

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