Remember Me DVD will feature a Rob commentary: There is a God!

Dear Rob,

Since Summit’s no dummy they’re releasing Remember Me on DVD this month during the big Eclipse PR bonanza. They probably realize they really only have you until Breaking Dawn is over so they’re gonna milk it for all it’s worth. Which is smart. So since we’re gonna have access to your hot sex scenes and fight scenes from the comfort of our own bedrooms on June 22nd the press is starting to roll out. I just caught this feature on the LA Times blog that drops some seriously good info on your DVD COMMENTARY!!!! Whoohooo!! If there was one thing missing from the New Moon DVD it was you on the commentary but thank you baby Jesus, Summit forced wrangled you into a sound studio to record what I’m sure to be awesomeness we will love for all time.

So of course I have a few things to say about it…

Taking the lead for our favorite factoid: Pattinson’s dirty journaling. Playing the broody Tyler, the actor spent most of the film scrawling mysteriously in a leather-bound notebook. “On set I kept on going up to Rob and saying, ‘You’ve got to write in your journal, mate,'” producer Nick Osbourne said.

Said Pattinson: “I remember writing all these kind of pornographic poems, whenever there was a close-up on it. Horrible, horrible things in bold capital letters.”

So far I've come up with Boob, moob, tube, scoob, dube...

I can only imagine this going down… you trying to figure out how to rhyme words like boobs and ass with Heineken and kick ass. It’s truly the only way you can describe your favorite stuff. This explains those pained expressions you were making in the movie. It wasn’t you emoting about losing your brother or having a strained relationship with your dad, it was you thinking REALLY hard about how many syllables are in cunnilingus.

Other amazing insights into Rob’s soul include …

His sex scene was scary: Pattinson was “terrified” during his boom-boom moment with De Ravin. More so, he was sympathetic to the director of photography, “who had to look deep into my … crack for a long time.”

Crack is whack ya’ll even if you’re filming a love scene and you have a weird bra type modesty pouch over your man bits. No one needs to see the crack of doom.

His mother was appalled at the thought of a tattoo: Pattinson’s character has his brother’s name inked on his left pec as a memorial. When his mom saw it in the “Remember Me” trailer, she called him immediately. “I was like, ‘Really, do you think I tattooed ‘Michael’ on my chest?”

Wait, Tom is spelled T-O-M?! NOOOOOO my tattoo is all wrong

No, but you would definitely get a tattoo of “Tom” on your chest… or maybe Rob + Tom = bros 4 life (In old English of course) Next to an Olin Mills style portrait tattoo of you two.

Fans take note — when in Los Angeles, he reads scripts in a fast-food restaurant parking lot: “I was in an In ‘N Out burger car park where I used to always read scripts. … I realized I liked the character Tyler in the first four pages.” Perhaps he celebrated with a Double-Double.

USED TO?!! DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s about exactly two In-n-Outs this could be and that kills me. I guess this saves me from looking like a creeper by hanging out in the In-n-Out parking lot for hours on end knocking on windows and looking in the back seat for you.

He’s not shy about his frustrations with the paparazzi: As the film’s New York shoot was plagued with photogs, almost every scene in the “Remember Me” commentary comes with some anecdote about the invasive shutterbugs. “They showed absolutely no respect for anything,” Pattinson remarks.

I’m not sure I would classify those crazy whacko pyscho girls who chased you down paparazzi but Harvey Levin might give them an internship at TMZ at least.

Big dramatic fight scenes (like in, um, “Eclipse”) bore him: Pattinson gets roughed up by costar Chris Cooper in the film, and loved every minute of it. “It’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a scene,” he says of being slammed against the hood of a car. “Normally the fights are so choreographed, it makes it boring.”

Must. resist. this. video. clip. send. help. now. can't. resist.

Oh we loved every minute of it too… maybe a little too much Rob. I seriously contemplated my sanity after I watched that video of you filming that fight scene like 50 times. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle having it in a high def version in my own house. A hit of the good stuff any time I need it.

Rob does a mean Barney Gumble: Pattinson randomly bursts out in an impression of resident derelict Barney from “The Simpsons” on the commentary track. And it’s actually pretty spot on.

I’m crossing my fingers he does his best Patty and Selma impression on the Eclipse DVD commentary. Nothing like a hot man impersonating the voices of a couple cougarish chain smoking sisters. HOT.

As you can tell I’m super excited about the possibilities of the DVD commentary only this means I may have to enter rehab to get me off the bad stuff that fight scene clip. And now that I’ve finally figured out who Aidan looks like (my old high school crush/bff/boyfriend stolen by my friend) I can finally stop staring at him wondering how I ‘know’ him and watch that fight scene. Again.

The answer’s four, in case you were wondering…

Who’s looking forward to this DVD release now that we know we’ll get a Rob commentary! Maybe he’ll eat “cheeseburgahs” and tell the guys he gets in a fight with to “be simple guys.”

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134 Responses to “Remember Me DVD will feature a Rob commentary: There is a God!”

  1. hici says:

    I need that dvd!so not fair we’ll have to wait till september 🙁
    anyway oh my god tom tatoo=WIN! <

    well thank god for this I was in major emo mode that NM had rob sexvoice on it. which is why I didn't listen to it. sry chris I still love u!

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  3. mine!mine!mine! says:

    can’t wait for the DVD release….

    Also, my MUM can’t wait!!!!!!! Oh the shame! 🙂

    • misty says:

      I can’t wait either, but I don’t htink I’ll buy it…my hubby has had ENOUGH of my Robporn stash. But I will rent it!
      *sigh* I love Robler <3

      • mine!mine!mine! says:

        No Misty, buy it!

        go on, go on, go on, you know you want to 🙂

      • Misty, you have to buy it. We will coach each other in the strategies of hiding Rob porn, will create a support group if necessary and in no time we’ll be lecturing in universities around the world the new science of Robporniding. We’ll then co write a book, best seller, soon to be bible for millions of women : “How to be a succesfull Robporn owner”.

        • Jeez, can you tell I’m excited about (Rob) this DVD today?

          • misty says:

            ok ok..I am convinced…..I’ll buy it…and I thought I could ‘handle’ my robsession….btw last weekend I saw the Robssesed video for rent at Blockbuster…anyone seen it?!?

          • mountainlion says:

            You ARE excited…I can hear that.

            When I read your post, I thought you said the science of: Robpounding.

            love ya,

  4. Jess says:

    I didn’t enjoy the movie THAT much, but I will be buying the DVD solely for this.
    Can’t wait!

  5. OMFG! And with that I’ll be losing my “never eva bought a Rob related thing” virginity and I can’t wait. And it will be amazing!!! ANd then (we) I (for now) can do it over and over again, all the time!!! I do fear for my mental health but that doesn’t come with a protection.

    On a similar note, I read that interview in print for Premiere magazine, and after a while of “I really don’t care” as usually I am so back downward. Like I couldn’t sleep downward. And no, it’s not even the pics that got me there. God!

    • robgirl86 says:

      honi, I think it’s now time for you to find a safe place for your Rob Porn related stuff ….just saying <3 🙂

      • misty says:

        I agree RG,
        MP put it some place before you go drinking so you’ll remember where you put it….otherwise if you hid it while you were drunk (i.e. under your covers) your BF will find it there….trust me on this one.

        • robgirl86 says:

          do you’ve some personal experience Misty? lol

        • haha, I feel like I told you my life here, you know about the late drinking, about the BF, what else? No seriously, I don’t have any Rob porn, yet (!!!) until the DVD that is, not even on my computer. Or at least I think. ANd it’s not for being busted reasons, I really don’t think it’s worst to click save put in a file, cause I never go back to pics anyways. BUt i’ll have to pay attention to the DVD cause me being messy plus people borrowing DVD by themselves, it’s a dangerous combination, don’t want it to be embarked in the crowd.

          • mine!mine!mine! says:

            You and me both!
            I have no Rob porn, no pictures saved to comp. No mags at home, just twilight(and new moon) but they don’t belong to me. I have a sneeky watch of them – not all the way through I just fast forward to the Rob bits *god I’m sad* – when nobody is in the flat 🙂 Considering I have none of these things I still spend a lot of time thinking about Rob (and reading crap about Rob) more so when I’m drunk which means I pretty much think about him all the bloody time!

            Go see 4,3,2,1…soundtrack is also pretty darn.
            You’ll love it, I just know you will. 🙂

          • mine!mine!mine! says:

            ‘soundtrack also pretty darn’ should read ‘soundtrack also pretty darn good’!!!!

            yet more typing fail!

          • @ mine You forgot thepor that exploded your computer at work. That was a good story. :-p Thanx for the reco. Imma check.

          • mine!mine!mine! says:

            that was me staring at pics of Rob not actually keeping the stuff on my comp. Though that was a very embarassing episode in my working life, and my computer had to be shipped up north to be de-bugged 🙂
            *face palms forehead*

  6. Jayde says:

    It doesn’t come out here til mid-July.
    I’m dying to see it!

    • misty says:

      Jayde, if you haven’t seen the film your in for a REAl treat….hot, angry sex all wrapped up in sweet college love…ahhhh

  7. mine!mine!mine! says:

    This is completely unrelated, but I just have to say I went to see 4, 3, 2 1 last night, and if you ladies get a chance to see it please do, it’s fan[f*king]tastic.
    Noel Clarke is a genius. He directed Kidulthood (or did he write it? can’t remember) and wrote and directed Adulthood. 4,3,2,1 is also written and directed by said Mr. Clarke. Some of you may or may not know him better for Mickey Smith in BBC Doctor Who series. And he was next to KStew when they interviewed her after the BAFTAS…..
    And I just discovered to day that we were both at the same Uni at pretty much the same time……how did i not notice this guy *shakes head*

    I love this guy and he is now my new crush….move over Rob…no not really 🙂 Nobody could take the place of Rob no matter how talented a writer/director/actor (NC is all three) is….it’s still Rob 🙂

  8. j9necessary says:

    Well…I will be buying the DVD and add it to my “Rob porn” stash. I’m excited to learn he will be part of the commentary!

    BTW love my LTR_LTT t-shirt (I’m an LTR girl with wings and British flag shield).

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      I so want to win a BIJ tee…..

      *prays for tee, promises never to drink, smoke, swear of take the lords name in vain again so long as I win BIJ tee*

      • misty says:

        BIJ Tee and Pocket Edward ar emy personal favs….but I think YOU need a BIJ tee for realz!

        • j9necessary says:

          My friend has Pocket Edward tee…so cute! I have to stay away from the LTR_LTT store….. I want to buy more!

  9. tuesdaymidnight says:

    “…or maybe Rob + Tom = bros 4 life (In old English of course) Next to an Olin Mills style portrait tattoo of you two.” <– I'm dying over this! I also have a mental image of Rob and Tom going to Sears to get their portrait taken… in matching plaid.

    • Michelle says:

      I was just about to post this…LMBO.

      Total win!!!!!!!!! I snorted (yes, that’s ladylike) laughing. Freaking fabulous.

    • sjaantje says:

      Look up the cover for the movie “Step Brothers” insert Rob and Tom there and that is what I pictured when I read that and started laughing.
      I am going to start practicing my pause button action now so I can see if I can read some of this poetry he’s written. Guess we won’t be seeing the journal in a Planet Hollywood anytime soon now that everyone knows it’s full of dirty poems. I think they should put it up for auction!

      • The Old One says:

        It WAS up for auction somewhere, cuz I remember seeing it and actually considering bidding on it. They probably would have torn out the pornographic poetry first, though. Sad face.

        I think we should have a poetry contest, and try to reproduce the awesomeness of Pattinson’s Porno Poems!

        • KittTatt says:

          I saw it up a couple of nights ago, not on an auction, though, just for sale. It was a website full of movie props 7 memorabilia. the journal was going for $5000. The baseball bat, his keys, a beer bottle & an empty cig pack were also up, along with the hoodie & blue cargo pants!
          There were about 5 pages of stuff, costumes, props, Caroline’s rocks & even the fire extinguisher.
          Too bad I can only afford the DVD!

          Found it!

          • KittTatt says:

            And yeah, I C+++’d that sucker trying to read it!

          • The Old One says:

            Surely we could pass the hat around, max out credit cards, whatever, to snatch that baby up! But what if it wasn’t the same prop that Rob used, or they took the dirty pages out! And why is this still for sale, since I know I saw it maybe in March when the movie came out? And why can’t this reply column expand into all that blank space to the right?

          • sjaantje says:

            LOL! I tried to zoom in on the picture too with no success. I am all for passing around the hat. We just have to build a shrine to house it in after we get it.

      • @ TOO (went for wider space hence the wierd reply)
        That notebook is a mystery. I think it’s nothing personal, but why does it cost 5K? All the rest of things they sold on RM had quite decent prices. BTW the sparklepeen drawing (OK other context & an auction) was sold for less than 2K. I would have really bought that one, it’s the price of an unknown artist in a small gallery and I liked it, but I had said revelation once I saw it was sold.

        And re the blog, UC and Moon, I really like the vintage look&feel, great idea, only it seems the comments part is not the most practical around, especially the space. Just a thought. But then I do take notes on yellowish Moleskine because I’m/they’re cool like that (mahaha) and then amaze myself a week later wondering WTF was that meeting about.

  10. robgirl86 says:

    Can’t wait for the DVD…
    Can’t wait for the Rob hardcore poems…
    Can’t wait for the commentary…
    Can’t wait to watch the film again….
    I just can’t wait, and I’ve to wait until September , boo boo

    that’s every day the same with HIM, I have to WAIT! 🙂
    he never looked better than on the set of RM!

    it’s not easy with moms sometimes

    • misty says:

      I died too when I saw that ROb wrote POEMs..I was like WHAAAATTTTT???? They must be published, I NEED them..i’s a matter of life and death.

      Dear Rob,
      If there is nothing else you can promise us, please promise to publish that journal.

      • robgirl86 says:

        …a matter of life and death…….hahahahaahhaha

        and yes!!!
        I NEED it as well!

      • @ misty I can picture him already loosing one or two journals somewhere in a fast food and nobody know it was his. Cause you know he’s that kind of guy.

        @ RG Nooo, do you think they will cockblock shipping to countries where the DVD is not out yet?

        • robgirl86 says:

          I dunno, we can try with european ones like the UK, but learned that the US version has another format!I need blue ray…sigh*, I hate to wait…

          • no, never buy anything from UK except clothes and beer, you know they don’t do anything like the rest of the world 🙂 You’ll end up with some cool vintage video cassettes (cause you know it’s already cool there, just as records in the rest of the world) who on top of that, would play backwards.

          • misty says:

            Yes!! Soon it will appear on ebay because someone will find it in a dumpster behind a McDonalds…we will ALL have to pull together and form a chairty fund to purchase it and then BREAK it DOWN LTR style.

  11. Sue G. says:

    So far I’ve come up with Boob, moob, tube, scoob, dube…

    What about LUBE??!!!?? That was my first thought!

    • mountainlion says:

      For some reason I can imagine Rob using words like “Boob” in his porn poetry, but I can imagine:



  12. Dionrenee says:

    Can’t wait to see this and see Rob in a “real” sex/love scene, hope I can handle it!… Love the Olin Mills reference**that was classic

    PS. I want that LTR shirt with wings and british flag as well… the first to comment on the new LTR site, helloooo…hook a girl up!

  13. kat says:

    I am so beyond stoked for the DVD release. This sounds so bad, but for once I’m so glad that my husband stays gone from home during the week so that Rob, his commentary, his fight scenes, and I can have some time alone.

    Gah! I can’t wait!

  14. Marta says:

    Well, I wasn’t going to buy it, maybe Netflix it (I did see it in the theater). But now that there’s Rob commentary, I may want to own the DVD. I love his verbal diarrhea.


  15. misty says:

    p.s. OFF topic has anyone tried to access this site off their ipod…when I did, it posted all the messages according to the time they were posted, not in a response format like it does here.
    Did this just happen to me?

    • misty says:

      Noone has tried to access LetterstoRob off their ipod yet? I guess I am addicted to LTR around the clock!

    • Stacey says:

      I am having the same problem on my iphone. I’ve been switching the mobile view to the website version. It’s a bit of a pain and harder to read the comments, but it does work better that way to respond to comments.

    • undecidedsten says:

      turn off mobile view!!! took me ages to figure that one out,
      its a bit more tricky to comment from the i phone now

  16. robgirl86 says:

    “Pattinson was “terrified” during his boom-boom moment with De Ravin. More so, he was sympathetic to the director of photography, ”who had to look deep into my … crack for a long time.”

    1) I wanna be that director!
    2) I wanna be Emilie!
    3) I wanna be that director!
    4) Rob did look very sexy when “terrified”, so
    5) I wanna be Emilie ………or the director…..


  17. JulieP says:

    I’ve been lurking for ages and not commenting. My feeble attempts to wean myself off LTR have failed abysmally. I guess I’m here to stay. I love reading you too much and just can’t get by without a regular fix. Moon, UC and all you commenters – I love you guys!
    Rob – what have you done to me!!!!

  18. dazzledtodeath says:

    I wasn’t sure that I was going to buy the RM dvd, but when I heard Rob was on the commentary I made up my mind. Even if I never watch the dvd, I’ll definitely listen to the commentary.

    On a semi-related note-yesterday I took my daughter to see Shrek and couldn’t stop thinking how I’d love for Rob to do an animated film. I’d love to hear his sexy voice. Hey Jon Hamm was an ogre, why not Rob?

    On a completely unrelated note-last night I had another (sexless) Rob dream. Unlike most dreams it was crystal clear and I remembered it all when I woke up. So-Rob was going to be on Letterman, and my mother somehow finagled it so that I could meet him. I waited backstage, on a couch, and Rob came over and we started talking. He was really sweet, and I was nervous as hell. After about ten minutes, Rob had to leave and we said goodbye. But then I ran after him and asked if I could hug him. He said yes, and I did, but he was shorter than me (I’m 5’6″). I said Shoudn’t you be taller? and Rob said he had to go. Then my husband showed up and said he had tickets to see the show, and I thought ,I have to write a letter to LTR! Then I woke up, extremely disappointed but glad Rob is actually much taller than I am.

    • JessicaTheShark says:

      I agree with you about the animated film thing!
      I actually have been wanting him to do that for about over a year now, lol! I’ve also always wanted him to be in a Pepsi or Coke commercial for some reason.

    • Jules says:

      D2D – someone need to analyze that dream. Short(er) + Rob should never be used in the same paragraph.

  19. Robjunkie says:

    This will end me. I’ve never given much thought to dying. But dying while listening to Rob’s commentary seems like a good way to go.

    • tupelohoney says:

      Dear Rob,

      Tyler’s my brand of heroin! Come be Tyler for me baby! Need a fix…


      Can’t wait for the dvd. Commentary and my blue shirt jail scene….

      • tupelohoney says:

        Oops, sorry Robjunkie my comment wasnt supposed to be a reply to your comment. What happened? But I totally agree with you… dying while listening to Rob’s commentary would be a good way to go…. Definitely.

  20. robsfuturemate says:

    Can’t wait for the commentary, baby!!! You know I love me some Twi com, this will be even better!

    Are we sure they’re gonna show the sex scenes???

    I too, check the area whenever I’m in ANY In-n-Out!!

    And, Olin Mills…you take me back!! We’ve had many a pic taken there in the good old days!

  21. robsfuturemate says:

    On another note….I had my first PROPER Robdream last night!!

    We were someplace with animals, kinda like a zoo but not. Rob was feeding a lion (dressed like Robowksi wearing his fancy dinner jacket!). I was so relieved a second later to his that he WASN’T actually feeding the lion with his bare hands, but the monkey standing next to him was! He then asks me if I miss him while he’s gone and I take his hand a pull him to a secluded barn that looks really fake but still like a zoo. (i know, weird.)
    I’m about to just reach over and grab him for a kiss when these kids walk in! We try to be discreet standing there and then I notice these girls looking at us. I tell Rob, “Those girls are trying to figure out if they know who you are.” He gives me that sideways smile/smirk and I think we’re about to kiss again…when I wake up!

    Oh well, at least I remembered it this time!

    And Mrs.P if you’re out there, I’d love an interpretation!

    • Stacey says:

      That seems like a nice dream.

      I had a Rob dream a couple of nights ago. He was a house realtor and giving me a tour of a new house. That’s it. That was the dream.

      Of all the possibilities, that was all I got. I’m kind of sad now.

  22. JessicaTheShark says:

    I can’t wait for the DVD! RM is my favorite Rob movie!

  23. Katie S says:

    I am way more thrilled about this now. I was kind of “eh”, but I canNOT wait to hear Rob’s commentary. I wish he did a commentary for every movie. No really. EVERY movie. Including the movies he had nothing to do with. Like Mystery Science Theater with Rob. The DILF can join in, too.

    I’m so sad the fight scene was removed from youtube! BOO! HISS!

  24. SarahG says:

    ” Next to an Olin Mills style portrait tattoo of you two.” <—BAHAHAHA!!!

  25. melronin says:

    Dear Rob,

    Have you no mercy baby???
    You will kill us this month!
    First the Robowskypictures…hooot stuff
    then the mtv awards…yeahhh
    then the eclipsetrailers…even hotter Edward
    then the RMdvd…with your commentary…and…ehhh your pornographic poems in bold capital letters…me dead
    and finally eclipse…..

    How much can a poor girl handle honey?
    just asking

    I love you

    and don’t be afraid of boom-boom
    it’s really harmless!!! Doesn’t hurt at all!!!

    • che says:

      what about the Premier magazine(Fr) pics
      i saw them last night and… THUD….

      • melronin says:

        OMG che…you’re right…I forgot about these pictures!!!
        Sex on legs…sex on loooong legs!!!
        No words…

      • mine!mine!mine! says:


        Are you talking about the pic that RG posted yesterday, the one where he’s standing with his legs apart, if so, OMFG….how hot is this man! He’s so hot in that picture, it actually ruined my day 🙂

    • mountainlion says:

      Oh, Mel.
      I think it will hurt, just a bit…here’s hoping….


      • melronin says:

        Dunno if “hurt” is the right word for the feeling of boom-boom with him…lion honey…
        but I love how your mind works! 😀

        Love ya

      • tupelohoney says:

        ML: Yeah, hurting just a lil’ bit can be a good thing… And a few well placed “vampire” bites couldn’t hurt either….


  26. I have NO interest to buy this DVD, but I have EVERY interest of watching the commentary- WITH YOU MOON- so we can break it down!

  27. snowwhitedrifted says:

    Some rhyming words for Rob’s poems:
    block, trick, mitts, ripple, class, luck, decks, genus, sub ratio,

    …and of course Deloris!
    and nothing rhymes with cunnilingus, so let’s just say floral.

    Loved the commentary Moon!

    • snowwhitedrifted says:

      oops, “decks” should be “duck”

      …and I want to add bobbing projection.

      • The Old One says:

        Charles Mingus
        Dirty Dingus

        • snowwhitedrifted says:

          WIN- Dirty Dingus!
          I didn’t realize Dingus was a real word, but lookie there, it is.
          I’ll I could come up with was “Air Lingus”.

        • whyamidoingthis says:

          My husband, pre-marriage, wrote me a poem that included a Charles Mingus/cunnilingus rhyme. Marriage was inevitable…

          • The Old One says:

            Your husband, and your marriage to LTR, were both fated to be, otherwise how could such a random thing as rhyming “cunnilingus” with “Charles Mingus” happen twice in a lifetime???

          • whyamidoingthis says:


            IKR? It’s some kind of sick sign. I still have that ultra-romantic poem saved somewhere….

            but now I won’t be able to read it without thinking of Rob/LTR.

    • Jules says:

      SWD, you forgot Mulva.
      Clearly, I’ve watched too much Seinfeld.

  28. niahid says:

    “I’m crossing my fingers he does his best Patty and Selma impression on the Eclipse DVD commentary. Nothing like a hot man impersonating the voices of a couple cougarish chain smoking sisters. HOT. ”

    Gotta love The Simpsons 😀
    I’m hoping Rob will do Apu or Homer

  29. lucypattz says:

    Was not planning to buy the dvd but after reading this I totally am . Will have to find a way to sneak it , hub is getting tired of my Rob craziness

    Would Lo ve to get my hands on that journal..&that man

  30. BG11 says:

    We have to wait in the UK, so please make sure you share the goodies.

    You tube anyone?


  31. roslynstephanieselene says:

    I neeed an LTR/LTT shirt…so here I am!
    Def. buying the DVD.
    1)Because I liked the damn movie!
    2)Because I can’t wait to hear the crazy shenanigans he was thinking while doing the commentary. Wait…if there’s any truth to his interview w/Ellen, then my latter reason for buying the DVD might just be his verbal diarrhea since he doesn’t actually ‘think’. 😉

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      me to, me to *bounces up and down on chair in excitement*

      I’ve been dreaming about my BIJ tee all week….can’t wait…please let me win, please let me win, please let me win.

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      or even ‘me too, me too’ the excitement got the better of me 🙂

      typing, spelling, grammar fail, in fact every kind of fail :_

      • roslynstephanieselene says:

        Haha! I think I should just reply to EVERONE’S comments just so that I have a bigger chance. LOL But I think it’d make everyone annoyed. Whatevs, I WANT A SHIRT! =d

  32. Stacey says:

    It’s official, I will be buying this DVD. I originally thought when the movie came out that my Rob fascination was all hormonal and that’s it. I still have it, so now I need the DVD for the commentary.

    My favorite part of the Twilight DVD was his funny commentary, that and CH trying to mack on him the whole time. I so miss that woman.

  33. undecidedsten says:

    i havent even opened the new moon dvd i got purely cos theres no rob commentary!! anyone know when RM is out in the UK cos it’ll prob be out here same day??

    • roslynstephanieselene says:

      I haven’t seen the NM DVD either! My sister bought it but I didn’t watch cause…there’s only so much Rob-less, abs, and stuttering cheesy lines I can take. =/

      • undecidedsten says:

        i’m a bit meh over the eclipse clips aswell (except angry robward in the hoodie when jacob kissed bella!)

        maybe need to read the books again…

        • roslynstephanieselene says:

          Ah! Thank God! I thought I was the only one who could care less about Twi movies. (I think it’s the cheesy lines that are making be gag a little and I can’t take them srsly). I’m looking forward to WFE and Bel-Ami, though. =)

  34. babiesbrown says:

    I dunno, ya’ll. I haven’t seen RM, and I’m torn on buying it for the commentary. I lurve, lurve, lurve to hear Rob try to make interesting comments on American culture and come off sounding British and silly. A movie set in NY seems like it could be rife with comments like that.
    But I have a strict rule against seeing movies that will make me want to hurl myself out a window from the sad. Also, I have a rule against seeing movies where hot ppl die (Srsly, I was a teen when Titanic came out and seeing Jack sink in the water fucking scarred me – for life.). So you see the issue I have with RM.
    Still, there’s Beardward. My poor dh. Rob & Bradley Cooper have me constantly nagging him to grow his hair. Now he has to deal with me hiding his razors, too.
    Maybe I can buy it and just listen to the commentary from another room?

    • Edible Art ? says:

      I feel exactly the same – Titanic affected me the same way even now years later I can vividlty picture LDC sinking down into the depths NO NO NO NO !!!!! So I never went to see RM cause I knew how it ended and I can’t handle that – but now there’s a commentry those summit B******ds in the marketing dept man they know what they are doing I am SO buying that DVD

      • mine!mine!mine! says:

        I never really cared that LDC died, what got me about the bloody film is everyone dies and you know it before you watch. it’s not like we didn’t know what was going to happen.

        It’s one of those films that makes me hang my head in shame.

      • sab says:


      • robsfuturemate says:

        edible art- you so need to see RM. Although, I don’t wanna be the one to traumatize you again! I think this was handled very well, you knew what was coming but it wasn’t graphic at all.

        And yes, Rob com is all kinds of win!!

  35. twiprof says:

    I could listen to Rob ramble forever.
    Hearing him think aloud, words like “a bit saucy,”
    and “garden burger.” He has the best voice.
    It makes waiting for the DVD now completely unbearable.

  36. cedvanhalen says:

    I still haven’t seen this movie :(…..Living in the middle of nowhere is no good for getting some movies….But the day this comes out, I will be there purchasing it and then running home to watch. And then coming back to read this post since I skipped it because I was afraid of being spoiled..

  37. I am SO ready for some private time with Tyler! ;o)

  38. InviteMeIn says:

    I love the pix of Rob on the couch in Remember Me, it reminds me that he has ankles, while MulletStew…does not.

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