Sigh…I like this guy

Dear Rob,

I’ll be honest I didn’t like your haircut at first. It was too short on the sides & I have a thing against short hair. But… it’s growing out. Plus… you’re doing interviews again. And.. you’re making me laugh, a lot. In fact, I had this whole post planned where we bring back RobPorn Friday using your hot new pictures & AMAZING images from the premiere last night, but I decided to NOT because we need to discuss the article in Entertainment Weekly. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Like Old-School Rob interviews amazing. I just wanted to hang out after I read it. I’d be open to doing other stuff if we were hanging out, but hanging out is cool if that’s all you’re into.

-How do you think Eclipse ranks against the other two films?

Robert Pattinson: I don’t like it as much. {Laughs} Could you imagine if I meant that?

Also, in that tent scene, I can’t really get over the fact that the word “thought” sounds like fart.

Stewart: The word thought does not sound like fart.

Pattinson: It does.

Stewart: Maybe because you are an English person.

Good one, K! English person= awesome

Pattinson: The opening line of that scene is “Can you at least keep your farts to yourself?” I couldn’t quite get over that.

Seriously- I can’t get over this. I laughed so hard, I even made a audio clip of it:


Tell me I shouldn’t be in Harry Potter or something…

Taylor, you worked so hard to get the body for New Moon. Can you ever let it go? Are we ever going to see a paparazzi shot of you eating a dozen doughnuts?

Lautner: Yeah, hand me some of that pie. I will eat that right now.

Pattinson: I will eat the container.

Oh Rob, you’re not fooling ANY of us- we know Kristen baked you a special pie- or 3- and you ate them in the car ride over

Rob, what’s the secret to not having to take your shirt off?

Pattinson: Don’t work out. I just kept telling everyone why I needed to take my shirt off in a scene, and everyone else had to think of reasons why I shouldn’t. “No, I don’t think so — Edward is much more chaste than that.”

Pattinson: Then I’d say, “No, seriously — I would like to wear a really tight tank top and have my belly come out of the bottom. And have some sweat on it, too.”

Gah I love you

Would you guys want to star in a big franchise again?

Pattinson: It is just the promotion part, which is the hardest part. When you see your face on, like, toilet paper and stuff, that’s when you know you have to negotiate the water very carefully afterwards.

Is there toilet paper with Rob’s face on it? Cuz you know… I wouldn’t be opposed to having that in my home.. and I KNOW Mr. Choice wouldn’t mind wiping his ass with it….

Uh oh… Look what the Google found me:

That's Hot

You guys are about to start shooting the two Breaking Dawn movies back to back. You signed on to this franchise before Breaking Dawn was written. When you read it, were you thinking, How is this going to be turned into a movie?

Stewart: Yeah, definitely. What is Renesmee going to look like? Is it going to be this little teeth-baby running around? It’s going to be weird.

Pattinson: {Laughs} “Little teeth-baby.”

Ugh– you’re laughing Rob? Why. You’ve never googled “Renesmee & Edward” have you?

Click & save if you want this as your desktop background. I dare you

You kill me. And FINE.. it IS Friday, and I’m feeling generous. After the jump, enjoy RobPorn from JodieO!


Business Time:

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146 Responses to “Sigh…I like this guy”

  1. CarrieCee says:

    Oh, I totally want to go to a Twilight Night. It sounds awesome. The only Twilight Nights I have are just me… although, considering what I do on Twilight night that’s probably a good thing… Hmmm, where is my sparkly ice cold Edward vibrator anyway???
    Oh, so inappropriate.
    But you know that there really are crazies out there that have one of those. Thats not normal at all. That’s just scary.

  2. Cazza says:

    One question, which one of you had the Sharpie pen in the crowd last night?!!


  3. robgirl86 says:

    I did it again, watching Rob live and getting only 3 hours of sleep…the Rob love is really exhausting…lol

    I learned that….
    – he looked stunning, I loved the suit, only Rob can wear red!!
    – he looked dead tired….just like me this morning, so we share that today…

    and did I hear right? (cause at 4am my english is getting worse…)

    -he wants us to sleep with him?
    no problem Rob…at all! 🙂

    and of the EW interview…
    somebody(no names here) will never get his humour…

    • Cazza says:

      Your hearing is still fine!! Yep he was asked by the EOnline crew why all the hype surrounding him and in typical Rob style he said “you would just to need sleep with me to find out”. Please form a line now, behind me of course 😉

      • che says:

        “you would just to need sleep with me to find out”.

        wowowo ok Rob i ‘m dying to know

      • robgirl86 says:

        cazza, thanks for the confirmation…but hunny….I was first! hahahahahhahah…..jkjk 🙂

      • Keisha says:

        Yeah, I would to be all “yeah, I don’t get all the hype about you either. *looks bored* How can I fix that?”

        So glad I watched the eonline stream too or else I wouldn’t have believed he actually said that, RG.

        • robgirl86 says:

          Keisha, I think that was breaking news at all….hahahaha, he just reads here, so he knows that we want proof, of course always behind said dumpster!

          • Keisha says:

            I know he checks the Comments everyday to find out when we’ll get our sh*t together and really organize an LTR gathering. One stop shopping. Name the dumpster and the date, ladies!

      • cathakin says:

        he has the best humor!!
        in the same interview they asked what was his favorite nickname and he said he likes to be called ‘taylor lautner’ LOL!

      • theseviolentdelights says:

        Are there any youtube vids of this? just wondering…..not that I care at all… 😉

  4. Cam says:

    Cedric Jacket is back!

    Okay, so I know it’s not made of velvet this time, and he left the black leather pants at home (isn’t that what Rob paired the velvet jacket with?) but I seriously thought of the Cedric premiere jacket when I saw these pictures this morning.

    That’s totally normal that I can instantly recall Rob’s movie premiere outfits.

  5. natashadushi says:

    O M G I lolled about the last pic ” I lost the dadcase” WTH? first twilight-Edward ” lube” and now toiletpaper? what’s next? A showercurtain of Rob’s face? uuhhhh….never mind.

  6. robgirl86 says:

    Pattinson: Then I’d say, “No, seriously — I would like to wear a really tight tank top and have my belly come out of the bottom. And have some sweat on it, too.”

    Dear Rob,
    best idea EVER!
    MINUS the tank top!
    come as you are……


  7. superhumanmoron says:

    I’m going on a diaper run this morning. I may have to break down and finally buy a mag. with them on it. This is all kinds of awesome.

  8. misty says:

    Dear Rob,

    I continued reading the Entertainment interview on Pop Sugar and whilst defending Mullsten about how she was so attacked for her rape comment, you said people who blog are NERDS…surely you didn’t mean the refined ladies here at LTR. I know you adore us because you wore a skinny tie last night and your hair was sextacular, you did that for us, I know.


    • Amanda says:

      I thought that was just shitty. His entire dive into that situation was unnecessary and clearly not thought out. I’ve always loved Rob, but seriously, bruh, did you honestly say in that article that unless reporters INFORMED the public and rape advocacy groups that her analogy was offensive, we couldn’t have figured that out ourselves? We’re that dumb? Really?

      And this is why I dislike K-Stew. You made a mistake, and you apologized, like a big girl. Must you keep whining about it? And if memory serves, K-Stew was the first one to light the match. K-Stew was the one describing the fans excited reaction to the movies as a “psychotic” and directing profanity and abusive language and young kids for the quality of questions they asked. Stupid, and ungrateful. K-Stew threw the first punch. K-Stew rags on the fandom in every interview. K-Stew couldn’t just accept her BAFTA award without getting in a dig on the fans and “observant” they are. K-Stew started the shit and the fans reacted. And K-Stew keeps on throwing punches, every chance she gets in every interview. But she wonders aloud, ad nauseum, in every interview why the fans don’t like her, about how they just don’t seem to “get” her, about how they don’t understand her and how unfair the world is because she has no filter. We understand you. We get you. You can’t stand us. We got it. And we can’t stand you. Period.

      I think people wanted to like her. I think they were so excited about the movies, they wanted to like the whole cast. K-Stew has gone out of her way to be a jerk and to be insufferable. But in her little entitled world, she’s the only one who gets to talk shit. She’s the only who gets to say rude things. She bags on the fans, the fans and the critics take to blogs and bag on her and she whines about how unfair that is. How is that unfair. Don’t start none, there won’t be none. Before this interview, Rob has ALWAYS been gracious and humble. That’s why fans like him. Because, duh, he’s likable. Get a clue.

      • robgirl86 says:

        wow, so many words for Kstew on a Rob blog…ok
        I get your point but want to say

        1) I don’t like him, I love him, that’s sort of sad, but it’s like that..
        2) Printed interviews are NOT his voice at all, I have to watch HIM SAYING this ..
        3) I didn’t get that as a defense , he said (printed quote…whatever), that everybody can say everything at all on the net, and many people just spray negative bad hate out there, cause they do NOT respond to any responsability at all
        4) I’m convinced that he didn’t mean the blogs about him or the Saga, I thought instantly of some Perez H. types….”jounalists”
        5) and…I have to repeat it, since I didn’t hear that from his mouth…it’s all just another blablabla…out there

        my 2 cent..

        • robgirl86 says:

          and…I forgot, he got/gets soo much hate himself on the net(well, of course not here….kisses to you added), I can totally understand that it’s not easy to deal with at all.

        • che says:


          • misty says:

            Don’t get me started on Mullephant, not worth it….but Rob defending her was sweet, in my opinion. In addition, if he did say what was printed, he spoke very eloquently. I wasn’t really trying to bring up the rape comment/issue really.

            ….I was just making a joke about how I hope he didn’t mean ALL bloggers are nerds…because clearly here we are smart, beautiful and intelligent women from around the world, where we can express our opinion unjudged.

            He couldn’t possible mean us because yes we find him more than attractive, we love (hate) him but we can also poke fun at him too. Thus not being a crazed twifan.

          • robgirl86 says:

            Misty, he didn’t mean fans/lovers whatever at all, you (me/we/everybody??) knows that..Rob is always very nice to his “people”(us), just look How much times he spent again yesterday to sign, to make pics and to talk to them, NOT everybody does that!

            “I just can sign” (about the devotion of the fandom to camp out)………and that is sweet to say at all!

      • melronin says:

        “Rob has always been gracious and humble…”
        agree totally…

        a little rephrase…though…my opinion…

        Rob IS ALWAYS gracious and humble…IS…ALWAYS!!!

      • Xylem108 says:

        Wow! Pump your brakes kid, that kid is a national treasure. (not really, but that’s my favorite line from Tropic Thunder). Seriously though, I am a reformed Kstew playa hatah from way back so I can’t believe I’m about to defend her. But it’s like she said. She is young trying to sound old and wise and therefore says stupid shit sometimes. She gets it. She said it herself. If she was one of us looking at her she’d say “That bitch doesn’t know what she’s talking about” and she’s right. But I’m less inclined to critizice what she she says and look at what she does. She did do rape awereness movie where she actually acts out a rape scene. I’d take my hat off to her if I were wearing one. and she was right…. Rob can say and now apparantly also wear anything and we will still love him.

        I like that Kstew kid. She’s alright even if I don’t think is effing fair that she can rock the Sharon Stone’s interrogation dress from Basic Instinct, bake a mean as pie and sleep with the most delicious licorice flavored piece man candy on the planet while feeling up on the hottest barely legal tennage boy on the planet. Life just isn’t fair, but seriously, don’t hate the playah, hate the game.

      • niahid says:

        I was shocked when I read that. Rob would really said those things?
        Man, his entire career was made by little nerd bloggers. Is he trying to be knight in shining armor for Stew or just show off his loyalty to co workers. That comment will haunt him .
        My respect for him just down a notch .

        • Amanda says:

          It’s sad…because he’s so lovely. She reminds me of that dirty character from Charlie Brown who had that cloud of funk circling his head at all times. She’s SOOO negative. It never stops. She’s like a black hole of shittiness. Being near her sucks everyone into that world of hostility. Now she’s got Rob sounding like an ass, attacking the very machine that keeps talk about him and Twilight going. If not for internet promotion and the conversation, these little nerds on their blogs declaring their undyling love for him and all things Twilight, or being critical about the cheese and whine, Twilight wouldn’t be half as successful as it is, and he wouldn’t have the opportunities he has. Why does Rob have to jump in the fire of her making cuz she’s getting burned? Makes me sad for him.

          • pumagirlsf says:

            @Amanda – My ability to form coherent sentences is limited today for a number of reasons, but I wanted to reply to your posts to say that I understand exactly where you are coming from and agree with all you said.

            @RG – I also agree with you; unless I hear words directly from his mouth, it’s all open to interpretation and the writer’s choice to format the sentences they choose to print. ((hugs))

            I’m usually a tad more eloquent but I’m off my game this morning.

          • robgirl86 says:

            Puma@ If I remember well in the fully version of said interview in between the statement of Kristen and Rob’s there is a comment of Taylore, that make sound things a bit different at all…BUT as I said…I have to hear it from his mouth, for the rest…blablablabla…

        • Jules says:

          “Don’t start none, there won’t be none.” hahaha!
          That kinda made my day, but I gotta ask, just so that I know…
          Amanda, why so angry, hun? <3

          • Amanda says:

            Because I’m responding to remarks made by The Black Hole of Shittiness. So it’s hostile. Can’t be helped. It’s a vicious cycle. I read the articles because I love Rob, it’s Rob that I love, but her bullshit and him trying, in vain, to defend her bullshit just sucks me in.

            Why can’t he, all by his lonesome, beautiful self, just promote the movies so that it can be the love fest we all want it to be? Why, oh why?

          • pumagirlsf says:

            *whispers* Jules, I think I just fell in love with Amanda a little.

          • Amanda says:

            @ pumagirlsf–I’m sensing there’s a club here or an underground movement I need to join. Do let me know the details.

          • pumagirlsf says:

            @Amanda – find me on Twitter (if you’re on there). You can link to it from here, click on my name.

          • Amanda says:

            @puma–I have found you. You will have received a request today from bitingbadapples and a general msg aimed at you just in case you check there before here.

        • Xylem108 says:

          All blogs are not created equal. He’s right. There is a lot of hate out in the interwebs. PerezH draws cum on people’s faces forchristsakes! He didn’t mean every blog just the hateful ones. And it’s not just towards celebrities, just look at the political blogs. Some Of these so called “journalists” ARE out of control. You go Rob! Stick up for your girl. Say what’s on your mind.

          Seriously, there was so much hilarity in that interview… How can this be the interview. Why is this the focus?

          • Amanda says:

            Because it was there, amongst all the “hilarity”, when it should have ended with the apology.

          • Aro says:

            I agree with you 100% Xy. I don’t for a minute think he meant every single blog and every single blogger, but rather the obviously hateful ones, who no, are not responsible and are rarely held accountable for anything they spew. Anyone with an email account can become a blogger and start up some vileness.

            And while I’d rather he’d excused himself from the whole messy-ass topic (oy vey), I interpreted his statements as not a defense of anything KStew said, but rather the way some groups came to the awareness of it and the manner in which statements catch fire (a la the vagina allergy one). Whether that kind of deflection of the whole point is full of shit or not is up for debate, sure. But he never jumped up and said, “Kristen was right! The papz are like rapists!!!”

          • pumagirlsf says:

            Hi Aro,

            I like you. That is all.



          • Aro says:

            Hi puma. I like you too, very much.

            Good day :-).

          • che says:

            GO ARO!!!

      • Jules says:

        Xylem108 – It’s the focus because it stood out in the interview, and both sides of the crazysten debate pounced on it with their own interpretation.
        Sheer madness, all of it.

        • Xylem108 says:

          Again, I choose the judge his actions. If I didn’t know anything else about this goofy guy I would agree with you. But Rob has been the epidome of graciousness and kindness to his fans since he first entered this circus two years ago and he still seems to be the same towards them. Even when they do outrageously crazy things. Could he have chosen his words better? Perhaps, but then he wouldn’t be Rob, would he?

          • Jules says:

            Xylem – What are you disagreeing with? I never said he was wrong, infact, I don’t have much of an opinion on that statement (I have LOTS of other opinions). I just know that a lot of people in the whole robsten/nonsten craziness had their own interpretation.

          • Jules says:

            oh, and I forgot, when I said it stuck out, I meant anything Rob says about Kristen and vice versa will be pounced on immediately.

        • Xylem108 says:

          @Jules… Sorry I meant to reply to the thread above you. This new format is a little confusing. Anywho, I’m one reply away from entering “Respect The Rob” territory, so I’ll make this my last one.

          It all comes down to this:
          Rob likes his fan, but by his own admission, he likes crazy women therefore loves the Kstew.
          His fans want to bang him, so they don’t like the Kstew.
          The Kstew is young, rich, spoiled and lucky… And she knows Rob’s fans want to bang him so she returns the favor.

          I’ve made peace with these things.

          • Aro says:

            His fans want to bang him, so they don’t like the Kstew

            Ooh gosh, general statement there. Get where you’re coming from and I imagine that’s the easiest assumption to make, but my not being enamored with her is not because I want to bang him. If she — or any other woman — is being granted that supreme privilege, then that would be a reason to envy her, yes. And, believe it or not, envy and dislike don’t always go hand in hand.

            In fact, before I even decided Rob was bangable or even on my radar as my fantasy lust object, she’d gotten me to well, not enjoy her, all by her lonesome, just based on how she came off. I was thinking, “Who’s this little squirt and what’s she on about,” long before I wanted to undress him with my teeth.

            Courteous apologies, I just sort of hate an assumption about what other folks’ reasons and thought processes are. I mean, I don’t know why it’s a turn-on for some Robstens to imagine them getting it on which I find quite odd and…repulsive really, but I’m not going to imagine it’s their own lack of a sex life and having to live vicariously, because that would just be rude (and a total half-assed guess on my part).

          • pumagirlsf says:

            *cracks knuckles, starts typing*

            I think that to say “His fans want to bang him, so they don’t like the Kstew” is VERRRRY general, too. He’s “banged” other women and they haven’t garnered the intense dislike that she has… thus, there is more to it than that.

            There are several, many, tons and lots of reasons why I don’t like her and that is not at the top of my list. I don’t like her because she is rude, insulting, arrogant, ignorant, classless, graceless, humorless, insensitive, negative, lacks character, charm, civility and respect. I don’t want to hear she’s young and emotional. I don’t buy that line of PR garbage she’s currently spewing out there.

            She treats Rob like shit. Even as a friend, she treats him like shit. She doesn’t treat Taylor that way. She treats the fans who really pushed her career to where it is now, like shit. She’s a ungrateful, sour-faced brat and doesn’t warrant the weird, pervy devotion that the krisbians out there give her.

            And don’t get me started on the Robstens because those sick women have nothing better to do that worship and ogle these two like they’re the 2nd coming of Christ (no offense intended to those who are devout… seriously… I just can’t come up with another deity that equates to how the r’stens feel about Rob and Volde.) What weird kind of perversion they get from fantasizing over them is beyond me.

            She doesn’t deserve him and one day he’ll see that and shake his head wondering what he was thinking.

          • Xylem108 says:

            Bwahahaha. My work here is done. Damn it! I hate it when I’m wrong, but don’t mind admitting it when I am. I was wrong. No one here is jealous of the Kstew. There I said it. whew! 😉

          • Aro says:

            Why, I sense some sarcasm in your response Xy. 😉

            Welp, I can’t speak for “no one” or everyone or anyone, only myself. And as an aforementioned “Rob fan”, I could only infer you meant, well, Rob fans. Like all of ’em. The existence of my humble self shoots holes in your theory though, because no, I am not jealous of the child. I actually don’t do jealousy; it’s a useless emotion I find. I’ve envied a few folks in my time though, and again, if she’s gettin it there, oh yeah, she has my envy. But it still ain’t the reason why I’m not joining her fan club. Sorry *shrug*

          • Amanda says:

            @puma–I adore you. You get it. I have NEVER hated The Shrew because of Rob. Let’s just put that silliness to rest. I get others might hate her for that reason, but that has never been my thing. In truth, I was kind of excited at the rumors that Rob and Natalie Portman hit off at a party during the Oscars last year. Whew. That would have been interesting. I would never begrudge him a gorgeous talented woman. The Shrew ain’t the one, for all the reasons listed above. Down with The Shrew.

      • undecidedsten says:

        Oh my god you are my new best friend I dislike her that much also.
        And I’ll fully hold my hands up and say I find it difficult to seperate rob from all that when I read what he said and if it was anyone else I’d be like aw he died me sticking up for his gf.

        I want to have as many thumbsdown as u amanda for realz

        • undecidedsten says:

          Actually no if anyone else was whinging for getting called out cos the compared fame to rape I’d still think it was stupid and wouldn’t think he was cute for defending them

          but that’s why I love ltr cos u can give an opinion on rob other then ohmy god he’s so hot – and he is

        • pumagirlsf says:

          @undecidedsten I love to thumbs up you cuz you are one of our sisters in the sorority of AVM (Alpha Voldemort Mullephant) and I always agree with your comments.

          But you have to change your name already! 😉

          • undecidedsten says:

            it’s on my too do list i swear
            i”m just not very creative ( too lazy) to come up with something else!

            i am so excited about our sorority, big style.

          • undecidedsten says:

            i am majorly excited about our sorority

            i swear it’s on my to do list, i’m just not creative enough (too lazy) to come up with something else!!!

        • Keisha says:

          U- You know I already love you and agree with you wholeheartedly. But I’m going to assume you meant “sticking up for his gf” like Jacob explains to Quil that she’s a girl and she’s his friend. Right?! #notaburn

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I so was not going to get sucked into this “black hole.” But here I am. Many of you had great points about this and I gave you thumbs up! Just thought I’d add my thoughts.
      First, I’ve been trying to give the Shrew the benefit of the doubt but it’s been hard. And not because she’s banging Rob (i want that guy to be happy!) But she’s nonstop!
      Second, I used to say it was because she’s young. But look at Taylor! Way younger and the sweetest guy to the fans! (sometimes more so than Rob. but that’s because he gets the case of the word vomit when he’s nervous.)
      And third, I don’t think Rob meant the fan sites. He’s been pretty gracious of late and he’s had to deal with a lot of craziness.

      Love you all! And I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same team. It’s just gets a little crazy in print. (Wait a minute, I think that’s what RG was saying!)We so need to have an LTR get away weekend so we can connect face to face and hopefully not be so misunderstood!

  9. Stacey says:

    How do you even become a Twilight Superfan? Are you going to get a special tattoo of Rob’s face? If I still lived near Philly, I would stick the baby in the Bjorn and join you there!

    How in the world did you get your EW so quickly? Did you have an in with Michael Ausiello? I’ll probably get my Kristen cover this afternoon. (Just my luck!) Unless the mailman steals it (Team Jacob all the way) or the hubby throws it in trash.

  10. che says:

    i liked EW interview and eventough i wasn’t a fan of this hair it looks just amazing in those recent photoshots.
    Eclipse premiere…this suit…this suit…my first reaction was OMG and belive me not in a good way cuz i was imagening(yeah i don’t have a life and think about what would Rob wear at Eclipse Premier-*phatetic*) a dark suit maybe hot hot hot..but when i saw that i was just like :What did u do?? !!!!!
    now i’m kinda luvin it. same story with Rob first u get little bit shocked with his clothes or words and then u start to like it…and fallin in luv
    it’s a risky choice but everything suits him which i guess it was his intention to prove that.i mean could u imagine Taylor with that suit..NOOO
    by the way KStew looked so beautiful and they did suit each other very well i think*JEALOUS*

    • misty says:

      I’m loving the hair, especially yesterday’s look:

      Dear Rob’s Hair Stylist,
      Thank You. The End.


      • misty says:

        Dear Rob’s Hair,
        Your F-N killing me, Gwad, I wanna…

        • che says:

          oh yeah Rob’s hair has its own persona rather than so many’s totaly win and hot
          Dear Rob’s hair..well i guess we shoud give a name..deserves it really
          i luv u individually


          • robsfuturemate says:

            Dear Rob’s Hair,
            I may be the only girl on the planet that LOVES the new haircut! I so like it better than that crazy super-long thing! And I was glad to hear that Rob agrees. He “feels so agile!” thanks hair!


      • mountainlion says:

        Dear (awesome) Tailor of Rob’s Vintage Suit,

        Can you PLEASE give me any details about his inseam?


    • Xylem108 says:

      Very good point! A few days ago we were talking about how awkward it would be for Rob to become a rapper. I maintain that if he did it we would love it even if he did a remake of iceicebaby because he makes us love everything he does. When I first saw the suit I kept waiting for my eyes to adjust and for the suit to turn black, but it never did. Now I love it. He’s like the most deliciously tall string of licorice I’ve ever wanted to sleep with… I’m so glad that now he’s now encouraging it.

    • robgirl86 says:

      Today Rob is on lists for the worse dress/suit whatever…

      I loved the risk he took wearing the red Gucci suit, he looked stunningly different from all the other men, Rob can wear it, he has the body (omg…lol) and the right attitude!

      by the way..
      Kellan didn’t convince me at all in his suit and I didn’t like very much Kristen’s dress, cause one shoulder dresses are not so mine (plus that hairstyling….nahh), I really didn’t like Nikki’s dress and the worse for me was Elisabeth R.(def.too short) dress for me was Julia Jones…but that’s all personal taste here…

      • Jules says:

        RG- I thought Nikki looked like she was wearing a figure skating/ice dancing costume. Elizabeth’s dress was way too short, especially with the illusion of being transparent, it came off as skanky, 4 inches longer and it would have been gorge.

        • robgirl86 says:

          jules@ right, Nikki looked like an ice figure dancer….and a bit I thought of a SWAN…Elisabeth R .gave me the impression of some desperation like…ohh…people look, I am not the MOM…lol…and Ashley Green ..boring as ususal and I noticed that Anna K.has become very very skinny at all!

      • mountainlion says:

        Love the fashion breakdown!!!!

        Rob wears everything with confidence even when he freaks out at the last minute….


      • Aro says:

        He was on (at least one that I saw) lists for best dressed too.

        I thought he looked to die for. Not a risk everyone would take but I think he pulled it off (again, a very European cut that he has absolutely and specifically the body type for. Unless a guy is long and lean (oh thud), that suit would be a disaster on him). And the comparisons I’m seeing between it and the maroon velvet thing he wore at HP stun me because that thing was um, velvet for God’s sake and as ill-fitting as anything has ever been. This was tailored to and for him to within in inch of his life (and mine, looking at him).

        Um, I rambled about a suit. He makes me very silly.

    • Aro says:

      His hair simply IS sex (I honestly can’t believe I may never want him to grow it out again. Damn, the world changes so quickly…) and I want to eat him out of that (daring choice of a very European you GO boy for pulling it off) suit with a knife and fork. Or just with my hands. Like food. *gnashes teeth and balls up fists really hard* Just…unnnfffFFFFF!!!11#2%#^# sputter gasp die.

  11. Vintage Rob…seriously who expected it? And that growing haircut is becoming such a win! They both had great hair style and were quite rock’n’roll. Well except KStew was dressed like always in a fitted mini dress and Loubs. I’m sorry I can’t understand said items that I haven’t seen in real life since I was 10 in spite of meeting people in fashion every week. I just want to take her by the hand and go shopping.

    Now running to think of a cinema with the least amount of twihards so I don’t get killed when peeing myself during the thoughts scene. This is going to be better than “I don’t want you to come”.

    • misty says:

      I agree MP I was too scared to mention her clothing …I’m sick of the her same old ‘safe look’.
      Yes, those mini dresses look better on her then Mariah Carey, but in particular to last night…she is a petite girl, the neck line was too high for her, she is too pale to wear white (in my opinion). Though, her hair and make-up looked flawless.

      • i think that’s what i think too- the open back & 1 long sleeve was AWESOME.. but I don’t know why her stylist keeps putting her in white. #1 if she’s dating Rob she BETTER NOT have a reason to wear white, I’m just sayin’. That’s just unfair if she’s holding out.
        #2 she’s pale- so I am.. but less pale than her. I can’t wear white.
        And yes… the neckline was a bit too high for her small frame- it made the look more masculine

        • Xylem108 says:

          “#1 if she’s dating Rob she BETTER NOT have a reason to wear white, I’m just sayin’. That’s just unfair if she’s holding out.”


          Um, If Rob’s smiles last night were any indication, then I believe you can put that concern away. Besides, remember that interview where she said that it was frustrating to have a crush on someone and not be able to f*ck them? Yeah, by my calculations, that sex tape is due any day now.

    • che says:

      i think her dress last night was better apart from other ones she wore at the Twi tour for ex. at İtalia.maybe because she was standing next to HHH so he made her look better..don’t know
      for the mini dresses i think it’s like every single celebrity wears’s a trend like never gonna’s just the oscars that it’s guarantee u can see long dresses

      • @che
        I dunno the probl for me is that she never mixes volumes and always wears the same classical thing. Though they both looked good.

        bahahaha the mariah carey style!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        And that PR crazy (and possibly NIck) really need to chill!!! I mean KStew and TayTay are as much VIPs as Rob on the red carpet and you don’t see their publicists act like psychos. I mean anybody who doesn’t know Rob would think that since he’s the client he tells them to be like that, which obvs can’t be.

        ok need to run, stayed up all night to finish work (and watch some premiere stuff :)) so I can full around today at music festival aaand shop for said festival, 4 AM still here. I fail.

        Oh and special thanks to whoever twitted at 6 AM “and the photo we’ve all been waiting for” click and surprise Rob looking soooo in love with KStew. Thanks, the night hasn’t been long and crazy enough, I didn’t really need a reason to get drunk. I guess this AM I got to the point where I wish them happiness. yes that bad.

        x, have a great WE

        • robgirl86 says:

          That Summit chick def. has to chill down, she is ridiculous and I can’t make gifs, she is in every shoot, girl , get out of the frame!!!! 🙂
          No comment about the aftershow party pics!
          again, white on white doesn’t look good at all, so at least she wore jeans again, best part of the pics!

          • grandmother cullen says:

            At least she was smiling in all the after party pics! And SHE was actually clinging to him!

        • undecidedsten says:

          i’m not just saying this to have a go but i don’t get what she wore last night, she needs to change stylists i think it’s cos she’s so ucomfortable in the clothes that they don’t suit her, i acutally thought she looked nicer in what she wore to the after party!

          i think the best she looked was at the mtv awards last year when she wore the azrouel dress with her cons cos you could tell that was her personal style.

      • che says:

        @MP i know Nick’s problem..he is nervous cuz he’s in a new business..he owns a grocey store..yes we had a old one in our neighborhood but he delivered it to a new owner and belive me he is totaly Nick!!!!!!!
        same skin same eyes same face..just might me litle bit younger and shorter.
        i wonder who is the evil twin i bet original Nick

    • mountainlion says:

      <3 you, MP!

  12. JessicaTheShark says:

    I actually kind of like that suit…I was doubtful at first, but then I started to like it as I looked at more pictures…
    Okay, I’ll admit it: I LOVE that suit on him. He’s so damn stunning. He’s stunning no matter what he wears (*cough*OrDoesn’tWear!*cough*). lol

    • Fayted17 says:

      When I first saw the suit in the blurry far away twitter pics I thought it was ugly, because it reminded me of a theater usher or something, but up close the fabric and the details and fit were just so great that I ended up liking it a lot. I think it really works on him, it’s got kind of a vintage feel with the stitching and the pockets, and the cut, and with the pale gray shirt the colors were really flattering on him. What I love the most about it is that it wasn’t boring like most menswear is, a black suit is a black suit is a black suit, it begins to look like everyone is wearing the same thing.

  13. dazzledtodeath says:

    I was kind of shocked when Rob walked out in burgundy. I hoped it was only the jacket, and maybe the pants were black; but no, head to toe burgundy. I thought it made him look a bit like a bellhop, albeit a hot bellhop, but really Rob looks good in anything so it wasn’t too bad. I just think he looks soooo much hotter in a tux or navy suit.

    Taylor looked like Taylor but I thought Kristen’s dress was horrid. Nikki and Anna looked beautiful.

  14. kat says:

    I was not a fan of The Red Jacket at first, but it was just so tailor made for him that it is practically perfect.

  15. Pfluffy says:

    I kept listening to the audio clip and smiling… thoughts and farts, only Rob would associate the two words. I love the EW interview and the Robisms – he likes to laugh and make people laugh. I though he looked like a tall glass of red wine in that suit – deep and inviting color, good legs, and soothing to the palate. I love a good glass of red wine.

  16. LauraBee says:

    Watch from 0:24 to 0:30 (make sure you skip over the really REALLY creepy guy at the beginning – holy hell!

    • misty says:

      mk. I died.

    • Xylem108 says:

      Awww they are so cute! I can’t believe they just walk around together like that. But I am glad they get to be normal. Today I’m seeing green… Not with envy, but because I looked at so many pictures with red suits that the green after image is burnt into my cornea. #notreally

      This is my favorite pic. (can you imagine running into this Rob? Btw, I believe we just met recently laid tipsy Rob. I like him)

  17. robsfuturemate says:

    First, the suit. My first thought was “OH, NO!” Then I saw the pics on robsessed and thought, not too bad. After some sleep I’ve decided that the color is very Eclipse! And of course, all of my thoughts were “He is soooo hawt!”

    Second, EW. Was laughing during the reading! Our word vomit Rob is back! And, sticking up for your girl (even her) is pretty cute!

    P.S.- Saw Jimmy Kimmel, cute little nonsten leg thing! (can’t admit to a robsten)

    • misty says:

      And, sticking up for your girl (even her) is pretty cute.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Oh, and the Shrew went up a few notches in my book. She said that Bella should have been cooking more for Charlie. I totes agree! I’ve been saying this for ages. How is she supposed to have this dilema over changing if he can just go to the diner!!!

        end rant;)

  18. Athena says:

    *le sigh*

    I think that Rob rocked the maroon suit very well. Total rockstar I don’t give a eff vibe. Loved it.

    And LMFAO at the girl who commented “which one of you had the sharpie”

  19. Marilyn says:

    Ok so, my sis pointed me towards LTT. I had heard of u before but not had not really read ur info/comments. BUT now I’ve got to say that I am addicted! I HEART LTT. I must get my daily dose! U guys speak from the heart and have my snarky sense of humor only few can understand and not afraid of what anyone says or thinks! Absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for the laughs.

    (Is it sad that I want that TP also? I’m sure my hubby wouldn’t mind wipin his ass with it either!)

  20. Pattygirl says:

    Purple is cool! And the EW cover, someone shd fire the publicist, manager, agent. Wd never approve it, strangest cover of Rob I have ever seen.

  21. melronin says:

    That is what I call making a hell of an impression!!!
    Way to go Rob!!! burgundy or bordeaux…dude…you
    have guts…ok…you looked hot as always…a bit too runway for me a bit too short for me…but hey….I would sleep with you any time babe!!! Afterall…clothes can be ripped off right???

    and this is for you…


    @drsaka…hang in there honey…miss you…love you

  22. Katie S says:

    Bahahaha! Oh god, I needed this letter in the worst way. *happy We Are the Rob hugs ALL AROUND*

    In LTT/LTR store-related news: Has anyone else found that the t-shirts run a bit big? Imma have to tie it up like KStew. There will be photos. Don’t you even worry.

    Congrats, UC!!!! You ARE a Super fan!

  23. OutOfMyElement says:

    Take a look at his hands in the second captioned picture. How does he hold his fingers that way? I tried and couldn’t! When you first glance at them, it looks like there are more than five fingers on each hand. Rob usually can do no wrong in my eyes, but I don’t know about the suit color. It’s hard to take him serious, just adds to his big goof/dork image. But after saying all that, I’d still eff him!

  24. che says:

    also who thinks Xavier’s voice and accent is HAWT

    • southernbelle says:

      I noticed him, yes he has a nice voice! And yes he’s hot(I ogled). He’s like my 2nd in line, after Rob of course!

      Dear Rob,

      Don’t be jealous ok? You are always my number one!


  25. RWats says:

    The monster bag, hahahahahaha 🙂

    And my own feelings are scaring me. Kristen Stewart seems like she’s becoming…normal. Weird. Whoever her stylist is…mazeltov.

    And I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who is seriously disturbed by Renesmee/Edward/Bella fan art. I’m even more disturbed by Jacob/Renesmee fan art…

  26. Vi says:

    i love the maroon suit. when did you ever think you would get to type “maroon suit”?? only rob can pull off maroon coloured suits.

    there was a lot of feathers going on with the girls dresses last night, esp. kristen and nikki – do you think they coordinated their outfits like true fake-lesbians would?

  27. southernbelle says:

    That interview was awesome :)! You know Rob doesn’t think he can be a comedian but I think he’s actually very good at making us all laugh! So Rob, see that’s something you can branch into! I laugh every time you open your mouth to say something!

    I watched the Eclipse premiere too, I was shocked at the maroon-colored suit(Gucci right?)first…but ya know that shock lasted like 15 seconds and then he dazzled me again with his smile, the jawporn and *died* the stubble! So hot! I noticed some other things too that I probably shouldn’t mention here, in case he’s lurking, LOL. I’ll be a good girl!

    UC the toilet paper will be a big hit w/ my DH, however I will not, will not give him that opportunity! Not with Rob’s pretty face on there! Oh blasphemy!

  28. southernbelle says:

    Dear Rob,

    Where’s Dean? I didn’t see him last night. Did he take a night off? What? Why? 🙂 I’m so used to seeing him. To me the moment I spot Dean, I know you’re nearby. I will probably run into Dean one of these days while he’s doing errands and immediately think you’re with him lol!


    • mountainlion says:

      I missed Dean last night too and noticed his absence immediatley…I’ve heard Rob say twice now that he can handle himself and doesn’t need protection….


  29. snowwhitedrifted says:

    UC, you crack me up!

    Anyone else think of this thing from “Nightmare Before Christmas”when Kristen mentioned “teeth baby”

  30. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by LetterstoTwilight, LetterstoTwilight and Jen , Josie Maring. Josie Maring said: RT @letter2twilight: Sigh… I like this guy- I REALLY like him! […]

  31. Cath says:

    Speaking about THE suit:

    Was Rob going to an audition for the fictional band, The Wonders???

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Cath- I totally forgot about those red Wonders suits!!! That is classic! I bet Rob stole them off the set of That Thing You Do. (he must’ve known someone, even back then!)

  32. Aro says:

    UC, haven’t even read the post yet. I just saw that last bed/baby picture and I need for you to know that you are cruel, and reckless and you just can’t DO that to people. My ovaries are on fire and I have to go be by myself and oh God, I just scrolled down to come in here and was sexually assaulted by that maroon suit and everyone is out to get me today damn him for being oh hell goodbye.


    • Aro says:

      Okay, on second review that picture is unsettling lol.

      Hey man, it was Rob and a baby and…I was having a moment this morning. Sue me.

      *slinks away in shame*

  33. Tiffany says:

    Sometimes I think he wears horrible clothes to see JUST how far he can push his fans into still saying… Oooohhh he’s soooo hott! the first thing I thought was oh no! its the harry potter premiere all over again! remember the crushed velvet red coat and the leather pants? haha. no matter how bad that maroon suit is. I just can’t quit you rob… Im interested to know: did anyone actually LIKE his getup?
    p.s the sombrero picture made me lol.

  34. lysin says:

    The EW interview was the best by far, they were actually being themselves… and I totally agree with them (Rob can do whatever he wants! and the press degrades you!). I watched a video of one of their photocalls. They are in a little room packed with photograghers screaming at them to look left/right/whatever. And they just have to stand there in front of the black cardboard sign for 20 minutes being screamed at.

    It’s not rocket science, they could make the press tours a little less degrading.

  35. Goodgirl Gone Plaid says:

    Hi all *waves*!
    I LOVE the RobBurgundy look,- it is my life now.
    Thanks JodieO for the awesome robporn. Gah, I really like him too.
    Also @Misty ‘sextacular’ hair for the mothereffin Win.
    I’ve had a torrid day and reading all your comments had really sparkled up my Friday. Loves.

  36. Robjunkie says:

    Just so you know UC, I will totally make fun of you, cause that’s normal. I’m kinda hoping that they make you do something 2nd hand embarrassing, just so we can laugh our asses off. With you, not at you, promise. Muwahahah!

  37. SM says:

    The Borat suit is missing its piano keys tie and it would look amazing on Borat himself.

    The I-Had-Many-A-Walks-Of-Shame wedding dress doesn’t work on you, KStew.

  38. mountainlion says:

    Kstews new name = stands with fist

  39. Keisha says:

    Dear person who made that fan art of Edward & Renesmee- I will never forgive you for taking quite possibly my favorite picture of Rob EVER (it’s my iPhone wallpaper, fools!) and doing THAT to it.

  40. Katie Norm. says:

    Can I get some of that toilet paper? It matches my Rob toothbrush and paste, Rob towel set, Rob toilet brush with twilight holder, Rob deoderant, Edward shampoo and conditioner (with extra sparkles)…I love my bathroom 😉

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