Rob's only outfit

Dear Rob,

Looks like you and Kristen were caught having a fun night out on the town this weekend in Vancouver by this girl.  All of us girls in “The Quad” have lives and never talk on the weekends (we usually just don’t do our jobs and talk throughout the workday), so we couldn’t do our normal “Breaking it down Vanity-Fair Style.” But that didn’t stop us from discussing the situation through e-mail:

Damn! Caught

Damn! Caught

Friend #1: Seriously?  She LEANED next to a freakin’ CAB for a picture?  This will need some breaking down…in the future…’cause they are together.  Ahem.  I don’t wanna hear this “buddies” shizz, either.
Friend #2: They are sooooo together. Look at them…chillaxin together. Being comfortable together. She obviously is “in” to him because she will hang out with him when he is wearing his only outfit.
Friend #1: Friend #2, will you marry me? THIS:  “she will hang out with him when he is wearing his only outfit…”  OUTSTANDING.  You are brilliant. P.S. And the look on KStew’s face in that pic?  It’s not ’cause she’s aggrivated with the fan encounter…it’s cause she’s totally thinking, “Damn, we’re SO busted.”
Friend #2: EXACTLY what I was thinking. She KNEW
Moon: I think shes thinking “damn i had a lot to drink and good god this bitch’s flash is bright. and she needs to hurry up and close the effing door.. it’s flipping cold outside.” yea she thought ALL that. PS Yes that is his ONE outfit. Lord help us.
UC: But yes, Rob & K thought they were being sneaky.. Rob is shakin’ his head saying “damn, this girl is gonna ruin our fun.”

You know us- we will, until the day we die, go down saying we know you and Kristen had/have/will continue to have a “thing.” Nikki is back in LA, Michael flew home so you’re free to hook-up, eat Indian food & take drunk pics in cabs.  We hate it, we’re jealous. The only time we like to admit that you and Kristen hooked up is when you were shooting these two scenes:




and who are we kidding? We’d all hang out with you when you’re wearing your one and only outfit (or when you’re not wearing it. Cuz when you’re not in your only outfit, well.. you’re not in any outfit and all and that’s not disgusting)

UnintendedChoice for “The Quad”

Thanks to Robsessed, as always, for the cab pic AND the .gifs and then there’s this story that we all know is a bunch of lies from the girl in the pic on imdb about how “they’re just friends.”

846 Responses to “Rob's only outfit”

  1. RhoJo says:

    KStew is all kinds of loaded in that photo. Look at the eyes.

  2. soccermom says:

    OK ladies – who do we have to ‘knock off’ to clear a date for Rob? You gotta be kiddin’ me? The WHOLE SEASON is booked? BS!

  3. SpunkMe says:

    Visual aid for all your shower fantasies with Rob…LOL!…

    • Jena says:

      I really really really really really really really really
      really really really really really and really wish
      I could see this at work!
      Did I mention that I really really wish I could see this at
      work? LMAO!

  4. Jena says:

    I wonder if he’s searching for hot pockets?
    “There’s gotta be sausage and pepperoni in here somewhere!”

  5. Sass says:

    @SpunkMe…from reading the posts, I gathere The Dom is EPOV…I am ALL about EPOV, heh.

    @Soccermom…yes, you did try and warn me and I did not listen, it was like a siren’s song, calling me…I stayed up until 2 am…*hangs head in shame*

    @UC…yes, it is me! lol

    @Carrie…totally hot…squimably hot…

    • SpunkMe says:

      Sass, did you finish the Sub yet?

      Yes, EPOV is always about Rob being the dirty minded man that he is!

      Wait until you get to Wide Awake…try like never going to sleep…going crossed eyed holding eyes open with fingers to read it!

      But Dom/Sub are so freakin’ yummy!!!!!!!!

      • Sass says:

        Have not finished The Sub yet…to say that I am looking forward to it would be an understatement.

        I have already read Wide Awake, although not the most recent updates. I stayed up until 4:30 am reading it, lol. I lurve me some Darkward… *slurp*

  6. Ivana Gneu says:

    Rob says don’t forget the plaid. That’s two.

  7. Ceri says:

    Sub/Dom: SPOILERS!

    I like The Sub, but The Dom is better. I think because what you thought was Domward being an a$$hole is really him restraining himself.

    I didn’t really get Domward loving her until the way he acted when she had her accident. Other than that it seemed he just wanted a play toy. The ending seemed farfetched too, that he was really pinning for her.

    But from Domward’s perspective it all makes sense now. I think I would have preferred the author to do it like The Arrangement where we have a night of hot sex from Bella’s perspective and then the next chapter is from Edward’s. That way we all know what is going on for each character. All IMO, don’t hate me for it – I’ll still dig Domward.

    • SpunkMe says:

      (Sass don’t read all this stuff we write about the Dom or you will be spoiled for end of the Sub)

      I think the author is planning to do it that way for book three, The Training as far as the trade offs in POV.

      The Dom is hotter than the sub! Yes, I can’t wait to see her accident from EPOV in The Dom….every chapter gives so much insight into how deep he is whipped over her. Love.

      • Ceri says:

        I didn’t know she was going to do a third one, well at least I have something to look forward to when she’s done with the Dom POV. Yippee!

        • Carrie says:

          I need an updated chapter of the Dom soon. I think I am going to explode. Not sure what she is going to do with Training. Hope she does switch up the POV’s.
          Speaking of The Arrangement. When is she going to post new chapter. I need more. I am totally have new fanfic chapter withdrawals. I am going to be forced to write new chapters myself. All it will be is straight up banging and nothing else. No back stories.

          • carter.hearts.rob says:

            Dude, you and SpunkMe should totally write some chapters! We will all read them and you KNOW you too could come up with some kinky sh!t.

            Let me know when they’re done! haha

          • Carrie says:

            Will discuss with SM. We would totally get carried away and it story would be pretty naughty.

  8. Carrie says:

    @Ceri you are much better than me and SM we just post Sub/Dom stuff with no warning.

    We are very naughty and will prob have to spend a lot of time with Domward in the Playroom. 😉

    • Ceri says:

      Yes, I can tell that is reason you do it. Naughty naughty! I just knew that Sass hadn’t read it yet and I didn’t want to spoil anything for her.

      I need more The Arrangement too, going through withdrawls myself here. Even the mega update on Wide Awake wasn’t enough. Arrrggghhh!!!

      • Carrie says:

        Have you read Boycotts and Barflies??

        • carter.hearts.rob says:

          Oh I totes heart Boycotts and Barflies like WHOA. Edward and Jasper and Emmett as bartenders? SWOON

        • Ceri says:

          Yep, I liked it too. Not too much smut, more on the relationship between the two. Smut is always fun but sometimes I like a little “softer” read.

          I also read “I Hate You, Kiss Me” – its pretty good to, but unfinished.

          • Carrie says:

            She did a follow up to B/B-
            Just started to read.
            Agrees sometimes need a little break from the smut.

            Will have to add “I Hate You, Kiss Me” to list of fanfic.

          • Ceri says:

            I posted the link to it below. For some reason when I searched for it, it was the last one out of 115 matching. Irritating!

            I have read the BB follow. Thought that was really cute. She also has a Cullen Family one too, but I haven’t read it yet.

    • SpunkMe says:

      Ooo Carrie, gettin’ me all hot talking about Dom and the playroom….

      I bet The Training will have more scenes in the playroom.

      I want another scene like the Superbowl!!!!!

      And the under the table scene from the Sub…was… OMG….

      I’ll give him this much, Edward was a sneaky thing. He’d play with my knee for a few minutes and then pass the bread to Rose or cut his salad, something requiring two hands. Later, without warning, his hand would be back. Stroking, squeezing, gently working higher. Retreating….

      …I crossed my legs out of habit. When Edward’s hand came back, he pushed my left leg off my right and continued stroking. Going higher this time….

      …He smirked. His hand went up my skirt….

      …Edward’s hand inched further up my skirt and rational thought left for several long minutes….

      …His hand came back, but instead of reaching for my leg, he took my hand and, ever so subtly, placed it on his crotch. He was erect and straining against his pants. He thrust up into my palm. Barely moving. No one at the table suspected anything….


      • Carrie says:

        FUDGE!!!!!! I am at work I can’t get this hot and bothered. Thank goodness no one is in office to see me all flushed. At totally blushing like Bella.

      • E19 says:

        at work! flustered and slightly first-hand embarrassed

  9. Ceri says:

    @Carrie: Here’s the I Hate You, Kiss Me fanfic

    Similar to The Office in that they work together but its low on smut, just little tingles here and there.

    • Carrie says:

      Thanks. 🙂
      It has been added to file. Also saw here story about Family Therapy – Cullen Style. Looks funny. Will prob read at some point.

  10. Calliope says:

    general musings:

    Re: today’s post

    1. i found it interesting how the person who told her story with the photo said that Rob and Kristen were leaving the hotel at the same time that she and her husband were… HOWEVER… and correct me if i’m wrong … hasn’t it been concluded that Rob is not staying at the same hotel as Kstew? interesting….

    2. something about this person’s story doesn’t jive. don’t know what it is but it almost seems like someone found the pic and then wrote a story to go along with it. anyone else get this vibe?

    3. lastly, i’d like to imagine that they were both up in kstew’s (or rob’s) hotel room getting their drink on, when edi and tay tay gave them a call to grab some chow. they obliged. when they dashed out of the hotel to the cab the paps were waiting along with fans. the following convo ensued:
    (cab door safely closed)
    Cabbie: where too?
    R&K: uhhhh (neither one of them can remember… they are giggly drunk)
    R: ummm hold on (starts texting Edi)
    K: (giggles) look at this girl out here… she’s waving frantically at me… (cocks head to side) i think she’s saying “your not a b*tch… love you!”
    R: (snorts and shakes head while texting away)
    K: (decidedly.. and drunk) i like her… she’s a nice fan.. I’m gonna say HI.
    R: huh (looks up)… i wouldn’t Kristen… don’t open the …
    (Kstew opens the door, Rob quickly averts attention back to blackberry chuckling uncontrollably)
    K: (realizes she’s opened the door… gets nervous/awk face on automatically.. begins mumbling)
    Fan: blah blah blah.. picture… blah blah blah
    K: (awkwardly… obvs) okay bye (closes door, turns to rob and stares deer in headlight style at him)
    (Rob breaks out into laughter)
    K: i shouldn’t have done that…
    R: (laughs) no … probably not. it’s lit’rally going to be everywhere tomorrow
    K: (after deep contemplation) F*ck it.
    (Rob laughs again)
    K: (smiles) your an ass
    R: (wiggles coiffed eyebrows at Kstew) and you love it.

    • Carrie says:

      Calliope Nice recap/ Very funny. 😉

    • Kristin says:

      aww…that made me happy…and wish I Was her. All at once.

    • SpunkMe says:

      @Calliope I like how you think!!! That was so great!

      and ooo oooo new conspiracy theory….

      @JBell we need the FBR to investigate that too!

      • Calliope says:

        if you haven’t noticed yet… i have a tendency to create vivid dialogued situations. i think it’s because i played make-believe a lot as a child. let me tell you, barbie lived some wild times.

    • JanetOC says:

      I love your break down Calliope. Can you just make up the stories that go along with all the pics (except if the Quad is breakin it down VFS, of course)?

      Your depiction of how the photo was captured, is so much more enjoyable to read, is more realistic, and is down right hilarious, compared with the lame description from the IMDB site.

      • Calliope says:


        haha! i don’t think you can stop me from putting words in their mouths! glad you enjoy… hopefully no one things i’m stepping on toes… clearly the Quads’ breakdowns are #1.

  11. Jenna says:

    Funny video of Kellan talking about Rob from this past weekends Acio Con. I don’t know…Kellan is pretty adorable too. I’m not switching allegiance or anything, but maybe I have room for 2 unhealthy obsessions?

  12. Calliope says:

    also (i know, i know … this girl has MORE to say?!?!)

    @ Carrie
    i would agree with your general mindset that the BMW has been laid to rest outside of Nikki’s apt. perhaps it was her first real purchase after entering Hollywood and she couldn’t bear the thought of Rob tossing it aside after it served it’s purpose (wink wink… anyone getting the double entendre here?)

    @all you SUB/DOM girls
    i started reading the sub last night (after the gushing you late night ladies have given it… how could i not) … definately HOT. and i only got 2 hours of sleep… had to finish Sub today at work bc i could not control myself… i blame you all for the bloodshot eyes. haha.

    • Ceri says:

      Ooh, finished it at work. You like to live dangerously girl! I don’t think that I would have been able to function for the rest of the day if I’d done that.

      Now you’ll have to get to work on The Office!

      • Calliope says:

        let’s just say … my neck hurts from looking over my shoulder every five seconds. right about now, i could use a rub down similar to the ones mr. cullen likes to dish out on private jets.

        read the office… want an update on that one now! tonight the dominant is on the menu… “Yummy” (<– said in the same tone as when kstew picks something out of rob’s teeth in that mtv interview and he says yummy)

        sidenote: please someone add aforementioned Rob “Yummy” quote to the sexy soundbites of rob archive.

        • carter.hearts.rob says:

          I read fan fic once at work too… it was I Love LA. We are bad girls. We deserve to be punished!

          • WastingTheMorningAway says:

            Wow — I Love LA at work — that is bold! I couldn’t even bear to leave that one open on my home computer cuz I thought my husband would see it and figure out why I was jumping his bones 2x a day.

          • Calliope says:

            i’ve read parts of all of my fanfics at work… this includes, I Love LA, Wide Awake, Midnight Desire, The office, and The Sub… i love on the edge…

          • WastingTheMorningAway says:

            Honestly, if I had a job, I’d be reading that sh*t at work too. I hate to brag, but I once made the top 100 list of internet users at my last company (pre-kids). It was a lameass job and I obviously didn’t take it seriously. Just saying it’s bold cuz I Love LA made me horny. And it would put all male coworkers in danger.

    • SpunkMe says:

      Well The Sub is getting a fan club here!!! Are there any hold outs…Jena???–you need to join…

      Good luck trying to read the Dom at work, if you risk it! Holy @@^%#&^@!

    • Carrie says:

      @Calliope Sweet!!! I have someone agreeing with my theories. Yes!!! Will nave have to see if JBell will accept me into the FBR.

  13. Lauren says:

    It looks like “Friend #2’s” email where he/she said “she totally KNEW” got cut off. It looks like she had more to say but it accidently sent without his/her wanting it to. I am willing to bet that he/she was pissed it sent without her/he finishing his/her thoughts. I am almost positive that he/she was too tired to finish the email, so he/she let it go. I bet that person is grateful the email still made 50% sense.

  14. ninirific says:

    hot effing damn. that second gif is *thud*

    (i can’t speak anymroe)

  15. Calliope says:

    not that we need a reason, but could we possibly add Miley Cyrus to the FKL’d list?

    Or, perhaps a subsection entitled “Girls, Interrupted” or “Lesbian Loonies” (bc no straight woman could deny him) should be created to house the unfortunate crazies who dare to denounce all that is Rob (i.e. Whitney Port, Miley Cyrus, etc.)

    • WastingTheMorningAway says:

      Her denouncement of Rob could work in our favor. Tweens like Miley. Tweens idolize everything she says and does. Tweens will decide not to like Rob anymore because Miley said he’s lame. Yeah! No more tweens hogging all the GQ mags at the grocery store!

      • Jena says:

        Rob is WAY hotter than Gerard Butler for eff’s sake!
        Miley’s so FKL’d!
        I bet Edi, Rachelle and Taylor wish they could take back
        that Miley singing session now.

  16. AmourPSU says:

    I hope that I am not offending anyone by saying this, but let’s talk about kstew’s choice of outfits. Um, did we travel back to the late 90s when it was cool to wear a jean jacket together with jeans?? And the look on her face screams, “I am as high as a kite and we are about to go smoke another bowl while watching last tango in paris”. Meanwhile rob is texting Nikki to placate her so she won’t start calling him during his special kstew time.

    • SpunkMe says:

      LOL!!! I thought it was more 80’s!

      Maybe she is trying to get in Joan Jett era mindset!

      Of course, she was probably so drunk on Rob she didn’t even look to see what she was putting on to wear out. LOL!

    • WastingTheMorningAway says:

      Maybe that was an outfit they let her keep from the Adventureland set. Isn’t that set in the 80’s? I guess she left her banana clip back in LA.

  17. Kristin says:

    hello loverly ladies!

    So the first pic makes me laugh. the Gifs are so ROWR….love them.

    Okay, so am I kicked out of the club if I say that I don’t care who he is sleeping with or has slept with? I kinda don’t want to know…and I kinda only want to worry about when WE (AS IN HIM AND I) are going to bang?!


    (notice I said WHEN)

  18. SnMLamb says:

    Spunkme – I tried to reply to a comment earlier but I’m thinking you don’t know me so you didn’t ansa…

    So, please lemme know what’s up – here’s my comment to you:

    Ok, so I’m in the right board because dammit I’ve read The Submissive, The Dominant (or I’m trying to if she’ll update!), and I read WA in 3 days and just started it again last night, because I’m impatient and I can’t function in the real world without a few f-words and some shiny f-ing curls.

    I am glad I’m not lurking anymore, because I have found my clique!

    • SnMLamb says:

      crap that wasn’t my comment…here it is:

      Spunkme…I am rereading WA, because I can’t get enough Darkward, but haven’t heard of The Office! I have read both Dom and Sub…loved both.

      I need the link or a hint to where to find The Office, ’cause I wikied that shi* and can’t find it. Ok, well I googled and, and LJ searched and can’t find it.

    • SpunkMe says:

      Hey! SnMLamb…Man your name suggests you be likin’ the Sub and Dom…a lot! LOL!!!

      Sorry, I didn’t see your post earlier…I keep getting called away from computer for r/l care of 7 year old who needs lunch and supervision for outdoor playtime…so keep trying to run back in and check thru posts and make new ones.

      Hope you decide to stay and play with us! I hate to be so dirty so early, but it’s my day off on Mondays so, I always start it early on here on Mondays! Sorry to all you fellow LTR babes that are at work and see all my hot wordage!!!

      My gifs are all upstairs on the laptop and I am on desktop downstairs at moment or I’d give you a welcome gif…Rain check!

      • WastingTheMorningAway says:

        I hooked my kids up with playdates and gave ’em each a pair of scissors and pointed ’em towards the snack cabinet. All is good for the rest of the afternoon. They should be completely independent now minus the need for an occasional butt wiping. (Yes, that was WIPE-ing not WHIP-ing). So I can LTR all afternoon long!

        • SnMLamb says:

          OK, so I had this thing, with this guy, that kinda found out that I was very not as unfreaky as I thought I was, and quite lit’rally I had a relationship just like the Dom/Sub…before I was married. SO yeah, I’m totally into it, and reading crap like that makes me smile because yes Virginia, there really are Domwards out there, and they are the bomb.

          Well, now that we all know I’m a freak (ohhhh, and I like it), thanks for the welcome and I’m glad to be in the Den of Sin, I feel I belong.

  19. SnMLamb says:

    And why do I have an alien as an Icon? I really am quite pretty, and even if you don’t wanna see me, I have lots of WA icons and stuff to use lol…

    • Carrie says:

      @SnMLamb- You have to create a wordpress account and then you can upload any icon you want. It sometimes takes a few days for it to show up.

  20. SnMLamb says:

    K, one more account to keep up with,, LJ, Twisaga can’t we just do that thumbprint thing?

  21. snmlamb says:

    aight, i signed up on WP so does it just show up now?

  22. snmlamb says:

    oh wait, now it says i’m logged in…

  23. Jena says:

    ROTFLMAO! Off topic but this made me laugh so hard I had tears coming down my face.

    From Lainey Gossip.
    “Ugh. People with no taste gave Vin diesel his career back. Shrek Driving A Fast Car topped the box office this weekend, setting an April opening record. Naturally, this means the 5th installment of the franchise is probably well underway. Great.”

    “Shrek driving a fast car?!” ROTFLMAO!
    I know she’s a bitch from hell but sometimes she makes me laugh.

    • Jena says:

      My sister just called me at work and I read this to her over the
      phone and she started laughing her ass off. Good times good times.
      After she asked “who’s Lainey gossip?”

      I got to laughing so hard at work I couldn’t answer the phone.
      (I’m here by myself).

    • limeslice says:

      hah i just saw that too – i also enjoyed the lohan coke cake, possibly more than i should. but seriously COME ON lainey where are the rob pics, it’s the only reason i go there

  24. Heather says:

    Who else would he be riding with? Not like his best buds live nearby! Though my personal favorite “dream” is he sees me walking down the street…whisks me off my feet into a cab wanting to know EVERYTHING about me.

    So, you know…outside of fantasy…I doubt he has many people to hang out with.

    And…my thing is how do you (even as a actor) obviously have that much chemistry with a person and not hook up off set? I mean, really?

  25. VampireVixen says:


  26. VampireVixen says:

    I’M GOING TO FORKS!!! THIS SUMMER!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! (as if that wasn’t obvious from the caps and the exclamation points lol)

  27. limeslice says:

    old news – but i really can’t commend you guys enough on the title of this post, haha i continue to laugh as i refresh even after reading it hours ago. so true. i love your one outfit, rob.

  28. Calliope says:

    this article makes me laugh….

    read the part about The Lion and The Lamb

    so i guess rob was tweeting huh? haha LMAO…. some people will believe anything.

  29. SpunkMe says:

    Ok back from watching 7 year old play in yard…thought she could handle it by herself until I saw her playing with an ax from the garage! Yikes! OMG!!! I told her that wasn’t a toy. She never listens.

    So, had to sit and watch her, so she didn’t get out the saw or the mower

    or the Turpentine!

    Kids these days Geesh ya can’t trust ’em to play without endangering their own lives in the process.

    Wish I had wireless…I’m a sinner to sit outside and think that while I am out there watching for my kid’s safety.

    DH just took her to the park, so I have more time to LTR it!

  30. Jena says:

    Are any of you peeps on facebook? I just joined last night. Find me. Let’s be fwends, LOL!
    Search “Jena Bruner”

  31. SpunkMe says:

    Is it me or is he tryin’ to get a look at her kitty?

    • Carrie says:

      NO!!! Again he’s saving himself for me. He will not look at any other Kitty but mine. 😉

      Also glad to hear that you saved daughter from playing with Axe. Can see headlines now.

      7yr old chops of toes while mother is inside reading smutty fanfic. More at 5.

    • limeslice says:

      ugh she’s killing me. probably doesn’t have rob pictures

    • JBell says:

      Someone from the set is seriously tipping off the photogs. Unless the paps in Robcouver lit’rally have NOTHING better to than stalk the airport 24/7.

      • limeslice says:

        Agreed. It’s too perfectly timed. Even if they were hanging out at the airport all the time they couldn’t know exactly when and where each cast member’s arrival/departure was. Unless Robcouver Int’l is rather wee.

        • Jena says:

          Why is it they get pictures of everyone else on set, but
          no Rob? Do they have him going in and out of underground
          tunnels or what? Speaking of “Jessica”. Her new flick with George
          Clooney is going to be shot in Omaha. Maybe Kristin and I can
          go stalk her for Rob info. 😉

    • snmlamb says:

      Um, is it just me or is Anna lookin a bit anorexic?

    • Calliope says:

      lainey is such a tease

  32. SpunkMe says:

    For all the Newbies…this ones for you…

    • Jena says:

      All these gifs that I can’t see. I’m going to go rock and cry in a corner now!

      • SpunkMe says:


        Don’t cry…just let the anticipation build for after work and then you log on LTR at home and get your climaxes then and they’ll be oh so good from the buildup! LOL!

  33. SpunkMe says:

    Ok, this is for all you fans of The Arrangement…Some Jasper…

  34. Jenna says:

    Did any of you see when Rob gave Kellan the finger in the baseball scene? I always wondered what happened there. On one of the new videos on Pillow Biters it has Kellan telling the story of how that came about, and it’s pretty darn funny. That Kellan…he was a crack up at AccioCon this past weekend!

    • Jena says:

      Ok, I so love the name of that website, LOL!

    • SpunkMe says:


      I liked how he said he teases our adorkable Rob as a little brother all the time and that Rob is so innocent and falls for all his teasing every time. I love the adorkable innocent side of him and his hot sexy side…OMG Rob is one hot total package!

  35. Calliope says:

    Dear FBR,

    remember when i asked you to look into that random clip of Kstew and Rob doing an interview on that white sofa… they were wearing the today show clothes? well, i’m proud to say … i found it! turns out it was the today show, and it was a clip of them waiting to be interviewed. the entire clip is of their arrival at the studio and them waiting. it’s not very exciting, but you do get a nice shot of “shocked rob” wearing an O face… so you know. anyways, thanks for your help ladies!

  36. Ceri says:

    Tokyo Twilight Photo of Rob. If only it had a little more of the RobCrotch.

    How I love that he prefers button fly jeans. I can sneak a finger or two in there and play with Mr. Happy.

  37. Carrie says:

    Later Ladies. Gotta to roll to Costco for work. WooHoo!!
    Hopefully will regain all motor functions soon. Last picture is still dazzling me.

    @SpunkMe try not be too naughty while I am gone. I might be lurking on my iPod Touch. 😉

    • carter.hearts.rob says:

      Carrie, I totes did not realize you tweeted from your iPod touch. I also have been known to tweet in desperate situations on the iPod. This whole time I thought you had a crackberry or something…

    • SpunkMe says:

      Oh please do. smooch fake lezbo lover!

  38. sherin says:

    hello again lovely ladies!!!!!

    @ ceri/carrie/SM/spunkme……. i so read the dominant at work today….didnt get shit done,plus i needed a new pair of panties LOL * note to self:do not read smuuty fanfic at work..but if you cannot resist the temptation..bring extra underwear at least*

    • Ceri says:

      Shoot, you need extra panties and a freaking hose, you naughty girl! The fanning alone just doesn’t work, but a cold shower might.

      • sherin says:

        so,im reading it right,and my guy friend comes over.following convo ensues

        guy: hey!hey!whatcha doin’?

        me:reading LTR ( they all know about my robsession and dedication to LTR)

        guy:*rolls eyes* AGAIN??

        me: * reading the part ………”Swallow it all, Isabella,” I said, preparing her. “Swallow everything I give you.
        I released in several long spurts, but she swallowed it all. Gulping it down, not missing a drop.That, Isabella,” I said, pulling out of her mouth ”

        im like….squirming and umm..(you know why)

        guy: *is still talking* blah blah blah….(dont ask me what he said,i honestly cant recall)

        me: *thinking* GODAMMIT guy friend!!! will you go away already?cant you tell im freakin busy reading edward doing bella over here?! this shiz is important!!

        LOL! im such a bad person!bwahahaha!

    • SpunkMe says:

      DIRTY GIRL! I can’t believe you have such nerve to read such smut! You should repent and get to church! LOL!

      She needs to update that thing today!! I think I’ve read chpt 8 like 10 times now!

      • sherin says:

        OMG!!! its almost holy week!!! im sooo going to hell now LOL . and since im heading over there..

        might as well print out all the smutty fanfics i can carry ” yo! devil!!! can you hang on to ur pitchfork?dont get into a snit,im just bringing along fanfic.we can read it’ll like it i promise”

        omg,did i just try to convert the devil into a twilight fan?

  39. JBell says:

    Fleeting thought –

    “Roberazzi” – Official new name for the photogs in Robcouver.

    • Monica says:

      @JBell: one step ahead as usual. we need to pass this onto JAG for the Robisms list….

    • SpunkMe says:

      And now another fleeting thought from Jbell…

      still hearing it, J


      Good one though! –easier to spell it too!

  40. Just a Girl says:

    Phew I think I’m caught up here.
    @SpunkMe thanks for dealing all the RoBgifPorn, verra funny.

    @Calliope loved your dialogue breakdown of the pic too funny.

    I still haven’t read the Dominant or Submissive so I have to blow by those posts…mmmmblow DAMMIT focus JAG

    Just wanna clarify something…I think Rob & KStew have, are or where knockin boots, I don’t think they are a couple…

    Welcome to all the newbies! <3

    Oh yeah and @JBell is famous! We knew her when…

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