Robert Pattinson, The Nerd, My lover!

Dear Rob-

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… I love me some nerdy Rob. I’m not joking… bring on the glasses and lame ass rainbow sweaters ANY day and I will be all over you like white on rice. So apparently this is form The Bad Mothers Handbook (im such a good fan I know everything about you… sorta. uh not really) which I really need to see. Please have your mom Clare send me a copy from her personal collection of all your greatest works.

I think I have what professionals might call a “nerd fetish.” Please help me… make my day and talk nerdy to me Rob!



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  1. Vanessa says:

    I`m right by your side – I love nerdy Rob!!

    I like this film a lot. The scenes in the hospital are genius and I love the ending…

    Could watch this film over and over again.

    • kim says:

      i love rob, even if he’s nerdy, he’s like the hottest man alive, right? πŸ™‚ please let me know if you get new news on robbie! πŸ™‚ love him 2 bits! Hugs and kisses, kim mwa

  2. limeslice says:

    Great post, Moon! That video is stellar, perfect song πŸ™‚ If only that red velvet blazer at :58 – 1:15 was a little brighter red, I’d think it was the one he wore to the GOF premiere! Which would be an act of RealLifeNerdyRob, whom I adore.

  3. f_ingdelicious says:

    Yep, he is truly adorkable in this movie. Love the long legs in the skinny jeans with the awkward, stumbling walk.

    I always crack up when he tells her to “wee on the stick”

  4. mololita says:


    he looks like austin powers with that blazer at 1:00

  5. Steph says:

    He’s awesome in this! So sweet and thoughtful. I love me some nerdy Rob, too! “Talk nerdy to me, Rob” – LOL, snort!

  6. lynz07 says:

    Aww he is so cute – I liked the part when he had the ice cream – holy hotness. Morning Ladies!

  7. lynz07 says:

    I found this interview of Robert – It’s about Twilight. Don’t know if you have heard it before – but he giggles and sounds so cute!!

  8. Leigh Anne says:

    I love British nerds starring in an After School Special about teen pregnancy.

  9. myria101 says:

    Even as nerdy Rob he has the hand in the hair trademark and when he kisses her at the end he has the “I’m in pain” brow movement. This makes my insides gooey.



  10. snmlamb says:

    Morning all…any word from Jbell about last night?

    • Carrie says:


      Yeah, she meet the cast. Rob was a no show. Says all the guys were really nice. Got pics and autographs. I’m sure she post later.

  11. Carrie says:

    Love!! Love!! Love!! Nerdy Rob!!
    Moon thanks for recognizing the greatness of Nerdy Rob.
    Love the Rainbow Sweater, Love the Glasses, Love the adorkableness, and Love those really tight black jeans.

    “I will be all over you like white on rice.” I’m right there with ya.
    If I every see Nerdy Rob it gonna be on like Donkey Kong (thanks Robzilla for bringing that one back πŸ™‚ ).
    Dear Clare,
    Can you please “accidentally” leak some of Rob’s school pictures. I’m not a pedophile. Just wanna know what our kids are gonna look like. I sure he was so adorkable in his school boy uniform. Come on help a sister out.


    • snmlamb says:

      LMAO “I’m not a pedophile”

      Too funny.

    • Sherin says:

      LMAO @ ” I just wanna know what our kids would look like”!

    • English Girl says:

      There is a photo out there of him in a blue school uniform – smart blazer, tie etc. Typical British school uniform. He’s probably about 8 or 9 years old? His hair is really blond and he’s got this cute stubborn little look on his face – but he looks absolutely angelic (I am putting my mother’s hat on to write this of course, no silliness intended at all). So sweet. If Rob ever becomes a daddy, his children are going to be seriously pretty.

      Sadly Carrie I am not sufficiently clever to have a photobucket account with the photo stored in it … have you not seen it? I’m sure it was on Robsessed a while back for example. I don’t look too far for my Rob fix so it certainly wasn’t anywhere obscure.

  12. junsikat says:

    Love the video, love the song, love Rob…Nerdy, grungy, whatever!

  13. lynz07 says:

    Is there any way I can see The Bad Mothers Handbook?!

  14. Sherin says:

    Good morning y’all !!!! * smmochesss* I do love nerdy rob, sometimes it feels like that’s what he really is in RL but he is so adorkable nonetheless!

  15. M.J. says:

    hahaha Moon…that last sentence…
    made me think of you singing to him..

    Down the basement,
    lock the cellar door .
    and Robbie, talk nerdy to me”

    Sheesh, babysitting will make you lose your’s gonna be a LONG day….wish me luck that I don’t bind, gag, and shove some kiddies in the closet…of course that’s just a joke…just pray that I have hair at the end of this adventure…

  16. Amber says:

    Bad Mother’s Handbook = Genius!! All moms will love it!

    Thanks goodness whoever made this vid used the scene with Rob and the ice cream, cause he looks smoking in that scene.

    Hospital scene was great too!

    You can watch on Google videos here:

  17. English Girl says:

    @ Moon

    Thanks for reminding me how good TBMH is – I must order the DVD. I watched it once on Youtube, but would like to see it on a proper TV so that I can ogle Rob’s string bean legs. seriously he looks so much taller in this, must have been the skinny jeans and he must have been even skinnier than he is now. (PS Rob you are looking a bit TOO skinny lately. A liquid diet is not sufficient and a pint of whatever does not count as food by the way.)

    And as for wanting Rob to “talk nerdy” to you Moon …. frankly Rob could read the phone directory to me and I’d be in 7th heaven by about the 3rd listing …

  18. Moon I will fight you for Nerdy Rob.. i can’t control myself around the nerds either…

    (ps.. maybe philly-guy isn’t the best fit.. he seems much cooler than daniel gale)

  19. limeslice says:

    Ok I’ve watched it and I seriously do think that the red velvet jacket is the same one Rob wore to the GOF premiere haha maybe I just really HOPE it is…

  20. Just a Girl says:

    Goooood morning. You guys are gonna hate me after I tell you my Sam stories squeeeeeeee
    and I got news for you too UC.

  21. pange1223 says:

    Can’t hide that jawline. *sigh* Love it.

  22. Just a Girl says:

    @UC So I was talking to Sam last night and I causally asked him if he ever comments on peoples blogs. He looked at me and laughed and said are you talking about Letters to Rob and I laughed and said yes. He said yes that was me. He shook his head, laughed and said “those girls…”

    It is 100% confirmed it was Sam. I went out of my way not to mention the name of the blog or anything and he knew right away what I was talking about. And I never ever ever mentioned anything about Rob at all.

    I have a ton of pics and video and my friend videod one of my 3 convos with him.

    • limeslice says:

      Oh boy, hehe.

    • English Girl says:

      That’s made my day. How totally funny!

    • snmlamb says:

      Hey Sam!!!

      We <3 you too!

    • chinamother says:

      Wow…THAT is great! I wonder if he’s told Rob about us girls over here….dare we dream that he’s read some of our letters? Ummm….then again, maybe some mystery would be in order since some of our comments, especially after a few glasses of wine might scare him πŸ˜‰

    • Ceri says:

      He’s totes lurking here, probably every night, reading all this. Wonder if he’s mentioned it to Rob?

      So now he knows about JBell and her evil plan to get with Rob. LMFAO!!

      I am jealous that you got to see Sam, he’s great. And a private session of the new song. I hate you right now and by that I mean I adore you!

      • JBell says:

        SHHHHHHH!!! LMFAO I’m so creeped out… I’m completely normal Sam, I promise.

        Seriously, – you know we’re all kidding right? You like the wit & humor, we know you do…:)

    • JBell says:

      Okay, the fact that out of 8364 BAGILLION blogs he asks if it was “Letter to Rob” freaks me out. Homeboy is lurkin’ on the DL; maybe not everyday, but definitely on the regular.

      Holy. Crap.

      I feel the need to change my gravi… lmfao

  23. celebrate_every_moment says:

    so damn hot… that kiss at the end just made me melt a little…

  24. snmlamb says:

    SOOO glad I’ve kept it incognito over here!

    Dear Rob,

    Just in case you do get word of our little comments over here at LTR, I’d like to express my heartfelt words to you. As much as I truly love you(and know that one day you will find me and we will make sweet sweet lurve) I cannot reveal my true identity on this site. WHAAAAT??? (you ask in your crazy Rob voice) Well, you see, there are many “haters” (read: my husband, my real life friends, and anyone that doesn’t think women my age should write letters to celebrities that will never answer them) out there that don’t get what it is we do on here, and well, I can’t bear the ridicule when I know what we have is so real and special.

    I hope you understand, and when you do decide to talk to me (or take me to your apt and do wonderfully dirty things to me), just leave me a message on here, and I will gladly reveal my true identity.

    Give my love to Sam…

  25. snmlamb says:

    This place is so slow today I might have to start a new FF.

  26. vickyb says:

    Love, love, love TBMH. Daniel Gale may be a nerdy, akward guy, but somehow Rob just makes him…HOT!!! Have to go with the girls on this…love me some nerd!

    • Ceri says:

      If any nerds in my school looked like him, I would’ve been all over him!

      Rob is sexy even as a nerd, how can anyone deny this? Ah, the ice cream scene, so hot, want to touch the heiny!

  27. Just a Girl says:

    @UC Nerdy Rob is my fave too. You must see this movie, he is so great in it. You can watch it over at google videos in it’s entirety.

    • English Girl says:

      Watching it now whilst doing a bit of paperwork … I really like the rapport between him and Holly G. the actress who plays the girl, they are sweet together.

  28. Agnete says:

    I LOVE geeky Rob! Possibly more than Edward-Rob!
    He’s SO cute with his little glasses and his knowledge about everyting. Love the ugly “hawaii”-shirt, he’s wearing in the scene in his parents’ conservatory, it’s so geek-chic!
    You should watch it!
    Not only for Rob’s performance, but also for the brilliance that is Catherine Tate!
    The entire movie is here:

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