Open Weekend Post: The Museum of Rob

This weekend we’re getting a little cultured as we visit the Museum of Rob!

Dear Rob,

When I saw the headline a few months back, “Rob Pattinson Gets Waxed” it was a bit of a shock. WHAT were you waxing and WHY?? But no, to my relief your pubes were intact and the article was about your new figure at Madame Tussauds! There was pandemonium on opening day! Women lined up to have their pic taken with you and to run their hands through your fake hair! It kind of looks like you, but there’s something a little off. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t kick wax Rob out of bed, but it’s not quite you. The clothes, the posture, the eyes-it’s just a bit off. But seeing you in that “museum” got me thinking-Rob,you deserve more than a cheesy wax effigy. You deserve your OWN museum. Sure, you’ve only been famous for a few years, but to me, you are a work of art. So I started tossing around some ideas…

Welcome to The Museum of Rob
Containing artifacts spanning over twenty-four years.

Item: Policeman’s hat.
Materials: plastic
Date: c.1990
Donated by: Mrs. Diana Nutley
Provenance: Pattinson family attic.


Item: Child’s leash
Materials: leather, metal
Date: 1989
Donated by: Mrs. Diana Nutley
Provenance: Used to protect Rob from himself on the playground.


Item: Miu Miu swim trunks
Materials: nylon
Date: 2002
Donated by: Donor prefers to remain unknown.
Provenance: Worn by Rob in an unfortunate photoshoot.


Item: Wand
Materials: Ash, Unicorn(?) Hair
Date: 2004
Donated by: Donor prefers to remain anonymous.
Provenance: This is the wand used by Rob in the fourth Harry Potter film. We are thrilled to have Rob’s wand on display.

Item: Beanie
Materials: Wool
Date: 2008
Donated by: Donor prefers to remain anonymous.
Provenance: Worn daily by Rob in a futile attempt to disguise his hair.


Item: Plaid shirt
Materials: Cotton, plastic
Date: 2009
Donated by: M. Foster
Provenance: this is a particularly rare and coveted piece, as it was worn consecutively by all members of the Brit Pack. Unwashed.


Item: Beard Stubble
Materials: Human hair
Donated by: Hotel cleaning staff
Provenance: Undisclosed hotel, bathroom sink.


Item: One half of size 36C nude bra
Materials: Nylon, cotton, tape
Date: 2009
Donated by: Donor prefers to remain anonymous
Provenance: Rob’s privates, used unsuccessfully as “modesty patch” during filming.

I’d pay to see just to see the modesty patch!


What other artifacts of Rob’s life would YOU pay to see in a Rob museum!?

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116 Responses to “Open Weekend Post: The Museum of Rob”

  1. drsaka says:

    D2D- this is great! We need this museum NOW!!!!! I’d like to see his wand on display too.

    Other Robitems that would be of significant interest:
    the dadcase
    the pair of Sambas
    The BBJ (heck- there could be a museum section for the clothing items alone, though the selection is limited, haha)

    Any of the water bottles/soda cans that he’s drunk out of

    Rob’s guitars (donated by Rob of course)

    What else????

    • drsaka says:

      Yes, I’m replying to myself. Can we get Daniel Gale’s rainbow sweater??????

      • melronin says:

        Can we get the real work of art???? πŸ˜€
        in flesh and blood…live art??? Nooo??? Yessss???
        Can we??? Pleeeeaaaasseee…

        I think I go jump into the ocean to cool of!!!

        • robsfuturemate says:

          What about Rob’s “work of art”? That peen picture and the new one of his hand! People need to see that pic with their own eyes!

    • undecidedsten says:

      Stoli Shirt!

      • Robsessedgirl says:

        Everybody say it with me: STOLI SHIRT STOLI SHIRT STOLI SHIRT STOLI SHIRT! I loved in that Jimmy Kimmel special when someone asked where the shirt was and Rob goes”I seriously have no idea did you guys take it?”

      • robgirl86 says:

        I love the fun about the Stoli shirt and the sex-penders and the misbuttoned shirts, BUT on the other hand perhaps it would be better to NOT make Rob aware of this, cause he’ll never wear it again, it sort of freaks him out I think… πŸ™

      • dazzledtodeath says:

        Yes, we must have the Stoli shirt. But Rob’s got to find it first.

  2. robgirl86 says:

    Item: PIC Robsten in bed
    Materials: paper, creepy minds
    Date: 2010
    Donated by: Donor prefers to remain unknown
    Provenance: unknown, MANIP, didn’t work (at all)

  3. drsaka says:

    PS- that swim trunk pic is still disturbing.

    And Wobbie on a leash and Wobbie in the fireman’s hat- those pics are still too cute!

    • robsfuturemate says:

      I never would have thought that Dick and Clare would be the kind of parents to have their kid on a leash! Was Wobbie so out of control compared to Lizzy and Victoria?! Or would he just take off running down the street cause he thought some girls were chasing him? (did Rob get premontions as a child?)

  4. niahid says:

    I’d like to see Rob’s peen plastic duplicate please.
    Or pic of the real thing

  5. “Item: Beard Stubble
    Materials: Human hair”

    Oh my this post is soo full of WIN! BabyRob pics always makes my day!

    “We are thrilled to have Rob’s wand on display” <—-Umm, THIS!

    Argh but that pic of 15yrd old Rob in those swim trunks still makes me cringe..why Rob why? *shudder*

    • dazzledtodeath says:

      We need to get Rob’s actual hair that was cut for WFE. You know whoever cut it swept it up and has it in a ziploc bag under his/her pillow.

      • robsfuturemate says:

        Since they made such a big stink about Michael Jackson’s kid getting a hair cut you know that Rob’s hair has to be out there somewhere! Looks like “his crazy protector” wasn’t there that day to stop the madness!

  6. Rob's flaming dashboard says:

    [i]We are thrilled to have Rob’s wand on display.[i] Oh HALE yes!

    Perhaps his auntie could donate some of Rob’s juvenile art? So we could see if the balloon peen was an ongoing theme?

    Also (see my user name) want his flaming dashboard. Maybe the docents are out now scouring LA for the car he lost?

    The Remember Me notebooks with the allegedly obscene poetry should be prominently featured in the museum of Rob.

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  8. Robsessedgirl says:

    Oh, we obviously need that UNBELIEVABLY sexy maroon Gucci suit from the Eclipse premiere. & everything he wore in the Details shoot. Ooh, plus his old iPhone. Who knows what you’d find on that puppy. Plaid shirt from Remember Me. hmm SUIT FROM WFE. Peacoat from Twilight, grandpa tweed jacket from New Moon. Condom from NReed one night stand? I’m sure I’ll think of more.

    • robgirl86 says:

      for your condom comment I need some brain bleech now….huchhhh

    • Rob used to own an iPhone? Isn’t he, like, really technologically challenged? I thought he owned one of the massive nokia phones that came out back in 2000s.

      • robgirl86 says:

        from the jitterburg to iphone AND ipad , wow, he made some way, Tom surely had to explain to Rob a lot lately ….

        • robsfuturemate says:

          Don’t forget the kindle! Rob’s come a long way!!

          • robgirl86 says:

            you know after he had used it for 1 time, it was never seen again πŸ™‚

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            Wouldnt you just love to see the Robsten texts? I can’t even imagine.
            K:”on my way home. U better b naked.
            R: “nothing on. Edward makeup?”

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Robsessedgirl- First, the NReed comment and now this! Stop the madness and the visuals!! Although this one was pretty funny I “litrally” laughed out loud!

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            πŸ˜€ yeah.

        • Robsessedgirl says:

          I saw these pictures from the WFE set and he has the iPhone 4. He’s even more technologically advanced than I am! What I wouldn’t give to have his cellphone number……

    • robsfuturemate says:

      The ruffled Salvador Dali shirt and jacket from Little Ashes. And the wig is a must!

      D2D- this is fun! Great idea! (I love the modesty patch…hilarious!)

  9. OutOfF(l)avour says:

    a pair of his ray-bans please!

  10. melronin says:

    Agree with all the suits and clothes honey…but…that last thing!!! Really….naaaaaahhhhh! Not really a museum item I think!!!

  11. Savageo says:

    How about some of his hoodies or baseball caps?

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Definitely need the hoodies! Rob going incognito!! Ooo, what about the “Claudia clothes”? There has to be some good ones…and makeup!!

  12. Obava says:

    I want to see Rob’s wand on display.

    In my bedroom!

  13. robsfuturemate says:

    A little off topic, but the “Rob Pattinson gets Waxed” reminded me of the “brazillian blowout” with Les Grossman. I just found out what that was…soooo not what I was thinking! LOL

  14. dazzledtodeath says:

    OMG you ladies have some great ideas!!

    drsaka-yes, we’ll need an entire section for clothes alone! But if we take poor Rob’s meagre wardrobe whatever will he wear?? ok with me if he goes naked.

    Robgirl86-sorry there will be NO creepy R*sten pics (and that includes ALL R*sten pics). Rob only please.

    I think we need a section of hideous fan art too-you know, Renesmee kissing a wolf, freaky Isle Esme paintings-that kind of thing.

  15. mountainlion says:

    D2D, loved your post…and I’ll take the beard stubble and the baby face that goes with it.


  16. Robsessedgirl says:

    You know what I want? In the battle training scene in Eclipse Edward wore these sweatpants. I have no idea what it is about them, but they just… THEY’RE AMAZING.

    you can’t really see them, but it’s better than nothing.

  17. Robsessedgirl says:

    I seriously CANNOT wait for the movie. I loved the book. I wish we could have a LTR viewing party!

    • Robsessedgirl says:

      that was supposed to be a reply to @drsaka

    • drsaka says:

      Something happened to the reply button there!

      He looks great and it looks like it’ll be a great movie. Fingers crossed!

      • Robsessedgirl says:

        I’m sure it will be. I mean, Rob’s in it.

        • drsaka says:

          Ha, that should do it then!

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            But my question is, do you think he’ll do some naked scenes? Not fully natch, but almost. One can only hope.

          • robsfuturemate says:

            Robsesesedgirl, I kinda want to see the bit (i don’t wanna spoil it so i’ll call it this…) “Kinko’s revenge.” Not sure if they’d show it all but it would be pretty funny!

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            @robsfuturemate YES! That part was so awkward and very detailed….. I love that book. Maybe he’ll get revenge!

          • robsfuturemate says:

            I too loved that book, especially having Rob as a visual! Although, I tend to do that with any book I read these days. Even if Rob’s not gonna make a movie out of it! (normal!) So many good scenes for inocent Jacob! I’m pretty sure we’ll get to see some of the “getting it on like rabbits.” So there be some smexy scenes!!

          • Robsessedgirl says:

            HAHAHA yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do that too. I hope we get some “rabbits” scenes. Speaking of, last night(it wasn’t the first time) I had a dream about Rob. It was weird, prepare yourself. He was in my town, just walking around helping people out. I knew he was there so I went to my room to put on my (tight as hell) Team Edward shirt. As I was in the process of taking it off he was knocking at my backdoor. My mom answered it and he came in. I remember him and my mom getting along really well and when I tried to talk to him about how in love with him I was he kept saying “later”. He helped out around the house. He spent the night and ate dinner with us. Then I woke up. BEST DREAM EVER. It could mean something.

          • drsaka says:

            Hi, send your dream to
            one of LTR’s regulars started it and there are some funny dreams there!

          • robsfuturemate says:

            That’s an awesome dream! I like it when Rob gets in good with the family!
            I too had a Rob dream last night, although weirdly different! I was getting married to my ex (not gonna happen) but people were wrapping presents for Robsten! They said Rob’s a fan of the Celtics and were wrapping them in Celtic colors! (I only know they wear green, right?) But deep down I knew that Rob was marrying me, not my ex and so not the Mullephant! Glad she didn’t make an appearance, but then neither did Rob! Such is my life…

    • Rob's flaming dashboard says:

      Oooh oooh can we? Please Moon and UC, you’ve got contacts, pretty please arrange a viewing party for us. I’ve never been to Philly but it’s just about driving distance. Why should LA and NYC get all the premiere fun? We’ll dress from head to toe in LTR gear and bring grown up drinks in our LTR bottles.

  18. MidnightCougar says:

    Personally, I think the waxed figure of Rob is a little creepy. I don’t think it does him justice AT ALL! It is very difficult to dupilicate that kind of perfection!

    Have a look ladies & see what you think:

    I think that dazzledtodeath’s museum of artifacts would be much more interesting! Along with all the suggestions above, the other only thing we really need is a REAL LIFE NAKED ROB, & then it’d be pretty much complete! (In my dreams, right?) lol

    • Robsessedgirl says:

      hahahha yes. I so want to see the “real life naked Rob” *drools*

      • MidnightCougar says:

        I don’t know about you girlfriend, but I’m REALLY looking forward to “Bel Ami”. We’ll get to see some “REAL LIFE NAKED ROB” then. I read the sex scenes are pretty ranchy, & Rob said, in an interview, that he was completely naked in some of them! I mean can it get any better than watching Rob doing naked sex scenes!
        *Swoon* & *Drool*! lol

        • robsfuturemate says:

          I’m looking forward to Bel Ami for that reason too! Although, Dirty Jacob gets me way more excited than Duroy…not sure why! It sounds like the movie is def gonna have more sex than the book. Another fade to sad book! But, yay for the movie!!

        • Robsessedgirl says:

          If he’s naked……my life will literally be complete. I’ll have to see it by myself though, the theater people usually frown upon girls moaning and making strange noises.
          I bet he’s packing some serious heat…..I can’t even imagine. *melts into a puddle of goo on floor*
          I want him in my pants. Pants off party!

          • JulieP says:

            OMG Robsessedgirl. I had to do a double take. I thought you’d written “I bet he’s packing some serious meat”!!. No prizes for guessing where my mind is whenever Rob’s concerned!

  19. MidnightCougar says:

    JulieP: My mind is right there with ya babe! & you know “heat” or “meat”, I bet you Rob’s packing LOTS of both! lol

    • Robsessedgirl says:

      @juliep hahahah! My mind is always on Rob in that sense. He’s my “dirty dog”. I’ll never get over how amazing that clip is.

  20. Robsessedx2 says:

    given the fact that I’m the 90th-something comment… I’m sure this will sound lame BUT must share…

    “thrilled to have Rob’s wand on display”… made me smile.

    Frankly.. I’d love to see ANY evidence of any KIND of wand…. period.

  21. Susiecueablelovesrob says:

    Yes, drsaka that coffee table book has to be made. I have already said that I’d be willing to pay big money for a copy of that.
    Suggestion for the museum; there usually is some kind of audible machine where you put on some headphones and you press a butten and you listen to some boring story, but for the Rob museum I suggest we have him read Shakespear or how about Rob reading some of the (pornografic/obscene) poems he wrote during “Remember me”? That would get the crowds going! Over the soundsystem very soft Rob music ofcourse to get us in the right mood.

    • robsfuturemate says:

      Nice! Maybe it could be his own commentary on his life. His comm on both Twi and RM are stinking hilarious! I’m sure he would have many interesting stories to tell!!
      And I love the music idea! Rob playing something in the background is even better!!

    • drsaka says:

      Very nice! D2D has a lot to work with now!

  22. DanySpike says:

    “We are thrilled to have Rob’s wand on display”–> Priceless!


  23. LOL You girls crack me up– we should have *totally* joined our museums together, ya know? LOL

    I had so much to offer! I’m still sad about the closing of The Museum de Robert Pattinson []! I’m glad you ladies are digitally carrying the candle so to speak LOL

    What an awesome post! You’ve done it again… and again! πŸ™‚

  24. LadyN says:

    *licks bare ankles*

    • LadyN says:

      oops, wrong emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle. Meant for another post.

      Correct comment for this post: Funneh! Heh.

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