Rob: I love your parents and you on Leno

Dear Rob, I've found this site that writes letters to you every day... they seem like swell gals, you should meet them!

Dear Rob,

Today, we were supposed to take a “day of rest” to prepare for our upcoming interview with Stephenie Meyer by NOT blogging and instead focusing on the books and our questions. Then I went to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and I met your folks and well, that idea went out the window.

I LOVE your parents. Not don’t let this get weird. You know we’ve written plenty of letters to your parents over the past year or so and they’ve even become somewhat of little mascots around here. Who wouldn’t love Dick (our pet name for him) and Clare. That was until I MET them and now I REALLY love them…

Let me back up. I got tickets to the Tonight Show and ran my booty over there and as the Gods would have it Ashley and I got sat a few rows away from the front right in front of you and Jay Leno, so we were in prime position for what I now call one of your best interviews. You doted on your parents for a majority of the interview, reading emails from your Dad, talking about your mom reading tabloid magazines and generally trying to make them blush. It was FAN-DAMN-TASTIC! Dean even looked at me during a commercial break. Maybe he noticed the gleam in my eye or maybe it was the fact I was on the aisle just mere feet away from you in your SUIT but he smiled at me. And I had that moment of “HE KNOWS!!” Then Emma Roberts said she was Team Jacob (are you CRAY CRAY, did you see the skinny tie, girl?) and you told that bitch where to go. And that was that.

Have you seen this skinny tie and the suit I'm wearing?!

We thought that’d be the end of it and we’d be on our way… WRONG. So we filed out after the taping and stopped to talk to some fellow LA Twi/Rob fans and noticed some folks hanging around waiting for the celebs’ cars to leave. We saw what we thought was Rob’s with Dean in the front seat and thought it was time to leave. THEN your parents walked out and some of the lingering fans clapped and yelled for them to come over. And what do they do? They grab their camera and COME OVER! After your mom took a picture of the people waiting around to talk to them I knew they were super cool. Pattinson family scrapbook!

They were so cool that even though they felt silly signing Twilight books (wtf, people?!) they did it anyway and acted gracious as the group gave them a billion compliments. One being Ashley who thanked them for having such a great son. AWWWWW! Come on, what parent doesn’t want to hear that? Then being the dad he is Dick decided to ramble on and tell us some stories, he didn’t know you even read his emails! As I asked him for a picture (I know, I don’t know what came over me, I NEVER do that, it was the power of Dick!) he happily agreed and grabbed me into a hug to capture this amazing moment in time. FINALLY I met one of our favorite people here at LTR: DICK PATTINSON!

Even though I’m cheesin’ pretty hard I think this deserves to be my Christmas card, “We’ve moved” announcement, my twitter avi, my AIM/gchat avi, the background on my desktop, and framed on my mantle. Ok, maybe I won’t go that far, but this was an epic moment no doubt.

As your Dad continued to tell me about their rental Jeep, Clare was over talking to some other people and signing some stuff…

She’s smokin’ hot Rob, I know that’s weird for you but it’s true. Work it OUT sister.

Then as Dick told me about how the GPS system in the Jeep has an English accent and I told him it’s as if he never left home, Clare came back and told Dick (or Rich, as she calls him) that they had to be off. I guess to do whatever it is that Dick and Clare do on a Tuesday afternoon in LA (be awesome?). I took this picture of Dick still telling me about the GPS and you being busy until the weekend and Clare having to drag him off… I love dads.

This is pretty much the best picture ever.

So that’s how it went down. Me and your parents just chilling in a parking lot in Burbank being awesome, talking about Jeep’s and GPS’s and your work schedule, you know just another Tuesday. I also decided that I will be starting Letters to Dick (LTD) tomorrow. Hope you’re cool with that.

Next stop? Pattinson Family Christmas!

Srsly, how epic is this?! I would NEVER normally ask anyone for a picture but this was just too good. Did you watch Rob on Leno? Do you agree with how great it was? And the suit… THE SUIT. Oh man.

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285 Responses to “Rob: I love your parents and you on Leno”

  1. drsaka says:

    Dear Moon, that is the most awesome thing EVER- I’m jealous. LOVE the pics!

    I think I fell for Rob’s dad (sorry, weird, I know) when Rob read his emails. How great is that guy?? Yes, please Dick, please keep telling your son how to be a gentleman. Its worked excellently so far.

    And I whole heartily agree with your assessment, Dick (or Rich or Mr. Pattinson) that there are too many vulgar gestures from celebrities.

    • I love Dick (or Rich or Mr. Pattinson)! The idea is really sweet but OMG the advice.

      Dear Rob,
      In the refined society, it is no longer refined to kiss somebody’s hand though some old men still do it under the pretext they’re some aristocratic oldies but goldies. The common reason is that they refinely love drooling on women, who then have to refinely go to the ladies room to refinely wash their hands using all the refined soap. All this because their refined strategy to avoid the embarrassment didn’t work.
      However, should you refinely kiss my hand because you were refinely drunk and confused, I promise to refinely lick it.
      Refinely yours,

      I always thought you can see the refine (this time in a positive way), graceful Rob in everything he does (and that’s part of the charm, in a very discrete contemporary modern way), I just didn’t know how to say it in English.

      • misty says:


        Refinely BRILLZ!!!

      • mountainlion says:

        However, should you refinely kiss my hand because you were refinely drunk and confused, I promise to refinely lick it.

        That’s just perfect, Minuit!!


      • Obava says:

        Dear MP-
        In the even MORE refined society of today (i.e., as of this week), women who are refinely drooled upon no longer need to refinely go to the ladies room to refinely wash their hands using all the refined soap.

        Today’s refined ladies now refinely use Glitter Lube upon their refined hands to wash away the unrefined drool.

        xo obava

    • AJ says:

      I am so done with you Moon! I officially hate you (not really) but kinda…just kidding…(lucky jerk!) 🙂


      Dick and Clare last night, StephME tomorrow…dude…what’s next manicures with Nikki? Shopping with Ashley? Bible study with Kellan?

  2. crazy_blonde says:

    Moon, you lucky lucky lady! Wish I was in the US so I could potentially attend such tapings, but sadly I am in Aus and have to make do with a whirlwind stopover by sourpuss Kristen and the lovely TayTay. Rob just mustn’t love his Aussie fans 🙁

    Have fun meeting Steph, can’t wait to hear all about it and be insanely jealous!

  3. Jess says:

    I am bad and have yet to see the interview (thank you, DVR). But this is win on SO many levels.
    I’m jealous. Very jealous.
    But I’m happy to know that his parents are as amazing as we think they are.

    Lucky you, Moon, lucky you.
    (And you too, Ashley)

  4. natashadushi says:

    OMG I am here sitting with a big smile, my hand over my mouth because I can’t believe this. Dick/Rich FTW! How cute is Claire? I am wondering if Claire is going to make a scrapbook of all the fan pics. Can you imagine the title of the photos in the scrapbook?
    I thought the interview was A W E S O M E !
    I am still dying about the second pic of Dick/Rich! HAHAHAAH Plaese e-mail me too Dick/Rich

    • That photo with Claire dragging Dick (while he passionately hangs on to his story) is such an EPIC WIN Moon!!! I never saved any Robporn, but this photo will be the screensaver of all the things I have. I think it can totally compete with the glorious BIJ!

  5. Jayde says:

    I watched it! (Thank F*CK for YouTube!!)
    First – Dude. His dad is pretty friggin awesome!
    Seriously, his parents seem so lovely and down-to-Earth!
    And the pic of you and Dick is just too cute. Srsly.
    And back to Rob. Defs one of my fave interviews.
    That boy is just lovely. Le sigh.
    The emails were classic! I love how incredibly formal they were, it made them all the more funny.
    And Emma Roberts? Dear, dear. I think Rob’s comeback was even better because of his accent. Love it!
    Sigh. Fangirling done 😉

    • drsaka says:

      Emma Roberts smackdown!

      • Jayde says:

        I feel sorry for the poor girl now, actually.
        She got a crap load of hate Tweets (I saw one, I was disgusted – this one particular one called her a c***), and has now deleted her Twitter.
        She’s Team Jacob, big deal!
        This is the reason I sometimes loathe the fandom, because all the f*cking loons give the rest of us bad names!
        /end rant

        • drsaka says:

          yes, she can say whatever she wants, but I thought Rob’s reply was very funny!

        • Cazza says:

          And there are a lot of loons!!!!

        • Stacey says:

          That poor girl! What is wrong with some people?!? Wait a sec…let me guess 13-year olds and Twi-moms, right?

          • Stacey says:

            Wow. My first thumbs down. I’m kind of sad. I’m sorry 13 year olds and Twimoms. Well maybe. Unless you did make her take down her twitter, I mean little Julia Roberts was annoying, but calling her a C**t for liking Jacob is silly. Rob’s dad would not approve.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            “Rob’s dad would not approve”=WIN!!

        • roslynstephanieselene says:

          Hmmm…Well, I don’t give a rat’s ass if she chose Jacob. LOL That’s absolutely fine with me. Buuuut! I didn’t like the way she said “do we really have to sit next to each other for another few minutes?” I know, she was probs kidding but her attitude is was made her look bitchy and arrogant. That’s jmo. But no…I don’t hate her for last night.
          P.S: ‘Unfabulous’ is what I hate her for. =)

          • drsaka says:

            My take? Anyone on team Jacob is one less person in the Robqueue.

          • eatmyjorts says:

            Isn’t she an actual friend of Taylor’s…of course she’d be Team Jacob…why would anyone call her out on that?

          • notme...really says:

            pssst…she’s allegedly dating Oregano which makes the “Team Jacob” attitude a little more understandable. If she had said “Team Edward”, he would probably be on suicide watch

          • no really!?? oregano & emma roberts!? whoa!

    • DPattz says:

      I loved everything about it, He was so funny.
      I love him.

  6. JenE says:

    How awesome is this?!!! Loved, loved, loved Rob on the show (although I’m die-hard Team Coco). Smokin’ hot in that suit and very witty. Watching Rob navigate that phone with ease made me proud. Those emails!

  7. allryans says:

    This is such an epic win. How could Dick be anything BUT sweet and enamored with his GPS? Just like Big Daddy will be a little gruff and enamored with his lunch.

    • robzanne says:

      totally epic Moon, once again taking one for all of us..

      if only Dick knew that the girl in the shades who encouragingly listened to his GPS ramblings was in fact the same girl who’s blog inspires his ‘Dear Rob’ emails!

  8. Cazza says:

    The suit *thud*, see what happens when Mummy is in town!!!

    Another classic LTR moment with Rob’s Dad. I bet he was enjoying the moment hanging with all you Californian beauties. Probably reminded him of his youth and the day he snagged Clare – you still got it Dick!

    Well done Moon – totally normal asking him, it really was 😉


    • English Girl says:

      I can just imagine Clare saying to Rob, having encouraged him to wear a suit to look smart for that nice Jay Leno man

      “and for heaven’s sake darling, make sure you put some boxers on. I can’t stomach another day of blown up pics of you on Letters to Rob with circles and arrows added …”

  9. Pfluffy says:

    Such a fantastically fun story. His parents sound wonderful and love your convo with his dad about the GPS – sounds just like something my dad would do. Also the fact that Clare calls him Rich is great cause my husband’s name is Richard and that’s what I call him 🙂 (so glad my Richard never got the nickname Dick) Yes, pic of Clare trying to get him to leave, priceless.

  10. drsaka says:

    -I loved Dick’s assessment of Twilight- a combination of Jaws and Superman.

  11. JodieO says:

    Ooohhhh, the suit. THE SUIT! It’s tied for first with the blue suit. You know the one..

    I think after last night we all love us some Dick. You’re awesome, Moon!

    • Aro says:

      Ooh yeah, good call! I’m gonna create a split photo of him in the blue and the grey suit side by side, stare until my brain explodes and commence to lose my mind.

  12. OMG Dick is a rock’n’roll star, signing and stuff and I thought Claire was the one into celebrity. Remember when we immediately sensed the great potential of the Pattinsons? Who knew they could outcome our wildest dreams? I’m thinking a random convo with Dick, incognito, is only second to meeting drunk Rob, only in a very different way. I bet he’s still saying to Claire “But you didn’t let me finish my story…”.

    On another note, I had to go in a safer place to watch the interview, I kinda had my hands on my face the whole time trying to handle the laughs and the cringe.

  13. superhumanmoron says:

    You met DICK AND CLARE?????? Most. Awesome. Ever.

  14. robsten4life says:

    WIN! EPIC FREAKING WIN! all of it, from the actual Leno interview, to the suit, to the awesomeness of the Pattirents to Dick chatting up Moon… just greatness

    I think this is one of my fav interviews of him (even if it was Leno) and I love that Dick and Clare are in town for a whole week to spend time with their son 🙂

    • For a whole week, are you kidding? They’re there 4life. One week wasn’t enough for the auditions Stephanie got them, as, while Clare takes career seriously, Dick couldn’t stop talking with the directors about his GPS and rented Jeep. So as time ran out, they had to reschedule the auditions. Where do you think they were going that afternoon?

  15. gizmo says:

    This is EPIC!!! I’m sorry, but this is waaaay more awesome than the Steph interview. Seriously. I was bouncing in my seat while reading this.
    And Moon, why didn’t you ask him THE question? You know he would’ve told you… and then proceeded to talk some more GPS.

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  17. LissyLoo says:

    hey moon,
    can I just say some people have all the luck!
    that is EPIC that u met dick and Clare and I have to agree, that was THE best interview with rob in a long time! Loved the suit… Loved the tie… And loved the smiley rob!
    I have a serious case of the green eyed monster!

  18. Xylem108 says:

    I didn’t think I could love those people more than I did after Rob’s interview, but now I do. They are so gracious and polite. Really shows how well they’ve raised their son. Moon is right, Claire is hotness on legs…dayumm! Any chance your likeness is now part of the Pattinson scrapbook, Moon? Cause that will be awesome. Ron will ne looking at it over egg nog at Chistmas.

    I agree with many, this by far was one of his best interviews. In part because it was so personal. Hardly any Twilight and absolutely no Kstew which, although I’m a Robsten fan, it’s always best because it he doesn’t become guarded or self-concious.

    As for Julias’s niece, I would totally understand her response of being Team Jacob if she had just seen Taylor’s GQ spread (omg,have you seen that thing?) but I don’t believe that was the case. Her response may have more to do with the fact she worked with him in Valentine Day. Either that or the fact that it looks like she is dating
    Micheal Arrangano. #Truefax #googleit #smallworld #sixdegreesofkevinbacon. Whatever the case, Rob is right, she has no taste.

    • drsaka says:

      Hi Xylem, how is Phloem? (sorry couldn’t resist, again). This was a great interview.

      • Xylem108 says:

        Hey Drsaka! Phloem is good. He’s inthe bunker until the Eclipse waiting for the Eclipse storm to pass. :). The pretty is hard to ignore specially when he looks and sounds like that! AND dotes over his parents. Looking at this pics of Dick and Claire with cougar fans, I kinda feel for the older cougars in the fandom who probably wish their grown kids were more like Rob, bit at the same time want to bang Rob. That has to be SO confusing!!!

  19. aerie67 says:

    I am sooooo happy for you! After all the work of running this blog, it’s karma!!! Good things run in threes, too, right? Meeting Steph, the Pattinson’s, now all that’s left is Rob himself, or maybe Big Daddy!

    • mountainlion says:

      I’d wanna meet Dean, for sure.

      • The Old One says:

        I can’t believe Dean smiled at Moon! Do you think, as part of his job, he has to be on top of blogs and tweets (someone said once that they saw KStew’s bodyguard scanning tweets on his phone to see if anyone was tweeting her location), so he’s seen Moon’s picture? And wasn’t there an entire post once dedicated to him, and he probably read it? They’re onto you, Moon!

        • That’s what I thought!!!
          Do you think he’s perfectionist like that and has a whole file on Moon, most importantly with adress? 🙂 You never know when he gets drunk downtown with Rob and they decide to surprise her.

        • English Girl says:

          I think Mrs Dean has a scrapbook of all the love for Dean on the blogs and websites ….

        • The Old One says:

          Yes! And OMG Mrs. Dean’s scrapbook! I wrote a poem to Dean and sent it to him, so it’s probably in there, too. Oh no.

  20. kat says:


    that is so beyond fantastic!!!! I laughed so hard and was just so damn happy for you and Dick!!! that pick of you two is forever epic! You should find a way to send it to Rob. I know it would be so lame but, you can already say his parents approve of you—so therefore, you should be married and do things in dumpster!

    I love Clare Dragging him off. I just freaking love it all!!!!

    BTW, you look so happy in that pic with Dick. Just think, you talked with the man that spawned the Pretty!

    • kat says:

      I was so sidetracked by the pic of Dick that I forgot to mention how I almost passed out when Rob showed up in The Suit. Gah!!! I loved the interview. He seemed so relaxed and appeared to enjoy himself. I love a man that knows how to gently tease his parents! So freaking sweet. Ahhh……British people are so awesome.

    • amynkansas says:

      I plan of spending the rest of my day ignoring work while photoshoping me next to Dick. And then adding Rob. A Pattinson sandwich.

  21. Al says:

    Oh my God, that is so EPIC I can’t stop laughing. And those pics? Hahahah AMAZING! I love PapaPattz. You’re so lucky!

    And the interview with Leno, well… we can I say? I’m Team Coco but that was one of the best inverviews ever! Rob is perfect, freaking PERFECT. And too hot, but we all know that already.

  22. AussieECfan says:

    *LMAO* Dick is legendary 🙂 That photo deserves to be encased in a gold frame Moon!

    My absolute favourite part in the interviews was Rob reading his Dad’s emails out – I love that Dick writes as though he’s just thinking out loud.

    SO many levels of jealous here and the grey suit…. *worldwide spontaneous panty explosion*

  23. adrienne says:

    Soon Stephenie, and now hugs from Dick and a smile from Dean? i stand in awe

  24. AliceNaA says:

    This is again one of those EPIC LTR moments! I love that you don’t chase Twi-stars for a picture, but can’t resist the urge to capture this encounter of awesomeness.

    P.S. who doesn’t want those genes in their future babies *sigh*

  25. j9necessary says:

    I love that you love Dick (twss)! I do too! You know the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” I hope this to be true when Rob “grows up”. It was so sweet that Dick emails Rob and Rob seems to enjoy getting them. I am so jealous that you not only got to see Rob but actually interact with Dick and Clare! Well, at least we get to live vicariously through you and your blog. Love the picture…I would make an 11×18 picture of it, frame and hang it for all the world to see!

    Have fun and good luck tomorrow with “the interview” with the goddess Stephanie!


  26. drsaka says:

    Dear Rob,
    Thank you for telling us about driving your old BMW around with the dashboard on fire. I didn’t know haw badly I wanted to hear one for your (exaggerated) stories again.
    Yours in smokin’ hot cars.

  27. niahid says:

    You’ve met The Holy Father and Mother

    Some girl just have all the luck. Next time you’ll have meet THE HOLY SON

  28. jil says:

    What a cute little story.
    happy for you.

    man, mama P is a stunner.

  29. Sassysmart says:

    It’s already been said but bears repeating…

    I hate you.

  30. dazzledtodeath says:

    F*********CK!! I forget about it. idiot,idiot…

    That’s the coolest thing ever Moon. Love the picture of you and Dick-that’s a real score, how many people can say they have a picture of themselves with Dick? Psssh, Rob, loads of people have pics with him. Dick is special.

  31. Katie S says:

    So, this is the… third? Fourth time you have seen Rob IN THE FLESH? That’s amazing. You are meeting and INTERVIEWING the Queen Bee? Holy hell. But you fucking MET and SPOKE TO and had a CONVERSATION with Dick (or Rich, I suppose)?!?!

    I am joining the Hate Moon group because that is waaaaay too much amazing for one person (or two people. Holla at @paleochicksdigs. Not that I’m jealous or anything. 😉 Congrats, girrrls!

    p.s. – Clare is so smokin’ hot! Rich, you sly dog…

    p.p.s. – I know the guy’s name is Dean, but can we still call him Steve? I just fits.

  32. tiffanized says:

    I’m oddly more excited about you meeting Dick and Clare than if you met Rob. Also, I inadvertently in my excitement announced the whole thing to my co-workers, who lost what little respect they had left for me because I referred to Rob’s parents by their first names as though they were on my Christmas card list.

  33. Zees84 says:

    After kind of a crappy day (Epic FAIL at a Hanson concert…check the news)….this interview and Moon getting her hands on Dick (sorry) was just absolutely, ridiculously and wonderfully epic.

  34. HeyyyBrother says:

    The picture of Clare dragging Dick away is priceless. I want Dick to start his own site where he just writes the most absurd letters and ponders the most random things. I would kill to get emails like that.

    I’m totally Team Dick. (TWSS)

  35. chochang says:

    dear moon, i’m just curious. do u sometimes wonder if rob recognizes u now after being in so many talk shows, conventions, etc.. with him?

    • misty says:


      Yes she does, that’s where the phrase “HE KNOWS!!” comes from…long, long ago…..he once looked at her and she felt that he knew her from LTR. Hilar!!!

      I hate her for even being able to think that he MAY know her because he surely dosen’t even know I exist. Lucky b!tch!!!

  36. robsfuturemate says:

    I haven’t watched the show yet,but the previews look awesome! Need to spend me some quality time with Rob!

    Dear Rob,
    Your parents are awesome! My mom already loves your mom and when she sees this…I just don’t know! I may have to get my dad to watch-he tells GPS stories too! We should all get together for In-N-Out today, I’m sure your parents miss that when they’re not here!


  37. SarahG says:

    Moon FTW!!!! I saw your twitpic of this yesterday and died. Then I saw the suit and died again. You are one lucky lady!

  38. misty says:

    Dear Moon + UC,

    thanks for taking one for the team, I’m sure it must have been difficult to to pose and talk to the pretty’s parents….they seem like real assholes.


  39. Michelle says:

    Okay, Moonie, seriously? I love you…and I hate you (but only cause I’m super jealous and such a nerd that I’d stutter and stare and scare the crapola out of those nice people WHO CREATED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FRIGGIN” MAN ON THE PLANET!) This is totally freaking epic…it’s *almost* better than hangin’ with Rob himself. (Again, see above w/ me being a huge nerd – I’d scare the guy…)

    I can only compare it to me hangin’ outside Joey McIntyre’s house in Beantown (back in the NKOTB hayday) and having Big Tom McIntyre come out for a chat. Dude rocked…I love me a Boston accent.

    That being said…I think Dads just plain rock. Just in time for Fathers Day! A Dads ROCK post!

    PS – I’m all over the LTD site…Dick/Rich has got it goin’ on! 😉

    PPS – OMG you hung with the man who half created HHH. Dear Lordy day.

    PPPS – Clare is HOT. That’s not weird at all. Me saying that. Totally normal.

    • misty says:


      Joey MC… of my first crushes too, but I was more into Jordan K…I just saw KNOTB a few days ago, they were here in my home town!!!! Good times!

      La la la la TONIGHT!!!!!!!!

      • Michelle says:

        We are soul mates I think. The New Kids are my be all end all. I know this isn’t LTNKOTB lol…but…sigh. They are the ones (like Twilight) that make me go to my young, carefree happy place. Swoon. They shall forever be my #1. And yes, Jordan Knight was my fave too, he shall forever and ever remain my #1 man in my heart. However, his stint on that MTV reality show CREEPED ME THE HECK OUT…then they “came back” I went to 3 concerts in a year, he redeemed himself and was SOLD all over again…ahhhhhhhhhhhh…and Yum.
        With Jordan, at least I don’t feel so cougarish…muhahahahaa. And then I think of Rob. And the jaw and Hair (yes, that’s capitalized)…OMG I’m so conflicted. Maybe I can have 2 #1 men?

        • misty says:

          @Michelle (mysoulmate)

          You can have as many #1’s as you want…your Queen remember?? Here’s my list::

          1. Robert Pattinson
          2. Fred Savage (circa 1990s)
          3. Jordan Knight
          4. Leo DiCrap
          5. James McAvoy
          6. E.J. Demara from Days of Our Lives
          7. Orlando Bloom
          8. Justin Timberlake
          9. Mr. Darcy (only in the PP version w/ KK)
          10. RPattz
          12. The Cold One
          13. Mr. Spider Monkey
          14. The Sparkly King
          15. Robler
          16. Farmward
          18. Dr. Short Hair Cut
          19. DrunkRob
          20. Stained/Soiled Rob

  40. Stacey says:

    I heart Rob’s dad. He is the cutest thing ever. He reminds me a lot of my own dad, so that makes me even happier.

    I am so jealous/happy for you Moon. You have joined the six degrees of Rob separation. (Forgot about Kevin Bacon!)

    Did you get Dick’s email? Then he can send fun advice to you too!

    BTW…his kid was smokin’ in that suit!

  41. Nadia737 says:

    Dear Moon,

    You are my HERO!


    P.S. Like Cazza said, Clare MUST have dressed him because if you put a Leno 2009 vs Leno 2010 photo next to each other… you’d think, damn he looked like HELL last year but this year was fineness personified!

  42. dazzledtodeath says:

    Just watched the videos and omg, this is the sweetest interview ever. I love that Rob is proud of his relationship with his parents and speaks of them with so much love and admiration. He is too good to be true. He obviously gets his charm and manners from Dick-those emails-amazing.

    I loved when the part about some celebrities being vulgar-brings to mind a certain young actress.

    Rob, the more I learn about you, the more I love you. Never change.

    • undecidedsten says:

      I loved when the part about some celebrities being vulgar-brings to mind a certain young actress.

      who could you possible be thinking about?!

  43. Aw, no wonder Rob is such a total gem and extremely down-to-earth. His parents sound really cool and I’m glad you got to meet them Moon! Rob turning into the fine young man he is proves how grounded and awesome his parents are and how well his upbringing was. Sorry I seem to have run out of adjectives now that we are talking about the entire Pattinson clan.

  44. che says:

    Rob on Jay Leno always WIN!!!!
    and Moon u’re just one lucky…. lovely lady

  45. JennB33 says:

    A-fucking-mazing. You met the two that put the man on the earth!!! WELL DONE!!!

    Haven’t watched the show yet, but damn, girl, now YOU are 1 degree away!!! It’s just a matter of time, especially when Claire shows Rob the pictures of the fans and he says “hey, I remember seeing that foxy lady in the audience, I must go to her!”

    Watch the clock, lady. It’s a gonna happen.

    Wow. Awesome.

  46. Sharpie says:

    OMG MOON!!!! You are SO in!!!! You better get crackin’ and start planning out your Twilight themed wedding, and scour the internet finding Isle Esme-esque places for the love fest. 😉
    I actually think it’s pretty amazing…and I totally hate you. 🙂

  47. poochi_mama says:

    Ah, the power of DICK!
    I’m not so much jealous as I am proud, in the same way that I am proud that I went to high school with a MLB player even though I don’t know him from Adam’s housecat. Way to go, Moon!
    Like Rich, I also have a GPS in my vehicle with a British accent. I call her Clare because THAT’S NORMAL.
    Can’t wait to see the Christmas card!

  48. LadyN says:

    Ohhhh Dick, you’re so romantic! Who made your son ‘Edward’ and didn’t offer you the part, huh? ; )

    Ohh I want to hug him! and I LOLed @ the Dear Rob I felt liek I was listening to a post from here read by Rob. 😀 He sure did raise our BB well! No wonder he’s a charmer!

    I think we need to read the email again:

    Dear Rob,

    I’ve been thinking about gestures. And a good one in my opinion is to kiss a lady’s hand. It’s very romantic and refined. Offer the hand ostensibly the shake and then the kiss. I impressed your mother that way.

    <3 <3 I want one!!! (a kiss and a romantic english man named Dick…and his son. Ok i'm just being greedy and pervy)

    • LadyN says:

      ps. Moon you look fab! 😀 lucky gal! hate you.. a little… or a lot…. or whatever.

      pps. I slapped myself because I got a bit excited was taking pics of the TV with my phone. Is this normal? prob not.

    • natashadushi says:

      sooooooooo sweet!

    • southernbelle says:

      That is so romantic, oh, oh, oh!

      I’d love for him to shake and kiss my hand! Oh my gosh butterflies in the stomach!!!

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