My Confession: Rob finally becomes Edward Cullen in Eclipse

*SPOILER ALERT! As if you would expect anything different after we’ve just seen Eclipse for the first time!*

Oh heeeeeey there Edward Cullen!

Dear Rob,

I have a confession to make: I’ve never truly thought of you as Edward Cullen. I know, right? A year and a half later and I’m just telling you this? Hear me out…  I’ve always thought of Edward Cullen from the books as a different person than the Edward Cullen you play in the films. Sure, they have the same name and share some of the same lines but there’s something about the book version and your portrayal that were just not the same to me. I can’t completely pinpoint why that is, it just is.

But tonight I think you got it. Or at least the beginnings of whatever IT is. While watching Eclipse for the first time there were moments when I watched you and I thought, wow he’s Edward Cullen right now, not just Rob playing Edward Cullen.

We should really protect your virtue, and this gold brocade bedding from any accidents

Like when Edward and Bella had the modernity talk on that blasted gold brocade bedspread about not wanting to have sex before marriage. It wasn’t that he didn’t love her and want to do such things it just went against his nature and how he was brought up and what time period his values and morals came from. I’m pretty sure I swooned hard with the talk about chaperoned walks and stolen kisses. Hey, I’m an Austen-Regency-era lover, I can’t help it.  And I even tried to block the image of Joshua Harris Kissing Dating Goodbye when you mentioned courting, but there was something just SO Edward Cullen about it all. A little bit old fashioned, a little bit shy, a little bit sweet and a whole lot of Edward all wrapped into one on that awful bedspread.


Though there were many times your dialogue felt stilted and awkward, thought most of the time (and we’ll talk about this later) that awkwardness and stunted dialogue was between you and Kristin, you really did shine this time around. Even when your portrayal of him felt very outside of the book-Edward we know, for instance like when you got angry and shook Jacob or when you let Bella ride off with Jacob on the bike, though what was WAY outside of book-Edwards boundaries and character, it still felt like it could have been a possibility. And maybe you tapped into something that book-Edward was needing all along. A little more danger? A little more emotion? I don’t know but I was feeling it. Your whole performance and the movie as a whole was way more refined, way more drilled down than the previous films, less neon bug eyes and more soft around the edges.

Just thinking about "courting"

I’ve always wondered if Stephenie Meyer felt the same way about seeing actors portray characters she’d had in her mind long before any actor ever brought them to life on celluloid. Did you guys live up to those characters in her mind or are they two separate things. Maybe I’ll just have to call up our new BFF and pretend to be JK Rowling with a lost alternate ending to Harry Potter so she’ll take my call and see if she agrees with me.

But for tonight as we close in on 4am I’ll just say good job. Now to figure out when I can see the movie again and who I can send a letter to to ask the caterer to slip a Valium in yours and Kristen’s lunch of coffee and cigarettes before you film any scenes together in Breaking Dawn with dialogue. Help us.

Team Edward!

PS But seriously, Edward in the snowy mountain scene? You looked 3D or animated or CGI-ed into a snow globe (Snow Globeward?). We HAVE to talk about that some day.

SOOOO what’d you think? Have you seen IT yet?! Have you always pictures Rob at Edward Cullen or am I alone in this one?

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129 Responses to “My Confession: Rob finally becomes Edward Cullen in Eclipse”

  1. Nelle says:

    GAH! I can’t wait. Just a few hours and I’ll see Robward in all his IMAX largeness. I know what you mean about there being a book Edward and the movie Edward. It will be great if they become one!!

    • somedaaaaaaayyyy we shall see!

      • Nelle says:

        OMG. Both my friend and I (she’s a true friend- she also wore a “They’re Not Bears” shirt to the movie) admitted after the movie this afternoon that we caught ourselves with an involuntary silly grin on our faces whenever adorable Robward was onscreen. He’s never looked better.

  2. mine!mine!mine! says:

    I haven’t seen it yet it’s not out here until next week. Me thinks that maybe the reason he’s better in this film is just that he’s actually growning as an actor, i.e. we are going to stop seeing him as Rob being suchandsuch and just see the character which is what makes a great actor, and one of the main reason why I don’t rate Kstew as an actress. This bodes well for his future films and I can’t wait to see him in WFE!

  3. Amanda says:

    No, I haven’t seen it yet. 11:30am today. And thank you for this. I think he LOOKS the part, but yeah, it’s always been somewhat off for me. And Kristen’s Bella, well…let me not beat a dead horse.

    So excited. Glad I read this this morn. I haven’t been excited about Eclipse. It’s the one book I did not like. But now, I’m hopeful.

  4. Bea says:

    Joshua Harris FTW! Hahahahahaha I’d forgotten his existence. Eric and Leslie Ludy, anyone? Or are they buried deep enough in Christian subculture that even Moon missed them?

    • Nadia737 says:

      I’m not gonna lie… When God Writes Your Love Story was pretty epic…

      Also epic…ECLIPSE! ROB’S portrayal of Edward was also Epic! The Meadow scenes were EPIC! The almost-had-sex scene was EPIC!

      Dear David Slade, If we had a Twilight Awards you would win The Edward for best director for realz!

  5. Yes, same here, though for me it has nothing to do with the book. Everytime I see him play, I see Rob, not the character. I think it’s a bit of me knowing waaay too much about him, plus cringing as if I’m watching myself (and being v. critical), plus (and mostly) his acting which he wants to be too conceptual for a random situation and doesn’t look convincing or natural IMO no matter how complexe or tortured his character could be.

    • kat says:

      I understand the knowing-too-much-about-him situation. I tend to see Rob and not his charachter. I wonder did he wear plaid that day? Did he make out wiht Kristen (gag) right before this scene? Things like these totally distract me from what he’s trying to do. However, this is all my fault. If I didn’t stalk the man on the interwebs, I might be able to enjoy his performance. The mystery is completely gone….and I killed it.

    • ldazzled18 says:

      He was EDWARD! I totally got caught up in the character. I really didn’t think about ROB at all!

  6. melronin says:

    So…all ya girls who saw it last night are back to…stage1??? I guess… 😀

    I read the books after I saw Twilight so Edward had always the face and the voice and the body…well everything…of Rob! Book-Edward just never did it for me!

    When I read the books I had the feeling though that Edward changes a lot from Twilight to Eclipse, becoming much softer…more human…showing more feelings (I guess vampires have a soul afterall)…less tortured…so it’s great that Rob could show this change in Edward with his acting.

    Moon honey, am happy that you are still aliiiiive after watching it…am a big fan of Austenera myself…but I think I wouldn’t last very long with my values and morals…if you know what I mean!

    Will hopefully watch Eclipse in a week, after all greek twiteens have cooled down a bit (if that is even possible)!

  7. amynkansas says:

    Agreed! THIS is the Edward I have loved from the books. This one has FEELINGS and really LOVES Bella.

    For those of you that haven’t seen it yet…bring an extra pair of fresh undies in your purse. You will thank me later.

  8. Alice_NaA says:

    It started with Edward, but after seeing Twilight and New Moon, it was more awkward Rob I liked, rather than Robward. Yesterday changed that for me. The movie really showed Edward how I loved him in the books. Rob was Edward, and Eclipse Robward is currently in the daydream lead.

  9. che says:

    I haven’t seen it yet
    but for the first 2 i always thought Krsiten’s Bella and Rob’s Edward is far different than in the Book.Normally i like Bella in the movie rather than in the Book eventhough she’s so much KStew
    But when it comes to Edward i think both are good.i like them but the difference comes not just from Rob but also from the script i guess.. especially for the first film,
    if there could be some more scenes- cuz i think Ed is quite funny in the first Book-and if Rob shouldn’t think he should base on his portrait acording to Midnight sun/NM
    it could be quite similar
    And when it comes to Jacob..Taylor is just the same. it was so easy to imagine him as Jacob when i read the saga
    plus was a joy to imagine Rob as Edward but never ever imagined Kristen as Bella

    • undecidedsten says:

      “if Rob shouldn’t think he should base on his portrait acording to Midnight sun/NM”
      he definately played midnight sun Edward in the first two prob cos as he said himself he didn’t know how to play bellas perception of him (the most perfect man.)
      I think he’s definately more confident and less apologetic about the role. I think filming remember me in between the two prob helped a lot also.

  10. Milfy Goodness says:

    Dear Rob,

    I know, it’s been a while b/w us. I just wasn’t feelin’ it for a while, and like any good girlfriend, I didn’t want to just lie there and fake it. But baby, I’M BACK!

    OMG, you were full on fantastic last night. Your hair, your eyes, your mouth – even when you spoke. And the kisses. I was crazy about the kisses. Even if “technically” they were falling on another girl’s mouth.

    Like Moon said, this was your best Edward yet. How good, you wonder? This good: I had a sex dream about you! That’s right. First time in a while. You, the actor, had borrowed my coat (not a pea coat, but in the same sartorial neighborhood) for some Edward purpose. And my friend Nikki Reed (weird, right?) took me to your hotel room to get my coat back, and your hotel room was HUGE – like the size of my whole RL house – and you answered the door naked (like Eric at the start of True Blood this year) and invited me in and we eventually got in the hot tub together and . . . fade to black.

    So sweetie – I hope you don’t hold it against me that I’ve been distant. And looking at pictures of other tall, pale men with great hair. It’s always been you in my heart.

    Can’t wait to see you again tonight!!!


  11. undecidedsten says:

    Cannot believe we must wait 9 days!!
    It’s my favourite book so I’m glad everyone seems to be loving it.
    I think we will all go into withdrawl for the nest year and a half after this waiting for BD!!

  12. kat says:

    After reading this and LTT this morning, 10:00 tonight cannot come fast enough. I am dying here. People on Facebook are freaking out abou it and how it was BY FAR the best of the Saga. Can’t effing wait!!!!!

  13. It’s great to know that Rob finally lives up to Edward’s character. One of the things that bothered me in Twilight was the use of colloquial words like , “Yeah” and “gonna”. Didn’t Edward have a very refined way of speaking?

    I can’t think of much of that in NM since he wasn’t in it much. BUT I am really excited to hear (or read) that he did well in Eclipse. We love to make fun of Edward and his corny lines but let’s face it, Edward is half of the reason why we read the books.

    “it just went against his nature and how he was brought up and what time period his values and morals came from.” <—– *le sigh* YES, THAT is Edward.

    Also the "less neon bug eyes" sound promising.

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  15. thebonfire says:

    i never comment but i had to say i totally feel that way! I do love both edwards but they have been completely separate in my mind. I love movie edward because its rob even though the acting is not what i want it to be at times and i love the book edward for obvious reasons. I havent seen eclipse yet but youve got me even more excited!!

    And ps the joshus harris reference is a total win!!

  16. TheColdWoman says:

    Nothing more to say except Rob really impressed me with his acting in this one!! Great job!

  17. allryans says:

    My friend and I had this exact discussion right before the previews rolled. We love Rob, and we love BookEdward, and we like Rob as Edward, but they aren’t the same thing. Rob as Edward is just that … Rob playing some weird version of something that is supposed to resemble Edward. But he’s not BookWard. Then, as soon as it was over – we looked at each other and knew – he finally got it. He WAS Edward in Eclipse. Finally.

  18. Michelle says:

    He brought it. SWOOOOOOOON. He made me see what I didn’t even KNOW I was missing.

    He WAS Edward.

    And Mommy Likey!

    Okay, I’m on 3.5 hours of sleep and work…but I’m STILL dealing with Edward butterflies…

    And, I’m in love again. (as if I ever left, eh?)

    • Athena says:

      Ahhhhaha, I has three hours, as well, and I’m sitting at my desk practically drooling or stills and screen shots and all of the images burned into my skull. It was even better the second time, TRUST ME.

      But for serious: IMAX OR BUST!!!! Robward in crystal clear digital.. OH MY.

  19. tupelohoney says:

    Rob was amazing in this one! And so beautiful…

    And Jackson Rathbone? He was totally hot… his accent… Southern girl that I am, I about wet my pants when he said “my apologies, ma’am”.

    So between Rob’s fuckhawt awesomeness and Jackson’s hotness, I practically melted into my seat….

    Must see this movie again…. this afternoon maybe?

  20. chochang says:

    Let’s not forget: EDWARD IS OLD SCHOOL, y’all!

  21. Athena says:

    **SPOILER ALERT** I think I jizzed my pants when Robward looked at KStew (yea, she is NOT Bella for me, just FYI) and said “If I asked you to stay in the car, would you?” He just… RAWR.

    Robward is just that for me… Robward. I think that he’s leaning towards Edward – almost there… I CAN’T WAIT FOR BD#1!! (Oh man, reboot and reload has successfully completed!!)

  22. Dionrenee says:

    The movie was phenom!! All of my friends and husband actually stayed awake this time, don’t know if my hubby heard me sigh whenever Robward was on the screen and even Taylor was just amazing. I felt like there was much more credible dialogue in this one…and Robward in the tent….I almost lost it, and with the black eyes, wow… love all over again is sooooo true, how the eff can we wait a year and a half for BD, and then thats just pt 1, pt 2 might be 6 months later like HP..that is just torture!!!

  23. drsaka says:

    Dear Moon, I’m glad BookEdward has made an appearance. And i take it from the comments that Rob is very very good to look at too!

  24. Cazza says:

    Saw it last night in Texas! Gotta say first that when Texas was mentioned with Jasper scenes, the crowd went wild! Although, somebody should have mentioned to Mr Slade that Galveston has no mountains of any size, shape or form!

    I agree, I liked Rob in it. I found myself fixating on his sideburns for one (i don’t know why) and his hair, it changed appearance from scene to scene, some good hair days some bad hair days! I also caught myself watching his wonky walk and analyzing his hair on his arms! But boy did he look hawt in the tent scene and post proposal! And he sparkled well!! I could have jumped him in one sparkle scene alone.

    So going back on Thursday to watch it in IMAX. If somebody could just
    pause and rewind the leg hitch scene for me, I’ll be a happy girl.

    p.s. Rosalie appears to have some male fans. Quote from guy behind us “She is such a bitch but I love her”

    • KatyTX says:

      I saw in Houston, TX and when they showed “Galveston”, um we laughed and started going “What part of Galveston is that?” Um, I’ve been all over the state and I’ve never seen anywhere in Texas that looks like that. Not even the Hill Country. I mean if I have to want to straighten Stew’s wig through most of the movie at least get my state’s geography correct.

    • Obava says:

      Sometimes Rob’s sideburns were really curly- I caught myself wondering about those as well.

  25. misty says:

    OK:: I saw it. I swooned, and I don’t even know how it’s possible to fall in love with Rob all over again.

    It was my favourite of the 3 movies thus far but I was disappointed that there was NO leg hitch 🙁 the sleep over part and bed talk was *sigh* lovely (I love the soundtrack, they played Sia ‘My Love’ during this part, beautiful)

    I’m not a Twihard, rather I’m a Robhard (TWSS) but that pretty man has me love struck for him….

    Mullsten was WONDERFUL..and I’m not her biggest fan by far. Wig…was not so good.

    I ready to see it again, he was soooo pretty

    • undecidedsten says:

      “but I was disappointed that there was NO leg hitch”

      thought people have been raving over the leg hitch??!!
      is there really none?!

    • Michelle says:

      It was there, he just didn’t pull her on TOP of him like in the book. Lil’ man on a stool even zoomed in on him hitching her leg up…

      Misty…my darling…what WERE you doing to miss that Momma!!!!

  26. blackgirlltwihard says:

    Boss is about to go into a staff meeting …. wondering if I can make it out to see the movie in the theater up the street…This could potentially take my corporate MacGyver tricks to a whole ‘nother level…Ugh, why didn’t I take off…*checking movie times*

    • blackgirlltwihard says:

      Replied to my own post cause this is hella long…SPOILERS!!!!! Ok I made it and I stayed till right before the battle scene… it was great. Moved a little fast as someone said earlier, but overall David Slade managed to combine the “indie feel” of Twilight and the, “main stream-ish feel” of New Moon. Eclipse kinda seals the deal. All I gotta say is Condon better get his weight up… this is a tough actor to follow!

      I did enjoy Bryce’s tree jumping swagger as Victoria a little more than I thought I was going to…Speaking of that scene, when Emmett and Paul had that run-in in the beginning…Whew yeah total sexiness… Matter of fact total, sexiness all the way around!!! Schoolyard motorcycle ride and all… But when J and B, were in the garage, I really missed the Indie rock songs;o( and that whole scene could have went sooooo fanfiction left when Jake got all “Friday night Dateline-20/20 I killed my love interest” on Bella re: the whole “better off dead, than a vampire” soliloquy… kinda scared me…otherwise I actually enjoyed all of Tay-Tay’s lines/soliloquies … he was very HOT!!!!

      Overall, I loved the acting… I thought everyone looked great, but Bella’s scene with Rene (very touching btw) in her $1 store sun shades killed me (Volturi-Italy-Alice-Ray bans!!! Somebody, PLEASE), also at the grad party when Jessica and Angela ran up on her looking “oh so fly” and she was in a wrinkled blue shirt, I was like “dammit this chic runs with Vampires,” but can she run to the damn Forever 21 or the nearest TJX??? ( I think either UC or Moon said that up here before, But yeah the “Bella” gear is awful)

      2 honorable mentions were 1) Bella looking more uncomfortable than a deadbeat dad at a child support convention (sorry, divorcé turrets) at the tribal meeting, which was also done very well — short and to the point…it’s kinda long in the book… js, (but don’t twist it: the 1/8 Cheraw in me appreciates anything NA…js …check the weave I mean, hair) and 2) the whole Bella going to the Cullens for their alone night” which again, was also very sweet and tasteful, even though when she gets to the door Edward (being the Edward that he is and (yeah he was VERY Edward in this one) was rocking out to Debussy, when I’m sure I heard Tupac’s “ How Do You Want It?” playing in the truck as Bella pulled up thinking she was about to “lose it” to old Eddie-Poo or maybe that was playing in my head…Dunno! Anyway, LOVED IT…!!!!!!!!!!!P.S. re: the whole Robsten thing: all I’m saying is that the goo-goo eyes looked a little more real this time but I could be a victim of the whole “Wyck Godfrey opening day eve” confirmation-gate…my young impressionable Shrek watchin’ mind…

  27. True Cullen Spirit says:

    I loved this movie just as much as I loved this book. I have always thought Eclipse was a transition from the first two books, we see the love mature between the characters and also the ending of an era for Bella. Rob was phenomenal in this one, I felt that the difference, I forgot who he was as an actor and really saw him as Edward. I was swooning and would be in need of my regency smelling salts if he had come a courting. I give thanks to David Slade for working his magic on this film, for some reason I felt he hit all the critical points just right.

  28. wannaeffrob says:

    That whole movie was a swoonfest! I agree, Rob really brought it this time, he looks great and he was just better all around. Def the best in the series by far. I nearly died durung the tent scene! I leaned over to my friend and asked “What the hell did they do to him this time? He looks totally fucktastic!” Will be playing hooky repeatedly to get my fix of Rob in this flick.

    • Dionrenee says:

      F*cktastic…love it….Tent Scene will be replayed over and over in my head..

      • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

        Rob does look super effing awesome even though suddenly in the tent scene his face briefly gets “fatter”. Not being mean, just can’t find the perfect word. I much prefer fluffy Rob over scrawny.

        So, Mr David Slade, you said nobody would be able to pick out the reshoot huh?

  29. Luvatfirstbite says:

    *spoiler alert*The acting was alot better this time. Of course KS still had her moments . However, the movie seemed a little rushed to me. I think all the major events happen in the 1st 20-30 mins of the movie! My expectations for this movie were really high because it was my fav of the books but I was a LITTLE let down. I was waiting for more to happen in the sence after jacob kisses her and well it was over before it started. Don’t misunderstand I liked the movie and Rob looked HAUT!

    • Hermes says:

      The action scenes were bigger in this one.. but I feel like you do .. for some reason a little let down by eclispe. –(sigh) The theatre only had like 10 people in it when I went to see it!!! — Perhaps it was the whole “sharing” experience I missed out on that made it initially so exciting.
      So.. I don’t know why I just was not into it.. but anyway. I’m glad the rest of you enjoyed. it.

  30. grigli says:

    Hi, I saw Eclipse yesterday and have fallen in love again with Robward. The closeups, the meadow scenes, hmmmm.BUT I also thought the leg hitch was so rushed and fumbled, I practically missed it too. But maybe my expectations were too high ( blame all the hot fanfic ).
    Loved the movie nevertheless and will see it again.

  31. robgirl86 says:

    I’ll probably be the last person here on the blog to watch the film, in Germany we have to wait until 15th July, boo boo…
    So I’m happy to read so many comments about how well Rob did.
    I read the books after watching Twilight,so Rob was Edward for me all the time and I doubt that I would have had any interest in the fictional character of Edward if Rob didn’t play him.
    On screen I see Rob all the time(ecception RM) but I don’t care, I just “know” him too much, I think that’s normal and for me that has nothing to do with his acting abilities.
    It’s just that I am too biased!

    • mountainlion says:

      Rob (as Edward) looked amazing every second he was on film. He delivered. Glad to see him wearing plaid and no tweed.

      I liked the way the film was shot, too. Agree with D2D about the dialogue…

      Bella’s wig = bad

  32. dazzledtodeath says:

    For me Rob is Edward, but the movies don’t mesh with the books. I think MR tries to make them modern and hip and fails miserably-the bad dialogue, Eric Yorkie, the high school scenes (almost always cringe-worthy). Rob looks and acts so unlike Edward I don’t have a problem separating them. He was gorgeous in Eclipse (gah-the sideburns) and the movie was true to the book.My biggest disappointment was that the leg hitch scene went by way too quickly and Edward didn’t offer to put out at the end.

    • drsaka says:

      D2D- ‘and Edward didn’t offer to put out at the end’- well, that would have killed all the fangirls!!! (in a good way, of course).

    • Jules says:

      Oh. I was looking forward to Edward finally cracking when he took Bella to the meadow that last time. I’m disappointed to hear that didn’t happen in the movie. There was supposed to be heavy making out and Bella was supposed to stop him. booo, I say.

      Hi Drsaka!

  33. KatyTX says:

    I’m totally in love with Robward again. This is just like when I first saw “Twilight” and was smiling at the screen like a thirteen year old girl. He was amazing and his make up and clothing was so much better. The bed scene and the tent scene killed me. Rob – thank you! I so want to buy you hot pockets, some Heini’s, do your laundry, and roll around on the bed with you while you talk to me about virtue and the time you came from.

    I need to go see it again. Lots of parts I liked, parts I didn’t, and um, I do not like new Victoria at all. I did not really notice any of the music in the film. It did not stand out and was not memorable at all. I did not even notice it was there.

    • Nelle says:

      OMG. So glad to hear I wasn’t alone with the silly grin plastered on my face when beautiful Rob was being beautiful.

      • Dionrenee says:

        Silly grins and heavy sighs…just like Twilight when he smiled that crooked smile I love and when they showed the back of his hair..and the mole!!!

        Am i crazy>??

  34. Xylem108 says:

    Business first: “Snow Globeward” bwahahahaha

    Ok, now that that’s out of the way… Rob brought it!!! Maybe that little RM breather was a good thing after all because in addition to being dreamy towards Bella (IMO bc he missed the Stew), his American accent was nearly flawless. That makes me think he’s been taking a kiegel approax to “Caaaandy ” exercises.

  35. Lula says:

    Reckon I saw a different movie…
    “stunted dialogue between you and Kristen…”

    What part of the bedroom scene did you miss? Because all of that was GOLDEN. (Even the bedspread, which gilded the lily, but still.) The meadow scenes? GOLDEN. And violet. Ahem.

    I saw Edward and Bella on screen.
    Not Robert and Kristen.
    And I thought they were the best Edward and Bella yet.

  36. 3hboyshouse says:

    I saw it last night and let me say that staying up until 3 am and getting up with 4 kids at 6:30am is no fun, but that movie was totally worth it! My fav so far. I even liked Kristen, gasp!! I know. I still don’t see Rob as Edward because I read the books before seeing the movie and no one can be the Edward in my head. I still love Rob but just cause he is Rob. I would do both of them and Jacob too, and Jasper, and Emmett, and Carlilse, and all the actors who portray them, hey I am equal opportunity here! Loved it and hope that everyone is able to sneak in a nap sometime today!

    Great post Moon, even if I disagree with you. You are awesome and insightful even at 4 am!

  37. Sharpie says:

    I saw it last night and I LOVED it. And I agree with your post Moon… it wasn’t Robward up on the screen, it was totally Edward. I practically threw myself at the screen when he was talking about stolen kisses. And the leg hitch?!? Again, I had to remind myself that I am a grown woman, and it would be completely inappropriate to throw myself at a movie screen while humping a celluloid image.

    *Side note* Edwardo looked completely *RAWR* in his sassy little tees and button downs. If I ever meet the King of the Lollipop Gild (AKA David Slade) I am going to high five it out with him for a) ditching the grandpa shoes and tweed for our guy Eddie b) wet vampires named Riley and c) Leg Hitch 2010 (represent!)
    The only “issue” I had was during the vampire “workout” scene where Robby was donning a pair of what I can only assume were Hanes His Way joggin’ pants. They made him look hippy. This may be because I ended up sitting in the front row so everything looked hippy, but still. I think from here on out, for anymore fighting scenes, Rob should do them pantless. They can somehow incorporate his Vampire Boner as a weapon tactic. Just sayin’….

    • drsaka says:

      ‘Vampire Boner as a weapon tactic’ hmmm- is tht in FF somewhere?? hahaha

      • Sharpie says:

        Hahahahaha!! No, but it should be. Maybe I’ll write my own. I will simply title it “Breaking Boner”. It will be EPIC.

    • niahid says:

      Vampire boner is the ultimate weapon 😉

    • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

      Oh yeah! Those sweat pants were a brief costume fail. How the heck did they find sweats that were too long when Rob has the most magnificent pair of pins ever to strut across a high school parking lot?

      • Sharpie says:

        OMG…I am SNORTING *snorting* with laughter… And I quote, “magnificent pair of pins ever to strut across a high school parking lot” Oh RFD…I heart you. 🙂
        And I agree. They were too long and poofy. I was just waiting for Rob to be all like, “Stop! It’s Robward time!”, and bust out his hammer moves.

  38. applepie says:

    I love old school robward!! that is all.

    and I’d like to thank the wardrobe/makeup department!

  39. niahid says:

    I saw Eclipse today only because Rob was in it. The story was MEH. But all the cast have grown as actors. They all did good job.
    Rob was awesome and more natural ( he had improved a lot). Can’t wait to see Bel Ami and Water For Elephant.

    • ViviLit says:

      I’m kinda of Bleh with the whole Twilight thing, I’m Rob’s fan first…. Anyway, it’s good to hear that He is good in the movie, and I also can’t wait till WFE and Bel Ami… I think I’ll die in the sit (I almost did in the first scene he appears in Remember Me, soooo HOT)

  40. Tiffany says:

    OMG “I kissed dating goodbye” best christian kid reference yet!

  41. Hi says:

    RE: Rob becomes Edward.
    That would be great. I haven’t seen Eclipse yet. Don’t know anyone who wants to see it so I may have to bite the bullet and go alone. Bummer, cuz I’d like to share the experience.

    Saw Twilight before I read a book but still, there has always been a difference for me between book-Edward and movie-Edward.

    I can’t say I expect movie-Edward to be the same for several reasons. First, I doubt a twenty something male actor from this day and age will have the depth of life experiences or the understanding necessary to truly bring this character to life. Second, Stephanie has imbued her characters with qualities that WE enhance in our minds, it’s our sense of the romantic, the dangerous, the awkward, the brave and funny that we project onto them. So my book-Edward will never be quite the same as yours. Third – this one is about how he looks. SM is quite specific in his description – and while I think Rob is cute, he’s no marble adonis. He doesn’t fit with my mental imagery. He plays a boy yet when I read, I see a man.

    I loved Twilight the movie because, despite its many cinematic faults, it captured the essence of the story for me. It’s what led me to devour the books – books which, over a year later, are still hovering bedside and continuing to be re- read. New Moon the movie was a cinematic improvement but in terms of the story it was a let down. There were some beautifully shot and constructed scenes that completely lacked transitions in and out. Sad because they did so many things right but still missed the mark. And while I hope Eclipse the movie is an improvement over the other two, I’ve found I don’t need it to be. Thanks to Stephenie Meyer’s magic, I already have my own movie version of Eclipse that runs in my mind each time I read the book.

    I look forward to all your spoilers and reviews…
    Love, Hi

  42. Cath says:

    Ack! Haven’t seen it yet, next weekend I think! Fingers crossed, a little Robward does a girl good… 😉

  43. magsterrr. says:

    ECLIPSE WAS WONDERFUL! ahhh i mean i will always hate kristens portrayal of bella but it’s too late for all of that to be changed so all in all i liked it! AND i would like to personally thank you guys for the LEG HITCH! it was perfect!! oh my freakin oh my…haha and i know the reason it was so perfect was because stephanie read LTT errrrday and was relaying your threats to david slade. so he of course took precaution and made sure it was done right! sooo yea way to go girls! i love it! ^_^

  44. angie47670 says:

    Rob finally brought IT…he became Edward Cullen in Eclipse (at least for me). I revolted against watching Twilight forever because he wasn’t Edward in my mind after reading the books…and even though yes I love the character Edward (and Rob is hot) I still didn’t think of him as Edward Cullen, but last night (this am however the heck I refer to that time) Rob became Edward Cullen.

    I have to say that I was so psyched at seeing this movie (but I will forever say that it was solely for my daughter that I drug my butt to a movie at midnight *lol*). I do think it moved quite fast, but then again a movie will never be as good as a book (you just can’t cram it all in there). The action scenes definitely did deliver. I will admit that while Bryce Dallas Howard is a good actress…she just won’t ever cut it as Victoria for me.

    Okay I know I’m rambling and my thoughts are not cohesive…that’s what happens to me with lack of sleep but I’ll gladly lose sleep for Rob anytime 😉

    All I wanna know now is….what the heck am I supposed to do waiting for the next year and a half for BD??? That book was the one book I said has to be a movie…and I’ve been anxiously awaiting it all this time *sigh*

    P.S. Anyone else thinking the release date might be August 13, 2011? Just a thought that crossed into my head since it does fall on a Friday and Bella set that as her wedding day….hmmm…

  45. Jodie says:

    I must admit…Eclipse is the first movie where I actually feel the Edward and Bella love. I never really bought it with Twilight. And for some reason New Moon was all about Jacob. I finally see what I think is the pretty much the MAIN PLOT of the books in Eclipse. YAY.

  46. southernbelle says:

    I haven’t seen it yet, I came here anyway and I saw spoiler alert so I didn’t read the post! I am jealous of y’all who’ve seen it!

    I would have gone if I could. Anyway, I think I’ll stay away fr LTR(try to) til I see the Eclipse, don’t want to read spoilers. 🙂

    I’m excited to see Eclipse, it’s my favorite of all the books! Can’t wait to see the leghitch and the tent scene!

    • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

      Get thee the Hale to a cinema STAT! You will not regret it #TRUEFACT

      • southernbelle says:

        Trust me I want to! I thought about taking my 2 yr old w/ me but that’s just asking for trouble! She’ll be fussing so much inside I’m sure. I’m looking for a babysitter, might wait til next week.

  47. I am in the middle of class so this has got to be quick instead of what I REALLY want to say…

    I even saw a little Tyler Roth in Edward too! RM helped Robward? Thoughts?

    • sjaantje says:

      I was at the midnight showing last night and then watched “Remember Me” this evening and you might have a point there. RM at least allowed him to step away from a role he has played for the last two years before he went to file “Eclipse”. Although there are some moments when Edward makes a mortal apperence, he does prove, to me at least, that he can be another character outside of “Twilight”. “Water for Elephants” is so important in proving to everyone what we already know. He is an amazing actor in the making! I also can’t wait to see what he will be like in 10 years.

  48. LetsBeSimple says:

    HA! Snow Globeward! Haha! Slap that on a shirt and stick it in your shop, for realz.

    Also, I was a little distracted the second time I saw it (ahem) because we had these chicks in front of us with Team Jakeward shirts on (omg gimmeabreak!!) and they were doing the Soundtrack Shimmy every single time a song played from the soundtrack, which you know, was like all. the. time. Also, one was clearly Team Jakeward with the stress on “Jake”, as she Enthusiastically Clapped every time Jake: a. was shirtless, b. kissed Bella, c. gave the f*ckeyes to the camera and/or a character in the movie. Which, again, was like allthefriggintime.

    I desperately wanted to throw Twizzlers at them. Somehow, I don’t think that would’ve deterred them and I would’ve been down more Twizzlers than preferable.

  49. natashadushi says:

    It’s 23.07 pm here in The Netherlands, and I just finished watching Eclipse.
    15 minutes before I was pick up by my Twilightfriend Elia, DH asked me if I was mentaly prepared for the film, because I was so looking forward to watch the movie. I say ofcourse! Than he said ” Exited to see…how is his name againa? LEONARDO PATTIRSON” wtf?

    Movie: The film was good, lots and lots of action and lots of scenes where I LOLed very hard. The second part in the movie I could hear some few words in English accents from Rob. Now everytime I drink ice-tea I have to think of Robward…

  50. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    I take my hat of to David Slade. Thought he did a terrific job! Loved the whole *mood* of the movie! Loved all the action!The wolves (and their growling) were so well done.

    I know this is a blog dedicated to Rob and what I’m about to say will be like cussing and spitting in church but I thought Taytay did a wonderful job this time around. Very believable as Jacob…..I almost only saw Jacob and hardly noticed Edward at all (so weird as I love Rob so much and his prettyness.. usually that’s ALL I see). I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been up since 4:30 this morning and quite tired but I thought the kissing scenes between Bella and Edward lacked something….chemistry? The leghitch didn’t turn me on at all……but I will see the movie again and maybe see it differently next time around. The kiss between Bella and Jacob were better although in the book it had LOADs more passion! I’m a married woman and the days of chastity/and chaste kisses have lost it’s magic I’d like to see more passion, please?!

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