Rob's only outfit

Dear Rob,

Looks like you and Kristen were caught having a fun night out on the town this weekend in Vancouver by this girl.  All of us girls in “The Quad” have lives and never talk on the weekends (we usually just don’t do our jobs and talk throughout the workday), so we couldn’t do our normal “Breaking it down Vanity-Fair Style.” But that didn’t stop us from discussing the situation through e-mail:

Damn! Caught

Damn! Caught

Friend #1: Seriously?  She LEANED next to a freakin’ CAB for a picture?  This will need some breaking down…in the future…’cause they are together.  Ahem.  I don’t wanna hear this “buddies” shizz, either.
Friend #2: They are sooooo together. Look at them…chillaxin together. Being comfortable together. She obviously is “in” to him because she will hang out with him when he is wearing his only outfit.
Friend #1: Friend #2, will you marry me? THIS:  “she will hang out with him when he is wearing his only outfit…”  OUTSTANDING.  You are brilliant. P.S. And the look on KStew’s face in that pic?  It’s not ’cause she’s aggrivated with the fan encounter…it’s cause she’s totally thinking, “Damn, we’re SO busted.”
Friend #2: EXACTLY what I was thinking. She KNEW
Moon: I think shes thinking “damn i had a lot to drink and good god this bitch’s flash is bright. and she needs to hurry up and close the effing door.. it’s flipping cold outside.” yea she thought ALL that. PS Yes that is his ONE outfit. Lord help us.
UC: But yes, Rob & K thought they were being sneaky.. Rob is shakin’ his head saying “damn, this girl is gonna ruin our fun.”

You know us- we will, until the day we die, go down saying we know you and Kristen had/have/will continue to have a “thing.” Nikki is back in LA, Michael flew home so you’re free to hook-up, eat Indian food & take drunk pics in cabs.  We hate it, we’re jealous. The only time we like to admit that you and Kristen hooked up is when you were shooting these two scenes:




and who are we kidding? We’d all hang out with you when you’re wearing your one and only outfit (or when you’re not wearing it. Cuz when you’re not in your only outfit, well.. you’re not in any outfit and all and that’s not disgusting)

UnintendedChoice for “The Quad”

Thanks to Robsessed, as always, for the cab pic AND the .gifs and then there’s this story that we all know is a bunch of lies from the girl in the pic on imdb about how “they’re just friends.”

846 Responses to “Rob's only outfit”

  1. Genevieve says:

    Well my nighttime girlies- it is that time again. Parting is such sweet sorrow- until tommorrow.
    Good Night! <3 *smooches*

  2. EyeC says:

    The thing I don’t get about the KStew and O-Spice relationship is how can he put up with her if she is heading towards RP? He should be all kinds of pissed. Or is it just that they’ve been together for so long that it’s OK. Or is it that it’s not happening?

    • byrdie says:

      How about nothing is happening. I mean, we have seen both of them out with various friends on several different occasions. Let them be friends and move on. Let them be secret LOVAS and move on.

      Oh yeah, and what is the deal with the BMW situation? Would I be wrong to suggest that he had to leave it somewhere and she is letting him keep it there? Kinda seems like a really plausible situation. It really is grasping at straws.

      • EyeC says:

        Yeah. I don’t get the BMW. He needs to ferget about it. Buy a new car and enjoy it. Too young to be taking chances with some piece of crap.

        • byrdie says:

          Maybe I missed something. I didn’t really read the posts, but I thought there was some thoughts that he and NReed were more of an item because his shitty car was at her place. Did I misunderstand?

          • EyeC says:

            That seems to be yesterday’s news but I admit I haven’t read all the early posts today. I think JBell was trying to track down all the pieces of the car. It makes perfect sense that he’s keeping it there. She’s the one who sold it to him.

          • byrdie says:

            I would by lying if I said I didn’t find all this stuff entertaining, but I kinda just want to think about his film work. You know….put him in his actor’s corner and admire him for his work. It will be really interesting to seee how different his press junket is in the coming months. I hope he doesn’t change, but might be different. Haven’t seen him talk in a really long time.

      • ErPattz says:

        I don’t think anything is going on either, but I may have some hardcore denial.

        As for the BMW, I immediately thought he probably gave up his apartment when he went to London and needed somewhere to park it. I do totally believe that NReed was standing in front of it for the benefit of the paps, I believe this because in my mind she is pure evil. I think its also possible because that girl goes all single white female on everyone she is friends with she bought one just like it so she could be more like Rob.

        • byrdie says:

          Funny – I just don’t know anything about NReed to really think of her as evil. I also really didn’t read the details of the post, so I’m a bit commenting with limited information. How is SpunkMe holding up?

          • ErPattz says:

            I just don’t like NReed, something about her seems -nasty- I’d like to know how SpunkMe is doing as well, I think the taxi picture helped her theory today.

          • byrdie says:

            Yep, she linked it to me last night, so I think she was feeling pretty good, but then I saw the BMW stuff and got worried for her again.

            I think I can see what you mean about NReed, but again, just have no history to relate it to. Plus, I’m just feeling like being easy on everyone. I think I’ll be repaid for my positive mojo somehow somewhere – like a really nice dream or something.

          • ErPattz says:

            You’re a better person than I. I hope you are repaid.

  3. ErPattz says:

    This is so random, but I had to get a new license plate the other day because mine was stolen. The first few letters of it are: RTP I’ve been telling everyone how much I love my new plates.

    • EyeC says:

      It’s a sign EP! That’s so funny… Just out of the blue. Love it!

      • byrdie says:

        You know you manifested that! I love it. So incredibly perfect I don’t even know what else to think. Lucky girl – you will never forget the plates.

      • ErPattz says:

        My dad sarcastically mentioned it was a sign from God. I told him I was discounting his sarcasm and instead interpreting it as he would enjoy having a British actor for a son-in-law.

          • byrdie says:

            So, do you own a black BMW?

          • ErPattz says:

            Nope a Chevrolet Equinox, I’m an American car kind of girl. See my nascar obsession, my plates actually reference that as well.

          • byrdie says:

            I don’t know enough about Nascar to even comment. I did, however, run into a Nascar pitt team one time in Mexico City. That was fun! They had hauled a few cars down from Texas. They were a bit out of their element to say the least. Pretty funny!

          • ErPattz says:

            LOL, I can see that, those pit crew guys tend to define redneck. As for my car preference, I just like my cars to wear a bowtie.

  4. tara says:

    HI Everybody!!

    Byrdie you finally surfaced! we missed you!!

  5. tara says:

    Aww and i missed it! Lame!

  6. French_Nugget says:

    Hey ladies!! I’ve hated being gone all day. I can’t stay on long b/c I have to get up early tomorrow (damn this working thing!!). How’s everyone doing?

    • ErPattz says:

      FN! Congrats on the new job.

    • EyeC says:

      Hi there FN. I figured you’d be so tired tonight–first day of work and all. It’s good to hear from you.

    • tara says:

      Hey FN!
      i heard it was your first day at work!! How did it go?

      • French_Nugget says:

        Hey ErPattz, EyeC, Tara, and Byrdie!!

        Thanks guys. First day wasn’t too bad. All the kiddos are still alive, so I’m taking that to mean that I did SOMETHING right 🙂

        I just got to know them today and we did a little craft project for their missing teacher. It turned out really cute. I’ll be doing the same activity tomorrow at a different campus. I also had to try to rearrange the entire schedule to find a way to make up for the last 3 weeks of therapy that they’ve missed! bleh…

        BTW, one of the kids informed me that Lil Wayne broke into a prison to bust out Birdman yesterday. He said he saw it on the news at 10. lol This is going to be more interesting than I thought….

        Did I miss anything exciting today?

    • byrdie says:

      Frenchie! We were wobbling without you. It is funny cuz we were missing EP the past few nights and now you were gone tonight. Too bad Gen is already gone, but at least Tara surfaced. Am I missing anyone?


    I cant stop watching 2:10-2:19.

    It makes me laugh every time.

    • byrdie says:

      Hey UFS! Do you mean the gummy bear part? Totally creepy in a very funny way.

    • French_Nugget says:

      I personally liked the N’SYNC song in the middle. It’s been so long….that was my first obsession…brings back memories…lol.

      • byrdie says:

        I have to say I’m glad I missed teh NSync boy band stuff. Just sayin….

      • tara says:

        Mine to FN! i loved them! lol

        • byrdie says:

          I’m showing my age around these parts. Remember, I’m the cougar amongst the age appropriate ladies here in the wee hour bunch.

          • French_Nugget says:

            LOL. Byrdie, I’m w/ ErPattz, be glad you missed them. I’m ashamed of some of the things I did 🙁

          • ErPattz says:

            If you were anything like me FN there is good reason to be ashamed. I’m a much more quality girl now, I never understood the screaming thing, not even then.

          • French_Nugget says:

            I wasn’t much of a screamer then either. Just crazy. I think I came pretty close to the Pattin Pants level. Never really got there, but I was flirting dangerously close with that line.

    • EyeC says:

      Oh I loved that UFS! That’s a great bunch of songs in there. Gummy Bear! LOL

  8. byrdie says:

    I saw there were quite a few newbies here today, and even the past few days. I saw a gazillion comments from Limeslice tonight (love that name – reminds me of Caiperenas (yummy))

    She tossed out a topic of Little Ashes. I have just one small comment:

    I CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! I think it is going to be so delishly artsy and indie. Just my type!

    • ErPattz says:

      I’m excited to see it too. It’s not typically my style, but my artsy friends think I should branch out.

    • EyeC says:

      Yes limeslice fit right in. There was quite a bit of talk about LA. Most are wanting to see it. Me too—so much! It’s going to be so fab with all his work on the character. Looking forward to beautiful.

      • byrdie says:

        I did think it was funny to see people questioning his acting ability. Maybe I’m a bad judge, but I think he got it pretty spot on in the Edward department. And, there were really classic things all throughout HTB. From what I’ve seen from LA, I think he really has some depth. He at least takes some big risks and I’m fairly sure he is acting from his heart and for all the right reasons.

        • EyeC says:

          Yes. I think he has a lot of natural talent and will have several years to develop it. He’s gonna be one of the big ones. I can just feel it!

          • byrdie says:

            Totally! I remember the early years of Depp and I’m placing him in that category. I don’t really like Leo DiCaprio, but he could have the same depth there. He’s a great actor. Look forward to seeing many more years of yumminess from our boy.

          • EyeC says:

            Depp can do so many things. Amazing. I’ve followed Leo too. Those early ones also showed hi possibility–Gilbert Grape and This Boy’s Life. It will come for Rob. Now he’s got the name already the problem will be choosing the right parts that will challenge him.

          • French_Nugget says:

            I think he’s a lot like Johhny Depp too! I also think he has potential to be one of the greats. I think it’ll just be a matter of how big he wants to make his career, he doesn’t seem to like the celebrity end of it very much. I hope gets more comfortable w/ it instead of being scared away.

          • byrdie says:

            Gilbert Grape is one of my favorite movies and both are in it. Leo was AMAZING in that film. He is truly talented and I have complete respect for him as an actor. I just don’t get anything else from him in the lusting/looks department. Never thought he was very attractive, unlike Depp or our RP.

            On the chick side of the house, I just have to say I adore Kate Winslet. She is my idol!

          • EyeC says:

            Once he gets into those other roles he won’t be pimped out like he is with Twilight. How many other actors have to go out that much? Just the big talk shows.

          • byrdie says:

            I think both Depp and LdC have done a pretty good job of curbing the fame stuff, especially Depp. I mean he lives a low key life in France and comes out to act when he feels like it. I think he is doing it right. Plus, he has some righteous shitkickers too (and smokes like a chimney).

          • EyeC says:

            Love kate Winslet too. I was so glad she won Oscar this year! I took my 13 y/o nephew to Titanic–he sort of had a guy crush on Leo at the time. When the naked scene with Kate posing came on I wanted to sink into my seat! Neither one of us took a breath!

        • EyeC says:

          After all the hubub with TW is over he will find his place–hopefully something quiet where he can create. He will need that. I love that Johnny Depp is in France far away from all the Hollywood crapola.

    • tara says:

      Me either it looks SOOO good! i just love the way that he plays such different characters! not one of the movies that he has been in is the same! I love it! and i love me some Rob no matter what the part!!

    • French_Nugget says:

      I wanna see it too!! I feel awful that I’ve missed so much today. It totally sucks! I never want to go this long w/out LTR EVER again.

  9. French_Nugget says:

    Tara, I see that you’re enjoying WA. I expected as much….it’s hard not to love that story.

    EyeC I’m totally jealous of your RTP license plates!!

    What’s the deal w/ the BMW? I don’t think I have time to go through all the posts from tonight.

  10. tara says:

    well from what i gathered earlier…

    either Rob bought it from NRank OR he was keeping it at her house in LA while he was out of town?? there could have been more speculation after i left i dont know for sure!!

    i hope that it is neither… and that it wa a completley different car!! lol

    • ErPattz says:

      I’m telling you people NReed is freaking crazy. Seriously, Single White Female- she becomes who she is around. It’s my theory she bought a car just like Rob’s because she is a freakshow. Her Audi is nice though, it’s like a fancy version of my Chevy. (and that is the nicest thing you’ll ever see me type about her.)

      • French_Nugget says:

        LOL, now I know why there was so much concern for SpunkMe. She’s probably very disappointed her pipebombs didn’t get successfully delivered. Someone @ the USPS is going to get an earful 🙂

        • ErPattz says:

          Just so I don’t sound like one of those chicks who can’t stand for him to be around anyone with a vagina, I’m not like that. For instance, I don’t mind Kristen Stewart, sure she could smile and the weed isn’t so attractive, but she’s not so bad. I don’t think there is anything going on between them, again denial.

          I just want him to have the best possible.

  11. byrdie says:

    Sweet ones – I must go to sleep. As much as I love you all, the lack of sleep is not good for the 40 y/o. Great pondering tonight with all of you. I just love our conversations.


  12. EyeC says:

    I’m still here but I have to take a break. If you girls leave in the meantime, Good Night to you. I’ll check bac to see if anybody’s out there. Bye.

  13. French_Nugget says:

    Alright, as much as I hate to do it, I must leave you. I’ll try to get on earlier tomorrow night.

    EyeC I haven’t forgotten that we need to discuss Of Gemini & Gypsies/TPE. We’ll get around to it.

    Tara, I’m glad you’re feeling better, enjoy what’s left of WA.

    ErPattz I’m glad you had fun and glad you’re back!!

    We’ll see if Byrdie was right about the Rob dreams. Keep your fingers crossed. lol

    Dulces Suenos!! (Sweet Dreams!)

  14. tara says:

    i think i will go too! Good night girlies! see you tomorrow!

  15. EyeC says:

    Anybody still there

  16. Marta says:

    Hello all!

    Your comments are making me Lolz this morning, hehe.

    One question: where can I find the fanfic you mention? Like WA and The Submissive? Location and a list of top fanfic I should read would be fab! Thanx!

  17. superhumanmoron says:

    Nice Canadian tuxedo, KStew. I guess when in Rome….

  18. '86 Rabbit says:

    You can almost imagine Rob drunkenly trying to stash the condoms they just bought, can’t you? It’s just out of camera shot. Kristen is trying to draw the fangirl’s attention. Too bad this girl couldn’t have shot just a little to the left. We didn’t need to see her whole arm.

  19. Rina says:

    Yeah. They were in different hotels and met up in this picture to leave together. There’s totally nothing going on…

  20. […] Courtesy of Summit Entertainment Photo File Uploaded from Letters to Rob […]

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