Favorite Interview moments with Rob Pattinson

Dear Rob,

This weekend for the Open Post, I wrote about the interview moments from the Twilight promo tour that I loved and I BEGGED you to give us something good for Eclipse.

I think you must’ve checked LTR early Saturday morning to see if that indeed was the day you had lots of interviews and read the post, then actually LISTENED!

Kiss in New Moon (1:40):

You were nervous about the first kiss in New Moon? Why? Cause you had a boner after seeing a recent picture of Moon & you were afraid you were gonna sound turned on during filming & Kristen would think it was because of her? That didn’t happen…

Oh wait:

Rob on an entourage (3:25)

Dear Clare Pattinson,

I hereby from this point forward hold you responsible for all my “bad days” with Rob. When it looks like he hasn’t let the maid in for 6 weeks and he has an old sock sticking out from the back of his dirty, tattered jeans from high school with toothpaste in his hair and what looks to be DEP gel in his teeth, I’ll remember that YOU with your over-bearing mommy ways are the reason that Rob won’t let anyone wash his clothes, change his sheets (Gah- his sheets!? I bet they’re so crusty even TomStu won’t sleep over) buy him gel OTHER than DEP and install a new light in his bathroom so that when he stumbles out of bed with 95 seconds to get ready before the car picks him up in the morning he can SEE the difference between hair gel & toothpaste.

(Give me a call sometime soon so we can discuss strategy on how we can be overbearing and take care of Rob but make him THINK we don’t care & aren’t actually helping him at all. I have some great ideas) XO

Pillow Biting (:17)

“I think it will be quite funny”




In other news, since you KNOW about it, my guess is it’s in the script. PILLOW BITING IN THE SCRIPT, Y’ALL.. If they got THAT right, what are the chances that the headboard breaking & the hardcore love-making will be right too? I feel a new chant for 2011 coming on: #PILLOWBITE2011! (Oh, and let’s start chanting this other one now too: Keep the camera on the guy! Keep the camera on  the guy!)

Kristen’s take (1:08)

“They get married so it’s right. It’s all good…”

I take this as Kristen feels it’s right to wait for marriage for sex therefore as she might be dating Robert Pattinson she is NOT sleeping with him.

That’s how I heard that. How ‘bout you?

After the jump, much MUCH more- PLUS a visit from an old “Friend” of ours!!!

Q&A from the Press Junket

Q: Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone for the love of a woman?

Robert: Yeah, probably. But, I don’t know if it was about love. It was more pride.

Who won? You or Oregano?

Q: Do you understand the fantasy about you and Kristen being together, in real life?

Robert: Do I understand the fantasy of it? No, not really. Well, I guess people like stories. My basic conclusion is that they just want everything to be about Twilight.


He said it. I didn’t!! (Although I’ve been saying it for a LONG TIME!)

Q: Do you ever check any of the fansites?

Robert: It’s incredible the information they get so quickly. Sometimes, I’ll check them to see what my schedule is, especially on the weekend when I can’t get through to my agency. It’s strange being in Twilight because so much of the fan base is being on the Internet and having a community with each other. You see people turn up on sets of other movies I’ve done, to take a picture. It’s strange.

Dear Fans that show up on different sets of his movies who squealed when they read this because you thought: HE RECOGNIZES ME,

You’re right. He DOES recognize you. He recognizes you as a CRAZY person. His “Team” recognizes you and they have your FACE on their phones as “The one to watch out for” This is NOT something to be proud of.

**PS I only said that in case Rob checks this fansite for his schedule (Rob you’re on Leno tomorrow) so that he thinks we’re “cool.” You’re totally not strange- go back to the Water for Elephants set so you can get more pictures for your “All the movies Rob has ever done including that one where he had a mullet” scrapbook*

Q: How are you going to go about getting your long hair back for Breaking Dawn?

Robert: I’m thinking maybe Edward got a haircut. That might be easier. But, yeah, I didn’t even think about that, when I got it cut. That is a bit silly. Vampires can cut their hair. I like the idea of Edward having a shaved head in the last film. That’s pretty cool.

Easy- just call up Cathy Hardi & promise her an Ultimate Cougarita in exchange for those extensions she tried out on you for Twilight

“Welcome to the Pattinson house, have some Glitter Lube”

Does ‘lube” mean something different in Britain? Like Lotion or something? I feel outta the loop here:

  1. IS there “LUBE” for sexual/gynecological purposes with Rob’s face on it
  2. IS “Lube” used for something else non sexual/gynecological that I’m unaware of and
  3. HOW can I get some?

I feel like this is very political set-up. Like in the Capitol Building. It’s like you’re saying:

I’d like to take up the Health Care Bill for debate today, but I DEMAND we amend article number 145 and take out the ban on Hot Pockets for school lunches. That is just completely UNFAIR to the children


Wanna play little boy?

And my favorite interview moment from the weekend was when CREEPY UNCLE ROB CAME to an Interview!!!!


I probably only watched half of your interviews & looked through a dozen or so of your EclipseCon pictures where in most of them you look like you’re about to lead us in a worship song, but from what I’ve seen so far- these are some good interviews. Playful Rob seems back & these might even compete with some of the good ol’ Twilight interviews! Keep it coming! And watch those jokes about “little boys!”



Have you watched all the interviews yet? Robsessed has a TON- That’s where I got all the goods for today, so check & see what else they have! What do you think? Do we have our old Rob back? Did you think the color mustard was flattering on him?

*If you do this, you’re totally strange

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147 Responses to “Favorite Interview moments with Rob Pattinson”

  1. Sherry_COKE says:

    Omg, first, really?! A great day to delurk.

    YAY for the return of FunRob!

  2. Dionrenee says:

    First interview….Robtastic..he looks amazing, and he is so hilarious….Taylor looks hawt too, Kristen, whatevs, she’s cute, the second interview, Shaun Robinson is such a joke, I hate those shows with those stupid questions, they need to just let fans (intelligent, over the age of 13) and must have read all books do interviews from now on..really…

  3. toooldforthis says:

    We need the some of the Brit girls here to tell us about the lube. I was confused too.

    The way he was demonstrating the “lube” tells me that either:
    a) Lube def. means something different in England
    b) Rob doesn’t know how to use lube

    • robsten4life says:

      LMAO “Rob doesn’t know how to use lube” probably because TomStu always does that part for him 😉

      • Hermes says:

        DID SOMEONE MENTION TOM STU !!! (my little cupcake).
        Is now filming a movie called JUNKHEARTS in London.
        He’s got his “Junk” in his heart. No seriously, he plays a darkly handsome bad boy. (sigh). who uses.. (gasp) drugs!! NAUGHTY NAUGHY..

        oh, re: the lube thing, your probably right…

        howdy ladies.. missed U.
        I got lost on the virtual highway and missed your pit stop. wahh.

        • The Old One says:

          Hermes, long time no see. If you are still lurking around this evening, I have to say I watched Vanity Fair on DVD this weekend, and I thought TomStu’s 1 minute performance in that movie was so great, so much potential, when he was such a young thing.

          Are you planning to go to Bobby Long in sf in July?

    • undecidedsten says:

      a) Lube def. means something different in England

      Emm do ye have KY gel on that side of the world em ya… That’s is all.

    • robgirl86 says:

      I loved the MOVE he did whatever “lube” means…. 🙂

      • toooldforthis says:

        Yeah, I’m thinking he probably has an industrial size pump dispenser of lube on his nightstand.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I too was confused with the “lube”. We do have KY, but lube pretty much is just used for sex. LOTION is what we put on our hands!!! I was mostly clued in when he started his mimic handshake and oooh, the hand model!!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I too was confused with the “lube”. We do have KY, but lube pretty much is just used for sex. LOTION is what we put on our hands!!! I was mostly clued in when he started his mimic handshake and oooh, the hand model!!

      • undecidedsten says:

        Ha ha no that’s all he meant he was just having word vomit about handshakes, unless himself and robstu have other uses for it?! I know I know that was an obvious one!

    • Stacey says:

      At first I thought he got it confused with hand lotion, but since it is Rob, probably not.

      I am loving all of these comments today! All of you are so funny! I haven’t stopped laughing!

  4. Oh, we were right to have high hopes, he didn’t disappoint!!!

    So we had the grotesque sex toys, now threesomes (I knew he wouldn’t forget TomStu, how could he?) and glitter lube (!!!) or should I put in capitals, is it like a brand now? I don’t see how this can get any better, unless we get personal.

    Pub, dumpster, whatever, you name the place Rob. And I’m only doing this for your personal accomplishment, I know you’re a perfectionist and want to do things better every time.

    • I think we all had the same “existential” questions yesterday.

      I did intend to start a scientific research on Glitter lube but then someone distracted me. How superficial of me!

      Re him not reading BD, I say it’s BS. He’s too involved in his work plus his opinion counts plus he kinda contradicted himself in his lies.

      KStew sex convo – she’s a method actress, of course she wanted to do everything like Bella so she can get another Best Actress award, voted by the Twihards.

      Besides the sarcasm, it’s another example of “mature judgement” She thought it was OK to say all the stupidity in Elle and now (after someone obviously had a tweed convo with her) is afraid to say the slightest thing and looks at her publicist when she mentions the word “sex”.

      Dear Kristen,

      It’s simple: talk sex –OK (ie see Rob’s word vomit), do stupid comparisons on rape or ask a journalist to buy food for you –not OK.

      Also, would you and Rob mind not spreading your enthusiasm about kids and marriage? I mean, generally that’s OK, I wouldn’t want to confuse you, but it’s TMI for me. After the interviews, I’ve concluded a sex tape would be more decent than all the love talk.

      On the good side, you actually talked with a normal natural flow, that tweed convo after the Elle disaster must have helped. I liked the way you told that joggling scenario, but did I hear that well, did you cockblock the bestest Rob performance (aka hula hooping)?

      • undecidedsten says:

        After the interviews, I’ve concluded a sex tape would be more decent than all the love talk.

        Projectile vomit at the thought your a stronger person MP!!

        • 🙂
          It’s just that all the ‘we can’t wait to have kids’ stuff (read ‘together’) breaks my not so strong heart.

          • undecidedsten says:

            no but your right whats with them suddenly being all ok talking about their personal lives and totally indirectly confirming everything they tried so hard to deny!!

          • Aro says:

            Okay, I’ll bite (cause I’m a sick masochistic lamb damned fool). Where can one find this nauseating talk of which you speak? Learn me. *braces self*

          • @ Aro I can’t belive the amateur question 🙂 I can’t believe that I know there are several interviews in which they both said it (but I don’t know which one in particular).

            @undecidsten Imma open a new wine bottle after reading the obvious (your answer) and it’s not jus to say cheers.

            @moon can you please pass that LTT LTR flask (OMG!!!!!!! how did you come up with that brilliancy!????????!!!!!!!!)

          • undecidedsten says:

            ok so pour me a glass and we’ll just go back to ignoring the elephant in the room?


          • undecidedsten says:

            aro there’s a bit at the end of this if you really want to go there!!!!

          • Aro says:

            @ undecidedsten: at the end of what dollface? Either I didn’t catch it, never saw it, or — as is probably the case — was not meant to hear it.

            On second thought, I’m gonna go with the latter and stay in my bliss bubble.

            La la la la la, Rob wants to go on dates.

            *skips away* 😉

          • undecidedsten says:

            Forgot to post the link soz!!!
            Let’s all fo for a nice swim in the Nile

      • mountainlion says:

        To MP:
        Yes, she talked with a normal natural flow. She is quite diff from her childlike behaviour in Austrailia.

        I noticed it, too….


    • mountainlion says:

      Does anyone know about the “threesome” MP mentioned? I didn’t see it.

      I need to see that!!!

  5. Jayde says:

    Bwahahaha!!! The caption on Creepy Rob pic had me practically wetting myself laughing!!

  6. allryans says:

    He already mentioned the vampy dildo during New Moon, the next step is the glitter lube.

    PS – Dearest Crazies, if you are purchasing glitter lube so you can have some extreme crazy vampire sex fantasy with your poor Jack Sprat husband, please to be checking into the nearest mental health facility. You have officially lost it. (Not that you ever had it).

  7. Goodgirl GonePlaid says:

    No, nope pretty sure that lube is just lube unless Rib’s confuzzled it with hand sanitizer?! Also have seen nothing yet, zero zilch… I have spent the last week in a spa bubble. If it’s not made out of waffle cotton or organic oils it wasn’t on the radar.BUT I have a whole afternoon at work so imma take my chance right now.

  8. undecidedsten says:

    I take this as Kristen feels it’s right to wait for marriage for sex therefore as she might be dating Robert Pattinson she is NOT sleeping with him.

    That’s how I heard that. How ‘bout you?

    That’s exactly how I heard it!

  9. Alice_NaA says:

    hehehe that last picture indeed looks like a political press conference. Although his shirt kinda gives away that he is merely the maintenance guy who needs to test the microphones and just takes his job very seriously.

    I aslo think yellow ochre is not really his color. In combination with that shirt it really makes him look like the guy at the bowling alley who sprays the used bowling shoes with disinfectant. I’d go bowling there every day though.

  10. che says:

    i liked when he said Taylor’s nipple gets hard really easily

  11. robgirl86 says:

    Dear Rob,
    please show AGAIN that you feel sooooooooooo much better with your new short hair!
    Just SHAKE YOUR HEAD like you did and I am happy!
    love you ,

    P.S. I’ve a question: “Why and why are you so freakin sexy and hilarious in everything you say and DO?”

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  13. Tigerkitten36 says:

    I liked him in the yellow shirt. IT probably stole it from the WFE set. Holla Jacob!!
    In fact, that shirt would look fantastic on the FLOOR next to my bed. BWhahaha.

    Glitter Lube with Rpattz face on it? Where does one purchase that?? {googles Hot topic}

  14. libby says:

    the boy is back1 the boy is back! the boy is back!

    no matter what lube means in england hearing rob saying lube will always… uuummmmm….

    Oh, and can I be the one that makes your body make up?

    chanting: keep the camera on Rob! keep the camera on the guy!

  15. Stacey says:

    Did anyone notice that the jacket he had on at Twicon was another one of those very special short jackets. He was just on The Today Show this morning and they showed a good shot of it as he was coming in for an interview.

    The interview itself was equal parts awkward and funny. Jenna Bush asked him if he wanted to get married and he said he didn’t want to settle. Then he talked about not sleeping with other people if you get married. That and wanting to go on a date. Who am I kidding… I was to busy looking at his pretty to actually concentrate on his words!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Does “settling” mean that’s what he’s doing with Stew??
      Line it up girls, I think he’s got his eye out there for “the ONE.” 🙂

  16. melronin says:

    I loved the interviews…every single one
    I loved his short hair…all his hair…gel or no gel
    I loved his laugh…his smile…Rob smile=Mel happy
    I loved his drinking… all the time…sigh….like old times
    I loved his voice…happyvoice
    I loved his eyes…wow…woooowww
    I loved his hands, fingers…waving around
    I loved his shaking head…me dead…again
    I loved his chest…oh my gaawwd
    I loved his camel shirt (yep it’s camel colour)
    I loved his answers…cause he didn’t care so much
    I loved his confidence…finally Rob…was about time baby
    I loved his politeness…always
    I loved his free spirit…aaammm sooo proud

    I love Rob…the end!!!

  17. robsfuturemate says:

    “Give me a call sometime soon so we can discuss strategy on how we can be overbearing and take care of Rob but make him THINK we don’t care & aren’t actually helping him at all. I have some great ideas”

    So true, UC!!! You always have to trick a man and make him THINK it was his idea when it really was yours!!

    Maybe you should have taught Rob to take care of himself so that he could be the absolute best HUSBAND. But, maybe you knew he’d have hordes of women after him and just wanted to have the die hards left in line! Well, I’m here Clare. When can we meet?


  18. BG11 says:


    I am a Brit and the lube confused me too.

    I thought it meant something else in American.

    Pfft! What did you ACTUALLY mean Robert?

  19. robgirl86 says:

    Hi Rob,
    saw the Today interview right now
    did I hear right?
    you want to date again?

    me is speechless
    and available


    (author’s note: I think I have to wash my ears, that was a joke or no? lol)

    • melronin says:

      GET IN LINE HON!!!
      😀 hmmmm…wasn’t he a bit to…serious about it???
      just sayin…

    • robgirl86 says:

      well, watching it again, he seems very serious….
      Is Robsten history?
      and now?
      and what will do the Robstens now? and the Nonstens? Are they unemployed now?

      That might cause a storm of ??? everywhere….justs sayin!


      • robgirl86 says:

        or does that mean, you have a gf and you want to go out for A date????

        Rob….please try to clear up here…I’m sooo confused
        oh my…that boy….

      • melronin says:

        Keep your fingers crossed and don’t say it out loud!
        Shhhhh!!! 😀

        • melronin says:

          And me was watching a lot of interviews again…but in that twi-convention…
          Didn’t he look more in love with Taylor than with KStew??? Like really!… ooohh…my fantasy went wild!

          • undecidedsten says:

            Ha ha win mel

            (there’s plenty of fanfic if that’s what your into!)

          • melronin says:

            NOOOOO…no fanfic….just feeling happy about him looking more in love with Taylor…lol…if ya know what I mean!!!
            (omg…isn’t school out yet???)

      • undecidedsten says:

        “and what will do the Robstens now? and the Nonstens? Are they unemployed now?”

        i love your work!!!

    • Stacey says:

      I was thinking he meant that he might be tired of hanging out every weekend with at Kristen’s house with her cat.

    • what?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like he didn’t say it in the sense that he’s now with someone so he doesn’t go on dates?????????????? Need to watch this!!!!!!

      • mine!mine!mine! says:


        I just love the idea that you are sooooooo excited by this 🙂 <3


        • aren’t you? 🙂 I think I don’t actually get too excited for fear of disappointment.
          On another note, I just realised I missed a meeting planned 2 wks ago, with all the Rob news.

      • robgirl86 says:

        and? what’s the verdict????? lol

        • The verdict tonight, I shouldn’t play here anymore, need to get smth (anything) done this afternoon. Or at least try.

        • I prefer to think nothing happened. As I don’t want to go through an WE of binge drinking in the middle of the week at the next Robsten sign.

          Also today, besides said missed meeting, I forgot to show up at a conference. I think I need professional help! And leave the rest of the juncket for the WE.

    • niahid says:

      He dumped Stew after seeing Anna Kendrick’s boobs on MMA’10

  20. Nadia737 says:

    I liked it when Taylor said he will never stop surrounding himself with Big Daddy Lautner and he kinda looked a little grim…like maybe he wishes he COULD leave Big Daddy Lautner behind sometimes…

  21. mine!mine!mine! says:

    Just dropped in from the Footie, whilst waiting for the next match to start 🙂

    Lube in England means the same as it does in USA – It’s used for intercourse between male/female, male/male etc. Then of course, there is the Lube (grease) one uses for your car!!! (or anything mechanical).

    I haven’t watched the vids…don’t have time 🙂 will watch later…so I am assuming that he’s talking sex and not car maintenance 🙂

    • Nadia737 says:

      When you watch it, you will be confused and perhaps less confident about your answer because you’ll ask yourself…”Why is he greeting people by shaking their hands with lube on his hands?” Well, I guess, That’s Normal.

      • mine!mine!mine! says:


        Perhaps he’s talking about the five finger shuffel, usually use lube on their hands for that – stop friction burns. Now do I really want to be thinking about Rob wanking all afternoon…..heehee.
        I’m still thinking he’s talking sex……But you are right I’ll have to watch first before I get ‘too confident’.

  22. Nadia737 says:

    “go back to the Water for Elephants set so you can get more pictures for your “All the movies Rob has ever done including that one where he had a mullet” scrapbook*”

    Dear Rob,

    I might be the only one who think that you don’t have a mullet in Water for Elephants-you have a Backwards Mullet-a new hairstyle that should be sweeping the country at this very moment. You see, a regular mullet is business in the front, party in the back. But no, no….YOUR hair cut is different! It’s business in the back…and the PARTY? well, It’s in the FRONT, baby! and I love it!



    • Bandmum says:

      ‘The one with the mullet’ is The Ring of the Nibelungs. It was MAJOR ‘trucker-hair’, young, pretty, BeardyRob. With a falcon on his arm.
      Can’t wait to see him working with more animals…

      Funny, funny post. Loved having the RealRob back in interviews!

  23. OMG, what’s that creepy uncle Rob interview? I just listened to it, I’m reading comments and videos partially between phonecalls (and during) and stuff.

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      Well I still haven’t watched the vids. However, I’ve just been reading comments on his Today interview. The net is abuzz 🙂 His ‘I want to date’ comment and ‘I’m just putting it out there’ and him saying he doesn’t want to settle, appears to have got the all the Robstens knickers in a twist and they are now calling him all kinds of names and suggesting that all the comments about him sleeping around must be true (i.e. happyfeet90 etc) and that if he’s not careful he’s going to get all kinds of diseases!!!!!!
      WTF is wrong with the fandom, they really are all f*uking crazy. He really can’t say anything can he without a load of f*king nitwits talking all kinds of rubbish.
      They are all brain-dead hypocrites with the intelligence of an amoeba – and I’m now being rude to the amoeba.

      • Really? Hahahahahahahahahahha!
        That is just too funny! Oh thank you for sharing that, you made my day.

        And again: hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

      • Aro says:

        him saying he doesn’t want to settle, appears to have got the all the Robstens knickers in a twist and they are now calling him all kinds of names and suggesting that all the comments about him sleeping around must be true

        Good (she said with a diabolical laugh)


      • good times!!! I love it!!!

    • Oh, and I was actually asking what/where is that interview with creepy uncle Rob, I don’t want to miss any highlight and I’ll probably not keep up with all the Edward talk.

  24. niahid says:

    Dear Rob,
    Thank you for not having enough sleep then went all crazy like your old self only with more confidence. That is The Rob we love. Love your agile hair and the Hand Porn move you did, the Tongue Porn. Please don’t ever stop being yourself because life will be boring without you.
    You light up my life. ( So lame but it’s true )

    • Aro says:

      Ditto. I enjoyed every single syllable he said this weekend. Made me smile, made me laugh, was all full of comment/interview win. Good times!

  25. LauraBee says:

    Did anyone else notice when he was talking about how he checks his fansites for his schedule, he also said he “even checks it for his email” – my eyes widened when I heard that because I’m pretty sure there’s only one fansite that posts “intended” email for Rob..

  26. Aro says:

    Omg, have you guys seen this? Rob talking about the expectations for the kissing scenes. Hysterical at :19 lol!


  27. Robjunkie says:

    Ladies, coming soon to a dumpster near you. In an interview with Extra, Rob had this to say:

    Since the release of the first “Twilight” film, Rob still hasn’t come “to grips” with his fame. He told “Extra” that when going out in public he “basically runs down alleyways and hides in dumpsters and stuff.”

    • mountainlion says:

      Rob read about himself and dumpsters right here….IMHO…

      UC and Moon should be proud.


      • Aro says:

        Well now it’s clear that posting here is as good as speaking to him directly isn’t it? Smart man, he knows where to be.

        *gives him the glitterlube hand wave (stole that from natashadushi)*

  28. Robjunkie says:

    Twitter is going crazy with all of the stuff Rob has said in his latest interviews. It’s pure gold!

  29. Janetrigs says:

    I love love love goofy Ron! 2nd only to drunk Ron!

  30. undecidedsten says:

    he so know that by saying things like “i wan’t to date i don’t date anymore i’m allergic to vagina” will incite a riot on the interwebs, it’s like as if he thinks fuck it that’ll give the crazies something to to for a while!!!

    oh and that interviewer for the today show, if you’re going to try to be down with the kids it’s rpattz not robpat!!!
    and also you look like you were more nkotb then nsync just saying

    (ok that was a bit miaow maybe.)

    • The Old One says:

      Yes, why is Jenna Bush interviewing Rob? She seems to have inherited her way with words from Dad.

      • mountainlion says:

        She was def channeling her father’s speaking style and that isn’t good….and I love that Rob pushed back on the “settling down” comment. Rob listens and pays very close attention to words and I’m glad he doesnt’ want to “settle” down or “settle” for someone.

        Go Rob!

    • That was my first thought. Whah, was she a teen during nsync? Cause I was, and she looks 20 y older then me. Not kidding. I know 45yo women who really look younger than her.

  31. dazzledtodeath says:

    I was away all w/e and am just catching up on all this. Welcome back, fun Rob!

    He still hasn’t come right out and said anything definitive, but I think the crazies who think he’s Edward have good reason to have their knickers in a twist (hi M!M!M!). I don’t think he means he wants to sleep around, but it does sound like he is distancing himself from all the R*sten true love bs. God I hope so.

    • mountainlion says:

      Rob’s timing of the “date” comment is very interesting. Why now?

    • mine!mine!mine! says:


      Actually if you listen to what he said (he’s a very clever man/boy is thePretty) it could be taken either way. He wants a date cos he’s not seeing Kstew and hasn’t had a date for ages, or we wants to go on a date with Kstew but hasn’t been able to cos of the Paps. So he’s fueled the fire of both camps without actually acknowledging or rebuking said romance…yuck!!…..so still no wiser and both sides are now saying that this is now proof that he’s shagging Kstew/ he’s not shagging Kstew.


      • Aro says:

        Agreed, it totes could be taken either way. I just don’t know that he was intentionally being clever/strategic. I get the feeling he knew exactly what he was “just putting out there”, whether we know what the hell he’s talking about or not :-/.

        Doesn’t matter; I’ll believe what I want because I am in sane like that and caring about this is important and normal too.

      • undecidedsten says:

        u just toon breakin it down VF style to a whole nother level. Now I’m sad again I never thought of it that way that he wants to take kstew out

  32. owl_ransom says:

    I’ve been all stalkertastic lately and lurking a lot.. but I just wanted to pop in and wave at everyone..hiiiiiiii!!!!

    ok back to watching Rob’s glitter lube interview… hehehe


  33. Keisha says:

    I liked how he thought the dude asked him if he’d sleep with a guy for a girl instead of compete.
    Apparently there’s another threesome quote out there somewhere and he says he has a son??? I’m so confuzzled and can’t keep up.

  34. dazzledtodeath says:

    Yes, I noticed he was very careful in his choice of words. But his answer re: whether he understands the fantasy (no) sounds to me like a bit of a denial.

    Re: the mullephant-It’s been claimed that they’ve been out to dinners and concerts (some of which there were pics)-wouldn’t these be considered dates? That leads me to believe he might be talking about other dates.

    Of course,until the question is definitively answered, you can analyze what anybody says and put your own spin it. I am just waiting for the day his name is no longer sullied by hers being attached to it.

    I think he is being careful right now-he’s far from stupid, he’s playing it cool and trying not to agitate the fandom. He does have two more Twi films to make, so why stir it up now? Wait til Twi is over with and by then he’s built a solid career outside of it and can do as he pleases, see whoever he wants, say whatever he wants. That being said, he is naughty and likes to say things that leave people wondering. My humble opinion, I (most unfortunately) cannot claim to know the inner workings of Rob’s mind.

    • Aro says:


      And somewhere in the back of my teeny tiny little mind and cold black heart, I’m thinking the charade, the roll-eyes and push aways at the MTV awards and the f*#kery stealth game has grown tiresome, and he’s thinking, “Claim me or piss off. I want to date; just putting that out there…

      whoever’s listening and may, um need to be informed of that (and anyone else interested).”

      But then again I’m mental and make stuff up to amuse myself.

    • mine!mine!mine! says:

      Agree with your take on this. IT IS all getting a bit lame. It was just one of those type of comments that could be taken either way. I initially took it to mean he was saying he was single, but then after watching it again I thought he may mean he wants to have a normal date with kstew…..who knows, I certainly don’t though I’ve found the fandom particularly funny today with regard to the throw away comments he made.

      could be, could be….seems a bit contrived though to go to that kind of trouble to get your point across, But like D2D said……

      ‘that being said, he is naughty and likes to say things that leave people wondering. My humble opinion, I (most unfortunately) cannot claim to know the inner workings of Rob’s mind.’

      ……Who the crap knows what the hell he’s on about. Could be just what it seems and taken at face value or it could be some devious coded message to Kstew, though that seems a little over the top…… I’ve lost the will to care, it’s all getting a little bit tedious, but I do appreciate him saying the things that he does cos it makes the fandom seriously get their panties in a bunch…*snigger*

  35. hermes says:

    Oh Here’s where we went to..
    I see KStew still stutters.. (sigh)

    Hey all:
    READ ABOUT IT HERE. hE PLAYS A DARKLY HANDSOME, MANIPULATIVE young man.. (yes he does drugs too).

  36. dazzledtodeath says:

    @M! & Aro

    Personally, I think he is getting fed up with her or just done with her. Her awful behavior, the bizarre/nasty way she seems to treat him (MTV MA-what a spaz)-he certainly doesn’t need her bogging him down, career-wise and personally.

    I wonder sometimes if he makes these comments purposely and sits back and enjoys the show. It must be quite a rush to be able to get the fandom in such a lather with a few seemingly offhand remarks.

    But I think the comments in question were said very deliberately, to get a point across without blatantly saying it.

    • undecidedsten says:

      I wonder sometimes if he makes these comments purposely and sits back and enjoys the show. It must be quite a rush to be able to get the fandom in such a lather with a few seemingly offhand remarks.

      I think that’s exactly what he’s doing he doesn’t take the twimania thing seriously he’s in the middle of this crazy situation I think he’s just having fun with it and he knows exactly the effect his words have.
      One other thing has anyone actuallywatched the full interview of the three of them from that twicon thing. Did u notice the way kstew does thing where she turns to rob and leans in and says something usually involved with making a bitchface or eye roll which I think is her method of flirting I think she loves to get a reaction of the fans.

      • sepi says:

        well, maybe after how she treated him at the movie awards and how she flipped him off when he said that his favorite movie was the Runaways…he went a little passive aggressive on her…and was letting her know that he might want a date. and not with her.
        I get how he could be enamored with her if he was 15,”she is such a bad ass and she never takes any crap” wow!!! she is really just very immature, isnt she? but since he is 24 maybe he is just whipped and finally thinking about why she is so interesting to him
        or maybe as usual, there is way too much read into anything concerning rob and kristen….the robstens live for bella and edward to be real!!!!
        it is funny how people think she will be hurt by his “flirting” I think she is the one who will end up hurting him

    • Aro says:

      But I think the comments in question were said very deliberately, to get a point across without blatantly saying it.

      Agreed. Only he knows exactly whom/who they were meant for.

      (except me of course, who knows that he is speaking directly to me and confirming that whatever I think is correct). *adjusts tin foil hat that channels directly to his brain*

    • robsfuturemate says:

      “able to get the fandom in such a lather”

      With glitter lube??!!

  37. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    The dating comment threw me for a loop too! I think it can mean two things too – either he would like to go OUT (-side of his hotelroom ) for a date with K, cause it’s a long time since he did that OR he’s looking for somebody else to date (and I will ask my husband if he agrees cause I gladly volunteer for that date….:) I also think he likes to have a bit of fun reading all our coments after he’s said something shocking or outrageous……..we do seem to get our knickers in a twist (MMM – ILY! you’re so funny!)

  38. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    Oh and I forgot……I LOVE all the interviews – lots of squinting going on and eyes dissapearing and giggling, just the way I love Rob! In other words a very happy looking Rob!

  39. robsfuturemate says:

    “fun reading all our coments after he’s said something shocking”

    Definitely!! Look at all the commotion over lube, dating and settling down. Man, does that boy have power!!

    *waves hi rob!*

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