The crazies and Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

One of my favorite things about running a blog called Letters to Rob is that we get just that. Letters TO you from special people.  When we receive one of these not-too-rare emails, after being passed around to a group of people including Moon & whoever is having a bad day and needs something to cheer them up, it is immediately filed into a special folder called “Crazies.”

Today I’d like to dig into the “Crazies” folder & share some of my recent favorites. And of course include a response that I wish I had the balls to send back.

just incase this could go to Rob, Kristen and Cast of Twilight.  Prince Edward is going to in Greenville South Carolina  This Friday and Saturday.  Thought I would extend an invite to them.  Seems Like Rob would like to see someone from England.

Hey- I know that guy! He was in that British wizard movie!

Oh how well you know me. What gave away my homesickness? Was it my crying into the British flag I keep padlocked in my car on the way home from the set the other day? I thought I saw a camera flash. Was it that you can’t find a single hob nob in the city of Los Angeles & you assumed I bought them all (I did) I would LOVE to see someone I don’t know from England. That would be the cure all for my homesickness. I’ll be there as soon as somewhere tells me where South Carolina is.

Long live the Queen,

A note to Stephenie contained a little section about Rob

Just one more thing.  My son Rob, is 6’3-1/2″ and bares a striking resemblance to your Rob.  My son Joshua reminds me of Taylor. Twenty years ago my daughter resembled Bella.

It is too weird, just call me Esme II.

Mostly sincere,
Crankie Frankie

Crankie Frankie,
Does “mostly sincere” mean your sorta kidding. I’d like that to be the case. But in case not, I’d like to see a picture of your son, to see if I have competition. Did you include one in your original letter to my Stephenie? Also, Esme was the mother to Edward not me, Bella or Taylor. So while calling yourself Esme II seemed like a good idea, it doesn’t make any sense.

Hob Nob Rob

Dear Rob,
OMG!! You are the best actor ever!! And I Love You Soo Much!!
I absolutely love you in The Twilight Saga and Im just bouncing in my seat thinkin about you! I cant wait til I go and see it in Bluewater on the 10th July!! You we born in the coolest place on Earth (London), Your a fantabulos musician and artist and I Love You!!
To be honest Ive got a a small case of the green eyed monster because Kristen Stewart gets to have you when she is playing Bella and in real life!! Where is the justice in that?!! Okay I say a small case but actually its the size of the Universe and always growiing!! I scream at the television and laptop when you share as much of a touch! And I am not ashamed to admit this! I would love to meet you and I talk about you 24/7 and I think my friends are sick of me. Im sure I dream of you well I fall asleep dreaming of you but you know dreams, their incontrolable little suckers!
I couldnt think of anyone better to play the most sexiest, talented, intelligent Cullen… Edward, and my favourite quote in the  films has to be when Edward says to Bella : ‘So the lion fell in love with the lamb’. I cant stop thinking about you, you are my life, my air, my food, you are what I need to survive! As I have said I love to meet you and you may never know I might bump into you when your in London one day (I live there)!

Te quiero mucho usted con mi corazón. Usted está mi vida ahora y para siempre chalota estar.
‘I love you lots with all my heart. You are my life now and always shall be.’
(I come from Latin descent)
Lots of love, hugs and kisses your number 1  super mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega mega fan,

This is me in Mexico! Ay Carumba, no?

Hola mamacita! You’re not the only one with a case of the green-eyed monster. It’s true- Kristen really does play Bella in real life too. She falls a lot, she puts fish fry on everything. She painted our kitchen cabinets yellow and the other day she ate a dozen eggs herself (you should’ve smelled her gas!)

Latin decent! LUCKY! Although Sometimes I wonder if I come from it too.. I really, REALLY love Tacos. I used to think I was allergic… but now i know I’m not…

Yo quiero Tacos muchos,

mucho mas after the jump!

just want to say my mom thinks you are the sexiest man alive…..she is old enough to be your mother yet she doesnt let that bother her at all…..she has everything she can find that has anything to do with team edward….its so funny watching her. i would say she is probably your biggest fan…..i havent been able to actually find an actual fan club site for her to be a fan for you…she would die if she knew i was using her email to send this….i think its funny… if there is an actual fan club site please pass it on to my mom, Summer……i know when she was younger and was in fan clubs she got signed pics of the person…do you have anything like this??? well send her something on here about it if you do….she is planning on visiting england, ireland and scotland next summer after she grads with her BA from college may 2011. well thanks for your time

biggest fan Summer

Dear Summer’s daughter,
Tell your mom I’m a big fan of Summer AND of my mom, sooo.. we’d probably get along.

Not weirded out at all,

Dear Rob-

I will make this short and sweet.  Please for the love of all that is holy. Will you please make some kind of indie cd with a special dvd cut, because you are the only one that has ever in my 32 years given me an “ear”gasm upon hearing your musical talent. My ears are waiting for you…………..

” And So…….
The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb….”

You know, Lara, I get a lot of requests like this, and I usually ignore them. But you used the line “And so the Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb” so I know you’re truly serious.  And a true fan. Quoting that is the written form of wearing tweed. Plus that’s my favorite line written EVER in literature. So yes, just for you, I’ll come up with an indie album with a special DVD cut. I’ll even use your idea for a title- Eargasm with Robert Pattinson. Tell your ears they don’t have to wait much longer. I’ll be coming soon

Always the Lion,
Rob (Roarrr)

From: Mary Christina Roperti (
Subject: to Robert

Hello Robert, my name is Mary.  I don’t give out my lastname for personal reasons.  But I will tell you that I am married with three children.  I love Twilight and I am going to go see Remember Me.  It looks like a great movie. Robert, I know that you get a lot of emails and lot of them probably tell you how hot you are and how good looking you, I won’t deny it, but that’s not why I am sending you this email.  I am sending you this to tell you what great actor you are.  I don’t know anything about acting. I have never done any acting before in my life, but when I seen you in Twilight and New Moon, I felt like you put your heart and soul into it.  You make it seem real and honest.  I know that what I am about to say is going to be corny and girly, but I was crying my eyes out when Edward told Bella that he was leaving her.  I know, but it was sad.  I know that you probably want people to see you as someone else than Edward, but I feel like they will always see you as Edward, no matter what movie you star in.  I know that I will always remember you in Twilight, but I’m sure you will have other movie rolls as well.  I can’t believe you are 23, I thought you were younger, but who’s to say anything I’m 31, will be 32 in April.  But, age is only a number.  I don’t think anyone else but you could have played that part and Kristen did a great job.  Well, I guess I have said enough, but I do want to tell you one more thing, don’t give up on your music.  Don’t give up on something that makes you happy. No matter anyone tells you.  Let It Sign and Never Think are great songs. Best Wishes.


P.S.  “You’re my only reason to stay alive, if that’s what I am”.

Well Mary, first I’m glad you didn’t include your last name. You don’t know what kind of creepers are out there who might do a google search and find out there are approximately 14 Mary Christina Roperti’s in the US and assuming you’re not the ones living in Chicago or New York, narrowing it down to 7 Mary Christiana Ropeti’s and assuming you’re probably either the one in West Virginia or North Dakota* pay $3.00 to find out the exact location of each of them, it’s always best to be safe.

Yeah, Edward is a dick. I was talking to my friend Jacob the other day and he told me “Age is just a number baby” (I think he was coming on to me, actually)

Thanks for the encouragement that I did such a good job with Edward that no one will see me as anyone else.

“I don’t want you to come,”
Robert Pattinson

Dear Robert,
I have never felt like I did when I saw Twilight. It was a whole new level of crazy for me. I have a pic of you on my phone and it says “Sky & Rob 4 Life”. I had a dream that we got married and had little Roberts and Skys. And my ex boyfriend was Taylor Lautner and he never had on a shirt but you always did. I admired that of you and we lived in Colombus, Ohio (my birth place) and lived happily ever after…..until I was murdered and you avenged me.

Forever yours,

**I intentionally did not answer this email, mostly because since this is “Rob’s site” I wanted to give him something to do when he locks himself in his room out of homesickness later tonight (and after smelling “real Bellas” dozen-egg gas). OR, you guys can answer it in the comments. It’s fun. I promise.

Other people’s LTR make me laugh EACH an EVERY day!,

*I ALWAYS use real emails, but NEVER use real names or details. I made up all of that about finding her name up!

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134 Responses to “The crazies and Robert Pattinson”

  1. Jayde says:

    Good. Lord.
    I love that that girl put London in brackets, just in case Rob had forgotten where he was born. And the Latin about not being able to live without him?!?! Can someone say restraining order!

    • natashadushi says:

      Loca that’s all…..

    • Bella_NaA says:

      Latin descent apperently doesn’t warrant correct Spanish. Just stick to ‘loca’, Angelica.

      • krazykidd says:

        OMG! I was thinking the exact same thing…her Spanish is atrocious and she’s just plain scary with a big S! All of these were pretty freaking scary and delirious…:D

      • roslynstephanieselene says:

        Bhahahaha! THAT.WAS.TERRIBLE. Mkay I’m from Latin decent too and I know my Spanish isn’t all that great, but I could tell she’s either lying her ass off OR she really is Latin but used translate google to help her out. If the latter is true, her parents must be ashamed. =( Hell, I’m ashamed! LOL

  2. natashadushi says:

    2nd hand embarrassment! “She painted our kitchen cabinets yellow and the other day she ate a dozen eggs herself (you should’ve smelled her gas!)” I Laughed so hard at the office while reading this that 2 managers came to see if something happend to me. How can you read this stuff *facepalm*.
    Que locura!

  3. Tigerkitten36 says:

    I cant bellieve my daughter Summer sent you that email! That sneaky kid. She is so grounded and Im taking all her Beiber stuff right now!!!

    Just kidding…that could have been my daughter writing that …..she did find my special folder the other day on the computer (note to self – gotta find a better place to hide that)

    Everytime you post these letters I am amazed at what people write that I am 2nd hand embarrassed for them. If these are the types of letters YOU get running a site called ” Letters to Rob” the stuff he gets in his mail must be 1000 times more disturbing.

    Eargasm with Robert Pattinson for the win! LOL

  4. Shleeeigh says:

    “From: Mary Christina Roperti (
    Subject: to Robert

    Hello Robert, my name is Mary. I don’t give out my lastname for personal reasons. ”


    I love it here.

  5. Dionrenee says:

    I love these , they are hysterical!!! Eargasms….gotta remember that! Is this real life or what??? This stuff is amazing!! And all these girls are over 12yrs? Fascinating!

  6. Lindelle says:

    “We lived in Colombus, Ohio (my birth place) and lived happily ever after… until I was murdered and you avenged me.”

    Crazy #7 must have watched Bad-ass Cops before falling asleep!

  7. misty says:

    Does “mostly sincere” mean your sorta kidding…..So while calling yourself Esme II seemed like a good idea, it doesn’t make any sense.

    OMG you girls are hilar! You hear that every day, I know, but truely YOU are!

    P.S. The FAQs page is ALL kinds of win…I may or may have let a little go from laughing so hard…:0

  8. Dear Mary,

    You’re so right, age is just a number, and your letter is the perfect example.
    “I am sending you this to tell you what great actor you are. I don’t know anything about acting.“
    Oh thanks, then I must be a great actor. Age is just a number, it doesn’t insure basic knowledge or logics.
    But now that you sincerely confessed not knowing anything about acting (Btw, is it the only thing you don’t know in general? C’mon you can tell me, I’m interested.), I’m really scared!!! What if you’re wrong and people won’t always think of me forever as Edward, what if I could play different parts? OMG!

    You got me thinking Mary,
    Robert Thomas Pattinson (I don’t give you my nickname for personal reasons)

  9. Morningsun says:

    These were hilarious!
    I love crazy fans! Lol
    …btw that angelica chick…is that supposed to be Spanish?
    Because I coulnt understand anything!!…Latin descent my ass! She’s just trying to sound interesting to rob…lol

    • roslynstephanieselene says:

      Hehehe yeah, that one was the most embarrassing one. Her Spanish was…well let’s just say Jack Black from Nacho Libre totes owns her ass in Spanish. Bhahaha!

  10. misty says:

    OK Ok I will admit to how I found LTR…

    after watching Twilight and saying, ‘who the eff is that hot guy?’ ALL night long…I decided to google search him, then I typed something about writing him a letter (blah blah blah)……thus finding LTR.

    After reading the witty comments here and letters I realized that this was NOT where to send ‘actual’ letters to Rob, within the first 3 minutes…..and the idea of writing him an actual letter was gone.

    What is wrong with these people?
    Are they ashamed of what they ‘write’?
    Why? Why? Why?


    • mine!mine!mine! says:


      I found this site by accident, but I didn’t for one nano-second think that this was where you sent actual letters to rob. (feverish in Indonesia obviously got it wrong though – god bless her).

      I have to say I do live for the times when this those kinds of letters get posted. They make me feel so normal 🙂

      They are insane….we are all normal 🙂

      • drsaka says:

        I remember ‘feverish in Indonesia’!!! I hope that she’s well !!

        • mine!mine!mine! says:


          I wish FII would write to LTR again (it’s because of her I spend most of my working day on this site) I owe her much.

          I also miss happyfeet90….wonder what happened to her?

      • misty says:

        FII was a wack-job for sure….she made me laugh though….her comments were priceless!

        • misty says:

          I miss Tiffanized…she comes here every once in awhile, but I LOVE her comments…she is sooooo witty and expresses herself so well! I wanna be her when I grow up!

          Tiffinized if your still reading LTR:: we miss you!!!!

  11. melronin says:

    Seriously guys I have typed a lot of…ehhh crazy stuff
    after the name Robert Pattinson on google and YT…
    now I just have to type “Robert Pattinson eargasm”
    and see about that…gasm….these gasms…a lot…
    just sayin…

    Dear Rob
    Please add to the many gasms you give us
    the eargasm…it really means a lot to us!
    Thank you baby!

    love you

    OMG…I fell of my chair…LMFAO!!!
    Hilar letters…just hilar!

  12. dazzledtodeath says:

    Crazy letters are one of my fave things about LTR. Although I have to say, I think it’s wrong to include that third letter in the “crazy” folder. I scream and even throw things at the tv when I see Kristen. Isn’t that normal?…

    Also-my daughter is going to get it for writing that fourth letter. Although for a seven year old, I have to admire her for writing that and getting into my email.

    Here’s an idea-compile the crazy letters into a book. Anything having to do with Rob is hot now, so why not make some money off these loons?

    • mine!mine!mine! says:


      What a bloody good idea. I’m almost tempted to start a blog just so the crazies will send me letters, they do cheer me up.

      Actually, after reading that Paris Hilton is after Rob, I’m all for him and Kristen. Can you imagine it……whole idea of PH chasing thePretty for a date, highly amusing, it’s not something I could see happening…..well not unless hell froze over 🙂

      • melronin says:

        MMM! I think it is more possible that hell freazes over
        than Rob to be with Paris…even give her one of his
        dazzle looks!
        Nooo way!!!

        • mine!mine!mine! says:


          I love the idea that she’s after a date with Rob (who the bloody hell isn’t), but the fact that they are so diametrically opposed just makes me smile at the very idea of them together……I can’t think of anything worse, it’s even worse than imagining him and Kstew together….but still it makes me (evil) smile.

      • misty says:


        I’m almost tempted to start a blog just so the crazies will send me letters, they do cheer me up.

        DO IT!!!!!!!!!! Best idea EVEA!!!!!!!!!

    • drsaka says:

      D2D- I inherited (found when a sibling left for college) a book entitled, ‘Love Letters to the Beatles’. I wish I still had it- absolutely hysterical.

      UC and Moon take note.

      • misty says:

        is it NORMAL that I would buy the book Love Letters to Robert Pattinson by The Crazies???

        I say yes 🙂

        Another million dollar money maker

  13. dazzledtodeath says:

    The taco thing-funny and disgusting.

  14. wannaeffrob says:

    Wow. Really, wow. I’ve never felt so normal in my life!

  15. chelie says:

    These are the reason’s Rob has that body gaurd with him all the time. Crazies are everywhere it seems.

  16. mine!mine!mine! says:

    NO.2 on FAQs… that for real???



    • misty says:

      I know right! I couldn’t sleep this morning so I lurked around the new site and I saw the FAQs, I commented about it earlier….they are hilar! oh memories of TammyO, etc.

  17. robgirl86 says:

    Dear Rob,
    I will make it short and sweet,
    you really get fucking weird letters and you give UC /Moon a lot of work!!!!
    We might feel embarrassed and it cannot be that you’re all lazy lazy doing nothing than going around in durt shirts and ol’pants!
    Come out and help THEM!
    It’s time baby to admit that you’ve to take your responsabilities here around!
    I think I can’t handle any longer MEGA MEGA MEGA…..gaga fans!



    • mine!mine!mine! says:


      But the ‘MEGA, MEGA, MEGA….gaga fans’ make us laugh so much.

      Rob’s sense of humour is great so i’m thinking he must get hours of laughs out of the crazy letters

      (perhaps not the really scary creeper crazy letters….you know the type I mean)?

    • melronin says:

      “…take care of your responsabilities around here…”

      RG…I have a lot of responsabilities (of his) in mind around here…

      Win honey! 😀

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Yes, Rob seriously. Would a little comment every now and then hurt? I know you’re busy with your new job but can you put down the kindle and pick up your iphone!

      • robgirl86 says:

        right! It’s really not too much to ask for…. 🙂

      • I think we should send questions when the press will ask for the interviews, questions about LTR. What if it gets picked and he has to answer!!! I’m serious! Watch out, it’s promo time.

        • mine!mine!mine! says:

          what’s this?
          what’s this?
          what’s this you are talking about MP?

        • @ mine
          you know when MTV and the rest asks the fandom for questions b/c they’re about to interview Rob & co. It’s usually on Twitter and probl on all respectable (or not) Rob site. We should (no, we have to!!!) send them questions about LTR that could sound of general interest or just funny so they get picked.

        • roslynstephanieselene says:

          That’s what I’M doing! LOL I sent a few questions on the Ryan Seacrest’s website: ‘Ask the Twilight Cast’ about LTR. Hhahaha cause I don’t really have any ‘serious’ questions for any of them. Except if Rob reads LTR! 😉

          • robsfuturemate says:

            I saw some of the questions on Seacrest’s site…they were pretty funny. Someone asked if Rob reads LTR, was that you?!

          • roslynstephanieselene says:

            I bet it was! LOL I asked a few others but they weren’t serious questions. Tee-hee 🙂

  18. robsfuturemate says:

    Can I say that I was just glad one of MY letters wasn’t in the “crazy” pile!! It’s pretty obvious if you ACTUALLY read this site that our dear old Rob doesn’t read these letters (or respond)!

    “If these are the types of letters YOU get running a site called ” Letters to Rob” the stuff he gets in his mail must be 1000 times more disturbing.” Exactly what I was thinking!

    • mountainlion says:


      My heart always sinks when I see that ltr is posting letters from crazies, too. I do post here and I am crazy…so the possibility exists that I could be included as an example of crazy…..

      *sigh of relief*

      • robsfuturemate says:

        as long as you are writing aware of the fact that you are not actually writing to Rob than I think you are “normal”! It’s when you think Rob is gonna respond to your letter that you are CRAZY!!!

  19. allryans says:

    Oh! The inevitability. LTR is the perfect storm for crazies.

    Compound the general level of crazy that it takes to write an actual fan letter to a major movie star with the advanced level of crazy it takes to believe that this blog is where he reads and responds, and you get a summation of insanity that needs Will Hunting to figure out.

  20. drsaka says:

    I love this couplet from Mary’s letter:
    ‘I am sending you this to tell you what great actor you are. I don’t know anything about acting’.
    Way to impress Rob, Mary!!!

    The first day I lurked on LTR was a letter from the crazies day and I was totally confused as to what these people were writing.

    Of course now, I’m at a slightly less deep level of crazy!!


  21. tweedtuesday says:

    Hello Mary, my name is Robert. I don’t give out my lastname for personal reasons.

    But I will tell you that I am in a relationship with a costar. I also love Twilight and I was in Remember Me. It’s a great movie. Mary, I know that you send a lot of emails and lots of them are probably telling “lettersto…..” websites how hot you think ….. is and how good looking you think ….. is, don’t deny it, but that’s why you sent me an email. I am sending you this to tell you what a great fan you are. I don’t know anything about acting either. I have never done any acting before in my life that I put my heart and soul into, but then there was Twilight and New Moon, I felt like you needed me to put my heart and soul into it. You make me real and honest. I know that what I am about to say is going to be corny and girly, but I was also crying my eyes out when Edward told Bella that he was leaving her. I don’t want people to see me as anyone else than Edward, but I feel like they will stray away from Edward, no matter how many times Twilight will get played on ABC Family like Harry Potter. I know that I will always remember you when I watch Twilight, but I’m sure you will have forgotten about me after the hype. I can’t believe you turned 32 in April and think i am 23, I thought you were much older when I read your letter, but who’s to say anything I’m 24, will be 25 next May. But, age is only a number. I don’t think anyone else deserves a personal letter from me, Robert, and I think I did a great job responding. Well, I guess I have said enough, but I do want to tell you one more thing, don’t give up on your emailling. Don’t give up on something that makes you happy. No matter anyone tells you that those “lettersto……” websites are fake. I also think Let It Sign and Never Think are great songs. Best Wishes.
    P.S. “I don’t want you to come.”

  22. kat says:

    It’s days like this that I pray rob reads this blog. If he does—he is dying right now. Hi Rob!

    • misty says:


      Hi Rob! Happy Reading! lol, now don’t go hiring a second bodyguard or anything… or maybe you should????

  23. AJ says:

    ha! the lion/lamb rob and stewie pic was equal parts horrid and adorable. and totally hilarious!

    • The Old One says:

      Was that the cover of his new CD? I would buy it and not download it for that cover.

    • snowwhitedrifted says:

      I loved it too! It kind of looks like a promo for a church group theatrical production that Kellen is directing.

  24. adrienne says:

    there were so many funny things in this like “I really, REALLY love Tacos. I used to think I was allergic… but now i know I’m not…” and “Quoting that is the written form of wearing tweed.” and all the references to Twilight quotes in the real letters…crazies! so thankful you get letters like this on a daily basis!

    ps. i voted for Group 3!

  25. danisu says:

    i REALLY don’t think Rob would avenge the murder of his stalker. (just sayin’, sky.)

  26. AliceNaA says:

    “I’m sure you will have other movie rolls as well.”

    This is the part where Rob is on the phone with his agent asking what the ingredients of a movie roll are exactly, whether he can microwave it and why all he had was lousy catering when there is such a thing an effin movie roll.

    • roslynstephanieselene says:

      I can see it now! And you know he’s probably thinking what movie rolls are made out of.
      Twilight: Garden burger or ‘cheeseburger’ stuffed rolls
      New Moon: Taylor’s ‘meat patty’ stuffed rolls
      Remember Me: Chicken tikka masala stuffed rolls
      Eclipse: Bree stuffed rolls
      Bel-Ami: French rolls…? idk
      Water For Elephants: idk…I just hope it’s not Rosie stuffed rolls!
      Lol this is so lame =)

  27. Bandmum says:

    You guys are killing me!

    Dear Rob,

    Don’t mind the crazies. It’s not your fault that they can’t think coherently and forget how to spell. Oh, wait… it is your fault. You whipped out your SparklePowers and DAZZLED them. (TWSS)


    BTW. SarahG, I'm in Montgomery, too! We should get together and decide on our tweed outfits for Eclipse!

  28. kandnandb says:

    Oh boy am I embarrassed. I didn’t realize that my 3 yr old daughter broke into my email and sent Rob a fan letter using my stage name “Summer.” I also didn’t realize she knew how to compose an email and spell words such as “grads” and “scotland.” I guess I should stop searching for fan clubs and start supervising her more. There goes my “Mother of the Year” award.

  29. whyamidoingthis says:

    I LOVE the crazies!!

    I especially love your response: “I don’t want you to come,” Robert Pattinson.

    Hilarious! Thank you!

    Also, I’m so heartbroken that I’ve missed Prince Edward’s visit to somewhere in S.Carolina. It was my one opportunity to see an English person in this G*d-forsaken country. Now I may never ever meet one. There’s only Americans here. No one else. *sob*

    I hope that at least Rob took her up on her invitation–I’m assuming that her invite meant that he could stay in her parent’s bedroom with 5 of his mates (what, other English dudes, in the States??!? Crazy talk!!) and litter the place with hein bottles and dirty flannels. Then, on the big day, Rob-n-mates hopefully went and heckled Prince Edward with taunts about how vampire Edward could kick Prince Edward’s a**.

    Srsly, that would have cheered Rob up big time. Homesickness, hell no!

  30. hippietrixi says:

    Well at least it is good to know that I am not that crazy. Thank you for reaffirming this for me I appreciate it greatly.

    Seriously how do you have the patience to read through these crazy letters?

    Thanks for sharing the crazies though.

  31. Rob4Deb says:

    Oh god, I am dying. Sooooo funny
    “I don’t want you to come – Robert Pattinson”

    I nearly wet my knickers, well I would have done if they hadn’t already gone poof when looking at the latest WFE set photos!!

    Love LTR you are all fab!

  32. cedvanhalen says:

    I know I get an eargasm everytime I hear mumbly Rob..

  33. Darkbook108 says:

    That is so NOT NORMAL!!! Just saying…..What are these people thinking when they decide to write these letters?? Wait, I can tell you, “Maybe, through some magical force, Rob will actual read this and will fall in LOVE with my lack of vocabulary, misspelling of words, and stalkerish qualities! I can’t wait for him to propose!!” I just realized that I think this everyday, darn! I kid, I kid…

  34. misty says:

    Dear Rob,

    What are you thinking when you get a fanmail that says this:

    “I cant stop thinking about you, you are my life, my air, my food, you are what I need to survive!”

    Please, I would LOVE to know.

    p.s. bwahahahah

  35. applepie says:

    I love crazie letters day!! hahaha so many laughs. thanks for brightening up my day! gosh what would we do w/o all these crazy ppl writing letters to rob..

    rob…you must have a blast every time you go through your fanmail!

  36. Somethingwitty says:

    My first intention upon reading was to say I think it’s pretty low making fun of these poor girls who are obviously a tad-um…let’s say disturbed…but then I saw you had changed the names, so now I can sleep better knowing nobody was hurt in the making of todays blog…

    Then I thought of the things I would say if I was a nutjob

    Dear kristen (I know blugh)
    “perhaps your exsessive lip biting will come in useful whilst making BD”

    Dear Rob
    “if vampires were real and you was bitten I’d suck you clean”

    Then I realised I’m not crazy so continued watching glee.

    Bang tidy blog chickens

  37. Luludee says:

    “Latin decent! LUCKY! Although Sometimes I wonder if I come from it too.. I really, REALLY love Tacos. I used to think I was allergic… but now i know I’m not…”


    Also that Lion and Lamb pic of Rob and K killed me!! Especially K with those little lamb ears sticking out. So funny!!

  38. Cath says:

    Love the crazies, but they also scare me…a lot! I’m kind of relieved most of their mails are very incoherent, a beautiful, eloquent letter would seriously scare the *beeps* out of me.

    Ah well, here it goes, keeping in mind Rob’s Porno Poems…

    Dear Sky,

    Rumpled sheets
    Dark clouds
    In my Sky
    Thunder Rain Hail

    Robert Pattinson, June 10, 2010, Los Angeles

    P.S. I would never call my son Robert. Maybe Bob, but never Robert.

    • drsaka says:

      You’re hinting at one of our projects!!!

    • southernbelle says:

      I like how they’re written, it makes it real! Funny too! You’re right, if they were beautifully and eloquently written, that would be scary, perhaps a sociopath!!!!

      I love the fact that Rob appeals to all ages too! Wish I could show this blog to my BIL, he makes fun of the fact I like Rob. However he has only scratched the surface, tip of the iceberg. He has no idea how deep I’m into this. LOL

  39. natashadushi says:

    Talking/writing about crazyyyyyyy….I don’t see UC or Moon in this contest!,,20316279_20392600,00.html
    The lipbite 2nd hand embarrassment……

    • roslynstephanieselene says:

      OH.MY.GOD. That’s NOT normal. It was cringe-tastic, though. Probably(not rly)worse than R&K’s Best Kiss acceptance charade…top 3 cringe-tastic awards:
      2)MTVMA’s 2010 Rob and Kristen acceptance speech..hell ALL of Kristen’s acceptance speeches make me cringe! Pobrecita…
      3)These crazy fan letters

      • undecidedsten says:

        i think k stews “i’m goin to peace out” deserves a mention if we’re talking cringe!

        • roslynstephanieselene says:

          Oh, but of course! I think that earns a spot in all her speech moments with “and and and I agree…whoop!” as numero UNO. My non twi friend was like, “She is SO crazy!” just laughing her ass off the whole time. I-on the other hand-was NOT laughing because I was having some sort of cringe attack. By the end of it, all the little hairs on my arms were standing and then the best kiss shenanigans just ruined me. I turned it off IMMEDIATELY after that.

          • undecidedsten says:

            *sigh* i’m doing a very last minute presentation for work, i really shouldn’t be discussing robert/kristen at the mtv awards on a robert pattinson site where people write crazy letters that they think he will actually read… but i will

            I watched it with a friend aswell who has only a passing interest in twilght she’s read the first two books and generally thinks rob is hot but i haven’t outed my acute fondness yet. and she said and i quote “why is someone who seems so nice going out with someone who seems such a bitch” and i swear i’ve never discussed k stew ever with her so thats an unbiased view

        • drsaka says:

          wasn’t ‘peace out’ old in 1999??? K was 9 yr old then-

  40. snmlamb says:

    “I’ll even use your idea for a title- Eargasm with Robert Pattinson. ”

    Oh hell…I can’t breathe. No, really, I have a bad cold and acute asthma, never had it before, totally coughed too hard from laughing and may die…

    But before I die I voted for group 3!

  41. snowwhitedrifted says:

    Dear Sky,
    Come back to earth. I don’t date elements.


  42. Stacey says:

    I was having the worst day and after reading those letters it has gotten, so much better. Thank you!

    Those letters reminded me of a letter my little sister wrote an actor named Jonathan Brandis from a show called SeaQuest. She was, I think 11 and professed her undying love and future babies to him. All she got back was a photocopied autographed picture. She’s still has the emotional scars and maybe a restraining order. That is what poor Rob has to look forward to.

    • snowwhitedrifted says:

      My best friend and I co-wrote a letter to Ricky Schroder.
      She included her phone number and said, “like oh my god what if he calls?!!!”

      We were 8.

      • Stacey says:

        That’s fantastic! I think I attempted to write a few when I was middle school, got embarassed and threw them out. My sister was my hero for sending it, until she told me about the baby thing. Then I just felt sad for her.

    • southernbelle says:

      Oh I remember Jonathan Brandis. He passed away a few yrs ago. 🙁 I wrote a long letter to Leonardo di Caprio, never got a reply!!!! It was stupid, I was really young and madly in love w. Leo. LOL. I was heartbroken when he didn’t reply. Srsly my room was a shrine to Leo back then!

  43. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, Bleriana Aveiro. Bleriana Aveiro said: RT @letter2twilight: "Mary" won't give out her last name to Robert Pattinson for personal reasons…. […]

  44. Rachel B says:

    LMAO. I dont usually read LTR, Im more of a LTT girl, but I sure picked a good day to come over here and read. Oooooooh my gosh. I love the one where the girl says her mom would be mad she was using her email to send the letter! LOL Oh man. This is why poeple give me dirty looks at work, for laughing too loud.

  45. roslynstephanieselene says:

    So I’m being utterly annoying replying a shit load of times to comments today, but…I.WANT.A.SHIRT. So you’ll have to deal with me until then. =)

  46. southernbelle says:

    I missed these “crazy” letters, we haven’t had them here for a while! Wow. Haha. Esme II I’d love to see a picture of your son! My Ex looked like Rob, would you like to see? LOL.

    Dear Rob,

    I’m looking forward to your Eargasm CD. I bet it will be realllllllly good! My ears will be ecstatic!


  47. Melinda says:

    LOVE the letters today. They really made me laugh! It’s amazing how crazy some people can be!! Here I thought I was crazy, byt reading this I realize there are some people out there crazier than I!!! Thanks:) I was shocked by the one letter that said Rob was so good at playing Edward that he’d never be remember as anything else. I have to say I think the writer was wrong & maybe needed to get out of the Twilight bubble for a day or three!! Maybe see a little film called “Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire” or another ‘not so well known film’ called “Remember Me” OR just google Robert Pattinson & she’ll find a few other movies he’s been in. (Personally, I think she should look up Daniel Gale, but whatever!!) ANYWAY, here’s my crazy letter to Rob (like I’ve never wrote any on here before *cough cough*yeahright*cough!!
    Dear Rob,
    I think you will be remember for oh so much more than Twilight, and I think that you should definitely try out comedy! I know I will Remember You for more than the angsty, always brooding, super sexy Vampire! I personally love you as Tyler! And regardless of what character you’re portraying, you’re sexy as H*LL!!! More than that, though, I think I like you most when you are doing interviews & you aren’t quite comfortable. It’s amazing what comes out of your mouth!!! Never change!:)

    Melinda 😀

    • southernbelle says:

      I agree!

      Hey Melinda, I emailed you but it kept coming back to me.

      • Melinda says:

        really. I wonder why. Did you get it right? Or did I give it to you right? (wow that sounded bad…sorry) Just in case,
        I’m really super bored today because it’s storming like crazy out here so I can’t go to the river & play. Well, I could but with my luck, I’d be the idiot that struck by lightening while sitting in my car! LOL. SO, I’ll sit here & watch the Atlanta Braves baseball game on TV from the safety of my couch & laugh as Bobby Cox (the Braves manager) & the Arizona Diamondbacks’ manager get pissed off at the blind umpire who can’t call balls or strikes consistantly!! Yeah, I know that has NADA to do with Rob, but hey, I’m a bit spaztic today!! LMAO!!
        PLUS, I REALLY REALLY want a t-shirt, but I’m not gonna go psycho crazy with the replies or comments. I figure if I win one, I win one; if not, well, I’ll live!!
        So, anyway, SB, try to email me again. I’ll check my settings. Who knows what my 11 yr old or 16 yr old might have done to the computer! They’re always messing with it.

        • southernbelle says:

          OK Melinda I’m gonna email you right now, lemme know if you get it!

          Ya know, we have a garage sale this Saturday and I plan on wearing my new Twi shirt, it’s a pic of Edward in the parking lot. Remember that breathtaking scene? Sigh.

  48. TeamJacobEdward says:

    I’m laughing uncontrollably! I’m glad I left work BEFORE hopping over to LTR today because there is no holding this laughter back!

    I don’t know what I like the best; the lion & lamb pic, the taco allergy reference or several of these comments!

    *contemplating sending a bogus “crazy” letter just so I can laugh at all your jibes*

  49. southernbelle says:

    Dear Rob,

    You srsly can’t find a hobknob in CA? I live in KY and they have him here at World Market!!!!! Too bad I can’t even eat them!


    • southernbelle says:

      Yup I got some friends attending that! I told them to kiss Rob for me LOL. So jealous, wish I can go too!

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