Breaking Down Rob lately… Vanity Fairy Style…

Dear Rob,
We’ve missed breaking you down. We haven’t discussed the Water for Elephants pics as much as we should have and that’s a tragedy. So guess what we’re doing today? Yep- you got it. Breaking Down some recent pictures of you, Dean & Reese Witherspoon, Vanity Fair Style!

Dean is Back

UC: You know the first thing I’m thinking. Cause I know you’re thinking it too.
Dean is back. Where WAS he? and does he have a tan? It looks like a new buzz cut? It’s nice and short? did he…. MEET A GIRL?
Moon: Dean’s been sitting out at all the football practices Rob has been attending. He finally earned his letterman jacket this season
UC: Dean takes pictures and will make a scrapbook OR a powerpoint slide show for the end of the season banquet at Hoss’ Steakhouse
Moon: And whenever Rob goes for a tackle, Dean steps in. Dean can take down anyone. Twihards OR high school linemen
UC: I mean.. he looks thinner…. The football has been good to him
Moon: Rob might actually be scouting for college ball. SHHH dont tell


UC: Our secret. LONG BEACH STATE makes a lot of sense now- he’s playing ball for them. He’s over this acting thing & really fell in love with the LA area
Moon: who needs acting when you can smash some heads for a couple seasons?
UC: He wants to settle down.. raise a few “juniors” of his own… coach the pee wee football league.
Moon: Dean’s liking the change of pace too. He has all the under-armor shirts. All he needs is the coach shorts

UC: You know what the second thing I’m thinking though is, right? What is this A sign language instruction site? A place where Rob goes freely to sign autographs- he begs people to let him sign things? He makes videos saying “Please let me sign your breasts and your T-shirt with my face on it”
Moon: That’s the obvious second thing to think about this picture

UC: Sigh… I’m not sure I’m into “I’m working on the railroad” Jacob Jankowski, but dayummmm I’m into “Eff me while I’m in my suit” Jacob..
Moon: Seriously. He’s pulling out all the stops here
UC: If he tap dances I might lose my shit, and I wasn’t aware I was into tap dancers
Moon: he may serve the drinks to Reese Witherspoon’s character but he’s still hot
UC: You need to read the book! Cause i don’t think that’s what happens. In fact, i have no idea why this scene happens.. i don’t’ remember it at all
UC: What!? You don’t want to know that after working a hard day on the railroad Jacob Janko relaxes by going downtown to perform onstage with a tap dancing troupe!?

Lick, lick

UC: It’s his guardian angel… I think when Dean disappeared he hired this guy
Moon: His shadow!! That’s cracking me up! Never walk faster than your guardian shadow can follow
UC: I have a feeling… Rob was running from it- like.. he didn’t know..I can see him being like “Dean!?” is that you!? then starting to run…. while the shadow follows him. I’m gonna cut out the shadow. And do something awesome with it. Hump it maybe
Moon: Do it quick. Someone’s gonna sell that shadow on Etsy.
UC: Yep. On a popsicle stick.

Much, much more, after the jump!

Moon: Oh look! Rob learned from Kellan and his mom’s mammogram video. He told Reese she should be feeling her boobs up. He cares! So she’s like is this how you do it?
UC: and he knows- cause his sisters & mom had one of those laminated instruction sheets hanging in the shower like they do in college dorms
Moon: He even offered to show her since Kellan showed him how to do a breast self exam. He’s so selfless. Offering to help Reese protect herself against cancer by feeling her up.

UC: Rob: “Wait, I have To KISS her? Reese? WITHERSPOON? She’s been in REAL movies… I don’t know… are you sure?? Is this in the book?” And then she’s just staring off in space.. thinking about the Rob Porn she designed the night before
Moon: He’s thinking “wait, this is a REAL film? And I’m acting with two Oscar winners!? How did I end up here
UC: And Reese isn’t wearing a wig? What kind of movie IS this!?
UC: I also love that Reese is in a BUBBLE jacket, thus proving what i said every 5 minutes last week in LA

UC: Rob is about to teach her one of his football moves
Moon: He tells Reese he’ll race her to craft services. They just put out fresh cookies. Reese is good, she can run in heels but Rob is going to trip her right at the last second
UC: Which is good because then he gets to see her ass as she falls. But then because of his gimpy foot, he falls and she gets ahead, but THEN:

UC: That dude in front is gonna beat him… but Rob knows a short cut
Moon: Dammit! The old guy is making a break for it!! but Reese and Rob take a shortcut through the porta-potties. NO ONE goes through there
UC: NOPE, well, except for Dean. Cause when he has to go.. he has to go

UC: Here it is, Reese, showing Rob how it’s done
Moon: yes that better not be awkward
UC: it will be.. since Rob will only be thinking of Kristen *sarcasm*
Moon: She’s like im 10 yrs older than you let me show you what a kiss SHOULD feel like.
UC: Seriously.. Imagine kissing Reese for a second… DANG
Moon: thats some experience- He’s probably imagining June Carter the whole time. I would be too.
UC: Dude, he probably has to run to the porta-pot to ‘take care of something’ right after. I
Then of course he meets Dean there… and discovers the real reason Dean rushes off the porta-pot every day- and not b/c of the tacos at craft services. Nope. It’s a Reese obsession. He has pictures tacked up all over the pot
Moon: Yep. It’s definitely because of the Reese side boob
UC: yep. He was on and saw it. It’s where he was for a few days, when we didn’t see him with Rob. The wife made him stay home. She was jealous… found out about his side boob viewing.
Moon: Dean needed to get his lust under control
UC: It wasn’t until he proved how much Rob needs him that she let him go back to work, begrudgingly. (Rob called at 3 am crying because the 711 by his house was out of Hot Pockets and he didn’t know how to find a different 711 using his jitterbug phone. Dean usually handles that stuff)
Moon: Dean was kinda bummed he had to go back to work though. He was deep into working on his “Respect Reese” fansite filled with photoshopped pictures of Deaneese
UC: it was good that he went back too work though.. b/c Mrs. Dean had some Rob Fan Fic to catch up on. It was a good idea in theory to keep Dean at home.. but at the end of the day.. it just messed up her Robsessing.
Moon: Men are always doing that.
UC: Leave us alone guys. We need to Robsess!

UC & Moon

Pics from Robsessed & WaterforElephantsFilm

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91 Responses to “Breaking Down Rob lately… Vanity Fairy Style…”

  1. Cazza says:

    Firstly, is it just me (probably) but did the set not look like a cast off from Indiana Jones?? All we needed was Harrison Ford appearing with his whip in hand……oooo, sorry, I digress.

    Secondly, where the hell are the paps sitting to take these pics?! I’m confuzzled.

    Thirldy, I would like Reese’s arms please. That girl has one great body!


    • robsfuturemate says:

      Cazza- I learned yesterday that one of the papps was at the hotel pretending “to wash laundry”. So securtiy let her stay!! I think it was on some sort of balcony at the hotel. Crazy!

      • KatOfDiamonds says:

        That’s actually very smart for the pappz… I can only imagine it went like this:

        “o this little thing? I always bring my Canon EOS Rebel T2i EF-S
        to work…. Like the movie Maid in Manhatten we model the clothes to build our portfolios…. And well I just happened to look outside and see me favorite actress Reese….. Um, Rob who?”

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Too funny! The crazy part for me was finding out that security knew she was there but let her take pics and video! Everybody’s out for making the big bucks! Fox was like “sure take some pics. Who cares about spoilers, the girls want Rob in a suit!”

  2. alice_av says:

    I will definite show him how to kiss lol, great way to start the morning…=)

    • kat says:

      I’m not sure how old Reese is (we’re on first name basis right now), but I think she’s around my age so I guess if Rob needs to practice with a WOMAN that knows what she’s doing….I will willingly take one for the team.

      He’s been hanging out with teenagers for too long now.

      • robgirl86 says:


      • niahid says:

        Cougars United
        I’m 31, does that make me cougar?

        • Stacey says:

          Nope. More like a Puma. :0)

        • English Girl says:

          God, if it does it must mean I’m dead!

        • robsfuturemate says:

          I heard Pumas where in their 30’s, Cougar’s in their 40’s. Unless there’s like a 15 year age difference then you’re a cougar no matter your age! Who makes this stuff up?!

          • I love tht I’m not Eng/Am and I know all this. Guess why? In France eveybody’s talking about cougars (like “Hi I’m cool I speak English”) so th’s when I come in an d tell them all aout the difference between cougarsand pumas. Bahahaha.
            How do you call girls who are older than Rob (late 20s, pls stay with me) but not yet 30? I need details to show them how cool I am 🙂

          • robsfuturemate says:

            MP- Not sure you’ll see this, as it’s pretty late bur I’m pretty sure that if you’re in your 20’s your OK. Unless the kid’s a teenager. Then you’re a cradle robber! How ironic that “rob” is in that name!

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Kat- that’s exactly what I was thinking! I’m pretty sure Reese is 35, so I’m willing to volunteer a practice session and be Reese’s stand-in at Rob’s house!

    • southernbelle says:

      We got a long line of woman wanting to show Rob how to kiss :)….OK I am going into that line!!!!! Where’s my Chapstick?

  3. Dionrenee says:

    I need to read this book, it is going to be weird watching Rob with someone other that KSTEW, obvi I haven’t seen RM yet, Im scared, I’ve heard it doesn’t have a great ending..anyway the pics are fab, Rob is so efffing hot in his suit…mmm Jay Leno interview..hawt…

    My husband and Dean would be great Under Armour buddies….

    Let me sign…in love with a man nearly half my age…

    • go watch RM asap! gooooooooooooooo!!!

      • smittenkitten says:

        you definitely need to watch rm. It has awesome rob sex. Who doesn’t like watching that?? Ahhh sigh. I would watch it right now if I wasn’t expecting my husband home any minute only to catch me watching it for his recorded 10th time when really it’s more like 20th.

      • Dionrenee says:

        Im going to have my husband by it for me tomorrow..he’s a big Pierce Brosnan fan…..hehe

  4. Rob's flaming dashboard says:

    Team Pattinspoon! They look awesome together. I have read the book and I know how Rob’s tuxedo night ends. Water for Elephants is gonna be terrific.

    Welcome back Dean – let your wife robsess in peace!

    • kat says:

      I freaking love the book and I can’t wait to see how this scene plays out. Sigh for Jacob…. ( I can’t believe I just said/typed that).

  5. JulieP says:

    Oh No! I just got a new monitor and now have to wipe “gimpy foot” coffee spray off it 🙁
    Luv breaking it down. Class as always.
    No spoilers – Moon, read the book. It’s good. Although I did feel the ending came out of left field a bit.
    I’m still on an Eclipse high and lots more photies of HHH from W4E. I’m a happy bunny.

  6. adrienne says:

    yay breaking-it-down is back! and Dean!

    and this “She’s like im 10 yrs older than you let me show you what a kiss SHOULD feel like.” well duh. he definitely needs schooling there…

  7. natashadushi says:

    LMAO –> ” b/c Mrs. Dean had some Rob Fan Fic to catch up on. ” BTW had Dean lost weight? He looks good!

    I wonder if he was on twitter what he would tweet: just made a quicky in the porta-pot/eyeing some side boobs/I can run better than Ron/it’s lunchtime so it’s hot pocket time/@letterstotwilight plse stop sending me DM’s asking for info about Ron.

  8. Michelle says:

    Classic. Love it! You girls actually TORE me away from drooling at TuxRob by your friggin’ hilarious Deanisms. Speaking of Dean…is he Dean? Steve? Stean? I’m so confused on which is his real and which is his made up name. Dunno why it matters – it’s not like I don’t know who we’re talking about! LOL!

    PS – Letting Mrs. Stean robsess in peace FOR THE WIN!

    Love you girls!

    • kat says:

      I bleieve that Dean is his real name; however, I prefer Steve. So that’s what he is named in my head. That’s normal right?

    • JulieP says:

      I like Stean.

    • Obava says:

      Haha I just asked JodieO that same question last night. Cuz you never know when Rob & Dean/Steve might end up at the Boot Barn here in WY, and a girl needs to be prepared! How embarrasing would it be if I called him the wrong name whilst inviting them over for iced tea 😀

      xo obava

  9. Robjunkie says:


    So much win in this breakdown, but this totally cracked my shit up:

    UC: And Reese isn’t wearing a wig? What kind of movie IS this!?

  10. melronin says:

    you and your shadow can take me to Neverland anytime!!!

    Now…Eclipse. Will make it spoilerfree I promise…hope so
    at least…

    -Riley is hoooot
    -Jasper is hot (dude…didn’t notice befor)
    -Jacob is great…and hot…good job Taylor
    -fightscenes are great…loved the action
    -colours are great
    -cinematography is great (dunno why it reminded me so much of Lord of the Rings…maybe it’s just me)
    -music is great…Howard Shore…have no words (dunno
    but it reminded me also of LOTR…yes well…)
    -tentscene…liked it a looot
    -leghitch…too short
    -the words “icetea” and “overboard” will neva sound the same to me
    -Bella looked good

    -Edward is EDWARD…just perfect

    and Rob is so much more…so much more and just for the record I wanna do that man under the bright (greek or not)sunlight!!!

    my 2 cent…I liked Eclipse…need to watch it again…had a constant smile on my face…wonder why??? 😀

    • melronin says:

      PS. I did not fall in love with Edward again…as perfect as he is…cause I love Rob!!!
      the end!

    • Jules says:

      Mel, I tried to respond twice from my computer but I got the LTR version of failwhale. I’m glad you had a great time and loved the movie.

      • melronin says:

        Hi Jules…Twilight is still my favourite.
        Love you! Will miss you at the game… 🙁

        • Jules says:

          Twilight will always be my fav, so many moments of warm fuzzies…I had none of those in Eclipse (my fav book), perhaps I’m just jaded now.
          PS: I took the afternoon off, I’m definitely watching the game with you guys.

    • Stacey says:

      You’ve made me even more excited to see the movie on Saturday! Thank you!!!

    • smittenkitten says:

      LEG HITCH WAY TOO SHORT! I wished someone other than myself (cuz I’m too chicken) would have started the chant: REWIND REWIND REWIND

  11. robgirl86 says:

    “Dean needed to get his lust under control”

    I just realized that Dean and ME have soooooo much in common!!!


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  13. dazzledtodeath says:

    I really can’t wait for this movie-I’m more excited to see Rob mucking stalls than chewing on the mullephant’s womb.

    Rob looks soo hot in that tux, but I was looking at some old pics of him yesterday and I have to admit I really miss the sex hair.

    • JennB33 says:

      That is awesome. I loved this book and I can’t wait to see him as Jacob.
      AND. Ha…. mullephant’s womb. WIN!

  14. Stacey says:

    It’s kind of sad how happy that the realization that Reese being a year older than me, makes me feel like I have a chance with Mr. Pretty. Well when the mister leaves me for Megan Fox. Well there’s two things to add to the never going to happen list!

  15. niahid says:

    I need that movie in my life like NOW.
    Rob + 2 Oscars winners – Kristen = AWESOMENESS

  16. JennB33 says:

    You guys made me laugh out loud here:

    “If he tap dances I might lose my shit, and I wasn’t aware I was into tap dancers”

    Yes. Please.
    And thank you!

  17. rpattzlawyer says:

    Tap dancers have never been so fucking hawt. Werd.

    • cledbo says:

      I dunno, Gene Kelly always did things to me.

      Though it is nice to have a crush on a good looking man in a tuxedo who’s actually *alive* for once…

  18. NeckForEdwardHeartForMichael says:

    In unrelated news… Here is an actual conversation I had on gchat today with a close friend of mine:

    me: i am watching the rob pattinson interview on jay leno that my evil tivo deleted on me
    but its on youtube now so i can see it

    Laura: who is that?

    me: might be the best interview ive ever seen
    edward from twilight
    oh laura

    me: you honestly didnt know who robert pattinson was?

    Laura: nope

    me: ive failed you

  19. obird says:

    Ok, in the close up shot of Rob and Reese running….Rob, looks like he rides the short bus. I want that face on a t-shirt. pronto. Reese looks like she is saying “Rob, look BOTH ways before crossing the street honey!”

    Safety first and Short Busses,


    • robsfuturemate says:

      That is a weird look on his face! It’s kinda like a giddy smile mixed with an evil grin.

      Dear Rob,
      What were you thinking about here!?

      Your Mate

  20. robgirl86 says:

    “That dude in front is gonna beat him… but Rob knows a short cut”

    somehow that sentence made me soooooo laugh….cause with his running abilities he SURELY KNOWS always a short cut!

    Go Rob, run baby run, it looks good!

  21. Darkbook108 says:

    I missed his running. It reminds me of that running scene in Bel Ami shooting.My.Favorite.Gif.Ever. I could watch those wonky legs run in strange and impossible directions all day. 😉

  22. Janetrigs says:

    Deaneese. Love it.

  23. Robjunkie says:

    Off topic: Good luck to ze Germans for the semi-final against Spain. Any Dutch girls on here? I’m so happy that the Netherlands are through to the final. Their fans are the best. Whenever the Dutch team play, there’s a sea of orange in whatever city they play in. Last night was fantastic.

    • che says:

      hi @robjunkie
      i remember u hated Suarez so u migth be so happy for last nights result but u should admit the Ref helped Holland a lot to qualify.
      i hope- no matter which team reaches the Final- they beat Oranges
      nothing aginst the country just don’t like Robben-since he was a chelsea player which i’m a fan of CFC

      • Robjunkie says:

        I will admit no such thing 🙂 I don’t hate Suarez. Nothing against Uruguay, but Netherlands won fair and square. And I’ll be cheering for the Oranje all the way in the final.
        Hup Holland Hup!

        • che says:

          glad to hear that 🙂 cuz Uruguay is a lovely latin country like many of them
          i wonder are u an african or u’ve gone there just for the tournament?


  24. The Old One says:

    I was worried about where Dean might have gone. He does his job so well, quietly there in the background. That was one ugly dude they had filling in for him at the Eclipse premiere. Him and the evil Summit blonde made quite the scary pair.

    Loved this post! Pattinspoon 4eva!

  25. Robjunkie says:

    Off topic again. Sorry, I can’t help myself.

    Here’s today’s Loquat Moment brought to you by Kristen’s Crumble:

    In an interview Rob said that he doesn’t like desserts, never eats them. Yet he also said that Kristen’s loquat crumble was the best thing he’s ever tasted. A crumble qualifies as a dessert right? So what’s up with that Rob? Is Kristen’s crumble so delicious that you would completely ditch your no dessert rule? No fair dude. You are seriously harshing my buzz with that kind of sappiness. I have a hard enough time holding onto my happy thoughts when I see pics of the two of you together, now I gotta live with the image of you eating her crumble?

    Moon – I thought you were being too harsh on yourself yesterday for even thinking about revoking your fan card, but today I say to you, burn that card. Rob and Kristen were at Sam Bradley’s concert last night, and you were a no-show. It’s preposterous, outrageous and egregious! Get it together Moon.

  26. robsfuturemate says:

    So my comment kinda goes along with today and yesterday’s posts. And since I was looking at the WFE circus tents all day yesterday I couldn’t comment! I think I’m finally starting to earn my fan card. I usually just cyber stalk on the computer and support Rob by buying his movies and getting my friends to buy my Rob paraphenalia (what’s the word from yesterday again?). But now I’m starting to embrace the fact that Rob is in So.Cal. Here’s a short version of my adventure yesterday.

    Got to the set of WFE at 5:30am to hopefully have a one on one with Rob (or at least a pic!). We accidentally drove too far on the private property and were told we could be arrested if we didn’t turn around! (it was really dark people, I didn’t know how close we really got to later!) No one was there, and I mean no one. Rob supposedly got there at 8 but we didn’t see him. And we were the only people there all morning! Even the security guard said it was weird. But, that didn’t work to our advantage.

    Fast forward to late afternoon. We were getting pretty tired of seeing animals and little heads with balloons running out of the tent screaming. (seriously, you have to stand pretty far away!) We did see Rosie, aww! And then we started waving to the tiny people on set. They started waving back! My friend zoomed in on her camera and then zoomed in a whole lot more and said “it’s Rob.” I’m like, very funny. But looking at the camera it’s quite possible it was him!! We’re still waiting for final concensus, but one could hope!

    It was a pretty boring day, like I knew it would be, but I’m def not gonna meet Rob at my house so it’s worth the day! NOw the question is…do I go back on Friday???

    • Stacey says:

      I think that you must go back on Friday. I would suggest that you get a breakfast Hot Pocket and large coffee and hold them up at the fence. I have a feeling that you would have Rob, or at least Dean, running up to you to say, “Good morning!” and “Hand over the Hot Pocket.”

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Stacey- The Hot Pocket/Coffee idea is great! But unfortunatly, you can’t really get that close! Your better off making friends with security, so they give you the DL. But I will def consider it!!

  27. robsfuturemate says:

    P.S. I forgot that some of the girls I met saw DEAN!!! We were all waiting for Rob to leave and get that last chance glance. Mind you there are at least 4 different exits for this place and they got the low down! They said Dean drove by in the alleged car that Rob was gonna be in (they think he might have been ducking in the back) and they kept driving. Sometimes they come back around to see if the papps are gone so we waited til 8pm. No luck! I really wish I could’ve at least seen Dean!

    • ForEveralurker says:

      why do you bother so much?
      The Boy is in ‘love’ and his mate has probably warned him not to be taking pic with cute fans like those Moon put up yesterday. So I doubt he will be doing this willingly anytime soon. So long as he has his guardian shadow….

      • robsfuturemate says:

        ForEveralurker- It really wasn’t a bother. I gave up one day of my life and saw a really cool set, lots of animals and met some nice girls who also have a love of thePretty. I knew any interaction with him was nearly impossible, but not entirely impossible. I just wanted to catch a glimpse of him in person! Who here wouldn’t want that?

        Oh, and I didn’t thumbs down you. Awhile ago, I wouldn’t have bothered either. But Carpe Diem is my new motto!

        • ForEveralurker says:

          @ robsfuturemate sorry if i offended you, I was just trying to be *sarcastic* but it fell flat …am not good at these things
          Just so that you know am not a robsten, quite the contrary and i love this site and its commentators. its the only one that makes sense – now that was unnecessary but yes even I feel normal here.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Nope, didn’t offend me! Just was a little confused, thought everyone here would do almost anything for a glimpse of thePretty! I seriously think we need that “sarcasm font”. It would help tremendously! I’d love ya even if you were a Robsten but maybe more since you’re not!

    • southernbelle says:

      I’m sorry you didn’t see Rob! That would probably bother me. 🙁

      Do you think you’ll try again?

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Not sure if I’ll try again SB, it was a 2 hour drive one way! I heard rumor that they are filiming the college scenes at college in LA. That’s at least a little closer, but I’ll be back to work by then. I definitely would consider it though. Just a glimpse, that’s all I ask!

        • southernbelle says:

          Awww, I feel bad for you! Two-hour drive? The drive is probably the easiest part right? The waiting must have been hard. Unfortunately I’m not in the time of my life now where I can do these things, I wish. Maybe when my DD is a little older :). Then her and I can both go, I’ll be old by then, oh but so will Rob….

  28. Stacey says:

    Why did the mention of a tap dancing Rob, make me picture him performing in “Bring in the noise, bring in da Funk” ? That’s one Broadway show that I would really want to see. I don’t know how, umm graceful he would be, but it would certainly be entertaining.

  29. LauraLoo says:

    Girls, I just want to say that I loved this post. You made me laugh out loud, once again, but today I thankfully have my AC on in my office, which helped drown out my guffaws.
    Thank you.
    Much love to you both.

  30. robsfuturemate says:

    This is totes OT, but how many of you guys ordered the Patz Family Reunion ringer tee’s? I so want one and they’ve been out of stock since day one! Are the Pattinson’s really having a family reunion and ordered all the shirts to wear to it?! It’s the first shirt that I was like “I need that shirt!”

  31. Cath says:

    I so love everything about WFE Rob, can’t be objective here!

    But now I’m just sad Germany lost to Spain!!! I wanted that finale!!!
    Netherlands vs Germany. And Spain scares me a lot more!

    OK. OT, but hey, we’re in the finale of the World Cup. Weeks ago I even predicted that here, but I was totally joking!!!

    Now we only have to win! Then you should all come to Amsterdam (yes Rob, you too!), all the Heineken you can drink! 🙂

    • Robjunkie says:

      I’m so glad you guys are in the final. Your fans are the best, orange everywhere. Hup Holland Hup!

    • southernbelle says:


      I’ll be rooting for your team! 🙂 I was rooting for Spain, well sorta, I kind of have to since it’s kind of my heritage.

  32. southernbelle says:

    OMG this is so good, I can’t stop laughing! Awesome!

    The first thought that came to my mind when I saw Rob’s shadow: I wanted to make out with it 🙂

    Too bad that kissing pic was obstructed, I really wanted to see if Rob was kissing Reese’s lower or upper lip! Ya know like in Twilight? 🙂

    Reese is so lucky darn it! *Pouts*

  33. cledbo says:

    You guys are so f**king funny.

    I just…I can’t… there are no words!

    Reese rulez too. Legally Blonde is one of my favourite pointless Saturday night movies of ALL TIME. She’s so purdey.

    Think I’ll actually go see this movie now, just to perv more on her dress and cute shoes. Oh, and dirty dirty Rob. *Le sigh*

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