Rob: I love your parents and you on Leno

Dear Rob, I've found this site that writes letters to you every day... they seem like swell gals, you should meet them!

Dear Rob,

Today, we were supposed to take a “day of rest” to prepare for our upcoming interview with Stephenie Meyer by NOT blogging and instead focusing on the books and our questions. Then I went to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and I met your folks and well, that idea went out the window.

I LOVE your parents. Not don’t let this get weird. You know we’ve written plenty of letters to your parents over the past year or so and they’ve even become somewhat of little mascots around here. Who wouldn’t love Dick (our pet name for him) and Clare. That was until I MET them and now I REALLY love them…

Let me back up. I got tickets to the Tonight Show and ran my booty over there and as the Gods would have it Ashley and I got sat a few rows away from the front right in front of you and Jay Leno, so we were in prime position for what I now call one of your best interviews. You doted on your parents for a majority of the interview, reading emails from your Dad, talking about your mom reading tabloid magazines and generally trying to make them blush. It was FAN-DAMN-TASTIC! Dean even looked at me during a commercial break. Maybe he noticed the gleam in my eye or maybe it was the fact I was on the aisle just mere feet away from you in your SUIT but he smiled at me. And I had that moment of “HE KNOWS!!” Then Emma Roberts said she was Team Jacob (are you CRAY CRAY, did you see the skinny tie, girl?) and you told that bitch where to go. And that was that.

Have you seen this skinny tie and the suit I'm wearing?!

We thought that’d be the end of it and we’d be on our way… WRONG. So we filed out after the taping and stopped to talk to some fellow LA Twi/Rob fans and noticed some folks hanging around waiting for the celebs’ cars to leave. We saw what we thought was Rob’s with Dean in the front seat and thought it was time to leave. THEN your parents walked out and some of the lingering fans clapped and yelled for them to come over. And what do they do? They grab their camera and COME OVER! After your mom took a picture of the people waiting around to talk to them I knew they were super cool. Pattinson family scrapbook!

They were so cool that even though they felt silly signing Twilight books (wtf, people?!) they did it anyway and acted gracious as the group gave them a billion compliments. One being Ashley who thanked them for having such a great son. AWWWWW! Come on, what parent doesn’t want to hear that? Then being the dad he is Dick decided to ramble on and tell us some stories, he didn’t know you even read his emails! As I asked him for a picture (I know, I don’t know what came over me, I NEVER do that, it was the power of Dick!) he happily agreed and grabbed me into a hug to capture this amazing moment in time. FINALLY I met one of our favorite people here at LTR: DICK PATTINSON!

Even though I’m cheesin’ pretty hard I think this deserves to be my Christmas card, “We’ve moved” announcement, my twitter avi, my AIM/gchat avi, the background on my desktop, and framed on my mantle. Ok, maybe I won’t go that far, but this was an epic moment no doubt.

As your Dad continued to tell me about their rental Jeep, Clare was over talking to some other people and signing some stuff…

She’s smokin’ hot Rob, I know that’s weird for you but it’s true. Work it OUT sister.

Then as Dick told me about how the GPS system in the Jeep has an English accent and I told him it’s as if he never left home, Clare came back and told Dick (or Rich, as she calls him) that they had to be off. I guess to do whatever it is that Dick and Clare do on a Tuesday afternoon in LA (be awesome?). I took this picture of Dick still telling me about the GPS and you being busy until the weekend and Clare having to drag him off… I love dads.

This is pretty much the best picture ever.

So that’s how it went down. Me and your parents just chilling in a parking lot in Burbank being awesome, talking about Jeep’s and GPS’s and your work schedule, you know just another Tuesday. I also decided that I will be starting Letters to Dick (LTD) tomorrow. Hope you’re cool with that.

Next stop? Pattinson Family Christmas!

Srsly, how epic is this?! I would NEVER normally ask anyone for a picture but this was just too good. Did you watch Rob on Leno? Do you agree with how great it was? And the suit… THE SUIT. Oh man.

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285 Responses to “Rob: I love your parents and you on Leno”

  1. Carolamex says:

    This interview as just AMAZING! I believe the best one so far! His parents were so endearing! and Moon, you are one lucky gal!
    The SUIT is just … death! What a gorgeous man…. absolutely edible!

    I feel bad for Emma Roberts and the whole twittah drama. I think it would shame Rob that a pretty harmless exchange resulted in cyberbullying and the poor girl deleting her account. I did not like her one bit but I did not and would never send her or anyone for that matter a hate tweet/email, etc. PSA: just don’t send a tweet to someone with stuff that you would not say to their faces! It’s kind of sickening to see all the hate that’s been going back an forward between some people in twittah (steps down of box)

    OK, back to Robilicious! Honey, you were pure WIN and had me BEAMING and SMILING the whole interview. Even when I could not see you but heard you laughing! I slept in peace with love in my heart after that. Thanks again for doing it and showing us the magnificent guy you are.

    Much love to all here! and Moon….LOVE the glasses!!!! You look HAWT!

  2. Carolamex says:

    Dean=Bodyguard/agent security blanket!

  3. Cath says:

    WOW Moon! Lucky you! You’re my personal hero for chatting with Mr. Pattinson Sr. Yay you! Think of us when you’re sitting under the Christmas tree this year in Barnes! 🙂

    Dear Rob,

    Your parent’s rock and your mom is so pretty.
    Never stop bringing them around! You guys are a great package deal.
    Much better than the Bradey’s too. 😉



  4. Amanda says:

    Do you now wonder (and maybe someone has in the comments…I haven’t read them all) how KShrew rubs the ‘rents with her profanity, lack of gratitude and graciousness in her written interviews? An LTR girl once brought up how she seems to have multiple personalities from her written interviews to her TV appearances. I think her written interviews are less about being “on”…you know less “performance.” She says she can’t act when she’s not acting, but that’s garbage. In those TV interviews, seen my millions, that’s an act. The written interviews, read probably by significantly less people, are more about The Shrew just speaking her mind. And that’s when you get the rude, sullen, anti-social and ungrateful Kristen…cuz that’s her. Like, for real. TV is acting for her, and she can act nice…but when you are just sitting around talking to her, you see who she is. And can you imagine the reaction from Pa Pattinson at this point?

    Dear Rob,
    I’ve given this quite a bit of thought. Truly. I want you to know that this isn’t an impulsive opinion I’m about to impart. I’m quite aware of your enormous admiration for your co-worker and friend, Ms. Stewart. You’re such a lovely boy, and caring and giving. You seem to want to see the good side of people. And this is not to say Ms. Stewart doesn’t have a good side, because I’m sure she does. But because you are my son, and I want nothing but the best for you, I urge you to reconsider your inclinations toward her. In truth, she does not have the class you have. She cannot be the right woman for you. I think of the woman your mother is, the women your sisters will someday become, and Ms. Stewart pales in comparison.

    Don’t settle my boy. The world is your oyster.

    Can’t you see it?

  5. roslynstephanieselene says:

    Holy Shitzopolous, MOON! Sooooo lucky. You should’ve done that little ‘Ross Report:The moment you can see my dream coming true’ he did last night before Rob came out. Hahhahaha! I love Ross. =0)
    P.S: I now have a love/hate relaysh(<—Ted C made me do it) with you.
    P.P.S: I don't read Ted C anymore. I promise =)

  6. originally_au says:

    I lurve Rob’s Dad! I wanna have a Team Rob’s Dad shirt printed that says “Be a gentleman” on the back. —>

  7. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    I was thinking how confident Rob was this time around compared to the first time he was on J-Leno (although smoking HOT at that time too) and my “evil streak” was sooooo happy when he put the Emma girl in her place, SO happy! I also think like the rest of you how utterly, utterly wonderful that he loves and respects his parents. They really did a wonderful job!
    Robs done a lot of great interviews this week – some real gold nuggets out there. Loved what he said about souls and heaven and good people amongst some of the other stuff he said. The boy has a good heart – and I love that!
    Moon, what a way to go! Total win!! Dick looks so happy and you look GREAT! Good luck with the Meyer interview (give her my love and greetings from Sweden) – have fun!

  8. Lumedog says:

    AWE-some! Moon, you lucky-ass biotch! Dick (okay, so Clare calls him Rich, but I’m sticking with your name for him) is so adorable! And now we can see proof that Rob does NOT get his brows from mom! Haha!
    Loved his interview, he looked gorgeous, of course, and your experience was like the Pattin-cherry on top!

  9. Pam R says:

    I have never laughed so hard at a post! I feel like I know UC and Moon, therefore, in my head, I know someone who’s hugged & entertained the guy who fathered The Precious! (I promise it makes sense in my head…)

  10. Dionrenee says:

    Ok, so here I am the late blogger, the show was fabulous, I actually commented on it last night ..while it was on…me and my West Coast buddy Robsfuturemate…Moon, u lucky, lucky bee-otch..but I say that with love…Rob was at his best on that interview, I love the little dig he gave Emma,,,,too funny

  11. MsLiss says:

    WOW!! now i know you’ve wanted to meet Big Daddy Lautner for a while now but this is EPIC WIN!! for sure.. This is special ..they don’t even live in the US and you managed one on one timewith Dick..Just brills..**fangirl moment*

  12. YeahIguessIam says:

    I may or may not have had a Twilight moment recently. I belong to this charity organization that recently elected a new president. She gave her first speech to the 300+ member group the other day in which she announced that this year’s charity ball theme would be “Casino Royale” (prom theme from Twilight, right?) and then she described several people as “dazzling” or talked about how they had “dazzled” her. She must have said some variation of the word “dazzle” like ten times. I don’t recall “dazzle” being specifically a Twilight thing but it is a vampire word, right? Anyway, I think she may be a fan. Or am I just so off the rails on the Twilight thing that I will read it into anything?? There is no way I’m asking her.

  13. Rob's Bitch says:

    Hey moon, now if anyone tells you “you don’t know dick!” you can now reply “why yes, yes I do.

    You look like Ashley Green in this photo. Gorgeous! I think you should forward a copy of the photo to Stephanie or Nick and say that Papa Pattinson had requested it.

  14. robsfuturemate says:

    The Late Night Blogger is now able to comment after watching the show with my mom!! She loved it, she has a thing for Rob’s mum and now, I think for his dad! Best. Interview. Ever.

    Quotes from Dick: “gestures are very important.”
    “vulgar celebrities”

    My interpretations:

    Dear Rob, your girlfriend needs to watch what she does and remember that she’s in the limelight.
    Dear Rob, I better not see YOU use any of the gestures that your “friends” use! You are a gentleman.

    • The Old One says:

      I hope Kristen’s feeling properly chagrinned.

    • Amanda says:

      You got to bear in mind though, it was ROB who selected those emails to read out loud. His father sent them, and probably many, many more than couldn’t in any way be interpreted as having anything to do with The Shrew, but ROB picked those two out to read on Leno.

      Things that make you go hmmmm.

      I’m starting to think it was a subtle dig toward The Shrew, or a little “I’m just saying…without actually saying” way of giving her advice (because he’s scared of her) or an effort to separate himself a little from the MADNESS that is her style of promoting a movie (WTF!!!).

      You think the lust is wearing off??? Trouble in paradise??? Oh, is this what she means when she says “picking up every scrap” being even worse? Prolly.

      Oh well, I live to push the buttons. 3, 2, 1… Muahhhhahahahahah.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Amanda- I’ve actually been thinking about that ALL day! Why did he choose those particular emails?? I hope the Shrew is getting the message!!

  15. Amber says:

    Absolutely fantastic and I am SO jealous!!! Maybe he’s telling Rob, “I met the nicest young lady outside the studio and she asked for a picture with me.” LOL We all shall continue to live vicariously through Moon!

  16. Pattygirl says:

    Dear Moon,

    A friend of mine tweet your pic and Dick, and I thought at first that it was you. You lucky girl, did you get his email address? You shd ask him to share his emails to Rob here. and the site shd be rename ; Emails to Rob!

    Love Rob at Leno, it was beautiful talking about his parents, he is very close to his dad its seems.

    Forget ER, Edward/Rob has all those awesome A list celebrities on his side (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Bryce Dallas, Christine Aquilerra etc). Jacob can have the sloppy seconds. Wink wink

    Jaden Smith (Karate Kid) just said that he is Team Edward om Lopez! He definitely has good taste.

  17. Pattygirl says:

    I just want to make it clear to MP, that his parents/family are present only when Rob has a premiere coming up. Otherwise its Rob who goes home when he is on holiday/break.

    And Dick should publish his emails to Rob title “Emails to my Son” pronto because they are awesome!

  18. FreakyBella says:

    That story was AWESOME!!! Rob’s dad is AWESOME!!!

  19. Bella_NaA says:

    Oh my mothereffin GAWD the best things happen around here exactly on the days when I’m not around to check it! Gah! Rob’s parents sound so so so cute!
    And let’s be honest here… if Dick worked out a bit, he’d be one delicious silver fox. Just sayin’. And Clare is gorgeous! No wonder they produced Rob.
    /end rant

  20. agusap says:

    SO MUCH WIN AND EPICNESS, I’m speechless

    ps. Moon, you’re my hero. I’m so jealous I’d hate you if you weren’t so awesome

  21. […] to pour over the hours of Stephenie Meyer interview tapes or try to figure out how to hack into your parents GPS system so it routes them right to my front door. They’ll have a lot of fun, trust me. I have a bbq […]

  22. twiprof says:

    I think that maybe Dick and Clare are trying to help their kid so they wont be 2nd hand embarrassed…..

    Moon….absolutely amazing!

  23. GivingRobSomeLoving says:

    Dear Moon,

    I HATE YOU. It’s over. I can’t read your posts anymore. How dare you get tickets to Leno when Rob was there and not invite me (what’s that? I’m a month late on this comment? don’t rub it in!)?!

    Naw, I’m kidding. I actually kind of love you. But seriously. Next time invite me. I don’t care that we’ve never met, just invite me. (: <3

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  25. nettie says:

    I am SO LATE to this party, but had to comment (do you even get comments this late?!) and express my absolute AWE that you MET Dick & Clare! How cool is that. They are possibly the most attractive parents I’ve ever seen (I think Dick is attractive in a strange, much older man way, and Clare is just smokin’, no doubt about it!); no wonder together they made the world’s first perfect male specimen. 🙂

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