The Tuck

Dear Rob,

I don’t really have much to say. I mean. I have lots to say, but currently the words are escaping me. I’m just gonna let The Quad break it down for you… Vanity Fair style, of course.


PS: This letter and convo is about the very, um, revealing picture of Rob that surfaced yesterday from Little Ashes. If you are easily offended do not continue. And if you’re not easily offended, are over 18 and haven’t seen THE picture, look at it now. I warned you. I’m warning you. Very Revealing Robert Pattinson Picture

When the picture first came out, The Quad was not immediately available for a group convo. UC had the following two conversations one-on-one:

Friend #1: sorry for the sudden disappearance. After seeing the link Friend #2 sent me…
UC: did you get fired?
Friend #1: I had to run away. I had to cry in a bathroom stall
UC: hahaha. b/c he tucked it. b/c tucking makes us cry

Friend #2: SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! it’s TRUE!!! (sends me link to pic) RUN.RUN.
Friend #2: TUCKED.
UC: oh i cannot believe this is POSTED
Friend #2: i am dying. i am dying. i am dying. his PARENTS and sissies had to see this saturday night
UC: it’s one thing to do nudity
Friend #2: the tuck is the worst. but I will say…he has GREAT pelvic bones. always suspected–that little glimpse of them in the EW cover outtakes.
UC: he looks GREAT
Friend #2: dear God, he TUCKED his peen.
Moon: starting to get links from boys of the tucked pic
UC: from which boys!?
Moon: friends god i wanna look so bad. so i can have a discussion with a boy about it
UC: just DO it. and then save the convo
Moon: thats it???
UC: look at the TUCK and the V and the MUSCLES
Moon: this is gonna be the weirdest movie ever
UC: i know apparently that’s all you see. I asked Gozde from Robsessed. We see ass. and this. no actual peen. DAMN! need the answer to the age old question
*don’t pretend like you don’t know what the age old question is!

And The Quad reunites after 10+ days apart. Read it all after the jump

UC: OMG are we all here!? are we!?
Friend #1
: yes!
can it be true!?
Friend #2
: ME here.
YAY! we’re a quad! and not a trio! or just Moon & I like last week!
Friend #1
: So exciting
: quad train back again
Friend #2
: YAY. i will now play Quad City DJs in honor of this momentous occasion.

Friend #1: Rob would pick you over all of us, Friend #2. not like I care
Friend #2
: well, yeah he would..why are you mad? The Tuck.?
Friend #1
: yah…sicked out for life
doesn’t your hubby do that every morning? is it weird that my husband does? HAHA JK
Friend #2
: it shall henceforth be referred to as The Tuck. in caps.
Friend #1
: is it weird that my husband does that?
Friend #2
: Mine has never done that. For the record
: uh.. I know no one who has done that
Friend #1
: Moon is right. No one has done that. not even mine or your hubby, UC
not EVEN them. Or your hubby, Friend #2.  Or Moon’s Edward pillow
Friend #1
: but…rob has
Friend #2
: only Buffalo Bill. In Silence of the Lambs.
and ROB, The Tuck
: i think a requirement for THE TUCK is that you are LE GHEY

Friend #1: want to know what I did after seeing it?
what did you do share please
Friend #1
: I thought it was a gift from the gods for sure…I was so excited to see what Robsessed had in store and then I clicked on it And I literally screamed and I ran to the bathroom- vomited. cryed
NO! not vomit!
Friend #2
: hahaaa
Friend #2
: srsly?
tell me you’re serious!?
Friend #1
: lost my skills of spelling…since I put “cryed” no…I didn’t vomit but I wish I had And I wish I cried
: wow we all had vastly different reactions
Friend #1
: I mostly just did a lap around the building to cool off, yelling “hail mary” the whole time..and I am not catholic. mostly I was yelling hail mary for him since he is catholic
Friend #2
: girl, i started singing that old Baptist standard, “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul…: (Filled my soul..)
Friend #1
: I think I need to stare at GQ Rob for about….5 minutes. make it…7 to cleanse my mind. 7 minutes in heaven!

UC: if you can look past that hair (yuck- i refuse to say the “p” word) and The Tuck you can see a VERY nice body. a VERY nice “V” in the muscles
Friend #1
: I can’t look that long
Friend #1
: desktop image for sure
: hahahahaha
Friend #1
: maybe it will do a closeup like moon’s compy!
: we need an HQ of this just for one quick look
Friend #1
: can’t look
Friend #2
: quick look? hell to the no… i’ve been staring for an hour now/ The Tuck.
Friend #1
: I didn’t look long enough…

Moon: lets continue around the circle and get other reactions?
Friend #1
: did he have that sicknast stache glued on?
Friend #2
: no stache. but his hair looks like ALICE! dude.
Friend #1
: I forgive him tenfold.
: looks like a damn wig
you really only saw a teeny tiny view, Friend #1?
Friend #2
: i’m sure it is a piece.
Friend #1
: I wish the wig was long enough to cover the offensive Tuck

Moon: i was vastly underwhelmed
: so i was saving myself for the quad break down and didnt look at it till 2 guys sent ME the link
Friend #2
: because it’s no big deal, or underwhelmed by him?
: i looked and literally said out loud THATS IT???!!! and i was like wtf is everyone wildin out over?

Friend #2: it is a hot mess. he looks good, love his pelvic bones, love his non-gross pubes, but hate The Tuck.
i think my husband just started having gmail chat sex with me
Friend #2
: gross. you cannot do that while discuss The Tuck.

UC: my thoughts: tucked. it’s tucked. omg. i was hoping someone made up a very bad joke… But the V looks hot and for that i’ll stare

Friend #2: The Tuck. Has ruined. My Day. I’ve accomplished NOTHING since my daughter went down for her nap.
: ive done nothing since i got to work!
Friend #1
: I can’t go back to robsessed with fear that I will lose my job. srsly
Friend #2
: the V is hot as all get out.
: yea i want to run my fingers down the V
Friend #2
: he totally has Alice hair. bad Alice hair, that is. i’m getting my magnifying glass. don’t judge.
: hahahahaha ctrl +
Friend #2
: ok…i made it bigger…the picture, that is… and got the magnifying glass. he’s not as manscaped as we thought.
: he looks like a tranny
Friend #2
: he DOES! that’s the point. Dali was a freak.
: a baaad tranny
i’m so weirded out to see the movie i wish i could with you guys
: im 100% going but also bringing something to hide behind
Friend #2
: indeed. it’s embarrassing. like….the kissing scene, the beating off scene,…that wouldn’t bother ME as much. THIS does. The Tuck.

hot-topic-17Moon: palatte cleanser
those pics are AMAZING!
Friend #2
: that’s not even my fav..
Friend #1: Friend #1’s brain is healed.
and she’s BACK!
Friend #1
: that picture healed ME
: heal the wounds. we’ll fight to see another rob-day

hot-topic-18Friend #2:This one is my favorite
Friend #1
: it’s like aloe to a burn
Friend #2
: I know what he looks like naked. I love it. and that picture is PERFECTION.
Friend #1
: as opposed to The Tuck being lemon to a sore…
Friend #2
: amen
Friend #1
: oh so poetic.
and that’s some good programming.. 🙂

There you have it. The Tuck broken down in our favorite way. (See more Vanity Fair Style Break-downs here)
Which reaction did you have?

  • I wish the wig was long enough to cover the offensive Tuck
  • i looked and literally said out loud THATS IT???!!!
  • it is a hot mess. he looks good, love his pelvic bones, love his non-gross pubes, but hate The Tuck.
  • tucked. it’s tucked. omg. i was hoping someone made up a very bad joke… But the V looks hot and for that i’ll stare

Rob promised to write us a real letter if you vote for us at the Dazzle Awards. That’s an April Fools joke but the dazzle awards part isn’t. Also vote for Lauren’s Bite while you’re there!

952 Responses to “The Tuck”

  1. Monica says:

    First comment!!! W.O.W.
    @UC/Moon/The Quad: you never disappoint!
    This is really priceless.
    I have just been reading this with Loredana (my now epically famous fellow RobWhore and colleague who shares my office at work) and we did our own breakdown.

    Our personal highlights:
    – “yelling Hail Mary”
    – “is it weird that my husband does that?”
    – “you cannot do this and discuss The Tuck”.
    – “The Tuck. Has ruined. My Day. I’ve accomplished NOTHING since my daughter went down for her nap.”
    – “yea i want to run my fingers down the V”

    Priceless. I have been staring at THE PIC since 9am this morning.

  2. Summer Girl says:

    I am laughing and smiling. Because you girls are funny 🙂

    Plus — this scene in the movie is funny. It’s cute 🙂

    Um, am I deluded?

  3. Leigh Anne says:

    I cannot stop laughing. It’s hilarious. HILARIOUS!!!!!

    I still say it’s shades of Buffalo Bill.

    And I still say that it’s awesome.

  4. What the f*** is up with the TUCK?


    i love you ladies. i totally had the same crushing thoughts.

  5. JanetOC says:

    My response on TCA:

    I heart Rob too, but the pubes and tucking (or TUCKing) under is what got me a little surprised, and head tilt (as in my head not his, as I try to figure out this photo). That said, I can’t wait to see Little Ashes. And I know he will be awesome in it, as with anything.

    Also, I do appreciate the nakkidness, it’s just the TUCK – it’s so Buff Bill—-“it puts the lotion in the basket.”

  6. English Girl says:

    Well you’ve got it all ladies in one post again. Sex, religion, nudity, body types, technology, hair, children, husbands …. all very educational as ever, and funny as hell.

    @UC My husband has never “Tucked” as far as I am aware, let alone each morning. Am I missing something good? Is this some kind of advanced foreplay? Do reveal …

    • no! My husband has never tucked either. We will not have The Tuck at our home!

      • English Girl says:

        Well thank god for that!

        (But Rob you can TUCK for me any time – I can help with the “readjustment” afterwards).

        • therealrobzilla says:

          @EG – I’m so proud of you! You let the proper Englishness go for a minute. I love that you offer to readjust him. I feel like a proud, pervy mom right now! 😉

          • English Girl says:

            I know. Every now and then the prim facade slips. It’s an english specialty you know! I think it’s what roped my husband in back in the day …

            This site is like therapy you know!!!!!

      • Carrie says:

        Lol@UC “We will not have The Tuck in our home” hahaha classic.

  7. JBell says:

    “Moon: …and i was like wtf is everyone wildin out over? ” LOL ‘wildin out’ – I love you

    “Friend #1: …yelling “hail mary” the whole time..and I am not catholic. mostly I was yelling hail mary for him since he is catholic” lmao I love you too, “Friend #1”;)

    So yeah…

    Seeing as how I STILL cannot express in words my feelings on this subject matter, I will post what little bit I DID manage to express yesterday…

    First reaction to picture –
    “What is THAT?! Look awayyy Jessica, look awayyy!” then I just kept looking and felt my face turn all kinds of red… then my mind wandered to filthy places; naturally.

    Second reaction to picture –
    “I need to ask the girls if it would be wrong and creepy to make this my wallpaper…” (and by ‘the girls’ I totes mean you guys, “DUH!”)

    Third reaction to picture –
    “Bravo! Bravo! Superb!” ala Dali – see clip

  8. trixi says:

    eek i didn’t see that picture yesterday. but i clicked on it today. yes he is a regular guy but i just threw up in my mouth a little bit. i wasn’t expecting to see what i saw. yes, i am married but the naked male still kind of freaks me out a little still after 30 years!

  9. magsterrr says:

    LMAOOO omg. i want to be UC and Moon when i grow up. period.

    my reaction was definitely “tucked. it’s tucked. omg. i was hoping someone made up a very bad joke… But the V looks hot and for that i’ll stare”..this is gonna be burned in my brain for the rest of the day.

    and it doesnt help that im trying to stare down this picture in school…i’m all paranoid looking over my shoulder because explaining THE TUCK to a teacher that catches me would not be fun >_<

    • themoonisdown says:

      please be us! 🙂

      ps HELLO TEACHERS!! we’re imparting our wisdom on the youth of today! oh wait, thats us too.

  10. vogue18 says:

    Funny shizz, girls. As always.

    I’m truly and honestly perplexed over WHY people are so freaked out over….The Tuck.

    I feel stupid even saying it. Is it the association with that character from Silence of the Lambs that makes everybody so “eeeewww!” about this?

    Like, I feel like we’re acting like 3 graders going “yuckie!! coooties!!”

    Maybe I’m just desensitized from looking at genitalia all day as part of my job. I realize how strange that sounds, but it is what it is.

    I guess I’m just feeling bad that Rob may read all these critical discussions about something he had to do as part of a performance and have just one more thing to have an anxiety attack over.


    • JBell says:

      @Vogue – I need you to take a step awayyyy from the pene discussion and take a deeeeeep breath;) You know he’s a big boy and can (semi-)handle all of this. You know it deep down in your blackened-by-tween-girls little heart. Just remember, “Apotamkin!” Smooches. Have a good day lovely

      • vogue18 says:

        Yeah, apotamkin…:D that always makes me feel better. I guess after reading so many complete morons making stupid, immature comments about how he looks, I want to throttle somebody.

        You know what it is really? I deal with nudity every friggin day. AND, I see the insecurities from every client. They apologize up and down for every little perceived flaw they have. It makes me very sad, and having that perspective, seeing the world thru my eyes where people are SO self critical, I go nuts over some of the mean comments on the net, like at Perez. I totally get that it’s humor here at LTR.

        Sorry I ranted. I just feel like we’re friends enough that I could be honest.

        Peace, Love, and Apotamkin!

        • English Girl says:

          Agree with you all the way Vogue.

          By the way, I think I need to fly over to your spa to get my bod worked on a little. I have just had the worst waxing session ever. They don’t use numbing gel/cream here. Sometimes I wonder if the english can ever get things right, it is a bit slapdash here sometimes. You can’t get a decent set of nails here unless you find a non Brit to do it (I have found a great Korean girl – she is the bizz and super fast too).

          I gave up half way through so I am now, er, “lobsided”. Horrors. Whatever will Mr English say when he returns for the weekend?

        • JBell says:

          Totes ‘friends enough’ that you CAN be honest <3

        • themoonisdown says:

          amen girl. read my yesterdays post.

    • remember yesterday’s post! about him being human…. 🙂
      then go look at the picture again b/c it’s naked rob.

  11. iheartedward says:

    My reaction to The Tuck is that I want to see it UNtucked. And that I can’t stop looking. And if I look at it once more at work I will be fired from my job.

    • soccermom says:

      That is exactly what I was going to say to Vogue. I don’t think we are freaking out over the fact that it is TUCKED (at least on this site). I think we are freaking out because Rob is nude and we want to it UNTUCKED! And a little bum in the shot would be nice too! OOHH Rob, you are rockin’ that V!

  12. BRUMMIELOVER says:

    Rob is a “big boy” tee hee… and knew what he was doing when he shot the film…it’s all good. He will be just fine… This too shall pass 🙂 Experience is the best teacher..just think how AWESOME he will be as he matures and becomes even more experienced with films and life in general..much to look forward too!

    • English Girl says:

      Ooooh, I daren’t even begin to think how awesome he will be when he matures. I might have to leave my husband from the guilt of it. And that’s saying something ‘cos I like my hubs lots.

      • BRUMMIELOVER says:

        @ English Girl yes well I will say your Englishmen do age well!! My hubby just keeps getting better!

        • English Girl says:

          Woo hoo – rule Britannia!

          (oops forgot my hubs isn’t actually english – he’s German … but I’d say he has the best qualities of both actually. I have made sure of that!)

  13. Jena says:

    “Or Moon’s Edward pillow”

    I also love “it’s like aloe to a burn”….so very true.

  14. Jena says:

    @Verity “at least it’s long enough to tuck ”
    This is an excellent point! A nice image indeed! THUD!

  15. Emmes says:

    OK, I still haven´t recovered…I tried to comment yesterday…couple of times…simply COULDN´T.

    I was in a daze all day, fluctuating in between Wow…Rob naked could possibly be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life and OMG.THE.TUCK.

    So there,I finally sorted it out in my head…the Quad, as always, was a huge help….it´s ok for me to be torn about THE TUCK….cause I still love The Roberto!

    Do we have any MIT gals in the house, we need to invent some of that Smell-O Vision, our version would be Touch-Rob Vision ´for computer screens and tv(it would´ve definetely been handy for yesterday, the Great Tuck Fiasco of 09).

    LTR/LTT Girls ROCK!!!

  16. therealrobzilla says:

    As a Baptist gal myself, I personally love the hymn reference.
    “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul. (Filled my soul)” You even got the bass/tenor repeat. How awesome are you? I love you guys!

    The Tuck doesn’t bother me at all except I want my question answered. I love him! I think he looks fab and, unfortunately for me, still want to tap that.

  17. Jena says:

    My response to the tuck, just learned yesterday that’s it’s called “the tuck”. LOL! I figured that’s what it was but hadn’t heard it called that. I have a friend who said her husband does this to gross her out or make her laugh. I find it kind of comical in that sense. But don’t understand why Rob’s doing it in this scene? Someone’s seen the film? Can you comment as to what’s going on? Is he having a discussion to himself about tucking? LOL! Why tuck it in this scene? Also, when looking at the photo, the mirror cuts it off just right so, to me, you can’t really tell it’s tucked at first glance because it just looks like the mirror cut off before the shaft should be shown, LOL! Am I making any sense? So I’m not bothered by this. And I am amazed at how soft his skin appears and the gorgeous V that pops out at you! THUD! And amazed he had the balls to actually do this on film.

    • soccermom says:

      @Jena – I agree! He looks as soft as a baby’s bottom! Just wish we could see his bottom!

      • Jena says:

        Me to. Does anyone know, who’s seen the film,
        if we actually get an ass hot?

        • therealrobzilla says:

          as opposed to an ass cold? LMAO!

          • Jena says:

            LMAO! “an ass hot”, geez, I didn’t even realize that. LOL!
            Let me refer back to hooked on phonics. “shot” LOL!

        • soccermom says:

          @Jena – I’m pretty sure someone said last night that we do! Why is there no freaking screen cap of THAT? Wait – maybe we’ll get that gem today! Who knows! We can always wish.

  18. OMG I am laughing so hard- that was HILARIOUS.

    The Tuck.

    “palette cleanser”


    Still love you Rob. Even more.

  19. Jena says:

    LMAO at today’s April Fools joke over at Robsessed. For a second I actually did a Rob “WHAT?!” I didn’t even realize what today was, LOL!

    • therealrobzilla says:

      I’m so glad you clued me in first that it was a joke or I *might* have sharted in my pants. LOL!

      I know he says no to kids but we all know that when he gets older he will settle down and want baybays. That will be one cute kiddo!

      I’ve always wanted to see a baby pic. Clare and Richard need to give one of those big ABC interviews and give us the dirt on baby boy. You know, answer our burning Q’s: foreskin or no, why was he kicked out of school. Just the general embarassing stuff.

    • Sherin says:

      I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that shiz on twitter LOL

  20. Leigh Anne says:

    @UC–forgot to mention my favorite part:
    “Don’t pretend like you don’t know what the age old question is!”

    That’s just GOLD right there.
    99% gold, in its original state. I’m sure.

  21. kt says:

    i’m part of the “i dont care about The Tuck i wanna see it UNTUCKED” group. i looked at it a few times yesterday and i liked it…. and if you cover up the bottom few millimeters with your hand you miss The Tuck completely. you just get a wisp of pubes and can pretend that hes standing there in all his “little rob” glory.

    lets forget about The Tuck and talk more about the V.

  22. soccermom says:

    Moving away from the frontal view… ya’ll know how I feel about his freckles… Is that a lovely beauty mark I see on his right upper back? Why doesn’t my zoom work on this pic?

  23. soccermom says:

    Warning to SpunkMe !! (again) DO NOT OPEN THIS LINK!! OMG! Please tell me this is trash!

  24. niahid says:

    Bwahahaha. love all your comments. UC, Moon , You guys awesome. This just made my day

  25. Sherin says:

    Mornin’ girls !!! omg, the tuck!! I was trolling thru other sites discussing the tuck and mostly the reaction was pissed/grossed out and something in between.i don’t get it though,it’s just peen,glad we have this site who appreciates that a) rob was playing nutty Dali b) hey we got to almost see the “holy Grail ” c) think that he’s brave to do something like that d) eh,who cares,he is still hot,got great pelvic bones w/ a nice V and an apparently good sized,if only we could have a pic of those buns…..

  26. soccermom says:

    Off to work. (sucks) You ladies have a great day! Talk with ya’ll tonight!

  27. Genevieve says:

    @UC & Moon- You did it again! Morning awesomeness at its best!
    Like this quote- ‘yuck-i refuse to say the ‘p’ word’
    Good stuff!

  28. Twitchlet says:

    Couldn’t care less about The Tuck. Whatevs. (did I really just say whatevs? Oh goodness.) The boy is gorgeous and endearingly wacko and I cannot freaking wait to see LA. The end.

    In honor of the Buffalo Bill comparisons, y’all should go here:

    This song is so creepy and catchy. And it will remind you just how much Rob has NOT reached that level of disturbing.

  29. vickyb says:

    TEAM TUCK or Team V??? I think for now I am going to ignore the tuck (doesn’t really bother me b/c I think it is hilarious) and just concentrate on the V….right now…..

  30. Ceri says:

    Oh, the V! Long live the Rob V! I can’t stop staring at it. He’s certainly got a piece of work there.

    I think what has slightly weirded me out from the photo is the fact that he is obviously Dali in this screencap.

    We are seeing Rob nude but he embodies Dali so well that we really are seeing Dali TUCKED! I think that is what people are freaking out about.

    This is not naked Rob this is naked Dali and everyone needs to get over it and just enjoy the art of the film.

    End of 2 cents *hops off soapbox*

  31. aSaladADay says:

    I haven’t read all the comments yet (I will, I promise…) but,

    THE TUCK is also known as the fruit basket, and I have seen it before. Done by the one and only Brad Pitt, while on vacation with and wooing Gwyneth Paltrow… HA!

    My reaction to THE TUCK, was god damn he’s brave. Or young. And hot. If he’d do that knowing it’ll be on film forever, you know he’s daring with that thing…. and willing. Woooooo. And then there’s the V. Kill me. Just kill me. Please.

  32. calliope says:

    Anyone else getting a kick out of all these April Fools articles going around?!? Every blogger/gossip columnist knows exactly how to get the hits… talk about Rob/twilight and makeup whatever you want to say bc today you can! love it! The only rob related article i’ll believe today is the one that states he’s decided to come to my house and whisk me away… bc that ain’t no laughing matter. seriously.

  33. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    I’m not that weirded out by the TUCK. I used to watch a lot of Queer as folk maybe that is why.

  34. Kristin says:

    I love it. I and I am totally team V by the way. God, can you imagine what he looks like now after working out..I mean I would do him twice on sundays looking like this, but a more defined ‘V’ *faints*. You can tuck it all you want Rob, as long as you still have that beautiful V pointing me right to heaven. The Tuck doesn’t bother me, it was for a movie and uh…he doesn’t look like he has to try to hard to get it “tucked” which means..umm..there is plenty to tuck…and um…I need a shower.

    I thought about him naked the whole time I was running and I have to say, I don’t remember actually turning up the treadmill to 8 MPH. More Nekkid Rob is gonna get my super skinny if we keep going at this rate!

    Moon, UC and friends: I love you all. This convo was perfect…especially the part about google sex chat! LMFAO. My hubby tries that crap over text. I’m like..babe, I’m doing the dishes and he is all..what are you wearing…and I’m all…ew, oatmeal. NOT SEXY.

    This comment is so long but I have to tell you guys Carter and I were chatting last night and I sent her the Elvis Duran radio interview…we were listening together and this is a portion of our convo. I still crack up everytime I read it.

    HER: oh shit
    ME: WHAT?
    HER: nothing, his voice
    HER: “safety blanket”
    HER: take me now
    ME: I KNOW
    ME: I KNOW
    ME: okay…
    ME: whew.
    HER: sorry no more caps
    ME: jesus….I CAN’T STOP

    and that continued for like 20 more minutes before we finally settled down and went to bed.

    Have a great day everyone!

  35. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    So I’m doing my usual homework(spying on Rob and his friends) and Holy hell turns out Sam bradley is coming to Nash Vegas baby! My stomach is all in a knot. I hope he brings his friends. What do If do if I meet him? What should I wear? what should I say?
    ahh, I’m totally freaking out(prob for nothing, but just in case)

    • look hot! get a pic for us! is he playing 3rd & L? i went to school in nashy, btw….. miss it tons

    • Carrie says:

      Did u see that Bobby Long is playing too. I live Atl. I might have to make a trip to see them.

      Also planning on going to Nashville Film Festival to see How to Be. Meeting up with JetBaby. Let me know if you want to meet up with us.
      Here is my email-

    • Twichotic says:

      I have a friend with tix to the April show. Rumor is it is sold out, but they are supposedly doing another show in August–when Rob will be done shooting….hint, hint.

    • Sherin says:

      Just get that LBD and 6-inch sex me stilettos ready .if rob would show up,he wouldn’t know what hit him when he sees u

      • FutureMrsPattinson says:

        O he’ll know what hit cause it will be me falling from a sprained ankle. LOL!! Then I’ll just be like “since we’re already down here……” But I wouldn’t kiss and tell sorry

  36. Kimbalina says:

    OME!!!! I love the V and the tuck is a little “buffalo Bill-ish” but like you other gals said, so close to seeing the mother ship it is sooooooo worth seeing the weird hand flick and head cock. HE must be trying to be a posh fem to see how he would act in society….I love Rob and he can do no wrong in my book, other than I had a bad dream about him last night. I won a date with him and was at the movie theater and I had a baseball cap on and mentioned it would have been very “Edward worthy” and seriously he snorted at me and got up and sat a couple rows away from me. I woke up like, was he really that rude to me, and then realized it was just a dream Kim, only a dream….tonight I will dream about the V because I am joining the game late, sorry gals!

  37. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    He sure is. Vandy?

    • Jena says:

      I’m laughing so hard I’m crying!
      This is too funny!
      “He hired Michael Jackson’s dermatologist to get
      that scary pale look 24/7 and ordered deer
      blood to replace his bottled water. ”
      “She had her agent force the special effects
      team to make her look like Paris Hilton, sound like
      Miley Cyrus and controversial like Rihanna.
      She actually welcomed our move because it gave
      her the chance to accept the role for High School Musical 5.”

      • Jena says:

        What’s even more funny is that people are
        actually getting pissed and buying it in the
        comment section. That one girl who was like
        “I hope they see this and can defend this
        because this is such crap” Did she not see the
        “April Fools”, LOL!
        Oh I feel so much better knowing there are
        people out there dumber than me! LOL!

    • Regnard says:

      Hello! Thanks for liking my post! 😀

  38. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    I need to go to the gym. I only have 22 days to look hot.

    • Kristin says:

      you are already hot! Just be all casual and non-fangirl but totes get us some pictures. And uh, ask him if Rob still has his foreskin or not. LOL

      • Carrie says:

        @Kristin “ask him if Rob still has his foreskin or not. LOL” That is such a casual question. I sure it comes all the time in normal conversation.

      • FutureMrsPattinson says:

        I’m afraid Ill go all “red braid girl” on him. I guess asking him to sign my boobs is too fangirly

        • Carrie says:

          I think he would be flattered to sign your boobs. I do it all the time. 😉
          Just don’t ask him to breathe into a Tupperware container or smell his hair and I think it will be all good.

        • Kristin says:

          @carrie – totes need to casually work that in there..LMFAO

          @FutureMrsP =- LOL red braid girl…..You can ask him to sign your boobs, I’m sure he would love that. I would be flattered if someone asked me to sign their boobs!

  39. Carrie says:

    Going to lunch. Miss me lots while I’m gone. 🙂

  40. dawn says:

    I cant get *goodbye Horses* from Lazzarus out of my head. (the song Buffalo Bill dances to)

    Or the line:
    *You wanna f*ck me? I wanna f*ck me*

    You know, I have a lot of gay male friends who told me, you have to be on the bigger side to tuck right.. I wanna see his ass.

    I CANT WAIT to se Little Ashes with Lori when it comes out.. I wish there were more Rob fans around us here in Media PA 🙁

  41. Ceri says:

    Just so that I can get Robalo Bill out of my head (I think its the “it puts the lotion on its skin” tuckage that is weirding me out)

    I am going to think about Jay (of Jay and Silent Bob) in Clerks 2. Probably not safe for work.

    Jay does Buffalo Bill, its freaking hilarious! TUCKAGE at the very end. It’ll put you in a better mood.

  42. Sass says:

    Tuck. Hmm. I know exactly what Rob can tuck and just where he can tuck it.

  43. EyeC says:

    Give me the V–I’ll take that any day!

    @Kristin–can you imagine it NOW? Yes, I can. Mmmmm.

    Love Hail Mary and Heaven came down!

    Ooo–that crazy Dali…

    Great post today–kudos to the quad!

  44. Sass says:

    As for the V, I would like to trace that fine, fine letter with my tongue.

    • Sherin says:

      Ohhhh me too sass!! Me too!!! I’m thinking I need at least two hours tracing that V. Oh yeah rob, I’m drawiiinngggg that shizz out. be back later gals,have to go to the gym, it’s gonna be a hot workout while imagining that V line woohoo!!!

  45. meghan says:

    wonder if rob used this meathod


    i still love him bunches

  46. Annemarie says:

    ……. I am literally crying and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard!!!!! You chicks are hard core and I love your site. Not digging the tuck (or the hair for that matter) myself but heck, it IS Rob after all. Thx for the pallette cleanser… yum… THUD!

  47. Lauren says:

    the tuck has ruined me for life.

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