Rob: I love your parents and you on Leno

Dear Rob, I've found this site that writes letters to you every day... they seem like swell gals, you should meet them!

Dear Rob,

Today, we were supposed to take a “day of rest” to prepare for our upcoming interview with Stephenie Meyer by NOT blogging and instead focusing on the books and our questions. Then I went to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and I met your folks and well, that idea went out the window.

I LOVE your parents. Not don’t let this get weird. You know we’ve written plenty of letters to your parents over the past year or so and they’ve even become somewhat of little mascots around here. Who wouldn’t love Dick (our pet name for him) and Clare. That was until I MET them and now I REALLY love them…

Let me back up. I got tickets to the Tonight Show and ran my booty over there and as the Gods would have it Ashley and I got sat a few rows away from the front right in front of you and Jay Leno, so we were in prime position for what I now call one of your best interviews. You doted on your parents for a majority of the interview, reading emails from your Dad, talking about your mom reading tabloid magazines and generally trying to make them blush. It was FAN-DAMN-TASTIC! Dean even looked at me during a commercial break. Maybe he noticed the gleam in my eye or maybe it was the fact I was on the aisle just mere feet away from you in your SUIT but he smiled at me. And I had that moment of “HE KNOWS!!” Then Emma Roberts said she was Team Jacob (are you CRAY CRAY, did you see the skinny tie, girl?) and you told that bitch where to go. And that was that.

Have you seen this skinny tie and the suit I'm wearing?!

We thought that’d be the end of it and we’d be on our way… WRONG. So we filed out after the taping and stopped to talk to some fellow LA Twi/Rob fans and noticed some folks hanging around waiting for the celebs’ cars to leave. We saw what we thought was Rob’s with Dean in the front seat and thought it was time to leave. THEN your parents walked out and some of the lingering fans clapped and yelled for them to come over. And what do they do? They grab their camera and COME OVER! After your mom took a picture of the people waiting around to talk to them I knew they were super cool. Pattinson family scrapbook!

They were so cool that even though they felt silly signing Twilight books (wtf, people?!) they did it anyway and acted gracious as the group gave them a billion compliments. One being Ashley who thanked them for having such a great son. AWWWWW! Come on, what parent doesn’t want to hear that? Then being the dad he is Dick decided to ramble on and tell us some stories, he didn’t know you even read his emails! As I asked him for a picture (I know, I don’t know what came over me, I NEVER do that, it was the power of Dick!) he happily agreed and grabbed me into a hug to capture this amazing moment in time. FINALLY I met one of our favorite people here at LTR: DICK PATTINSON!

Even though I’m cheesin’ pretty hard I think this deserves to be my Christmas card, “We’ve moved” announcement, my twitter avi, my AIM/gchat avi, the background on my desktop, and framed on my mantle. Ok, maybe I won’t go that far, but this was an epic moment no doubt.

As your Dad continued to tell me about their rental Jeep, Clare was over talking to some other people and signing some stuff…

She’s smokin’ hot Rob, I know that’s weird for you but it’s true. Work it OUT sister.

Then as Dick told me about how the GPS system in the Jeep has an English accent and I told him it’s as if he never left home, Clare came back and told Dick (or Rich, as she calls him) that they had to be off. I guess to do whatever it is that Dick and Clare do on a Tuesday afternoon in LA (be awesome?). I took this picture of Dick still telling me about the GPS and you being busy until the weekend and Clare having to drag him off… I love dads.

This is pretty much the best picture ever.

So that’s how it went down. Me and your parents just chilling in a parking lot in Burbank being awesome, talking about Jeep’s and GPS’s and your work schedule, you know just another Tuesday. I also decided that I will be starting Letters to Dick (LTD) tomorrow. Hope you’re cool with that.

Next stop? Pattinson Family Christmas!

Srsly, how epic is this?! I would NEVER normally ask anyone for a picture but this was just too good. Did you watch Rob on Leno? Do you agree with how great it was? And the suit… THE SUIT. Oh man.

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285 Responses to “Rob: I love your parents and you on Leno”

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Epic. Just epic…and that shot of him trying to continue his GPS conversation might be the best photo ever. I love it!

  2. myria101 says:

    Aahahaaa!!! This is the cutest letter EVER!! Leno definitely was one of the best interviews. Rob was so comfortable and relaxed. So glad he’s finally grown into the idea of being famous.

    His dad’s emails were so adorable. I love Dick.

    Love you girls!!


  3. robzanne says:

    i thin i love Robs parents more than my own, & your supposed to hate your future in-laws!

    • JellyBeanRainbow says:

      Isn’t he amazing, so young and he loves his parents so much?
      When I was in my teens and early twenties I was so embarrassed by my family. I wouldn’t go anywhere with them. I didn’t even liked them. Luckily that changed and luckily I never became famous.

  4. melronin says:

    I just watched the show and…speechless!

    I love you!!!
    I fell in love with you…all over again.
    I don’t know how many times I can fall in love with you… again!

    I have still your laugh in my ears!
    I would def look at you if you would sit there nackid in front of me honey…seriously! don’t worry!


    PS am very happy that mama and dad are with you, now.

    • The Old One says:

      I love how dad’s emails about romantic gestures completely outweigh Rob’s description of being naked on set! On any other day, everyone would be talking about nothing else–Rob saying, “hey, I’m naked here!”. But no, the loveliness of Rob’s parents is waaayy more interesting! Haha!

      • Aro says:

        Naked stuff was duly noted and filed away in my sick brain, to go to later once the squee of his parents has subsided. But oh yeah, it’s in there.

  5. Robjunkie says:

    Moon, you are officially my hero! ZOMG!!! this was epic. And one day you can tell your children how you met their paw paw Dick in a Burbank parking lot while daddy was being smoking hot in a suit.

    You musta done something good in a previous life. Not only do you get to interview SM, but you also get to shoot the breeze with Richard Pattinson and get an adorable pic with him, all in the same week!! What a life you’re having huh?

    Mwah, mwah, mwah!

    • AliceNaA says:

      I forgot the comment on the picture earlier. But it’s true that it turned out such a LOVELY picture. No weird angles, forced smiles, or missing face parts. Contact me to blur out the background and photoshop the two of you in a ferris wheel/luxery car/decorating the Christmas tree/whatever.

  6. Cat says:

    THIS is one of the best letters ever. It totally warmed my heart (aw) and made me belly laugh 🙂

  7. chelie says:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED Leno last night! So lucky to have gone, although I would have loved to tell Ms. Roberts a thing or two.

    Honestly wow you just landed a role in Scream 4…yeah is that a franchise that needed a part 4? I mean I think the cast needed a paycheck and couldn’t get other work.

    Emma came off snottish and rude. I love Rob’s quick come back and the fact she couldn’t take it! I mean Rob didn’t have a family “in: in the business he worked for him, her name has gotten her these “award worthy” roles like Scream 4!

    Yeah it’s like that.

  8. Vi says:

    holy hell, this is freaking AWESOME
    your part of the inner pattinson circle now.
    dick is gonna go home and email rob how much he should marry some girl called moon.
    we’re so proud!

  9. eatmyjorts says:

    Mooooooooooooooooooooon! This is SO your week! Too much in such a short time – you need to go on some kind of retreat to fast & pray when this is over. I’ll come as your new spiritual adviser…I have extensive knowledge in resisting the charms of the older, smoother British gent.

    Are you waking up in the morning & pinching yourself?

  10. First, Clare is HOT.

    Second when you texted me this after it happened I jumped up in down in the middle of h&m & SQUEALED like a pig. seriously. ask @CalliopeBlabs

    Third- do the non-Americans know that “Dick” is a nickname for “Richard” and that’s why we call him that? Only old men actually shorten it to Dick, though. And my best friend’s husband. Well, we shorten it for him, b/c it’s just awesome

    WHAT THE CRAP. Rob was SO hot. And the interview was SO good. Even Mr. Choice said “Why is Paddleston not being awkward?”

    Amazing! I BOW TO YOU!

    • Aro says:

      Even Mr. Choice said “Why is Paddleston not being awkward?”

      Ha ha ha! He was like buttah. Or something else you eat. A lot of. All day long. Until you’re stuffed. But you don’t care and eat some more. And then go back for seconds. And then…

      oh sorry. I just meant to say Mr. Choice’s comment was funny (but then I started thinking of other stuff and well, you know).

    • LadyN says:

      very true! he was anti-awkward last night! I’m proud of him! >.<

      Rich, not Dick. got it.

  11. Robjunkie says:

    This interview once again shows how beautifully Rob handles his fame. Not letting it get to his head, not to cool for school, showing love for the rents in such a nice, gently humorous way. Just keeping it real. I don’t know if any of you read one of his interviews this past week where he said that he’s come to realise that it’s best to just be gracious about all the screaming and adoration instead of being freaked out by it and wanting to leave. He also said that despite the screaming, when he really looks at the faces of the fans he can see that they’re enjoying themselves, so he’s cool with it. How utterly charming of him. Gah, this boy pwns me hard!

    • Robjunkie says:

      And just for shits and giggles I’m going to pretend that Rob’s comment about being freaked out and wanting to leave was a subtle dig at KStew. Just putting it out there, as Rob would say.

  12. Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

    Loved it all! The Adventures of the Pattinsons continues apace!! Somewhr in LA they’re regaling Rob with the story of how they met Moon, yes freakin Moon!! Dick/Rich’s masterplan for Rob’s career had gone exactly to plan, the sly fox!!

    • Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

      Am also so died from seeing the interview that I totally forgot to mention it!! I loved it esp as there’s next to zero twi talk, somehow Leno gets it?

  13. J-9 says:

    While at the Bobby show (where I’m already died) I check twitter and come face to face with our Moonie’s sweet face next to Papa Pattinson. I pretty much flat lined in that moment. You’re my hero dude.

  14. snmlamb says:

    These are the best pics ever!!!!!! I love how happy Dick is to take that first pic. Although, it’s not like father like son apparently, as he was not ogling your boobs, making a drunk face, or licking your cheek.

    Oh, well, can’t win em all!

  15. whyamidoingthis says:

    I haven’t read all the comments, but I’m sure I’ve nothing to add that hasn’t already been expressed.

    Moon, your encounter was SO very sweet that I’ve got no snark in me at all today. I’m a daddy’s girl at heart–totally normal that you asked for a pic with Dick/Rich!

    Do I feel a wee bit guilty for harboring lascivious thoughts about his son? Maybe. Well, not really.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Sue G. says:

    I just fell in love with him all over again! He is so damn cute! The suit…the smile…the giggle!

    Love that you met Dick and Claire. So jealous!

    I think that last picture of Dick he is saying that Moon and LTR/LTT are number 1!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for letting us share in your wonderful experience!

    • natashadushi says:

      ” I think that last picture of Dick he is saying that Moon and LTR/LTT are number 1!!!!!!!!!”

      LMAO, You are so right! I just want to print a shirt with that pic and put LTR nr 1 and go watch Eclipse (not normal)

  17. pumagirlsf says:

    You know, my love for Rob has never waned, not once. I never thought that how I feel for him would be able to be topped.


    The suit, the tie, the hair, man… just every fiber of everything on him. His giggling, his storytelling, his newly acquired poise and eloquence in recent interviews (even though I miss old fidgety word vomit Rob, but there’s You Tube for that) and his constant relateability. And I love how he zinged Emma Roberts. SPLADOW!!! HAHA!!!

    Moon, you are a lucky, lucky girl to have not only scored tix and awesome seats but to have met Dick in the flesh! (Oh hrm, perhaps those two words in relation to Rob’s dad shouldn’t be put together. In relation to Rob, on the other hand…)

    Happy hump day everyone!

  18. SaritaPagita says:

    Really, Moon, Really!? So you’ve seen Rob in person how many times now? And to top it off you get to meet and hug and get a picture with Dick? Really?!
    It is hard to continue to love you if you keep having these epic fan girl moments. The jealousy is just too much to bear. And how cute do you look in that pic with him? Sooo cute! I think that meeting Dick might have been better than meeting Rob. Maybe.

  19. Seana says:

    This was one of the BEST!!! I want to say the best but Rob keeps surprising us with more so i’m waiting… I loved him reading the e-mails -that was too much. Now I completely understand why he is so AWESOME! So glad you got to meet his makers – they sounded just as down to earth as Rob – perfect! Thanks for sharing this great story!!!

  20. BabyMomma says:

    So I decided to come out of lurkdom to say….. HOLY CRAP MOON!! BEST PIC EVER!! Dick seems like a super dad…..and boys with super dads, become super dads. Can you imagine Rob in 35 years? ‘Dear Rob Jr, I was thinking about humor. When I was young, I made a joke about an allergy…..’

  21. Pinky says:

    Damn you, Moon. I’m supposed to be typing some boring science crap and you’ve side-tracked me with the most fantastic story in life.

    Congratulations on meeting, Dick! That picture is adorable and I’m crazy jealous. Nobody EVER comes to Baltimore.

  22. TippyL says:

    Wait! His name isn’t really Dick, but Rich? ROFL! I didn’t realize that Dick was his LTR name! Anyway, pic with Dick is way more awesomer than a pic with Rob. That photo is beyond adorable and it must be your Xmas card.

    Loved the interview. Keishabird and I have decided Dick should publish his emails to Rob in a book titled The Way It Was by an English Gentleman. Any takers?

  23. robgirl86 says:

    Now finally here to comment:

    Moon<3, speechless, you're the luckiest girl ever!!! no words…and "Letters to Rich" has def. to be made!!!!

    Dear Rob,
    you have awesome parents!
    Love that you have such a great relationsship with them!
    That's amazing and not new news at all, cause YOU are what you ARE thanks to them…
    Love u

    P.S. That girl right next to you had def.NO taste at all and
    most important…………

    GREY SUITS are BEST suits on you!Dudeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  24. Robjunkie says:

    I must’ve watched that Leno interview about a gazillion times, and I still cannot get over how “real” Rob is. Love that he takes his parents along with him, letting them have some fun basking in his glory. You can see how proud they are of him and how he revels in their pride. You never see Kristen’s parents supporting her at these things, and she defs needs it. What, was she raised by wolves?

    • I have the opposite opinion, I think it’s classy of KStew’s parents not to show up and not to live in her spotlight, but obviously no general rule applies to Rob, as per usual, because I really enjoied his parents being there (as tasteless as I think it would be in general, at least where I live). Without it, there would be no pic, no today’s post! Without it, we wouldn’t know the glory of Click, or ClareDick or just Rob’s parents! And Letters to Dick must happen!

      • robgirl86 says:

        No general rule applies for him! Best line at all!

        love that his dad loves tasteful gestures…..obviously flying birds are not so his style and somehow I think that good ecucation is really a win, so I might skip the signing and enjoying fame stuff…at least THEY did a great job with Rob!

      • Robjunkie says:

        You say tasteless, I say awesome! I respect your opinion, but since when does having proud parents who want to share your experience and that you actually want to include in your experience equate to being tasteless? My comment about KStew’s parents was said tongue firmly in cheek. I don’t really think any less of them for not supporting her at these things. I just think it’s cool that Rob’s parents do. And obviously he enjoys it, and I would never consider Rob tasteless or lacking any class.

        • misty says:

          I would NEVER defend Kstew and I don’t think that bringing along parents is tasteless/no class.
          Infact, I find it endearing and down-to-Earth that they come along for talkshow interviews…
          ………….but in reality I am not aware of other parents coming along to watch interviews of their celebrity kids.

          Oh yes I do, Jessica Simpson’s Dad, but that’s a whole other issue….I wont go there lol

      • @Robjunckie

        OMG, I’d never consider Rob tasteless or lacking class either, as nobody here wouldn’t. That’s not what I said about him or his parents! Otherwise I wouldn’t be so in love with a guy I never met, since I’m def. not the kind of girl to have crushes on famous people.

        IMO being in the spotlight is not synonym with being supportive, because this is not like going to see your kid at the annual school play. That’s why I think KStew’s parents are probably mooore than supportive (they did make her a child actress, OMG) maybe they show up backstage (we know Daddy Lautner does) but they choose to be more discrete.

        I guess on my side of the world this is veryyy unusual and not in a positive way (though still a lot better than get your kid out of school to become a child actor).

        But I love them for showing up because I’m happy to see them not to mention the stories & e-mails. Maybe they’re just simple enthusiastic people who don’t care. I also loved they took the time to talk with people while obviously it was very weird to sign Twi merch, yet they were graceful enough to do it and make some crazies happy. And bestest of all, Dick talking casually with Moon. They were awesome for that! I’d probably want to hug them if I see them (but refrain) and listen to Dick’s stories for hours.

        • Robjunkie says:

          No worries. Just expressing my opinion as you did yours. And just so you know, It wasn’t me that downsthumbed you. I don’t roll like that. Hugs!

        • Oh, in the meantime someone had to remind me (why?) of The View epicness when the extended family with aunties and uncles happily gathered from all England to present themselves to the entire world. Glory celebrity moment!!! Can I just say I’m disappointed they didn”t bring pets, piggies and hens, Kusturica style?
          OK I shouldn’t drunk comment especially on touchy subjects, guess I’m not scoring any good points with the in-laws? Dick and Clare, you know I love you no matter how much you love the cameras!

        • Tigerkitten36 says:

          KStew’s Parents are in the industry and have been for years. Kstew’s first part was in “Flintstones Viva Las Vegas” you can see the back of her head shes playing the ring toss game and she brought her Dad to the Oscars with her.

  25. theC says:

    1 degree of seperation,I truly believe this is an omen,meeting the future in-laws before meeting the man….I could see the twinkle in Mr.P’s eyes (he really liked you). This is your destination,you WILL be a Pattinson I can feel it!

    • misty says:

      I’m sure in some cultures, you meet the parents before you meet your future hubby/wife.

      So UC your one step ahead! May I offer you early congratulations and I was NOT aware that you were into polygamy…you spicy girl you!

      • misty says:

        Oops, I said UC met Dick..never mind about that last comment..what a “special case” I can be sometimes…..

  26. BG11 says:

    I am sooooo jealous I am not talking to you!

    • BarnesGirl11 says:

      Okay, still jealous but…..

      I would NEVER dare go up to them and chat. But in a studio in Burbank, it would be the right thing to do.



  27. southernbelle says:

    Oh Moon you lucky girl! You did it again! Papa Pattinson looks so sweet! Aww, he’ll probably tell/email Rob about you! Woot!

    Clare looks hot! 🙂

    Looking at his parents(again), I can see where Rob got his good looks! 😉 So glad that his parents are so supportive of him too. Rob, you are so blessed to have a nice family!

  28. southernbelle says:

    I’ve watched that Leno interview over and over again! Like I said yesterday, how is it possible to fall in love even deeper than before!? I’ve run out of adjectives to describe Rob. All I need to do is meet him!

    What I wouldn’t give to see his face in real life, to hear him talk and giggle, to see his gorgeous smile while his eyes crinkle on the sides…sigh. To breathe the same air he’s breathing.

    I’m getting carried away…

  29. Stacey says:

    Moon, you do realize that Rob’s daddy told him about the sweet girl he met and talked about GPS’s to. (that would be you!!!) He probably said, “Why can’t you find a lovely, young lady like that?”

  30. Luludee says:

    Moon, this is so awesome!! Did you ever expect that this would be your life just from starting some blogs with your friend?
    Too cool. I love it!!

  31. snowwhitedrifted says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Awe, Moon, you have your version of “Meet the Parents”. I’m so glad to hear that the parents were awesome.
    You charmed Dick!

  32. applepie says:

    AHHH yesterday was the BEST DAY EVERRR!!! Yes, I was there also and also saw dick and clare pattinson and rob in a tight grey suit!!! I’m still in shock!!

    I didnt stay to talk to them afterwards because crazy ppl were starting to bust out twilight merchandise and magazine to be signed and the paps were showing up but OMGGG SOO glad you got a picture and actually talked to them Moon!!!!

    I’m still SO EXCITED!! I dont know why!!

  33. Aro says:

    Ha! That is the most adorable picture in the whole wide universe of you and Dick, Moon. And the last one of his is total lulz (such a dad lol). I usually don’t care about stuff like er, celeb families and such, but this is totally endearing and a cool encounter. Nicely done :-).

    I wrote elsewhere that the interview was just a TOTAL WIN in every possible way. He was cute and endearing and funny and relaxed (and HAWWWWTTT! THAT SUIITTTTTT *gasp sputter collapse ungh*) and the stuff about his dad was so awwwww. Completely delightful appearance.

    And I would like to hear Rob talk about himself in the nude more. Like always. Please and thank you.

  34. English Girl says:

    Moon … gotta run … off to posh frock shop to purchase hat.

    First you set up the most awesome blog in the universe, then you “meet” Rob like oodles of times (well a few times … in a room with 100’s of others, but let’s not get picky), then you get a photo with Dick ….., and a meeting with none other than Mrs Twilight herself, Stephenie Meyers. Of course a wedding is next. I know you and Rob will be very happy … Where is your list? Do you want new towels?

    KStew who?

  35. Moon this is SO AWESOME!!!!!!! I literally screamed while reading this. What a fantastic day!!

    I felt like I was betraying Team Coco watching Leno last night, but it had to be done. Rob’s appearance was fantastic. That suit nearly killed me dead. All the stuff he said about his parents was so cute, especially the awesome emails from Dick.

    And can you believe the nerve of that Team Jacob woman?! It’s okay, though. She got SCHOOLED! Hah!

    • Robjunkie says:

      Yes, she sure got schooled. I think that You have just revealed yourself to have absolutely no taste will now be my go to phrase for when I disagree with somebody. I love the British-style smackdowns. Fabulously witty and snarky.

  36. Robjunkie says:

    And now when I meet Rob, I shall insist that he kiss my hand refinely when he ostensibly goes for the handshake. And, erm, he can kiss other body parts too, but not in a refined way. In a duuurty way.

    • Robjunkie says:

      I’m gonna pretend that was directed at me. Yay, DrunkJane doesn’t hate me! Best Day Ever!
      (please don’t correct me if I’ve wrong, I don’t wanna be wrong)

    • Janetrigs says:

      I have to say again! I Love you!

      PS Directed at #Moom and RObjunkie, just cause

  37. Unlikelyfangirl says:

    Dear Moon,

    Thank you for not taking the blogging day off. This epic
    post and picture with papa pattz is a historic LTR moment.
    Your lunch at Olive Garden with Big Daddy Lautner
    can’t be far off.

    • that’s exactly what i told her. or told CalliopeBlabs who was with me when we heard “the news” (it’s the new “WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOU HEARD ABOUT MOON MEETING DICK!?” for SURE she will get a pic, with a breadstick, with big daddy at the OG

  38. Jena says:

    How priceless!!!! The GPS ramblings had me LMAO. I think we know
    where Rob gets his “say anything to anyone” moments from. SO cute!!!!!
    So excited for you, Moon! How adorable was Rob?! No Hollywood ego in him at all. I love how he wanted to show how awesome his dad is. Most guys his age would blow stuff like that off. So adorable how Rob found his Dad’s emails so meaningful! & his response to Emma was hilarious!

  39. Giseli says:

    all can i say is i’m feeling dizzy w/ all the awesomeness of this all. i just finished watching the interview and i’ll tell no lie: when Rob started to reading to everyone ‘Dear Rob’ I pratically fell off of my chair.
    i couldn’t tell you how hard (TWSS?) is for a *lame* NON English speaker keep up w/ all this. Specially after seeing HHH in THAT suit. You just catch ‘glimpses’ of ‘WTF he’s just said right now?!? *rewind*’
    Not that i’m complaining about having to see HHH in THAT suit zillions times untill I can understand what’s going on… (good excuse or what?)
    Then you bring me this post w/ this photo… Now I think I’m in love w/ Dick too. So sweet!
    Please, i can’t wait to put LTD in my RSS reader.


  40. Tiffany says:

    I feel as though this moment was the height of your luck! forget the s. meyer interview, you just met dick an clare! I am literally green with envy. within the two of them holds the essence of Rob Pattinson…. okay thats sort of sick, (but true). When you called him over did you say DICK! do you mind if I call you Dick? Man you’re the luckiest girl in the whollllleeee world!

  41. Aro says:

    In other news, LTR/LTT is gonna get my ass fired :-/. Awesome posts like these just make me wanna hang out here all day and read stuff. Ridiculous. I’m sposed to be a grownup and everything.

    *reads more stuff in the post*

  42. Kelly says:

    Of all the blogs I read and all the Bloggers I am now famiilar with… I am glad you were the one to get to meet Papa Pattz and chat him up. He is adorable! As are you!

    Thansk for another great adventure captured for us.. my life would be empty if not for your escapades 🙂
    Love you both long time!

  43. kandnandb says:

    First, with parents like that, no wonder Rob comes off so sweet & gentlemanly (is that a word?) & down to earth. He’s a lucky guy.

    Second, Moon, I’m worried….Dick & Claire AND Stephenie in one week? I hope your nerves are OK. Load up on your vitamins…..or alcohol. Whichever works for you!

  44. Lindelle says:

    As much as I love Rob, one of my favorite things about these blogs is the love for the 3 D’s:

    & Daddy Lautner.

    Two down(ish), 1 to go!

  45. Melinda says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting the Leno stuff!! I set my DVR to record it, but my idiot husband changed it so he could record a stupid baseball game. (I was NOT happy with him & if he hadn’t left his phone at home, I would’ve yelled at him while he was at work). ANYWAY, thanks you so much! I love them!
    His dad…I’d love to meet his parents. They seem so nice.
    LOVE the pic of you with ‘Dick’!! Just a normal Tuesday afternoon! 😀

    I know that I”m not around much lately. Lots going on. I am around, I’m just lurking…a lot!

    I had to say thanks for the post! 😀

    also, I wanted to say a quick, heartfelt Thanks to Bleriana, SouthernBelle, & everyone else for the thoughts & prayers for the loss of my husbands grandmother (who was more like his Mom). Thanks.

    All this wonderful Rob has been great therapy for me!!!! 😀

  46. x.rosa.lie says:

    First: Dick & Clare.. !!!!!!!!!
    Second: love in the Jay Leno interview when Emma Roberts confesses to being Team Jacob:
    Rob: “Well you’ve just revealed yourself to have absolutely no taste!”

  47. Stacey says:

    I have a silly question, because I am new here, but who is Dean? (I am so embarassed!)

    • eatmyjorts says:

      Hey Stacey! Dean is the big dark haired bodyguard most often seen with Rob. I’m sure if you search on this site (or do I mean the old one?) you’ll find lots of pics etc.

    • Lindelle says:

      Dean is Rob’s bodyguard 🙂 Look for the tall guy in dad-jeans in the background of lots of Rob photos.

    • The Old One says:

      Dean is Rob’s bodyguard that you see with him all the time. He used to be called Steve here before everyone figured out what is real name was, thus he is called Stean, sometimes, too. Big guy, buzz cut hair, can’t miss him.

    • Stacey says:

      Thank you! :0)

  48. cedvanhalen says:

    This post is made of so much win! I love his parents!! So awesome.

  49. Kelly says:

    You just know that Papa Pattz went home and sent Rob an email saying “I’ve been thinking that it might be beneficial for you to actually get to know some of your fans.. and I think you should start with this one” and attached your pic… I just know it.. it happened and I’m sticking to that belief!

    • The Old One says:

      Moon, you had the opportunity to pick-pocket Mr. Pattinson’s phone while he was going on about the GPS and wouldn’t have noticed, and then you could have emailed Rob with funny comments and questions that he would think were from Dad, and posted his answers here! Too late.

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