Rob's only outfit

Dear Rob,

Looks like you and Kristen were caught having a fun night out on the town this weekend in Vancouver by this girl.  All of us girls in “The Quad” have lives and never talk on the weekends (we usually just don’t do our jobs and talk throughout the workday), so we couldn’t do our normal “Breaking it down Vanity-Fair Style.” But that didn’t stop us from discussing the situation through e-mail:

Damn! Caught

Damn! Caught

Friend #1: Seriously?  She LEANED next to a freakin’ CAB for a picture?  This will need some breaking down…in the future…’cause they are together.  Ahem.  I don’t wanna hear this “buddies” shizz, either.
Friend #2: They are sooooo together. Look at them…chillaxin together. Being comfortable together. She obviously is “in” to him because she will hang out with him when he is wearing his only outfit.
Friend #1: Friend #2, will you marry me? THIS:  “she will hang out with him when he is wearing his only outfit…”  OUTSTANDING.  You are brilliant. P.S. And the look on KStew’s face in that pic?  It’s not ’cause she’s aggrivated with the fan encounter…it’s cause she’s totally thinking, “Damn, we’re SO busted.”
Friend #2: EXACTLY what I was thinking. She KNEW
Moon: I think shes thinking “damn i had a lot to drink and good god this bitch’s flash is bright. and she needs to hurry up and close the effing door.. it’s flipping cold outside.” yea she thought ALL that. PS Yes that is his ONE outfit. Lord help us.
UC: But yes, Rob & K thought they were being sneaky.. Rob is shakin’ his head saying “damn, this girl is gonna ruin our fun.”

You know us- we will, until the day we die, go down saying we know you and Kristen had/have/will continue to have a “thing.” Nikki is back in LA, Michael flew home so you’re free to hook-up, eat Indian food & take drunk pics in cabs.  We hate it, we’re jealous. The only time we like to admit that you and Kristen hooked up is when you were shooting these two scenes:




and who are we kidding? We’d all hang out with you when you’re wearing your one and only outfit (or when you’re not wearing it. Cuz when you’re not in your only outfit, well.. you’re not in any outfit and all and that’s not disgusting)

UnintendedChoice for “The Quad”

Thanks to Robsessed, as always, for the cab pic AND the .gifs and then there’s this story that we all know is a bunch of lies from the girl in the pic on imdb about how “they’re just friends.”

846 Responses to “Rob's only outfit”

  1. JBell says:

    The look on KStew’s face does not say “damn i had a lot to drink and good god this bitch’s flash is bright. and she needs to hurry up and close the effing door.. it’s flipping cold outside.”
    To me it says – “Damn. Rob and I really shouldn’t have drank that much and then ‘accidentally’ slipped and fell into a sexual position…”

    The FBR is investigating the newest NReed pic as well… stay-tuned and more to come tonight when I – I mean ‘we’ – have time.

  2. Monica says:

    @JBell: good to know that FBR is on the case named as BMWGate, aka “What the hell is Nikki doing beside the Sacred Car, aka “The Car Who Lived”.

    Crucial to that one file is the timing of the pic. She is back in LA, but does the pic really date back to only a few days ago? When did the BMW purportedly disappear from Rob’s life and parking lot? What business is it of hers to hover around it?

    Re CabGate, aka Kstew and Rob in the cab: notice how Rob is pointedly looking anywhere but the camera….

    And yes, we still love you in your only outfit…and also without it.

  3. debs says:

    i love you guys! rotflmao!

  4. WastingTheMorningAway says:

    I love the fact that she looks like she’s touching herself while sitting next to him in the cab. Who could resist?
    She has that same “dazzled” half-drunk look that she attempted in the movie where she looks out the window at him against the car and says “unequivacably” (the word that I apparently can’t spell).
    I’m hot and bothered looking at the final 2 pics. Somehow I’d never noticed that she grabs a handful of beautiful hair when she kisses him. Wow. So hot. So bothered. Need to go feed kids breakfast. Crap.

  5. Leigh Anne says:

    I dig his “one outfit.” And that jacket. Which my dad has. It’s so hard rockin’.

    p.s. I love Indian food. And cabs. And method acting. Yep.

  6. M.J. says:

    This is so going to make me sound like a 14 y/o…but is it wrong of me to not want him and Kristen together in r/l , but as far as Bella/Edward..I don’t want anyone else to play their characters?

    • JBell says:

      Don’t want them together in RL either. I’m with you, my 14yo play-date BFF.

    • EyeC says:

      I hate that I don’t want them together either. I’m working on myself to like this. After all if this is what he wants…. He’s a 22 y/o guy and I want him to be getting some.

  7. JGroIsMyEdward says:

    @ M.J.: I’m totally with you on the characters thing and half with you on the r/l thing…i don’t really care (actually maybe i do like 60-40), just don’t want Rob to get hurt from it…
    OMG! those .gifs are hot! it took me a while to notice that they’re both different…i think i saw a different one somewhere else, too… makes you wonder…how many times did they film THAT scene?

  8. Monica says:

    @JBell / M.J.: I too do not want them together in RL, for a number of reasons:

    a) if they get together the paps (and us in turn, lets admit this) will stalk rob even more (couldnt care less about Kstew)

    b) if she is really the Sour Puss that she looks like, HE is going to get hurt and I dont want that.

    c) if they split up, this is going to make the next 2/3 movies verrrra awkward, dont’ cha think?

    so….Rob, please don’t do this to US!!

    • SnMLamb says:

      OK, was a lurker…but I got off my soapbox. I LOVE the comments from the Quad and from the girls on here. I sat LMAO many days not working (from home, so HA!). Although, working from home does have it’s advantages, there is no one to walk behind me making me quickly try to get things like this off the screen, so I just waste my whole day laughing at LTR and feeling like a total loser for not working.

      I had to comment this time because Monica, your “verrrra awkward” statement made me snort my tea. And THAT, chica, is hard to do!

      I’m gonna have to steal that saying, but I will be sure to mention your name every time.

      Me: Oh yeah girl, when I opened that door and saw her standing there I was like ‘what’

      My friend Cori: Well, what did you say? didn’t you feel weird?

      Me: Hell yeah, it was verrrra awkward…as my friend Monica would say.


  9. JanetOC says:

    Your comments all “unequivacably” made me laugh out loud. As usual. Love the silly story, the cab and their faces. Excited about your investigation though JBell.

  10. Dany says:

    Hello girls!!!

    @JBELL: In the first picture of the evidence, Rob’s wearing MY sneakers!!! I just wanted to say that lol

    Thanks JBell, we have the best FBR that any website can wish for 🙂

  11. spamwarrior says:

    Only outfit… LOL.

  12. Just a Girl says:

    Morning, loved the post. I may stand alone here but I totes believe they have done it six ways to Sunday already. It also doesn’t bother me at all, in fact it gets me kinda hot thinking about him getting any.
    Plus if you watch the Vanity fair videos (posted SpunkMe’s fave on my site yesterday) the way they touch hands shows a certain intimacy. I’ve had lots of guys friends over the years and we don’t touch like that EVER (inless there were benefts on the side).
    Final thought before I bail, maybe O’Spice/Oregano is Rob & KStews beard, to keep the hate off her. He definitely could use the publicity LOL

    • oh they’ve done it. big time

    • Hamnoo says:

      what does that mean, be someone’s beard?
      I’m German, but I’ve heard that one before … is it like, a disguise so you appear “normal” to the world?
      It doesn’t bother me either, but not because of him, but because … well, they are the only people in the world that know what’s right for them, or that should care about their actions. And by that I include Kristen Stewart, because I don’t dislike her, she has made a good impression on me.

      • Hamnoo says:

        except that I think there probably is nothing going on right now, and also they will never be a couple (right now I meant the sex) because, I guess, they both know they are not right for each other. I’m not saying they never hooked up, I’m right with you all on that one, but in this picture, or generally around that time … no. Just because a girl and a guy hang out (in ugly clothes, by the way, especially hers), doesn’t mean they’ll end up together. Nononono. No.
        (That is not defiance, it’s frustration because I’ve experienced just such gossip about myself … in a non-staredom way :D)

  13. FutureMrsPattinson says:

    Well since Nikki has been spotted next to “THE CAR” he should keep it (he and Kstew) on the DL. I would hate for Nikki to take a bat to the precious beemer while wearing her own shiteous Nikes and end it for good.

    and BTW I thought it had killed over.

  14. Steph says:

    Top o’ the mornin’ to ya’ll! What fun is had here at LTR!

    @JBell – Your investigative skills are rivaled by no one. I admire your hutzpa! 🙂

    I think the best part of those gifs is that he’s wearing stuff he’d wear any given day as himself, not just as Edward. Just take away K-Ew(!) and add me, and the picture is complete!

  15. junsikat says:

    I almost hate the thought of KStew and Rob together *shudders*
    She is so not what I would expect him to want…I’d expect someone like Nat Portman or even that Camille chick, but sour pussy, seriously!?
    Doesn’t matter, I know, just my opinion…
    But if they ARE together, they should just admit it, the rumors and gossip on that one are really annoying!

    • i dont’ think they’re together (and i don’t think anyone in the quad does either- we just saw it’s fun to say) but we DEF think they have/are/will continue hooked up

      • junsikat says:

        Oh thanks UC, I definitely can live with that 😉
        And for real love he can move on to someone more his caliber (Do you say so in English?)…Maybe to one of us. LOL

  16. Carrie says:

    @JBell first set of pics are from 11-30-08.

    I don’t think he is borrowing Nikki’s car. It had Michigan license plates.
    Will do more research. 🙂

    Robmorning Ladies.

    • vickyb says:

      @Carrie I agree. The car had Michigan plates so it seems like it was a rental. Also, he said on Leno that he bought it from an actor who had his head shot taken with it wearing a big gold chain. Nikki Reed=shiteous Nike’s NOT Gold Chain. 🙁

      I hate to allow for a conspiracy theory, but some insanely (14 yo) jealous part of me refuses to admit he is anything more than just friends with either one of those girls. *plugs ears* LALALALALALALALALA

      • themoonisdown says:

        you and i both vicky. i love to live in a 14 yr old world where no boinking occurs. haha 🙂

      • Verity says:

        Those have to be the ugliest Nike’s i’ve ever had the misfortune to see. If RP is doing her i hope he makes her put the sneaks in the closet beforehand.

  17. M.J. says:

    I’m glad someone agrees with me. I mean, ok, I’ll grab my girly sac and fess that I’m jealous if she’s hittin it when I can’t…lol..But there’s also just something I can’t quite put my finger on(and I really wouldn’t wanna!) but I don’t think she’s the one for him. Maybe a fuck buddy, but nothing more.Plus there’s something about her sometimes that kind of gives off a fake vibe to me. Eh, I don’t know.

    • Carrie says:

      I don’t want them to be hittin it either. I want to believe he is saving himself for me. I like living in my delusional bubble.

      • M.J. says:

        lol Carrie…well I wasn’t gonna go there myself..but yeah saving himself would be nice…and funny thing? I would much rather see him with any one of the fine LTR ladies than KPew. I think any one of you(not including myself cause some days a trained monkey is smarter than I am) are wittier, more thoughtful, and could keep him far more intellectually stimulated than smot poker could..not to mention stimulated in other areas, I know you know what I’m sayin!

  18. Tasha says:

    hmm…I have a feeling they’re on their way to have a “very productive” evening getting into their pants, oops…I mean…uh…characters.

  19. Jena says:

    @EyeC, just saw your question from last night.
    Adam Lambert. EW EW EW EW! I do not like him and don’t understand what the big fuss is and he sings like someone squeezed the begeesus out of his nutsack! All I’m sayin….LOL! And Randy Jackson is still on my shit list for comparing him to Rob.

    • EyeC says:

      I know you’re a Gokey Girl Jena. I’m not sayin’ I’m for Lambert just that he got such a big response. I like Bluesy Matt and Chris Allen did a great job too. That little Angela (?) has the pipes too. Yeah. I was there when Randy compared AL to HHH. FKL!

  20. Dany says:

    @Carrie: I didn’t get to comment your post about you drinking, doing karaoke (“WORDS! WORDS!!” lol) and neglecting your needy friend. What a night! What did we learn? No drinking and karaoking! Who cares about drinking and driving, the real danger for you is the karaoke thing! lol

    @MJ: Of course she is not the one for him. We all know that he’s meant for us, and I bet he’s looking forward to those get aways to your house and the 4-way we offered him here the other day lol

    I’m off girls, see you at night, Take care!!

    • Carrie says:

      @Dany Thanks!! Moral of story was most def drinking and karaoking is a bad thing. Maybe I can work on PSA about it. 😉

    • M.J. says:

      Dear God I hope so… I went to Sam’s Club over the weekend and bought 12 cases of Hot know, just in case.. Oh and condoms….

  21. WastingTheMorningAway says:

    On the “who’s right for him” topic, I saw an Access Hollywood or something last week where they had that Millionaire Matchmaker woman on and she was pairing all the famously single stars (J. Aniston, etc.). They asked her about Rob and she said he’d be great with Mischa Barton (is that her name?).

    Random Thoughts by WTMA.

    I don’t know anything about her other than she’s really really skinny.

    I think Natalie Portman is the only actress that he’s been paired with where I wasn’t repulsed.

  22. Amber says:

    So, you guys think he bought that jacket the same day he got the dad-case?!?

    Personally, I love them both and bow down to Rob, the thrift store shopping king!! He needs to come teach my hubby a thing or two.

  23. the captain says:

    rob is totally wishing he were dead as the flash goes off. kstew appears to be off her face (surprise!) but also quite gymnastic for the back of a cab. she is also wearing a texas tuxedo so cannot bemoan the poo-jacket.

  24. M.J. says:

    well I gotta jet for a bit lovelies…gotta do some scavenging for Darkward pics. Have a song that I can’t get out of my head and it reminds me of Wide Awake and for some odd reason SpunkMe..So I think the next vid I make will be for her.

    Have fun..squeeze ya”ll!

    • Carrie says:

      @M.J can’t wait to see it. I haven’t read WA yet but might start it tonight. SpunkMe says it’s the best and she hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

      Later 😉

    • SpunkMe says:

      Oh MJ


      A vid for me???!!!

      I f*cking love you! ~Darkward

      Thanks! Can’t wait!!!!

      • SnMLamb says:

        Ok, so I’m in the right board because dammit I’ve read The Submissive, The Dominant (or I’m trying to if she’ll update!), and I read WA in 3 days and just started it again last night, because I’m impatient and I can’t function in the real world without a few f-words and some shiny f-ing curls.

        I am glad I’m not lurking anymore, because I have found my clique!

        • thinking of moving to forks says:

          just started WA last night – of course i went to the smutty NC-17 chapter 47 first … woowwwww … but what are the other two? after reading all the books like 6 times, i need me some fanfic.

  25. Giseli says:

    You girls are SO smartypants! Amazing! I’m not supposed to hang out with people who’s THAT level of smartness. I’m just a airhead. Damn it! LMAO
    KStew and Rob ~ there’s a thing going on. Despite the fact that it’s really not by business… but I couldn’t help my self and have to say: I don’t like this ‘situation’ either. I don’t like her… no reason at all.
    Tsk, ~maybe~ I’m just this green-eyed-bitch-full-of-jealous.
    justsaying hehehe

  26. Angie says:

    I know this is random but Nikki reminds me of Rayan from “my so called life”.

    • Carrie says:

      YES!!!! I couldn’t figure out who she reminded of. That’s it Rayanne Graff. Thanks for Angie.

      • SpunkMe says:


        Hey chick:

        “Rough night?” I asked, keeping my eyes focused on my BlackBerry.

        “You could say that again,” she said.

        I smiled, I couldn’t help it. She was tired, sore, cranky, and she still had her sense of humor.

        “Rough night?” I asked again.


        • Carrie says:

          That’s one of my fav scenes. It so cute how they interact. Then when I read it from EPOV loved it even more. He is so in love with her and is such a dork.

          • Carrie says:

            Also love this part-
            I took a deep breath, opened a blank document on my computer, and started typing.

            Edward Cullen is the world’s biggest f*cking idiot.

            What the hell do you think you’re doing?


            Isabella opened the door and quietly stepped inside, closing the door behind her.

            Big, f*cking idiot.

            You have no business having her here.

            This will go down as your worst mistake ever.

            She walked to the middle of my office and from my peripheral vision, I could see her stand with her hands to her side, feet spread to the width of her shoulders.


            Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.

            Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.

            F*ck. F*ck. F*ck.


            He’s adorkable.

          • SpunkMe says:

            TWINNERS!!!!! LOVE THAT SCENE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Who knew the first time around, right? Just thought he was being a prick doing his work on the computer for like 20 minutes while she is just standing there waiting…and the whole time he is trying to get control of himself! Total RobDomward adorkableness!!!! So in love with Domward and Rob. So in love!

          • Carrie says:

            I know. Thought he was just being a prick too. We are such TWINNERS!!!

            AM totes getting air-brushed t-shirt made. SpunkMe +Carrie= 2gether 4ever. Twinners for Life!!! There will be unicorns and rainbows on the back. 😉

  27. SpunkMe says:

    Good morning my LTR besties!!

    Yes, let me first say that it has been like 6 1/2 hours since I posted last–just enough time to get a little shut eye and dream about Rob and LTR all freakin’ 6 hours and then where do I end up 1st thing upon waking?? LTR! I HAVE to see the new post! So, I have decided now that this is officially LTRcrack for me to add along to my Twicrack and Twiporncrack addictions. Help me Jesus! I just keep gettin’ deeper!

    That being said, now to comment about this MOST EXCELLENT post for today! I FREAKIN’ (too early to use my Darkward cussing) LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Quad couldn’t have done a better job on this one! I think ya’ll nailed it on the head. And I do think they were thinkin’ Shiz! We are so freakin’ busted!

    O-Spice was the cover…the management team is trying desperately to cover up Kristen’s uncontrollable thirst for His Holy Hotness! They can not get a hold on it! It is spinning out of their control at every fake coughO-spice/NRank detourcough. But look at Kristen…just being that close to him in the cab causes her to rub herself into a frenzied drunk face! And Rob well he just sits checkin’ out all our posts on LTR on his cell because…well…he is Rob and he doesn’t have to really even do anything to get that reaction out of her.

    Hey, JAG is right they have done it probably six ways to Sunday and then some…probably why Rob keeps the front of no girls to date/with him cause he’s already bangin’ this one who is convienently in his “office” so to speak.

    Thanks again for the Vanity Fair vid posting! You are such a great fix to add to my growing addiction! I have analyzed that vid myself and in this hour long one found here:

    (Also a nice hot read to go with it-meow)

    The hand holding is of course due to Kristen’s uncontrollable thirst for touching him at every chance she gets. At 30:59 she grabs him by his pants…I could go on and on at a million time frames, but will let you do your own FBR on this one (for those that haven’t done this already–BDVFS) Note time 31:10….he is in control of himself and has his hands balled into fists planning to lower her back onto him, but she is the one who initiates the intertwined hand holding that is now of course infamous! Of course who could blame her, I’d do it too! LOL!

    <3 all of you whether you agree with me or not…it’s part of the magic of LTR…we all get along no matter what.<3

    • Carrie says:

      @SpunkMe I just vomited in my mouth. NO Kstew and Rob. I can’t handle it. Going to bathroom and crying. UGHHH!!!
      Still will be besties with you even though you are team RobStew.

      • SpunkMe says:

        Nononono! No throw up, Carrie…it’s all good…you have yours…i’ll have mine…question…who you picturing in the fanfic reads as Bella? Just wondering.

        • SpunkMe says:

          And don’t say “me” cause we all say that.

          • Carrie says:

            Hmm I don’t really know who I picture. Not me. I think just a generic female. I am really more focused on picture Rob as Domward.

          • SpunkMe says:

            Well I picture KStew, then it’s me then it’s KStew then me…well ya know.

            That’s interesting though–your answer–you should always know that you can speak freely to me here at your kitchen table, Isabella, I mean Carrie.

  28. Genevieve says:

    Good Morning! Rob looks like he’s rolling a ciggie (in the cab) Haha! just sayin’ LOL

    ‘How to Be’ screenings (Robsessed)

  29. LoveFreedom says:

    Well…Girls…I mean Ladies, What about this Nikki Deal…I, personally, I’m not impressed with her…but could Rob? I’ts been bothering me since I heard about it…LOL?!?
    Only You can understand!

    Love the posting and the lush Kissing video ,well…do you think with all this micro tec happening it could be installed in my sunglasses to watch at the slightest Rob thought?

  30. LoveFreedom says:

    Do you think Rob is textting in the PIC? Just thinking…

  31. vickyb says:

    One question? If you are going to be annoying and try to get a pic with a TW celeb why wouldn’t you walk around to the other side of the cab and just sit on Rpattz’s lap and snap the photo instead??? Just sayin’.

  32. Carrie says:

    @SpunkMe I loved the questions you guys were putting together for our online chat with HHH. I loved how FN and EyeC are asking PG questions and you keep going back to NC-17. I like the way your mind works.
    I would ask him a few PG questions.-
    1. Do people really ask you to bite them or are you just yanking are chains??
    2. Not really a question but request. He would have to be on a video chat to do it. Can you please talk in your American accent. I love it when talks American. It so adorkable.

    • SpunkMe says:

      Yes, they were like being so G rated…what tv shows do you watch??!!! Are you f*cking kidding me??!!! (Love you FN and EyeC)…But they caught on to my urge for the dirty…and boy they started to play along—they just needed a little coaxing. HA HA

      And I am all about the NC-17 when it comes to HHH! No doubt about that.

      Bite people? How about can you bite me…down there? Not too hard now, baby! Just a nice nibble! Whew! Panties flyin’ early this morning… *Poof*

      Oh and don’t get me started on the whole I can do an American accent thing….JIZZ…I want him to go back and forth between the two while doin’ the dirty talk…then it will seem like there are 2 of him….

    • EyeC says:

      Hey, come on guys! We were just starting out! Then SpunkMe got all R rated on us…. And I was not asking about TV. I was saying does he EVEN WATCH TV because he said he didn’t in some interview or other. Now Carrie those two questions would be great ones. I just don’t know if he would totally play along if everything is N-17 and above! Esp the one about dropping his drawers! Cut or uncut–good question. I’m only trying to look at it from our boy’s perspective. And any tabloids that would pick it up! By the way LMFAO here!!!

  33. E19 says:

    Work is SO mind numbing – Anyone else really need laineygossip to post her supposed “twilight sighting” pics? I am not a lainey fan, but I’ll take anything at this point.

  34. Genevieve says:

    @UC- yeah, that second GIF- can’t stop watching- am pretty sure I’m hypnotized (just sayin’) lol

  35. carter.hearts.rob says:

    Test test… I think I haven’t been here in so long that my comment is going to go through moderation again.

    What is up, LTR ladies?!?!

    • carter.hearts.rob says:

      JK, apparently I am special and need no moderation…

      I could go so many ways with that, HONESTLY. But I will keep it PG because it’s 9:20 am here haha.

      Agreed with all the Quad, JAG, etc… they are totes bumping uglies. I don’t think they are together though – he’s too smart to go after his co-star publicly. He’s already paranoid as it is and I doubt he wants to bring on the wrath of even MORE stalkerazzi by dating her. She’s definitely following him around like a puppy dog. But I can’t blame her for that – I don’t think anyone can resist HHH.

      BTW, I am totally going to spend my free time this week going back and reading comments, I hear there are some good letters from SpunkMe and EyeC that I missed!

      • SpunkMe says:

        Hi Carter

        Wsa thinking about you yesterday and how we hadn’t heard from you lately. Good to see you back! Yes, I agree I don’t know that they are like gf/bf or anything, just that you can tell they are and have been doing it repeatedly.

        Oh< hope you like my posts… 🙂

  36. Carrie says:

    RE: this pic-

    Thinking maybe he is just keeping the car at NReed. He doesn’t have an apartment in LA and would prob cost a fortune to have at in a parking deck.

    • E19 says:

      I’m hoping that’s all – is it me or does she look like she wants to get seen with the car?

    • SpunkMe says:

      Is this recent? I thought that car died. What is the issue at hand? Is it did he get the car originally from NRank to begin with?

    • JBell says:

      But he’s actually driving the rental Audi around LA… apparently there IS further need for the FBR invesitgation. Hm.
      I was looking for a picture with visible plates too, Carrie lol So thanks for that!
      In the NReed pic the car has a Cali plate and it’s registration is for October, but her birthday is in May (the day after Rob’s actually) so it’s obviously not registered to her OR him…

      • WastingTheMorningAway says:

        NR’s bday is May 14? That’s my hubby’s bday. I’m not sure that has any significance. At all. Just had to say it. Out loud.

      • Ceri says:

        In Cali the registration date is when the car was originally registered in CA not from the registrant’s birthdate. I’m not sure I’ve helped you out here in your FBR investigation, sorry.

        • JBell says:

          o0o I didn’t know that! Thanks! lol That does help actually… and adds more to the ‘investigation’ 😉

      • vickyb says:

        Damn girl…you are a super slueth. In Cali though (unlike our home state of Florida) the registration doesn’t go by your bday. Our new car here in Cali goes by when you bought it. HMMMMM, yet another mystery to unravel and keep me from getting any work done!

  37. SpunkMe says:

    Random thought~

    I hope Kristen looks in Breaking Dawn after becoming a vamp like she does in the Vanity Fair shoot! Cause I think she looks so beautiful there. She looks really nice when she tries/ or is uh forced to dress up/ have hair and make-up done.

    *ok you can throw up now*

    • WastingTheMorningAway says:

      I think she looks gorgeous at the VF shoot too. It’s all around the most visually appealing shoot for BOTH of them. Not hard to feel the vibe between them that day — they were both hot as hell and touchy feely. I’m a closet fan of the KS/RP relationship as well.

      • SpunkMe says:

        Yippee WTMA!!! Another RP/KS fan is on the dark side….the force is strong…let it take you!

        It will be our little secret.

        • WastingTheMorningAway says:

          It’s what originally drew me into this dark abyss I’m in now. The chemistry between them was undeniably the best part of the movie (cuz it certainly wasn’t the Spider Monkey scene that hooked me). I started off youtubing to find out if they were an item. And then I was enamored by Rob’s charms. And then I read the books and drank the Twilight koolaid. And then I fell into the blackhole.

          • SpunkMe says:

            Drank the Twilight Kool Aid LMFAO!!!

            That’s why I say they are shamefully lying to the public about their hotness going on for each other. Is every person that sees the hot burnin’ chemistry (like millions of us) are we stupid? Uhhh numbers suggest otherwise.

            “I don’t see nothin’ wrong..”~Rob

            with a little bump n’ grind! Yeah, that’s what they are doin’!

      • Jena says:

        Yeah, she does look gorgeous during VF shoot. InStyle shoot to.
        Really think full makeup does her good.
        Prom scene in Twilight she looked gorgeous to!

  38. WastingTheMorningAway says:

    Is it just me or does Rob have a bit of a crackberry addiction? Lately all we see is him with his head down, texting or something on his crackberry (blackberry, blueberry, iPhone — who knows what it is).

    Maybe he IS having a long distance relationship and he’s having text-sex 24-7 with her. Gone are the days where nobody ever calls him I guess.

    • Ceri says:

      I think he is using it as an excuse to hide and not show his face. Poor guy, I am really starting to feel bad for him with the razzi stalkers.

      But I do love me some random Rob shots, so I’m a hypocritical b*tch!

    • SpunkMe says:

      I’m telling you he is just as addicted to LTR as we are…he is so into reading what we have to say about him…we keep him entertained and stroke his…uhhh…ego at the same time.

    • LoveFreedom says:

      WastingTheMorningAway…LOVE LOVE Your Post name WONDERFUL! Just like I feel…and I am in the Abyss of all this for sure. I am leaving for College tours with my son and I will have to behave will be go, go, for 4 days not being able to check all your ladies terrific analysis. HELP!!!!!

      I just think RPattz is DELICIOUS, I can’t pin point why he is so endearing and sexy all at the same time.

  39. soccermom says:

    @SpunkMe and Carrie- I actually had dreams about Darkward last night (good ones) because of all the bedtime Twiporn! I LOVE The Dom from EPOV – always trying to stay in control. Anyway, which do I move onto tonight – WA or The Office?

    Yes, I think Rob and Kristen are ‘friends with benefits’.

    • carter.hearts.rob says:


      Do you see where I’m going here?!!

      And I love Wide Awake… it’s just not quite as lemony-fresh as The Office.

    • Carrie says:

      I say The Office. It’s a shorter read. For what I am told once you start WA you won’t be able put it down. That’s why I am waiting to start.
      The Office is STEAMY HOT!!!

      Also glad you came to the darkside. 😉

      • Tigerlily says:

        WA is definitely cracktastic, so if you’ve managed to resist it so far, I would wait until the final three chapters are done, so you can read it, complete it, and not be like the rest of us dying for an update every day.
        Of course, Domward the Non-Skimmer has me counting the hours until Tara Sue Me updates, too. 😉
        The Office does give fresh-squeezed lemonade right away. (I’m only on Ch. 3….)

    • SpunkMe says:


      mmmmmm did you mean Domward dreams? Since you haven’t read Wide Awake yet with Darkward? Either way…that would have been totes hot!!!!

      Did you love Chapter 8? Did you? Did you? It is so much hotter the way he described what was goin’ down lit’rally!

      Well if you want more Domward likeness and total right off the bat hot lusty sex…then go with The Office…again short read about as long as the Dom (oooo I just said long as the Dom heh heh)…

      If you want the best and most intense storyline that builds to the hot sexy and enjoy Darkward and all his yummy potty mouth self…then go with Wide Awake…

      What do you think you’ll choose?

      • soccermom says:

        @SpunkMe – Yes, sorry, meant to say Domward! Gee, I wish that keeping my Edward’s straight was the only problem I had! LOVED chapter 8 and not minding ‘mean Edward’ now that I know what’s really going on. Not sure what this says about me, but want to get to the smut early so will probably go with The Office next.

        @Cater – Glad to see you back girlfriend! I shouldn’t be here… supposed to be paying bills online! Oh well!

      • SnMLamb says:

        Spunkme…I am rereading WA, because I can’t get enough Darkward, but haven’t heard of The Office! I have read both Dom and Sub…loved both.

        I need the link or a hint to where to find The Office, ’cause I wikied that shi* and can’t find it. Ok, well I googled and, and LJ searched and can’t find it.

  40. Sherin says:

    good morning LTR besties!!!! * kiss kiss smooches and one long lickkkk* no,that wasn’t for you peeps!! That’s for rob!!!!! LOL ! Doesn’t he look hot in that pic even though he’s avoiding looking at d cam ??? @ spunk me… Read d dominant, holy crap that shiz was hotttt!!

  41. SpunkMe says:

    Let’s have a morning taste of domward, shall we…

    • LoveFreedom says:

      SpunkMe I suggested to my son to wear his suit-tux with his tie that way….what a BAD Mom…He was in an all boys prep school and they had to wear ties all the time, so he naturally loves wearing loose like that too. He looked adorable …like YOU KNOW WHO!

  42. SpunkMe says:

    Oh hell, let’s have thirds…three times a charm right…wink..wink…

    ooo he’s in his at home clothes.

  43. SpunkMe says:

    Hey Rob’s givin’ you the fingers…


  44. peculiar 1 says:

    They do look so comfortable together! they should be together! I mean whats wrong with that right!

  45. Jena says:

    Damn, photobucket is blocked at work. I would so love to look at all of these!

  46. Sass says:

    Against my better judgment, I started The Sunmissive last night.

    Holy. Friggin. Shit.

  47. SpunkMe says:

    Rob being a little Domwardish with the directions dontcha think?

    • Ceri says:

      I had a good guy friend in high school that used to grab my hand and try to get me to “touch it.” He’d just keep repeating that while I struggled not too. LMAO! Such a silly boy, this gif makes me think of him. Ha Ha! Thanks Spunky!

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