Rob writes a new song- dear Lord I hope not…

Dear Rob,

About 3 things I am absolutely positive:

First, you are a decent musician. Second, there is a part of you, and I’m not sure how prevalent this part is, that has the potential to write really bad music- like we’re talking open mic night at the Joe’s Java bad. And third, you were unconditionally and irrevocably drunk if you wrote the following song:

“Falling in Love” written by Rob Pattinson or possibly the writer who writes Bieber songs, you choose

If you’re sitting comfortably then let me begin.
I want to tell you a tale about the mess that I’m in.
And it all starts with a girl.
And shes breaking up my whole world.

Shes got this big green eyes, and there as wide as the moon.
They can take you to bed without you leavin’ the room.
I would kill just to be her man,
but she’s too cool to give a damn.

I’m falling in love for the last time
I’m falling in love forever and ever.
Falling in love with a girl that ain’t mine
I’m falling in love for the last time.

She makes me feel like a king,
she makes me feel like a freak
She plays on me because she knows that I’m weak
And she knows just what to say, just to brighten up my day.

So now I’m feeling sick,
and shes still having fun
I guess she thinks that I’m thick, or maybe a little dumb
But it makes no use to me,
I’m a fool for misery.

I’m falling in love for the last time
I’m falling in love forever and ever.
Falling in love with a girl that ain’t mine
I’m falling in love for the last time.

I’m falling in love with a girl…

I’m falling in love for the last time
I’m falling in love forever and ever.
Falling in love with a girl that ain’t mine
I’m falling in love for the last time…..

I prefer to stay in my little world where you write good songs and not cliché, cheesy love songs that seem penned by someone no older than 12 years old. The only reasons I’m willing to accept that you did indeed write this song for an unknown female is that Dick got you a rhyming dictionary for your birthday and you were testing it out, you wrote this song for someone you hate or you bought a case of Heineken and downed it by yourself.

But inside me there is this little nagging fear that this is, in fact, what your songs sound like and we’ve just never noticed before because when you sing them you generally have “the mumbles,” thus masking any 12 year old penned lyrics that might be behind the tune.

Don’t get me wrong- I love a great love song just as much as the next girl- I just like my love songs to not be so obvious. I mean, let’s take The Beatle’s “I’ve just seen a face” for instance. It’s basically the same theme as the song you supposedly wrote- boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy writes a song. Except, instead saying “Hey I met you – you’re a girl and you have hazel eyes with red hair and double D breasts and I fell for you but you suck and won’t let me have you or get you” they just say all that with a few simple words: “Falling, yes I am falling And she keeps calling me back again.” Or what about one of my very favorites of all time? “Dance me to your love” By Leonard Cohen: “Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin. Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in. Touch me with your naked hand or touch me with your glove. Dance me to the end of love .” Sigh… now that’s a love song!

So to ease my mind & get to the bottom of “Did Rob Pattinson write this cheesy song and therefore isn’t as cool as I thought he was,” I’ve decided to come up with a list of proof you DID or did NOT pen this song, after the jump

Proof you wrote the song: Kristen is hardcore and you gave this song away. Clearly you realized the cheese would not impress her.

Proof you didn’t write the song: TomStu’s eyes are blue- not green

Proof you wrote the song: You love Van Morrison… who has some great deep cryptic songs… but also has some straight up cheesy love songs

Proof you didn’t write the song: Because in 2008 you supposedly had that romance with (omg I’m about to barf) Nikki Reed. And this didn’t end up on the internet before now, so clearly she never heard it.

Proof you may have written the song: You write raps, and even rappers write ballads every once in a while.

Proof you didn’t write the song: “Aint” ain’t in your vocabulary

Proof you wrote the song: When performed by Lee McDougall the song has a beachy-feel. You’re known to like music that goes against your white boy, upper-class London bred persona- Eminem… and now Jimmy Buffet!

Proof you did not write the song: You write raps … however… this rapper ballad never once mentioned a “boo” or “shortie” or “illegitimate child” or “bitch” or “hoes” or “baby mama”

Proof you didn’t write the song: Kstew is still with you, so she never heard it….

THANKFULLY someone beat me to the punch & made a Robsten video to this song already. Not that I wouldn’t have loved creating one, Believe me, I would have, but because I’m really busy right now. I have to floss tonight:

Sigh.. it’s  almost as good as Bieber!


So I didn’t make this up. This song, sung by some dude supposedly friends with Lizzy Pattinson, was supposedly penned by Rob. I can’t believe it. Not because it’s Robsten, but because it’s an AWFUL song and I judge Rob if he really wrote it. So I choose to believe he didn’t. What do YOU think!?

And here is a treat- One of my fav new duos, The Civil Wars, singing “Dance me to the end of Love” By Leonard Cohen:

Thanks to Calliopeblabs for the help. And photoshopping this & making my night:

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112 Responses to “Rob writes a new song- dear Lord I hope not…”

  1. Jess says:

    That song is truly terrible.
    Calli’s photoshopping, on the other hand? Legendary. The pic screams “we’re out and not ashamed.” Ha!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      loved the pic!! I’m pretty sure I heard Rob say he was Team Jacob!! And he does go on and on about how wonderful Taylor is…

    • Someone from the Trinity read your comment and downthumbed you. Either:
      Rob- for the song review
      TayTay – you know he doens’t appreciate Robler jokes
      KStew – she’s jealous, she wants Robsten back. Though if the song was inspired by Nikki R. she probably gave you a thumb up.

  2. Stacey says:

    I would prefer a dirty rap tune to those lyrics.

    I would bet he wrote it when he was, I don’t know, 13 after a little girl broke up with him at the school dance. I would know, because I wrote things like that when I as 13. But, I had sense to shred them and toss them in the trash.

    I do wonder if he had that sexy, bluesy voice when he was 13 or he squeaked between every other word.

    That Civil Wars song is good. Nice pick!

  3. PinkDolphin says:

    I may have to reevaluate my fondness if Rob truly wrote this. However, I don’t think he did. I just refuse to believe it. It says girl like 47 times. Rob would never use the same word that many times, right? Please god let me right. He has demonstrated a much better vocabulary than that.

    I would believe that Taylor wrote it though. 🙂


    PS. Dear Rob, why did I watch Jimmy Kimmel last night? You said like five words the whole time. Let’s face it, I don’t really care what anyone else has to say. Except for PFach. I have a fondness for him as well. He can get compassionate all up on me any time. No worries, I heart you more.

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  5. What I think is that I sometimes overate him then he says something stupid and then I remember the awsomeness that is my bf.
    Like defending KStew: if stupid people on line wouldn’t bring all the hate, the rape thing wouldn’t have been a big deal. I’m the contrary of over-sensitive politically correct people, but this is just about logics and reasoning. Oh not to mention that KStew practically contradicted the previous press release. Again this is not about the subject, but srsly, “technically” speaking, is this stupid or is this stupid?

    What were we talking about? Oh yeah, I don’t think he wrote the Justin Bieber lyrics, Not even TayTay would write that (proof: there is no food pack reference)

    • Stacey says:

      I agree with you! I might “tease” Kristen, but it’s out of some weird love and sister issues. But, her statement was taken WAY too seriously. I remember the stuff I said when I was 20, that was alot worse. Actually, things I said last week.

    • @Stacey
      I kinda said the contrary of what you understood, but obviously not clear.
      I think her Elle comment was the less stupid of the whole story, because it was the only spontaneuous thing. The rest (PR not checking Elle interview, press release more administrative then the Queen, KStew contradicting said press release and posing as a victim once more and Rob saying it’s controversial because people pointed it out) all this seems more stupid to me because they had the time to think and it didn’t come out of the blue. Just my opinion.

      • Stacey says:

        I get what your saying! :0) It’s taking me a little while to make sense of things today. I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning and have been up since 3 am.

      • Robjunkie says:

        Totes agree with you. His statement was a tad ill-conceived. She apologised in her press release and they should’ve just left it at that instead of bitching about it. I’m not pc myself, but the fact is her comment was controversial, the media did blow it up, cause that’s what they do. Apologising was the right thing to do PR-wise. Now STFU.

      • undecidedsten says:

        does it make me a really sad/fickle person that i like him a teeny bit less for trying to defend her…. ya .. ok then

        but 1. in fairness there’s been far worse said in the media by celebrities but when you have such a bad rapport with the media and when your job is basically dependent on what people think of you, you should think before you speak.
        2. given its such a sensitive subject of course sexual abuse organisations were going to be all over it, maybe i totally misread it (i read a bit of the interview on robsesessed,) but rob calling it like thats a bad thing that they would use it to reaise awareness seems a bit i dunno disingenuous.
        3. she had apologised just leave it at that.
        4. why rob why her explain it seriously why ………

    • Oh, and may I add that Rob said Tom Cruise handled fame and succes so well for so long? bwhahahahaha

      • robgirl86 says:

        lol, yeah, that was really awkward, but let’s face it, you can’t say something different when you still wanna work in the industry..

        PLUS (and I think that’s more important) Rob never talks bad about people at all!

        • Myeah, I would have stuck to “it was cool/funny/… meeting him” or anything else but the one obvious ridiculous thing aka lifetime appreciation. I bet he had a “WTF did I say” moment.

          • agusap says:

            haha sometimes I wonder how many “wtf did I say?” moments in a day.

            And it’s so true that he never ever speaks bad of anyone, you can tell he’s always trying to be nice when he’s asked about other people, I bet that was one of Dick’s advice

        • robgirl86 says:

          right at the last second of the video it’s clear that he doesn’t really know what to say……so he just said something nice…

        • mountainlion says:

          RG, you nailed it.
          He never says anything bad about people.

  6. Catherine says:

    No way did he write this.If he’d written this prepubescent drivel for KStew,she’d have died laughing/beaten the crap out of him for the public humiliation, either way it would not have ended well. And since she’s still with him, he clearly either writes her meaningful,tortured poet songs or just downloads good songs by proper artists to her ipod,like any sane sensible boyfriend,who really,really doesn’t want her to attend tonights’premiere, wearing his danglies as earrings.

  7. Michelle says:

    Okay wow. Seriously? And it was written in 2008? When the Stew was still with the Herb? Hmmm…AAACKKK! So he was pining then? IF he wrote this? Pre-Robsten love sick drunk guy lyrics? I guess at least it rhymes.

    Wow. So weird, so cute and so lame all at once.

    My head hurts…going to watch Eclipse trailers to make me happy again.

    • Stacey says:

      I’m sticking with he “found” it again in 2008. Probably in a Transformers Trapper Keeper along with some bad poetry school projects.

    • misty says:

      @Michelle: bwahahahahah:: “My head hurts…going to watch Eclipse trailers to make me happy again”

      May I join you? b/c you said the word ‘pining’…that sucked.

  8. Nelle says:

    Maybe this could begin to make up for the potential (we don’t know for sure yet) bad song. Didn’t catch Jimmy Kimmel’s show but I’m trying to catch up on YouYube. In this clip, (as someone else pointed out- I can’t take the credit for noticing it) watch Kristen nervously shaking her leg. Rob is sitting with his legs quite a bit distant and then at the 2:50 mark, he very deliberately moves his leg and presses it up against Kristen’s leg. She immediatley calms down. *sigh* A preview of the leg hitch. *puddles and drools*

    • Michelle says:


      Um, I’m mostly don’tgiveacrapsten…

      But that was SO sweet. Like he was calming her down. Wow. Did I say that yet? I’m squeeing on the inside…can he BE any sweeter?!?!


    • Just me says:

      I’m a nonsten but that there is pretty cute, he totally notices she’s about to bounce nervously out of the seat, bumps ankles and she stops. Ahhh

    • Rob4Deb says:

      OMG that is the sweetest thing, and I’m an undecidedsten! He totes did that on purpose, Rob never seems to sit with his legs that far apart, he always seems to have his legs crossed as far as I can remember. Oh imagine if he was your BF …how thoughtful he must be and boy I bet he looks after your “needs” ahem!

      And My god that song! Nooo!!!

      • Rob4Deb says:

        Forgot to say LOVE The Civil Wars singing that song – not heard of either before but a definite win! thank you.

      • undecidedsten says:

        “OMG that is the sweetest thing, and I’m an undecidedsten!”

        aw i wish i still was happy days

        but no seriously that melted by small black nonsten heart.

    • Donna says:

      Hey, I did notice his legs kind of spread there but didn’t even think it was to maybe “calm” her down. Good point there!!

  9. Jamie says:

    Even though I don’t totally agree with what he said in EW, I can’t really blame him for it. It’s his girlfriend, you know? I think one is allowed to be indignant and even a little illogical on her behalf. And had he been more diplomatic, I think I might have found it a bit wussy on his part. I guess what I’m saying is that I love that he defended her so strongly, even if I think his logic was flawed. It shows the type of guy he is that he basically threw himself out there to be torn apart right next to her.

    Also, after the first initial line about the media, I really think he was speaking more generally. Like about him having to read everyday about a new role he’s supposedly begging for, just so dozens of blogs can have a new reason to rant about how untalented and unworthy he is. Or about him having to read about what an unprofessional diva he is, all on the word of one blogger who’s openly hated on him for over a year.

  10. Lindelle says:

    The only way I’d buy that Rob wrote this is if the Britpack was jamming in Dick&Clare’s basement some night and held an impromtu “terrible love song” contest. Rob’s horrible ballad narrowly lost to Bobby’s rendition of “Plaid Heart, Ugly Soul.” (TomStu felt voting for Rob would be too much of a give-away.)

  11. misty says:

    Proof Rob didn’t write the song: I have brown eyes, not green. The End.

  12. misty says:

    Proof Rob didn’t write the song: I have brown eyes, not green. The End.

    *dough:: typo on my email address again

  13. dazzledtodeath says:

    Maybe Lizzie gave the guy singing it one of Rob’s preteen diaries and he saw this song and though “Eureka! this is going to be HUGE…” and rushed off to record it. There’s probably more where that came from.

    Do you believe in destined love? Maybe, but it’s not Robsten jackass.

    Someone make a video of Rob and Taylor to some cheesy love song please. Now there’s a couple I can ship.

  14. dazzledtodeath says:

    But Misty, I have green eyes.

  15. misty says:

    Dear Rob,

    Remember when I said I would be disappointed if Robsten was for realz because I said she hasn’t inspired you to write anything and controls you instead….this ‘song’ was NOT what I was talking about.

    Give your head a shake boy (I can do that for you, hehe)

  16. melronin says:

    Dear Rob
    I choose to believe that you did not write this…absolutely….amazing (what did you think I would
    call it?) kindergardenlovesong!
    I also choose to believe that if by any chance it just slipt into your brain when you were in kindergarden and
    you just remembered it in 2008 and for memories sake you put it on paper…for some girl…you would never make…never ever make….
    a big deal out of it…like give it actually to some friend to sing it!


    PS and for the record UC you died me!
    Here is the original…I hope it works…

  17. che says:

    i haven’t read the post yet again but i’ll for sure
    just this news got my attention

    • melronin says:

      Haahaa…che…Vlad and Alexander the Great too!!!
      Didn’t you know sista???
      OMG…what the baby has in his DNA!

      • che says:

        i didn’t know The Great Alex.
        by the way @mel i’m living in the stupitest country in the world that some idiot officials and peeps have problem with google and utube so i’m (everyone)banned from holy utube these days and havin trouble get connect many times cuz they are like changing and inhibit every IP, DNS stuff bla bla bla and driving me CRAZY

        could u (or anybody else)send the original link or the name of the video cuz i realy wanna hear that song

    • hahaha
      Che you know that living almost cross the street from Vlad the Impaler makes 100000 times more related to him than Rob. That or I’m the Queen’s sister.

      I’m sorry to hear about the You Tube story, unbelivable, what is this, China? Boo!!!! Hope things will work out fine!xx

      • che says:

        maybe RG can be Queen’s sis since she is more German than English 🙂

        China?i don’t know if it’s Chine or S.Arabia .it’s just a huge SHAME!!!!..u can’t imagine it’s more than a year now since utube has closed but smart peeps did find solutions before.. but now they are going further and doing everything they can do to stop all access’.it’s just insane that some people take offence about something and suits utube and God know’s where in a small town a small Court desides to close it and than whole country suffers .and our chauvinist PM says i’m using it, there are ways, do the same ..ıhhhh i hate him and whole Goverment…sorry i’m just too angry and sensitive about all forbidden things..
        @mel i was talking about supposely Rob’s luv song

    • xylem108.9 says:

      I love Rob, because just as I am about to forget why I love him does stuff like this:

      When told by a reporter who was way too old to be at the Eclipse premiere of this new ancestry finding Rob put on his most mischievous looking smile and uttered the words “I secretly always knew it. I’ve always FELT like the impaler” and then he waited for the reaction that never came. As if naughty fanfic wasn’t bad enough, now I gotta think of the real Rob imaging himself impaling… people. *sigh*

      As for the song. I don’t think he wrote it and I am no a Robsten shipper, but I kinda wish he did. There is just something sexy about a guy who is willing to make a fool of himself for a girl. Remember John Cusack holding the boombox above his head in “Say Anything”?… The title of which oddly also fits this the lyrics of this song.

  18. Robsessedx2 says:

    First… I can’t bring myself to actually listen to what I’m sure will be undeniable confirmation of HHH totes “awesome” songwriting capabilities… *cough*areufukingkiddingme?*cough*!!!!

    Second… I outright guffawed at the Jay-Rob cover! GREAT great photoshipping… and while I would sooo hate to find out that Rob does have V-jay “allergies” … it makes a very strangely funny cover.

  19. robsfuturemate says:

    Dear Rob,
    If these are your lyrics…the mumbles work for you. We all listen to your throaty voice the first time anyway. It takes us a few listenings to get to the lyrics!


    P.S. “falling in love with a girl that ain’t mine.” Maybe your re-releasing this cause you and Stew have broken up! (really I’m an idon’tgiveacrapsten!! no jealousy, absofreakin none!)

  20. kandnandb says:

    That song sounds like a Monkees song that would eventually be used in a commercial for Nair or Popsicles or Cedar Point (an amusement park in OH). I hope to God Rob did NOT write that but if he did (as a 12 year old who thought it was cool to write b/c it contains the word “damn”), then I’ll ruffle his hair and pat his cheek in a little bit of a patronizing way, say “Oh Rob dear, you silly!” then proceed to fuck the lyrics out of his and my head.

    • kandnandb says:

      PS-““Hey I met you – you’re a girl and you have hazel eyes with red hair and double D breasts and I fell for you but you suck and won’t let me have you or get you”

      OK, who knows what I look like ’cause that describes me almost to a T!!! *looks around nervously*

  21. Robjunkie says:

    Oh dear Lord. Say it ain’t so! LMAO and cringing.

  22. Stacey says:

    Yikes! There’s a whole lotta thumbs downing going on here. Somebody either really likes this song or Rob is really not happy about us cracking jokes about his musical stylings. Which makes me say to Rob…”Hey mister, get back to work. Rosie the elephant is waiting to give you some elephant kisses.”

  23. queenie says:

    Don’t listen to them Rob, sweetie. I like the song. You can sing it to me anytime. 😉

  24. agusap says:

    There’re many coincidences that point out he might have written the song, but the scientist in my refuses to believe so until we get a solid confirmation. So, unless Lee McDougall admits to have taken the lyrics out of Rob’s trash it will only be another “perfect” song for a robsten video.
    On another note… am I the only one who found it a little catchy? *gulps* I’ve only listened to it twice on Tuesday and then yesterday I started singing out of nowhere “I’m falling in love for the la-ah-ah-st time”. Then I went: ” Wait where do I know that song from?… Oh. Oh! Oooooh…”

    • southernbelle says:

      I posted before listening to the song, I just read the lyrics the first time. I think it’s catchy too, I’m a big Beatles fan and it sort of sounds like it(the tune). That’s my opinion. I think the lyrics are romantic, the part about:

      “I’m falling in love for the last time, I’m falling in love forever…”

      I always like songs that talk about pining for someone that they can’t have, trust me I know the feeling.

      My 2 cents!

    • alyxmaz says:

      I agree, it’s super catchy. I’ve listened to it twice and can already tell it’s going to be stuck in my head all day.

      I have to admit that I think it’s adorkable and that’s what I love about Rob. Part of me kinda hopes it’s for real.

      • agusap says:

        yeah, part of my wants it to be real too. Not because of the song, or because it was written for her ( let me say i have absolutely nothing against them, I love them!) but because he’s so adorable he felt the need to write a love song to a girl. I mean, if a guy wrote me a song, no matter how cheesy it was it would earn him some points.

        • agusap says:

          that should say “part of me” not “my”
          ugh, I can’t believe I did it again, what is wrong with me today?

  25. Keisha says:

    I’m listening to the song and trying not to puke on my spreadsheet. That would be a wasteful use of paper.

    I like the idea of the song… falling in love for the last time is very sweet. UC- please have Mr. UC rewrite the song for your next anniversary or for when Rob meets the #LegHitch2010 gals.

    • pumagirlsf says:


      That song sucks and sounds like something a 9th grader would write while sitting up on the grass hill at lunch time strumming his new acoustic guitar his parents bought him for his birthday.

      I mean, no offense to those who like those lyrics, but I think Rob is way too talented and immensely intelligent to write such inane, rhyming drivel a la any 90’s boy band.

  26. southernbelle says:

    I missed you ladies yesterday! RL is just taking over.

    Anyway, love this post! I have no idea if he did or didn’t, hmm, I guess I’m ok if he did? I have to sit on this, it’s so early here, haven’t had anything to eat yet and I’m already here. Maybe I’ll wait til he confirms he wrote it.

    I love that mag cover of Rob and Tay! Hilarious!OK I’m jealous now! LOL

    Dear Rob,

    This is OT but the the past few days I’ve been bombarded by images of you lounging on a hammock with your long legs splayed out, sigh. And yesterday photos of you wearing a gray hoodie and your eyes looking like endless pools of water. Sigh. You are beautiful and fascinating.

    I am so overwhelmed, bothered and giddy like a schoolgirl!


  27. robgirl86 says:

    I don’t know if Rob wrote that song for a green-eyed girl, BUT I know he actually wrote this one

    I know that because I heard that the lyrics were given some years ago from Rob to Tom who actually is a close friend of one of the cast members! (Dipsy…or PO, I can’t remember…)


  28. haha that EW cover. I was like, seriously? WTF? Rob and Taylor posing like they are Blair and Serena…or Marissa and Summer..or…yeah you get the idea..I love Rob but the way he is smiling with his eyes cast downward, WHILE posing that way with Taylor…is just plain wrong..smh.

    Love the magazine name.

  29. whiplashes says:

    Thanks for the Denialsten brain bleach reminding me how much I love ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’

    Madeleine Peyroux does a great version
    ( and you get to watch a fountain in this one….)

  30. Mrs. P says:

    OMG. He totally wrote this.
    I’m going to go stop playing it over and over again now.

  31. Susie says:

    OMG ~ I just hope he did NOT write it. lol

    Also, that magazine cover manip is too funny. 🙂

  32. Susie says:

    Oh — and HERE is a beautiful love song — Wedding Ring by The Hard Lessons …. *sigh*

  33. Judy says:

    Well, I loved the song – and the rendition of it by Lee Macdougall. I thought it was adorable.

    I guess I just have poor taste in music, but that’s fine by me if it means I can get to enjoy this little number which may or may not have been written by Rob. Not everything has to be deep and cryptic. Some of the simplest songs are the most enduring.

    • originally_au says:

      I agree and don’t think it’s a bad song either. I don’t know whether I’m qualified to judge whether or not it’s something Rob would’ve written, but I do hope the rumor wasn’t started by someone just to exploit his name and sell the song though.

  34. Aleisha says:

    Dear Rob,
    I am willing to forgive you if you wrote this song because, thanks to the latest pics of you in the grey hoodie, my husband has never had more sex in his life. You are so yummy and you can sing this to me naked anytime. Note that I said NAKED.
    Waiting, Aleisha

    P.S. If this really was for KStew, uh, stop trying so hard dude.

  35. Keisha says:

    I’m pretty sure he wrote it for Rosie/Tai last week.
    ^^CLICK THAT^^

  36. misty says:

    looks like schools out early:: thumbsdown=your lame, take a hint “we’re NORMAL peeps”

  37. The Old One says:

    I can’t decide if Rob would write something like that or not. UC, your arguments are persuasive. I actually went and looked up the lyrics to other known Rob songs. “I’ll Be Your Lover Too” is kind of light and cheesy, but the others are more . . . how shall I say . . . trying-to-be-Van-Morrison-but-not-succeeding-ish. The most complex song is “Let Me Sign” but I believe that was actually written by one of the other Britpack guys. And why would this Lee McDougall guy agree to record this song under his own name if it’s not his, since he states that all his songs are his own? Many questions. Few answers.

    • robgirl86 says:

      … and if he really wrote the song ( and I highly doubt that, cause too “literally” and not really “poetic”) …why and why should he given away such a personal thing?
      And why does this come out after more than one year?

      • The Old One says:

        I don’t know why I’m getting all CSI about this. I read somewhere Lizzy Pattinson has a twitter account. If I can find it I might actually join the 21st century and open an account just so I can ask her the question, since she is the link in this mystery!

    • Donna says:

      I looked up Lee’s songs and this wasn’t posted as one of his that he wrote, it actually said from Lee: this song came about thru a close friend of mine. One site said that it was thru Llizzy Pattinson, so who knows for sure?

  38. Cath says:

    Rob, Rob, Rob, if you are going to write about green eyes, than at least do it well:

    (No chance in hell you wrote that song, it would be way to hard to mumble your way trough…And in the 0.0000001% chance you DID wrote that, I’m calling of our imaginary engagement! 😉 )

  39. Vera says:

    Dear Rob,

    You did a great job with Edward, I would say that you and Edward were born for each other, since Kstew and Bella were not even introduced to each other.

    Cute Kid, that your possible girlfriend does not deserve your shame. She is obnoxious, rude and difficult. May I give you an experienced woman’s advice? Follow your life, forget the little world twilight.

  40. che says:

    i remember watching his HTB interview and him saying how Art has no talent and me thought ;this is cruel he has talent,so Rob u think u got more talent so show us..

    but Rob babe even though i don’t wanna say anything before making sure everything buttt if it’s yours i guess u can’t call Art talentless
    and also even if u wrote that song it’ll be definetly stolen from your trash cuz i belive u are trying to write some good ones and skratchin so many things so this was just one of them who ended up in a dust bin right?

  41. […] LTT.And Rob- WEAR SOMETHING REALLY DELICIOUS!Xo,UC & Moon/**/ Oh, we DID write a letter today. Check it hereand as always…Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter, The Store   […]

  42. twiprof says:

    my heart indeed breaks for this kid….whether he wrote the song or not….looking at the compilation of pictures that UC put the song to….I kinda want to cry. Look at the way he looks at her! and then that Jimmy Kimmel clip where his leg touches hers….wow.
    Robsten lives

  43. raven4mi says:

    Thank you for sharing “Dance Me To The End Of Love” – how have I never heard that song??? I think that should be the song that Bella and Edward have their first dance to in “Breaking Dawn”.

    No comment on the alleged Rob song.

    • it’s gorgeous isn’t it? The original sounds MUCH different- so maybe you heard that. but The civil wars are SO good! Check out their other stuff!

      • raven4mi says:

        Yes, very – sad and sweet and hauntingly beautiful. I watched both videos – Civil Wars and Leonard Cohen – both different but wonderful in their own ways. Then I checked out the song on wiki – because I’m nerdy that way – and was touched by the origins of the song. Thanks again for the intro to it!

  44. MsLiss says:

    LOL oh dear @Calliopeblabs you’ve made my day! They look very ‘cute’ together.. 😉

  45. stella says:

    Am i missing something? What’s with all the KStew hate? Could it possibly be jealousy?? Competition?? No way, that is just too absurd! Think if she was out of the way you might actually have a chance with Rob?? Enjoy the entertainment folks and give up the hate! Could it just be sarcasm? Sorry if i am just not gettin it, but these catty comments really turn me off. Also the song…ok, I get that you all think it is sooo lame, but I don’t think anyone of you would mind Rob singing it to you!

  46. Pattygirl says:

    its just the obsesive delusion robsten shippers thinking everything twilight

  47. lazy twigirl says:

    Wow, I thought this was a Rob fan site not “hate” site. So many haters!
    What’s wrong with that song? I like it and it for sure is about Kristen if Rob really did write it IMO.
    If Rob sang it it would sound totes diff and more of his style (slurring of words) and everyone would be loving it! I love them together! GO ROBSTEN!!

    • Nope- not a fan site- there’s plenty of those. Not a hate site- just a blog- we love rob, we laugh at rob, we want to do bad things to rob, and we have fun all the while. This is a place for honest opinions. You like robsten & the song- cool! I hate the song & think it’s weird. Robsten, though, I ship. Do you wanna Photoshop them on a bear skin rug in front of a fire together!????

    • agusap says:

      Clearly you haven’t read all the comments, and it’s okay there’re so many, it’s completely understandable. There’re those who actually liked the song. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and music taste. And we are not haters, we’re just criticizing a song that may or may not have been written by Rob, not “hating” Rob. Besides, just because we’re his fans doesn’t mean we have to worship every single thing he does.

  48. agusap says:

    sigh… hate this, hate that… I don’t know, “hate” is such a strong word and we use it so freely lately. Why can’t we just say “I don’t like” or “I can’t stand”? or whatever

  49. VitaminR70 says:

    Holy shit UC that Leonard Cohen song covered by The Civil Wars gave me goosebumps and nearly brought me to tears…amazing! You have amazing taste in music. I wish you would make me a playlist for out Twitarded pilgimage to Forks in Sept/Oct. 😉

    As for Rob writing that song….who fucking knows. He seems like he wouldn’t write something so cliche but who knows right. We think we know him but, alas, we do not.

    Love you and Moon. I don’t comment often as Twitarded is my home base but I lurk often. I am playing catch-up…must read about your encounter with Steph. Unfortunately it appears she didn’t consult with you two about her dress choice for the Premier. I know you would have never let her wear the unfortunate frock she chose.

    It’s almost Eclips time….squeeeeeee! XO

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